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Lowe's Home Improvement

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  • Current Version: 4.20.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lowe's Home Improvement App

LOWE'S HAS REINVENTED ITS iOS POWER TOOL! Get more done on your next DIY or home improvement project with the totally redesigned Lowe's app – your best shopping companion. • Now with bigger and better product image galleries including zoom, video, annotated images, and 360-degree spins. • Do your shopping from home - browse an endless aisle of products, or limit your search to items currently available in-store for pick-up or immediate delivery. • Pick up where you left off with recently viewed items and smart search history. • No more paper receipts. Just scan your digital MyLowe’s card at checkout and see your purchase history right on the phone. • Check for deals and discounts anytime with the always-current weekly ad. * Be sure to allow location services to get the best Lowe’s app experience. This will help you locate your local store and offer the most accurate inventory, in-store product locations and pricing. FIND WHAT YOU NEED IN THE STORE – FAST • Check the “In-Stock” button to display items available at your local store. • Get aisle information right in the search results. • Need it now, but it’s not in stock at your store? Just tap “Check Other Stores” for availability at other Lowe’s locations near you. VIEW OUR WEEKLY PROMOTIONS • See what home improvement products are on sale now at your local Lowe’s. • View flyer by page or by department to easily find savings for your next DIY or remodeling project. INSTANTLY ADD ITEMS TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST • Tap the heart on any product to add it to your Quick List. With the app as your shopping companion, you’ll never forget what you need on your next trip to Lowe’s. • Add products, departments, or notes to your Quick List to keep things top of mind while shopping. • Add items directly from the app or scan product barcodes in-store. • No sign-in required. APPLE WATCH SUPPORT • Access your Quick List from your Apple Watch—-the perfect hands-free way to shop. • Your MyLowe's Card, shopping lists, and product aisle locations are just a glance away. VIEW CUSTOMER RATINGS AND REVIEWS • See what everyone else is saying about tools, appliances, DIY supplies and more before you buy. • Get the inside scoop on home improvement products and see how others use them to accomplish their DIY and remodeling projects. MAKE MYLOWE’S WORK FOR YOU • Never lose a receipt again with MyLowe’s purchase history – just show your card at checkout (a digital version is available in the app) or enter previous purchases by scanning the receipt barcode. • Add Quick List items to your MyLowe’s lists and they’ll be available from any device when you log into your MyLowe’s account.

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Lowe's Home Improvement app reviews

  • Overall not bad, need better search 3/5

    By Rumor007
    Over the app is good, needs better search. Can’t search only clearance items.
  • Unable to checkout 2/5

    By mattnorton2u
    When checking out the app hangs and does nothing. I closed the app and re-launched it, tap on Cart and it’s now a blank white screen.
  • Formerly functional app and mobile website useless now 1/5

    By ansleyj44
    I used my phone and the app to order all the time. Sometime in the last month there is now a glitch that will not let me use a Saved Address. When I got to add a “New” address it gives me an error of “Oops sorry can’t do that.” If I check out as a guest there is no issue, but I don’t get free shipping like I do when I’m logged into my account. Get it together Lowe’s!
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By kcunn2000
    Owning 7 houses I use Lowes a lot! I Weekly need stuff & Lowes is my go to! 👍🏼
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By BbBanjo
    I put in 2”X 4” and the app then gives me 2”X4” in different lengths. When I select the 8 foot length the app launches and gives me 1” fir stripping. Useless
  • Great website 5/5

    By twotontoni
    I find it so easy to use Lowe’s site to find information, etc. I like the veteran discount and the friendly of the crew in whatever state I’m in. I also enjoy looking at my shopping history as I get older, I don’t remember when!! Thanks for being there.
  • Ugh. Login times out after a couple of minutes. 1/5

    By J.A.G. 66
    Since a couple of iterations ago, the login times out in under five minutes then I cannot log back in even after resetting my password. What makes it even more fun is that, prior to resetting, I can log into the website with my old password and then I can then login with the new one but STILL cannot login to the app. Even then, it is pointless because it times out after a few minutes when it can log back in and we get to start all over again. Yes, this is same version of the app on three different devices. Deleting app.
  • Change back 2/5

