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Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem

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  • Current Version: 18.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem App

Join Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin The Martian, and all the classic toons to build the greatest Toon Team in Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem! Assemble a team with Tweety Bird, Taz, Road Runner, Wile E Coyote and more to wage insane battles in a vibrant Looney Tunes™ world. Collect all of the classic Looney Tunes™ cartoon characters in this epic action RPG. Strategize based on classic rivalries! Get bonuses when you face an iconic foe like Wile E Coyote vs. Roadrunner or Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd! Steal crates in PVP to get rewards and power-ups! Build a town of your favorite cartoon characters and famous Looney Tunes™ landmarks. From the Warner Bros tower to Bugs Bunny’s rabbit hole, you shape your personal Looney Tunes™ world! Build your own Looney Tunes™ World, collect your favorite characters, and discover their unique and hilarious fighting abilities. Download Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem today! FEATURES THE Looney Tunes™ YOU LOVE - Collect your favorite Looney Tunes™ characters - Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote, Granny, Porky Pig and more! - Build a team, power them up and battle with cartoon skills and weapons - Level up your team of toons to unlock ridiculous special attacks inspired by famous cartoon gags - Recreate famous feuds like Wile E Coyote vs Roadrunner! ACTION RPG - Fight teams of toons in iconic locations - Travel everywhere from the forest where Elmer hunted Bugs to space with Duck Dodgers - Play through iconic cartoon conflicts STRATEGY GAME - Use your wits in turn based combat - Choose your team to strategically counter your enemy’s toons - Find synergy between characters for friendships and combinations WORLD BUILDER - Build your Looney Tunes™ town - Earn resources by assigning your toons tasks to complete - Collect iconic cartoon landmarks PVP ARENA - “Of course, you realize, this means war.” - Competitive events where you can steal crates and materials from other players - Defend against other players or go on the offense and earn stars - Form alliances to complete events Become the maestro of mayhem in Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem! Download now! Privacy Policy: https://scopely.com/privacy/ Additional Information, Rights, and Choices Available to California Players: https://scopely.com/privacy/#additionalinfo-california.

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Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem app reviews

  • Not an RPG at all. 1/5

    By Lonster guy
    This a game is so freaking ridiculous. Over 19000. Blue gems and 80 gold tickets, this is over $200.00 still all I have is garbage characters. This is beyond a ripoff. All you get to do is hit the other characters, that’s it. Pointless game .

    By T0M4S Q
    There is no PVP. The effects of toons are not designed to sustain genuine pvp battles, instead you select a team composed of individual toons, which in turn fend off an attack from a real player. They do this by utilizing RANDOM moves against your opponents team, while your opponent can select his moves in real time and even formulate a strategy. Since the defending player cannot play at the same time, you can never win while defending (Unless the attacker’s team is at least, a ridiculous 15,000 points weaker than your own). Furthermore, they still do not offer very many options when it comes to organizing toons. You cannot search for a toon within your collection or on the map, you cannot sort your toons by archetype, you cannot create or save pre-made teams with a focus on a specific opponents weaknesses. In fact, the only thing you CAN do is wait the game out until it conservatively provides you with the necessary currencies to play the game. All the while being force-fed ads.
  • Game aren't opening 1/5

    By naif1372827372
    The new update made the game not open!!! Please fix that asap 🙁🙁🙁🙁
  • rigged p2w 1/5

    By fodare
    Rigged p2w trash. Do not support Scopely. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON MOBILE GAMES. They delete negative reviews and buy positive reviews that literally lie - there are no space jam characters.
  • Getting Lola Bunny faster and easier 5/5

    By Caleb Kallis
    I wish there was a way to Get the town version Lola Bunny faster and the Space Jam version of Lola Bunny and all the Space Jam toon friends!!!!!!
  • I absolutely LOVE this app! 5/5

    By IcePrincess66
    Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem is now my favorite app! My dream team of Toons is as follows: Marvin the Martian (Duck Dodgers) Bugs Bunny (What’s Opera, Doc?) Road Runner (Reindeer) The 4th Toon is picked at random! Have an explosive 4th of July!
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    By g-r-a-n-n-y
    The game constantly crashes in all areas of play. When these “constant crashes “ occur, you loose energy, and you loose battles which costs big in game money. You are given many opportunities to spend money and you get little return for your dollar. The creators clearly cater to the wealthy since the only way to rise in the ranks is to spend money. What a shame.
  • Deletes my comments each update 5/5

