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  • Current Version: 1004.9.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Lyft Driver App

Driving with Lyft just got better. Apply to start earning. WHY LYFT? We invest in our drivers. With refreshed bonuses. Revamped rewards. And safety tools that matter. Keep reading. MORE WAYS TO EARN On top of hourly earnings and tips, we launched a bigger, better Lyft Rewards program. A SAFE DRIVING EXPERIENCE We look out for your safety, which includes 24/7 support and improved standards for riders. SUPPORT YOU CAN COUNT ON We’re here to help if you need us—via phone, email, and in-person at our Hubs and Driver Centers. AN UPDATED EASY-TO-USE APP From maps made for rideshare to enhanced safety tools, our new app is designed to help you succeed. $500 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app—and you keep the whole amount. NO CAR NEEDED With Lyft Express Drive, you don't need your own car to earn (available in select markets). ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

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  • They Operate Differently Than Uber 1/5

    By vgybbuubib
    You’re account can get suspended, timed out, or permanently deactivated. Even if you have a 5 star rating from customers. Their big thing is not canceling rides once you’ve accepted. However keep in mind, they’ll switch where you’re going in the middle of a trip. So if you drive with Lyft, don’t cancel or you’re account will be banned overtime. And they’ll blame “customer experiences” even if there’s no complaints from any customers.
  • Tiff 1/5

    By F**uber
    Make you drive 1hr 30min for only 20 dollar and don’t even pay the toll bro I wish I can put some pictures but ya see how fake they are !!
  • The latest updates… 2/5

    By Lafemmeartist
    Too many visual “handrails” added recently. ANYone can engineer badly; globing up the visual screen with an overload of excessive and unnecessary extras. Drivers do NOT need spinning compass action in the map; and likewise do NOT need excessive symbology gumming up the screen for rider pick-up or scheduled rides. All of this contributes to driver distraction and unsafe driving- while interpreting a chronically distracting app environment. Less is always more when Lyft UX design is done intelligently versus reactionary.
  • Crooks 1/5

    By GreenTee66
    Last weekend, They sent me a txt for a $580 promotion for 33 rides on Thursday 12:14 pm, Thursday afternoon till 8pm I completed 8 rides and the app was normally counting. Friday I went back driving and completed 2 trips but the count is now showing only 2! Instead of 10! Wheres ky yesterdays rides?! I stopped the car and started a 4 hours txting aggravating conversation with them. First sneaky rep. respond was the promotion started 5 am on Friday, Not 12:14pm Thusday! I said where sod you come ip with this 5 am?? The txt msg is jot specifying the time frame! I cussed him all kinds and another rep. apologized and said they will work on fixing this issue and add the time frame to their messages. And me? They ruined my while weekend. I didn't work neither I planed for something better. I deleted my 4 years account with them. I never had a problem with any passenger and my 2016 car was always clean. They have a term within those promotions states that they can change or pull these deal they MAKE with the DRIVER any time they chose! Meaning the hand shake on any deal woth those low lives means nothing to them and they can chose to canceled it before a driver finish his/her last drop off to get paid for a promotion!! What a joke?! So disrespectful for my time and rights. F this company.
  • Warning 1/5

    By Mr. Geraci
    I have been driving for the rideshare industry for almost 4 years with over 10k trips and I am very confused on how people/ pax still think it’s like my first day. And what’s up with this new comment need to work on “car experience “/ what more do people want when we’re working for less than tips and bonuses and Lyft doesn’t care that they are running people into poverty. I am seriously car experience what they want me to do hold their hand? And have a light show and… all while us drivers make under minimum wage. Wake up Lyft before your out of business/ have no drivers. Also you are one trip away from someone making a bogus report that will get you deactivated. Meaning never count on this job/ gig for a full time job/ never sign up and get a job at FedEx.
  • En español para q lo entienda los conductores 1/5

    By Pimgui123456789
    Esta aplicación no tiene ningún tipo de empatía con los conductores , así de simple ellos me bloquean la cuenta según ellos por q se a echo una cuenta duplica y les estoy contactado para buscar una solución y lo único q dicen es q no eres elegible para conducir la verdad no tiene ni el mínimo interés de ayuda a sus conductores por eso en este no usare mas ninguna de si dos aplicaciones . Un cliente y un conductor -
  • USE UBER!!! 1/5

    By SKOUPS💎
    This app absolutely ruins acceptance rates!!! It automatically accepts trips in the middle of your current ride without any approval from you!!! So basically if u don’t want that surprise ride then u have to cancel it which ruins acceptance rate!!!! Uber driver app doesn’t do that and until Lyft changes that I strongly recommended not being a Lyft driver!!!!
  • Lyft driver 5/5

