Lucky Day - Win Real Money!

Lucky Day - Win Real Money!

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  • Current Version: 5.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lucky Day - Win Real Money! App

Lucky Day is a 100% Free Sweepstakes App! Lucky Day offers free scratcher, lotto, and raffle games for a chance to win real money and rewards. With daily opportunities to win up to $100,000 in cash instantly, earn rewards, or enter raffles! Lucky Day is a free lifestyle experience on your mobile device. We change lives daily by offering hundreds of games for our players to scratch and have a chance to win real money instantly. Play your free daily lotto and scratch cards for a chance to win real money and prizes. New scratch cards are available daily for your chance to win up to $10,000 instantly. You can also enter sweepstakes contests, raffle giveaways, and the daily lotto. Lucky Day is 100% free to download and play with no in-app purchases or deposits. Lucky Day Features: * Score a chance to win the jackpot prize of $100,000 by entering the daily lotto! * Win up to $10,000 by matching 3 winning symbols on the instant win scratch cards! * Cash prizes can be redeemed via PayPal. * Earn gift cards from top brands including Amazon, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Target, etc. Over $1.5 Million in cash and rewards have already been awarded to Lucky Day players. With hundreds of real winners daily - you could be next! New scratch card games and lotto drawings are available daily, so make sure to play every day to maximize your chance to win! Lucky Day is 100% free to download and play with no in-app purchases or deposits. Congratulations to some of our recent winners: * Jessica G. from Providence, RI who won the $350 Scratcher in August 2018 * Matthew W. from Los Angeles, CA who won the $200 Scratcher in August 2018 * Taylor G. from Corpus Christi, TX who won the $500 Scratcher in August 2018 * Alex R. from Chicago, IL who won the $200 Scratcher in August 2018 * Shasha F. from Boston, MA who the $345 Raffle in August 2018 For all the latest news and winning opportunities, make sure to Like and Follow Lucky Day on social media! Facebook: @luckydayapp Instagram: @luckydayapp Twitter: @luckydayapp For feature requests or feedback, please send us an email to us at [email protected] THESE SWEEPSTAKES ARE DEVISED AS NON-GAMBLING PROMOTIONS and are intended solely for entertainment purposes.​ *APPLE, INC. ("Apple") IS NOT A SPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN ANY WAY WITH THIS APP, NOR DO THEY ENDORSE THIS SERVICE OR SPONSOR, ANY PRIZE REDEMPTIONS. *Lucky Day is a free mobile gaming app that allows users to win money, no purchase is necessary.

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Lucky Day - Win Real Money! app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tolliegram
    Love the app! Best way to win free $, I cashed out with 500 a few months ago. Haven’t won awhile can’t wait to hit again
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By Iceicejayjayfish
    It’s a good way to make a few quick bucks or earn gift cards while you’re sitting around doing literally nothing
  • This app is not all that good 1/5

    By PaRaDoX!!!❤️😘😍😄💕
    It’s RARE you even win money on the scratch off , even if you do it’s barely anything. Then when you do get close to the pay out of 10 it’ll start glitching and acting up. Definitely needs some fixes.
  • Very interesting and fun 5/5

    By lady G N
    Love the app so far. Gave it 5 Stars Only drawback. Don’t win on the scratch tickets When it’s money. Only the token ones
  • This is a joke 1/5

    By the222222222
    It’s game is a joke I can win more playing the real scratch off’s
  • Fix 1/5

    By itdontvmatter
    At least get a couple cents here & there ,instead of getting a dollar or 50 cent every 2 weeks. Better off buying real scratches 😭😂 this game is weak.
  • Don’t believe everything you see 1/5

    By Benningtond
    I read several reviews. I’ve had the app id say almost 2 months now and do probably 50 of the scratch offs or more per day. Almost the max it lets you. I one $2 once. Amazingly, two people I know got the app and they won the same first scratch off I did (which is just tokens) they also won little bonuses like 25 cent here and there. Once you get close to the $10 (that’s the minimum amount to withdrawal) I now haven’t won anything for a few weeks straight. Makes you feel like it’s rigged. Like the last comment I seen said they won $25 here and there 🙄 I don’t know. Between 3 of us all together we may have $20. Plus think about it. If the scratch offs were that good and the raffles they wouldn’t make any profits from the ads. If you read others reviews they too were winning little in the beginning then when they hit $9 they too didn’t win anything after that.
  • It's SO WORTH IT! 5/5

