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Lowe's Home Improvement

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  • Current Version: 23.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lowe's Home Improvement App

Home to any possibility Whether you’re a Pro or have a DIY project on your mind, our app lets you search and shop thousands of products— anytime, on the go. NEW! EXCLUSIVE PRO EXPERIENCE A new experience just for Pros is here. Simply sign in with your Pro account and get access to all the Lowe’s for Pros features that make running your business easier. AISLE & SHELF INFO See aisle and shelf information right on the list page—so you know where to go in store. Plus, toggle with a switch to shop only at your preferred Lowe’s store. MOBILE CHECK-IN FOR STORE PICKUP Track your pickup order in real time on the home screen. When it’s ready, check in to let the store know you’re on the way so they can have your order waiting. VIEW IN YOUR SPACE See a product in your space before you buy, with augmented reality. Using your phone’s camera, scan the room and drop the product in your space to see it to scale. STORE FINDER Find the store that’s nearest to you along with the phone number, address, directions and drive time estimates. Plus, set your preferred store to get inventory, product locations and pricing*. *Remember to allow location services to get the most accurate information available. INBOX Get messages with special coupons, deals and exclusive promotions sent right to you. WEEKLY DEALS Check the weekly ad for deals at your preferred store. View page by page or by department. CUSTOMER RATINGS & REVIEWS Read what other users are saying about appliances, tools, home décor and beyond! Plus, write your own reviews and easily upload images. COMMUNITY Q & A Ask questions and get answers directly from manufacturers or other customers. QUICK LIST & LISTS Create a Quick List to keep projects organized. Tap the heart on any product page, scan a barcode, or type notes to add to your list—no sign in required. ORDER & PURCHASE HISTORY Keep track of pending and completed orders all in one place. LOWE’S ON APPLE WATCH Add your virtual mylowes card to your digital wallet, access your Quick List and find your closest Lowe’s store.

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Lowe's Home Improvement app reviews

  • No option for guest checkout 1/5

    By kos-the-boss
    App forces you to create an account for shopping
  • Advertised item unavailable 2/5

    By boater kfs
    Received a “Deal of the day” email and went in right away. Only problem is, the deal was not available. Web site also kept sending me somewhere else and some of the items were not on the sent to site.
  • Online ordering 3/5

    By Benajman Arthur Turman
    My order was cancelled for the second time with no explanation.
  • On line order 1/5

    By goldiloccks
    soft ware need update!!!
  • App 3/5

    By gregfrbks
    Lowe’s app was awesome in the beginning. Now nothing is where the app says it is. Lowe’s app not knowing where anything is the alternative is finding a Lowe’s employee for ASSITANCE 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
  • Useless Search and results too slow to load 1/5

    By Shopper2023
    Searches return items that do not match the keywords used in my search. Results slow down my mobile every few screens while loading all these useless results.
  • Website is terrible 1/5

    By Fredbede
    I really really dislike your website. Very clumsy interface
  • The self service couldn’t give me my discount for using lowes credit card 2/5

    By Linda Johnston
    Had to wait in another line. I won’t be back
  • App is clugey 1/5

    By Jim Thornburg
    Creating my account on app and finally got it added however my Lowe’s card is not correct. App will not allow me to dele my Lowe’s number and enter correct number. I get “internal server” error.
  • App is a nightmare 1/5

    By mary12438557
    Lowes app is nightmare to use. Tried to place an order for pick up but app froze when I changed payment to PayPal (vs visa), then changed pickup location. I tried to revise pickup location but app sent me to voice verification system that insisted I hit 9 on number pad …. Was not able to get to number pad before time out. Ended up canceling order totally. Placing new order. Definitely watch that I don’t get over charged!!
  • Poor return policy 1/5

    By 123mrds
    I purchased the items I had to receipt you said you couldn’t find them in your system if they were on my receipt and I could scan them from the Lowes app. Why can’t you register find these items this happens too many times anymore
  • App doesn’t work when using privacy VPN 1/5

    By bhochmuth
    App features are broken or slow when using VPN. Apparently there is some cookies being shared that shouldn’t be.
  • Ordering ladder 1/5

    By Uppilot
    I have tried several times to order a ladder that is out of stock…it keeps telling me the wrong item is in stock! 🫤🤔
  • Great service 5/5

    By Spratim
    A lot of options at Lowe’s for pickup delivery or pickup by car Always have what I need
  • Currently non functional 1/5

    By Karst CT
    Lowes app os not working on iPhone SE iOS 16.2. Launches a blue screen with Lowes logo then frozen. No response. No menus. Nada.
  • Appliances 4/5

    By 1978mandalynn
    Prices are high on appliances but overall a good store
  • No Veteran discount 1/5

    By don't function bug
    No matter what I did and the hours spending online trying to find a solution to get a veteran discount, even through a special ID program, I still couldn’t get the online site to give me a discount. Frustrating when companies don’t honor the programs they offer by making them impossible to use.
  • Always the best 5/5

    By Liquidious
    Always pleasant to visit and transact business!
  • App & pick up 5/5

    By susanreyes
    I love the App & the pick up options. It is so convenient for my disabled self. Perfect for ppl with disabilities. Thank you
  • Great store 5/5

    By jonah ramirez
    Great service and great products. Could use more variety on a couple of sections but overall 5 stars
  • App won’t allow sign in 1/5

    By Nurseskerl
    App won’t allow me to sign into my account. When I tap on the Account icon, then the “Sign In of Create Account” bar, the popup sign-in page quickly flashes and goes blank
  • Opened a business credit card 5/5

