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  • Current Version: 1002.62.3
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Lyft Driver App

Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $500 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount. HAPPY PASSENGERS The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. NO CAR NEEDED With Lyft Express Drive, you don't need your own car to earn (available in select markets). ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

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  • Could use a few tweaks. 4/5

    By hjbrinkmann
    The app works well, but there are a few grievances. I often find that my GPS doesn’t work as quickly in real time as it should nor is it as descript as Apple Maps. It’s not uncommon for me to miss a turn or be confused by directions because they are a mess to understand. It would be much appreciated if Apple users could have the option to utilize Apple Maps - faster and descriptive. Also, it would be nice to know to filter drives until we hit our goal for the week or at least know how much we’ve made, while driving.
  • Rating 5/5

    Stop docking your driver for customers canceling a trip. It’s not my fault
  • Please Add YTD Earnings to Lyft Driver App 2/5

    By Grindawit
    Please add 1 Total # for earnings. (not a tax summary) Right now, during COVID19 Chaos, past earnings are important for UI. CON: Lyft silos each week with only “14 rides” shown unless you dig and click into Each Single Week to grab the total. Cryptic design... Please show total $ earned, which drivers need to know as a running Year-to-Date Earnings. PRO : Lyft can be uninstalled :)
  • Agh 3/5

    By 28590
    It’s upsetting when you got to do a pick up that’s like 40 mins away and once you get their the rider is going up the street and Lyft only pays you like $3.75 vs paying you for the 40 mins. This is my only income at the moment due to the Covid 19 pandemic. But Lyft at least make sure your drivers are getting paid accordingly. And when I decline a ride that’s darn near half a hour a way because I see the passenger is only going like 5 mins away then my acceptance rate get affected. Totally unfair. Another issue is when I go to pick up a passenger and the passenger is marked as a No show Lyft you didn’t even pay me for waiting. The only options are “pick up is to far” or “other”. What about passenger was a no show. Because it’s making it seem like I’m the one who’s canceling. I’ve had a passenger tell me how much she paid for a particular ride which was like $15 as she say and Lyft only gave me $4 out of that $15. When I’m the one who’s putting gas in my car. Maybe if Lyft gave it’s drivers a gas card out of their pockets then maybe Lyft would probably have better ratings.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Disney ninja
    Terrible company that will deactivate you permanently with 5 stars and no proof of what you did wrong...
  • Terrible services 1/5

    By swoop4
    Services is terrible if u a drive for Lyft customers can say anything and they spend u permanently... i live in the south where customers are still so races but Lyft don’t care for there for there drivers. I had almost kept a 5 stars rating but 2 lying races customers and they suspended me permanently
  • No longer forward-thinking 3/5

