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  • Current Version: 9.130.0
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  • Developer: Deutsche Lufthansa AG
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Lufthansa App

Your personal assistant Keep all your flights stored in the app and benefit from a complete overview of your trips. Your personal trip assistant offers real-time relevant information and you can stay up to date with flight related notifications. Check in, change or reserve your seat and receive your boarding pass – all this can be done quickly and conveniently in the trip assistant during your journey. Book your trip All services at your fingertips. Customise your trip to fit your needs: - Offers by country of departure - Book flights and rental cars - Overview of booked flights - Choose your seat and purchase additional baggage - Present your mobile boarding pass directly out of the app – even offline Personal profile Use your Travel ID or Miles & More login and benefit from personalised services. In your profile you can edit your personal details and use our mobile services even more conveniently and quickly. More services The Lufthansa App offers many more services and useful information such as flight status, contact details, and more.

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Lufthansa app reviews

  • Cannot pay through card keep complaining to check detail 1/5

    By kick-app
    I tried to book seats and pay through card, it kept telling to correct the detail while there was no issues with my credit card Ld detail. Tried with all my 3 credit cards. None worked. This happened 4 months back also while booking other reservation. Seems this is a permanent problem. Waste app. And worst customer service ever experienced.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By pa$$werd
    This app has been useless as a means of assisting my travel. It never connects during log in and I am forced to check in and coordinate directly at the counter or via telephone. It also fails to link properly to Star Alliance.
  • One of the worst airlines 1/5

    By Billistac
    Lufthansa is one of the worst airlines I have ever flown on. I’ve flown with them 3 times and all have been horrible experiences. They canceled one of my flights 15 minutes before it was supposed to board with no explanation and left me stranded in the airport. I contacted customer service and they were extremely rude and offered no resolution. I will never ever fly with them again and encourage others not to fly with Lufthansa.
  • Can’t login, view seats, book a true multi city 1/5

    By LHdi1
    This new “update” is a disgrace…can’t login, keeps logging out. Can’t view seats. However the worst for me is true loss of functionality. I was trying to book a multi-city flight on the old app & I had my flights & price locked in but it kept prompting me to update so I did. Now I can’t book a multi-city from the app nor any mobile device…disaster for frequent travelers. Had to book my flights through a 3rd party.
  • New App Missing Seat Selection 2/5

    By AG262626
    The app lost an important function. I can no longer choose seats or see specific seat availability before entering my personal information. Sometimes I need to know my seat before I know if I want the flight.
  • Doesn’t Keep User Logged In 1/5

    By Fjsjfjcidj
    Requires the user to be logged in for the most useful functions …. But regularly logs you out when not using the app. So unless you are down to log in over and over, the app is fairly worthless.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By moreapppls
    I received 8,000 FTL miles via vouchers from Lufthansa during a flight for assisting with a minor medical emergency. The miles and more app would not allow the photo to upload (despite adjusted data size). The Lufthansa app was not helpful either. Customer service rep told me to fax it as they do not also cannot receive email traffic. Wow. I threw the vouchers in the trash. Why is everything becoming such a hassle?
  • Only a 1 cuz I can’t give zero 1/5

    By EddieVan
    This app is a crappy front end the the website. Barely works. Log in with your web browser it’s same experience
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By smenard9
    App doesn’t work beyond the point when it asks you to agree to their terms. Junk.
  • App doesn’t even open 1/5

    By heyyyyy yaaa
    App doesn’t work
  • Bad uI and half the functionality doesn’t work 1/5

    By sleslie23
    Your app is practically unusable.
  • How do they get away with this garbage? 1/5

    By timged
    1. Registration form fields aren’t always visible 2. Several form fields for numbers give you a qwerty keyboard 3. Can’t reset email login, only using the rewards number kicks off the reset process 4. Can’t share your itinerary 5. Seat selection updates in booking management fails consistently. Whoever is running the app development team needs to be put on a performance improvement plan right now!
  • Feb 2023; Great update 5/5

    By johnw4ters
    This app was a hot mess for a long time, the recent update has made it clean and easy to navigate.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By no cinco veces
    App doesn’t work
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By eveprime
    The app would not let me do anything without adding my contact information. It needs 5 phone numbers!?!?!? No matter how I tried to format them, I got an error and could not proceed with my booking. Useless.
  • Changing eMail Does Not Work 1/5

