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Need a lift? Try Lyft for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one. Request a ride with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby community driver who’ll take you to your destination within minutes. Yep, it's that easy. • Split the cost of a ride with friends. It’s easy, fast, and secure. • All Lyft drivers pass comprehensive background and DMV checks. • Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road. • Lyft provides a first-of-its-kind $1M liability insurance for total peace of mind. Join the millions who’ve taken 5-star rides. Download and take a ride today! — What people are saying: "Ride-sharing programs like Lyft are providing commuters with less expensive and more social ways to get around. Users log into the app, specify where they’re heading, and a background-checked driver picks them up for less than a typical cab ride." - TODAY Show “Lyft is a real community — with both the drivers and riders being inherently social — making real friendships and saving money.” - Time "In a city where taxis can be scarce and… black town cars are rampant but expensive, Lyft has quickly gained visibility due to low prices and quirky branding." - Ad Age "Lyft's focus on the everyman has recently extended to the wildly successful Lyft Line carpool service aimed at commuters, which offers discounts of 30% to 60% for sharing a Lyft ride with others." - Fast Company — Prices vary based on market condition. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.


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  • Awful 1/5

    By MattEllz
    I had initially set my location as my pick up location. That did not work for some reason, so canceled my ride. Cut too.. on my way back home from the bars, the app lead the driver in a completely different location than where I set. I didn’t change a thing, showed the driver where I wanted to go initially, and finally made it after he set it himself, after $100+ of a ride. Not impressed. Initially, whatever, but then it got worse. Thanks Lyft.
  • Overcharging customers 1/5

    By nomie's
    I put in and address to METHODIST Hospital that was 763 7th ave BROOKLYN, they charged me $35.81 from my house to here. And my phone show me that the address they put in was 496 6th st BROOKLYN. Watch out the company is a rip off.....
  • Usually works fine, but need to... 3/5

    By Shelbster007
    Feature request: allow users to enter a pickup address instead of dragging on the map.
  • Exactly what you expect 5/5

    By EdwinCastrill0n
    Cheaper than Uber, dependable drivers (besides the random drivers that cancel the trip before hey pick you up, which is to be expected on a busy night). Clean cars, nice drivers cheap prices.
  • Bad customer service 2/5

    By 完美学号“6974978”
    I was really in favor of Lyft until I realize the customer service means no services besides returning cancellation fees as time-limited credits. Recently, it starts to drop me off at wrong location; I contacted the customer service and no response whatsoever. I tried to appeal for refund and the only response is their charges are correct in respect to my pick up and the actual drop off location, no response to the issue of dropping me off at wrong locations and the driver refuse to drive me without some additional fees.
  • Split Fee 3/5

    By CSxIzzy
    Every time I split a ride with someone I always end up paying for it fully , or vice versa. But overall lyft itself is good , that’s problem is just a glitch and causes problems.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Gamesandchill
    Even through I have money on my account it will not let me use my card and keeps telling me to set it as my default. This is the most inconvenient app ever and is nothing but a money stealer
  • The best 5/5

    By Jayiue
    The best app ever
  • 4.6 stars 5/5

    By AJRs7
    99.98% one of the best
  • Confusing app 3/5

    By Vyachezz
    Cant setup pick up but when paid cant adjust as well. Thumbs down!!! Confusing app
  • Lyft drivers are rude at night 1/5

    By Avrohim
    I took a lyft last night as a passenger on his way to 1. A gym 2. A meeting afterwards the driver was extremely rude and extremely intoxicated that she probably need a safe hazards light all around her driving.#buyersbeware
  • Great service 5/5

    By LadyB238
    I use the service twice a week to go to a class about 20 miles from my residence. The drivers are very professional, very helpful, and they enjoy chatting and meeting new people. I’ve met lots of interesting and great drivers, and one of them has become a close friend. I pay very fair amount, and I am totally blind, so a Lyft ride to the grocery store doesn’t cost me a whole bunch out of pocket. The driver waits for me patiently as I enter and exit the vehicle as it takes me a little bit of time since I’m completely blind. Bus stops are kind of hard to get to from my residence, so this is a great alternative and doesn’t cost a whole lot. If you have the money , a right is very convenient and just a tap away on a smart phone. Great service.
  • Gone Downhill 1/5

    By Mickymnm
    I don’t know what has happened, but it has become impossible to get a ride in DC within a 15 minute window. My ride gets switched three times before the real driver arrives. I’m constantly late even when I plan ahead. In the last three weeks this service has gone downhill in the worst of ways. Don’t send me a nicer car for rewards. Send me on time drivers.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By AnnaaNicoleee
    If you need to be somewhere this is the worst app to use. The drivers constantly cancel rides and charge you five dollars. This has happened to me three times already. It may be cheap but that doesn’t matter when your not getting the services you paid for. I would never recommend this app to anyone
  • Used to like this app 1/5