    05/23/2020 Uber is now prioritizing health over profits (though I admit, it’s a risk mitigation strategy more than anything) by requiring face coverings. Lyft needs to follow suit for the time being. Offer a way for us to cancel rides which, upon arrival, give us grief/argue/aren’t prepared (e.g., no face cover, no car seat, too many passengers, etc etc etc). Lyft has always made the process SO TEDIOUS that it isn’t worth it anymore. Support is terrible when it’s anything aside from approving documents or a significant issue. Why should I have to contact THEM via email when I COULD “contact them” simply via choosing the appropriate OPTION for “WHY I AM CANCELLING” upon doing so? That effectively reports an issue. Granted, you make it difficult BY DESIGN so as to INFLUENCE DRIVER BEHAVIOR. Unfortunately, I cannot drive on the platform until Safety is prioritized via means which do not put Drivers in a difficult position, often pitted against passengers; a losing battle, everytime. ___________ Adding 2 stars on general principle; Lyft enables DARK MODE! Finally. Thank you from my heart and soul! Goodness. ————— Ditch the “text support.” It’s truly INSULTING. Yet another bonus ripped off from me by making the airport queue a PPZ, then your idiotic support guy claims “you weren’t INSIDE the queue when the request came.” Umm...I wasn’t? I never drove thru that gate, wasn’t parked alongside the other cars? So your guy in the South Pacific or wherever they’re at knows more about DFW than do I? Alright...I’ll have a side of fries with that please. Good GAWD. ————— /// Ok, truth is you’re never going to revert back to paying Drivers Prime Time despite still collecting it on our behalf (why would you? Too many out there willingly take the rides Lyft tosses out at a monetary loss— Willingly AND gladly— so why would you? You won’t. ) What you CAN and should do, however, is PROVIDE DARK MODE SUPPORT TO EVERYONE! There has been support for dark mode for months now— I’ve SEEN Lyft apps on the same iOS version as my own (up to date 13.3.1) yet you refuse to push a supporting update to myself and countless others. I get it...You don’t CARE. I understand that you also couldn’t care less that I don’t turn your blinding-white dangerous app on anymore, but there was once a time where Lyft at least PRETENDED to care. ///////// The 2 above stated elements would put Lyft back on top. You’ve managed to get me to go online more in the past few days than the past month combined...I’m trying to enjoy Lyft again. If you’d release a DARK MODE SUPPORTIVE VERSION to EVERYONE (as opposed to just some, which I know is the case— I have no dark mode support or option in any way, and Lyft is THE ONLY APP which doesn’t support it on my device). I drive at night. Only. Tinted windows, at night...I literally cannot see when the app is on the main screen in many neighborhoods). Please support dark mode. PLEASE. Good gawd. ———— I love Lyft. I’ve LIVED Lyft for almost half a decade now. That said, it’s clear that Lyft and their primary competitors have finally diverged in their respective beliefs as to the trajectory/course Rideshare is most likely to take (in a legislative sense). As a direct result of this, many changes have persisted, and they’ll continue to persist in the “race to the bottom” (i.e., cheapest price point for the CONSUMER at the expense of the DRIVER). This is only my opinion, of course. I can say that if I were one who had funds to invest, the majority would go towards Lyft. Why? Their business model is CUTTHROAT. So in the end, Lyft will provide a “cheaper” product (ride from point A to B) at the expense of the worker, and eventually the consumer. At that point, the consumer will decide whether to pay a few extra bucks or to continue (forbid another recession set in, as 20-30% of ridership would plunge overnight by simply reverting back to public transportation). Meanwhile, as a Driver— My contributions are: Vehicle, TIME and EFFORT. The competition tends to compensate me with more transparency and with more of a correlation to the ACTUAL WORK PROVIDED (e.g., if I transport a rider during bar closing on a Sat and rider pays three times the normal fare, I will be paid a fair(er) percentage of that up charge & will be paid on THAT ride- not later, never, or when/if an algorithm decides to randomly hand it off). Again, I love Lyft. I don’t have bad things to say about them. I simply prefer transparency and fair compensation relative to the actual services (and quality of such) provided. Over the past 18 months, Lyft has promptly and rapidly moved away from transparency and swiftly reduced payments with any correlation to actual services rendered. Coupled with this is the BLATANT financial cuts to SUPPORT. No longer are they even supportive (often non-responsive). This leads to instability, unpredictability, and uncertainty; none of which are pleasurable experiences to a Driver. Yes, I’ll gladly continue giving rides. However, I will no longer perform work as “charity” with no fair recognition or compensation. So this amounts to utilizing the platform when it works WITH AND FOR ME; not solely with and for Lyft. Bring back Prime Time and level the playing field. Oh, and NIGHT MODE! We’re over half a decade can be done. I have faith in you on that one. Thanks!
  • Pet Peeve 3/5

    By InStrumenT'eL
    My biggest issue with Lyft as a driver is that when you set a destination to only take rides going in a specific direction the app will routinely dispatch me out of the way to a rider going in completely the opposite direction. What’s the point of the feature? It’s most annoying if I have other obligations I’m trying to get to! The other thing is that I routinely get dispatched to a pick up that may be 7+ miles away and the rider may be only going .7 miles away. I have a high cancellation rate due to this as I have learned to set mileage and time limitations based on my experience and the law of averages. These are just my experiences within my market.
  • Something Very Wring with Scheduled Pickups 2/5

    By my true story
    I am on the street of my scheduled ride right now so she can see that I was there but the app refused to put us together. Furthermore I have had to refuse several rides while being online during the times I have as supposed to be. Lyft you really have to do better in Atlanta. People the Lyft App is hacked that’s why u are waiting so long.
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By mbl1978
    It would be nice if we had the option to cancel a ride because a passenger doesn’t have a mask if it’s required in the locality we are in or that the riders know that mask are mandatory for entry of a vehicle so that the rider and the driver is safe. I don’t unlock my doors until a passenger is properly wearing a mask and I will cancel the ride if they remove the mask but if we cancel we also lose our earning for that ride and a lot of these picks are at least 10 minutes long
  • Apple car play 4/5