    By Don't be so curious
    I rated this app with one star because changing my email address does not work currently. Either the activation link does not work, or the database does not recognize that the new email address has already been activated. Re-sending the activation link leads to an error message.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Tex Eric
    Never works - doesn’t recognize my booking code or Something else, most every time. Wish I could give it zero stars. I ultimately have to just get paper boarding tickets on their flights. And not user friendly by any definition I have.
  • Incredibly buggy 1/5

    By NotTodaySatan12345
    App freezes… or sticks on loading screen. Doesn’t let me manage booking. Sometimes it says I’m denied access to the page, other times it freezes. Not a good app.
  • Excellent Flight and great App! 5/5

    By Michelle NK
    I continue too fly only Lufthansa when possible because over the years they have continued to be the very best! The food may be improved but truly when I fly, food is the least important on my list of concerns.
  • Adding bagagge 2/5

    By Martin 1947
    Cannot add one more piece for my return flight. Why?
  • offer to upgrade 3/5

    By y unique nickname compulsory
    When we accept the offer it replies Sorry. While login it says welcome back when entering same email at option to reset password it says email not found
  • Registration 1/5

    By Srabram
    I can’t register- no way to navigate as a new registration.
  • good app but could be better to manage family 4/5

    By nemarket$
    family functions: - being able to take care of family members checkin at once instead of having to do this individually for each person traveling - seat assignments — if i have to do this for each family member one by one, no guarantee we will get paid seats next to each other because let’s say i pay for seat selection for myself and then i have to do the same thing for my wife, what if the adjacent seat is taken by somebody else before I do the seat selection for my wife? — somehow miles&more cannot be easily added to profile. and so, have to go thrpugh the painful process of scanning boarding passes to get miles.
  • Lost Baggage 1/5

    By Ruined Christmas Vacation
    The worst Customer Service ever. Bags delayed 5days from the day my trip began. One bag delayed 7days, lock broke, and missing items. I have been emailing Customer Service since 19 Dec 22 with one reply and no other reply since 3 Jan 23. Receipts for purchased items were submitted and have not received refund or reply. Husband custom made leather coat miss and boots.
  • Terrible App for Supposed Great Airline 2/5

    By cricketfan97
    Why can’t I view my boarding pass in-app? Why do I not get sms updates? Why is it so hard to navigate? 10x worse then even the Avianca app, with 10x the budget…
  • Quite a bit tedious… 2/5

    By bobbylax227
    Frequently logs out on its own - when I try to click on the icon and have to log back in again.. Seems I have to input the passport info manually every time I make a reservation even though it shows the info in my personal details… Why is it so difficult to add the United Airlines partnership mileage program to a Lufthansa reservation? It’s absolutely outrageous that seat reservation fees are not refundable even with fully refundable tickets 11 months in advance!!
  • Scam from Lufthansa 1/5

    By rat1b0r
    In 2021 bought tickets for my parents from Kazakhstan to USA. With COVID regulations this flight was not possible. Airlines didn’t allow my parents to on the board. But this is not an issue. After I was trying to change tickets for different dates, but presenters of the company told me that I have to pay for rescheduling this flight the same amount of money!!! 2k $!! That was a true robbery!
  • Crashes on launch after update 1/5

    By Natanius1
    I was forced to update. I did and now the app doesn’t work at all. Get your act together Lufthansa. Delta, Alaska and the rest of domestic USA airlines have your lousy app beat by miles (kilometers). I’m a seasoned airline traveler and airline pilot. When the app doesn’t work, that’s game over for paperless boarding.
  • What’s going on 2/5

    By skebrik
    This used to be a good reliable app. Not anymore. I check in, select seat (23A), all good. Then I let the app show me my boarding pass - it shows 19A. I check online (web browser), I’m in seat 23A. Re-download the mobile pass - 19A… What’s going on?? (I did indeed ended up sitting in 23A)
  • Mobile Check-in 2/5

    By Traveling Ginger
    One of the worst mobile apps for an airline I’ve ever used.
  • Customer service 5/5

    By snirble
    I had a complex itinerary change but the phone agents answered quickly and were very helpful.
  • Great lounges! 5/5