    By Anti orbital
    Now every time I open the app it tries a transaction against my Chase account which then sends me an email confirming that I, in fact, did the transaction which confuses me because I didn't agree to any transaction.
  • Fraudulent 1/5

    By Geo_thing
    I’ve had horrible experiences with the lyft app. I feel it doesn’t secure my financial banking information. I’ve just recently downloaded and used the app and have had been charged for lyft rides that weren’t me. I’ve spoken to people in my community (friends and family) and they have had the same experience with being charged extra lyft rides on their banking statements. They need a better MORE SECURE system.
  • Location Detection 4/5

    By Southern Catdaddy
    The UI is a bit clunky, previous locations are not always available but biggest issue is location detection is 90% of the time off when compared to Uber
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Blondegirl1387
    I don't want push notifications. Please stop spamming me to turn them on. Constant harassment to turn them on. Please update GPS. Says my driver is a block away on app and then a text saying they've arrived. Don't send "they're here" unless they're outside. A block in LA traffic can be minutes.
  • Delete thIs APP and DEACTIVATE ACCT 1/5

    By 757goddess
    Early this morning while I was sleeping at 3:00 am on the east coast there was a hacker robbing my account in Vegas for 800 dollars. I called my bank ASAP around 7:00 and the representative went through and verified charges to confirm which charges were mine. After she confirmed that the recent Lyft charge was mine from about a week ago she warned me that Uber Lyft and iCloud apps have been used to steal customer info. I only have my card info stored on the Lyft app so I was able to eliminate iCloud and I never used Uber. I want to warn everyone to delete the app. I needed that money for a very important obligation and this issue is causing BIG PROBLEMS I feel super violated Yes the service was great but what good is service when your software is garbage and your customers are safe.
  • stop using notifications to advertise your crap 1/5

    By fuzzywuzzywaza
    Seriously. Scum bag move to use push notifications to advertise your random crap. i’ll either turn off push or just delete your crappy app.
  • No customers support 1/5

    By PhillySarah
    Very disappointed that you can’t talk to customers service on phone. When I dial number I google it took me to find everything online and hang up
  • App issues 1/5

    By Faekirby88
    So I redownloaded this app, and for some reason it continues to state, “Poor signal connectivity”!!! All of my other apps are working with no problem! What’s goin on?
  • Love it 5/5

    By Baby and Momma Love This
    I love this app. I use it for my commute to work. I have certain drivers that I get often! And I’m use to them. I do hate when the app decides to change my drivers last second when it is normally a driver that I’m use to originally. I wish there was an option to request specific drivers. Other than that the app is great
  • So far excellent! 5/5

    By bonnievanilla
    I must say that switching from regular taxi service to Lyft service has been absolutely great! 🤩🤩😍 Each driver was very courteous and had a very nice attitude while maintaining focus on the drive.😤💪💪🏾💪🏼😱🤕🤓 I have never had to wait more than 10 min for a ride maybe 15 min but I really do not think so. 🙄😤 Never careless driving or road rage.🤓🤨🍌🍌🍌🛵 Each driver was considerate enough to offer to help me with my bags. 🏸👚👕👙👠👠🛒🎯 So awesome especially because I have disabilities that affect my legs and back and it is not always visible or noticeable unless my Day was long and I forgot to take my medicine. 🤢 💊☎️📣9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣. I appreciated not having to ask for help.🤔🤢 I also must say that my drivers were clean with their cars and their body. 🐓🐓🐐🦍😳🤗 wow! They must pass on the dirty riders🌲☘️🌿✋🖐🏼👍🏻👍🏿☎️📣🚕🤗😁!!!💐💐🌷💐 I look forward to riding with Lyft again very soon. 👍🏿👍🏻👍🏊🏾‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚵🏽‍♀️✈️🚀💘💘❤️❤️💯🎉🎈🎈🎈
  • Bad Customer Service, Slow & Fraud Charge 1/5

