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Try Lyft for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one! Use Lyft to travel to your destination and enjoy the best carpool of your life with our trusted and highly-rated drivers. Request a ride with the tap of a button and get picked up by a nearby community driver who’ll take you to your destination within minutes. Yes, it's that easy. EASY RIDE SHARING • Open the app and request a ride, • Our driver will be there to pick you up in minutes. • Get a ride and travel wherever you need to go – it’s as simple as that! TRAVEL THAT WON’T BREAK THE BANK • See the cost of your ride in advance. • Pay for your ride directly within the app. DRIVE SAFELY • All Lyft drivers pass comprehensive background and DMV checks. • Rideshare drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road. • Lyft provides a first-of-its-kind $1M liability insurance for total peace of mind. Join the millions who’ve taken 5-star rides. Find reliable transportation wherever you travel. Download and get a lift today! — What people are saying: "Ride-sharing programs like Lyft are providing commuters with less expensive and more social ways to get around. Users log into the app, specify where they’re heading, and a background-checked driver picks them up for less than a typical cab ride." - TODAY Show “Lyft is a real community — with both the drivers and riders being inherently social — making real friendships and saving money.” – Time "In a city where taxis can be scarce and… black town cars are rampant but expensive, Lyft has quickly gained visibility due to low prices and quirky branding." - Ad Age "Lyft's focus on the everyman has recently extended to the wildly successful Lyft Line carpool service aimed at commuters, which offers discounts of 30% to 60% for sharing a Lyft ride with others." - Fast Company — Prices vary based on market condition. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.

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Lyft app reviews

  • Wait until you guys are here!!! 1/5

    By Dman.2k
    Could you update the app to where the transaction is completed when driver actually is here you just pull the money off of my card and they haven’t even arrived or didn’t even come, WTH!!!
  • Mix up 5/5

    By 1helehope
    I always order rides with Lyft. Today both Uber and Lyft arrived at the same time. The Uber driver was a slob and his car hasn’t been cleaned in months!!! Fortunately for me my Lyft driver arrived and had a sparkling clean car!!!! Yeah Lyft!!! I have no idea how that mix up happened.
  • Worst drivers 1/5

    By Voyola90
    Waited over 20 mins for my first drive just so he can give my ride up to another guy who gave it up to someone else ended up canceling my ride this app is garbage
  • Annoyed 2/5

    By Meg838
    Ive used lyft pretty much everyday almost for the last year, besides during corona duh, so this “temporary hold” is stupid. My payment method had already been authorized when I downloaded lyft. That $13 you decided to put on hold would have paid for another ride to work for me but now I have to wait a week to get it back. Thanks a lot.
  • Improve your app 3/5

    By SherryMag
    Improve your app. When a driver agrees to take a job he should NOT be allowed to turn around and “quit it”. Do you have any idea what that looks like from my point of view? BAD. All of a sudden the driver’s picture is gone along with the whole text and record that you had confirmation. No record is ever found
  • Lyft 1/5

    By 1Richyungin
    Once again I have requested a ride but still haven’t got a driver this is unbelievable this is my 3rd time calling a Lyft to get to work but it never comes but always takes my money I cannot use Lyft anymore because the app doesn’t work it will say ride requested then go back to the regular screen it already took my money & when I try to call another one same thing happens
  • Lea 5/5

    By Mrs Gowans
    Awesome spirit. Thanks William
  • Better than Uber 5/5

    By Nate-8
    Well, Uber gave me the runaround and wasted my time. Lyft came through up here in the mountain & got me where I was going...
  • So friendly, on time and nice. 5/5

    By lave$jack22
    Jonathan was so kind and professional, enjoyed every part of the lyft.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By tell144
    U guys are so useful i don’t know what I’ll do without lyft
  • Horrible 1/5

    By johniyasmith
    Needs to stop taking money off card before finding ride !!! Left me stranded
  • Over it 3/5

