Lunar Flowers

Lunar Flowers

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  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lunar Flowers App

An atmospheric puzzle game that’s as delicate as it is demanding. Ride a dragon, drift across the gentle sea, climb a stairway to the heavens — follow the fairies and experience a marvelous journey through a fantastic moonlit world. Help the princess complete challenges and explore a magical dream filled with mysteries and wonder. KEY FEATURES - Deep dream world with multiple levels of increasing difficulty - Variety of puzzle types, including brain teasers, single-swipe, and unique challenges - Elaborate and distinctive music with an original score - Unique art aesthetics evoke a sense of mystery and solitude Keep in touch & follow the fun: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:


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Lunar Flowers app reviews

  • Fantastic and amazing 5/5

    By Sushluv
    It’s more beautiful than monument valley. I love it and it’s gorgeous. It’s the best game. I wish there were more levels to play. This game is very unique and the music is awesome as well.
  • Fantastic and Amazing 5/5

    By Raihana Ali
    It is more beautiful than monument valley. I love it it's gorgeous and I wish there were more levels to play, but it's fine.
  • Very calm puzzle game 5/5

    By dodothebard
    I really enjoyed this game! It had an interesting story to accompany the many puzzles throughout it, so I didn't feel like I was doing puzzles for the sake of nothing. The game was rather short, but overall it was pleasant to play.
  • More 4/5

    By boymeetsevil
    I love this so much. I finished it real fast it would be nice if there was more. It was so nice maybe make more stories within the game I really loved it though.
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By MendolynSkye
    This game is absolutely beautiful and I loved it. Not often you get a game this nice for free! Just relax and enjoy.
  • Beautiful, similar to Monument Valley 4/5

    By Very Helpful • 😄•😄•😄
    Absolutely GORGEOUS music, design, artwork. Good story. Just the right level of difficulty to keep you interested yet challenged. A bit short, but worth your time.
  • It's beautiful 5/5

    By OwO also Elsa
    So much grace, it flows. 🙂
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Dragonese YT
    I loved this app and played it again and again. It is basically an app where you guide a little Japanese looking girl to the moon, where she apparently fell from. You have to finish puzzles to make the moon full. Absolutely amazing.
  • For a free game 5/5

    By Aoiasuma
    For a free game, this is well done, it has a very thorough storyline and mind challenging puzzles. If you enjoyed the game monument valley, I HIGHLY recommend this puzzle game.
  • Beautiful, but boring 3/5

    By rcschmidt82
    I downloaded this game because it was similar to another game I enjoyed. However, while it is beautiful, the puzzles were not engaging enough to keep me interested, and the cut scenes went very slowly as the character runs across the screen as slow as possible.
  • Any more??? 5/5

    By Regina_Lin
    This is a very challenging game and I love the designs. But... there's only 5 levels! I just download it, and I finished the levels! Why!!! Such an unique game and I can't play it anymore. 😭
  • Beautiful, please make more levels! 5/5

    By gabbicookie
    It's a new game and it's absolutely breath taking. Many have complained about how the game is done and I think the fact there are no words and you sort of have to figure it out is great. I love the design, it could flow a bit better between the different types of patterns but that can be changed by making it longer 😉 I'd love to be able to keep playing it after a day 😅
  • This game is sooooooooooooooooooooo hard!!! 1/5

    By Tacky star
    I only got up to the 2 level!!! Don't listen to the other reviews you have to be quick thinking and you have to be fast at taping.
  • Charming 5/5

    By vesparagdoll
    The art in this game is beautiful. The puzzles are a little tricky, and the entire game can be completed in one sitting. Reminds me of the myth of Chang'e.
  • A lovely game 5/5

    By 0opsy-d41sy
    Beautiful and ethereal. Don't get frustrated by the puzzles, the answers will come to you. Just bask in the dream atmosphere and enjoy the flowers.
  • Very pretty ART GAME 4/5

    By Matrix29bear
    Mostly the game is simple pattern matching and some trial & error. Extremely easy to complete. Very short, pretty much no story, just a "magical girl" doing nonsense stuff because of goading by magic pattern-match flowers. Watch the scenery and you will have all the patterns presented to you mostly clearly by deduction. There is a tricky spot at the next to last level where you have to hit blocks together as they move using "9" shapes to continue, but that was easy. The dragon ride is old-school "restart from the beginning" stuff if you goof. The very last pattern can be discovered by simple trial & error elimination. Not bad though for a short ART GAME with no real story (magic girl does things -- we never learn about her or her time or her land -- so it boils down to assisting a complete stranger to do things and go places which is about the baseline description of "Furniture Moving Job").
  • My Favourite Game 5/5

    By Abbosie
    This is the most amazing puzzle game I've ever played, I liked the story of the game, I liked the graphics, I liked everything in this game! Thank you so much for this amazing game!
  • Puzzle patterns way too small 2/5

    By onefivefour
    I could barely see the swipe patterns on the lanterns in the water on an iPhone 6. It would be a huge help if they were bigger. The game is more frustrating than fun when the main challenge is just struggling to see tiny markings on the screen.
  • Best Puzzle Game I've Ever Played 5/5

    By Recolor Fanatic
    This is, by far, the best puzzle game I've ever played. The graphics, music and gorgeous design led to an amazing gameplay experience. The simple yet detailed puzzles and the deep storyline makes Lunar Flowers an amazing game.
  • Lunar flowers 1/5

    By Azura12342
    This game is to hard and it's for 4 year olds 😡
  • Details were too small 2/5

    By Brookelynn12384866
    I loved the look of this game so I gave it a try. The music and the art was well put together but the puzzles themselves were so tiny to read and I have an iPhone 6... Besides the fact that I couldn't read the puzzles, they were very easy. The only way they became more difficult was because the rules would change on you out of nowhere and that just ended up being frustrating and confusing.
  • Plz update this game 😭 5/5