    By Dchapr15
    this app is great except for the fact that its not supported on apple car play and android auto. it would make it much safer for drivers and riders to be working on the cars entertainment system than to be playing on the phone
  • Beware of getting cheated on scheduled rides 1/5

    By Firestall
    I accepted a ride at 5:55am which was due to be picked up at 6:30am. I arrived at the address at 6:18am. The passenger cancelled at 6:25am. I wasn’t paid the cancellation fee and customer support said that I arrived 5 minutes after the call was due which was a BLANTANT LIE!!!!!! I got cheated out of $10 and waisted 30 minutes. My advise, always always always take a screenshot of your scheduled rides.

    By WGMotlagh
    AFTER 3 years and +15000 rides I’m considered as an experienced driver. Here are my points of view. The inside map: 1) Doesn’t Load completely 2) Stops too early at pickup or destination 3) Doesn’t Reload in case missing a turn or road closures THESE ERRORS ABOVE CAUSE CONFLICT BETWEEN DRIVERS AND RIDERS. I hope you care and fix theses errors in the next update.
  • Hacked 1/5

    By itsayyyaa
    My father has been working as a Lyft and Uber for about 5 years. Nothing has ever gone wrong with it. Today he got a call from “lyft” so he answered. The call was verified and he thought it was trusted. Little did he know it was actually hacker that got into the Lyft system. They stole his social security number, his driver license number, his credit card information and all his other personal information. Unfortunately Lyft doesn’t have a customer service number. Lyft needs to have better security and customer service.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Joberetta
    THIS APP MAKES NO SENSE. THIS IS SLAVERY. How can you pay me $3 for 17 minutes of my time??? How can you make me drive 13+ miles, 20 min on the highway into another city to pick someone up and not pay me a decent long pick up fee???? I drove all this time for free!!!!! I am devastated. Just wasted 2h30’ of my life to make $15. LYFT YOU ROB PEOPLE!!! PETTY COMPANY! TRASH
  • Sunday deposit fails 4/5

    By an App Store user 999
    The App rejects my use of my card on file. Please consider: ‘Your Deposit did not go through. Your bank may be temporarily closed. We will keep your card on file for the next business day. Please try again at that time.’ Instead of ‘Please put in a GOOD card. We are not going to try this one again.’
  • Lyft is Indian company getting support from India 1/5

    By Vahidovsky
    It’s only Indian in India that write to you and answer your calls. It very very hard to understand what they say over the internet lines. And they do a horrible job as far as supporting you while your the one that are making them money. Yesterday I had a member placed a call for her friend to get a ride. I took him to the destination of what the apps map showed. And slide the finish ride and right away gave me a different call but the idiot who n the car refusing to step out and claimed that this is not the address that he wanted to go. I told him that this is what the app showed you have choose to go I did not Choi’s the destination address and his friends set all the info but he wants to wait in the car and call his friend to see what she has done told him that anyhow there is nothing I can do for you at this moment because if she placed a more call for you I couldn’t take him because I have a call already and he has to get off the car but he would not do so after 20 minutes of arguing that he needs to get off I had to call the police to get him out of my car. The funny part is that the member has placed a complaint against me for been rude and calling him a names. And Lyft send me email about complaint and asked for my side. I had to write a full detail about the incident of what happened but still they deactivated my account for been rude to the idiot rider. The support are only in the side of the riders and do not care for what happens to you you have your life in danger and they do not care at the end they will tell you if your not happy with the the rules of Lyft you can quite and do not work for them anymore. My rating is 4.9 and been taking thousand of people around and that how they appreciated your work and the money your making for them. So if your interested of driving for this people think about it twice of your safety because it just take one idiot to screw your up and their is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Recently I have found out that do to the shortage of riders and drivers the app is not letting you know how long the ride will be so it mostly takes you for a long distance to to the shorter ride like I have traveled for a 8 miles to get a ride that goes for a mile and half that is $2.63 for you. I tried to let them know and after many times attempts to contact them but after 56 minutes of waiting on the phone they hanged up the phone but could here that the person on line would comeback and when she found out that I’m still on line she would not say anything and keep me on hold till get tiered of waiting on the phone.
  • Lyft is the worst company for looking after their drivers 1/5

