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Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $500 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount. HAPPY PASSENGERS The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. NO CAR NEEDED With Lyft Express Drive, you don't need your own car to earn (available in select markets). ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

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  • 3+ yrs. doing this... 5/5

    update on the previous... Again, several weeks into the switch from PT to PPZ (Denver), I have to honestly say that I’m having *significantly* better outcomes on this system; believe me, I was skeptical to the point of having a bad attitude about it. I typically drive (according to time as displayed in-app) 26-38hrs weekly. I’m currently undertaking a move, so this week, that was under 16hrs. I ended the week at $478 (14 of those hrs were in 3-5:45am window). As it turns out, on Sat, in just 2hrs 28min, I cashed out $142. I did that with a total odometer mileage of just 38mi. ... no, that’s not the norm. However, I’m relieved to see that I jumped to conclusions. I still love this, and look forward to my new market soon (my hometown of DFW). It’ll vary widely, but I’ll make the best of it! I’ve been at this for over 3yrs now, and I absolutely love it. There are a few things I’d outright love- for one, it would be nice to have rates raised back to within reason. Otherwise, Lyft is FAR overdue on the need to implement a LONG PICKUP FEE! They follow suit with just about everything the competition does, but this one is lost on them. Still, all in all- Lyft is #1 in my book.
  • Serious issues 2/5

    By zdrussell
    Once when I was driving, I couldn’t get to the drop off point and the passenger didn’t know how to change it and it wouldn’t let me drop off in the app, so I had to cancel the ride and lost the $5 fare. Emailed support and never heard back. Then I’ll turn off availability and it won’t let me if there’s a request in the area even if I turn off availability before I get the ride request. Again, no way to contact support. There needs to be a way to report these bugs.
  • Scheduled Rides disappearing 1/5

    By Elmodv956
    3 times in the last 7 days, I’ve had good scheduled rides on my list and at the moment of getting online the app either freezes or the scheduled ride disappears. Infuriating.
  • They removed prime time from app 1/5

    By Kylysh
    They removed prime time from driver app but when busy you can check from passenger app and it’s shows surge price 🤷🏼‍♂️ Lyft robbing drivers
  • Integrate safety into the app. 4/5

    By I_ smok_you
    I’d give this app 5 stars since I’ve personally never encountered any type of discrepancies with use or the company. That being said, I would like to see an effort to the safety that is preached about hands off of our phones. IOS now supports 3rd party apps for CarPlay, why hasn’t this been taken advantage of yet? It’s conceptually very do-able considering all that needs to make this happen is simply making the CarPlay displayed section a “lite” construction. Just the basics, keep it simple. Many states ticket for phones in your hand, why can’t this option for newer cars be put into good use for the safety of EVERYBODY? I’m willing to hit this with 5 stars once we can apply common sense safety ideas to a platform that involves operation of a vehicle.
  • Uber but it’s pink 1/5

    By Kaspoto
    Your apps is like Mario game There no difference between you and Uber But you ? Tap to arrive Have you arrived ? Tape to pick up you customer Is it true you’re going to pick your customer Tap to drop off the customer Is it true ? What this ? You deserve 0 star
  • ridiculous 1/5

    By Sky Reaves
    i’m tired of missing rides bc the app freezes up and any time there’s a problem WHICH IS OFTEN- there’s no one to get in contact with and if you manage to find someone they shrug off your issues. i’m tired of it.
  • A growing trend customers lying 2/5

    By None 305
    I have had few customers saying I m drunk or high on something. Which is the biggest lie. How do you get around the lying. Meeting doesn't say drunk! Someone playing with the rules.
  • Decent earnings, bad app design 3/5

