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Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles

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  • Current Version: 2.61
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Peak Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles App

Get ready for the most exciting Bubble Shooter of all time! Crush the evil forces and save the world from the dark mist together with the good witch Light Sentinel. Get rid of Pandora's Boxes in the levels by popping bubbles, but remember that your moves are limited and you must not hit Pandora's Box. This addictive bubble shooter game is fun and simple to play, but it will take time and skill to become a bubble pop master! Play now to enter a world full of mysteries, magic and adventures and of course difficult obstacles set by the witches of Dark World. Pop bubbles and help Light Sentinel defeat the Witches of the Dark World! Fun Guaranteed! ---------------------------------------- Key Features: - More than 1600 levels with unique layout and challenges - Simple and addictive gameplay! - 20+ Unlockable Magic Orbs to help you during your adventure - Compete with your friends and help each other with additional lives and coins - Constant free updates with new features, new levels in mysterious locations - Pop bubbles and discover more worlds and magic than you have ever imagined in a bubble shooter game - No ads to interrupt you while playing ---------------------------------------- Follow us on social networks to get the latest updates and win special prizes! Like Us: facebook.com/LostBubble All rights reserved by Peak Games. Peak Games https://peak.games/


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Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles app reviews

  • Was my favorite-until level 213. 3/5

    By plantcrone
    At 213 there is no way to win by strategic playing. you have to purchase more turns or additional helpers. I tried to beat this level for over a month, write the developer asking for a hint and Rex’s no reply. It’s a fun game with enjoyable graphics and few bugs but I am not going to pay outrageous prices for a time wasting game. I finally gave up and went back to the beginning. And, finally, enjoy the game again.
  • Lost Bubble 5/5

    By K1a9t50
    Open the month of April in bonus adventures please other than that you are a'right lol much love thank you kindly! You are making me a "super shot" without the pool table 😊😍"
  • Fun until you have to buy to have any chance 2/5

    By eagles.metal
    The first few dozen levels are fun. But the game becomes so difficult that you have to buy helps in order to keep moving forward. You’ve lost me.
  • Update weekly? Mystery. 3/5

    By Unclemikecruz
    Level 787 really?
  • The patsy 5/5

    By Patsy121
    Great and challenging. The last update has failed and I can't play. It won't finish loading. HELP!!!
  • Fun until the 3 second rule 2/5

    By Mashbug
    The primary reason I play games like this is for the logic. It's fun to figure out the effect of alternate plays, somewhat like typical board games. I also enjoyed setting up shots off the wall. With the speed factor there is no time for any logic and it becomes just like any other reactive rather than analytical game There is also way too much emphasis on buying. Yes I can turn off the speed if I buy the proper orb, but who knows for how long? I'm outta here. This game is history.
  • I love the game 5/5

    By jessicaH1
    This game is so good that I gave it five stars because it’s challenging but there is something that should be done you should have a special mode to help you get out of hard puzzles please come up with some more games like this I really enjoy it thank you very much for making such a good game
  • Level 1351 3/5

    By sandi281
    I like the game. Support is minimal, tho. I have been stck on level 1351 for a very long time now. When I ask game support how to get past it, no response. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Fantastic game! Lots of fun! 5/5

    By Steve's Lady
    This is a fun game! I like that it helps improve hand and eye coordination. Also, when you aren't successful, it gives you another chance. This game is addictive and fun!
  • Ok but slow 3/5

    By Strawberry cloud!!!!!!!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Karensluck
    Love it!
  • Cool game 4/5

    By Jbrant63
    This is definitely a challenge!! There's a few things I'd wish they'd give you more of an explanation on what you're suppose to do with some obstacles, yes, I've checked on Facebook, but everyone gives different answers. I've played this over a year and it's still a challenge regardless of not knowing what the hell I'm doing.
  • I like this game! 5/5

    By k9herbie
    I really like the challenges of this game.
  • Not fun at all 1/5

    By Jmjamms
    Deleting game. Not worth playing if you are constantly bombarded with ads ! Worst free game with this issue.
  • Ok but ads & Facebook posts are very annoying 4/5