    By kenyasch
    I been using lyft for years and recently because of Covid19 .. the wait times are longer and longer. So with that in mind, I scheduled a ride 6 hours before work. When it came time to pick me up it said they were looking for drivers. And when they finally found one it would take them 20 mins to get to me thus making me late for work. I’d understand this if I had scheduled the ride at that moment but when I pick to schedule a ride 6 hours in advance. I expect for the driver to already be selected and ready to come and pick me up at the designated time. It seems like the “ schedule ride” is not really scheduled and that lyft just automatically gets you a ride at the time you’ve selected. When I’ve done scheduled rides in Uber the drivers was already outside waiting for me or arriving. Every time I’ve done a schedule ride with lyft something happens and I just have to try and hail another ride. Scheduled means appointment, therefore a driver should already be like selected or appointed to pick me up.
  • Lazy drivers 1/5

    By colemicole
    I am a traveling truck driver I usually have to spend a lot of money to get to the places I’m going to pick up a truck. Idk if y’all are not paying these drivers well enough or not but this is the 3rd day I had drivers accept and cancel my ride! Y’all will be a last resort for me guess I will use urber and taxi. No reason I should wait 35 minutes and still have to pay 83.00 dollars to get to my destination 😡
  • I love Lyft👩‍❤️‍👨 5/5

    By BigPapiJm
    This app is the best way in finding a ride. Uber worked too but it too expensive and the app bugs out from time to time however, the Lyft app is efficient and affordable.
  • Impossible to get a ride 1/5

    By tierrasanta resident
    I have to order my rides an hour in advanced because they keep changing my driver making him farther than my destination or it’s always a driver who’s finishing a ride. It’s honestly ridiculous. I would much rather take public transportation and I’d save more money that way but there is really none that come through my area. It’s really frustrating and I wouldn’t depend on it if you need to get somewhere In a hurry unless you request the ride real early.
  • Drivers cancel on you, but you can’t cancel on them 1/5

    By very_frequent_rider
    Constant frustration with Lyft’s unfair cancellation policies. You wait for 10 min, driver cancels, the next one is 15 min away, but you can’t cancel on a new driver as they will charge you. And never refund. You can argue over text with them, zero cash back. The worst customer experience ever. And the wait times are twice as long as those of Uber. Lyft is also way more expensive on average than Uber.
  • Contact the driver 2/5

    By Sagittarius131251
    I made a reservation for a car for this morning at 6:30 to the Airport. I received a text that the driver was there early, so since I was ready I went downstairs - no car. I called to let the driver know he was on the wrong side of the building which he should have figured out himself because there is only one Emergency door! Anyway, when I called there was an answering machine and I left a message. Shortly thereafter my phone rang once and then I got a message that you charge me with a no-show. I called again for a Driver and had to wait for 20 minutes. If the first driver would have been where he said he was it would have been easy to just turn around and pick me up. So I was not a no-show- I never a no-show. I would have canceled the ride before being a no-show. So please refund the no-show fee. The driver who picked me up can tell you that I was standing outside and if you need I can deliver names of residents who spoke with me while I was waiting!
  • Great Driver 5/5

    By MissToriG
    Darnell was very polite and accommodating.
  • Best driver ever 5/5

    By SherryWash
    Brian put me at ease where I look forward to utilizing your services again if it’s ever needed. Thank you!
  • Exact change 3/5

    By Petitedb
    I wish that you could custom your tip after the decimal point.
  • Dawn 5/5

    By Hillary laniohan
    You were awesome to drive with. We had a great conversation thanks for the ride
  • Racist Drivers 1/5

    By DeQwan1234
    This morning I ordered a Lyft, the driver Johnathan sped off and refused to pick me up
  • Some drivers not all 3/5

    By Howiee202
    Some driver be lost an I be having too cancel rides an it be taken my money
  • Great personality!!! 5/5

    By jayp1122
    Very nice and sweet..
  • Great ride! 5/5

    By Oshun Kemi
    I enjoyed my ride with James also our conversation. James also has a very humble spirit.
  • Great prices and friendlier drivers 5/5