    By LordoftheWind
    The app has a very hostile interface and bad navigation. Lyft offers a variety of tools drivers can use to earn more if they want to put the time in, but I’ve looked all over the app and their website and can’t find how to take advantage of any of them. Not only that, but I operate in Maine and they broke the state up into the Portland area and the rest of Maine which makes it highly difficult for drivers in eastern Maine to operate efficiently. Lyft offers a feature that tells the drivers in the app where it’s likely to be busy, not just the times it’ll be busy: I can’t find it. Nowhere in the app does it tell me where to go to give more rides, nor does any of the settings or help articles assist in solving my problem. An app like this should be easy to use, understand, and be efficient in allowing drivers to give passengers the rides they need to get to the places they need to go. My suggestion: Consolidate all of the redundant information in one tab. Create a tools tab where you can find all of the extra features Lyft offers Create a more diverse dashboard that will show the type of Lyft driver service you drive for (Lyft express, Lyft xl, Lyft lux, etc) as well as the ride information currently displayed Move all of the information relevant to the driver from the dashboard to the drivers profile (viewable only to the driver) Allow interaction with the schedule so drivers can see where high traffic requests are likely show up in their area Break up the rest of Maine into districts so people who drive in Augusta have no chance of getting a request in Fort Kent (that’s highly unlikely since it would take 4-5 hours for the driver to pick the passenger up, but the area is that large which is my point) I don’t know how the passengers app works, but I also feel like when they request a ride they should be able to select the driver in their area that is online at the time that they wish to ride with. That would create an incentive for drivers to have higher ratings so passengers would be more likely to select them. Having a more direct way to speak to Lyft support other than a phone call would be highly helpful as well.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By Bubba 1992
    How about you fix the app so that it works. Where trips hit your phone. Or, when you are right in front of a hotel waiting for a ride, but you see MULTIPLE PEOPLE waiting and it takes them sometimes 10 minutes for a driver to get there. And you and a couple buddies are online just waiting and waiting. When you’re at the airport, it says “losing place,” JUST AS SOON AS YOU GET DOWN TO LESS THAN 10 cars, EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME. And do not tell me about restarting phone, which I do BEFORE I go online EVERY SINGLE DAY. AND IT IS HAPPENING TO EVERY SINGLE DRIVER I HAVE ASKED. This app has SUCKED with the last two updates. And I have heard other drivers call in and you tell them to restart their phones as if that is the fix-all. You all have become as pathetic as Uber. Sit here at the airport for 30-60 minutes because we get a ride here, and after 6am it takes up to 90 minutes to head back to Chicago. And your solution is “restart the app,” (DOESN’T HELP), “restart the phone,” (DOESN’T HELP), or leave the airport. I have heard the latter so much. So basically you all WANT NO DRIVERS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PASSENGERS!
  • Since three updates ago. 1/5

    By surefiregs
    Any time I decline a trip my amp flashes new ride until I restart the app. Annoying as hell.

    By @___luscious___
    I had an issue recently (June 21, 2019 to be exact) and I addressed the issue with an agent via text (which is dumb as well because we NEVER SPEAK TO ANYONE). The guy kept throwing me polices from a book like he was reciting the pledge of allegiance. As I told him I already knew the policy but my situation was different because the APP WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO PLACE SOMEONE AS A NO SHOW if you aren’t at the pickup location. I explained to him and as they can see already the location had me in the woods. Not in the woods and there was people house in the woods where there was only a 2 way street either north or south and nothing but trees and ditches for approximately 4-5 miles. From the start the address was unnamed but I just assumed someone car may have broken down or something. I get there and on top of my 4 minute wait I wait 6 extra minutes after a 23 minute ride to get there to not be paid because I could only cancel and not d a no show. AGAIN because the location was somewhere I had no way to get to and in order to do a no show I had to be by the pick up. I wanted some type of reimbursement for my long drive plus wait and I got NOTHING. I hate lyft now! Don’t do it it happened to me twice and they say it’s my fault.
  • lost queue every time at the any airport in NY 1/5

    By Zarrina0303198741Ki
    hi there, Please, please don’t write me restart, or check data, believe me everythings on my iphone works great, i just tell you why uber and juno stay online just lyft go. offline, pure driver stay two hours online just watch 20 minutes youtube and after open lyft app and see app is offline, baa baaam, or booom surprise from lyft))))) oh guys, you know it is old issue believe me
  • LYFT exploits LUX drivers 1/5

    By A-!A
    LUX cars use MORE gas, more expensive gas, more costly maintenance, more costly cleaning, not easy to find big parking spot, more more more costly if there’s a scratch, but yet LYFT wants to pay us SAME bonus as regular cars They love for us to use our big cars, WITHOUT compensation. They love us to use our big cars to do SHARED and regular LYFT rides so that they can pay us LESS while extracting better services from us . A multimillion dollar company but yet they want to pay LESS and less while they make more and more. When we are waiting HOURS on the road for a ride, it takes A LOT of gas for us to keep our cars running One day I want drivers to get better jobs that are better paying elsewhere so that the CEO of LYFT can go and start giving rides by himself, only then will he understand what we go through
  • Thief !!!!! 1/5