    By driver they know
    Guys don’t ever drive for Lyft cause in a crisis like that they won’t help you out enough for the 2 weeks quarantine even if you have been working the most with them and made a 180 trips per month they are scammers. But Uber they aren’t the best but way better than Lyft
  • So many problems with the app 2/5

    By d.0ne
    Crap app
  • Lyft is of no help to drivers. 2/5

    By Vicmr69
    When you open app you get a freíd to alert that with COVID-19, Lyft is aware of orders in each state. So in Texas there is a 60 day extension on vehicle registration and Lyft has a message that says they are aware of this and will extend need for updated tags. Well the day before my tags expired, Lyft decided to not let me log on and accept rides until I upload a pic of renewed tags even though I still have 61 days with extension. I have been in contact with Lyft on this and their solution is to keep sending me guidelines on needed documents to drive. The app will log you off if you have another app open. So when at airport queue, waiting in line for a ride request, if you are waiting for an hour, and play a game during that time or open up music app, Lyft logs you off. Then you log back on but lose your place in queue and end up at the end of the line. Stick with driving with Uber.
  • Horrible company to work “for” 1/5

    By Cthomb
    They allow customers to steal any items from your vehicle. They won’t allow you to contact passengers that have taken your items without consent. You file a police report and there is nothing else to do but try and file a claim with your insurance. Lyft will continue to allow thieves and criminals to utilize their app for the sole greed of money. Taxi’s are the way to go unfortunately.
  • Driving time and promotions 1/5

    By JRamiez
    I can’t drive 12 hours daily real, because Lyft permits 12 hours online only, but some time I am online but I am not driving. Uber can drive 12 hours daily real, Uber know when the driver is stopped. and the promotions are better.
  • App problem 3/5

    By Misty R F
    It freezes sometimes or looses rides midway through transporting someone to their destination. There no feature to text a person as backup if they don’t answer their phone I would love that is extra feature. Thanks
  • Been having problems 3/5

    By Sandy13101
    The last update that came out destroyed the app on my phone. I’ve tried to reach customer service but none of the options are about the app. I have deleted and redownloaded the app and reset my IPhone 11 Pro multiple times to get in for 1 ride 😑 then the next ride, I showed up and the app crashed. The rider cancelled to at least give me $5 since he was already in my vehicle when the app stopped working. Then all I got was “loading” and haven’t been able to drive for days now. It’s sad customers will have less drivers on the road and will be waiting even longer to get picked up due to the app problems. Please fix ASAP and send update out.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By warriorgoddess1964
    Your APP is great but you need to update the maps in ABQ. A lot construction areas. You need to have a button for us drivers when we need to take a quick break for refueling and the bathroom breaks!
  • Lyft app 3/5

    By dmar308745
    Like google it should let you avoid tolls if no customers are in the car, everyone should have a profile picture so we know who we’re looking for in case, Lyft care about the safety of the drivers , bad enough the customers doesn’t get a background check, and last the driver should be inform of how many people are getting in, some customers like to be slick.
  • What’s going on? 3/5

    By Kalbrek009
    Seems every few updates breaks the app on some phones. Devs, PLEASE optimize for ALL phones, as the app sits for over 15 minutes saying “loading” on Max & Plus iPhones. I’m losing money/income due to your poorly designed app. Please fix, this is unacceptable.
  • New update is terrible 2/5

    By Artistman_bob
    With new update the gps seems to be off , as once a passenger does not show up , it continues to say can’t void ride until closer to pickup area. Also once arrived at destination it continues to ask drive closer or arrive anyway. Please fix this issue ASAP
  • Unfairness to Drivers’ Compensation 1/5

