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  • Current Version: 8.9.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lufthansa App

Everything you need to know for your journey with Lufthansa in an app: flight booking, timetable, flight status, check-in and more. Also benefit from fast access to your personal travel details and your Miles & More account. Try it! *** FLIGHT BOOKING *** Conveniently book Lufthansa flights to destinations worldwide using your iPhone/iPad. *** CHECK-IN *** Check in quickly and simply and save your boarding pass in the app to use it offline. If you use an iPhone, you can also save your boarding pass in the Apple Wallet app. *** TRAVEL ASSISTANT *** As the ideal travelling companion, the personal Travel Assistant shows you all the important information about your flight in compact form on one page. You will also receive direct notification of any information updates, such as boarding gate changes, via push message. *** SIRI SHORTCUT *** The Lufthansa app now also makes all the information relevant to your flight available as a Siri shortcut, for example your flight status, the time remaining until boarding and your boarding pass. *** FLIGHT STATUS and PUSH MESSAGES *** You can request arrival and departure information on all direct Lufthansa flights and have updated information on the status of your flight sent directly to your smartphone via a push message – simply activate “Local information” in your message settings. *** MILES & MORE *** Log into the app and you always have your account balance available, as well as the benefits of the app’s customised functions. You can directly access your service card and use it for check-in and access to the lounges at the airport. *** SAVE YOUR DETAILS *** Make the app your own: store your data in order to make using Lufthansa’s mobile services even faster. Passport and visa details can be quickly scanned using your camera or simply typed in. Your details will then be pre-filled for you in all the right places, for example during mobile check-in for flights to the USA or when booking a flight. *** APPLE WATCH *** The Lufthansa app for the Apple watch is the ideal travel assistant. It offers a quick overview of flight details, seat, the gate, the terminal, a countdown to boarding and the weather at your destination. Further information can be found on We will be continually expanding the functions of our app. We would be pleased to receive your feedback on this.

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Lufthansa app reviews

  • Best airline 5/5

    By gojamal
    The best
  • Awkward unintuitive app 1/5

    By AlbwegRider
    Overall unreliable. For example, it takes atleast 7 clicks using it necessary functionality to enter a date… so to enter traveler information, it’s terrible time consuming and inefficient. Recommend to LH looking at other airline apps and so forth. Lastly, confirmed information May or May Not be confirmed. Unacceptable.
  • Cannot checkin 1/5

    By Salsaphile
    This app is useless - keeps giving the error message that reservation cannot be found
  • One capable airlines app 5/5

    By Lord Napi
    Bought tickets and completed check-in from the app for an international trip using Apple Pay. Awesome UX
  • Sometimes difficult to find all data 1/5

    By Ketilursmana
    Some information not very informative. Struggling to get some info. Should be made more user friendly
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Mmoore333
    Thank you
  • Airline is awful 1/5

    By dfm021
    Worst experience. Cancelled for no reason.
  • Poor effort 1/5

    By gregtallica
    Constant server issues, navigation makes very little sense.
  • Cant believe it. What happen to great Lufthansa? 1/5

    By Algooal
    Stuck at the airport Customer service keep hanging off the phone on me After keeping me on hold for 1 hr And all i ask for is my flight was canceled at the airport. And i dont know what to do Or when can they rebook me Roc to Frankfurt I feel sad my son will wait for me at the airport to take the 2nd flight together he is only 16 years and his phone is off 🙁 I am still on a another hold for 55 minutes as of now I am a person that do not write review But this is unbelievable
  • Horrible customer service. Having bot to send a reply for messages. 1/5

    By pedanayana
    Horrible service . Please don’t prefer this airlines
  • App times out when trying to enter passport information 1/5

    By Quest4Fun
    There is no reason the app should time out so quickly (and lose the data already entered). The website is worse, but the app has not solved the problem.
  • This app is stuck in 2010 along with the rest of Germany 1/5

    By Someone under 100
    A laggy slow app that barely gives you proper information is on par with an airline that lacks the requisite modernity that one expects in 2022. German ingenuity at its finest.
  • Does not work calendar! Shame 1/5

    By Polina_Sky
    Not possible to select a day for departure. At this point booking is finished! Try dowloaded twice app. Doesn’t work properly! Such great company like Lufthansa must provide better technical support!
  • Unclear error message when attempting to check-in 1/5

    By C.M. Talbert
    Meaningful error messages are much appreciated. Still not sure what the issue is.
  • Awful 1/5

    By AT607
    Terrible UI, nothing works. Every time you try to check in it just gives you the middle finger.
  • Absolutely terrible airline and app, no held. Dead ends everywhere 1/5

    By Sam Addeo
    Literally a piece of crap
  • No customer service 1/5

    By Mkmcbe
    This airline is frustrating to work with. They don’t even post a working number to talk to anyone. My flight was cancelled and there isn’t anyone I can call to help me rebook.
  • Disorganized & Bloated App 1/5

    By My iTunes (US)
    This app is attempting to replicate the website, but did not quite attempt to make it app-simple. I just thought that if you made an app that better be very functional without being unnecessarily clunky and bloated. Too many unnecessary details. The presentation of information is disorganized. Flow of information is incoherent. If there are functions that don’t work or is not supposed to work in the app, remove them. Keep an eye out for those that give out errors and don’t offer those functionality in the app. If you mean them to be part of the app, make them work flawlessly.
  • Service 5/5

    By Stoian R M
    Everthing ITS ok. I like Lufthansa. I don’t like canceling one of my trip from returning home. But… I am sure they have a good reason. I am likely I found another ticket!👍
  • Worst Airline 1/5

    By jakkam424262
    It can’t be described. It needs pages to write
  • Horrible 1/5

