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Lyft Driver App

Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. __ Whether you’re paying rent, saving for the future, or could just use some extra cash, drive with Lyft. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $200 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount. HAPPY PASSENGERS The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.


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  • Very awkward help crew 1/5

    By khaled alzubi
    I use to work with lyft. lyft team who work to help are very useless and unqualified. Beside that lyft most time against drivers unlike Uber who really care most about their drivers.
  • App wont work after update. 1/5

    By Alvaroxxxxx
    App doest work after update anymore please fix.
  • Dopeeee. 5/5

    By RomanLoc
    Been working for lyft for 5 days now and I can definitely say you’ll make bread. If you live in a semi-busy city you’ll get requests forsure $. App has been smooth, no big complaints however I have experienced it freezing ??? Like once or twice , also the prime time (pink spots) around the map don’t work?? I’ve been in them for a long time I got no requests?? :( plz fix thank you !!!!
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Awsom3girl
    Won't open keeps crashing help
  • Make $390 with code JOSEPH47742 3/5

    By Chiapoo
    Make $390 with code JOSEPH47742 when you sign up to drive for LYFT!!!
  • Drop off zone 5/5

    By Diskantov
    Everything great except one thing. Can you make a drop off and pick up zones instead of pick up points? Sometimes passengers want to leave a car in some points close to the drop off point or if you already picked up your passenger “pick up” button may not show up. So you have to go to the exact pick up point with a passenger just to show that you here and then start your ride again from there.

    By Lol😏😏
    Lyft became a popular money looting ride share ,This losers taking more then 75% of total earnings from each ride, when I ask them they saying “ u got paid correctly” No prime time,
  • supporting driver 1/5

    By Bbbbbbbaahh
    they don't support driver.
  • rating is only based off current issue 3/5

    By deathvato
    for the most part the app is decent, i've found the best times of the day to drive and not have to wait. but since this most recent update, the app has not opened. it immediately crashes and i've restarted my phone, force restart, uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • New update App won't Open 1/5

    By JoyfulSparrow
    Just downloaded the newest update for the lyft app. It won't open on my phone.
  • App problems 1/5

    By ShellyASanders3
    I’ve had nothing but extreme problems with the lyft app. This app does not function properly. I have seen customers be over charged and I was just spoken to rudely because I accepted a ride however I had not MARKED that I had picked up the rider!!!!! Then Lyft has the audacity to speak to me as to be rude in the manner of a fault on my part!!! This problem was not my fault and I do not like the lack of “help” resources offered in the Lyft app. It appears as Lyft knows their software is poorly manufactured however wants to blame the drivers!! I will only do one more ride in order to be paid for driving into low income areas and dealing with self-serving individuals! I would not use Lyft as a driver nor a rider!!!
  • Express pay for ALL cards NOT optional—please change this!! 1/5

    By Reecee_88
    Why is it that the app only lets you express pay to a bank account & not a prepaid account, but allows you to add routing/account number for a prepaid account?? How backwards is that? You should be able to cash out to any type of card to earn extra money. Only did two trips and I have to wait a week for 40 dollars? Those will be my last two trips, sorry Lyft. Back to Uber I go.
  • Driver here 2/5

    By Clutchspawn
    2 star rating because I haven’t been able To update my profile photo since I began driving. It used one from facebook and I’d like a different photo. Never been able to update.
  • Forget it 1/5

    By WaveDave31
    Lyft wants you to do a high number of short rides. That is the most profitable for them. Drivers can’t make any money on short rides. Unless you get a tip. Tipping should be CUSTOMARY, like going to Denny’s. Nothing fancy, but you still owe your server a tip. So many rude, cheap passengers do not tip. I give them all 3 stars to never get them again. Lyft doesn’t care about drivers at all. They won’t even encourage passengers to tip. And they steal 20% of my tips anyway. The app is primitive and only partly functional. Lyft doesn’t care. It would be better to collect recyclable materials for work. Seriously. Go scavenging. Better than Lyft! Peace
  • 0 assistance 1/5

    By HonoluluBlu
    Your lack of help for your drivers is truly amazing. Almost like you main goal as a company is to make every part of working with you exhausting.
  • Needs iPad support 1/5

    By Bartdehaven
    This app needs iPad support like uber
  • Driver app 1/5

    By Dan45677
    I’m able to edit my profile picture on the drivers app. Way too many issue with this app.

