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Lowe's Home Improvement

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  • Current Version: 4.15.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lowe's Home Improvement App

LOWE'S HAS REINVENTED ITS iOS POWER TOOL! Get more done on your next DIY or home improvement project with the totally redesigned Lowe's app – your best shopping companion. • Now with bigger and better product image galleries including zoom, video, annotated images, and 360-degree spins. • Do your shopping from home - browse an endless aisle of products, or limit your search to items currently available in-store for pick-up or immediate delivery. • Pick up where you left off with recently viewed items and smart search history. • No more paper receipts. Just scan your digital MyLowe’s card at checkout and see your purchase history right on the phone. • Check for deals and discounts anytime with the always-current weekly ad. * Be sure to allow location services to get the best Lowe’s app experience. This will help you locate your local store and offer the most accurate inventory, in-store product locations and pricing. FIND WHAT YOU NEED IN THE STORE – FAST • Check the “In-Stock” button to display items available at your local store. • Get aisle information right in the search results and then tap to open a store map with pinpoint accuracy. • Need it now, but it’s not in stock at your store? Just tap “Check Other Stores” for availability at other Lowe’s locations near you. VIEW OUR WEEKLY PROMOTIONS • See what home improvement products are on sale now at your local Lowe’s. • View flyer by page or by department to easily find savings for your next DIY or remodeling project. INSTANTLY ADD ITEMS TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST • Tap the heart on any product to add it to your Quick List. With the app as your shopping companion, you’ll never forget what you need on your next trip to Lowe’s. • Add products, departments, or notes to your Quick List to keep things top of mind while shopping. • Add items directly from the app or scan product barcodes in-store. • No sign-in required. APPLE WATCH SUPPORT • Access your Quick List from your Apple Watch—-the perfect hands-free way to shop. • Your MyLowe's Card, shopping lists, and product aisle locations are just a glance away. VIEW CUSTOMER RATINGS AND REVIEWS • See what everyone else is saying about tools, appliances, DIY supplies and more before you buy. • Get the inside scoop on home improvement products and see how others use them to accomplish their DIY and remodeling projects. MAKE MYLOWE’S WORK FOR YOU • Never lose a receipt again with MyLowe’s purchase history – just show your card at checkout (a digital version is available in the app) or enter previous purchases by scanning the receipt barcode. • Add Quick List items to your MyLowe’s lists and they’ll be available from any device when you log into your MyLowe’s account.


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Lowe's Home Improvement app reviews

  • Useless 1/5

    By TNHills
    “Can’t find any matches for ‘Air Conditioner’”.
  • Purchase history search broken 2/5

    By Djjamminjason
    Years of data missing for purchase history. Can’t search for 2017 or 2018 data, just 2014 and 2016.
  • Purchase history 2/5

    By thimble63
    Just updated. Hoping they fixed the bug from the last update. They haven’t. It was really helpful for paint repurchases. Another release and still no purchase history. Just FYI guys it was working 3 releases ago
  • Does not save receipts. 3/5

    By Dan-01
    The idea I like most about this app is the idea that you can save receipts on it connecting to your my Lowes number and not have to worry about saving paper. Attaching it to my Lowe’s number is an awesome idea but it is not working. I like that you can look up objects in different areas of the store haven’t had any issues like others with the stores not being lined up with the app. So, if they can get the receipt problem worked out, definitely give it a five.
  • Purchase history doesn’t work 1/5

    By Chris Whitaker
    After the app updated my purchase history went away. The app asks for my Lowe’s Card number which is already there in my account but it still don’t work. Called Lowe’s and got no support. HELP!!!
  • Fix the app already! 1/5

    By gateman145
    Still after several months of not being able to put my Lowe’s Card in Apple Wallet despite it being an option on opening the app it still doesn’t work? It use to nice to have your purchase history but that failed and still doesn’t work, what’s going on?
  • Can’t see purchase history 2/5

    By Groundman
    Doesn’t show in app but does on desktop
  • What Happened to this app 4/5

    By pookeyman
    I love to shop at Lowe’s, and one of the features the app used to have was a map of the store showing where the item I was looking for was located in the store. What happened to this feature? Can’t find it anywhere, really reduces the utility of the app.
  • My Lowe’s card 3/5

    By Ginger527
    This app is great, besides one thing. I’ve registered my Mylowes card multiple times and it never stays attached to my account. So now I can’t track my purchases or apply my discount anymore.
  • Purchase History No Longer Works 1/5

