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Lucky Goal - Funny every day

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  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lucky Go Studio
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lucky Goal - Funny every day App

Play the best designed, relaxing game every day – 100% risk-free! Lucky Go offers players chances to win every day! Well-designed spin, multiple elements. Tap, spin and win! Simple, relaxing and easy! Easy to download, no in-app purchases or deposits.  Lucky Go Features: -The more you spin, the more you win. -Fight for the leaderboard, take the reward. -Multiple items, multiple effects. -Different choices, different moods. ** WIN ** Collect your rewards instantly, no need to wait. ** EARN REWARDS ** Earn tokens as you play! The more you play, the more you win. **MULTIPLE ITEMS, DIFFERENT EFFECTS ** More choices, more winning chances! Lucky Go is intended solely for entertainment purposes only and does not require any details from its players to play. *Lucky Go is a mobile app that offers users winning chances with no in-game purchases.

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  • Deceiving 1/5

    By jennialdo
    I played and enjoyed it and when I reached 3000000 points I couldn’t cash out only if you Facebook which I don’t how disappointing
  • Love 5/5

    By Plasticfloor
    Love this game haven’t had it long but win 3 buck
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By criticdawn
    Trash game. Too many ads. You won’t get much money. Don’t waste your time.
  • 5stars 5/5

    By Doublog
    This game is legit one of the most fun and most simplest ways to win money on your free time man I love this game thank you guys so much appreciate you for making it easy and fun to win money I just can’t stop playing the game and winning more points and winning more cash
  • Scammed... repeatedly 1/5

    By joejack47
    I’ve been playing this game for a little bit now and I’ve noticed that regularly they wouldn’t give you the amount that it displayed you winning. Occasionally you’d win say, .25 but it would give you only .09, or .10. Sometimes it wouldn’t give you anything. While I was frustrated with this I continued playing as it was only small amounts that I was being cheated. But a couple days ago I got a $1250 ticket with 3 of the icon and won 0! That’s a lot of money for them to not award. I contacted their support team already with no response.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Ryan582639
    You get up to 7$ then they rig it so you can’t win 10$ to cash out. App is plain garbage and idk why Apple lets app developers get away with blatant scams 🤷‍♂️🔥

    By Rachle Ray's dog
    I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD it’s just ads, and I expect that have to make money somehow but the thing that really gets me riled up is that even if you do win something even as minuscule and worthless as its token things it doesn’t give it to you half the time it’s that stingy
  • Don’t Bother 1/5

    By Yeah5226
    I downloaded this game a few weeks ago. You cannot cash out until $10. You’ll get “money” but in approaching $8, it stops giving you “money”. I’ve been stuck at $8.60 for a few weeks. I managed to get a $5 Amazon card. I tried to use it today and it appears to work the same way as promotional Amazon credit, meaning you have to find certain items in order to spend it. Don’t waste your time.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Richie L. E.
    I waited to make a review because when the game first started it seemed legit and I didn’t understand the bad reviews. Within days I have already made $6, and my token count is also pretty high (600K). However, once I hit the $6 mark I haven’t had the opportunity to get money since then. Usually you have absolutely not chance of getting 3 in a row on the scratch offs, even the ones that seem like they finally lined up the game will purposely put “1,000 tokens!” In the spot the icon should be. So instead of getting that $500 for three in a row, you get two in a row and the game gives you 1,000 tokens instead when they could’ve just put the icon there. Obviously you’re not going to win giant cash prizes like they say you will, but I was earning a little over a dollar a day at first to now I haven’t been able to get a chance for any money since I hit $6. Going to keep playing and see if things change, will be updating my review if they do. If not, definitely a game that isn’t worth the time and effort if they don’t even let you reach the cash out limit.
  • Iffy 2/5

    By santosmona
    It take long and when you play the spinners ot always skips the amount you can reach for cash even though the amounts are small ive got 8.&0 and its been like that for four days the scratchers no longer giving me those 10 or 25 cents they have all been coins so no im wondering if it actually lets uou teach up to ten to be able to cash out
  • It’s legit 5/5

    By HerRoyalJessness
    Let me start by saying I have been playing this for about a month now and I have already received a $5 amazon gift card for reaching $5 million coins. However, I have not reached $10 to cash out with PayPal yet. As of December 9th 2019 I have $8.45. I will update if/when necessary.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By kayleent86
    Saw some ads figured I’d download. It’s very hard to win actual money, you are only really getting the apps tokens that your winning. It shows in the ad when you spin the wheel the person gets like $85...nope... the wheel has like 0.5 and $1 on there... do not download this! There is also so many ads for other things on this app. One move you make and there is a ad. Waste of time and false advertisement.
  • Winning! 5/5

