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Love Island

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  • Current Version: 3.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: CBS Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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Love Island App

Make your summer of love last even longer with the official Love Island app! Stay ahead of the trend and be the first to know what's going on in the villa, as we deliver exclusive previews, videos and gossip straight to you. If that wasn't enough, you'll be able to test your Love Island IQ with our quizzes, take your best Island selfies using our camera filters and shop till you drop and bag some exclusive Love Island merch. Flex those fingers and tell us who's hot and who's not or which couples should be getting to know each other. Plus exercise your right to vote! You can turn up the heat for our Islanders and really stir things up by deciding who stays and who deserves to be dumped from the show for good. Voting open to US/CA residents 18 years or older, or with permission from parents or guardian. Data charges may apply.

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Love Island app reviews

  • Can’t vote 1/5

    By para.2013
    I watched live and wanted to vote, had the app downloaded but it never refreshed for the 30 minute vote. Delete and redownloaded, then had to register my number again and there still wasn’t an active vote even though I did this all within the 30 minute voting window. I’m even writing this review in that time frame. What’s the point of the app if you won’t let us vote.
  • You cannot vote unless you are on ET or PT. 1/5

    By MaisyD_007
    There are more than just 2 times zones. Kind of ridiculous they cannot even sort the app to correspond with the local showtimes.
  • Voting doesn’t work 1/5

    By elisia.nicole
    I’m in CO and voting is never an option during my time zone or EVER. I feel as if our votes aren’t even counted. Appreciate the extra footage sometimes BUT that’s about it. 1 star barely.
  • App has so many flaws and will work if you re-install. 1/5

    By BA Siegel
    I’d give this zero stars if possible. First, I was on vacation after I registered my iPhone and iPad and when I returned to my original time zone, the app asked if wanted to keep my time zone but did not specify which one and I apparently chose wrong. Then I deleted the app on both platforms to reset my time zone, but now I cannot re-register because my phone number has already been used on the devices I re-installed on. So stupid. Whoever created this app for ITV/CBS/Paramont+ got paid to make a terrible app. Kudos to them.
  • Can’t load this app to my screen 1/5

    By Bombshell51
    For some odd reason I can’t load this app to my iPhone 11 screen; can you please delete it all together off my phone. Thank you Sandra Riddick
  • MAD 1/5

    By asdfvzaa faskxksoa
    Doesn’t let you vote.
  • MST updates after the show! 1/5

    By Sanchera1
    I like the app in theory but I am in Denver (MST time zone) and the app doesn’t start updating here until the Pacific time showing so we don’t get to do any participating/polls/votes until an hour after we see the show. Can this please be fixed? Im so sad not to be able to participate alongside the show just because of time zone…
  • Crummy interface 1/5

    By Bee1001001
    It’s an unattractive app and that’s incredibly watered down. Such a bummer
  • 5s 5/5

    I love this game sm! it’s very interesting we need a new season!!!!!
  • Do any of these couples EVER stay together!? 1/5

    By Msdaisy7
    Thought it was fun to watch, but this is depressing to hear that BOTH of our favorite couples have split Already... :\
  • Riiight....... 1/5

    By IS IT JUST ME!!!!
    I hate this game! This is just Walmart Sexpedions 3D! And.... sexpedions 3D is like the worst game ever! Do not download! I hate this take it off the appstore!
  • Confused 5/5

    By melody manning
    How do I play the game??!
  • no 1/5

    By amoquin
    Downloaded this app and it kept glitching so I had to delete it and redownload it. I registered my phone number twice so now I can’t reregister with the same number again ... why!?
  • TEAM JALEB 5/5