    By BGBrix3
    I now have to sign into the app using my password every time I open it. Please make an option to stay signed in, or use a fingerprint to sign in. It used to keep e signed in, which was great. Thanks.
  • Needs iPad support. 2/5

    By Muzzy996
    Needs iPad support . . . I mean it is 2018 right?
  • Great app 4/5

    By Deven124
    Lowe’s should also add deal of the day widget like Home Depot has done
  • Weekly ad doesn’t load 3/5

    By la1109
    Good app for the most part. I like the quick list option. But when ever I try to open the weekly ad it won’t load half of the pages and it won’t expand so I can at least see what’s on the pages.
  • Interesting concept but needs lots of work. 3/5

    By Tryondm
    I have always enjoyed brick and mortar applications. Quick access to advertising, and inventory stock. However over the last few years Lowe’s search engine has really become quite disappointing. For instance I was looking for 6 inch screws, and the first thing that popped up was light bulbs. Yes they were 6 inches long and yes they screw in but really is that what I was looking. The location portion needs drastic work as well. I travel for work and a lot of Lowe’s have different layouts as they should, but the application doesn’t always match the layout. If you’re traveling and all you need is one simple thing having a map that actually layouts the store and products would be fantastic.
  • Torrance Airport Location 1/5

    By Anjeltlk
    Worst ever
  • Not tablet friendly! 2/5

    By Megah1tz
    While the app may get work fine on a cellphone, if using a tablet one would like for the screen to render to the tablet! Amazing the poorly thought out capabilities in this day and age...
  • Good app but no sound on videos. 4/5

    By $Boca$
    I can not hear any of the videos on the items. Bring back the store’s map please. Can a special comment field be added when purchasing online? Thanks
  • Was a great app. 2/5

    By Missing IDs
    I did enjoy using this app. But there are two issues that need to be addressed. Wi-Fi needs improvement. Always having problems connecting while in the store. And when I am able to connect the speed is extremely slow. My cellular data speed is 50 times faster than your Wi-Fi I see other reviews with the same issue. It makes it hard to use your app while in your store. I do not get a good cellular signal while inside your store so I try to use your Wi-Fi The other issue is the in store map location. The app used to show a map of where the item is located. Now it doesn’t AND the aisle numbers have changed on your app and they are WRONG. I looked up an item and it said aisle 98. Aisle 50 is the highest number in that store. Store #35 is the store I am talking about. Someone needs to wake up and join the rest of the world. You have the potential of having a great app but you need to fix your store Wi-Fi speed and connection issues along with your item locations and in store maps. The later used to work great. Not anymore.
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By Jkro1436
    Since the last update every time I open the app I have to sign in. Before it was setup for fingerprint scanner but now when I select that feature after I sign in I still have to type a password the next time. Kinda aggravating and will result in me using the app less and less moving forward unless it gets fixed.
  • Constant password issues 1/5

    By DeansReview
    Constantly fails to log me in to credit card services, reset password email requested from app never arrives, have to reset password from website. Next month same issue, app totally unreliable, uninstalling.
  • No search on purchase history 1/5

    By Turnkit
    Worst purchase history function! Please look at Walmart's fall 2018 release and learn something! These guys build all the infrastructure to tease the customer. I want to repurchase the same item I bought a year ago. Can I search on my purchase history? No. Lowes expects their customers to manually open each invoice and look at every line item in order to find the items I've already purchased and wish to purchase again. Infuriating.
  • Pointe North Condominiums 1/5

    By Hiram Amaya
    We were promised to have cement Delivery first thing in the morning No later than 10am or 11am from Store on Callaghan by Medical Center in Sa Tx. It’s 1:11pm. Call Store put on hold ask for Store Manager we get no answer when Transferred. The worst service Ever, gonna have to send a letter To corporate on how lousy we been Treated.
  • Drop the Pop-Ups 4/5

    By Giant89
    Stop asking me to verify my account info. If I want to log in, I will.
  • No store maps, no app support 4/5

