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LTK ( App

Shop real looks tried and styled by real people. Can’t find the perfect look for date night? Need some help redecorating your house? Want to find easy make up looks to pair with red lips? Download the LTK app now and shop thousands of products across fashion, home, beauty, kids and more — tried and styled by real people. FOLLOW your favorite Creators (and discover new ones!) to curate your perfect shoppable feed with their favorite products. FAVORITE your picks and get notified when some of your favorite brands go on sale. SEARCH millions of products from more than 5,000 brands to find the best in fashion, beauty, home and more. SHOP instantly from images and videos featuring products tried and styled by thousands of real people. SHARE what you’re loving in the app with friends via social media, text, and email. Want to connect on social? Find us at @shop.ltk. Want to be an LTK creator? Apply in LTK app.

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LTK ( app reviews

  • Very fun!! 5/5

    By breezybreezybteezy
    I like the ease of finding things!!
  • Best app 5/5

    By suzannetgc
    I find so much on LTK app! Fashion, art, furniture! So great!
  • Inspiration 5/5

    By CLK Ministry
    I have been so inspired by this app. I’m a visual person so seriously g the things I like is amazing! Then, having the ability to locate!!!
  • Change the app back! 4/5

    This app is/was my favorite, I used to be able to spend hours scrolling through posts and adding my favorite products into specific albums easily. After one of the more recent updates, you cannot scroll through influencer posts you follow- it only shows a few recent posts and says you’ve reached the end. Then it shows “recommended posts” and only shows a few posts there too. I loved being able to just scroll through all of the influencer’s posts that I follow, but now you can’t. Please change it back!! Plus it’s harder now to add favorite products directly into an album; you have to “heart” it and then go to favorite products and then put it in an album. The screenshot feature is still the best though.
  • Love the idea/App isn’t functional 1/5

    By esebesta
    I love the LTK app but I rarely works anymore, constantly freezes, making you literally unable to use the app for what it is used for. Super frustrating not being able to select links due to the app freezing so frequently.

    By Aram55
    Click links of fav influencers and nothing…Changed penny multiple times, still nothing
  • Can’t Get Into My App 1/5

    By catfishleg
    My app went haywire and I cannot get into it to even make changes or correct whatever is wrong! I have tried to reach out to support but to no avail. Very unhappy about it as I used the app daily.
  • No male creators 4/5

    By Thuggish Nuggets
    Seems like a nice app idea for finding styles and buying them. However, I scrolled through the creator list trying to find a male creator and gave up after several minutes without finding a single one. Maybe they exist and the app just needs filters? I don’t know.. I feel like men are really underserved when it comes to fashion and their bodies. I feel like this app has the potential do a lot of men some good, but again, there’s no content. In fact it’s easier to find furniture and cooking stuff than it is to find a male creator in the app, which makes it largely unusable or at the very least pointless. Rated four stars because it’s a great app and idea and so the devs don’t really deserve a low rating. If the content became available it’d be five stars for sure though.
  • Update 1/5

    By Bethtx_2000
    So now I have to create an account to view influencers I follow? No thanks, deleting.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Emily465
    I was hesitant to get it, but it’s my favorite way to shop my favorite influencers’ looks. So easy to use.
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By alyssa thomspon
    I love the variety of this app, my style varies so it’s wonderful to get inspo from different bloggers. Having home things is a plus! The only thing I dislike at the moment is with this new update on the app my page refreshes every time I click on an item.
  • App doesn’t open 1/5

    By Nicknames1111111
    I can’t get the app to open anymore.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Beauty1235
    When you’re scrolling your feed, click into a post your interested in and “heart” a product, then when you go back to the feed, it scrolls all the way back up to the top instead of saving where you last left off. The app didn’t use to do this and it’s so frustrating. Not a good user experience
  • Slow 1/5

    By кпдвт
    Responding slow lately…
  • It’s good but a few off putting things for me 2/5

    By Shdjdidbdjsi
    It’s very similar to Pinterest. What makes this stand apart from Pinterest? Also, would it be possible to differentiate between business/shop profiles and those of individual people/influencers? I scrolled on to see people styling their products but instead every time I search for anything, my page is filled with a bunch of products being sold on each search result/poster rather than seeing photos of each individual product actually styled in daily life. So scrolling through feels like I’m just looking at a bunch of business ads rather than what real people are wearing or using and how they’re styling it.
  • Great RESOURCES 5/5