    By Eric gel
    Shery the Asian lady at the pros desk helped me open a business credit card she was very helpful and well informed on the information she gave me
  • Oven purchase and delivery 1/5

    By oven disaster
    Two months no delivery No calls Waiting multiple hours on line Worst experience every May never purchase anything at Lowe’s again Horrible management and instructions Even worse customer service At both Hanover and Jersey city Kenneth at Lowe’s the only competent employee
  • Understaffed 2/5

    By uk2LAX
    I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes just to locate a chest freezer. There is one guy on duty in appliances and there’s probably eight people waiting for him. He is doing his best but this place is really understaffed.
  • Check out 1/5

    By checkoutridiculous
    It’s ridiculous. There are 10 people standing in line to check themselves out! No cashiers anywhere
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By SandSailor
    Login screen flashes, then I get a blank screen

    By zdk$56
    Do the right thing. Enforce it ASAP. There is no reason to give customers the option to be insecure. Force your customers to protect themselves.
  • Tools department 2/5

    By Smithhc
    I was looking for a Dewalt auto tool combo kit. Couldn’t get anyone to come help me. They call for someone 2 times no one showed up. If they don’t have anyone working that department they should say that and not have me running around like crazy.
  • Lowes blows 1/5

    By Oil intern
    There’s a reason lowes rhymes with blows. Lowes advertises one price online but in the cart the price changes back up to the full price. Lowes says that’s their policy, but it’s hard believe bait and switch marketing could be policy.
  • Purchase 5/5

    By 369MomRacing
    The purchase was canceled but instead of picking as we past the store, it will now be delivered. Thank you Goodyear Lowe’s.
  • Good store, worrying security 2/5

    By Mark Stoneman
    It only accepts passwords up to 12 characters long. In 2022.
  • Classic 5/5

    By Par excellent
    This store has everything you need and the staff that they have is there to serve.
  • MyLowes card 4/5

    By Teb53
    The app would not allow me to add my MyLowes card. Internal server error ???
  • Glitchy website 1/5

    By zia tamilla
    Had to repeatedly retype information to get order to take. Frustrating.
  • Universal Grill 5/5

    By ant squirl
    Great Product I feel I can cook so much more . Breakfast , lunch or Dinner !
  • Online order not helpful 1/5

    By kimspont
    The app does not tell what the problem is with your entries. You leave the customer to guess
  • Phone service is really bad 1/5

    By mer13gan14zer15
    If you have a question, you just get an automated attendant which connects you to an extension that doesn’t answer. I have wasted 40 minutes trying to talk with someone today and was unsuccessful. Store could increase sales greatly by providing some form of service.
  • Lowe’s app 5/5

    By geo ski
    This app is a time saver, I add to the cart what I’m purchasing, select the store I’m at and select the product in my cart and bingo Aisle and Bin populate and that’s where it’s at.
  • Shoe rack 5/5

    By LS101750
    Great rack for shoes
  • Wonderful Service - Great Products 5/5

    By Franko1988!
  • Never works 1/5

    By Azawisza
    But I'm standing in the store I cannot use your app as it always freezes up even some issues in the parking lot really hard to find some thing if the app doesn't work
  • It is our policy ! 2/5

    By swtraderII
    NO ONE at a n y Lowe’s store has the authority to do anything except visit with each other. 2 recent examples (but there are others)… Little Elm - $335 worth of random stuff purchased. Went mainly to get Bankers Boxes. Usually strapped 5 together. Only had a few in stock. Took 3. Ring up as $15.98 for 1. Clerk says see, right here on the box, 5 together. Ok I say I have 3 so 60% or $10 or so. NO, she says you can go get 2 more boxes. Me! Not one of the minions standing around doing nothing. OR you can return these and explain that you were charged for 5 but did not get 5. SOOO I have 3 boxes - 2 without lids which were apparently torn off by the person who unbundled them. Frisco - told checkout guy I wanted 3 bags of quik set concrete. In a strange one-off cameo appearance by a loaded, he looks at my receipt and starts to load 3 bags of Quikrete (yellow). No I say I bought the blue quik set for fence posts. No you didn’t. You will have.to change it inside. Go to Returns and get a credit and come back and take pic of blue bag to cashier. It is our policy that we have to load what is on the receipt. Lowe’s owes me 3 yellow bags of Quikrete and 2 lids and 2 Bankers Boxes. AND 5 percent credit card discount on about $480 worth of stuff cuz CC stripe would not read. There is more. But I stop.
  • Consistent trouble logging into credit card. 1/5

    By Grammie Gherkin
    We have had Consistent trouble logging into credit card services.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Kkkkkkk🌹🌹🌺🍁
    The app glitches a lot, kicks me out for no reason.
  • Alexandra 5/5

    By Envision Realty Inc
    She is amazing and gets down to business
  • Online shopping 1/5

    By lutè
    Had a hard time maneuvering through ordering and checking out. Options kept changing. For some reason my primary card kept changing therefore price kept changing.
  • Very useful app! 5/5

    By Trent$K
    This app has been great for store navigation, finding deals, and for a seamless store 🏬 pickup 🛻 experience too! I highly recommend using it!
  • Stock items that I have to order online,🙁 3/5

    By LarryRoc
  • Zero inventory honesty, poor functionality 1/5

    By WriteFlyer
    Pure crap. In-store inventory reported in the app is always wrong. Of course the entire store is stuck in 20o5 technology. Instore, as a pro member I can’t even apply my account to self-check purchase. This is why Home Depot gets 90% of my business.