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LTK ( App

Shop real looks tried and styled by real people. Can’t find the perfect look for date night? Need some help redecorating your house? Want to find easy make up looks to pair with red lips? Download the LTK app now and shop thousands of products across fashion, home, beauty, kids and more — tried and styled by real people. FOLLOW your favorite Creators (and discover new ones!) to curate your perfect shoppable feed with their favorite products. FAVORITE your picks and get notified when some of your favorite brands go on sale. SEARCH millions of products from more than 5,000 brands to find the best in fashion, beauty, home and more. SHOP instantly from images and videos featuring products tried and styled by thousands of real people. SHARE what you’re loving in the app with friends via social media, text, and email. Want to connect on social? Find us at @shop.ltk. Want to be an LTK creator? Apply in LTK app.

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LTK ( app reviews

  • Agree with those who hate the update 1/5

    By cst1973
    I loved this app before the update. Without the tile view, photos don’t load or are slow to load. Sometimes I wait for a photo to finally load, only to realize it’s a duplicate of the one above it. It’s frustrating and I find myself rarely using the app anymore.
  • Teacher 5/5

    By 1/2!can
    I love looking at the inspire & styles at lunch. It give me inspirational!
  • Feedback - PLEASE READ 5/5

    By chroniccrafter
    First off, I love the app and have been using it since it’s inception. However, there are two things that could be improved. One, if I unfollow a creator, they still show up on my “Creators I Follow” feed (even after hard closing the app). Second, anytime I link to a new creator’s page or post from LTK’s Instagram, they automatically have you follow that person. I finally realized that my feed was filled with creators that I didn’t actively choose to follow. Please fix this.
  • Doesn’t work anymore! 1/5

    By Mchammer61
    Cannot get the app to work anymore! It pops up with an error message that says no data.
  • It’s racist 1/5

    By user 26954
    They’res only white influencers only
  • Men don’t need fashion advice. 1/5

    By IlikeHelping
    There is no option for men or masculine style.

    By luvsncali
    It’s the app that SAVES everything I like to do with fashion • home organization • traveling It also alerts me about price drops on things I saved as favorites
  • Great until last update 4/5

    By P C Boo
    This app was great and 5 star worthy until thlast update changed the layout. Now its ok.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Katie Jane Allen
    Love finding great pieces with reliable reviews
  • Gorgeous but… 4/5

    By squirt319
    I love this app, especially for the holidays. Lots of amazing gift ideas and more, but there is one thing. I feel like the discover never changes. I go to the discover tab to find new creators and more, but it is always the same posts. Otherwise amazing app! Love it!
  • Bring back the previous feed view 1/5

    By MelylOves
    New feed layout is awful ! Barely use the app anymore !
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Fashionista44444444444444
    I been using this app for many many years. As of the last few years the app has been opened to more people, it has gotten very flooded with mood boards, and gift ideas boards. There absolutely is nothing wrong it that type of content, I’m just finding that I use this app less and less. It’s so hard to find someone that has items styled on their profile. I think it would be beneficial to both creators and consumers if it was better organized. Please create 2 tabs. One tab that only includes mood board/gift boards, and one tab as seen on/or home styled. If you could include this change on both on the fyp and the content creators profile page. That would be amazing. My feed is super cluttered with these mood boards, and I prefer seeing things styled on creators. It takes so much time to scroll forever on a creators page or even the fyp. I hope that you can take this into consideration.
  • LoLoPoppin 5/5

    By hybiscus alley
    Hi, I learned about LTK from LoLoPoppin and I’m so great full to have such cute looks to copy from. Because of her I’m looking stylish and confident with literally no effort! I have Also found super cute home ideas from other influencers as well. Keep up the great work. My only concern at one point was I wanted to purchase cute shoes that LoLoPoppin was wearing from Steve Madden. I had trouble purchasing them because it then switched me to Steve Madden and I was a bit unsure what to do. After that Steve Madden contacted me personally by email each day. That’s all fine but I didn’t feel as though LoLoPoppin got the sale credit. I felt as though Steve Madden intercepted the sale. Thank you so much for this chance to give a review. Keep up the great work that you guys are going over there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LIKE TO KNOW IT!!!! Thank you Cynthia
  • App Crashes every time I open it 1/5

