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Look Emoji

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  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 振 李
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Look Emoji App

Look Emoji is a wonderful casual Emoji Puzzle Game for people who want to kill time, reduce pressure and train brain. Features: 1. Super addictive Emoji gameplay! 2. 5 different types of challenge! 3. 1000+ Puzzles Download this new Emoji game to enjoy the endless fun!

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Look Emoji app reviews

  • Scam 1/5

    By Sandstorm868
    I tried playing this game. Since being in quarantine I lost my job. I applied to many jobs but never got hired. So I tried playing this game. I have screenshots that $200 was in my PayPal...But it didn’t. I felt so sad. It’s getting harder to get money theses days.
  • Scam 1/5

    By cfm1956
    Where is my money?
  • A waste of time 1/5

    By tasha3712
    I read the reviews and thought I would try it out. But it’s a SCAM!!!! I have two (2) payouts of $200 a piece and nothing. No one to complain to. I’m very upset. I was looking for that one to help with bills. Whatever you don’t download this girl. You won’t get a thing. Just a bunch of empty promises. If and when I get my payouts I might change, but until then NO!!!!
  • Can’t get funds in PayPal 5/5

    By Robert from CT
    Be aware ... I have 85 snapshots taken if winnings from games PayPal says I need to get a number for the winnings To be able to get funds Most sites won’t let you contact them for the info needed This is one of them
  • Never got my money 2/5

    By lyah2333
    Wasssup wen u cash out u never get your money
  • Don’t play 1/5

    By wow 1972
    This game is fun but when it was time to cash out it never gave me the money wow I will delete this game
  • Ok game 1/5

    By DRC0875
    I earned I good sum of money. I cashed it out and the prompt said it will 3 to 7 business days and you will receive an email and you can check the status by hitting the gift box icon. I checked it and the status went from PROCESSING TO PENDING TO SUCEED and I have received no email regarding my money.
  • Retrieving cards 3/5

    By marianneking
    I cashed out and it says succeed. I haven’t received the gift cards. How do I get them? Thank you for your assistance.
  • Fake AF game 1/5

    By Older by the minute
    I downloaded this game and while it is fun to play, cashing out on the Visa cards comes with stipulations of levels, days played, etc. for ANY amount. You need to stop giving false statements and ads.
  • Scam 1/5

    By donna shook
    This game is a scam don’t waste your time I’ve done the sign ins and played but got nothing can’t believe how dishonest people are using PayPal as their payout
  • Great 1/5

    By babegirls33
    I cashed out at $200 great game please don’t get this game because they won’t pay you the money you won
  • Like other games for cashing out 2/5

    By deltaii_00
    Game fun just says you need $200.00 to cash out at beginning. Then when you finally hit $200.00 it pops up and says you need to log in 50days in row, need to reach level 500, need to watch ad 1500 times. Why not lie at beginning when you just say $200.00 to cash out that’s it. Scam like other games out there. Play to have fun but not money. Ad for game lies about cashing out and requirements to do so. Scam
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By oconnor2018
    I reached an amount of almost 800 US dollars and cashed out 15days ago and have not received any of the money from the game to my PayPal. Now it says I need to reach 300 to cash out the game is a scam. I have emailed twice about the problem and gotten no reply from the makers or anyone. I’m highly disappointed. The prizes have gotten really small making it really hard to reach 300.
  • Reese 5/5

    By zem90
  • Upset customer 1/5

    By PassionRayne
    I have been this game for more than a week and I made over $200 so when I tried to cash out it wouldn’t let me instead it said that I have to watch 1500 videos , sign in 50 times and then make it to level 500. I’m so annoyed because I made up to $227 while playing this game and I can’t cash out at all. Shame on the company that made this game and shame on Apple for not protecting its customers from scammers like this.
  • The ad is all lies 1/5

    By 2012Bill
    I have over 200$ and I can not even cash out 10$ What a mess Just like all the other scams! Don’t let it fool you!
  • Emoji 5/5

    By murdock053
    I love this game fun and easy and you get paid for playing.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Monad93
    No complaints yet!!! 👍🏾👍🏾💯🔥🥳🎁✌🏾
  • Great Game 1/5

    By mikelovin
    I have been playing for about3 weeks cashed out 250.00. Let’s see now if I get it🙏🏻 No money so far been 2 weeks
  • Scam App 1/5

    By MyReviewIsTHEReview
    In order to find out the requirements to get money out you have to hit $200...but you can’t even withdraw $10 at that point. You have to spend 50 days signing in, watch 1000s of ads, and reach a very high level in the “game” to be able to withdraw $200 that is supposedly yours, and the majority of the ads you have to watch are for other “make money” apps.
  • This game is a lie 1/5