    & each update slows the game more or shuts off on 1 year old iPads & Androids. We love looney tunes and won’t quit till it gets better, still way better than All 3 Disney games combined & Not as Rigged. But c’mon make it fair and let us win acme r&b, there’s NO other way to get formula * thanks
  • Constantly Crashes 1/5

    By Worlds Biggest Yanks Fan
    Most recent update makes the game constantly crash.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By JoyDawn138
    Best game ever
  • Games with loony tunes should be fun 3/5

    By 33tahoe
    It is an ok game but it is to time consuming and a bit violent. I want fun games that are simple and fun. These games are to relieve stress. This game causes stress. It is too difficult to tune up a character. You can’t win in the regular levels unless you have high energy levels. I have not won 1 superior dry leaf. How do you you get these? So it is not fun to play this game cuz you can’t beat a level without tuning up every character. You can’t win a dry leaf anywhere. That is impossible. Opposing teams have more defenses and offensive energy. But this is our looney tune characters from childhood. Frankly I won’t let my grandchildren play this game. Can’t they develop a game about our favorite loony tune characters that is fun and has other games that doesn’t only include characters only attacking characters.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By Gamer#411
    Good game but this game is expensive to compete against others cost over $1000 just to 7 star a character and not to mention having to level up his abilities.... super greedy game
  • Was a great game now no longer 1/5

    By Shadow2325
    Before this game was easily a 4/5 star game. Then scopely got greedy and destroyed the player balance in the game. Unless your willing to drop $40k a year on the game it will be hard to stay competitive
  • BEWARE 1/5

    By Brutalisky
    Now that I see all the comments about this games’ economy I should have never purchased gems but like many I found the game play intriguing enough to warrant purchasing a “flash sale” bundle. My joy was quickly snuffed out when I accidentally spent 1000 gems on upping energy in one of the silly alliance wars special events. I quickly stopped what I was doing, making certain not to spend the 10 energy just refilled and sent a note to customer service confident that this could be remedied. Much to my surprise I was told that while they sympathized with me, there was no way to reverse the 1000 gems “fat finger” mistake made. The energy was never spent, they could have easily deducted it from my account if they felt I was trying to get something for nothing (they didn’t need to because the event ended). As far as not being able to remedy the mistake I’m certain we (players) have received free gems in the mail when Scopely screws up but according to customer service this must have ended. So, I sit here, frustrated, writing this review that will most likely never be read but I need the therapy. So, am I wrong? Is my request out of bounds? The review prior to this one calls out similar issues with in app purchases. Do app developers build environments that increase the odds of players making “fat finger” mistakes? It seems plausible and highly unethical. IN CONCLUSION, THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE SNAPPING UP ONE OF THOSE FLASH SALE EVENT BUNDLES.
  • just another bad scoop let game 1/5

    By galegab
    it’s an amazing game that brings all my favorite characters from looney toons but there is this glitch where it won’t let me buy more energy and it’s hard to win battles it also takes forever to get energy and this game is kinda pay to win
  • Hoot Suit Daffy Event details 5/5

    By Alan Quinones
    If you need help I can do it. You guys are the best with memes, videos on your YouTube channel and all. Spinning wheel All rare toons 13.00, All epic toons 14.00,Jester Bugs 15.00 and Jackpot 2.00 Spin cost 2 Golden Tickets and Hoot Suit Wheel Event Tokens For Spins and Feature toon pieces. Everyone need 50 to spin 3 campaigns Exchanges Jester Bugs and Hoot Suit Daffy 3 - 10 pieces. Everyone need 50 Event Tokens for do exchanges Event Quests - Golden Tickets, Feature Toon pieces, Event tokens and more, Hoot Suit Reatomizer Feature toon pieces and Event tokens Tournament Prizes- Jester Bugs and Hoot Suit Daffy pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems Gold and more. Thank for all of your support, stay safe and have a great summer 🙂 From: Alan Sorry I forgot to write some more that’s why is keep saying Review Send
  • I’m Love this game 5/5