    By Kertronix
    So I woke this morning 5/18/18 to a message from Lyft that they suspended my account. Guess what for, my driving record February 2017 showed that I was speeding 5 over the speed limit. This was more than a year ago and I didn’t signed up to be a Lyft driver until June of 2017. This is stupid and the lyft staff who suspended my account is an idiot. This was completely uncalled for. For Christ sake I got approved for almost a whole year to drive with lyft and they choose to suspend my account over something that simple that happened way before a became a lyft driver. Just plain stupid!
  • Overall not bad but the scheduled rides is horrible 3/5

    By Zzzzzzzoo
    Overall I like driving for Lyft but you get a schedule ride and usually they’re the early-morning rides so you wake up early in the morning you go to the location to pick up the ride and you just don’t get to call you call Lyft and all they tell you is schedule rides is not guaranteed but that’s bs before this last update I would be 30 miles away from the ride and when the time came for my scheduled ride I would still get it no matter how far away I was but after this new update I just don’t seem to be getting schedule rides I’m not sure what’s going on but they need to fix this bug
  • Good app, terrible in app navigation 4/5

    By Josho231
    The Lyft app works okay generally. Problems I’ve had that keep it from 5 Stars: Accepted scheduled ride, go online, get no request for ride and doesn’t show cancelation. Quite often when you click to go “online” it gives an error message and you have to do it again. The in app google navigation doesn’t work in Boston. It keeps putting you on top of the tunnels when you’re in them and in them when you’re on top of them. It would be nice to have beacons or something like Waze uses to keep track of our actual location. Also, it has suggested very bad routes in comparison to Waze (which is saying something), suggesting ally ways and hotel drives. But I do like how quickly it starts. I dislike the 3 second countdown to switch to Waze. It’s a small eternity when you’re passing roads that you may have to turn down to avoid a long detour back. I would use the much quicker in app navigation, but as stated, it’s useless in Boston. The app in general can be rather confusing to navigate and find things in. Uber’s app is worse, but it can still be tricky to find things until you’ve really spent some time in it. Lately “long trips” have been labeled as such less and less. I’ve taken at least 3 the last month that didn’t say “long trip” while one was well over an hour and the others almost an hour. I don’t mind the trips, but it can be essential to know if you’re getting low on gas.
  • Constantly have to re-install to get payout correct 2/5

    By Penniwit
    Bonuses do not always get added to your payout amount unless you re-install, wait hours upon hours, and/or email customer service. Every time I’ve emailed them about it they’re able to fix it instantly (they are very quick to respond) but it seems shady that I have to put in that much extra effort to really “earn” the money I’ve already supposedly made. I’ve also had the app freeze when trying to pick up riders (doesn’t show the “arrived” screen when the people are clearly in my car) so I have to sit and restart while the folks sit there getting frustrated. IMO, if drivers are paying you 40-50% of each fare, these issues should be non-existent.
  • For all drivers you can be deactivated for nothing 1/5

    By Emanuel4
    I am hoping to follow up with you regarding a report we received which alleged that you had a dash cam in your vehicle. As a reminder, you are legally obligated to obey all regulations regarding video and voice recordings. We strongly encourage drivers to follow all applicable laws to ensure the safety and comfort of your passengers. If you choose to install any cameras in your vehicle, it is your responsibility to be in compliance with the law at all times. Safety is our top priority here, and we take these matters very seriously. Any reports which allege violations of such laws may lead to the immediate deactivation of your account on the Lyft platform. Best, Lyft Support Representative
  • Mileage tracker needed! 3/5

    By Hope369
    As a driver I would love a mileage tracker for tax time. Since I reside in not 1 but 2 metropolitan areas with a lot of suburbs in between knowing which areas I put more mileage into would allow me to better identify which areas I spend the most time in and which areas more profitable. The app has the start and end addresses so why can’t this be added. I have requested this before and feel it’s ridiculous to have to resort to another app to track it.
  • Lyft is just a terrible company!!! 1/5