    By $ladydi!!
    This has a new twist on bubble games with 'boxes' you try to bring down. But EVERY TIME you finish a level it wants to post to your Facebook board. And FREQUENTLY you also get a 30 sec ad. If it continues I will have to delete. For the time being I am logging out of Facebook on this game.
  • 6mom 5/5

    By Zennaraffy2
    Great app
  • New version of Lost Bubbles 5/5

    By Flon2money
    I love 💘 this 🎮!
  • Not happy 1/5

    By $$$ccc
    I'm not happy with this latest update. Annoying to see path to hit bubbles. Go back to the old version.
  • Relaxing 4/5

    By Hmmingbird63
    Oldest game on my phone, Lost Bubble is a Great "Go to" when I get tired of the King Games.
  • Lost bubble 5/5

    By Sw37Em
  • Lost all of it 2/5

    By Jonsbunny
    So I was past level 1110 and after the update I was put at 1109....no big deal...except every time I played it ALWAYS reset to level 1109....what the heck?!?! So I made the mistake of deleting and reinstalling game and I lost everything....I had over 400 crystals and over a million in coins....I realize the developers won't see, read, or respond to this. According to the lost bubble site on Facebook they never respond. I will still play if I don't have anything else going on but I really think improvements should be made. And when is the April bonus level going to open???
  • Used to love this game but 2/5

    By Acrichlow
    no longer do. I play less and less because you now have way too many ads and videos in between. It's ridiculous! Also what's with not having some type of reward? We rack up hundreds of thousands of points with NOTHING to show for it. This in now a lame game.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Juli2 Force
    This game is fun. Love the graphics and the challenges.
  • Donna 1/5

    By D*jojo
    No longer fun. Pop up ads of games are too frequent and screws up game playing.
  • Instant Delete 1/5

    By ShawnRS4
    A cartoon woman dressed like a hooker fires my balls from the rod in her hand. What more could you want(?), except intelligence and earning a user's interest with good game play instead of porn.
  • Rewards 1/5

    By lnchbx101
    To succeed in this game you HAVE to buy things. This ruins the game. Loved it till then.
  • My mom😂 5/5

    By Andrea Soil Hill
    My mom loves y'all and I do to and a few others she'd like for you all to unlock the month of November thank you in advance and keep up the great work!💯🎭
  • So good 5/5

    By Papp Daddy
    This is my favorite game
  • Juego 4/5

    By Pecosa11250649307
    Juego adiptivo, me encanta; pero últimamente no c q pasa con su configuración, q no abre el juego. Buenas opciones q han creado para conseguir monedas, pero a veces cuando c ganan, no c las dan a uno x q razón? Hay niveles difíciles q c necesitan mayor cantidad d bolas para poderlo pasar, los cristales son muy caros, pero me gusta mucho el juego.
  • Lost bubbles 5/5

    By Tommyrangermightymorphin
    I really like this game but, why do u keep putting up the same game on the "daily event" for the past 5 days? U must know I hate it. Lol
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Love4JanetJackson
    The levels are stupid. Why make a level so hard to pass? It should not take me days to pass 1 freaking level. It doesn't matter though because I had a friend hack the game and now I have unlimited everything and I still pass levels even when I don't drop the boxes😊😛
  • i love the game but the cristalareto caros 5/5

    By Celidad
    I love the game es entretenido
  • Fix bugs please 1/5

    By Moomacur
    Great game until your server went down. Now can't aim correctly and have no control. Please fix.
  • Keeps Crashing! 1/5

    By Tink8970
    I loved this game...but all of a sudden it will no longer load and says it is updating and then says "unable to connect to server". Then it kicks me out. Very disappointing! I guess I will have to find a new game since it doesn't seem like this will ever get fixed
  • Game no longer working 1/5

    By ARW13
    Won't let me download updates says can't find internet connection then it completely shuts game off and send me back to phones home screen!!! Please fix
  • Lost bubble 1/5

