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Love Nudge App

Your Personal Assistant for Relationships Between busy schedules and long days, expressing love can sometimes fall by the wayside. We forget to give gifts “just because,” offer compliments, or linger in our embraces. The things that say “I love you” seem to either not get said or not get through. As a result, our relationships can easily erode and the spark can fade. Love Nudge is a fun, habit-forming app that helps you intentionally express love in ways that are most meaningful to your partner. Designed for real-life connection, Love Nudge takes the concepts of Dr. Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times best-seller The 5 Love Languages® to the next level. You and your loved one can learn each other’s love languages, exchange encouraging and playful nudges, set and track activity goals, and monitor the levels of each other’s love tanks for better communication and intimacy. It’s like having a personal assistant… for your relationship. The 5 Love Languages® by Dr. Gary Chapman has helped millions of couples strengthen their relationships… one language at a time. For almost two decades, The 5 Love Languages® has stood unrivaled as a top resource for love and relationships. NOTE: Love Nudge relies on a consistent internet connection. If you’re not connected when you launch the app, or if you disconnect while you’re using the app, Love Nudge will not perform as it should.

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Love Nudge app reviews

  • Great! Needs some minor changes 4/5

    By priscilla.99
    I love this app! I’ve only had it for a few days but I can already tell it’s helping my relationship! It makes showing your partner love — intentional. The only thing I think would be better is if when you update your love tank %, and add a note, your partner can see the note so that they know what caused the change on your end. I would love that feature because if my tank goes from 60 - 95 , I want to add a note saying “I love the quality time we spent together! That made me feel great!” & then they know what makes me feel loved.
  • Question 5/5

    By vdfhnchkjfesyopndsafugdggg
    Is there any way to access the notes that my partner leaves when he updates his love tank? We both leave each other notes to explain why our love tank is at a certain level but we just realized that neither of us has been receiving these notes lol, i cant even see my own notes to my knowledge. So is there any way to view each others notes?
  • Logs me out 1/5

    By Jo Va Ev
    It consistently has logged me out of my account forcing my partner to send me invite codes to re link I have no idea why it keeps doing this but it’s basically un usable
  • My girlfriend doesn’t love me! 2/5

    By Zombiegang165
    She decides to change her status each time something happens between us, sorry to the makers but it gets annoying!
  • Love it 4/5

    By ajspatch
    Love it but it’s slow
  • Nice concept but... 2/5

    By Mr Counselor
    I was hoping this would have helped me to select activities under each love category then automatically push those results to my spouse. If that feature could be added to this then I think that’ll gain 2 more stars. The fifth star will be the ability to give brownie points based on what was done As a way to provide feedback and verify how well we have been doing in each category. I do a lot of couples counseling and many are looking for something like what I mentioned in an app format to help work out their relational disconnect in a positive and encouraging way.
  • Can’t even sign on 1/5

    By xxaaqqll
    I can’t even get past the point of entering my name and creating a password. The app messes up on the password part, and it won’t let me create one.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By cheyenan
    Me and my boyfriend use this and it helps our relationship so much
  • I can’t see my spouses requests 3/5

    By JoleneOlivier
    How am I supposed to know what to do for my spouse if I can’t see their requests?
  • Help! 5/5

    By Hehdhbdhdjdj
    I love love love this app! And I somehow got logged out. I do not have the option to log back in. It allows me to resign up but when I put my email in it says it’s already in use. How can I possibly get my account back?!
  • Long distance problems 3/5

    By rayven`s ipod
    I’d love to give this 5 stars it’s really cute but I wish there was a little more options in the goals part for long distance couples. I also wish that you could change the % thing throughout the day. Also there should be little mini games to play with your significant other to help better understand each other. Overall I think it is a good app it just needs some improvements. Especially in the long distance part to include more relationships. I would also like for the partner to be able to choice there own picture because the picture that I chose and the picture that he chose are different and I can’t change them to what he chose without saving the picture to my camera roll and changing it myself if that makes sense haha😁 you should also be able to add a little note at the end of the day at the % section to tell how that day went ❤️
  • bug 1/5

    By ilyyyboo
    i cannot put my birthday. when i try to go to my birth month it’s not “available”
  • How do you add the code? 3/5

    By pucksnballs5
    Giving a neutral review because I have can’t connect with my partner and can’t message developer to ask how. He completed set up but now there is no where to add the code I sent him after the fact. And not being able to message you privately is frustrating in itself
  • Notifications aren’t working 2/5

    By Jordan Vidrine
    Worked great until the latest iPhone update. Notifications are no longer working even when set to do so.
  • Confused 3/5