    By Drivers'Advicate
    I am continually receiving ride requests that require me to drive 10-15 miles to pick up a rider, only to take them less than a mile to their destination. Also, Lyft, in the ride summary, only calculates the miles driven from pick up location to drop off location. I would like to see Lyft stand out from other ride app companies by taking on a roll of honesty and transparency. Lyft would do well to be Honest with itself and also with the drivers who bend over backwards and make it possible for Lyft to do business. Just as I, a driver, have Lyft's back, by going out of my way to cordially host Lyft’s Riders, representing Lyft as a far better company than they truly are, solely by my Loyalty to Lyft; I would also like to see Lyft show just a fraction of that same loyalty to its drivers, by rising above its counterparts in this industry being honest! I am waiting to see the day that Lyft , with its computer programs app, will quote the passenger the price that it truly costs for a driver to come all the way to them for pick up. and not only the price that it costs from pick up to destination. It’s very unfair that more than fifty percent of the miles that I put on my car to do Lyft service and make them look good, are never even recorded, mentioned, or compensated, all while Lyft compensates themselves very well from the same ride. In other words, Lyft makes far more compensation on my unpaid miles and vehicle depreciation than I am able to receive in tax write offs. It is very unfair, and I’m anticipating the day that Lyft becomes more transparent.
  • VEEBUG56 4/5

    By VEEbug56
    It would be nice if, when you have a scheduled pickup and turn the app on when it’s time to go online, if other requests are NOT directed to that time. When I decline them, while waiting on my SCHEDULED pickup so I can accept it My rating drops because I don’t accept the ones NOT scheduled. I thought it was my PRIORITY to ensure my SCHEDULED rider is taken care of first! You always send me a text saying “your passenger is COUNTING on you” so why am I being punished via “dropped rating” for trying to do the right thing? Help!
  • Hi 3/5

    By Chrish1632
    Yeah almost every Rides is 15or more away than u get 337 to $5 rides not worth it no matter where you are it’s it’s 15 min away no. Compensation for travel
  • Lyft's injustices and shameless 1/5

    By Iambecomingallergictolyft
    This review is done in an informative and personal way (of the TWO months that I have been working with Lyft- five stars and 695 rides), and I add that my expectation of working as a driver with Lyft was a totally different one, I do NOT recommend ANYONE working as a Lyft driver, I have many things and the vast majority are negative (I do not ask for anything given away, I only ask for what is just and deserved, I think that things are earned by merit); Lyft should win over its drivers by paying them well and keeping us in good condition, to stay for a long time, but NOT like this, let's start: - The ONLY good thing and I rescue it first is the flexibility of schedules. - The shared rides and the personal rides are paid by Lyft at the same rate ($ 3.71) but the difference they charge the passenger is only earned by Lyft (I realized when they shared the shared rides by covid-19) Wednesday March 18, 2020 ; Speaking of the minimum fare ($ 3.71) that drivers pay us, it is totally incredible that Lyft pays us less than half of what it charges the traveler / passenger ($ 7.84) and I saw it a few weeks ago when an older woman wanted to add a stop on her ride but did not know how to do it in the app, she asked me for the favor to tell her how to do it on her phone, when she finished adding the stop the rate increased a little more than a dollar, but when I saw what Lyft paid me for that ride, it increased absolutely nothing. If this happens with the short rides, how will it be with the long ones? It is an abysmal money !! .. And I keep talking about the injustices of the rates that Lyft uses with this other case .. I picked up a man who wanted to go to a Liquor Store and return to his house .. when we arrived at the Liquor Store I waited about five minutes and Lyft is supposed to pay us for that waiting time .. when we got to the final destination (back home) I received a payment of $ 3.71 for that ride .. which means that Lyft does not pay for that time wait .. he charges it to the traveler/passenger but he keeps that $. - Now let's talk about the shared rides, it happened to me that a woman got on with her little son and after a few minutes I picked up a young man who had a strong smell of weed ... is this situation safe? I do not think so Lyft (I do not remember the date ... as in the first 15 days working with Lyft), these shared rides should not exist (SAFETY is better than ECONOMY). - During the covid-19 crown Lyft increased its rates (and that increase I did not see reflected for the payment of us drivers .. it only earns $ Lyft), and that was shown to me by a passenger on his phone on April 20, 2020 , when he claimed to make the same journey every morning to go to work, showing me the difference; In conclusion, Lyft, like many companies, brands and supermarkets, took advantage of the situation (Cobos-19) to raise costs and harm society instead of helping it. - When you make a claim (and not to ask for something given but to ask for what is fair) you usually receive an email saying "I'm sorry" and few solutions. - The operation of the application is NOT very effective OR efficient .. I have found shortcomings with the GPS and it has happened to me that Lyft "gives away" bonds .. (neither Lyft nor the banks nor anyone gives away $ because if they ... lose) and showing you on the screen that you have a bonus, Lyft sometimes does not pay you .. you have to make the claim. - And make a claim WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO CALL Lyft .. it is obligatory to do it by email and wait when Lyft wants to answer, Lyft does NOT have a PHONE number where you as a driver can communicate. - Lyft assigns you long rides in and out of the state where you are .. (in my case NJ), but it does not assign you rides to return (and in most cases) and you end up returning without passengers and even paying toll of your own pocket. - Lyft sometimes assigns you rides so far that you have to drive longer in going to pick up the passenger than in going to drop them off at their final destination (cases that I have had and that I have screenshot on going to pick up a person having to drive 17 minutes and on another occasion 19 minutes to go and leave them in 5 or 6 minutes and receive a payment with a minimum fee ... and if you reject those rides it is another negative thing ... it affects your level of acceptance with Lyft, they measure it in percentage 0 to 100. - Another case of injustice on the part of Lyft, I arrived to pick up the passenger, the passenger did not arrive, I called him and waited for the five minute time limit, Lyft did not pay me for that ride ... I made the claim and I had to wait like two days for a negative answer .. that not even they had the name of the person .. that I had to give them the name, after giving them the name of the alleged passenger .. Lyft steel they had faults, they gave me a $ 5 bonus, they apologized.. In conclusion, the app does have shortcomings, which means that you have to pay for each ride. - This case is from yesterday (April 20, 2020), a man requested a ride and I had to drive for 8 minutes to pick it up, when it was like two minutes the route was blocked by a construction and it was impossible for me to get to it, then I I called and it was also impossible for him to reach me, while that happened I waited almost 5 minutes of the time limit (according to the Lyft app), finally the man canceled the ride with a few seconds left (for those 5 minutes) Lyft did not pay me (because According to Lyft I must get to the exact point to pick up the passenger (which was out of my reach) I lost almost 15 minutes and returned without passengers ... it is not fair. And finally I repeat what I said at the beginning ... I do not ask for anything given away, I only ask for what is fair.
  • 1500 Rides Later 5/5