    By SeattleJoe7
    Please include store maps ... it’s nice that you include location of items within the app, but that’s not useful if you don’t know where that is in the store. Also ... the “app support” link simply goes to the Lowes.com website ... in other words ... there is no app support. Otherwise, a nice app.
  • Good app 3/5

    By rjBoer
    Very user friendly but doesn’t show item’s location in the store.
  • Horrible on iPad 1/5

    By RussWhite42
    While the app os “compatible” with iPad’s, it is horrible. The app emulates an iPhone, meaning that it is tiny and renders in portrait mode. This is a horrible experience. Perhaps take a look at the Home Depot app to see what the competition is doing?
  • There’s a reason this app doesn’t have many users 2/5

    By carlgood1
    I like Lowe’s and wanted to like this app but you all need to invest in a real app developer. You’re a publicly traded company - start acting like one. First off periodically erasing a shopping cart for users not logged in is a TERRIBLE business decision. Probably time to start living in a post-Amazon world. Second the list functionality is a nightmare - literally no idea how to add things to the list I’ve created either in the lists themselves OR as a “save for later” option in the item listing. I could look it up but my point is your list function is so counterintuitive that I have to LOOK IT UP on the interwebs for guidance lol. Lastly the search functionality is a real mixed bag. Whenever “two gallon watering can” takes you to paint, might be time to stop using Netscape Navigator or whatever off-brand search you’re using. Sometimes searches for products you carry, using verbatim search terms just takes me to the home page. Anyway I’m sure there’s a lot to like too but right out of the shoot it seems like a point of differentiation from Home Depot or Amazon - and not in the good way.
  • Functional & Well Thought Out 5/5

    By BlackBerry Q10 Owner
    I don’t know why this app doesn’t have a higher rating, as far as store-branded shopping apps go I think this one is great! It’s way easier to use than the website and the scan product function is phenomenal to use in store to check pricing. It also tells you the in-store location of an item if you look it up through search so you don’t have to hunt things down blindly.
  • Add store map 4/5

    By BBBB1970
    Add a store map so when I see my product in in an aisle I don’t recognize, I can click map and find that aisle. Sometime store is busy and associates have 2 people to attend to. Not every store is set up identical so a map would help with that too. Elsewise, good app.
  • Fix please 1/5

    By keithw331
    Can not remove items from quick list. Receive “internal error” when attempting
  • Not for iPads 2/5

    By lejohnston
    This would be a really great app if it were formatted for the iPad also. I know a lot of people carry the iPad everywhere they go so it would be nice if it was formatted to fit the screen. I’m currently looking at a screen on the 10.5 Pro and the app is about the size of the iPhone lol. You really need to catch up with the competition.
  • App hung up. 1/5

    By Myapple0268$
    Unable to make an order after several tries. The new address button was selected and it would not let me select my home address. So I added my home address again and it still would not let me submit my order. It just hung up. I just turned it off. Surely your software engineers are better than this. What did they get paid for?
  • Bar Code 1/5

    By Allybballer
    Barcode reader never is able to scan a receipt, I always have to manually enter it
  • Great when it works 3/5

    By Esquire0399
    This used to be one of my favorite apps. Unfortunately, as of a few weeks ago it logs me out of my account every single time I close it. Since I use the app frequently while in the store, this is incredibly frustrating.
  • Raid this thing 1/5

    By Jeff A2Z
    Swing by your home and garden center, get a can of Raid and kill the bugs.
  • Broken App 2/5

    By Ngreer84
    I always get an “internal service error” but is a decent app when it actually works
  • Online check out 1/5

    By still_a_customer
    On-line check out down for maintenance on Black Friday???
  • App is now broken 1/5

    By Dafins1313
    Everything is moved on purchase page and app just reads every inquiry on my account history as a error.
  • Very useful 4/5

    By inkmatcher65
    Only problem I have with this app is whenever I sign in it changes my home store. Sometimes to a different state.
  • Absolute garbage app 1/5