    By Pc2013Pc
    Someone linked my card to another account, fraudulently, and Lyft doesn't have an approval process or notification to alert the original account (with card) that their card is being used for a another account. After alerting my bank of the fraud charge, all I want to do is DEACTIVATE my Lyft account, but I'm told that I have to wait 24-48 hours for someone to contact me to deactivate my own account! Lyft took away the option for the customer to deactivate their own account through the app or online. This is convenient for them as it make it difficult for people to cancel their account. I have been on hold twice on the phone to find all of this this out, and the phone rep was rude to me (telling me it was my fault someone stole my card?!?!). Previously, I have urged people to use Lyft, despite them being more expensive than Uber, but I will never again use Lyft until their policies are changed. They have made this situation much more difficult than it needed to be. Instead of one click to report the fraud charge and another click to deactivate- it has taken messaging, being on hold for 30 mins and a rude phone rep who couldn't deactivate my account...and I have to wait for someone who can to call me...?
  • Great App 5/5

    By BrianAllan87
    Lyft is honestly my app of choice. It’s cheaper than Uber.
  • Good, needs fixing 3/5

    By Scar347
    Lyft is my primary rideshare for 3 years. I chose them for in-app tipping and based on driver recommendations Their interface is functional, drivers have been kind, and prices are fair Language barriers in large cities have cost me significant time and money (2hrs and $100 in the last 6mo). Drivers struggle to locate passengers and navigate without hand-holding. In-app Customer service is offensive - the mandatory options are very limited, thus none of my complaints have been answered or addressed. The "line" feature has taken drivers and me far away from out routes, upwards of 30min Please show what languages passengers and drivers know, Fluently. Please invest in better navigation. Please limit the distance for "line" routes
  • Drivers are always lost!! 1/5

    By Kayla Tomlinson 1993 abc
    Drivers are rude and are supposed to have gps systems like UBER but instead Lyft sends people that aren’t familiar with your town and can’t work a gps even when available! Good app terrible employees..
  • Shady promos 1/5

    By PabsLives
    They market $50 off for first time riders, but only shell out $5. Bogus business practices. UPDATE: Was reached out to via a bot seemingly telling me to reach out to their support. I already did several days ago both via the app and their social media. That’s why I am saying it’s garbage service. They didn’t offer any solutions and just completely dropped correspondence after submitting several files of proof. This company is the worst. Save yourself the pain and stick with Uber. They have better availability from what I’ve experienced anyway.
  • Lyft Great Experience 5/5

    By Lexushoney
    It was my first time using Lyft the driver was very professional & had great attitude & personality I’ll continue using Lyft when I need a Lyft which will be next Saturday night hopefully I’ll can request to get same driver I have one more comment I’ve never use Uber I’m glad my friend recommended me to use Lyft thank you Lyft once again
  • Lyft Apple Watch app does nothing. 2/5

    By Pyorr Fayz
    Lyft Apple Watch app does - literally - nothing. It pluses the Lyft logo and that’s it. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app(s), I’ve restarted my Apple Watch. Nothing works.
  • First Lyft ride 5/5

    By MamaWagz
    Thank you for our first “efficient” Lyft ride! Have a safe and good evening!
  • Very bad experiences 1/5

    By Samuel Machado
    I had very bad experiences with drivers that charged and never show up. Three time same thing. The service of Uber is way better and way cheaper.
  • Always late! 2/5

    By Harmoniehaven
    I’ve been using lyft almost daily for a few months since my car broke down and I hadn’t had any problems until last week. Now it’s almost impossible to get a lyft on time. I always schedule my rides 30 minutes before I have to be at work and up until last week I would usually be there ten minutes early. Now there are no drivers closer than 20 minutes away and they can’t seem to follow the gps. Getting lost multiple times and making me late for work. I can’t afford to lose my job because of lyft so I might be forced to switch to Uber.
  • Crap service 1/5

    By .ksm
    I ordered a line lyft and the driver drove right past my house he continued his route and kept driving away. The waiting time started as five minutes and increased to 20 minutes so i cancelled the ride and got charged a cancellation fee. There should be a waiver if the driver is taking too long to arrive. I will no longer be using lyft services.
  • $5 fee for canceling insanely long wait 1/5

    By yakru
    What a way to punish us for connecting with a driver that’s not even in the same city. And I know the wait times are never what your app says. It’s always longer. Can’t believe you forced me to pay $5 to cancel and order a different ride. Also, the app is getting worse by the day. I use it often and the wait times a terrible, and I think the app does a horrible job sending the driver on the weirdest routes. Only reason why I haven’t switched to Uber is because of their reputation, history and shady stuff they’ve done in the past.
  • Rides for cheap people! 1/5

    By Ars6710
    Like to get a ride for free? Download this app so you can rob drivers!
  • I love lyft! 5/5

    By DizzyRamone
    I don't drive at this is such a God send! I can meet friends and have a few drinks and never worry how I'm getting home! I use lyft for every event, occasion and concert si glad they do this it's perfect for me! The driver's are interesting and fun to talk with! Enjoyable ride always!
  • Female drivers 1/5