    By Smn13march
    I love this game !! Its perfect! Plz update this game and add some new chapters! I love it 😭😭
  • !!! 5/5

    By BriefReview
    There are tutorials online if you get stuck. It's a really beautiful game!
  • Omg no words for how awesome this game is!! 5/5

    By Mint128
    This is by far the best game I have ever played. The graphics are amazing, he character is outstanding, the animation is incredible, and the music and scenery is beautiful and harmonic. The puzzles are also interesting, fun, and puzzling. BEST GAME EVER!!!!
  • Really nice 5/5

    By Hciaowj
    I wish it would have been longer! Nice gentle music and pretty scenery. Sometimes the puzzles were frustrating because there were no instructions but it was cool to figure them out!
  • Different 5/5

    By InsanleySour
    So different and beautiful! It helps me relax when I'm done with work. Love the little background music.
  • A very nice game 5/5

    By Sakabutsu
    Pretty with a cool puzzle mechanic. It's short but worth playing. Definitely check it out
  • Elegant 5/5

    By Teapot4628
    This game was a simple difficulty game with a beautiful design. The unique atmosphere this game gave of using light to fight the darkness was breathtaking and exciting to watch as you progress.
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By Iceninja12345
    Very nice graphics
  • OMG (Journey Easter Egg) 5/5

    By Anonymous anime fan
    The moment I saw the symbols from the game Journey, I fell in love with this, the story is amazing too!
  • Not made for small screens 4/5

    By starliteparade
    This is real a lovely game and it's very beautiful. But some of the puzzles are hard to see when you are playing time based puzzles. Making it past level 2 was impossible so I just deleted the app from my iPhone :/
  • Another amazing games need more 5/5

    By Ananya_xoxoxo
    Love these beautiful relaxing story based games on ios this was amazing. I understood the stry and the pizzles were innovating and some were hard which made it challenging and i liked that :) need more games like this 💖
  • Beautiful, please make more like it 5/5

    By surfer17
    This game is so beautiful, just like Beautiful Dream! I hope you make more like it soon
  • More levels please! 5/5

    By PinkNan06
    I love it! I really do. Some puzzles stumped me and some were easy. But overall I think it's a beautiful game! The sounds are relaxing. We just need some more levels. Maybe another new storyline. Pleaseeee!
  • Beautiful 4/5

    By Lisarang
    Finished this game so fast because I wanted the girl to hurry and save the moon. Truly short and beautiful
  • Beautiful but annoying 3/5

    By Redwallmoss
    This game was super pretty and I loved the artwork. One of the problems I had with it though was some of the challenges were fun but most of them just seemed like repeating what was on the screen to much. I would give it a try but some of it was just frustrating because I had too much or too little direction. I did like the artwork and there were some fun puzzles.
  • Not made for iPhones 2/5

    By LostZero
    It's a shame I'm not able to play such a lovely game. Even on my iPhone 6+ the patterns become too small to see. After failing the second level countless times what I assume is near the end, I just can't do it anymore.
  • Good 5/5

    By I looooooove it!
    I really like this game but i want to make a suggestion for Maybe a Future update. I want to be able to move around freely like with a joystick or dpad. And colloect the flowers by jumping and stuff. Please take this to heart developer and make this a Future update. Pleeaaaaase.
  • Not fun 1/5

    By Boredandunimpressed
    Pretty graphics and music, but it was lost on me. I had to look up how to play and I was still confused.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Horselover78423
    A challenging game to pass the time. Takes a lot of thinking at some points. I really enjoyed this game and would love to find more like this.
  • Chapter 2 shapes are too small to see 1/5

    By Deanna76890
    How do you expect us to see the shape we need to trace in the second chapter show which way we need to trace or make the shapes bigger
  • Very cute! 5/5

    By Rosa Romero
    This is a simple game with beautiful graphics. I wish there were more like this but with educational puzzles. There was a part where you had to trace the constellations. It would have been cool if it where throughout the entire game, not just a small part of it.
  • Grand prize for stupidest game of the year. 2/5

    By The OnionEaters
    No more calls. We have a winner. Good looks last for only so long. Very slow. No point to this game at all. Avoid at all costs.
  • Most beautiful game I have played on mobile! 5/5

    By MinecraftFilms15
    This game is a great artistic experience. This is more of a beautiful painting being made before your eyes. Outstanding!
  • Beautifully simplistic 5/5

    By mjn626
    It's a wonderful short game, and the music is excellent. Some of the details and design remind me of Journey.
  • Great game but too short! 4/5

    By Air in
    Loved the game, clever idea and very nice design. The only fault that I see is that it's very short. I completed the entire game in around 30 minutes which left me wanting more! The game is free, so it's tough to complain, but I'd love more levels so that people can enjoy it for longer!
  • Nope. 1/5

    By scooterjbs
    Painfully slow gameplay. Lack of basic instruction. Wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing. Did not enjoy. Next.
  • Problems 2/5

    By Kind of annoyed 🤔
    It was beautiful... however, I quickly realized that it made you start over every time you fail something. I, being a person of short patience, did not want to repeat even the beginning levels.
  • Looks cool, but... 2/5

    By Dragonbookworm:D
    I really like the sound of this app(especially the part about riding a dragon), but it will not load!!!!😡😡😡 Every time I get to the home screen, it starts loading and then crashes! I REALLY want to try it but it just won't load! 😔
  • Good game 4/5

    By Shadra McKenzie
    Nice music and mood. It is hard to see on an iPhone. However looks great on iPad mini. The storyline is driven by your imagination for sure and is not spelled out for you. A nice break from concise reality. No ads to detract either, which is amazing in of itself for a free game.

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