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  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Android
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Looper! App

Take a trip through Looper - a joyous, melodious casual game that puts your sense of rhythm and timing to the test. Every tap starts a colourful new beat that travels along increasingly complex constellations - get your timing wrong and the beats could crash and burn. Get it right, however, and experience the simple satisfaction of looping harmony. Featuring hundreds of unique levels, each designed to sooth and satisfy your puzzling needs. Looper is a music puzzle game like no other.

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Looper! app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By savage mal
    I was frustrated but then I got the hang of it
  • Stop the adds 5/5

    By zzzplaasssss
    No I hate the fact that there’s adds please remove them and I don’t wanna pay for
  • The best 5/5

    By Hello beuty
    This game is super fun and it makes cool and nice beats
  • Good but .... 3/5

    By JDM1121
    It is a very good game but there are Too many adds.☹️☹️☹️
  • Eh 3/5

    By Jazztacular
    I would rate it five stars, and I get that the ads bring in money. But it gets annoying when an ad pops up literally after every time you fail and pass. Fail a level, ad, pass it right after, ad, fail the next game, ad, fail it again, ad. It makes me wanna uninstall it
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By thxvaksba
    Although the game itself is fun, the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t download it so I could watch advertisements, I downloaded it because it seemed like a relaxing game. In the past, I’ve avoided ads by turning WiFi off on my phone, but then of course you won’t receive texts or other important notifications. This app is outrageous in the length and amount of ads, as previously stated, and I am deleting it as a result. I hope that this will be altered in the future so that people can truly enjoy the game without constant interruptions.
  • Great game but 5/5

    By Kingfam11111
    Once you get to level 40 it’s to hard and there are too many ads but if level 40 was not that hard and there was no ads I would LOVE this game!
  • So fun 5/5

    By Aaliyah zebian
    I am so addicted to this game I love it
  • Yeah baby 4/5

    By henrym7654321
    Yeah baby

    By eatingchicken69
    Adds are horrible especially when you get that Talking Tom Add A HUNDRED TIMES IN A ROW!!!!! Over all it’s a good game. Addicting AF. Also can you add more characters? Cause I’ve unlocked all of them.
  • To many freaking ads 2/5

    By Kreayshun
    I can’t even enjoy the game! As soon as I die, a ad pops up. I would give if 5 stars.

    By Aeden TNT
  • It’s ok 1/5

    By makarm1
    I don’t really like it cause when I try to restart the game it doesn’t let me and I f I press something like an ad it works the home screen doesn’t press Ethier
  • Best relaxing game 5/5

    By game relaxer
    Soooooo much better than any other game I’ve played
  • Good but not great 2/5

    By RobertoLugo69
    I like the game itself, and I understand because I have the free version there’s gonna be ads, but OMG every ******** click you make there’s going to be an ad?!! It doesn’t give me motivation to keep on going. Every ad once in a while is ok, I guess, but not every ******* time
  • Awsome 5/5

    By ali102030405
    Looper is a relly good game i enjoy looper so much
  • I love you 5/5

    By Loopy6484279
    I love you
  • Looper 2/5

    By Frustratedwv
    Good game, just too many adds in between. I deleted because of the many adds.
  • Fun Game but too many Ads!!!!!!!!! 2/5

    By K-dubs 5G
    I honestly wish i could give this game a higher review because it is a fun game but the amount of ads is unbearable. Every time you click on anything in the menu, AD. Every time you lose a level AD. Want to change ball color? AD!!!!! If the ads were fewer, i could deal but literally every time i do ANYTHING THERE IS A AD!!!
  • Fun, but at what cost? 3/5

    By Yakov Ariyeh Ben-Yonatan
    This game is very addictive and fun, but there are ads every 30 seconds of game play and the constant refreshing absolutely DRAINS your battery. I woke up earlier this morning with 90% battery and after playing of and on for maybe an hour I got down to 15%. As soon as I realized this I deleted the app. I recommend it for its fun, but it just drains your battery
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Hihdnhfh
    Well for starters the there are toooooo many ad which means they are just making tons of money of this poor excuse of a game another issue is the lag this is a simple game and you can notice how much time and effort they put in it because once you get to about level ~70 or do the special levels you can barely beat them because you can’t time the placement from the lag. There should be 0 lag in a game this simple I understand if it was a huge game with a lot of content and online capabilities but no just a poor sever they will never fix because people still play and watch ads which make them money. So if I were you sure download the game but put your phone on airplane to take away the ads and don’t purchase anything it’s not worth it this a garbage game made by and garbage company that wants ad money.
  • Ads! 2/5

    By Kimuraking
    Too many ads, made the app slow and glitchy. Took my mind and focus off the game
  • Looper 5/5

