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Lowe's Home Improvement

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  • Current Version: 4.18
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lowe's Home Improvement App

LOWE'S HAS REINVENTED ITS iOS POWER TOOL! Get more done on your next DIY or home improvement project with the totally redesigned Lowe's app – your best shopping companion. • Now with bigger and better product image galleries including zoom, video, annotated images, and 360-degree spins. • Do your shopping from home - browse an endless aisle of products, or limit your search to items currently available in-store for pick-up or immediate delivery. • Pick up where you left off with recently viewed items and smart search history. • No more paper receipts. Just scan your digital MyLowe’s card at checkout and see your purchase history right on the phone. • Check for deals and discounts anytime with the always-current weekly ad. * Be sure to allow location services to get the best Lowe’s app experience. This will help you locate your local store and offer the most accurate inventory, in-store product locations and pricing. FIND WHAT YOU NEED IN THE STORE – FAST • Check the “In-Stock” button to display items available at your local store. • Get aisle information right in the search results. • Need it now, but it’s not in stock at your store? Just tap “Check Other Stores” for availability at other Lowe’s locations near you. VIEW OUR WEEKLY PROMOTIONS • See what home improvement products are on sale now at your local Lowe’s. • View flyer by page or by department to easily find savings for your next DIY or remodeling project. INSTANTLY ADD ITEMS TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST • Tap the heart on any product to add it to your Quick List. With the app as your shopping companion, you’ll never forget what you need on your next trip to Lowe’s. • Add products, departments, or notes to your Quick List to keep things top of mind while shopping. • Add items directly from the app or scan product barcodes in-store. • No sign-in required. APPLE WATCH SUPPORT • Access your Quick List from your Apple Watch—-the perfect hands-free way to shop. • Your MyLowe's Card, shopping lists, and product aisle locations are just a glance away. VIEW CUSTOMER RATINGS AND REVIEWS • See what everyone else is saying about tools, appliances, DIY supplies and more before you buy. • Get the inside scoop on home improvement products and see how others use them to accomplish their DIY and remodeling projects. MAKE MYLOWE’S WORK FOR YOU • Never lose a receipt again with MyLowe’s purchase history – just show your card at checkout (a digital version is available in the app) or enter previous purchases by scanning the receipt barcode. • Add Quick List items to your MyLowe’s lists and they’ll be available from any device when you log into your MyLowe’s account.

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Lowe's Home Improvement app reviews

  • iPhone app taking over from web search 1/5

    This app should NOT launch and send me into it when I’m using safari to look up things. I had to delete the app because of your heavy handed ness. Looks like I’m going to delete it again. I want to be able to make this action not the default
  • No native iPad app 1/5

    By hvaldes
  • Crashes on iOS 12 1/5

    By BravoAlpha34
    Crashes on iOS 12
  • Where’s the beef? 1/5

    By eirgy2846
    I only downloaded this app so that I could find what I’m looking for when (or even before) I go to the store, instead of asking employees where everything on my list is located. Well, my Lowe’s (store #0779) is not stocked according to this app, like not even a little bit. App says an item is in isle 13, bay 29... nope, it’s six isles over. App says a part I need is in isle 12, bay 19? Well, bay 19 doesn’t exist. Still need to either wander around, wasting my time, or go ask an employee. Great employees though. Very friendly and they know where everything’s at. They are the only reason I still shop there. Fix yo app Lowe’s!!!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Hard Worker Bee
    I am a vet and thank you for appreciating us with a discount. I only wish the app on the iPad was more compatible instead of a larger iPhone version.
  • Cannot make a purchase through app 2/5

    By E-Stunna
    I’ve tried on several occasions to purchase an item through the app which was in my cart. I’ll enter in all my payment and billing information and click the button to make the purchase but then the page will reload at the same page with no information added. I’ve tried multiple times and it keeps doing the same thing. I got fed up, went online to the actual site and made the purchase there with no problem.
  • Better scanner needed 5/5

    By crewsjsc
    Great app for customers and people that work at Lowe’s. However the scanner needs a upgrade I always try to scan a label but will not work.
  • No share button?? 1/5