    By Julia773
    Great app until recently and now EVERY single time I open it it crashes within minutes :( hopefully will get fixed soon.
  • App is slow to load 2/5

    By ReLSe53
    Seems to be getting slower and slower to load pictures
  • Love 5/5

    By LadyJ9:)
    This app is fantastic. I went to school for fashion and now this is my go too for style ideas. It’s so easy to work, navigate and place orders. Also, I love that the influencers find great sales and amazing bargains and so much fun. I spend hours on it. Love love love!
  • Go back to tile view! 3/5

    By MICHAmanda1988
    I love this app although it doesn’t help my shopping addiction. However I hate the update I wish they’d allow you to choose how you view the people you follow. I want the older layout with smaller multiple tiles you could view at once and not this new update. I truly dislike it so much I may stop using the app. Shame.
  • Horrible app! 1/5

    By Luie221
    I used to love using this app but with the recent update there is absolutely no way I’m using I now! It forces you to look at content and “deals” that I’m not interested in viewing. It doesn’t allow for me to change the way I view my home page or feed. This app has become absolute garbage.
  • Love LMK 5/5

    By Lablovr72
  • 🤗 5/5

    By brookeholden
    This app is amazing You can find everything you need in just a few seconds!
  • Bring back the view profile feature 2/5

    By Aubree129!
    I hate that there is no view profile feature with the new update, you can’t find your own content from your point of view.
  • Pls Get More Content for Black & Queer Folx 1/5

    By LW_LA
    Not much for Black and Queer folx. No diversity in selection of creators and styles.
  • Easiest Shopping Tool - MUST HAVE! 5/5

    By KerilynD
    I scroll through Instagram a few times a day, usually following influencers to see what’s in style. And if you ever see something you want to know more details on — prices, where it’s from, how to style it — this app has it all. Take a simple screenshot of your influencers photo, link, or profile on your Instagram, and it shows up in your LikeToKnowIt App! It saves all your screenshots, allows you to favorite photos or just the specific items you love. You can also search on the LTK app for other influencers or shop for products directly: clothes, beauty, etc. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who wants to keep up with styles and needs an easy, quick way to shop for the best, highly recommended fashion pieces!
  • New size = depression 5/5

    By Sassafras Jones
    Thanks to menopause, the pandemic, horrific stress at work, and being too exhausted to exercise much, I went up 2 sizes in clothes. I was horrified that after being one size at least a decade, I had to buy all new clothes that fit my new shape. If it wasn’t for LTK, I’m positive I would have gone down a shame spiral of despair. To see other women around my size that were dressing great and with amazing finds at my normal haunts (Target, Abercrombie, Aerie, Anthropologie, etc) made me feel so much better about myself . I’m honestly embracing my new me - much bigger size and everything. I am so thankful for all the great ideas and body positivity I have found here!
  • Fab Finds 5/5

    By poshteacher1
    I find the latest fashion here! L💛V! @poshteacher1
  • Ynfiniti 5/5

    By YnfinitiS
    LTK app has always been easy to use! Perfect for bloggers/influencers first starting out and great for gift ideas as well. Even if you don’t post having the app to shop is a good one to have on your phone!
  • Love LOVE LTK 5/5

    By opetri
    I love shopping in LTK because it makes my shopping experience so much easier!!!! Takes me directly to site which is very sufficient!!!
  • The best site ever!! 5/5

    By KMC from Marin
    I have used this site to pull my entire house together, literally room by room. I just love all the style inspiration from the amazing women I follow. Thanks girlies!!!!!
  • Love this app ! 5/5

    By prosecconpilates
    This Avenue easily helps you find the latest trends and sales to stay in style while saving!
  • Posts 3/5

    By akisbh
    It would be nice to be able to save posts in different categories
  • Cluttered and clunky 1/5

    By Jp_450
    I used to love this app, but now it looks way too cluttered to be enjoyable or user friendly. There needs to be a way to block content from creators we don’t want to see – it’s very frustrating sifting through hundreds of the exact same post from someone who slapped a dozen web product photos onto a page. I miss searching for a product and finding a variety of thoughtful mod shots. If I wanted to see a company’s product photo I would use google.
  • Annoying Features 2/5