    By boonkhang
    Sometimes it cheats sometimes it don’t but it ok
  • Game 3/5

    By herewego3344562
    I love the game but my issues are ads and as soon as I start playing the game my phone gets crazy hot. My phone getting so hot is more concerning than the ads.
  • Ads! ADS! AND EVEN MORE ADS! 2/5

    By BillyBobJod
    Ok, yes. I understand having ads is important and is the way you make money BUT HOLY CRAP! An ad every time you touch the screen. (Over Reacting) There are so many ads you have to watch for a mediocre game. I would not recommend.
  • To many ads 1/5

    By bbts911
    To many adds enough said. Fun game though
  • It’s not a game, it’s an ad! 1/5

    By Kilsumgi
    The game over all starts out pretty easy and has lots of potential, who knows maybe it gets harder and is lots of fun. But I’m not willing to spend 3 hours watching ad’s just to play 3 minutes worth of a game. “Play a round, watch an ad, play a round, watch an ad, start the app, watch an ad, on the home menu? There’s an ad.
  • Super Fun, but... 3/5

    By Person5,923,9139
    This game challenges you and is a lot of fun to play, but it drains your batter super quickly. Just playing for five minutes drained my battery by 20%.
  • Hayley c 5/5

    By hayhayley 6655
    Most satisfying game of 2019
  • To many adds 3/5

    By majestical limabean137
    Fun game but too many adds
  • Too Many Commercials 2/5

    By Meekle1912
    The free mode is riddled with a commercial between every round. Game is fun, but I think I’ll delete it again.
  • So relaxing 5/5

    By its your boi um THE BOI
    This game is so relaxing when I play it when I hear the music I get relaxed
  • Wow ads ads ads 2/5

    By Omg I'm angry
    I was playing the game and it was easy but when I was playing it more I was getting adds ads ads ads just wow and ads ads gives money to the creator of the game so if you buy it and you don’t Belize me well it will be only ads to much ads bye 😡 why did I buy this game
  • Very addicting! 3/5

    By Giovanne_
    The game is very addicting, but there’s to many ads. U pass a lvl “ad”, u fail “ad”. Ads pop up to much! I give it a 3 start because the ads. Try to reduce the ad pop ups.
  • Looper joke 1/5

    By Jolissa hager
    I paid for this game because I like it a lot it’s supposed to be add free when you pay for it and it’s not.
  • TOO MANY ADS! 1/5

    By Shaggy_kay09
    There are literally 30 second ads every 30 seconds or less!!! It’s ridiculous and makes this game impossible to play!
  • Pro/Noob click bait 👎🏼 1/5

    By teh.FunKiller
    Sick of your fake Pro/Noob advertisements. They make no sense and don’t contribute to what your, so called, game is or does.
  • Looper 5/5

    By rosegassman
    Good fun songs amazing 😉 cool 😎
  • Ads have officially ruined every app 1/5

    By Sk8mstr
    Why can’t anyone make a fun free game that doesn’t shove ads down your throat
  • Cool game 5/5

    By ayden hockett
    Cool game
  • Addictive 5/5

    By LoliMilkuro
    I’m always on the edge of Wining
  • No Ads 5/5

    By kaylen_rhodes
    Love you
  • Ads Galore 1/5

    By 1MichFan1
    There are way to many ads. 80% of my time on this game is viewing ads. I just downloaded this game and will give it a couple days to fix the issues with the ads, but then I will delete if it’s not taken care of.
  • good but bad at the same time 1/5

    By triggered hoe
    the game is beautiful, it really is. a creative game this is, i say but the ads, good lord. terrible. its terrible. an ad, not just any ad, a 30+ ad that you can’t skip until 10 seconds later? not only that, that ad after every time you fail or pass? thats terrible and i deleted the game because of that. even if you’re on airplane mode, the ads are there and im fuming from this. i best believe that you, creators, shall improve on this problem or else your app will flop, trust me.
  • Game good 5/5

    By Bambicu101
    This game is good
  • Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By ushouldpayme
    U can’t even enjoy the game with how many ads there are! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Gmay 5/5

    By CindyG47
    It’s the best game
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Gordam Ramsey778900
    This game is fun and all but there are wayyyyyy to many ads
  • It’s OK 3/5

    By PIZZA LOVER!!!!!!!!
    The game is OK but it’s not quite what I was expecting. There is an add after every level I complete. It’s kind of annoying.Also the game is really hard so if you’re one of those people who like Who likes beginner type games then I don’t think you should get it , also if you’re one of those people who can’t stand ads I also don’t think you should get it but otherwise it’s a great game . Well have fun!

Looper! app comments

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