    By Willbo12
    Why is the share button gone? My wife and I send ideas to each other through the app all the time. We can no longer do this. Please add that feature back in!!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By dgb747
    The app gets locked up. I have to go to the web site to sign in... This has been a Reoccurring problem
  • They removed the “Share” link:( 3/5

    By JC in NC
    I’m always using this app as I’m in the mist of rehabbing some of our rental apartments. I’m really missing the “Share” item link that was removed an update or two ago because I could send items to my wife for her opinion. Of course I can still take a screen shot and send it to her, but that’s making things harder for us, not easier. Lowe’s! PLEASE PUT THE “SHARE”LINK BACK IN!!! Besides this MAJOR misfire, this is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone.
  • Nice App, But Ongoing Issue with Saving Quick List 1/5

    By UserLS
    Like the app. I use it regularly, but trying to save items to the Quick List has been an ongoing problem. Signing Out/In sometimes will correct the problem temporarily. Reinstalling the app will sometimes correct the problem temporarily. Just went through both processes to no avail. Won’t allow me to save anything to Quick List. I also have the Home Depot app. Never had this problem with their app. Needs to be fixed.
  • Unable to search history 1/5

    By kduhtoe
    App is capable of storing all previous purchases but doesn’t have a search function. Why can’t I search my purchase history? I go to buy air filters and have to search through every single purchase to find the last time I bought them. Such a stupid omission.
  • Internet server error 2/5

    By Freedguy03
    Next let me search for anything come up internal error deleted the app re download nothing now it won’t even let log in need to fix your bugs
  • Not good with IPAD 1/5

    By 1RickyR
    I love the iphone app. I have a 12.9” Ipad, and this app won’t support landscape view, which is what I need. I use a keyboard case, would rather not have to use it on its side. Hopefully you guys will change soon!
  • Can’t share/email items from the app? 3/5

    By Tom Norman
    Can’t share/email items from the app. Was able to do so previously, but not now.
  • internal server network error 1/5

    By Shi;)
    App will not load any products for shopping it keeps saying “internal server network error”. This is aggravating.
  • Can’t Share Products 3/5

    By cwhitet
    Unless I’m missing something, I can no longer share products from the app anymore. What happened? I was able to do it before.
  • Update 4/5

    By Ckvl tn
    NEW REVIEW: They fixed the problem of the shopping cart loosing content (below)... hey and that’s good! However, the shopping cart doesn’t tell you if the items are in stock in your local store or not. Instead, it gives you like a nonsense truck delivery checkbox option on every item—regardless of how tiny the item is! So you have to click around to check stock on each individual item—seems a little behind times. OLD REWIEW: Stupid app. Close the app and it looses the content of your cart... unbelievable!!
  • Share 1/5

    By nicnic6543
    Why did you get rid of the “share” button?!?
  • No link to share 3/5

    By Ldc50
    Maybe I have not found it, but I cannot find an option to share a link for an item. So I end up looking on the HD app and sending that link to prospective customer. Seems like a terrible omission on Lowe’s part.
  • App won’t let me checkout 1/5

    By goodsib
  • Deletes Cart 1/5

    By finnynanny
    In the middle of putting items into the cart and all of the items delete/disappear. Not a one time incident.
  • Can not access credit card account. 1/5

    By Do Not Play 2014
    I have been trying, for months, to access my credit card account through the app and I keep getting this error: Unfortunately we are unable to service your account at this time. Pleas visit our full site on your desktop to complete your login. Very frustrating!! I’m about to switch to Home Depot!!
  • Constant “Internal Service Error” Fails 1/5

    By akusuma
    When the app works, it’s a decent app. Problem is, the app breaks all the time. I’ve been using the app regularly for the past 6 months, and these errors are pretty frequent and render the app useless.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Toby Issacs
    The app won’t even let me check out. Complete garbage.
  • The search function is not good. 2/5

    By Dinkey
    Either the search function isn’t working properly or Lowes does not sell shelves or door knobs.
  • Poor app. Almost worthless 2/5