    By chynne41234
    You make it to 200$ then it tells you you have to watch 1500 videos and make it to level 500 And sign in for 50 days
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By MomOf4_17
    I have downloaded this app tried to open it but wouldn’t load so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again still won’t load up and open. Will change my rating once things change.
  • Will i cash out? willl i get the money? 5/5

    By Taliyah Ellison 🍂
    so far i have $152 paypal money and $155 visa money in only 2 days i do really hope i can cash out i’ll update when i hit $200
  • No collections 2/5

    I have seen the advertising for this game, and liked how it played. (and earning money didn’t hurt either). However, since I have downloaded, I received 2 payouts on the games. All the others tell me unable to download payment, try again later. So, if you have downloaded the game just to earn money...,like every other games promising money, you will not get. You will get a lot of advertising to get the game developers money. If you downloaded the game to enjoy and relax, this you will get
  • Disappointed! 1/5

    By Love😍😘😍😓
    Thought it was going to be a fun game to win a little cash but nope! Was at cash in on 10$ now it says I’m on level 1 when actually I’m on level 79. That’s a sneaky way to cheat people thinking they won’t bother to check again for a while. Smh not fun anymore!!🥲
  • SCAM!!!!! 1/5

    By aimsinc
    Downloaded this game just to see if it was different than all the others. NOPE!!! Just like the others but worse. Made it to the $200 cash out point and when I clicked on the $200 card what pops up? That you have to be signed in for 15 days straight, reach level 500 and watch over 150 ads. NOPE!!! Gone, delete. Not surprised since all these games seem to be all the same. During these tough economic times globally, it is not Ok to be playing with people this way. And Apple shame on you for not doing more to protect your customers.
  • I want my money and I want it now 3/5

    By Esme5024
    I hope that with this game I would not have to jump through hoops to withdraw my money but yep have to ...let’s jump
  • Liars 1/5

    By Lisa92067
    This may be an entertaining app, but the people claiming to be a group that will pay winners are as dishonest as the others. I’ve got to the amount needed to cash out, but when I try I’m told that I have to play for 50 days and reach level 500. This doesn’t seem bad, but I have only reached 9 days and level 1. The game shows that I’m on level 89, but the cash out site shows I’m stuck on level one.
  • Being hopeful 5/5

    By M.L86
    Hello there I really like your game I am just being hopeful that I can earn enough to cash out and to cash out when I get enough I just wish there was so requirements to cash out
  • Enjoying the game 3/5

    By Suzi1542
    I enjoy the game BUT there is a major issue. I have earned enough money to cash out but it says I have only completed Level 1, yet I am now on Level 92. Please fix this issue
  • Winning 4/5

    By Bren556
    This is going great, so long as it doesn't turn into something false like all the other money games.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Sea3&248
    Total scam. Reached cash out level, then it tells you you have to complete a zillion tasks before you can collect, only take about 10 years from the look of it. If you like game, fine, just don’t plan on ever getting paid as promised...
  • Hopeful 1/5

    By lillytuneisit
    Reading the negative comment I almost didn’t download this app but I took a chance and did. It is a fun game to play and while this person called it a scam, well I like to give the benefit of the doubt. I am hopeful that I will be able to cash out one or the other payouts. I believe that when a person rightfully earns the payout amount they will be able to cash out. The people who we are making a lot of money for, I would think that if they hold true to their word they will continue to make money by that player who would keep playing. I know I would. 2) Guess I should’ve taken the word of the review for this app. Oh I can cash out my $200 earning as long as I continue to sign I for like 50 days and watch 1000 videos. These app makers just don’t know that if a person can actually cash out they would keep playing their app making them money so I am deleting this app and changing my star from 5 to 1 only because the app itself was fun.
  • Scam 1/5

    By debe157
    This game let me get over $ 200 and will not give it to me . I hate the lying they do to get you to play so they can make the money off of you watching all the adds and a lot of them I might add . This man is a Scammer just like all of the rest of these games we try for gift cards The Scammer s are the winners here ... had to give it 1 Star to write this .
  • Cash out 5/5

    By jevdhdkwms
    Hopefully I can cash out
  • Updates 1/5

    By Jennick666
    I just started today December 22,2020 and the game is going well so far, I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. Today is December 24, 2020 and I reached $200 on visa and am unable to redeem. I’m tempted to sue if they don’t give me the money for my time I’ve spent on the game.
  • Lie Says can cash out in 30 seconds 1/5

    By KCARPAngela
    December 24th 2020 1256am Download App now 1 amLieSays can cash out in 30 seconds But when You say cash out it Says you have to have $200 Like most of these Forign apps and others also they say cash out fast but you have to have a Certain cash out price that No one can get in 30 Seconds KCARPAngela I Am Giving 1⭐️only because have to give score to review. I just downloaded App so will see if can cash out by the way I Videoed from Time opened app to get it on film & I also have Screenshots of the original ad So you need to Tell the truth not lie to get people to download your app. 106am