    By cartermade86
    They have great deals when you are tight on your budget and the drivers are so much nicer
  • Doesn’t accept my card 1/5

    By Richard7274
    App was working great until I got a new phone and tried to log in. Said my card Is unusable even though I’ve used it multiple times before.
  • Mike Rubio 5/5

    By quwuejs
    Mike Rubio is the best Lyft / Uber / taxi driver I’ve ever had. I highly recommend him and will you him next time
  • Schedule 1/5

    By richinmiles
    Unable to schedule a ride ahead of time.
  • The worst app 5/5

    By ddjjjggdfddggcdtjmb
    Lyft is the worst ride sharing app, I literally have to request a ride as soon as I wake up in order to make it to work in time. Nope, No Lyft for me.
  • Lyf-ing my spirit 5/5

    By alexandra akers
    I was so thankful for Lyft still being open to use because of it wasn’t for Lyft I wouldn’t of had a ride home. I was stuck in sun valley and my car just broke down. So I couldn’t drive it and it was getting close to cerfew. With all the riots and protesting everything closes early and the buses already stopped running so I was about to be stuck in the middle of no where. Thank god for Lyft and my driver!
  • Charge to my account 1/5

    By Nikki mf Reichner
    I was charged 76 dollars to my account for a lyft ride that was canceled within the minute. It’s been four days and my money has not been returned.
  • Address change 1/5

    By pokykali549
    Tired of my addresses being changed when I didn’t change them
  • A+ 5/5

    By arolltide
    Great ride
  • Terrible no service when I was stranded!! 1/5

    By JoEllenNmandyBestFriendsNdog
    I was out of town three hours away in a hotel. I Was in trouble without my keyfob and desperate to go get it so I’d be able to start my car again in order to check next morning. Absolutely nobody would accept my request. The app doesn’t have any options to send a msg to explain how dire the situation is and offer to double the price if someone will come after me. I wouldn’t even give this any stars.
  • Safe Ride 5/5

    By Z4runner
    Thanks for being safe on my way home Jose and avoiding the crowds.
  • SOFT 1/5

    By GinNJoose2
    Working with the NYPD against protestors is a SOFT move
  • Drivet 5/5

    By shebuns
    The driver polite and professional
  • 5 stars 5/5

    Cheap and better than Uber
  • GPS not accurate 4/5

    By Tonito_0410
    Usually experience great service but I don’t like that the GPS from the APP does not place the driver exactly where I am or where I need to go.
  • Lyft 5/5

    By Lil Sinz
    It was a nice Cruise
  • Scammed at Logan 2/5

    By meitsgr8
    I got the app, I ordered a driver (first time ever)I followed the signs to the Lyft spot in terminal be told by said driver he was there and where was I???? I called him and was told the pick up place had changed. By the time I had hung up the phone he had canceled the ride and I was charged 36.00. I was very polite on the phone, just new to town. I did order another and Adrian was a delight. How can I get a refund of my 36.00???
  • Samantha 5/5

    By teapartyer
    Nice lady, good driver
  • Lyft 1/5

    By Original Lil 1
    Wouldn’t recommend because their drivers are more horrible than good. But their prices are better than Uber
  • Never shows the exact time! 3/5

    By ani_cali_gym87
    It always says 10-15 min and my ride cane 3 times this week 25 min later. Plus a driver canceled me. Prices are still higher than used to be!
  • IswearLyftsAWFUL 1/5

    By LyftisTheWORST
  • Lyft vs. Uber 5/5

    By Todaysgirlfriday
    So glad I downloaded Lyft app when I have been having problems with Ubers app not recognizing my credit card with new expiration date. I will be doing Lyft more as a choice when needed!
  • Appreciated/Dependable 5/5

    By Echum
    I Lyft is just one of those things n life you can’t do without, and the above title speaks for itself. Thanks Lyft for all you do.
  • Great driver!! 5/5

    By catknp
    Thank you very much! Extremely clean vehicle with protective screen between driver and passenger. Courteous and efficient driver. Many thanks.

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