    Lyft doesn’t have FIFO system at the Anchorage International Airport . Lyft computer gives trips to drivers who are at the terminal or close to the Terminal. Even some driver obey the rules and regulation and wait at the designated cell Phone Lot and ended up getting no trips! So by having no FIFO system Lyft is encouraging drivers not to follow Airport rules and regulations and drivers to sit at the terminal, sit at the private property to be close to the terminal to obtain trips. Even as a driver I talked to Lyft several times, but Lyft has no intention to fix the problem!!!!
  • Maps 1/5

    By Eiben24
    Maps does not work with the app. Maps has me driving backwards over houses and has long glitches so you can’t find the passengers. Just a little fed up.
  • Destination mode + gps 4/5

    By Alan medeiros
    You guys should update the function destination mode to when you activate it the gps starts not just to see the route
  • Lyft screwed me 1/5

    By Junechiiiii
    I talked to a manager at the Lyft hub in Chicago about the situation I’m in. I was recently forced to consent to a background with no notice beforehand. Apparently now I can no longer drive for Lyft and this is literally how I support my daughter and her mother. I wasn’t able to buy my daughter the diapers that she need over something that doesn’t even affect Lyft customers in any way shape or form. My daughters livelihood is on the line now and now I can’t support her, her mother, I can’t pay rent, my insurance, the food for them to eat, or my car note all because of some third party telling lyft that I can’t drive for them. I took a leap of faith when I quit my job 5 months ago to drive for Lyft full time. I honestly feel like I made the wrong decision and the way everything was handled, I feel like Lyft doesn’t even care for their drivers. I was told that I should try to drive for Uber or for Uber eats. The manager didn’t even bother doing anything on her part. Now I’m struggling to make ends meet and I’m going to lose everything and my daughter, her mother, and I are soon going to be in the streets because of this.
  • Weird and unfair 1/5

    By Sidecrap
    It looks like in the same market or city Lyft offer promos or bonuses only to some drivers chosen on who knows what criteria while others get nothing or something close to nothing.Also passengers get charged a whole lot more before taxes, safety fees and Lyft commission.Its a huge difference on what passengers pay and what the drivers get.
  • Doesn’t cater well for people on tight schedules 3/5

    By San Francisco Living
    The app in general is fine. I think it could be more user friendly and accessible especially their layout. Main issue for me is that their “Set Destination” Option is very broad and has limits. There is no option to set a specific time if I need to be a destination so it’s annoying if I need to be somewhere in an hour and don’t want to go to the Airport but if I set the destination for my home now I’ll be given less rides even though I only need to be home in an hour. It’s quite a inconvenience, whereas Uber has this function easily open in their app. Which makes me drive with them much more.
  • Can’t use drive app 1/5

    By Curly Brown Girl
    I’ve been having problems for three month with trying to drive for lyft because the app won’t work on my iPhone 7! Please contact me Lyft
  • Lyft has changed my life. 5/5

    By Makkma
    Lyft is one of the best ride-share company out there. Lyft does care about drivers and customers 24/7 phone support. Apply with code DB900 and get your city bonus.
  • Can’t review rider name and address while driving 3/5

    By gergrellim
    Is this a recent change the app to prevent driver from using Phone excessively while driving? Sometimes I want to see the address again and the riders name.
  • Lyft doesn’t care about you 1/5

    By Charlie Oviedo
    It’s ok for a few extra bucks! But whatever you do don’t make any mistakes! Cause if you do you will be punished for it, there is no grace or mercy! Just saying! We are all just an ends to their means!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Caparley
    This app never connects! I have been trying to drive for lyft and never can connect through this driver app. Has been an issue with the app since they separated the two. Go back to the old way! I never get rides anymore and I lose service when in movement. Really irritating
  • Broken navigation 1/5

    By Ant$ 3\/3r @Ft3r
    The navigation system is completely broken Doesn't rotate while online or going to pick up a passenger. The Google maps and waze are fine..pleasd make your in App navigation system better
  • Driver complaint 1/5

    By angie driver
    I am a lyft driver I think it stupid how you can risk being deactivated for canceling a trip or for not accepting a trip. I’m not gonna sit at a bush airport for 2-3 hours to finally get a ride request and it be a 10-15 dollar trip. So they should do something about that because I think it’s stupid.
  • Algorithm Needs Work 2/5