    By unhappy avojt
    You never can find a reward ticket to buy also when you login in keep it switching in to a German language even though it’s English my preference language You can even find how to book a reward ticket Where is the option I am sick or using this app
  • Crap 1/5

    By Happy Pinner!!
    Still giving me error messages for two weeks yet can log on in reg site
  • Washington State is missing 4/5

    By Airplneguy
    I can’t accurately update the address in my profile as the USA state Washington is missing from the drop down menu. You have all the other States with a W, but no Washington. Please add it. Danke.
  • Bad 1/5

    By rylie655666
    No live chat, no customer service phone didn't really answer me
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By H3h5an
    Horrible customer service! for six months straight we have been trying to get our flight miles credit back... wrong guidance, rude customer service, and every time you call they technical difficulties.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By SurgeryDad
    Repeatedly crashes. “cannot parse” :(
  • Lufthansa hat mich im stich gelassen 1/5

    By bibiabib
    eine große Katastrophe mit Lufthansa! Ich bekomme keine nachricht für einen neuen rückflug. Werde ich nicht mehr buchen! Habe 1700 $ für den flug bezahlt und niemand fühlt sich verantwortlich für seine kunden die nach hause müssen. Ich bin einfach nur fassungslos!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Haiock14
    Very limited options
  • No luck interfacing w United 1/5

    By goddboxx
    The booking made with United and in its app does not cross over to the Lufthansa site since it asks for a booking code that doesn’t sync w the United locator #. Couldn’t change my seat. FYI the EWR Lufthansa gate location xin terminal B is one of the most charmless (and sweltering) airport areas in North America. Just sayin’. Get any take-aboard food elsewhere before you end up there.
  • App is not updated as frequently as Google 2/5

    By redatany
    Stuck in Frankfurt for 2 days and the app was always a step behind Google for flight and gate changes.
  • Efficient System for an Airline 5/5

    By OD_KE
    The app is easy to navigate and has all the necessary details I need on the front page of the app.
  • Bags 1/5

    By Phender
    Nothing dedicated to help finding lost bags in the app. Totally stupid.
  • My bags and contact them 1/5

    By emir1974$
    Most unprofessional and bad company in USA I don’t want recommendation nobody to use them
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By TDLliz
    I don’t know what’s wrong with this app but it doesn’t open at all. Used to work fine.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Motardinn
    Needs a lot of improvements
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Nate#12512
    This app and airline is garbage. I will never fly with them again. Countless involuntary cancellations and rebookings. They changed my flight, then canceled that flight without notification. Then they un-canceled the flight and didn’t put me on it and it filled up. This airline is an absolute joke and nothing they do is above bar. Customer service is not helpful.
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By Teoma.t
    I tried to use it on a recent trip and it did not go well. Every time I opened the app, it starts at the home page. To get to the trip in progress to find information such as flight status and gates, you have to click multiple times and wait at least 2 minutes for the information to load. Might as well find a monitor at the airport. Using the app is very frustrating. Contrast that with the United app, which seems to anticipate what I need and gives me that information speedily. (And I am no fan of United airlines) Seat maps and seat assignments, forget it. I didn’t dare to try another other functionality of the Lufthansa app.
  • App not working 1/5

    By moci
    The app is glitchy. You cannot check in!
  • App is buggy 1/5

    By shelbyjuice
    Have been delayed 3 times at CPH to FRA. I trying to figure out rights of passengers and contact an agent there is no place on app to do so easily. The app provided on meal voucher of 6USD or 45DKK to one passenger but not all on the flight. The app will not allow me to check my inbox without giving a review so therefore here is my review on the app. Perhaps appdev should look at obtaining organic feedbacks instead of forcing some one how is delayed and stuck in an airport. They may get better and actual feed back that would better the app experience for all.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By hjjfdvjjdfvbkk
    Appreciate up to date gate information
  • Flight canceled. 5/5

    By jacfalle
    Our flight was canceled and we were notified via the app. We tried calling the hotline but the line was busy. When we used the app chat services, they were able to quickly reroute our flight free of charge. Thanks to our representative Bailey for the great customer service. This app saved pur holiday. John
  • Awful app and layout 2/5

    By Bl2502
    For a major carrier, the app is trash. Cluttered, hard to find important information and not user friendly! Also the time that the flight takes off is in the wrong time zone! Freaked me out until I doubled checked my paper ticket. Try to avoid if at all possible.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jenekxocnd
    Does not work. Cannot check in. Lufthansa doesn’t answer the phone.
  • Very Poor. 1/5

    By 4A&M
    Very very poor customer service. Later called was on phone for over 20mins
  • Lost my booking with the update 1/5

    By ageezz
    The app lost all my bookings with the update. What gives!
  • Good luck getting any help from this inane app 1/5

    By cris1350
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By FadeToGrayWolf
    The app is only able to do the basic functions: but a ticket, show a ticket. When I needed to use this app to rebook a canceled flight it failed. Completely. Lufthansa phone support sends me to the chatbot, the chatbot sends me to Lufthansa support. The app shows alternative flights as available even when they are not available. No intelligible error handling. This could be a great tool to help travelers solve problems instead makes things worse. Lufthansa should ask United for help. The United app handles advanced rebooking notifications and allows selection of alternative flights properly.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By RyantheRed
    Nothing works consistently in this app. Error messages are unclear. Poor performance. Notifications and messaging don’t work. Also boarding passes are not updated once downloaded.
  • Lost luggage 1/5

    By TGF1.0
    Please do not tell people that their approved suitcases don’t fit when they were accepted on another flight. And it made matters worse when they sent the bag to Bulgaria instead of Atlanta (US). Then just told us to “go online” to fill out form when their company made the error. After 10 hours of traveling this is not the way to come home. Lufthansa, do better.