    By Location Broke
    After update no longer able to see purchase history - says there are no purchases. It’s still visible on Lowe’s.com
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Angeljuliety12
    I use several store apps and Lowe’s needs work. Just trying to add a receipt from yesterday and it won’t scan it, so I entered the information manually and it says no such purchase can be found and to call customer care to add it. Really?? That’s what I want to do, waste more time for one receipt. I scan my Walmart receipts 5 seconds after the purchase and everything pops right up. Maybe you should talk to some of their techs to get help with Lowe’s app! Just sayin!!
  • Inventory Fail x 2 3/5

    By Steindad
    It’s a decent app but don’t believe it when it says the item(s) you want are in stock at your local stores. I wasted two hours of valuable Saturday time driving to two different Lowe’s stores last weekend to purchase items that were in stock according to the app. On both occasions, the store employees showed that they had inventory on their devices too, but when we went to the physical location in the store where the products were supposed to be, there weren’t even facings on the shelf for them. So it turns out they don’t even sell the items I was looking for in the store. Stopped by my local Ace Hardware on my way back from the second failed Lowes attempt and picked up what I needed. No app necessary.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By Dtphx
    Not reliable lately as it does not show any of the previous receipts I have entered. I contacted customer support but received no reply. It was working for the past few months but alas I have no faith in Lowe’s really caring about the app.
  • App great but removed map 4/5

    By Akifbayram
    The map feature was useful with some of the odd isle locations. I wish it was back. Otherwise the app is sleek and polished.
  • App is so so 3/5

    By ScottyDR
    The app is good as far as seeing if lowes has it before going somewhere else and also finding it when going to the store. But the overall app doesn’t work good with the lowes credit like it supposed too, and it sometimes takes days for a purchase to show up in the mylowes purchase history. So 3 stars is the best it deserves!
  • Purchase History No Go 2/5

    By V-lectric
    I cannot for the life of me get this app to store or add my purchase history. Cashier scans card, won’t add. Try to add by scanning receipt, no purchases found even after a few days. Add manually sometimes works but usually not.
  • Shopping cart is malfunctioning 3/5

    By Heybambii
    I can not remove items from my shopping cart in the app. (Or on the mobile website.) It’s very frustrating as I picked up the items in store instead of having them delivered but cannot remove the items that I no longer need. Please, fix this issue. I’ve tried everything that I know to remove the items and nothing works. The message that I get at the top of the cart is: CMN0207E The value of the parameter "com.lowes.commerce.orderitems.commands.LowesOrderItemDisplayCmdImpl.performExecute() - null" is not correct.
  • Map is gone 1/5

    By mpdavis86
    I hope they bring back the map that would show you where stuff was when you cof the location in the app.
  • Still no purchase history 1/5

    By Kenper222
    That still missing one of his most important features. These last two updates created more problems than it fixed. Lowes app developer team, please address and fix this.
  • Good, improvements needed 4/5

    By rmvffrankenberg
    Add notifications for items in/out of stock based on store locations; add a toggle to notice how many items are in stock; and add a feedback feature..surprised there is no place to request improvements.
  • Helpful but... 2/5

    By NiciG7
    The past two updates haven’t been for the best. You aren’t able to see past purchase history and forget attempting to add a receipt the app never recognizes the information.
  • Could be Great 2/5

    By Kef43!!
    I like this app except it won’t remember my account info!!! Please fix!
  • Limited functionality. 2/5

    By Gusto1957
    You can use a browser on your mobile and obtain everything that the app offers. The features that would make it worthwhile, like keeping track of your purchases don’t work.
  • App update still needs work 1/5

    By mbwc ky
  • Not updated bill pay! 1/5

    By Walter's Wanderings
    Says “you owe nothing” and can’t make a payment in the credit card services! Then bill will be late! Not “THEIR” fault so your stuck with late billing! F-U for defaulted in your favor! F-your Fing app!
  • Lot of potential! 3/5

    By Big Fan-o
    This app is quick and has a lot of potential. Two issues - 1) couldn’t delete items from a “quick list” without restarting the app to show the item was deleted and 2) loading historical receipts wasn’t working, for 2 day old to 20 day old receipts. Otherwise works great!
  • Alerts on items 3/5

    By cmb12345678901
    Wish you could get alerts when specific product goes on sale
  • Missing history 1/5