    By Storage Array
    The app mirrors their website which is equally useless and counterintuitive. Searching for a specific item is impossible. For example, I searched for a kitchen faucet with a bronze finish and the search brought up numerous wall cabinets. This is why I end up shopping with a competitor.
  • Manager is a loser 1/5

    By FlyGurl1
    I called this store on El Capitan to inquire as to their hours on Thanksgiving because they had an item I wanted and it showed on sale 11/22-23/18. The lady told me they were closed but I could come in and she would get a manager to override the price. So I did. NOT!! When I got there and asked they looked at me as if I had 2 heads and went to ask the manager, Mary. She said no, she would not override. SERIOUSLY!!! What a way to out do the competition. Customer Service is non existent at this store. Liars and Losers.
  • Service was Terrible 1/5

    By Cecil71
    Received an email that my order was ready. No one appeared to be working, not even the two employees standing behind the counter who said they were off the clock. Took over 20 minutes. Would have been faster to get it myself and go through regular check out. Ridiculous experience. May not ever shop there again.
  • Sideways on iPad - useless! 1/5

    By ToborThe8Man
    I have a 12.9” iPad Pro with attached keyboard that I normally use in Landscape mode. The app only runs in Portrait mode, which means I either have to use it sideways, or unplug my keyboard, rotate the screen to Portrait mode, and replug/re-rotate when done, no thanks! If it ran in Landscape mode would be a great app, what a shame
  • Decent & needs improvement 3/5

    By Peteetong Man
    Searching in the app is garbage and you have to login every time you open the app. It’s pretty annoying and wasn’t an issue until the recent update. Other than that, it’s not bad.
  • Very poor employee and Assist Mgr attitude at Holland, OH Lowes 2/5

    By Oldwestgoldcoins.com
    It always bewilders me to patronize a store and I receive attitude when trying to buy something. Thankfully it doesn’t happen all that much. I usually share both positive and negative experiences with reviews. Today I went to the Airport Hwy, Holland OH location Lowes to purchase a new range. Without going into a bunch of detail I found the one I wanted. Checked online and found it $200 cheaper at a store 50mi away. I checked their price match guarantee and found several employees trying to interpret 1-2 sentences in their own way trying to get out of price matching. First I was told it had to be a local store. Second I was told it had to be a brick n mortar store. Third, believe it or not, I was told it had to be a competitor.(no kidding) Their price match policy reads “Applies to local or online retail total competitor prices.......” I read it in their weekly ad as I stood for 1 hour patiently while 5-6 people debated who appeared to not ever had been trained in this area. Finally an assistant Mgr, I believe Troy, came up sharing more attitude. I calmly told him, look I wasn’t trying to be difficult and had never requested a price match with Lowes before. He again tried to tell me it stated the store had to be local. I again pointed to their policy. I suppose I could have asked if he understood plain English but again remained polite. Clearly he did not have a clue as to what their policy was as he stated “I don’t match certain online companies.” Not providing a reason as to why but in his kingdom his opinion overruled corporate obviously. No where in their price match guarantee does it state they won’t match Amazon, Sears or Ed’s Appliances. Since at this point my head was hurting trying to take in all of the BS trying to be spoon fed me, I simply left. I remain hopeful someone at corporate reads this review as re-educate the employees and Managers at this location. After contacting 2 other Lowes locations in my area I confirmed with other Managers that this store was more than slightly confused. And just a word to Jay, It’s not your store so you can’t make up your own rules. FYI
  • Horizontal view for iPad, please. 3/5

    By Sduraybito
    Horizontal view for iPad, please.
  • Where are things? 2/5

    By robairk
    The app doesn’t accurately tell you where items are in the store. It gave me an isle and bin number that didn’t exist.
  • Product Location Included !!!! 5/5

    By III11111111
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Mshelly_k
    This app is the worst. It gets stuck in searches and doesn’t refresh to reflect how you want the page sorted etc.
  • Great way to find items for your home! 4/5

    By nonihealthnut
    Great examples and ways to use items that can make your home a better place to be!
  • App 4/5

    By nightriderhard
    I Love the App it helps my family find certain items for our home that are of good quality.

Lowe's Home Improvement app comments

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