    By hg v US Co HA
    I am a big fan of looney Tunes and I love looney Tunes cartoons the game is good
  • Still my Favorite Game 5/5

    By Infinite-8
    Listen, I know a lot of people complain about this game being pay-to-win. And yes, while it can be difficult, I don’t believe it is pay-to-win at all. You just have to put in a lot of time and effort into the game. I am at level 55, I have over 100 toons, and have numerous five star characters. I have only spent $5 on this game and it didn’t give me anything good. You just have to be committed to the game to get the things that you want. The game is a little laggy, but nothing game-breaking. The new Arena is kind of broken (Especially with the bomb mechanic) but the arena store is much improved. The events in the game are hit-or-miss, but recently they have been doing a great job with them (Especially the Revenant Roadrunner and Van Wille events.) Though this game can get boring sometimes, it remains my favorite game for a reason. The battle system is excellent, and Haruki and the team do an excellent job listening to players requests of what they want in the game. For any new players my advice is simple: If you put a lot of time into this game, it will reward you.
  • Scam Alert 1/5

    By ShadyAssKabam
    After playing Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem and WWE Champions. My conclusion is that Scopely is scum. All they’re games aren’t fun because they’re so over the top, blatantly rigged to cheat you in the game to try and get you to spend money on heavily over-priced trash. This game is so horribly unbalanced it’s completely ridiculous. In multiple instances you can have up to over a 10K stronger rated team than the Ai and the Ai will still just smash you. I’ve never came across a game as awfully unbalanced as this, ranking up and leveling up toons is pretty much worthless unless they’re maxed out and that’s incredibly hard to do without emptying your wallet.
  • Henry 4/5

    By ujj8ju
    I love this game
  • Great game! 5/5

    By babyboss2020
    Love it!
  • My favorite game 2/5

    By ivegotocd
    The game is full of bugs and glitches and Scopely doesn’t seem to care about fixing what they have. They seem to be concerned with introducing new toons and making the quick money only
  • Cash grab and past it’s prime 1/5

    By B Radddyvhdghthv
    Cash grab, and even $5-$10 worth of gems can get you almost nothing. Find a different game- this one is way past it’s prime.
  • Great fun but.... 1/5

    By Milkballz
    This game is so obviously pay to win I have tried to be f2p for a long time and you simply can’t really enjoy this game with out spending huge amounts of real money.
  • Creators please read this 5/5

    By jdo1108
    I freaking love this game. I’ve known looney tunes for years and i would definitely love it if they added the goofy gophers which are Mac and tosh or as they call themselves Macintosh and please bring back the do do from porky in wacky land So please add the goofy gophers and the do do they're a classic and I loved them. And I thank the creators for making this game because this game because I love looney tunes very much I thank the creators for making this game. And if you can please have a very special event where looney tunes meets Tom & Jerry I would really love that.😃👍 🦆 🐇 🐖 🐓 🐿🐕🐱🦨
  • You steal money!!!! 1/5

    By markd33187
    Absolutely unacceptable!!!! I am reporting this to Apple to be taken off the App Store. It is just a ripoff
  • Daily Goals 2/5

    By WahZo90
    Daily goals have not been updating once I complete all goals.
  • Yay 5/5

    By lee nolen
    This is the best game ever in my life
  • Great game but 2/5

    By Bigbrandito
    The game is great but there are so many bugs and glitches and if you contact support they act like it’s not their fault and they want you to jump through hoops for everything. They’re more worried about new characters and being greedy than they are taking care of a good game. Oh and they’re more worried about cussing in the help messages than they are with actually helping. Support is a joke.
  • To the developers 5/5

    By ROCKET999955
    This application is amazing but could you maximize the number of toons that you use for battles to 5 instead? Ok 👌 thanks bye
  • Looney toons 5/5

    By fernando-reyna1jr
    Looney tunes world of of mayhem is a amazing game it is my favorite game but it does have two words misspelled just let you know and it is my favorite game so thank you for making this game
  • Looney Tunes Dash 1/5