    By salo1983p
    5 ⭐️all the way thank you
  • They are scammers 1/5

    By abmfd
    They are scammers. They scam drivers
  • Where To Start 1/5

    By Extreme Encounter
    Had an incident months ago where a rider damaged my car with a shopping cart. Sent all the proof and required documentation to Lyft, was denied. And now I can’t even use their broken system, as DC requires drivers to be 25 years old to ride share. How interesting, considering I live in Virginia and am still employed with Uber. Stay far the f__k away from this sh_tty company.
  • Frustrating Scheduling Rides Option 1/5

    By GeoFer21
    For the person or team that created the scheduled ride option —- congrats for making the worst part of the app. Why would you show a ride that “has been taken by another driver” but as I said, still show it? This is the part that I dislike the most of the app… I also get that you have to be fast, but sometimes, I am More than just “fast” yet, the app would give the ride away to I don’t know, new people who just joined? How can I even start my day if schedule rides are just disappearing regardless if I am fast to pick them or not? However, with the new update that you can now navigate through the map to get rides!!!!!! What’s that update for? It has made it more difficult to even pick a ride….. how poor of a system has been developed to scam drivers and make them compete for an opportunity. Shame on anybody who has taken care on this for years or just joined.
  • Ping sound 5/5

    By NYCdude
    Please please bring back the old original trip request sound as an option . Thank you
  • Drivers Beware 1/5

    By Drivers Beware
    On March 12 I received what they call weekly bonus email. There was a three tier challenge for Monday - Thursday (March 13-17) 10 rides for 10, 15 rides for 20 and 20 rides for 35. I received the bonus for the 10 and 15. Finished the last tier before the 5am as instructed in the email but did not receive the bonus for those rides. I tech out to support regarding the issue some rep told me that I was not eligible after I sent screen shot of email and of the rides with time stamp on they. I asked how can this be when Lyft email me regarding the bonus and now all of a sudden I am not eligible. A rep. Loses my ticket as if the issue has been resolved when I has not. I emailed support and still no word this is going on a week with no response. So now I am writing a review to encourage other to either not work for Lyft because you will get cheated or beware when you receive those little weekly bonuses because it is a sham.
  • A New Nightmare 1/5

    By GGDC47
    What did you do to “Scheduled Rides “? It not even understandable!!! “Reserved Ride”? It was easy and could be navigated with no problems. Now It’s more like Clues to an Escape Room.
  • They rip you off when glitches after completing rides and don’t pay you 1/5

    By barca treble
    This is a SCAM
  • They’re creating a problem where there is no problem. 1/5

    By Lgw10967
    I drove for Lyft & Uber for 3-4 years (and even preferred Lyft) with no issues. Took some time off from about 2019-2021 and got my commercial drivers license and drove 18 wheelers for a while. When I went back to driving Lyft said my account was flagged because of my background check although nothing happened from the time I stopped driving until the time I went back. No tickets… nothing IN FACT if anything my driving record got better because I got my CDL. The Lyft app keeps saying “ask Checkr” and Checkr keeps saying “ask Lyft” so basically theyee giving me the run around for no reason. This has caused me to lose all respect for Lyft. I no longer support or endorse them in any way. Uber is so much easier to navigate and communicate with. In the long run Lyft will die to Uber because Uber is taking care of their drivers and customers and putting them the work to be fair to people. Need a ride, call an Uber.
  • Отлично 5/5

    By Esat111
    Добавьте пожалуйста русский язык, и карты Apple Maps
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Restinsuredllcaz
    After 5 days of driving, not impressed with their support or backing of drivers. They will do anything not to pay. The navigation is awful. It only gives you one turn at a time. It would be nice to see the next two turns, so you’re not guessing what lane to be in after you make a turn. The voice is very quiet on the app. They offer Google & Waze, but they make it pretty useless if you use it, at least on Apple CarPlay. It doesn’t even show the map on Apple CarPlay, you have to use Lyfts terrible navigation to see it. The chat service was so disappointing with one of my drives. I honestly dont think they read what I wrote. The lousy navigation took me exactly to a pick up. The pickup was in the middle of the building. I drove to both sides of the building, waited over 15 minutes, called 5 times no answer (sent the screenshot), got out of car and verified with an employee it was the address on my app. This was after a 90 mile round trip that I made only $28.10. They didn’t give me the cancellation fee. They will do everything not to pay is my early observation. You have to drive smart to make money. I’ll be doing my 180 bonus rides and will switch to the competition after the way I was treated on that cancellation. I couldn’t be more specific on my actions and went overboard to get that guy in my car that didn’t answer calls or texts.
  • GPS 2/5

