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Macy's App

The latest version of the Macy’s iPhone app is better than ever! Whether you’re shopping styles for him, her, kids or your home, use the Macy’s app to shop our entire site—anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget to manage your Star Rewards account on the go so you can take advantage of special offers, in-store savings, and more! Plus, check prices, stay organized with Lists & create a style board with fave looks to share with friends for real-time feedback. SHOP LIKE AN ALL-STAR: - Enable notifications for early access to new collections & exclusive deals. - See furniture in your space virtually before you buy. -Take our Style Inspo quiz to get daily fashion recs in your Style Feed. VIEW JUST-FOR-YOU UPDATES: -See your current orders & rewards balance right when you open the app. -Keep tabs on points & when your rewards expire. -Quickly find your unique order bar code & store pickup details. USE STORE MODE: - Scan bar codes to check prices, read reviews and see more colors & sizes—even order online! -With Macy’s maps, tell us what you’re looking for & we’ll tell you where to go. MANAGE ALL THINGS STAR REWARDS - Easily check your Macy’s Card account balance. - Schedule & make payments right from the app. - Track your progress toward the next loyalty status & more! CHECK OUT FASTER WITH WALLET: - Find all your Macy’s offers, all in one place. Use them online & in store. - Check out faster with the best offer, every time. - Manage your payment info in a secure spot. CREATE LISTS & GET FASHION ADVICE: - Collect your faves in one place. Just tap “Add to List.” You can create a List for every occasion! - Get alerts whenever the price drops on one of your items. - Make a style board, share it with friends & get their feedback. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Macy's app reviews

  • Garbage 1/5

    By elmenaito
    No way to separare nofications for orders vs. promotions. When I try to flip the switch to turn off all notifications in the app, it switches itself back on and tells me to do it in system settings. How about I just delete your garbage app and stop shopping at Macy's. These user hostile policies are how you lose customers.
  • Purchases are difficult as a guest 2/5

    By Dan Old
    They check out process for Guest is garbage. Wouldn’t process the order and no pop ups or red highlights to tell me what’s incorrect.
  • the app is terrible 1/5

    By maovargas agulila
    The application with returns is malicious, I canceled an order and they never refunded my money
  • cringe couple photos and cringe customer supp 3/5

    By ssangyi
    customer service is a joke. i sent an email and all the guy says is we’re sorry. blah blah but to search the website for answers. i expected more from a large brand.
  • They never ship your stuff 1/5

    By amcikagiz
    I ordered something with them by December 25th 2022 and today is Jan 15th and they still haven’t shipped my stuff. I am looking for a refund and they also don’t do that. I don’t know where this will end up
  • App doesn’t accept my email & password 1/5

    By SH87624
    I can sign in to my Macy’s account using the website, but the app won’t let me sign in. It says there’s something wrong with my credentials. I’ve typed my email and password in multiple times yet I still can’t sign in to the app. I wonder why I can use the Macy’s website, but not the app?
  • App doesn’t seem to be in sync with Macys website 2/5

    By ReLSe53
    I was trying to look at my statement from the app - just said “unable to process”. Tried several times - no go. I was able to make my payment but received no confirmation email. I have a few other store apps that work fabulous, but I often have technical problems with the Macys app.
  • Incredibly slow and outdated 1/5

    By kevin10459
    This app is incredibly slow and outdated… like the rest of the Macys department store registers. Absolutely inconvenient by the time you’re ready to check out you just wanna leave because of how long everything takes. Macys is one of those companies that refuses to change and improve with the times and technology, so they will soon perish and stay in the dust. Thank you will never be shopping here again
  • ?? 1/5

    By RH0730
    Why is it every time I want to pay my bill, the page doesn’t work?? After I call and inconveniently make my payment over the phone, the page for making a payment works???
  • The app is great but… 1/5

    By nadia_azul
    It’s not possible to edit text after a search, like if I want to add a word it’s necessary to add the whole text again. There is no option to filter for products that can actually be delivered to your area, there are great deals but after 5….10 showing “This item is not available for delivery in your area” is disappointing.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Hola' Hovito
    App will not allow me to log on. Tried resetting my password 10 times and then I gave up. The same log in credentials work fine on the website. Annoying beyond words.
  • Worst app, ever … can’t tell you what is in store and what isn’t 1/5

    By Jetblue is the worst ever
    Literally, one thing I want from this app… tell me what is IN THE STORE NOW so I can go pick it up. And this is the only thing I need from the app, not what you can mail me, or I can pick up in 6 days. I just need to know, what can you do for me at this minute, before I drive over there. And this app is worthless, worst UI I have ever encountered … and I will never go to a Macy’s again.
  • Removing this app 1/5

    By Esperanza2023
    Reason always crashing
  • Best deal for quality products 5/5