    By DesDun
    Me and my fiancé loved this app when we first downloaded, but for some reason I guess the app logged me out and won’t let me log back in. I don’t see the option of logging in, just always say “create account” Now I’m upset because it’s making me create another account when I already have one, while my fiancé is still connected to my initial account. Plz help!!!!
  • Bugs! 3/5

    By pjengle
    The app idea is fantastic and I do enjoy it. However, there are some serious bugs. I’ve had it both on my iPad and Android phone and both had the same issues. Things get stuck. To tap on something takes repetitive times for it to actually do what it is supposed to. I haven’t figured out what the notes are for where you change the percent for your love tank. I added one thinking my husband would see it and it is not on mine or my husbands app anywhere. Many times when a pop up hint appears and gets stuck, I either have to restart my device or log out of the app, which also stinks because it would not recognize my log in information. I had to reset my password twice. Too much wrong with it for me to give it a 5star review. All the frustration takes away from the enjoyment this app could bring.
  • Wish it had multiple partner options 4/5

    By Ambertail
    This is a perfect idea for multiple partners to see how everyone is feeling. Just wish you could add more than one partner
  • Reset Failure 1/5

    By Motiv8te
    I’ve tried to reset my password 6 times with the temporary password you provide and it keeps telling me it’s incorrect.
  • Doesn't really nudge much 2/5

    By StrawberryTech
  • So far so good 2/5

    By Mogul4554
    I think the app is intuitive and easy to use. I have one question: how do I add competitions l for each task? Thanks
  • Would love a Love Nudge widget for iPhone! 4/5

    By Peter McFadden
    Love the app... would love it if you could create a Love Nudge widget for the iPhone. Thanks!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Jfrossard
    How do I see what my partner’s love language is? The description said I would be able to see this but all this app does is fill my husband’s phone with stupid text messages! This is the ONLY reason I downloaded this app.
  • Update a goal 4/5

    By Mocha Vaughan
    How do I show that I’ve done a goal...updating them for the day?
  • Option for more than one partner please 5/5

    By applegeek6
    For the polyamorous folks
  • Goal Completion Flaw 4/5

    By Lyssssssss719261
    We love this app!! Our relationship was struggling but we knew we loved each other and wanted to make this work and this app is saving us so far. It reintroduced simple love tasks back in our lives. The only problem is that the app version won’t allow me to complete a goal I’ve set for myself to do. This would be really nice to do, to see what I’ve done and how much I’ve contributed to the relationship.
  • Only for healthy couples 1/5

    By jshouchin
    I was really hoping this app would help me do a better job loving my wife in the ways she feels loved. In theory that’s how this works, but ultimately it’s up to me to figure out what to do and how often, and it’s up to my wife to nudge me when I’m falling short. If we were at a point where our love tanks were nearly full most of the time, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with her getting a nudge from me. But if that’s not the case, then a nudge is just another sign that she or I are failing, and it reinforces the bad rather than encouraging the good. What I really want is an app that knows how my wife feels loved and where it’s the app nudging me with app generated suggestions
  • Question for developer 4/5

    By Pax Wade
    I like the app so far, but I’m wondering if it is possible to see the notes your partner writes when they fill their love tank. We’d like to use this feature to acknowledge why we’re filling it as an encouragement, and I don’t totally understand the point of adding a note if your partner can’t see it. Am I missing something?
  • Tracking 5/5

    By Ann Call
    Hello there, we just downloaded the app last night. I’m excited to use it but I am confused about how to actually track the behaviors—this seems like the point of the app but I can’t figure out how to input the things I am doing so I can see if I met goal. Any suggestions? Is there a paid version that does this. I’m so confused.
  • Notifications don’t work 1/5

    By katemgee
    The notifications are set up and are not working on my phone. I can’t find any way to contact support for help. My phone is updated to the latest version of iOS and I can’t get the reminders to work.
  • Not working in Africa 2/5

    By jdavid17
    I love the 5 Languages book. I am in a relationship with someone who currently is in Africa (Kenya). However she has not been able to get the App to work. Is their a trick to making it work properly in her part of the world? (I’m in US and on iPhone. She uses an Android phone.) THANK YOU!
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By Catvik79
    This app seems like a great idea. However, once I set up my account and connected with my spouse, then logged out, it is now prompting me to create another account instead of allowing me to log back in?! It seems all my info is lost and I have to start over? Am I missing something here?
  • Flawed 3/5

    By hoppledog
    I adored this app until I got an iPhone X. When I had a 7 it worked great. Now it won’t send notifications, despite them being turned on both on the app and my iPhone. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point anymore if it won’t remind me to do the things I want to do for my partner in her love language (that I often otherwise forget). It was helpful to learn we have completely different love languages, which causes some issues, but the reminders really helped me before. Clearly the X and this app don’t play well together, which is unfortunate because I’d have given it a 5 star review when I had my iPhone 7.
  • Options for nudges 4/5