    By Ednsjsbsb
    Chillest job ever. Just drive chill and hang out with passengers! cash out instant 24/7. Great customer support too.
  • stay livestrong 🦾✌️🥀🌵 5/5

    By Dond422
    For better there are worse lets give Lyft community better service put help to get away this covid 19 .
  • Violations 1/5

    By yutsjr tme wod els wnd
    Any small violation even if it’s fake will have your account suspended and there’s no way to dispute it.
  • Do Not Work for Lyft 1/5

    By pizza revenue
    They deactivated my account for no reason. They said they couldn’t verify my info from when they hired me.9 months ago! Don’t work for Lyft! Their a terrible company! They even lie about how much you will get paid for a scheduled trip just to encourage you to accept it. 👎🏻 Lyft, i also noticed, gets more low life customers for some reason compared to other ride share companies. Lyft is the armpit of ride share companies and they let anyone ride that has a credit card 💳 👎🏻
  • They don’t care 1/5

    By Sullinator 07
    I’ve been driving for Lyft for a few years off and on. I have all great reviews and I go out of my way to help my riders and drive in areas that no one else wants to drive in. There have several times where I get the wrong address from the app, drive 20mins to the rider, try to contact them multiple times and still get $0. Contacted Lyft and they told me is was user error. I should have screen shifted what happen but why is that my problem? Not working for this company anymore.
  • Overall good but not as good as Uber 4/5

    By ObviousLogic
    The map has gotten slightly better this year, and the addition of being able to message a rider in app has been game changing. The pickup sequence still needs work. It is very disorientating when you’re driving along getting close to the spot and then the whole interface changes including the directional orientation. The pickup location also needs to not be so picky. I’ve picked people up near the gate of their apartment complex and then had to drive four buildings back to get to the pickup location before I could “start their ride”. This is annoying for me, tedious for them and a poor initial experience when all they were trying to do is make my job easier. If the app could make the pickup sequence similar to Uber then I would only wish for driver road condition reporting. There are tons of times where roads are closed and I can’t get through the way the app wants. Or an accident has happened on a main road and the app will keep routing through the area slowing things down for everyone. Or one of the two entrances for an apartment complex is actually locked and not viable. These would be easy to report on the fly (look at Waze) and invaluable for the other drivers out there. So not bad, getting better, but there isn’t really anything that makes this amazing or worth five stars.
  • Pandemic 3/5