    By Channing-sexay143
    THEY DESERVE TO WIN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Voting doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nandor P.
    The voting option doesn’t work. I’ve heard people have to reinstall the app but then I’ve had to re-register and it will no longer accept my phone number due to the amount of times I’ve tried. I used my sister’s number and got a notification an hour after the show that voting was open. I missed it. Wondering if it could be because I’m in Arizona and we don’t fit time zones. Next vote same thing happened. The vote did not open right after the show. I was going to try an hour later but fell asleep because the show ends pretty late. The whole reason I got this app was for voting. So far it’s been useless.
  • No Voting For Mountain Time Zone 1/5

    By Luciferr4sho
    The vote never opens if you’re in the Mountain Time zone! Colorado is part of the United States, so I would like to be able to vote, too. I watch all the shows. It’s so unfair. I even check it during the time it is supposed to be open during Eastern time, and it doesn’t ever work. So frustrating :(
  • Voting 1/5

    By elperro1738
    The time available to vote is such a small window. also not enough voting ballots
  • App doesn’t let you vote 1/5

    By ninigarza
    I’ve been wanting to vote since the start of the show and every time voting opens it tells me but once I click on it to vote it tells me the votes are not open. Tonight I watched it live again and still wasn’t able to vote when it told me I could. /:
  • Disappointing App 1/5

    By 007newby
    Should allow for people to comment in the app without some registration. Boycotting the final two nights, cast picks friends not real couples.
  • Couldn’t vote. 1/5

    By kittycadet
    Waited for weeks to vote for the finale, app never shows voting available and the time closes. The bugs and speed are disappointing.
  • Make character please 3/5

    By Pete Bunn
    You guys have a huge audience of husbands who end up watching with their wives and would like to be able to play this game as a make character. Please update! P.s. asking for a friend
  • It’s not pushing out anything on the app 1/5

    By Atheena B.
    We’re normally interactive with this app but it’s stuck and I’m not sure why
  • problem with the app 2/5

    By mauriaps
    i want to vote but it’s not letting me ? i think it’s an issue with the time zone difference. i kept checking the app for the opportunity to vote but never saw the app update with the poll questions . suddenly it’s on the home page but all polling is closed! not fair Love Island. Definitely not fair
  • Fix the App 1/5

    By jodisee
    Doesn’t let me register to vote. Error message
  • No bueno 1/5

    By BunkyD67
    The app will NOT let me register. I have Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with the latest software update and it just keeps saying oops! There is a problem. Try again later. Try again never! Trying for 20 mins to register so I can vote but nope! Not happening. Oh well! At least my info will NOT be sold!
  • Doesn’t let me register 1/5

    By Chacon93
    This app doesn’t even work I was trying to register to vote but it wouldn’t let me. Not even worth downloading.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Cassie Dooley
    App is dumb. Won’t even let you register to vote.
  • Voting is a lie 1/5

    By Littlebamf
    Won’t let you register to vote. Probably all rigged and they already have what they want to happen picked out.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By tee3232
    Can’t even get registered to vote, waste of your time.
  • voter suppression 1/5

    By natalie brooke b
    i downloaded this app to vote after this week’s episode and it wouldn’t let me register to vote. 🙄
  • Stupid app 2/5

    By Why Not Me!?
    Hate I can’t cast my vote because it keeps saying oops error, then counts down, resets and says the same thing.
  • Couldn’t Register to Vote 1/5

    By Ktreads0621
    Tried to put my # in to register to vote and received the Oops! message. Seems similar to others. 1 Star for not functioning.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By djhu09
    i love this app!!! the voting and quizzes are cool the only thing i wish is that they had a comment section in the app after we answer the questions and rate
  • Let Down 2/5

    By pizza//lover
    I really wanted to like this app but it’s so bad. It’s very slow and laggy at times, and I can’t even open the first two pages which has all the good stuff! Also, their merch is so overpriced. Almost $30 for a water bottle? It’s probably not even worth $5. What a rip-off. Their filters are crappy and basic, who would want to take a picture with that?! When I first downloaded the app, I got in and it immediately crashed. Disappointing. I downloaded this app with high hopes, but even I can make a better app than this, and I don’t even know how to code it anything like that. The app always says that it lost connection and it always reloads, but there is no difference. The first two pages won’t show, no matter what I do. As a Love Island fan, I will keep this app for a little while, just to see if it gets better, but if it doesn’t, I will be disappointed but not surprised. Love island fans, don’t waste your time with this sad excuse for an app.
  • Love this game but messes up in the middle of game play 3/5