    By DililahRaith
    I really liked this app, really easy to find my paint history and warranty info. I’m trying to use it at the store and it shows I have made no purchases. I’m signed in and verified my account info. If I sign it at home on the computer my purchases are there. Please fix.
  • Good and bad 1/5

    By Gotit3secondsago
    The app is handy for locating items in the store though the availability of items is not always accurate. I primarily loaded the app to track my purchase history. The app no longer keeps my purchase history. For this reason I am giving it 1 star. Very disappointed.
  • App update 1/5

    By River Dawg
    The Lowe's app is in need of a major overhaul. Very outdated and not user friendly at all.
  • MyLowes doesn’t work 1/5

    By Matt Wittich
    Scanning receipts does not put the transaction in order history and I can’t view ANY past purchases that I add on their website. Very frustrating!
  • App crashes 2/5

    By AK winer
    It’s really annoying when an app that crashes every single time you used it,
  • Unable to add mylowes card to Apple wallet 1/5

    By Atk1ns
    Can’t add mylowes card to Apple wallet, hitting the add to wallet icon results in a message that’s says try later all the time. Called Lowe’s support and I was told you can’t do it but why is there an icon to do so. He told me I could add my Lowe’s credit card to wallet but that doesn’t work either says credit card it not eligible for Apple Pay. Real shame this functionality doesn’t work.
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By chowderhead73
    This app no longer stores past receipts/purchases. I was disappointed when I went to look back at something I purchased and all my past receipts were gone. Please fixes this Lowe’s.
  • Job done half way 1/5

    By M5.67.8
    Can’t even check items out of our cart. Complete waste of time
  • The receipt scanner does not work... 2/5

    By Beach2.0
    I’ve been trying to upload my receipts and it says sell not found. Unless you enter my manually which they make harder with the drop down scroll dates.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Yyyqwr
    Great app. Easy to use.
  • Ok app. 3/5

    By z3cx
    Can no longer see previous purchases. Please put a shortcut to checkout barcode.
  • Totally lied to by picture on web site 2/5

    By skybolt
    This would be terrific if it could show me the store layout — otherwise Aisle GC00 doesn’t help ....
  • Better 4/5

    By ¥TJ¥
    Better that the app doesn’t crash as much and the weekly add can be viewed. One of the only home improvement stores I will go to anymore
  • Caution 1/5

    By Honeybear#3
    My account was compromised. Purchase history was deleted! Issues are being investigated through Lowes ITT.
  • Unfortunate 1/5

    By USAA 18836495
    This app has generally met my expectations with the exception of this latest release. I am now unable to see my purchase history and I cannot make purchases through the app. Until this is fixed, then it really isn’t more than just an online inventory of what each story has in stock. Unfortunately, the last time I went to the store where the app listed that an item was in stock, the store said it was out of stock. So I guess the app also fell short on the only positive note I have seen thus far.
  • Have to visit website to see reviews 3/5

    By SLKinNC
    I am one of those shoppers who compares products by reading reviews like crazy. In the current version of the app, you cannot read any reviews that weren’t entered on Lowe’s site, so despite a product showing 900+ reviews, you may be only able to see 3 or 4. If you go to the website you can see them all. What’s the point of the app? Please fix this flaw and make it easier to shop at Lowe’s.
  • Search Function Needs Improvement 2/5

    By MacGvr69
    I searched “garden tool organizer”. 1st thing on the results - hydraulic shop chair. The garden tool organizer was about #30 on the list.
  • Error “ Unable to add to apple wallet” 3/5

    By anthonypd93
    I have the iPhone X and was trying to add my Lowe’s membership card and I keep getting the error “unable to add to apple wallet
  • Cannot add MyLowes card to Apple wallet 2/5

    By Zoombba
    Overall the app is decent. However there is an error message when trying to add MyLowes card to my Apple Wallet saying to try again later. I’ve tried again later and it doesn’t work.
  • Purchase history 3/5

    By Dre2power
    Loved it until.... My purchase history has been removed. Called customer service, she says it can be seen on her end and is not gone. Thus I should go to actual website...well that's great but can someone assist with getting the app fixed?
  • Wallet 3/5

    By prefer lowes
    The button to add to apple wallet is not working.
  • Shopping cart 2/5

    By fergmyster
    Why can’t I empty my shopping cart? iPhone 8.
  • Needs to have IPad exclusive app 3/5

    By cwbags
    App works fairly well but you need to have one for the IPAD as well so IPADS can view app in landscape mode and use keyboard accessory

Lowe's Home Improvement app comments


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