    By Mrs. P. B.
    Don't know what happened but game keeps crashing. In endless loop looking for connection. Followed all appropriate steps to fix, still not working. I too do not spend money to play and get sick of all the notices to spend quite a bit of money.
  • New program????? 5/5

    By Dis6879
    For the past two days you cannot get onto the game, it will not go pass the new download, please fix, I just love playing this game and now I can't
  • Won't open!!! 1/5

    By Mrs Mook
    This last update has made my game not open! Never had trouble til now. I uninstalled and still won't open. It starts by saying updating content, then says can't connect to server check internet connection. My connection is fine because it's just this game
  • Downloading updates? 2/5

    By Uphoff1
    Recently the app has been trying to download updates, but says that it can't connect to the server and says to check the Internet connection. The connection is fine, so I don't know what the problem is. Buttons that say "Try Again" and "Cancel Updates" pop up. I try again, nothing happens. I cancel the updates, and I get kicked out of the app. Please fix this or I'll have to delete the app.
  • Love the game, but update broke it and online support form is useless 1/5

    By Angiejava
    Tried filling out "contact us" form citing my issues. Every required field was complete. I checked the box that asked if I were human. The message would not "send". No matter my efforts to submit my complaint, nothing worked. So, this is what I needed the powers that be know: The app on my phone is frozen by "content update", stating inability to connect with server. Same app works fine on my iPad using same wifi/server. I hate to abandon one of my favorite games. I hope this can be fixed. (Getting frustrated that all the required fields on this form are filled, but it STILL won't submit. Hopefully, this issue is resolved. I'm happy to change my review if my issues are addressed.
  • Who jacked this up? 2/5

    By Ivyhouse
    I have been playing this for a while now tonight I go to play and it says downloading new content then crashes...so not happy right now and I have made a few in game purchases in the past on this
  • Download blank screen? Really? 3/5

    By Quiltersmith
    I love to play this game on my iPad 2. Sorry, but I don't spend money to play it. What is really stupid about this game is I get a blank black screen that says 'download' when I tap on the screen. Do you REALLY expect me to download something that I don't know what I'm downloading? Please fix this! I'm not going to ever download it!
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Boo from CA
    Lots of problems with the game, it has trouble loading, it moves very slow haven't been able to play for awhile. Will probably end up deleting it! It used to be a fun game to play.
  • Major glitch happening? 1/5

    By Cashcow$$$$
    what's going on with the game? up to the 600 levels and now I can't even get the game to come on! is there a glitch? are you updating? what's happening?
  • Fun 4/5

    By Bratcat17
    I really love playing this game. But lately I get to playing the game & then it just blacks out & wont come back on unless I quit the game entirely.
  • Lost Data, coins, gems, and boosters 1/5

    By Lossue
    I logged into Facebook as maker recommended. My progress, boosters, etc. disappeared. I would never purchase anything from this app because the game maker or whomever don't care if they cheat you. I wish I could give a score lower than one star.
  • Fun when it works 3/5

    By Phil0144
    The game demands that your skills increase, but it allows you to win enough that you feel rewarded. It works well on my iPhone 6. Unfortunately, on my iPad 3, it freezes up about half of the time and I lose the game. If it works for you, you will enjoy it.
  • Not Worth It 1/5

    By ridin.rev
    The beginning levels are okay, but the combination of timers, disappearing bubbles, etc. is too frustrating. Also, there are too many ads, and they run too long. There are enough similar games out there to render Lost Bubble not worth the effort.
  • Seller change the game options 1/5

    By Valyabella
    Idk why the seller change the game options it used to be better more balls after losing now you have to keep buying them it tells u your out of bubbles
  • Lost Bubble Special games 1/5

    By Marmls
    Just want to say I love the special holiday games but they are not fun when you can't even get passed the first one! They should be challenging but not impossible. I've talked to 4 other people and they feel the same way. Frustrated! New review, with the last few updates this game freezes every time it goes to an ad. This is the only game I have a problem with. Fix the bugs please!

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