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Lyft Driver App

Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $500 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount. COMMITMENT TO HEALTH We prioritize your well-being, and our Health Safety Program helps everyone ride confidently. SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY We’re here to help if you need us — via phone, email, and in-person at our Hubs and Driver Centers. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. NO CAR NEEDED With Lyft Express Drive, you don't need your own car to earn (available in select markets). ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

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  • Could be a lot better 3/5

    By nope, no
    As a driver I expect a way I can send in more feedback about how my experience on the app was daily not to mention not being able to get a hold of any kind of customer support for when the app is not working properly. The app says amp is not available in my area and yet I see drivers with it in my town.
  • App problem 1/5

    By rahim1988$
    I’m lyft Driver this app it been so bad from the new update power zone three years ago it was fine but now in the weekend I have friends doing Uber they have a good bonus. +20 +19 +17 each ride sometimes more the same time Lyft +1$ +1.60$ I will switch to Uber it not good any more
  • Worst customer service ever and you cant use express pay 1/5

    By Klassye
    Ive been driving for over 4yrs 4.98 star rating hundreds of rides and great review. But as of these last 10 months or so the customer service is extra crappy. You can only contact by email. Which it will take a few days for them to get back with you. I just received a response for an email i sent 4 months ago. An it literally said sorry it took us so long an that was it. If you have a problem you better figure it out yourself because none on their people are capable of helping. They read everything from a script and cant do anything beyond that. If your actually talking to a human. An they say they have express pay but they dont. At least i dont,a card expires try change it and it doesnt save it just trys ti save for hours. I have actual video if it trying to save. I have spoken with over a dozen different lyft agents about the problem and no one tell me whats going on. They ignore my emails now. They could just say lyft wants you to use their debit card so they can keep control of your money. Heck ive even had to wait over 3 weeks to get paid after emailing 6 different agents and still the same monologue and no results. Uber is not even this bad
  • No support and lots of bugs 1/5

    By Boston126
    The app keeps crashing. You loose hours of your time because system mistakenly changes your position in the queue. Absolute no customer support. Chat will only tell you that they are looking at it once every hour until you are tired.
  • Comparing this to Uber, and Door Dash, these guys are the worst! By far! 1/5