    By CaliforniaJessie
    What an awesome app. Great place to find things you need and more with great recommendations. It’s like having a best friend on an app. Best part is it automatically connects you to where you can get it that it automatically adds it yo your bag. Wonderful for people that are always on the go. Best part a place you can trust and not worry about being hacked and the reviews are spot on.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By COWS🐮🐄
    I love to scroll through this app to find new accessories and clothes. It is also great for helping put outfits together. I also love that you can click on the products and go directly to the website to purchase!
  • Annoying Features 3/5

    By Melly in DC
    Why does it automatically follow someone when you click their profile? Why can’t I just look at my feed instead of the suggested posts at the bottom?
  • Love the app! 4/5

    By gallopingangels
    Love the app but I wish I could be able to favorite an outfit and be able to go in and see all my favorites. I see the option to save the photos to my phone but I have to figure out where I saved my photos to and miss out being able to see the individual items in the picture.
  • New update 1/5

    By sushig27
    It was such a well thought out app until the new update. Who decided it would be a good idea to remove the features to add something to your list when you favorite an item??
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Property Paula
    I’m always on here looking at cute finds and great deals!
  • Never loads right 1/5

    By AM915
    This app was once my favorite. It has quickly gone down hill. It takes FOREVER to load. I often have to go out if it múltiple times before the page will fully load and even then the app will freeze while scrolling. It’s so frustrating I’ve stopped using it all together.
  • Great content!!! 5/5

    By Mz Amazin321
    I’m getting so much inspiration from this app. Thinking of starting a page myself!
  • Date 3/5

    By MMB228
    As much as I love this app…. It would be nice to see the date on posts so that we know the time of which it was posted based on sales and past deals. It’s so frustrating to see these post and then go to buy based o them being on sale and then find out the deal is over…
  • Love the App but SO SLOW 1/5

    By AMP-L
    In the past year or two this app has become SO SLOW. It freezes at least 2-3x/day when I go to search for items. I love the app and all the recent additions to functionality but it is incredibly frustrating to use.
  • Not sure what happened 1/5

    By mjg1003
    I used to love using this app years ago, but for awhile now it’s just more aggravating than anything, everytime I open it or I’m sent their from Instagram I have to close it completely and try reopening at least 3 times before it will work. I open it and it’s just frozen, go back again and try to type in what/who I’m looking for, nothing, frozen. It’s very frustrating and takes more time then I’d like to just quickly find something with all freezing and having to close it out completely multiple times.
  • Cumbersome to use, could be better 3/5

    By caligelli
    It’s good but I wish it still had an option to see all my liked or screenshot influencers’ posts in one feed. I can’t seem to find that option and now have to always search their name on the app to find the post i need. Very cumbersome to use.
  • I LOVE this app but… 3/5

    By TrivetteInThird
    I LOVE this app but it could use some improvements! I wish the app would let use filter or sort searches. It would be great if it could even filter out searches we have already interacted with as well. LET US BLOCK CREATORS! Searches are seriously annoying when it shows the same image over and over agin! The same creator will upload the same thing over and over again so that is all I see when I search something like “wedding guest dress”. I will scroll for quite awhile until I see a new image fitting my search. Let me keep scrolling my feed! When viewing creators I follow I can only see up to a certain amount of posts before it brings me to recommended posts. I want to scroll for hours 😇 Still love this app but these fixes would be great!
  • Love it, but why can’t you search/sort your like items by store? 4/5

    By Pinning pinster
    I love this app. Changed my shopping forever. 💕💕The only thing that keeps it at a 4 is not being able to sort my liked items by store. If I have budget and time to shop Talbots, I’d like to be able to sort my likes by that store.
  • Recent changes have made it harder to use 3/5

    I used to really LOVE the LTK app, and would use it as my main source for outfit inspiration! However, the recent changes have made this app a lot more difficult to use. 1. They removed the full-image feed, and you can only see the tinier, grid view which makes it harder to see. If you want to look at the products, you have to click the image to expand it. I just think it was a much easier experience when you didn’t have to expand each image to see the products. 2. Once you’ve clicked to expand the image, and want to go back to the main feed, the app glitches and sends you back to the top of the feed. This glitch can make the experience a bit frustrating. I still like the app, but the recent updates have taken away from the easy user experience that I loved about it. I don’t expect the team to actually fix it, this is just for any user to consider before downloading.
  • Like To Know It 5/5