    By JamesMP78
    Macys is a great store with great deals. I’ve been shopping there for decades
  • Love Macy’s but Not the App 2/5

    By Josie503
    This app does not work properly on my iPad. It cuts off have the information on each page. Not sure what’s the problem. I’ve tried turning the iPad to portrait but the page stil stays a landscape. I have to use the website on my iPad to order items.
  • OMG is this app terrible. 1/5

    By NowellC
    It wants location turned on but the app doesn’t accept it. You can’t get a price and they don’t put prices on anything. I’m done with Macys. Too difficult shopping there.
  • Still not friendly 1/5

    By Artyelle
    When searching for bed sheets and towels, there are sets with the colors available, but they do not tell you the names. I will not buy unless the color names are there.
  • Payment 2/5

    By Angrylittlegirl
    Please fix the way to make payments. Especially when having two accounts. I had problems so I had to call your customer service. Problem resolved over the phone but I usually use your application due to it being supposedly more convenient.
  • No good 1/5

    By manumanumijito
    Compre y me cancelaron lo siento es mejor ir al mall
  • Buggy, can’t add items to favorites 2/5

    By AngieOangue
    I get an error code every time I try to favorite something. App crashes and lags frequently
  • Voice Over doesn’t read the reviews section 2/5

    By Cassie2014
    How come voice over doesn’t read the reviews and ratings for the products you sell? The app is pretty good but it’s not accessible. Please enable this option so we can look at product reviews. Even though we are visually impaired, we are still a valued customer and have purchased a lot of products from Macys over the years so hopefully this feature is fixed.
  • Needs an update ASAP! 1/5

    By wildsho
    The app is very buggy, after a couple of minutes of browsing the iPhone start to heat at crazy speed and the app crash every time. Please fix this mess.
  • To buggy! It needs update 1/5

    By R0gu3M3rc2017
    I’m inside a Macy’s store as i type this review and i can’t check a price because when i open the price scanner image is frozen and there’s a message saying that i can ONLY scan items when I’m IN or NEAR a M’s store! 😠 By the way.. location setting is ENABLED for Macy’s app! 😠😠
  • Cache 3/5

    By sbdbdbx nss
    Cache overloading after 10-15 mins of browsing causing performance issues and device to overheat, might want to look into that IPhone 13 Pro max / 16.2 Os
  • Cancelled orders on sale items when they’re actually still available 1/5

    By sunnydayblue
    I bought SEVERAL dresses on sale using this app. I woke up to an email saying 4 of the dresses I ordered were actually unavailable. So sorry…order cancelled. I went to the Macys website just now and the dresses are ABSOLUTELY AVAILABLE for FULL PRICE. I ordered the full price dresses because I really need them. But I’m going to let EVERYONE know how shady Macy’s has become.
  • Slow unreliable deliveries 1/5

    By Eric Dallas
    They used doordash to deliver my shipment. Never a good experience. Tracking says delivery yesterday, didn't show up, then it said to today, didn't show up, now it says tomorrow....I prefer to do business with a store that isn't so stressful and disappointing. I love Macy's, but I'll only do in-store shipping from now on, which will be almost never.... I placed my order on 11/6 it didn't get to me until 12/6. I didn't even open it, returned it and here it is the 19th and they still haven't credited my account. One transaction over a month and still not completed. They need to just close their doors of they are going to dj their best customers like this.
  • Horrible shopping experience 1/5

    By prldj8
    I believe Macys app and its dispatch system have a miss communication. No matter if i have my profile updated with the correct shipping address and the purchase confirmation emails as well, once Macys warehouse ships the items, they end up using an incorrect address. Over and over again. I never receive my purchases and enf up waiting 3+ months for refund. Horrible. Wont be buying again
  • Can’t access my shopping cart 2/5

    By Elmoreno419
    I was trying to add wine bottles to my shopping cart and when I check the bag, nothing shows. Is this a bug in the app. Please fix this.
  • Very Disappointed!!!!! 4/5

    By JZC$
    Rated with 4 stars bc I tried multiple times rating it with 1 start but Macys kept deleting my review and never let it through. Why does it take sooo long for Macys to give you the correct current balance as you make online purchases? Interesting to me that the available credit rarely match the current balance. This has been an issue to me since I’ve been a member for 2 years. I believe they do it on purpose because Psychologically as you see that you own a lower balance than what is expected, you are tempted to buy more, also making it more confusing/harder to track the balance. They are purposely behind updating the current balance at least 99% of the time. Additionally, I just realized that I paid on interest charge last year even after making all complete payments on time. Platinum Member and their statement/balance is hard to track. This is very disappointing and a total Macy’s scam. Just hope other members read my review and keep an eye on these matters to be aware of these dishonest fee charges.
  • Gets laggy after a few minutes 2/5