    By Arbenj
    ***Lyft nickles and dimes their backbone employees(their drivers) because without them, there would be no Lyft, so bad, that they would offer me a “do 10 rides and get a $10 bonus” ,and actually feel like that was okay to do and incentivizing. A 2021 premier luxury rideshare driver. This company is as scummy, and greedy as it gets. During the pandemic, closing weeks of the state federal unemployment compensation people were receiving, I signed up for Lyft. About a week or so after Uber, after Door Dash, and let me tell you, these guys pay the worst. I drive a LUX vehicle mind you, my rates, or higher then a typical Lyft during normal time periods. This was the only company that didn’t give me any special promo-rate/quest or any of that sort of thing after signing up using a pretty recent promo code found online that they’ve posted. Their Lyft max code was supposedly supposed to give me one of those major offers, sort of like what uber does when you first sign up, where you complete 100 rides you make $2k garunteed because the company will reimburse whatever you didn’t make grinding up until then. You would think when I signed up, in august of 2021, where there was a horrible driver shortage, Uber paid me $200 on top of my regular fares for my first 3 competed rides, and door dash paid me $250, on top of my fares earned on my first 20 rides, it was safe to assume after applying their LYFTmax promo that I was going to get somewhere similar or competitive to them. Long story short, wasn’t the case. Customer service really couldn’t explain to me why they jipped me out, because they’ve given other customers in other states in the past year, some very lucrative offers, and why their system didn’t give me anything special for signing up through them, customer service could not explain. I left this app downloaded on my phone for almost a 2 and a half week time period shortly thereafter, debating on whether I even wanna give these guys a shot. Debating whether I wanna do a ride for them. Since they clearly don’t care about the people bringing home their bread and butter, their drivers. I went ahead and started doing rides, I thought to myself, hey I got to give these guys a shot regardless. Because a special promo or quest, may be nice, but once you achieve it on most these ride share apps, they make you go a long while without one IF you ever get one again, so I wanted to see if my 2021, $60,000 car, offering ride shares in a LUX vehicle, would give me more money then UberX, because UberX is the equivalent of the standard Lyft. On their best days, they were neck and neck with their fares, on an average day, Lyft wouldn’t let me see how far my whole route was going to be before accepting,(like Uber allowed me access to as a new driver and door dash-for a limited time as a new user) and these guys were taking me 30-40 minute pick ups, to drive a customer down the street, about a mile no more then 2 away, and pay me a $2-$5 fare. Oh and by the way, those customers don’t tip. Livid is an understatement after doing 7-10 odd rides with these guys. At the peak of their surge periods, where they’d ask you to stay in the pink zone to get more money on your next trip, the most I ever netted was $7, and on that ride I was required to again drive to new Baltimore, 30 minutes from my house, to make a total of $17 including the nasty surge I earned by staying in the pink zone and burning my gas for a half hour straight just to earn it. One of the times, a customer left $250 air pods in my car and I had no idea. She later contacted me and asked if I could go drive back another HALF hour after her being my first trip of the morning and me trying to make as many rides as I can to make ends meet for the day, and Lyft would offer me $15 as a thank you. She seemed like a nice lady, on Lyft customers order LUX, for a $10 trip and don’t even tip $1, her fare was the most I made, and it totaled $7 and that included her tip,$15 that Lyft offered me aside, how could I say no? I end up backing myself up that morning, missing a chance to keep getting rides during a hot period in my area, to go take her $200+ air pods back. You would think LYFT, already being very frugal with their hard working drivers, even the ones that are driving cars that are worth more then what they deserve to have available in their line up, that they would have credited me after that trip that $15. Oh no, I had to talk to customer service another 2 times and said almost 2 days to get that $15. But in the app, my trip back to drop the item was navigating and showing as if I was doing a trip. Lyft was expected to pay that $15 immediately. I honestly lost about $30-$40 worth of rides from the time it took for me to go take these air pods back, and then drive back to what I thought was still the hot spot, only to find out it no longer was. Truth be told, your not even a number to all these ride share apps, this should never be a full time job and should be treated as a little gig thing when you feel like working, but LYFT doesn’t even deserve to have drivers in the state of Michigan. Their pay is absolutely disgusting, and their incompetent and absent customer service, don’t deserve to have even the worst ride share driver on one of their routes. I may never drive for Uber again, I may never drive for door dash again, it’s been over a month I went on “dash” and been a few weeks since I’ve went online on Uber, I have a full time job, but those apps are still on my phone. Lyft I requested an account deletion today and your driver and customer app will forever be off my phone. Keep up the horrible work corporate greed-filled Lyft, you’ll see how quick the rest of your drivers follow suit during these times.
  • Lyft driver 5/5

    By jufadens
    You guys need to do a upgrade my app my working properly when I open the app it’s keep saying no internet every time I open it it’s say that but I have internet on it I think it’s a glitch with the system I still use it find but the no internet connection keeps popping up even I’m driving on the road
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By lombercakein
    Horrible app i had all my documents current and clear the background and got deactivated for no reason i tried asking the support team and told me they couldn't validate some information and ended the chat would never go back and drive for them
  • Crooks 1/5

    By bowe6420
    I only drive part time. I don’t know what’s going on lately, but twice now in the last couple weeks they refused to take responsibility for the app crashing which cheated me out of getting paid. Their “support” is atrocious. It is impossible to call them. You can send them messages to which they will not respond and close your case without fixing the issue. Drivers need to start taking legal action against lyft for wage theft.
  • Going Public RUINED Lyft 1/5

    By AyannaStarshine
    Uber is doing EVERYTHING correctly. Their app is so simple.They’ve been in the business way longer than Lyft. So, I’m sure they can update their app. But why? I love Uber’s, circa 2007, coding: it allows for drivers to be paid for driving a long distance to get a passenger. The Lyft experience is so awful. With no promotions, which Lyft does frequently, a driver can barely make $8, an hour, after petrol and tolls, in this market. I am so sorry that I committed to being a full-time driver for Lyft. Lyft is the, absolute worst. In addition, driver support? Laughable, at best. Lyft is a joke.
  • Unfair app 1/5

    By fatfsn
    This is a unfair app!!They only give little bonus to work hard drivers,but give almost 50$ more to the Lazy drivers,at airport like this!you Broke the heart of the hardworking driver!
  • Bug 1/5