    By Blakejs
    App would not find products by the bar code. Would return a blank page without any information on he product. Was successful with a manual lookup on the product. Attempted to search all products at my my store by manufacturer/product type. Returned 1 item for Koehler toilet. Here were about 5 models on the shelf in front of me. Home Depot app is way better.
  • Lowes web site was better than the app 2/5

    I had deleted the app because when I used Lowe’s website before and I would click on an item it would launch the app. And I don’t like the app My biggest complaint with the app is it displays in portrait mode only. I using the app when using my iPad with a keyboard is too hard. I have to take the keyboard off and hold on to the iPad when the keyboard also acts as a stand. Even on my phone most times I prefer landscape over portrait. You need to hire software developers whom have a clue. You say the app is redesigned but so far all I see is the same piece of garbage you already had. Today it seems you’re blocking the web site forcing me to the app. I shop Lowe’s because its 2 miles from my house and Home Depot is 10 miles away. Home Depot is better stocked. I my start making the drive. The other think I hate is when you show products completely unrelated to my search. When I search for socket wrench I don’t want you to include light socket’s
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By Cheretee
    I get so frustrated with this app. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Trying to find something and then it says the link is broken. If I had another home improvement place close I would be shopping elsewhere.
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement phone app - Lowe-est possible rating 1/5

    By Ishkabibble is that taken?
    Multi attempts to purchase 2 items: double v grooved 3.5” x 3.5” pressure treated fence post deliverable to store and pressure treated fence post cap only deliverable to home. After laboriously loading info the app would execute sale. Then it defaulted to an $800 + shipping charge. The last time I attempted to buy propane tanks and use Lowe’s proffered Veteran’s discount - again went through tedium of using loading my DD214. App said would take time to acknowledge. Never happened. Lowe’s should fire their application developer if wants to salvage what little good will it has left!
  • App is useless 1/5

    By Lost brain cells
    Customers can use this app to find things to order or find where things are in the store. That would be great if the search function ever worked. When searching for multiple products the app suggested the rest of the product name for me but when I chose it, it would come up and say “we couldn’t find what you are looking for”. It also deleted my Lowe’s card from the app as if it never existed. Even though I had the number it would come up as not found in the store and disappeared from the app.
  • Latest version without shop by department makes app useless 1/5

    By Alas.Poor.Yorick
    I have been loyally shopping at Lowe’s for a long time and been using the app since it came out. I am in our local store 2-3 times a week for both business and personal. I normally make my list before hand using the app so I know exactly what I need, how much it costs, and where it is. However this latest version of the app does not have shop by department and makes the app useless. Many items have colloquial names and are therefore called different names dependent on where you are in the country. Since Lowe’s is a national store and somewhat standardized, the names are whatever some decided. All that to say is search is many times useless and since that is the only way use the app anymore, the app is useless. Looks like I am joining the orange team.
  • Keeps locking up 1/5

    By Feldspar60
    Tells me there is an “internal service error”. I can’t compare prices with other merchants so I automatically go elsewhere. Not going to make the trip to Lowe’s if I’m not sure of price or availability. Have been finding a competitor has consistently lower prices anyhow.
  • So many bugs 1/5

    By Thedude816
    This is the buggiest app I have. Constant crashes and “internal service issues.” It makes it extremely inconvenient to attempt to use. 15 minutes to look up a price makes me just close it and use Home Depot instead.
  • Store availability??? 2/5

    By Tiger05050922
    App used to show product availability at the store near me, it no longer shows availability. I have to use my iPad in order to check store availability.
  • Credit Card Payment NOT WORKING! 1/5

    By Stellabellalouise
    I have not been able to pay my Lowes Credit Card online for months!! On the app or website. When I go to the screen on my app it shows my total balance. But once I sign it it says balance zero and zero due. PLEASE FIX. I try on the lap top and I get an error, stating try again later! PLEASE FIX!
  • Password nightmare 1/5

    By Budokanaka
    Considering becoming a Home Depot customer after multiple password resets and unsuccessful logins with new passwords. Called the help line and they were clueless.
  • Doesn't save cart 1/5