    By Vyuvgxiucinivgcgvch hvuv
    Ive been playing for like a week, but hear me out. It takes like less than five minutes you fill out your scratchers and enter the raffle, then get tokens and maybe money! EDIT- I JUST WON TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Blah blah1969
    I redeemed august 9th Hanging Bag, Toponly Clear Hanging Bag Socks Bra Underwear Rack Hanger Storage Organizer 16 Pockets And never received it and its not September 20th
  • Great App 5/5

    By tay.snupe
    Even though I haven’t won any money yet , it still gives me high hopes and the opportunity
  • Money 5/5

    By Trippyman_2000
    This game is amazing I just won I lot
  • Not Work 1/5

    By Kweenkalea
    So I have been play this app for a couple of months now and got up to $9.00 and now the app won’t let me in just keeps putting something went wrong there is technical issues. So I tried emailing the tech support and it says it take 3 days for them to get back but they never do. After the 5th day of nothing I wrote them again lol and still nothing. I thought it was everyone’s app that must be down but nope only mine. They probably do t want you to cash out and I was so close to $10
  • Ordered a gift card 3/5

    By RyanMattell
    Been half a month and they still have not sent the card to me. Getting put off by it now.
  • Hmmm... I don’t know Pucci 1/5

    By I don't get a nickname
    Probably will delete the app, not sure if it’s worth my time. Playing the game for a month now with my lady and every time I win she wins too, On the same scratch off so it seems like the prizes are Automatic and they keep you below $10
  • Give a try 4/5

    By Canmoogen
    I’ve been playing for 3 days and already got $7.25, it’s an addicting game that can get you money for being on it maybe 20-30 mins a day
  • Fun, fun, fun 5/5

    By SurvivorMaggie
    This app is really fun. I love scratch offs. All of the complaints about not having good odds are ridiculous. It’s a free app! Obviously it is going to take a long time to get coins and win cash. Enter my lucky code C95KLUM and we both get 100,000 coins.
  • Scam 1/5

    By The Pond Lady
    Total scam. Tried to create an account using my email address vs my Facebook account. It will not allow me to proceed keeps saying enter a valid email address. It is a valid email address. I think they just want access to my Facebook account and unless you give it the app doesn’t work!!!!
  • Rigged 2/5

    By Votable
    Everyone I know has received around $1 at the beginning of downloading this app, presumably to keep you hooked. But after nearly a year of playing this, Me and my friends have been stuck near $10 and can’t withdraw, because you need at least $10 to withdraw. Looking at other reviews too, this seems to be pretty common. This app seems less random and more preset than anything. I have no doubt in my mind that you can earn some kind of money in this game, but gift cards are the only way you can reliably make anything. Oh, and as for the scratch tickets; as far as im aware, those amounts - $1000, $100,000 etc - are a lie. Nobody ever wins those amounts.
  • Lucky day 3/5

    By Mrs Damaris
    I love the game but been on it for months and I haven’t got pass 7.25 cents but it’s a fun thing to do
  • It’s ok.. 2/5

    The most “free money” they give you in all is $7.50. I have had this app HOPING to get more than that for a year.
  • This game 5/5

    By Horton man
    I like this game so much I wish I had more cards
  • So fun 5/5

    By Puff11
    This is so cool and awesome I love it!
  • Earning free tokens 1/5

    By forreal now
    This app gives you the option to download games or apps to earn free tokens. I downloaded an option they had that was supposed to give me over 3 mil when I reached a certain level.... I downloaded wasting my time to get to that level and never got the tokens and they don’t even offer it as an option anymore.... waste of time.
  • Absolute waste of time 1/5

    By Tom Brady star
    This app is a total waste of your time. I played it for 2 weeks and made about $1.50. Many of the cards they will give you two of the winning symbols in a row just to make you think you are close to winning. Out of the thousands of people that play this app only a few will win, and at most it will be $50
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By CrapppApp
    This app is the biggest waste of time ever. They’re basically using you to make money from watching ads nonstop while they give you a quarter once every other week in return. So rigged.
  • No progress in a long time 1/5

    By SimplyShaySoSweet
    Stuck on $7.00 for the past few months! Y’all going to have to fix this. In real life it won’t take months to win $10.00
  • Bad 1/5

    By Anderson1229
    Since I updated app won’t open I used to play all day now I since a hour ago I cannot open the app at all so aggravating!
  • NO MONEY 4/5

    By geez!
    i won a card for $150,000 and you don’t get anything. And the cards are stupid. But it’s sooo fun to scratch cards
  • Rigged 1/5

    By roy200621
    I put in all my 1,000,000 tokens for 100 tickets for the $50 raffle and didn't win clearly rigged.
  • Fake 1/5