    By Milligans bartender
    I can’t tell you how many complaints I have with the gps. Do better
  • Lo peor no sirve 1/5

    By Allan denys
    Es la peor pagan una miseria y los Costomerservi no tienen educación no te responden la pregunta no se la recomiendo a nadi
  • Do not waste your time and energy 1/5

    By abdul kabir abdulzada
    It has been 4 years I’m doing rideshare mostly uber is okay to some point, but lyft is completely disaster for a driver I never ever able to reach a day more $100 This service is designed only for poor people and homeless people who can’t afford nice cars to ride.
  • App interferes with LTE 3/5

    App interferes with data connectivity. I’ve basically had to deny background app refresh manually as a means to circumvent the issue.
  • Don't dare apply to drive when they use a discrimination checker site that lies 1/5

    By koolkat2k
    App makes phone overheat didn't even sign on today and it started making phone over heat please fix can't work and couldn't continue working yesterday cause after two trips phone overheated
  • Management does not support drivers 1/5

    By Ahmad nasher
    I applied a month ago, and before the background check was finished they blocked my account for 6 months and didn’t give me any information on why they did it. I received a message from the background check company stating that my background check was completed and I downloaded a copy which showed I passed the background check. I tried to communicate the problem with the LYFT support system but they just say you can try after 6 months and not now, although all my documents are complete and there is no reason so they could share with me.
  • Application Does Not Work 1/5

    By Mina23212
    The application keeps stalling and get stuck at various points. Must wait several days to clear up!
  • Me 2/5

    By mjeed SRT
    Because of security concerns while working, the driver is always exposed to racism and threats
  • Lost the internet 1/5

    By Lost the internet
    I have i phone 14 pro max when I open the app I lose the Internet I deleted the app and download it again but still same problem the internet lost for all other apps the problem is from Lyft app only version iOS 16.3.1 Lyft version app 1004.8.3
  • HACKED 1/5

    By asking for a nickname?
    PAY RATES SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER- Lyfy making 60 to 80%. All numbers researched to try to get in touch with corporate outside the app do not even work. Customer service response is rude, disrespectful, and unintelligent. When you download from the app store, 2 apps download. Customer service said there is no way to reset your password. You have to reset your app with your phone number. Even after doing a hard reset on my phone, changing my apple ID, RE-downloading the app, it goes straight into the app without asking for my phone number, aka, my password. When you choose the app from if you really get the right website (multiple options), choose the app, rates make sense for a couple of rides, although still low, and then go back to extremely low rates, i.e., $6 rate from far side of DT Nashville to airport. If LYFT corporate security sees this, feel free to contact me... If you really care. 😶
  • Take 70% from driver 1/5

    By Airborn14
    Lyft takes 70% of drivers fare. Not fair at all. Driver pays for gas, insurance, cleaning, maintenance of vehicle, registration, tittle, and still had to pay an extra $20 to add a vehicle on the app. It’s ridiculous company.
  • Recommend 5/5

    By Ahmed882003
    It’s really good app, but just we need Lyft gives us all information about trip, like drop off locations and fare trips. It is really good update!
  • As a driver need people in tech 1/5

    By Notify you, thumbs down
    Their costumer service opts are useless. Need an experienced person on the phone to see what the problem is, and actually resolve it. Wasting days on small issues!
  • I can’t change the week goals! 3/5

    By BrunoAlfa
    I can’t change weekly goals in the app. I’ve tried everything.
  • The only review you need 1/5

    By AdamReverie
    For anyone considering driving for LYFT, don’t. This is a gig work company full of greed. I’ve been a 5 star driver for 1yr and 6months with 6305 trips to date and I am telling you beware. In instances of passenger complaints you will be suspended until the investigation is complete whether the allegations are true or false. If there is a ride in question meaning LYFT believes you were paid for a trip you didn’t complete, the company will hold all funds you have earned, refund the trip in question, freeze your express pay until they feel like releasing your funds. Rates for passengers have increased while driver pay has decreased. When you see your 1099 the miles you drove to pick up a passenger are not accounted for, LYFT only calculates the mileage from the pick to the drop off and believe me there’s a significant difference in the mileage that is left off of your 1099. Customer support is a step above useless and only truly valuable when requesting to drive in multiple cities/states. If you’re for LYFT.
  • Lyft doesn’t care about driver’s safety 1/5