    By Melly in DC
    Why does it automatically follow someone when you click their profile? Why can’t I just look at my feed instead of the suggested posts at the top AND the bottom?
  • Too Slow 1/5

    By ABA1286
    I used to love this app & use it religiously, but it has become too slow. Takes forever to download, so I just gave up & stopped using it!
  • Pattif 5/5

    By Tpsaf
    I like it and can go right to sight to buy any of the items I see on my influencers I follow put in their Instagram!!! Makes it easy
  • It used to be more user friendly 3/5

    By Phil_Lippov
    I love LTK! The updates for the past year make the app worse. I love how I used to be able to favorite and add a product to a list right from the post page.
  • Easy to shop! 5/5

    By Dipcygc
    I love to follow the styles!
  • Love this App 5/5

    By spirittalker13
    Best App ever!!!! Love it! Makes searching great recommended products so easy!! Bonus… helps save money!
  • Please change the format back to the old one 1/5

    By mnl40
    I really love the concept of this app. I love being able to shop from my favorite creators. However, the changes you have made in the format have made finding and organizing the items I want to purchase difficult. The new layout makes no sense and requires extra steps. 1. I do not like that to add my items to a wishlist, I now have to go to my favorites and then add. 2. I do not like that that the favorites section is all vertical, so if you have been using this app for a while like me you have a lot of photos to scroll through. 3. You don’t show all creators I follow new posts. Please do better.
  • Variety went missing 2/5

    By Lo71989
    I’ve used this app for years for outfit and home inspo. It is like Pinterest, but with current items to shop. Now, it is so hard to see new variety. I am not sure if the algorithm changed to value popularity or mega influencer followings, but I keep seeing the same posts throughout the day from the same people. Likewise, they only show certain influencers in the discover/hashtag pages. Literally the same influencers that they advertise in their emails and Instagram posts… if I search for something specific, there they are again lol! These pages don’t seem to refresh with new content like they used to. Same posts are displayed for hours and sometimes a few days. I know there are thousands of influencers on this app, so why am I not seeing them?
  • Freezes up all the time 3/5

    By newmkkk
    I love the app, but it ALWAYS freezes up when using it. It crashes and I have to restart it every time.
  • App malfunction 1/5

    By kimmcclellan
    I have been using this app for years and love it. however, recently they must have done some update to it and messed it up. Every time I want to scroll through the people I follow feed, and I click on a post to view the content, and then go back, it refreshes the page and makes me go all the way back to the top again. If I got pretty far in scrolling, it is so annoying to have to go back up the top and start all over again. I kept trying to update my app or hope they would fix this major user issue but they haven’t. It’s been so annoying that it causes me to not want to use this app and I get too frustrated. Really hoping they fix this issue soon.
  • A lot of kinks to work out 3/5

    By Tancabi
    A lot of kinks to work out for a smoother experience.
  • Dislike new format 3/5

    By Kludjian
    The page refreshes too often when you’re scrolling and it makes it really hard to go back to where you were or even want to stay on the app.
  • La mejor súper útil 5/5

    By saraguillena
    Útil y fácil de utilizar
  • Annoying but useful 2/5

    By lovelyone80
    I like this app because it’s great for identifying what people are wearing and giving links to the items. However, the app is lackluster and boring. I find everytime I open the app I have to log in- why don’t I stay logged in? Also they keep suggesting the same people over and over again. They don’t even take into account the creators I do follow and suggest people more like those (or even styles closer to what I like). It seems that they only want to promote some creators and that’s all I see.
  • Needs a mens fashion option 1/5

    By RobertMaung
    My family was talking about this so I decided to check it out but to my surprise there is NO content for men.
  • Not working 1/5

    By 아 쫌대체왜
    I used to use this app a lot. Lately, I am having issues searching and unable to find anything in this app-so irritating 😠
  • Love it 5/5

    By taycross.
    This app is so helpful 🤩
  • So good 5/5

    By Yusinka
    Good design and easy to use. Not so good for my Wallet!