    By dawgface7
    Why did you get rid of Looney Tunes Dash? It was the best game ever.
  • Great game but it has so many bugs. 3/5

    By oh please really
    This game shuts off all the time, which makes you lose your rewards. Frustrating...please fix. Would give five stars if fixed
  • Not loading 4/5

    By ambam04
    I love the game however most of the time is doesn’t load. Which is the issue I’ve had all day. Great game please fix the issues with loading
  • Very buggy PVP arena 1/5

    By Cncpyro
    The game crashes during arena battles(a alot) or errors out Developers do not compensate for this fairly. I was told pretty much Tough luck. Customer service is terrible. Developers don’t really want to help or fairly compensate. Very frustrating. Update 6/16/2020 Game still crashes a lot especially during crucial moments like being in a gold arena tourney...Devolpers do NOT compensate fairly for this still....Trash programming. Oh and by the way this is FOR SURE a pay to win kind of a game...in SHORT — This game crashes a lot and developers do NOT compensate fairly for your LOSSES.
  • Game is so boring over time. 2/5

    By =NOS=
    Game has fun animations. Good graphics. Fun toons to use with their own attacks. Starts out fun doing the campaign and building your world. Then the events catch up to you where everything is a requirement. The game has so many bugs and load times , load circles , refreshing delays , missing animations , and error messages during fights. The game is LOADED with offer pages though. Way too many offers for any and every item you could imagine but can’t fix basic problems that need to be addressed. The sad thing about the game is after the first few months the game gets very boring and you realize all it is , is a farming game to constantly level toons that are required for the constant next events. Game has very little to do actually except constantly level everything and it’s just riddled with offers to progress you quicker. Now the requirements are getting harder and harder and a lot of events you can’t even progress past half the stages because you don’t have the correct toons and it’s really destroying players wanting to play anymore. All the hard work and money you put on a toon used to be worth it but now they don’t even let you use toons past the early stages. Always buy the newest toon with new clothes to progress. Game is rated a D+ at best for fun factor. If you are rich you should enjoy it.
  • Unfair advantage 1/5

    By desert powder
    It was fun for the first week, but then when you went into brawl mode, every player you compete against had at least 2000 more power. Needless to say you rarely win and then you start losing trophy’s. I guess the only way to get ahead is spend ridiculous amounts of money. Not going to happen from me.
  • Make events easier 2/5

    By hfcvhgfffgg
    Ok so like most games once you get to a certain point it’s pay to win. I don’t spend money on games because I do have a life outside of this. My chief complaint is make the events easier for people who don’t actually spend money on the game. For nearly all the events I’m lucky if I get past the act because I don’t have have the toons needed or they aren’t powerful enough so for someone like me to unlock a 3 star toon it would take a long ass time and meanwhile the only thing I can spend my energy on is the campaign and leveling up basic characters which in the end doesn’t do dick
  • Scopely are ripoff artists, rivaling Vegas slot machine house odds 1/5

    By Eric69420
    I love this game, but CANNOT give it more than 1 star. First off, I HATE Scopely. They have taken my favorite cartoon characters from my childhood, and made a GREAT game based on them. And then there is their nasty, disgusting GREED. PREPARE to get SPANKED AF on a daily basis, unless you spend HUNDREDS of DOLLARS per month to advance your characters in order to COMPETE with the IDIOTS who do spend those $$$, as you will be REGULARLY UNEVENLY matched with those ba$tards. Seriously, $30 or $40 to advance a character from 3 stars to 4, and then a team of 6 to 7 star characters comes along, and ruins your fun. Really F YOU, Scopely. I hate you with a passion! You did this with STAR TREK too. HOW F-ING DARE YOU! If you go the route of watching ads, and purchasing a special offer from a different vendor in order to get gems, you will at least get something for your money, rather than VIRTUAL CURRENCY BULLS—T. But you will be working for at LEAST 2 years in order to be able to compete with compulsive A-HOLES who spend their F-ING money on AIR. Let’s not even mention reward “ranges”, where you spend your earnings on rewards that show ranges of “20 - 100”, such as with toon pieces, and 9 times out of 10, you get THE F-ING MINIMUM OF THAT RANGE!! Really Scopely, go F yourselves, you lying, deceptive, greedy sons of whores. You don’t deserve this cartoon license. I hate you. To the reader, go spend $50 on a PS4 game, and get your money’s worth. Only play this game if you have the patience of a SAINT!
  • Greedy cash grab, this game is for big spenders! 1/5