    By Pouya Golestaneh
    They offer to install Lyft beta app and I did that 10 days ago. My driving score was %84 and it’s drop to %35 due to cancelation but I did not cancel any ride and try to contact app support and see if they find the bug by checking cancelation behavior, each time they give me different answer and finally they are not able to see the exactly issue and told me it’s your fault. Looks like it’s game app and you need to take care of your performance but when there is issue they are help you and will send you some template answers, Other problem. Is missing earnings There was missing on my Lyft black xl for $55 and &85 and I never get that money cuz the app crashed! 1 star app support at all and 1 star rate for the app developers. Very sad after working hard to get their platinum rewards and it’s lost at 1 day for the app bugs.
  • They never respond to emails 2/5

    By KeezyBell
    Don’t waste your time because when you have a issue that’s very serious they won’t even be concerned. I’ve been waiting on the email for two weeks now, and it has something to do with my driving record out the blue which I don’t know why because nothings on my driving record. I went out the way to get my driving record and I sent it to lift and still my account is deactivated. This is how I made my money so I am very upset
  • Happy with the bonuses 4/5

    By TrustedReviews!
    The bonuses make driving worth it. Once you factor in gas and maintenance, it’s not profitable for me to drive Lyft regularly. Another thing is that the app will tell me “high demand in this area” and “less than 5 minutes until next pickup” but it’ll take longer than that
  • Airport Surges 1/5

    By AppDriver2015
    Lyft is not providing surges at the Austin airport even though they are charging the riders 159-300% Prime time and Uber is giving 10-16 dollar bonuses when it’s live surging
  • Add support for apple car play 3/5

    By Lions Tigers & Bears
    Please add support for 3rd party extensions like Apple Car Play.
  • New apps have problems 1/5

    By Kami T. Sherpa
    New apps have no option to cancel allso no option offline please fix soon as soon this is very worst for driver
  • scam 1/5

    By kem1432
    stay away from this company, aign up for uber or anything else but stay away from this people.they are scam amd will be selling your identity to 3rd partied of every single thing you do in regular life, beware from this
  • Bonus 1/5

    By ZZZ560081
    Watch for your bonus will not pay you. It will say complete 15 rides by a certain date and it’s a $165 bonus you complete it they want pay. They will say your eligible to make that no you clearly said it’s a bonus never again deleting app.
  • To many bugs and they don’t pay bonus $ when it’s their mistake 3/5

    By Yna0705
    More rides - more bad experience when the program doesn’t work correct but the driver lose money and time! Some operators help you, some like a that program- they don’t want to think and understand what drivers try to explain. I sent the pictures that it wasn’t my fault - but they don’t care! Fix your program! When I canceled the ride because it showed passenger didn’t show up and I choose that option ‘ passenger didn’t show up’ and I still lost my bonus streak because I was not to close to the his location . But it was a big festival and some roads was closed! And passenger texted me to come to little bit other location, after he didn’t answer when I called him. And even program showed the option to cancel like he didn’t show up; they broke my streak and didn’t pay bonus It’s very bad!
  • Stop driving lyft and uber 1/5

    By Lyft not Uber
    Pricing is surging due to less drivers but I noticed that the drivers don’t get anything additional money for surge pricing…. Lyft and uber has to please their investors which is not happening neither. If you accept a ride which is close the app will cancel the ride if you are stuck in traffic and give it to another driver. Once a driver accepts a ride the app should not cancel the ride. Be aware lyft is doing this, they don’t care about the drivers. I use to take home a lot more money but know lyft takes 45 to 55% of the fare. Remember you better get a high mileage car because fuel prices. Other option is to buy an electric car but that option is an option expensive option also… overall, stop driver lyft and Uber until they pay drivers more!!!!!
  • Great company 5/5

    By no.1 best no.1
    Changing my life, I would say this is one of the best company that help people rebuild their life.
  • trash 1/5

    By P3T3R.H
    👎👎👎👎👎 1 hour 20 minutes online for $5.47 in nyc !!!! thank you lyft ceo
  • Horrible Riders! 1/5

    By JDanielJr7
    I had to stop driving for Lyft. I only do Uber now. It’s not even worth it anymore to drive for Lyft. Complete waste of time and money.
  • Complaint 1/5

    By mical vega
    Philadelphia área : I join days ago with a friend referal link , so I contact support to verify why I’m not showing on my friend referal list ... now they are telling me I don’t qualify for the 30 days earnings 🙄🥵 ... They advise me I need a code to be eligible bla bla bla ..... so I send them my friend link “ they said we can’t input the code on your account !!! What a disappointment #LIFT
  • unfair work 2/5