    By Daslana
    As a female I would like to be able to have it set up in my profile that I prefer a female driver if available. Otherwise make is ok. As a driver I really wish I could see how far the rider is going. I do not know until I confirm they are in my car, then it shows directions. Sometimes I only have an hour and would like to set up distance
  • Comments to drivers 4/5

    By By Karen
    When reserving lyft, passengers should be able to include a note to driver & be able to reserve a lyft vehicle far more in advance
  • Just get the other app. Do not bother with this trash. 1/5

    By Mellzbells
    Garbage. Seriously they have terrible GPS and the diggers could not possibly care less. The shivers will accept rides and then drive kind of near the general area so that when your 5 minutes away totems into 15 you have no choice to cancel... And THEY GET PAID!!!!!! This is 100% intentional to charge you without actually providing any service to you.
  • Good service. 4/5

    By MelZapstuff
    I use Lyft weekly. They're prompt and almost always very nice. My complaints with the app itself is that often when I tap to see the driver profile and see the car etc, it freezes when I try to X out of it. I always have to exit out of the app completely and go back in. Secondly whenever I try to get a ride at a specific location, it tells every driver the wrong directions. 9 out 10 times I have to call the Lyft driver and explain to them directions. As I type my driver is having trouble simply because the app is giving false directions. I wish this could be fixed.
  • I use to use this app instead of uber 2/5

    By JJ Finess
    I use to use this app instead of uber, but with all these bugs it just gives me a run for my money, called a lyft to pick me up and when here, his destination to my house was not rendering out for him, so i was forced to cancel the ride, get 8$ snatched away from me for his route not working, all the while i have to call ANOTHER lyft and wait for him to get here all over again just pray it doesn’t do the same error. These bugs need to be fixed before i can use the app again🙌🏽
  • Still has kinks 3/5

    By JemJewel
    So far the app itself is handy. Requesting and paying for a cab straight from your phone and seeing where your driver is at and direction taken to desired address. That’s awesome. Minutes two stars (being nice still by only taking two stars away) the drivers themselves can use a training. They are often lazy and unprofessional. Too many examples to write on here. Another reason for minutes stars is that it stores your payment option without option to delete it. I don’t like that at all. And just because of that, am considering deleting app.
  • Pin drop 5/5

    By Wunder Radio
    My only suggestion would be to have the ability to better relay your location
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mia.1234
    Horrible app! Each time I use the app I find that the times the app tells you the driver will be there or arrival time are off by far! Today for example it shows on the map at least 10 drivers near me and it estimated that a driver will be there in 5 min. When I requested the ride it got me a driver that is 14 min away, I immediately canceled the ride reasoning that the driver is too far. I then requested again and it showed me that the driver is 7 min away. well the driver arrived 16 min later and not due to traffic. This is just infuriating! I would rather know that my driver is 15 min away instead of being deceived! This is not a one time thing and happens almost each time I use the app I will say though, that all the drivers I road with were very nice and the one star goes to them as the app deserves a 0

    By ghm3325is
    Lyft (was) one of the very few apps on my phone that I allowed to have notifications enabled because obviously I want status updates when I book a ride. But I had to disable notifications because they abuse it by spamming promos. Lyft: STOP abusing notification permissions by spamming promos. If you must insist on spamming us promos through push notifications then AT LEAST give us the option to opt out of them in settings with a “only use notifications for ride updates” option.
  • Steals money 1/5

    By Xcvttx
    Lyft continuously takes money out of my account claiming that I’ve canceled a ride or didn’t show up for a ride, the first time I let them get away with it but now that it’s happened two more times I’m disputing it with my bank and just sticking to Uber.
  • Fare 1/5

    By oragan
    I took a ride this morning from 466 Milford in Glendale, to 10630 Sepulveda, Mission Hills (15.69 ) miles.You put address as 10640. No big deal. The charge was $21.60. On my way back in the afternoon, from 10630 Sepulveda, mission Hills, to 466 Milford st. Glendale. (15.59) miles, again address little off 10638...again no big deal.. but to my at at-most surprise the fare for the same distance was $50.59 ... Why this huge difference for same destinations and mileage... Please let me know because I’m upset....! Are you trying to make me use Uber????? Anna Kurkjian 03/05/2018
  • Terrible Customer Support. 2/5

    By crewnecks
    I was involved in a incident with a terrible driver that i reported. She was making numerous illegal road maneuvers. I reported her to lyft and got an email saying that i would he contacted soon that was almost an entire week ago. I emailed again 1 day ago just asking for a refund. Still no response.

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