    By Honesty612
    Scopely only cares about how much money they can milk from players before they rage quit. I have watched many whales quit because of the unfriendly practices toward players. Over a year of playing and sandbaggers still have their way with weaker players. Recent changes have made it impossible for free to players to win or even make it into the top 500 of an event leaderboard. Every change Scopely has made has been to increase the odds in their favor, making purchases more expensive while reducing the payout. Alliances with Scopely Ambassadors get advantages of testing the beta. Alliances tournaments are about who has the most whales, zero skill involved. I used to believe that Scopely tried to make the game better. Now after watching it get buggier and less playable I believe all Scopely cares about squeezing every last dollar from its fan base. Sad because this could have been a great game! Beware of hitting a jackpot you are as likely to get the Ricin Oil message as you are the reward. This error has been happening for a year now, still not fixed. $copely used give a quarter jackpot if you filed a ticket with customer service. Now they tell that “supposed” jackpot is an error and you get nothing. Be patient while we investigate this issue. This is how they treat paying customers. Worse yet doing well in a tournament depends on spinning this broken wheel. Every “improvement” to this game is in service to making Scopely more money. They nerfed the ability of players to farm resources in campaign, have made campaign and tournaments incredibly costly in terms of energy. All the changes have taken the fun from this game. Unless you have a $1000 to spend monthly good luck keeping your crates, you will only be fodder for the whales.
  • Very buggy game 1/5

    By BigAl702
    Always to much going on now I used to play when the game came out very fun now there is war with the challenges with the special campaign and the arena and the r and d battles so much going on that the game lags you out and it’s bugs out more then bugs bunny ever could I hope all the problems are fixed so I can play again and get back to the game
  • illudiun 4/5

    By abrisgegduevsuejsyfheufhruegid
    I wish I could Ternal looney Tunes into illudiun
  • This game is a scam! 1/5

    By Rwcola
    It should not be labeled as a free game! You can’t play it unless you are able to spend a lot of money just to compete. Apple should remove this scam app so it ends
  • crashes constantly 1/5

    By Acon124
    I’ve been playing every day for almost a year, and up until four days ago it was great. Rigged, and way too expensive, but grinding was still possible for the free player. Now, the game crashes within seconds every time I open. This is very frustrating, and I will be deleting soon if it isn’t fixed.
  • Great game 2/5

    By Orediggerdad
    Except that you cannot login
  • Starts off good and turns into a nightmare 1/5

    By GCR31
    Too many issues and problems exist with what should be a great game. I started off loving in and now am beginning to hate it, it keeps cutting off, game needs updating immediately
  • Daffy Duck 5/5

    By FrostboyX
    Hey creator can I have 100 pieces of Daffy Duck I really want him in my team
  • Good game can use improvement 5/5

    By gfsegumcswfjk
    Needs to make it to where we can at least get 1-2 toon pieces from legendary houses even if it’s the last upgrade for the houses. It would still take time but it would definitely make it worth it to spend the money to get the legendary toons unlocked when they come around other wise it’s Kinda pointless.
  • It’s to good to be true🤩 5/5

    By ReeeeXD🤩yahoo
    I absolute love looney tunes,I watched it every time it came on television and now that they made a game that’s amazing.I love the animation and the tunes that u can unlock and the overall fun u could have with this game.i like how that as u continue on u can develop your tunes and they’re can be new campaigns or events that u can get new ones that u don’t have.one thing though is that I don’t really like that once someone steals your crate and u take it back,I don’t really like that they can take it back then it keeps going back and fourth and when u finally get a brake they go ahead a take it but I still love it.If u were to make other games like this that would be awesome because there focused on characters we love and know well.Like spongebob,Scooby doo,amazing world of gum ball or teen titans go and etc.That would be astounding and fun to do especially sense with the pandemic and something to keep off your mind and Killy time with.Keep up the great work!

Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem app comments

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