    By Rager65
    Not much but it’s fun to scratch tickets.
  • Love this game!! 5/5

    By B&L19
    This app is amazing!
  • Great game 5/5

    By mschmidt01
    Very fun game to get some pretty decent money. I play it often and it’s fun.
  • Fun 4/5

    By AshleeLynn925
    This is a really fun game, love scratching tickets but i wish it was a little easier to win money and i wish the yellow coins could count like 1 million yellow coins is $1 or something because i don’t really use amazon gift cards. but other than that i enjoy playing.
  • For those who don’t believe 5/5

    By kali tara
    I read many negative reviews for this app. I don’t know what’s wrong with those people. I have this game and I play all the time. I know there is lots of ads but it worth. Now I have $8.20 and haven’t earn $$ since couple of the day, but you can get many coins from spin, scratch, lotto and quiz game. I already made 5 million coin and they send me $5 amazon gift card via E-mail. It’s a little amount but if you keep playing then you will earn more and more everyday. I have many other games in my phone that doesn’t give you gift card for playing so instead of wasting time on other games you can actually win some $$$$ on this apps. If you win even $5 or $10 then just think that you are getting that amount for free.
  • Not sure 1/5

    By Adidas0328
    Either I am the most unlucky person in the entire world, or this game is rigged I have been playing for like 2 weeks now and have not even won $10.00 I can’t cash out my $8.20 that I have won or even win more plus the game freezes up on me quite often but I still play because I am either stupid or bored or both but mainly bored so not happy overall
  • The app is overall decent 4/5

    By SniperKiller947
    Firstly, I can absolutely confirm that you can be rewarded using this app. I saved 3 million tokens, redeemed the $2 amazon gift card, and received it in my email 1 day later. The amazon code was valid. The biggest problem with this app is that it takes so long to actually get paid. At ~$8 money accumulated you will experience the game give you money much much less. It took me ~9 days to get $8 and I have been at $8 for about 4 days now. In the last 4 days I have only made $0.20. This game is very very time consuming. I have been heavily playing this game for about 2 weeks and only made a $2 amazon gift card. Don’t expect to make any significant amount of money in this app because you most likely won’t. This app is legitimate and will payout gift cards. If I ever reach the $10 minimum payout I will update my review and let you guys know.
  • Nice but needs a little work 4/5

    By dannychawprammg
    Cool game but odds need to be updated I shouldn’t get only 1000 coins 46 times in a row other than that cool game

    By Wheki
    This game would be great if there wasn’t soo many issues with the videos loading! Half the time I can’t even get to my afternoon scratchers because the extra 3 videos won’t load! Same thing with the wheel! Can’t spin the wheel when the videos won’t load! You need to fix this!
  • Winning! 5/5

    By MichelyWms
    This game is so much fun. I’ve only been plying one day and I’ve already won so much! I started out not really thinking it would win much, but I really have!!!
  • Nice app to pass time 4/5

    By Zaza1112
    When you first get it, you actually do win quite a bit, 10 cents to 50 cents. Once you hit about 8$ your odds go down drastically. I’ve been stuck at 8.20$ for a while. You rack up quite a bit of tokens after the fact that you can turn in for raffle tickets. If you actually look at the odds of winning, it’s like 1 in a billion. 😂😂 and the people that they show that win all have weird names. So who knows. Fun little app tho if your bored.
  • It’s a good game 5/5

    By COLD3V
    I first saw this game and was thinking it was a big hoax but I realized that I was able to get around $2.25 and also I got 400k coins in only a day! I recommend this game.
  • Addicting! 5/5

    By lifeiisstrange
    If you’re thinking about this app, get it! It’s so fun and exciting and addicting!
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By Ryssss15
    this game is cool and you can win real money buts it’s nothing like the ads they get you with. you have a VERYYYYY slim chance to win anything big and you can’t cash out until you hit $10 which doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen for me. i’m keeping the game because i want to get something out of it but it’s not what they advertise it to be.
  • Doubt 3/5

    By AZRAEL4229
    I highly doubt this game is real since I can’t seem to win anything other than those worthless coins. Like, what even am I supposed to do with them??anyways, if I don’t win anything other than coins in the next 24 hours I’m uninstalling.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By TheRealFluff
    This app is literally fake. You never win as they claim you do and you have to have over 3 million coins to even have a chance to win and you never truly win anything. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone honestly.
  • Ads are misleading. Disappointed 1/5

    By 42nd CEN.
    Ads are misleading. Disappointed
  • Games 5/5

    By Handsomeasstae
    I like this app wish I really win some money off this 😬😬🤗
  • Fake winners 1/5

    By Justyj.H
    All I’m gonna say is the names of the winners are obviously fake
  • Fun, but having some trouble 4/5