    By amandamagda
    I’ve love playing this game since season 1. I love being able to choose different outfits, things to say and characters to date. However, please work on how the game glitches in the middle. In season 3, I tried to couple up with rafi which happened then when I went to the next episode, Rafi was no longer a character and it said I had choose Camilo. I was confused and annoyed how now I have to finish the game with someone I didn’t choose acting as if I’ve been with him the whole time. Other than these problems the game is fun to play and addicting but please change these problems.
  • App sucked 1/5

    By kattness636
    Big spoiler for the ones that are watching the show off CBS ALL Access or Hulu but should be fun for the crowd watching it live.
  • Total scam 1/5

    By Nikki_j1981
    This app did not allow me to vote. I tried voting while the show was almost over and it told me 30 minutes. After the show ended, attempted to vote for 15-20 minutes and it kept showing that voting wasn’t open, check back soon. Keep in mind you can only vote for 30 minutes following the show going off. I’m now questioning if they are even really using “America’s votes”. Terrible app, don’t waste your time!
  • Voting 1/5

    By hidk sx
    My app does not allow me to vote. No matter what I do. Upsets me, as that’s really why I downloaded it.
  • Voting 2/5

    By Alexatiet
    I haven’t been able to vote :(
  • Spoilers before the show 2/5

    By Da bonz
    I logged into the app before the show was airing and already saw the end result of the cut at the end. Voting wasn’t even open for the cut yet. That makes me wonder if America is really making the choice, or if it isn’t even a real vote...
  • App does not update 1/5

    By KarGigi5
    I don't know if it's me or the app, but it does not update for me. I have removed the app twice and still nothing updates. I have also removed other apps to have space for it more and nothing.
  • Seasons 3 glitch 4/5

    By couurt27
    My season 3 won’t stay as the person I’m coupled up with, I’m coupled with Camilo but it puts me with Bill after the episode with Tim and it won’t change back. I even restarted that day with passes and it does the same thing each time.
  • can’t even get into the game 1/5

    By Nejfjdhfhdhdjdjcjddjdjdbdbb
    i’d love to review the game thoroughly but i can’t even seem to figure out how to begin playing it, when i open the app it brings me to a screen with a character on it, then nothing happens, no directions, absolutely nothing. if anyone would like to tell me how to play it would be appreciated
  • Can’t ever vote 1/5

    By kementari.j
    Voting never works on this app - 2 years running now. What’s the point of the app if we can’t vote on the episodes the tell us to? Pretty ridiculous and frustrating.
  • Voting 1/5

    By M&R❤️
    When they say voting is open after watching the show I clicked on the app to go vote and nothing updated. I registered on my iPhone first so then I registered on my iPad to see if it was the device still not able to vote 😕
  • fix this and it’s 5 stars 1/5

    By kikajajahahhaha
  • season 3 is not good 3/5

    I loved seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 was so short, the options to customize what you looked like were much worse than they were in season 2, and the fact that there were some people you couldn’t couple up with at all was really annoying. But the main annoying thing was how short it was- nearly less than half the episodes as seasons 1 and 2.
  • The store says it doesn’t ship to the US 2/5

    By sportsgrl
    Tried to order a water bottle tonight and was met with an error message that it can’t ship to the United States... then why is it available to order on the Love Island US app?
  • I can’t vote? 2/5

    By sophhelene
    I downloaded to the app and although there are some cool features, I’ve been trying to register to vote for a couple days now and it says “Oops! There is a problem, please try again later” every time. I really hope this gets fixed before any voting episodes so I can participate