    By Omar alfuraiji
    They should adjust what they pay for the drivers .. They should understand that the driver gets tired a lot and uses his car.. Or they should provide cars to pay what thy are paying now..$ 0.60 per mi !!! $0.225 per minute..that's not fair
  • No Network Connection??? 1/5

    By Juankcuba
    It never goes away! I have internet everywhere, even ur App give me trips but it always says No Network Connection, Im so sick of it! Please get rid of it
  • Jack 5/5

    By gioong
    Your guises leftovers are mean
  • Major issues yet again! 2/5

    • Problems with incoming offers. When inside a PPZ, the bonus does not display on the incoming offer card. • App literally LOGS OFFLINE while waiting at pickup locations— as in, legit LOGS OFF, claims that passenger canceled and just like that, more time and vehicle resources wasted. • QUIT SWITCHING FARES! This was problematic the moment you introduced it in 2017. It’s terrible to this day, results in countless wasted resources, frustrating experiences on both ends, and both Lyft and we drivers stop making money because we’re sick of you wasting our everything! Just leave good enough alone! With my already-lacking level of trust in the platform, this is not motivating whatsoever.
  • Bad Customer Service. 1/5

    By Reinier Noriega
    Pay is horrible. Customer service is horrible. Think twice before working with them. I had a passenger smoke marijuana in my car and when I reported it to lyft customer service all I got was a dozen apologies. They lost a 5 star driver today! Uber treats you better !
  • Bug 3/5

    By FiyaTongue
    This app has a lot of bugs. It crashes logging me off when I’m in a ride streak and then I loose the streak. But management says my phones fault…
  • So many problems 1/5

    By Lilaney
    The only way to contact support is through a message service, where you rarely receive support. They take more money than Uber does. I’m trying to receive my money from working and am unable to, and the message help desk/ robot messaging system is not helpful (again). Every time I try to reach out for help I do not receive it unless I send message after message, and even then it’s unreliable. It’s beyond clear this company doesn’t care about their drivers, only the money for their business.
  • Very poor service 1/5

    By lavservischi
    Very poor service
  • Destinación 2/5

    By Queen2194
    Que es lo que esta pasando con Lyft y las llamadas que van en tu ruta? Tu ruta es SUR Y ELLOS TE MANDAN OESTE O ESTE! No se dañen!
  • Lyft and Uber 2 thieves in pot 1/5

    By DaddyRomance
    I don’t like the direction Lyft is in & currently heading. My biggest complaint is with the decoupling of the price a rider pays with what a driver receives. Surge rates aren’t shared with the drivers equally and Lyft hides this. They will encourage a driver to go to a certain area by highlighting it on a map in Orange but the rides picked up will not be surged. While a rider in that Orange area will pay a surge rate but the driver will not get a piece from that. It’s criminal. Aren’t the drivers and the riders the main parts of to the RIDE-SHARE business? If so than why do things that do not benefit us and hide things from us and give us no way (besides boycott) to make changes. Lyft use to be better with the pay to the drivers and the system appeared more fair. This current system in late 2021 is trash
  • No Network Connection 1/5

    By wplantz
    This message constantly shows at the top of my app when I clearly have a network connection and am taking rides! It would be a minor annoyance except it is displayed ON TOP of the driving directions. It isn’t good at all to have to constantly tap the screen to dismiss this false message when you’re trying to give safe and smooth rides to your customers.
  • Urgent Help!!! 1/5

    By IG:Pernell7
    Can’t never talk to someone about filling out an application to let them know what problems you’re having with their app Extremely difficult to sign up for not as difficult as Uber but still difficult
  • No network 1/5

    By Oo7Legend
    My app continues to show no network when in use. Please address this issue.
  • New Lyft surges 1/5

    By shhdshad
    Lyft is looting drivers by giving only couple of dollars extra and charging riders slots never feel ashamed ..
  • Age required 2/5

    By KoreanQueen25!
    I feel like overall the app is a good brand just like Uber and doordash but why does the age requirement really have to be 25 like I have my license and insurance don’t get my wrong so I’m not one just trying to get over unlike others but seriously I feel like it could be lowered like it’s no difference in Uber driver or any other app with 19 or 20 being the age requirement
  • Meh 2/5