    By Johny508
    I have a prove that Lyft is stealing money from drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • New Driving Rules un NYC 1/5

    By Yoelie9312
    What u have planned for NYC is a load of BS! I hope it backfires as ur not doing this with drivers in mind. Only yourselves! U guys have turned out to be worst thn Uber. All u care about is the passengers and ur own pockets. Screw the people that actually do the work.
  • Bunus 3/5

    By manuelrivera14
    that for something that is not my fault, you offered me a bunus of 250, so something that all I had to have to win the bunus of so I meditated that I won with the profit I was not the problem of that something that you offer has to give it remember if there are no handlers there gain by neither both side
  • Need better reliability on the app 1/5

    By JLWhitmire
    I have been cheated out of pzb because the app messes up and won’t take my accept for the ride to get my bonuses. I have lost the money several times because of malfunction in the app!!! Need better developers!!!!
  • Guaranteed 950$ SIGN UP BONUS CODE!!!! 5/5

    By Ms,KayMW
    OFFICIALKAYWOOD *****use this code when signing up! 👍👍👍🤑🤑🤑 Easy, clean, and fast. I love Lyft.
  • PPZs disappear upon turning on location 1/5

    By Dulce CaraBella
    Now Lyft wants to play this game with PPZs?! As soon as I turn on my location, the PPZs disappear??! I’m really starting to hate Lyft. They are responsible for Drivers wasting Gas/Money for very little pay. Worst Company. Pays $1.65+ PPZs bonuses and now wants to play hide and seek with PPZs? The absolute worst company ever to do business with. You make no money with this company. The reviews that are 4-5 stars are clearly New Drivers that have their bonus money included in each of their rides, just wait until the bonus runs and the fares become regular w/o bonuses included, these same 4-5 stars given will be changed to 1-star ratings soon enough as soon as these new driver catch on to the scam. Give them about 2-3 months and they will be complaining about the pay being so low shortly after the bonus had been fully paid. The only reason this company is still up and running is because of the poor Lyft Drivers that Rent cars through Lyft and the New Drivers that are guaranteed a bonus. It’s all temporary.
  • Good app -AND- lets keep evolving 4/5

    By PSLaaaa
    1) Night mode WOULD be great! 2) if I could have a tiny compass in the corner to let me know which way North is that would be great. The directions are great I would just like to know them here North is. After a few rides my sense of direction gets turned around and not having that moment of confusion trying to figure out which way is North would be excellent. 3) If we could also have a landscape mode I would love that! Overall great app, I know apps are always evolving to provide a better experience. 👍
  • Waiting 2 hours in bonus area! No request! 1/5

    By Miamihuaren
    I drove to the bonus area and waiting from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, no request! I called Lyft for help, I was told I need to install the app then reinstall Lyft ! !!
  • You have to be desperate to drive for Lyft 1/5

    By Large List
    The rates are so low it is not worth it driving for Lyft it is better to go work at McDonald’s.
  • Big cheats 2/5

    By Gagan M
    They always find a way to cheat drivers, now they introduced a new feature called power bonus and prime time is gone. So the conclusion is the riders will pay more but the drivers will get nothing. Cheating at it’s best.
  • Fix arrival navigation 2/5

    By Netttyyy
    It is sooo hard to distinguish which location I am arriving at. The maps or navigation needs to be more precise or updated somehow. And I dislike when you arrive the map automatically turns around on the screen.
  • Bad communication 1/5

    By LuisYzquierdo
    I applied to drive for Lyft and They blocked my account for no reason, I tried to ask for an explanation and anybody could give me an answer. I’m really disappointed by this app, I wasted my time, and to be honest I don’t recommend this job.
  • Needs More Hands Free 4/5

    By Mr_Peddle
    I appreciate the app and how it simplifies the use for the drivers. It would be nice to have Apple Car Play integration so I could plug and go instead of having to use my phone to confirm and pick up a ride then use car play for navigation.
  • They are improving a lot 4/5