    By TFF1235
  • App needs to be brought into current times 1/5

    By Pretty touchy
    Nowhere on flight info does it show arrival gate info- just terminal. Check in access is buried several pages deep. Airport maps are not easy to find. Chat with United Airlines on how to set up a Star Alliance saavy app.
  • Feedback 1/5

    By jazzybeat
    Ugly looking app. It’s takes long time to register . It’s asking for your person details even if you didn’t book anything.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Austin Mattson
    Customer service is a zero! No way to talk to a human, and no one gets back to you on reported problems in complicated reporting internet systems. I lost 2 pieces of luggage in Amsterdam. Reported in person at the time. After 2 weeks I got one piece of luggage. Can’t get any response about my second missing piece. I also had to spend the night on the floor at the Frankfurt airport without luggage, and no hotel was available due to cancellation of my flight and full hotels without agent support. All agents walked off the floor at leaving time, without attempting to inform their customers about what to do. There’s more, but just say an awful experience. Not the Lufthansa I used to love to fly. They lost me!
  • Absolutely difficult to navigate. I’m not passenger friendly. 1/5

    By Ortho999
    Please hire another company that is more in tune with your customers as this is extremely this is difficult to navigate with the most experienced a executives and IT as well as in Mobile communication.
  • Won’t work for check in 1/5

    By harbordr
    I am flying back to the US and the app as well as the website won’t advance to the next step where you enter your US address. I guess it’s an outdated system.
  • Failed from the start 1/5

    By AG Nuance
    When neither your app nor your web site lets me create a log in account, or explain how to, or reply to my email asking how to, your app and site, and arguably, your company, are not there to serve their customers. Useless.
  • It could be better 3/5

    By giorgiaopi
    Very easy navigation, but compared to other airlines it is very limited
  • Weder Kontakt noch Service in der App funktioniert. 1/5

    By FloLess103739293
    Auswahlfeldern fehlen. Niemand zu erreichen unter gegoogelten hotlines. Eine Katastrophe
  • No Entertainment 1/5

    By BigRob30
    Trying to find out if they offer internet, movies or any other entertainment and can’t find anything whatsoever. Not very user friendly - at all.
  • Horrible airlines 1/5

    By hussssssssein
    I don’t usually write a review, but lufthansa airlines absolutely garbage , horrible service I lost my flight connection, because LH421 was sitting in the airport for 2 hours , now they made my flight to the final destination about 28 hours so tired no sleep at all, Update: on my way back Lufthansa cancelled my flight 3time i had to buy another ticket with different airline with my own money, absolutely bad experience and horrible customer service i did request a refund they ignore me and they hang up the phone on me . THE TICKET THAT I BOUGH TO GET BACK WAS EXPENSIVE. DONT RECOMMEND THIS AIRLINES GROUP
  • Still a really really bad App! 1/5

    By guesswho!!
    I wrote several complaint reviews before but this App just remains the worst airline App I have ever used. Extremely buggy. I dont waste time to go into the details. Its just too much and too bad.
  • Useless customer service 1/5

    By Zee#333
    Lufthansa continues to disappoint with this app. Trying to reach their useless customer service department continues with this specialized app. At least they are consistent! Phone, chat bot, email it’s all the same. Impossible to reach by any means and when you do they either don’t respond or they hang up on you! Trying to resolve issues via the app is just the same. Don’t be fooled!
  • The most useless app ever 1/5

    By ohias
    No gate/boarding information, no real time updates, no baggage information, no nothing.
  • Flight delay 1/5

    By Kaykay32#
    Flight was delayed on web site, but did not indicate the change on the app
  • cant add my booking 2/5

    By streakflash
    I have my booking details filled in the app to add them but it does nothing, i am sure my provided information was correct
  • App is dreadful for code shares 1/5

    By Not sacrificing my ptivacy
    When booking through United the app does not work to manage my flight. I can’t select seats, make upgrades, etc. It’s very unfortunate.
  • App is totally unreliable 1/5

    By Jorboy21
    I’m glad I printed out paper boarding passes at my hotel last night because this app can’t find the booking, even after the concierge spent over two hours on the phone with Lufthansa to set it up. The app did the same thing to me three days ago in Frankfurt and I had to stand in line for seven hours to get rebooked at customer service. The app just kept saying “travel is complete” even though I was not at my destination. Infuriating!