    By Food stain
    I’ve had this app since it launched and never won anything! Don’t waste your time downloading this garbage. The high reviews are obviously paid for.
  • You won’t win.. 1/5

    By Pittgesisthegod
    It’s crazy that every time you get close to ten dollars something goes wrong with the game . This is the second time it has done it so I won’t be playing anymore..
  • Eh 3/5

    By Lexi:)<3:3
    It’s entertaining but I’ve won $1.50 over the course of a month. I play almost daily doing every scratcher and raffle and lotto and I’m tired of seeing coins instead of cash.
  • Honestreviewer0183 5/5

    By Totally NotGay
    So, People are rating 1 star because they are not winning anything. First of all it is free and you are not paying any money so of course the odds will be slim to none. Second of all these are scratch offs, How often do you win on real scratch offs? Exactly. I won on a 50 dollar scratch off the other day and everyday you have a chance to win 50 dollars on the daily raffle. If this app was fake and a scam apple would have already removed it.
  • 😒 1/5

    By vdcr83
    Casi 4 meses y al principio premios pero ya después ni un $ ahí se quedó en 7$ 😞 y gastas tickets 🤷🏻‍♀️ le doy dos dias mas... 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Hoping to win big money 5/5

    By datguychum
    It’s a cool lil game to waste time on but you’re not going to win a large amount of money hell you’ll be lucky if you win a dollar lol but I like the game overall tho
  • You won’t win anything 1/5

    By TheZacB
    Id like to see a review from someone who’s won more than $.25-.50 at a time. You’ll never win big, you’re actually better off working at minimum wage and spending that money on REAL scratch off than wasting time on here.
  • Bruh 1/5

    By doggyhusky
    The app is very stupid because you can’t get $2.00 at all
  • Great game 5/5

    By Shakira Renee
    Great games but I be glad when I get to $10 been stuck at $8.75 for 6 months now !!! Smh
  • Lie to yourself 1/5

    By iDekrstx
    Go ahead and give this app a try if you like because after all its all free. Or is it? If ur time is valuable to you then its not really free. Your gonna be watching ads after ads and those $10 or $5 or even $1 is not possible to win. I got $1 but you have to reach $10 to cash out and let me tell you, you are never going to get there. I just dont like how they advertise it as people actually winning. Oh before i forget, if you happen to collect 3 million tokens (im guessing in about a year or two) most of the prizes are useless and the good ones are out of stock. Good luck...
  • Coins 1/5

    By dannmnnnnny
    My tokens show 1 million but when I check on the leader board it shows 50k if there’s a way to fix that please let me know I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something please reach out to me :(
  • Love apps 5/5

    By LissaDawn13
    I like to play!
  • I was my 200k tokens 1/5

    By onion gun
    I didn’t get 250k tokens it just got 50k I wish you can do something about this I have prof
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Bulletsarge
    If you are trying to win money don’t waste your time. 4 months straight playing daily and have won a total of $8 that is worthless because they will not let you “cash out” unless you have $10 or more. Worthless. You can get paid to watch advertisements elsewhere.
  • It’s okay. 2/5

    By Whitney Wash
    It’s okay to pass time. I’ve never won 3 symbols in a row I’ve been playing for years. It’s an okay app I guess.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Priencesschelsey
    Love playing this game it is very addictive
  • ITS A SPAM!!!!! 3/5

    By Tiny Dik
    I got a $100 target gift card after using this app for 13. It’s all worth it because I lost the gift card and now I’m broke and homeless with no life. Plz help, may God bless you for life.
  • They are free scratchers! 5/5

    By Kdunn0508
    So why expect to win $1000 on a free scratcher. If you play every day you will eventually be able to cash out. If you are addicted to scratching tickets, get your fix here. At least this doesn't cost your paycheck! 😜
  • Gets Old Really Fast 2/5

    By JohnnyGrappa
    If you love scratch off losers and watching commercials, this App will be the best thing you’ve ever downloaded. It’s ok as far as daily time waster...when you think you might actually win something... but when you realize that they don’t even let you win the scratch offs for their worthless fake money, it gets old really fast.
  • Waste of time!!!!! 1/5

    By Castro662
    Find for the first day or so but after that it's just boring and a waste of time!!!!!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By no1233462
    Have been playing for 2 months every day and it has been a giant waste of time haven’t won any money since I hit $7 and you need $10 to cash your money out they do have dollars store items I can spend millions of coins to get but I haven’t since it since it seemed like a waste of coins but since I’m not winning anything they can keep their dollar trinkets and count me out

Lucky Day - Win Real Money! app comments

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