    By Lhsurez
    But they still need to improve: - if you are online even if you are lying in the bed at home washing tv at home, they count this time as if you where driving. - you never know who and why you got a good or bad rate - the rate is 0.75 cents per mile
  • Nighttime mode needed 3/5

    By Panorama
    Desperately needs nighttime mode incorporated into the app. It’s very distracting driving at night with a white screen staring at you. Even with the brightness turned down, it’s still not enough. Please Lyft, make a nighttime mode as a standard part of the driver app.
  • Loading issues 4/5

    By Monklyn26
    There have been several times where the app is loading and it times out. It will prompt you to retry in a few seconds but it doesn't respond at times. I have had to exit out the app and wait for 5 minutes or so; I have missed some Lyfts due to not be able to hit the accept botton too. Also, this has happened when I arrived to pick up a costumer and when I press that I arrived, it started buffering. I could not see the map or anything to get me going to take the costumer to their destination. I had to apologize and asked them to guide me to their destination; this was extremely frustrating during rushing hour traffic! Nevertheless, I still got paid for the Lyfts when the app return to normal!
  • I would like to see a Better Mapping 2/5

    By Isacar Nation Net
    The gps is not the best you have to second guess yourself to actually figured out where you picking up and dropping off I hate it when the destination is off by an entrance because you have call the rider to see where they at and also it would save a lot of mistakes and avoid an accident
  • Bell Notification For Busy events 4/5

    By karmaticdreams
    So whenever i am setting the time to be reminded when to start driving, every time the app closes it turns off the bell notifications. I have installed and reinstalled and did all the trouble shooting but it did not work. Please fix
  • Lyft cheats you ! 1/5

    By jenny jenny 456
    Ride history is so bad ! You can’t go back see any info about anything. And the pay they take more then half
  • Poor System for Bonuses 1/5

    By nmendia
    The new personal power zones are rarely in what I consider proximate to my location (less than a mile). How are they personal? Furthermore, there’s no ability to cancel the zone when it’s far away. The power zones also obscure the high traffic map, preventing you from having a choice where to make money. Lyft - we lose the bonus money we would have earned on the gas to get to the zones.
  • All kinds of problems 2/5

    By BradMacd
    Just came back to using Lyft to drive. Generally speaking, I like the Lyft GPS system much better than Uber, but I just started driving again last night after a long break of about a year and there seems to be a lot of things broken. Several times, for instance, I had someone in my car but could not start the trip because I was not parked in the exact location they had set their pickup - like within feet. There was one ride where I was parked at the end of the driveway instead of pulling in. After 2 minutes of stammering my way through “this never happens” I figured I’d try to pull in the driveway. I backed up and didn’t even have my back wheels over the driveway entrance yet and it pinged saying I could let them know I arrived. This was embarrassing and I was super lucky they were so understanding (and happy drunks). And it cost me valuable time during peak Saturday night ride hours. For less than 10 feet. Another time, the same thing happened but it gave me the option to “arrive early” but said I would lose out on any wait time and would not be compensated if the rider cancelled. Of course, this ended up being the ride that I waited and waited and called the rider several times and he never showed up. So then I had to be the one who cancelled the ride (hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on my record so quickly after returning from a long absence). Lots of problems to fix here.
  • Frustrated Lyft Driver 1/5

    By mgwatt
    I have been driving for Lyft for since 2016.. I have problems with this app every time I turn it on to drive for LYFT. Today it said I had poor connectivity, and I drove to different areas and it said that message all day. Didn’t get one ride from them all day and I was on the road during “Rush Hour,” what does that tell you? I felt like they had blocked me all day. At other times it sends me to the wrong address, or it switches passengers on me, without notice. I don’t think I can drive for LYFT much longer, I waste so much gas and make very little money with Lyft. I need to maybe drive for another company.
  • Loss of driver pay 1/5

    By reallybadthinghappened
    A bad thing happened. Surge prices are gone. Personal driver pay has been decimated.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Dredae21
    Fix your app!!!! It’s buggy. Notifications don’t come through and the sound doesn’t go off. But who gets dinged in the acceptance rate? The driver does. Get your act together or at least have a button to report when it doesn’t work so your lazy software engineers can get off their lazy behinds and fix it.
  • Getting better 4/5

