Love Balls

Love Balls

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  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Super Tapx
  • Compatibility: Android
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Love Balls App

It's time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls! The rule's easy, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination. You'll surely love this game once you get how it works! Features: * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime * Suitable for all ages * Simple rules but a little difficult to clear the level, you'll find the addiction. * You can also enjoy the fun of collecting pens * Now try to get a higher score and share it with your friends! * New levels update every week

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Love Balls app reviews

  • Could be fun 2/5

    By Capt.Airrage
    Super fun but crashes after playing ads. You only get to play one or two levels and then it crashes
  • Can’t... STOP! 5/5

    By DMBFOhio
    I absolutely love this game! It’s whimsical yet also requires some problem-solving skills. A wee bit of physics knowledge helps, too! I I hope they add more levels before I get to the end of the game!
  • I like this game! 4/5

    By the 4th grade bunny
    It funny when you lose! I’m really into strategy games, and if you like this game you will love Happy Glass! Or the other way around. Also a special thank you to the makers of this game. Have a wonderful day! I would also like ask for a request for this game! Can you make it where there is Another boy ball that also loves the girl ball! Now that would be great
  • Love 5/5

    By hiiiiiiihihihihiii
  • Nice Game 3/5

    By Staci6839
    Nice and challenging, just been waiting for new levels for a long time now
  • This is great 5/5

    By Supercatplayz
    This game is great. It helps if you are bored and if you are stressed. 5 stars
  • Love balls 5/5

    By Billy lee joe
    I need more. Please, please, please.
  • I love you 5/5

    By agy5hf
    My son I have nothing I can give but this chance that you may Live I pray will meet again Deliver us River oh river flow Gently for me such preshuss cargo you bear Do you know some where He can live free River deliver him there
  • Soooooo cool 5/5

    By lvylcemoon
    This game is soooooo cool👍😃👍👩🏽‍💻📱📱📱📱.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Y nut
    Games fun for about a couple of hours then it’s tedious and I’d like to know why the game is 12+ and why reasoning behind it is infrequent sexual content and nudity, makes no sense
  • Fun concept, but glitchy 3/5

    By Gurl4God
    I really like this game, I love the concept! But the game is pretty glitchy on my phone for some reason.
  • Updates? 3/5

    By KC 9er
    I Purchased this to get rid of the ads and because it’s a good game but there has not been levels added in a long time. Daily challenges are good but where are the new levels. Still a good game
  • Addicting lol 4/5

    By David 1121
    I downloaded this game thinking I would only play it just to mess around and here I am 5 days later still playing it. One glitch though is that the music and sound settings don’t work perfectly. I set them to on and nothing happens, even after restarting the app.
  • Loved the game BUT..... 1/5

    By Harry's wifee
    Deleted it!!! Way too many forced ads!!!
  • Removing all stars 1/5

    By Kay_Rock
    They used to update with new levels. Now they update with “features” that make the game worse and worse. Now with their new “pay for hints” button, it’s not enough to have that button up top. No, in the middle of game play they duplicate it right on the drawing screen so you can’t touch that area until the timer on that duplicate button counts down. So on levels that require careful timing, you’re just screwed. You can’t touch that area. Also, when you win pens, you’re now just stuck with them until the “gift” runs out. Some of these pens are counter-productive (too light to accomplish necessary tasks). I’ve gone from loving this game to despising it. If they decided not to create new levels any more, why on earth did they destroy it? Just leave it as it was when it was good. ....... Review from before useless badly done update This is better than many of the other physics balls games. However, I’ve become very frustrated with their unwillingness to add new levels. For a while new levels were added regularly. Now once a week or so, we get an update claiming “daily challenges available!” even though they’ve been available for a long time now. And every update offers absolutely nothing new. It’s a huge tease to see that there’s an update when they really didn’t do anything. Please stop doing updates unless you’re actually going to add levels. I realize that all of the effort is going into that new Love Shots game, which is absolutely silly and not very fun at all. Please don’t forget about this game.
  • Omg 😁 5/5

    By ❤️👍🤪
    I love this game I am so addicted to this game I love who ever came up with this idea
  • Might want to think about adding levels 5/5

    By Fryman77
    Still waiting for more levels. I’m not kidding! Great app Still waiting
  • Love balls 4/5

    By Surbhigarg16
    Best game ever
  • Who? 3/5

    By KellyRTn
    I like this game, I think it’s fun, but I loaded it on my new phone and it logged me in as some strange person. Also, there was an inappropriate ad.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By 89uNIciTy89
    So amazing I can’t stop playing!!!!!!!
  • Love balls 4/5

    By Fransbear
    Lots of thinking with this game! Lots of fun too!🙂
  • More Balls More Love 3/5

    By jwall60
    Easy to complete. The daily challenges are lame. they need to keep up with the story mode like angry birds did. this is slowly growing old and dying...
  • Love the game, need more 5/5

    By Kellivy
    The game is fun and challenging however it takes a really long time for the creators to add new levels.
  • Review 4/5

    By vdghcdghc
    You never run out of levels even though it gets boring.
  • Love balls rules👍🏻😁😄😋😜😄 5/5