    By tyler08903
    I love the app over all I just feel like there needs to be additional fee if there’s more then 1 party member. I get a lot of 2/3 people and I don’t necessarily like it 3 people for a 5$ trip meh it is what it is I understand nor mind if they are children And the airport trips. People have these big bags and expect you to put 2 in the trunk and 1 in the passenger set etc and it’s annoying. But over all I love it. For the most part. Can’t take back the mileage but it’s worth it overall Needs to be more fees for multiple passengers and groceries etc.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Jeseg1985
    This app is terrible. The map always takes me on the longest route which upsets my passengers, it doesn’t give you the option to turn off location sharing from the Home Screen like it says, and when I accept a ride it takes forever to update and sends me in the wrong direction.
  • Lyft has no driver support 1/5

    By kylepackard
    My last day driving for Lyft a passenger puked. I was unsure how to handle it so I immediately made notes, took pictures and filed a report. Despite Lyft policy clearly stating what needed to be done and me doing that to the best of my ability, when I finally was able to discuss the situation with a Damage Claims Specialist, they said, “We are unable to compensate you as this fails to meet the requirements for damage.” When I asked how that was possible, they sent a link to the help page regarding damage. My situation clearly met all the requirements listed there but they still refused to pay and refused to explain why. They have no appeal process. Just thought anyone considering driving for Lyft should know that they do not support their drivers!
  • Lawsuit material!!! 1/5

    By Nusknvp.1970
    Everything around app and company feels rigged to steal and underpay drivers. People who use their car, gas, tolls and labor get 35% of fares charged to customers, destination mode-zero! Power zone earnings-zero! Ride streak bonuses-zero! I’m a 5 star platinum driver and I can’t see passenger destination. My booked % falls from 90 to 60%… and “help” is all 🤡🤡🤡
  • Lyft is garbage 1/5

    By Review Spark driver..
    Picking up ghetto riders and driving 25 minutes to them for a 3 minute ride? Scheduled pickups same thing, wasting 40 minutes for $5? I’ll never use this crap app again.
  • iPad 5/5

    By Dale9276
    Come on people it is 2018. Why don’t you have a app for the iPad. Get with the time’s. People like to use their tablets for gps part And all so your insurance you have for your driver deductible of $2500.00 is nuts. That’s right people you drive for Lyft and get in to a accident you have to pay $2500.00 to get your car fix. Uber insurance deductible is just $1000.00. That tell me Lyft don’t care about their driver as much. And this last week getting the power driver bonus if $60.00. When I toke my last two rides for the night I was setting at a 91% rating and they cut me down to 89 so they would not have to pay me.
  • Driver app issue 1/5

    By awais123$85
    I work full time at Lyft last few weeks I get payouts problem now I am waiting last 5 days they keep saying special team gonna emails me but I didn’t get any mail Lyft have to understand if we not get money how we can work they have help line every associate need all info over over and over I really get hard time even fill the gas
  • Dumb settings & app constantly crashing 1/5

    By Pistol Pate
    Pro driver here: 10k+ rides and 5.0 ⭐️ 1) app constantly crashes when running in background (30+ times per 10 hr shift 🙄) 2) my rating dropped and my weekly feedback didn’t give me a reason why 3) add an auto-accept toggle switch 4) I hate being forced to send generic texts before being able to send a custom text (it’s awkward) 5) HUGE: our acceptance ratings are dinged because I decline 20min/15mile pickup...we’re NOT paid for long distance pickups!! 6) discourage passengers from selecting corner pickups (awkward and dangerous) 7) tell passengers to stop waving 👋 at me in the dark ...wave a BRIGHT screen/flash light 💡 at me!!!!
  • App? Pay? 1/5

    By Incline76
    Just like others, App is Terrible… by the time it catches up that you’ve made a turn U can pass up destinations. Bonus Points is a Jip, Earn $16.75 and you Only Receive 16 Points 🙁. Drive 15min to pickup Passenger and earn $3. 😖 Doesn’t show popular Areas until I guess you’re Platinum?? Long rides no Bonus in a Region that has 4 Sizeable cities and Airport 60 miles away 👿…Wow!
  • Need improvement for Platinum tier drivers 3/5

    By Sanket. P
    Being able to see the trip info as platinum driver is a great feature but can still be improved upon. Drivers are only able to see trip info on rides when they don’t have an existing one while online. If there’s a lack of drivers in certain area, chances are that the driver will get another ride queued before they finish an existing one. Issue with that is the driver cannot see the trip info on the upcoming queued ride, even if they are a platinum tier driver. Even after they start the queued up ride after finishing an existing one, the driver still cannot see the trip info. This needs to be corrected in future update so the driver does not end up taking a ride that has long pickup and shorter drop off.