    By AppleRocksAndRules
    The latest version with the distance before acceptance is great, but you should always see that no mater what your acceptance rate is. Driving 15 min for a $3.00 ride is painfully enough without knowing it ahead of time. So we will see how long I keep the app on vs Uber.
  • Useless! Keeps crashing 1/5

    By PAG 089
    Over the past 3 days, the app has been very unstable, crashing constantly. It then dinged my acceptance rate, saying my acceptance rate for the past week is 61%! I wrote to Lyft about this, which was a waste of time. How is it that a multi billion dollar TECHNOLOGY COMPANY can’t design an app that works? Irritating
  • In the long run waste of your time 1/5

    By cc123136969
    I warn you to stay away!!!!!! Lyft does not care about you as a driver. They don’t care about you or your car. At first Lyft is great. You get quick cash and it can be useful. But Lyft doesn’t have your back. They are not there for you. They just use your car and pay you just enough to make you happy but not what you actually need to run this business correctly. Lyft is good At First because you think you’re winning but in the long run you lose because you’re car gets shot out and Lyft isn’t there to help and honestly does t care about their drivers. Just want you to think they do.
  • Driver app down 1/5

    By Quezyboy
    My app has been down for 24 hours and nobody seems to know what’s wrong this is my job and I can’t make money now because the app is down
  • Timing 1/5

    By L~Boogie77
    I wonder why this app won’t tell me how far the passenger is going on my app but it will for other drivers and for some reason it keeps giving me an error message
  • Bring back prime time 1/5

    By tailgate Bears
    These bonus zones are garbage
  • Constantly finding ways to pay drivers less 1/5

    By Bradshuu
    Now, they have something called “fixed” rates that pay drivers a flat rate, no matter the mileage or time, which doesn’t account for construction detours. This company is a joke. I’m convinced this company seeks out the most idiotic, incompetent people to hire and implement horrible features. No one at this company knows how to read or comprehend basic English. Every time I email support, they copy and paste generic response that never answer my problem. I go back and forth and they still never answer my question. Instead, they answer questions I never asked because they don’t actually read anything. Maybe you should hire people that have graduated middle school. It’s so aggravating messaging support who constantly contradicts what’s written on the website in the links they send to “support “ what they are trying to say. Every one that works at this company is a complete moron. Also, they steal from drivers on top of already paying us crap. They say they offer deals for gas and maintenance, but even with these “deals”, it’s still more expensive than full price at a normal garage or gas station. I’m baffled that they still have a deal with Shell. Even with the 7 cents off per gallon, shell is so overpriced that literally any other gas station is still cheaper. And this is what Lyft considers treating drivers well?
  • Need night mode!!!! 1/5

    By Whitetrain02
    Need a night mode. The bright colors makes driving at night difficult and dangerous.

    By David Cusguen
    I am a driver and this app is been acting so stupid lately, making me miss rides and riders, also dropping off people on they freeway!!!! How tf is that possible? THEY NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP!
  • Bad Updates 1/5

    By Natnisay
    Everytime Lyft updates the driver app I get worried because it’s becoming less efficient at showing where the surges are. The app from a year ago was way better than the current one. The current one never shows how busy the city is. There’s just an orange little circle that appears on the map every time there is a little to high demand. It’s not helping me at all in learning when, where and how to drive. Please make clear highlights on the busiest spots including the demand level.
  • Be Wary 2/5

    By Utreddd
    Anyone looking to drive for Lyft should take a step back and evaluate. I will begin by saying Lyft was my go to rideshare choice when I was a passenger so I decided it would be a good fit to drive for them over other rideshare companies. I have been driving for roughly 6 months, given 1750+ rides, and have a 5.0 rating. I am averaging about $11-12/hour without expenses such as gas, fluids, car repairs, etc. The application itself is basically an individual beta version for each driver. They used to have bonuses for prime time (which I guess some drivers still do have?) Just depends if Lyft selected you or not for personalized power zones. IMPORTANT: This means there are no bonuses equally given out based on where rides are being requested. Whenever Lyft decides to put a power zone up (which is only for you), they get to decide where, when, and how often. I have seen a drastic reduction in profit for myself, whereas Lyft continues to earn the same as they did prior to the change to hand picked drivers. Just drove today for 7.5 hours around Chicago from 10am to 8:30pm (breaks in between) and came out with $21 in total. Hopefully this will cover the gas it will take to refill.

Lyft Driver app comments

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