    By SieNotSea
    I have used this app for about four years now, and it is wonderful! If you’re thinking about something, it’s almost always there. It is also great for inspo and sales information that could also be local!
  • Great app 5/5

    By kinskhreen
    Great app. I do wish there were dates on posts so I know when influencers posted things.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By laurynk825
    Love getting style inspiration from this app. I enjoy following my favorite style influencers and shopping their looks. The one thing I have a hard time with is the Instagram connection. When I see a post, and the influencer says to use the LTK link in their bio, their post is sometimes nowhere to be found. This happens all the time, but unfortunately that’s where I see a lot of LTK posts
  • Repetitive app 2/5

    By Chrisc333333333
    All of the influencers peddle the exact same product and they post over and over again. I’m also tired of only seeing Amazon products. I feel like 90% of what is on this app is just garbage Amazon products. I hate buying clothes on Amazon because it is always a disappointment and thus I am avoiding them. Would love product diversity. Also it is dumb it keeps asking if I want notifications. Spoiler, no I don’t and that is why I keep checking “no”.
  • Everything 5/5

    By glow 247
    I love this app keep you on top of everything from household and fashion.
  • Literally why 1/5

    By Aeliz023
    Whoever had the idea to remove the item prices when tapping on the photos of the linked items within the app, before you click on the actual link to go to the product’s website… it wasn’t a good one. The only changes made to this app seem to be ones that aren’t helpful or asked for. It’s to the point that this app is becoming more of a hassle than it’s worth. It would be much better if the focus was on ways of keeping users from tagging “#ltkhome” when it’s a photo of shoes 😳. Or when you type a word into the search bar how it always shows you people you already follow over other search results. Like I’m trying to find new users, not a post from three years ago by someone I already follow.
  • Loving it so far 5/5

    By maggxoxo
    Good context
  • Great App 5/5

    By ARamirezNorris
    I I
  • Great app! 5/5

    By CharCoe
    Makes it way too easy to spend money!
  • Bad design 1/5

    By Mmaoiw
    It’s extremely hard to find new trends. The app is riddled with spam accounts, people who use tags that don’t actually apply to my search, and you can’t sort by recent so if you look up “Spring Outfits” it will show you stuff from over a year ago. I’ve been really enjoying the visual search on Pinterest over this. LTK used to be usable and I’m disappointed they’ve let the users destroy it. I haven’t been able to find a way to report spam accounts too, using a hashtag that’s not relevant to your post should not be allowed.
  • App 5/5

    By wong74
    Love it app. It gives such fantastic choices And visials
  • Filter options 1/5

    By Messyjessee
    I want to like this app but I’m constantly just fed boards of items people create. If I wanted to see that I would go to Pinterest. I am interested in seeing people in the clothes and how they styled it. Not some vision board someone created
  • Nope 1/5

    By Acbuc
    The app just simply doesn’t work. If I click the ltk link on Instagram I just get a blank page. Logged out & back in & it never works. Have had this problem for months. It’s a big day when the app actually works and I can find the product I’m looking for. Would love to just Venmo the influencer so I can find out where the product is from.
  • Great App with Room for Improvement 2/5

    By JennyArcade
    The concept of this app is great so I don’t have influencers cluttering my news feeds, but I want to be able to use it on my ipad or not get bulldozed on the website with ads to get the app. Also if you click on something to be taken to the website to buy it, you may end up being taken to a completely different product because the links aren’t right. Please fix this, it shouldn’t be hard!
  • App constantly freezes 1/5

    By jenifah76
    I’ve had this app for a bit now and enjoy using it when it is working. However, every time I open the app, it freezes. I can’t open anything, scroll, etc. I’ve closed it out and re-opened. Looking forward to when the kinks are worked out and the app becomes more user friendly.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Ellieanna_128
    The new update is not good! I want to be able to swipe to see different items and not have to keep clicking on them.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By ShimmeryPumpkin
  • Links to Instagram don’t work 2/5

    By A gir 12345
    Whenever I click on an influencers link on Instagram it asks to take me to the app, I click yes and then it takes me to the home page of LTK ??? Then I have to search the influencer to find that post. Makes no sense! Defeats the whole purpose of the links. Also - I wish you could have your favorite influencers show up instead of having to search for them in the app…if I visit their page frequently, they should show up first.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Only1Nikki
    Great app