    By first and last itunes review
    Had a cart full of items that I had to add to in the morning and app didn't save it overnight so I have to start all over. Very frustrating to say the least...
  • This USED TO BE a great app... 1/5

    By Justniina
    I used to use this app all the time but now you can’t anymore because any action you try to do is met with “internal service error.” It comes up every time- so useless! This has been going on for months now. Even the Lowe’s workers say no matter how much they complain about it, it never gets fixed. FIX THE DANG APP!!!
  • Landscape View needed for tablets. 4/5

    By Luke1856
    I love the app and use it all the time on my mobile phone. I travel extensively and I love that I can see different store’s stock and know exactly where to go in the store. just downloaded it for my iPad and have trouble using my Bluetooth keyboard because I have to look sideways at the screen. Can this be fixed in an upcoming release???
  • Where’d it go??? 4/5

    By P Scott Matthews
    New app upgrade is fresh... but where did the “share” feature go???
  • App, WiFi, Search 3/5

    By Macer99
    App and website need an overall, especially the search function it’s horrible. And it may just be in my area but I can’t use the Lowe’s app on the stores wifi I keep getting network errors and this has been for years. And it’s not a phone issue. What’s the point of making a list on the app if I can’t even get it to load when I’m in store?
  • Where are the in-store maps?!!! 2/5

    By smsStevensms
    Simply providing the aisle and bin number is not as efficient as before when there was a map of the store layout to better orient yourself. Lowe’s might want to look to their orange competition for how to do it better.
  • Update removed easy sharing? 2/5

    By Pbag
    What sort of improvement is that?
  • Needs TouchID 3/5

    By bob.os
    Pretty functional app, with good in store features. Unfortunately, it asks for your password at the most awkward times and doesn’t support TouchID to quickly log in with a fingerprint.
  • App lost touch id functionality 1/5

    By ryanmtIL80
    For some reason touch if is lost i have to always type in my password even though touch if is turned on.
  • Purchase History 3/5

    By Phil Folger
    Other than online simple product search and locate, this app allows for purchase history. Love how the member card shows up in Passbook, but why? Other than that this is useless. WHY CAN’T LOWES ALLOW US TO ACCRUE PURCHASE FOR FUTURE DISCOUNTS?? 5%=$500 IF we could do that, this app would serve a real purpose and give validation to the member cards.
  • Needs to be iPad capable (landscape orientation) 2/5

    By MacEamonn
    The App needs to include landscape operation for use with an iPad. It’s an inconvenience to have to rotate the iPad (especially when it has a Bluetooth keyboard attached) to view the app.
  • Who to call/email about app problems 4/5

    By Proud Grandpa
    I love shopping at Lowe's and I mostly love the app. But like too many apps, there's no clear and easy way to contact the developer about app problems or to provide feedback and suggestions. Clicking on the App Support icon in the Apple App Store doesn't help. It takes you to the Lowe's Customer Service webpage, but there is no clear information or link to send feedback to the developer. Hence, so many people do what I'm about to do: put my feedback in a review. I've used the app many times before to locate items in the store I was in and it always tells me the aisle and bay where the item is located and the quantity in the store. Wonderful feature until I used it yesterday. The app said the item was in aisle 14 bay 7. Great. Went to that location but not a sign of the item, and based on the items that were there, it didn't seem like it should have been in that location anyway. After looking around for several minutes for an associate, I happened upon one and asked him. He told me the item (and apparently similar items) had been moved recently, and he took me to the new location. So, it would be nice to be able to report a moved or missing item using the app. My bigger peeve is with viewing long product reviews in the app. I tap the ...more icon in the review and start reading. As I scroll down through a longer review, I eventually put my finger on another review to scroll the first one up higher and wind up closing the first review before I'm done reading all of it. Please fix this.
  • It’s okay, but not great 3/5

    By mgr1118
    Functionally, it does okay, but while it works on iPhone and iPad, it only displays portrait mode on iPad. Would be much nicer and more useful for iPad if it would autorotate to support either orientation.

Lowe's Home Improvement app comments

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