    By *Vibrant€ssence*
    Is there a way that your partner can choose the things they would like you to do to feel loved in the different categories instead of you choosing for them? Also, it would be nice to have the option to see their level in the profile format as well...
  • Get us to communicate 5/5

    By 56Bart
    It was tough to start but we are get to know more about each other
  • Fun Connection 5/5

    By Vineyard Lori
    Lots of great ideas for filling the Love tank of your partner. Great App! Thanks!
  • Not intuitive 2/5

    By Moms jams
    Been trying to figure out how to use this once synced. I hope I can figure it out it’s a great concept
  • Love this app❤️ Plus a tip 5/5

    By JewelleH
    This app made me strive to see 100% love tank lol. From the little nudges to the goals to filling up the tank this really does help! Also since you can only update your tank (if you are on 100%) by going down, every morning set both of your’s love tanks down to zero. So instead of getting hurt by seeing it go down from 100 least you can be happy with the fact that its going up from zero. Even if you dont get to a 100 that day its a great app, makes you ask “what did I do to get an 85? 50?” sometimes we say hurtful things or come off as ungrateful without realizing it and least the love tank brings attention/room to talk about it. Thanks for keeping this app FREE!
  • Needs More 3/5

    By Kikilouie51
    This app is a good foundation to start changing behaviors. But it doesn’t go far enough and isn’t user friendly. For example, it’s hard to navigate to find your partner’s love chart, it’s also hard to find your results once you’ve taken the test. It’s not intuitive. There is also an option to create a note explaining your rating for a day. But I can’t figure out how to go back and read the notes. So it seems like a pointless tool.
  • Where’s the app? 1/5

    By KirklandHorseMom
    Downloaded app but nowhere on my iPhone. I can search for it and find it. Why isn’t it on my Home Screen? I am not going to do a search every time I want use the app.
  • عالي 5/5

    By fatima7878
    خيلي باحاله فقط اگه قسمت چتش روون تر باشه بهتره
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Alyse Hammonds
    The app is ok but really wish there was some sort of help feature in the app or “how to guides” for completing processes. For example, although my partner and I have set goals, we have no way how to indicate in the app that the goals are completed. I have been looking for the answer to this question yet have not found a resource.
  • Great app- possibly not compatible with iPhone 12 yet 4/5

    By CantDoANickname
    Love the app; but I used to get the notifications on my old phone. It doesn’t seem compatible with other iPhone 12 yet. I keep checking my settings on the phone and app, everything is set for push notifications but still nothing. Aside from that, it’s a great app to have an estimate of how your partner is feeling, really helps open up communication
  • Excited then disappointed 1/5

    By Ready and willing wifey
    I was really excited for this app. I took the love language test, sent it to my husband (we were in different towns), and he took the test. App says I’m not connected to partner. I click on ‘connect to your partner now’. A message pops up asking if I received an invitation code from my partner. I click no, because I didn’t receive one. Another message appears, ‘you already have a partner’. I have a choice to click ‘ok’ or X out which takes me back to I’m not connected to my partner. I was looking forward to speaking his love language better and thankful he was wanting to speak mine. Should we start over? We run 3 businesses so not looking forward to starting over but if that’s what it takes we will. Help
  • AWSOME!!! 5/5

    By Alex_258
  • Love Language App 5/5

    By EDUB48
    Great compliment of book.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By stepndnbribri
    I LOVE this app!! I am not only telling my friends about it but I am a clinical therapist who does couples therapy and have been suggesting it to my clients to help them within their relationships. I love it just for me and my own husband. We are currently in the best place we’ve ever been even after 24 years together and 22 years married and this app is still wonderful for us. I ❤️ love it!!
  • Unable to update partner status 2/5

    By Mmm123mmm456mmm789
    I don’t have a partner and there is no way for me to delete their profile presence from my account
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    By Gigi135246
    Is like personal assistant for love relationships
  • Super helpful to know your partners love languages 5/5

    By Yah Fren Carson
    So far I’m loving it! My girlfriend and I downloaded this app, took a quick test to find what we value most in a relationship, and now we have fun every day growing together! Come to find out she’s not about getting gifts and would much prefer my touch and words of encouragement. It’s funny to think an app would help to improve our relationship, but it has! As a man, it’s helped to have this app as a reminder of what I can do to deepen and further our relationship as well as help me to stretch and grow as a person. To whomever is reading this: if you are skeptical about “inviting a app” into your relationship, download this app and do it all on paper 😂 finding out your partners love languages is PRICELESS! Adore him/her with how they enjoy- you won’t regret it 💛

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