    By yoshigirl13
    This is a fun app! Sometimes I win some money. However, sometimes when I go to play an ad to spin the wheel or get extra scratchers, I’ll get a popup that says Loading Video. Underneath it says Oops! Video is being loaded. Please try again later. After the update I'm still having the same issue! I wasn’t even able to get my bonus tokens yesterday! By the way, my app doesn’t look like your photos.
  • Scam! 1/5

    By jeiosap
    Don't buy this app! I know there are multiple reviews saying that they got money fast after like 10 minutes but theres a catch I found - you need to win at least $10 to cash it out! That may not seem like much thinking about how people are "getting $7 in the first 10 minutes" but they trick you! They give you a few bucks at the beginning to trick you into thinking you can get money fast but after those first few bucks, nothing! No winning, no lottery ticket wins, nothing! They do this to make you write a good review and to keep you playing! I do not recommend these lottery ticket apps. They always do these tricks. Also, WAY too many ads. Theres one every 20 seconds.
  • Mavdbfjsjshskdhdkshsj 1/5

    By XXX_Toxic
    This game is rigged.
  • Slowly growing 4/5

    By Dwolf6990
    Been playing about two weeks. Racked up about $5. I haven’t tried cashing out yet so we’ll see when I have a large enough sum too try it.
  • Bestest 5/5

    By oinkmee
    Bro I won 2 dollars already
  • Curious 5/5

    By Bayonetta's wife
    Playing to see if this app is legit but it is fun to waste time on
  • It’s lit 5/5

    By idfkjgafka
    Just let it run while you watch Game of Thrones and you’ll pile up cash
  • LIGIT 5/5

    I absolutely love this game!!!! It is very addictive and it dose have a lot of adds but of course those adds are the reason you get paid REAL MONEY!!!!!
  • Don’t expect to win. 3/5

    By 175$372
    This game is enjoyable. I like the aspect of the scratch offs, although you won’t actually win a significant amount of cash. The lotto is fun, even though you won’t win anything. The raffle is also a nice gimmick, especially since you can win tickets for it through the scratch offs, but going back to my main point: don’t expect to win anything. I’ve saved the best for last; T H E W H E E L. You can view the statistics for the wheel, and if you look at the cash prizes (which is what we are all interested in) you will notice that you have a 1:12500 chance of winning the $5 payout, which means that you have a higher chance of being drafted for the NBA or being injured by a toilet than winning $5 on this app. Now we are going to move onto the big payout for the wheel: $10. Unsurprisingly, this has a lower chance of payout than the $5 jackpot. Winning $10 in lucky goal is a 1:1000000 chance. Yes, you read that right, one to one million odds. This means that a woman is more likely to give birth to identical quadruplets, you are more likely to die in a plane crash, get struck by lightning or get killed by fireworks than winning $10. Don’t let me discourage you though, go and spin the wheel, maybe you’re the 1:1000000. Just don’t spend all of that $10 in one place. :)
  • Can’t Cash Out 1/5

    By ClipClapCrap
    Took 2 weeks of steady participation to earn enough to cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card. Requires a text or voice verification that never actually gets sent, so you can never enter the code to verify. So Lucky Goal gets paid for the ads they show, but doesn’t pay out the users who viewed the ads. Same old PTC scam.
  • Haha haha 1/5

    By WillandJo
    You will never get to $10.00 to cash out. Played over a month and got to 6.40. Do not download!!!!!
  • Fake 1/5

    By 🤵🤷‍♂️
    Bots winning raffles. Doesn’t let you reach 10$ which is minimum to redeem.
  • Just cool 5/5

    By ShayShay207
    I love this it’s fire 🔥🔥
  • It’s not fun anymore 1/5

    By Snjdiskaklenfjdjakwmjd
    I don’t win money like I used too, I’ve been stuck on $8.20 for the past week now, not even an extra cent. And I only win 2 raffle tickets I think it’s rigged. It fines t let you win past a certain amount
  • Change it back!! 1/5

    By MichaelMort
    Please change it from this horrible “spin” update back to the scratch offs! This update is horrendous to use because it takes so much longer now...
  • Dont waste your time 1/5

    By Blackhat2379
    The app is offering cash and rewards, this app is designed to nobody could get a penny from them, look for a job and start making money instead of waste your time here.
  • Don’t use memory on it 1/5

    By bananaman7908
    I got this thinking I could get a few bucks but it doesn’t take your money but tons of ads and it doesn’t let you redeem your money till you get $10 and you only win tokens to spin so overall do not get it and waste your memory on it
  • Another one 3/5

    By JanLynneDowe
    Another game that promises you can win money then keeps you under $10 so you can’t cash out. Huge waste of time

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