    By JocC24
    Most of the time, when I logon, the algorithm bounces the rider before I even get a chance to accept the ride. There have been multiple times when I show up to a destination well over 5 mins from my starting point, and a rider cancels with no cancellation fee. Called Lyft Support and was hung up on multiple times so I eventually just left it alone and considered quitting altogether. Lastly, the bait and switch tactics are getting really old now, especially when picking up scheduled riders. NOT COOL!!!
  • DONT USE LYFT!!! 1/5

    By pepeargento1
    I like lyft, but there are times when customers ask you to continue with the destination that they marked before from your phone. Then they call lyft and he says that I charge him more and lyft threatens me that he will close the account. All this they charged me $ 330. I would tell them not to use lyft, it is a very bad company and it would not be serious
  • Ride estimate feature 5/5

    By Homiesyoyo
    Thank you very much lyft for making the ride estimate available now. So i wont be wasted going 10miles for 1mile trip.666
  • Driver unfriendly 1/5

    By rideshare deal
    As a driver this app Is terrible. You will notice yourself in an area where the price has increased due to high demand. Ride request will be flying in to your app from 25 min away at regular rate! My advice drive for Uber
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 5/5

    By Silvermist12000
    Please allow us to see where the person is going before we accept a ride
  • Lyft driver 2/5

    By Kross1994
    This ride-sharing company is trash. If you only choose to drive for Lyft get ready to receive $14 an hour driving in New York City. Poor driver freedom in aspect of the number of rides the driver may want to decline or accept. Most of the trip request you receive will all be a borough away and a 15+ distance from your current location.

    By FabinhoUSA
    Hey Lyft stop dispatching my trips 🤬Most of the time there a lot traffic and riders are okay waiting. Especial my Luxury’s. I am having this problem almost every day. It makes me so frustrating, don’t make me turn off the app and drive for other one. When we drivers don’t accept long trips or cancel, you guys punished us. So be fair and I will give 5 stars.
  • Lyft in Ghana 5/5

    By Sammie Forson
    We need lyft in Ghana
  • The new airport update for Utah 1/5

    By AliceCooperFanAnthony
    It’s confusing and makes it not user friendly. I’ve been at the terminal and chose to leave after having to wait for 10 minutes in a no parking zone waiting for a ride request that never came. It’s confusing as well for new users as they can’t have GPS to their ride or even know which terminal they are looking for. Forcing you to interact with your phone at a crowded area of the airport itself. Let alone the fact I had an officer knock on my window and tell me I can’t wait there. Had it been more crowded, if I even got a ride, checking their name and terminal number could have made me wreck as I try to do my job to it’s fullest caliber. Until this is fixed I won’t be helping with airport rides anymore, which cripples my own income in doing so. It’s a detrimental change that needs to be reverted. While on the topic, the airport queue, if I should choose to leave it, should leave me an option to forfeit my place. Driving through it or by it is very annoying to have a 5 minute wait regardless if I plan on coming back into it. Adding that in would be a plus, but not necessary compared to the complete drivel that the airport queue has become this week.
  • Can somebody explain why it does not work for me 1/5

    By DonnaW123
    It’s not accepting my drivers license, and didn’t give me a reason as to why it’s not going through
  • Improvements needed 4/5

    By A Rare App Rater
    App needs nighttime mode. Map background as it is now is way too bright at night. Also can we have the ability to view daily earnings? Please review the Uber driver app for examples.
  • You shouldn’t have to call line riders for cancellation fees 1/5

    By Theasiandudeguy
    The whole point of Line is for the rider to be prompt and already waiting to be picked up. If they don’t provide important information like a gate code or apartment building, then that’s on them, not the driver. Line works like a bus, do you think bus drivers call riders? No, no they do not. Why should I have to do all this extra work and the rider can be lazy and not provide information that is necessary for a smooth pickup. That’s just double standards. Also riders should be punished for cancelling too much, just like drivers and also for having a low rating. Why should riders have to follow a set of rules and then riders have different rules? There should be equal standards on both sides.
  • IphoneX 3/5

    By illinoisfinest
    Need to fix this problem when you get a request and your outside the app you can’t see the path to the passenger when you go back to the app. The path is hidden behind the passengers picture instead of being located at the top half of the screen.
  • Con/ thief 1/5

    By Abrar Hussein from New York
    They’re stealing drivers hard working money Some trips and money just don’t show up until you notice and call Lyft company

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