    By Kimipumpkin
    Do not drive for Lyft...they refuse to pay for long pick ups so guess who pays? If you refuse long pick ups, they threaten you with deactivation. They don’t care how safe or great a driver you are. They also change the estimated fare to their advantage. Being a Lyft driver means subsidizing rider’s lifestyles! Shame on Lyft and their riders!
  • Left PA out of COVID-19 guidelines 3/5

    By S4Bennett
    Left PA out of COVID-19 guidelines
  • Driver 5/5

    By Esco0127
    Passengers that are getting pick up from any grocery stores like Walmart should be charged more or drivers should get pay more since they don’t usually give tips. Not only they take their sweet time loading and unloading but they have at least more than 5 grocery bags and 2 cases of bottle waters. ( this scenario was even before the COVID-19). I would usually help if it’s an older person of course but still no tip. Drivers job are to take passengers from point A to point B but some people are taking advantage of us when they do grocery shopping. Let alone it’s a $3 ride. Just voicing out my opinion. thanks, Michael E.
  • Do Better 2/5

    By Johnny Gavin
    Maybe with all the additional funds they take from drivers. I think it’s a 60/40 split now. Maybe they can Invest in getting their app to work with CarPlay, then I wouldnt have to invest in additional accessories while I’m getting screwed on pay. Also, it is absolutely disgusting to make anything under $5 on a ride. How am I going to have a 4.7 mile in Phoenix on a fri night at 10:00pm and have a payout of $3.88.. I could have made more on a cancelled ride.. Especially with the limited amount of rides and drivers during this media pushed epidemic. To still be taking so much from your drivers is sad. -DO BETTER-
  • Covid 10 4/5

    By 3640601
    Hello I’m a lift driver with over 1300 rides , but since the issue of the COVID 19. I had to spot making rides because I’m HIGH RISK , I’m 76 years old And a COPD condition , so I would like to know what is your treatment in such situation ? As you understand I’m not earning any money. Thank you, Dany Haratz
  • New update 2/5

    By Kushiit
    I updated the app. It will not pop up. The app screen Continues to disappear every time the app is pressed.
  • Stop 2/5

    By TheSachafromLA
    Asking. Me. If. I. Want. To. Rent. A. Car. Every single time I open the app.

    By Iron Drivez
    Great app but we need LANDSCAPE MODE ASAP please update app with this feature it would make app very good!
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By kevin4107
    This is a horrible company that don’t care about the drivers. That pretend like they car and it all public relations for the media.They are worse they uber when it comes to how they treat drivers
  • Review 5/5

    By The Kentucky Gentleman
    Sometimes the app is slow to load the navigation and I had a ride today where I made it to the pick up point and the rider ask me to cancel the trip and I did not receive a cancel fee even though I drove all the way to the pickup location and I’m sure enough time had elaspsed to warrant a cancellation fee. Also Lyft needs to add a long pickup fee as I get a lot of ride requests that are 15-20 minutes away and when you arrive it’s a 2 or 3 min trip. These trips cost drivers money in time and fuel. Lastly you need to have extended directions for the driver to look at before they start the trip as this will aid the driver in navigating the trip. We had them at one point but then they suddenly disappeared.
  • Lyft don’t care about their drivers 1/5

    By Joellito
    This app has many malfunctions and many loopholes drivers loose a lot of money and Lyft don’t care or show any concern they should give their drivers much more credit and take their word for it trips showman’s sense for everyone many trips don’t make any sense and you provide feedback to Lyft and nothing changes they should add a feature like Uber to let the driver know regardless the type of trip when a trip is 45min+ the driver maybe working around they they may had planed for a while like a doctors appointment or pick up their kids from school think about single parents and lift sends you a trip that 45Min+ with no notice and if you don’t take it counts against you and what do you do when you get to the clients house and you have them in the car and you have a long trip same thing when you drove all day and at the end of the night you get 1hr long trip

Lyft Driver app comments

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