    By Marloni
    I finally deactivated my driver account. It’s like a thorn was taken out of my chest. Lyft sends threatening emails about issues that are unfounded and they never take the time to listen to the reasons behind situations drivers get into. Lyft couldn’t care less if I had a flat tire and I had to cancel a ride a minute after I accepted it. They still sent me a threatening email saying the rider had poor experience when I cancelled. I’ve been scared for a couple of years now driving for them. Everything I open their app, I get nervous of doing something wrong or getting an “action plan” as Lyft calls it. And I’m a 5-star driver according their app. Goodbye Lyft for good.
  • Forever worse 1/5

    By Haku_0524
    I could complain for a whole day on this terrible company, but it’s just a waste of time. The only thing I’m gonna say to Lyft is “I believe in karma “, the only thing I’ll do is stop driving Lyft because Lyft is not going a long way. And a tiny notice to people who are attempting to be Lyft drivers, if you have enough time, patience and gas, just go for it, and contact support if you have extra time and patience.
  • Scam Company 1/5

    By bid divk david
    They report that you make more money than you do to the irs. They claim your miles some how They lie about making 30$ an hourl People typically smell weird or bad You ruin your car in about a year I wish I could pee in the ceos cereal
  • Taking advantages off of the driver 1/5

    By Ub.d
    Worst and manipulative App ever
  • Very disappointed-going back to Uber 1/5

    By Lyft now worse than Uber
    I have been trying to change the color of my vehicle & have spent over 8+ hours trying to get online help to no avail. Riders now question whether I am in the correct car. Now they want me to pay for help? I don’t think so. I am so frustrated, and feel like the hubs should not have closed. Now I cannot get any help out of Lyft. Now I will probably go back to driving for Uber. I am a driver for Lyft with seven years experience. So sad to see a company now treat its riders and drivers was so much disrespect.
  • Lyft app is outdated, and they’re getting to greedy 1/5

    By Hindi89
    Lyft customer service for drivers used to be excellent but now you can’t even talk to them anymore. The app is too old, they charge the customer too high and give a fraction to the driver, this based on 5 years driving with them.
  • Nasty 🤮 1/5

    By san francisco driver
    Very bad they are giving very less money to drivers they took 70% from a ride nasty 🤮 company
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By mgvphoto
    This app keeps getting even more glitches. The map on carplay kept bouncing between nav view and map view every 10 seconds. Unuseable, had to ask passenger for directions. I stopped driving after that 1 ride and went to Uber Drive.... Yikes. Just dreadful.
  • Use a newer ph 3/5

    By cynleyba
    I was having trouble with my Lift platform as well. Come to find out it was my phone needed upgrading so I went to a 13 and the apps are working much better. The Lyft app would not work on iPhone 8
  • Fixed 1/5

    By Bojanbloo
    If they promise you a nice bonus for set amount of rides, they will put you on the bottom of the list in the area. And you will be always picked last to drive. Huge amount of downtime = bad pay
  • Lyft Better than Uber 5/5

    By kofee behat
    They give the customer Care and better rate Driver get paid more then Uber They treat Customer and driver with a lot of respect and I wish this company((( lyft))) To be more successful and I consider myself one of the crew
  • Worst unfair experience 1/5

    By ahmedyazeed86
    They have deactivated my account before starting using it unfairly, and no one wants to listen or explain there dumbness
  • El fun de Lyft 2/5

    Hello, I am the driver of this app and I honestly cannot explain myself or understand what is happening here in the state of Florida. First of all, I would like the developer of this app to give an explanation why so many changes to start assign you a race and then leave. Assigns it to another driver The client complains that he was overcharged with one driver than with another to the same destination and at the same time, they cancel the race when you are already at the client's destination and then another driver arrives to pick it up client, he pays you an amount without knowing how long the race will last and they were 35 minutes and they gave you 7 dollars for 9 miles 35 minutes that remains at 7 dollars even though it took you 50 minutes that is very bad he feels frustrated and demotivated to continue working on this platform, let me inform you that if this continues they will be left without a driver here in Florida because we are all migrating to a different platform where they pay better and that does not exist lack of control
  • Not transparent. 1/5

    By tayneilson
    Guy pays $130 for ride to park city. How much do I get? $28. Took more than $100 from the order!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By bums3812
    I want to advise everybody do not drive for Lyft because they will screw you over and take sides with a passenger and permentally deactivate your account and won’t get both sides of the story
  • Dont work for them 1/5

    By Joe mama x13
    Absolutely garbage company they dont care about the employees they will always side with the customer