    By Kitkat2210
    I only have been playing for a few days but I ❤️ love balls so much I can't stop playing it! If you are reading this review I recommend you to download Love balls if you get the chance to. Well that is pretty much it but in all seriousness it is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least in my opinion👍🏼👌🏼 so please if you have the chance plz download Love balls! Yasssssss❤️+🏉🏐⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾=love balls😏
  • Great game 5/5

    By Abbie11oo
    This is a wonderful game! So creative and I love that it challenges my brain.
  • Love this game - but latest update is AWFUL 3/5

    By NVargo210
    Get that HINT button OUT OF MY WAY! What gives??
  • Way too many adds! 1/5

    By Mrs KQ
    Cute mindless game. But you cannot enjoy it because of the over abundance of adds. Some of the adds are in poor taste.
  • Was fine 3/5

    By SLCH44
    It was great and I was playing all the time but they stopped adding levels to the game months ago. Would get 5 stars if I could still play.
  • Love balls 5/5

    By turtle 333
    Love the game. Hate the name
  • Good 4/5

    By 1029384756e
  • Love the game but what happened 1/5

    By dylanbrinkmann
    Lost sight of the best part. They are building all these features and not focusing on creating new level packs. The daily challenge is fun but the levels were better and it’s been weeks since any new ones came out.
  • Some Drawbacks 4/5

    By britty5096
    Love the puzzles. They consistently introduce different challenges and are fun to try to solve. Two things that really bum me out while I’m playing: 1. The hints. The game will sometimes just blatantly give you the answer (with the dotted lines) to a puzzle if it’s a new type of solution. I can’t turn this off! In addition, if you fail a few times the game pushes you to buy a hint by putting the button right in front of your puzzle. I wish the game were more patient. 2. The ads. Of course you can pay to get rid of them, but they are quite frequent, long, and intrusive if you don’t.
  • Yo-yo 2/5

    By hehad dbbdn
    It’s actually an interesting little game, puzzling, which I do like. One thing I hate is it does not want to load I could not even play anymore because it would not get to the main menu and it would freeze. But it’s not bad, if you don’t have my issue, then it’s okay. And a fix for everyone is I just go on airplane mode for a sec while I play so no ads pop up :)
  • Best game 5/5

    By princessis that girl
    This game is a good game it plays fareley and I want to meet the person who made this game what you need to do is updated the game like if you get to level 50 you get a prize or a level pass but I love 😻😻😁❤️❤️❤️ This game
  • New update is irritating 2/5

    By Mauxil
    I played this game all the time and loved it, but now it constantly pops up a really annoying hint button that flies across the screen while you try to play to ask you to click it for hints. The ads were bearable, because it’s a free app; but this new annoying button is just frustrating and now I don’t want to play it anymore. It’s really quite annoying. I like the idea of a hint button, but it shouldn’t be obnoxious if I don’t want a hint. If they took it away or made it not fly across the game field all the time then I would play the game again.
  • New “hint” system is annoying and intrusive 1/5

    By AnonymousSB93
    Update: the constant reminder to use the hint makes this game unplayable, I’m uninstalling it until this change is reverted Using “coins” to buy hints, as opposed to watching an advertisement, is stupid. Also, stop putting the hint button right in the middle of the game where I’m trying to draw lines!!!!
  • Brain Power! 5/5

    This app involves brain power. It is very educational, it makes you use your brain. This is a very good app.
  • Lets role✏️🖍🖌✒️🖋🖊💜🤣 5/5

    By ilovepupps🐶
    I love this app and it makes me feel like I do not need to have all three stars it’s really fun I love this app an you might call me weird all you want but out of topic who is your fave BTS member mine is Chim chim aka Jimin
  • Lover balls 4/5

    By Sloth lover 7
    It's a great game for creative people, and I a great way to be challenged. I think that it is a great game for all ages!!!
  • Love it 4/5

    By emmilila
    Because there so easy at the beginning and starts to get harder.But you should only try to get notifications because you get prizes.But it’s a great game.i have always wanted to get it,but you don,t have to ask your parents if you have them because it’s free.
  • It is great just like happy glass 5/5

    By Keelie2008
    I love this game
  • Super cute 5/5

    By ishouldtouchu
    This is a fun, yet challenging game. Love the music, it's really calming!
  • Needs more levels 3/5

    By DanielH2012
    Been playing and have beat all the levels and need more levels but other than that it’s an addicting game.
  • Awesome for family! 5/5

    By anna & oliver
    Fun and strategic game!!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By arturo martinovich
    Thanks for making this game it calms me I really use this game well got to go have to keep playing bye.👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  • Creatividad 5/5

    By Gazywaked22
  • Relaxing and fun caracteres divertidos e interesantes 5/5

    By CeTSilva
    Bueno muy bueno y con ganas de no terminar nunca. La espera es mucha. Ya no sigo el juego como antes. Sorry!
  • FAT PIGS 5/5

    By fat pig 🐷
    I’m a Fat pig thank you so munch
  • Way too many ads - DELETED 1/5

    By DG 163
    I mean I get, it’s a business. But an ad after almost every single play - c’mon people. It’s off my phone.

Love Balls app comments

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