    By eddie de la rose
    App acts normal until im browsing after a few minutes. Phone gets hot and the display gets darker.
  • Customer service is horrible 1/5

    By Rigomortis960
    I ordered two items off the app and was issues to separate shipments but when both shipments arrived they were not the correct items! When to customer service and they said I had to return the original item before getting a refund. Well how am I suppose to return the original item when you guys sent the wrong one!
  • This Macy is terrible 1/5

    By ndnjdjrfbbf
    This Macy is so terrible, I waited on line for like an hour , just for each customer to pay and other stuff. Their workers are even wore , that they don’t even how it works ,
  • You need seats in M 1/5

    By dad jod macys
    The way I stand I legs felt like they were about to fall let say I haves disease when I can’t walk what will you do
  • Poor shipping 1/5

    By A team 1122334455
    Macys uses ups surepost. Part transit US MAIL AND PART UPS. Items that arrived are damaged… the rest are late. 300.09 dollars…. Lost in transit. Macys… use a real shipped. Christmas is going to be late because your company is CHEAP!!!!!!!
  • Macy’s app for iPad 1/5

    By winchny
    I have to remove the app on my iPad because my version is not updatable. I have an older iPad...every time I get notification from Macy’s about orders Apple “update your version” blocks my access. I have to use my PC or iPhone to log into Macy’s.
  • Pathetic app 1/5

    By samwah111
    Made tracking your statements so complicated and I see why they would do that to make it difficult for people to keep and eye on the transactions that are happening. Their system stopped my auto payment and I realized 5 months later they have been charging me interest and late payment fees all the time. Platinum member seeing fishing transaction and can not comfortable take a look at it in the app to be able to figure out how that happened and when. Just at the verge of getting rid of their card. Crappy app used to be much better. Super idiot team developing that crappy app. I would not let it pass quality assurance if it was me. So mad just because of the way they have made their statement tracking not transparent.
  • I love shopping with Macys 4/5

    By Jigga225
    But I noticed when i view something the price will increase the next day. Or you’ll have the same product listed with different prices 🤔
  • worst department store 2/5

    By foresstfirre
    Platinum members discounts exclude brands and products you actually want to buy so all these deals that they send to your Macys wallet are unusable. Horrible selection of clothes. Ugly.
  • Not for iPad! 2/5

    By bluFrog66x
    Sad, but running this on an iPad just shows the iPhone screen size with a large dead space border. Why not provide a true iPad experience for your users?
  • Customer service is awful 1/5

    By HopingForMyCard
    Placed my order on the app- their carrier service raided my package so only 1/4 items arrived. They refunded two as they were out of stock and on three separate calls I was told they would reship the last item right away. All three times they lied until finally their email customer service said they refunded my money. It was a Black Friday purchase- I wanted that price. If you ever call their customer service reps you will understand- but you should save yourself the aggravation and just ask for a refund. Although that requires a call too- expect many calls and emails to rectify any problem. And don’t call- make sure it’s in writing so there’s less confusion- although there still was… yeah, just hope and pray I guess. Awful!!
  • Used to be able to pay outside macys Amex account 1/5

    By WTF123456789
    But now everytime i try it only allows me to pay for macys in store purchases. Please fix this. I now have to go to the online site to pay so what is the point of having the option on the app if you can’t even do it.
  • They messed up my order 2/5

    By recomned it
    I ordered a polo hoodie and I got a sweater from a different brand they fixed the issue but now I have to wait another week till I get my hoodie
  • Keep canceling my orders 1/5

    By bbig Bbrrrrr
    Keep canceling my orders
  • Love Macys but the app is horrible 1/5

    By jrick92
    I love macys but the app could be so much better mine freezes and will closes at random times this is the only app on my phone that does this and it drives me absolutely crazy. I do a lot of shopping at macys but not on the app
  • Can’t scan prices standing in a Macy’s store 1/5

    By Rater1234
    Tells me I can’t scan prices because I am not in a Macy’s store… while I am standing in a Macy’s store. Happened the last 2 times I was in the store, Oct and Nov 2022. How silly and inconvenient!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By gu he ghggh
    very convenient to use. it will be more great if they tell exact delivery date. it will be more convenient if return options are easy like amazon.
  • No access 1/5

    By nanny mike
    Why can I no longer shop on line? site says it needs updating. Cannot download last compatible version as directed.
  • Glitchy and Dropping 1/5

    By FurMom13
    Horrible app. Slow. Glitchy. Always dropping while I’m struggling to find an outfit. Makes me want to shop elsewhere. Who has time to keep restarting the search for what you need?
  • No filter option on orders? 2/5

    By Limited time rider
    Please add the ability to filter online orders. So we can filter by cancelled, in process, delivered, and in transit.