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  • Compatibility: Android
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Macy's App

The latest version of the Macy’s iPhone app is better than ever! Whether you’re shopping styles for him, her, kids or your home, use the Macy’s app to shop our entire site—anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget to manage your Star Rewards account on the go so you can take advantage of special offers, in-store savings, and more! Plus, check prices, stay organized with Lists & create a style board with fave looks to share with friends for real-time feedback. SHOP LIKE AN ALL-STAR: - Enable notifications for early access to new collections & exclusive deals. - See furniture in your space virtually before you buy. -Take our Style Inspo quiz to get daily fashion recs in your Style Feed. VIEW JUST-FOR-YOU UPDATES: -See your current orders & rewards balance right when you open the app. -Keep tabs on points & when your rewards expire. -Quickly find your unique order bar code & store pickup details. USE STORE MODE: - Scan bar codes to check prices, read reviews and see more colors & sizes—even order online! -With Macy’s maps, tell us what you’re looking for & we’ll tell you where to go. MANAGE ALL THINGS STAR REWARDS - Easily check your Macy’s Card account balance. - Schedule & make payments right from the app. - Track your progress toward the next loyalty status & more! CHECK OUT FASTER WITH WALLET: - Find all your Macy’s offers, all in one place. Use them online & in store. - Check out faster with the best offer, every time. - Manage your payment info in a secure spot. CREATE LISTS & GET FASHION ADVICE: - Collect your faves in one place. Just tap “Add to List.” You can create a List for every occasion! - Get alerts whenever the price drops on one of your items. - Make a style board, share it with friends & get their feedback. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Macy's app reviews

  • App Updates 3/5

    By oooookie
    It seems I have to update the app every time I use it. I can drive to Macy’s faster. I rate the stores a 5 star but the app a 3.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Vixenjax
    App crashes for no reason. Horrible lagging and it glitches sometimes so badly the search results are lost. No way to shop without aggravation.
  • 9/27/22 new app update 3/5

    By 10 buxton
    Store part works fine. When you get to the financial part - CitiBank Amex. It says access blocked and it gives you an 1 888 ——- number to call. ????? Always worked before
  • Delivery address problems 3/5

    By Cliente nuevo de Banregio
    I had to update the delivery address but the restrictions to the address 2 field does not let me update the full address, therefore the packages have been returned o delayed delivery. Address2 field does not allow two numbers separated by a space to be captured. Also characters are not allowed. The name field cannot contain numbers. I liked the app a lot for online shopping but the delivery information is refraining me to do so.
  • Frustrated Retired Macy’s Employee 5/5

    By Lhr1955
    Tried to download the latest upgrade so I can use my Macy’s app as usual. My iPhone 6s is too old to download the updates. So have I lost the ability to use the Macy’s app?
  • Cart section doesn’t work 3/5

    By ZahidaB
    My app cart doesn’t work from 3 weeks since I updated the app, I found stuff to buy and when I added to the cart that list disappeared right away I don’t know what to do? And how to buy those items since I have no time to buy in the stores infect the store is so big I don’t even know how to find those stuff in the store that’s why I preferred to buy online the reason I am writing this review so the store management fix this issue and let me know what do with the cart and how to buy them?
  • Fix Your App 1/5

    By **M-A**
    I’ve been having login issues for the past week. Everytime I attempt to login to my account it says my password is incorrect, which I can confirm is completely correct. The issue got fixed yesterday, but it stopped working again today. I now have to go directly to your website to login to my account. Please fix this issue….
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By lgomezjr
    Can’t login using the app. Horrible!
  • Cannot log in after update! 1/5

    By nassrinrose
    It keeps stating that my password is incorrect despite the password being saved on my phone and auto filling. I logged in with the same exact password via the official website and it logged me in instantly. Fix it!
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Chel Eloe
    I order two things at once. I received one package and never received the other. I figured it was delayed so I waited a little bit. I finally reached out and they refunded me for the item that I had already received. I reached out again in hopes that they would fix there mistake. I have received no responses after reaching out multiple times. I spent around $40 on a hoodie and around $10 on a mug. I would like my $40 back for the hoodie that I never received.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Qamgirl
    App crashes often… app does not bookmark where you last left off after the crash… items are replaced with a star prior to crash
  • I cannot login since last version 1/5

    By Appmx
    Hi, there is an issue with your last version, i cannot login successfully since it was released. Problem with db credentials maybe?
  • Price scanner 1/5

    By Loren452
    Using the app at the store to check prices doesn’t work. It stay frozen.
  • Unable to login 2/5

    By Dnb6
    Since the latest update, I have been unable to login. I’ve updated my password through the website using a PC and it still says there was a problem signing me in. I would get this from time to time before and after a few tries it would go through. However this time it’s just not working at all. Please fix!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By 82 Lucky Girl
    I cannot access my app after iPhone update. All credentials are correct and I even tried resetting my password and it says I’ll receive an email, yet it never comes. It’s useless now! Needs to be fixed!
  • Goodbye to Macy’s☹️ 5/5

    By No feecback wanted apparently
    My phone does not support the new app so I guess I will direct my shopping dollars elsewhere. Sad because I’ve bought a lot from Macy’s over the years.
  • Shut out 1/5

    By aggavation
    iPad cannot access Macy site and cannot download lesser version. Please make your site more user friendly and accessible. Thank you.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Jazelle2011
    Since the last update, I’ve not been able to use the app. It will not log me in at all. I receive a notice to check my credentials, even though they are accurate, it still does not let me log in. I’ve been changed my password and STILL it tells me my credentials are wrong. Tried reporting and issue through the App Store but “Safari cannot access their server”……seems a little off if you ask me.
  • Last update made Macy app slacked and lagged! 1/5

    By janet reviews
    Pls fix to bring back smoothness to iOS 16, thanks
  • Nobody has time for this 1/5

    By customer569
    Too much time to load, it it loads at all, I don’t care how many other ppl are viewing or have bought this item, I just want to see the pictures to see if I like it. Too many in app ads. Will not be buying via this app.
  • App is messed up!!! 1/5

    By Cillajoy03
    Can’t finish my purchase keeps removing my cart but says there’s items in it I missed out on items and promos because it will not let me check out!!! So frustrating!!!
  • Overheating iPhone 13 pro 1/5

    By neshatsadd
    Whenever I use the Macy’s app my phone gets overheated that I can not use the app anymore and had to offload it from my phone. Please fix this!
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By raffiferr
    I would give this app 0 stars if I could. It simply doesn’t work when it matters most to me - making an on-time payment. The apps glitches in different phases of the payment process each time. Sometimes I can’t go beyond selecting the payment date, sometimes I can go as far as selecting which bank account to use, sometimes it takes me all the way to end but the submit button won’t work. This is very frustrating, inconvenient, and the main reason I will be cancelling my Macy’s credit card and account altogether.
  • Card payments 1/5

    By Buffet Man
    Please add the ability to print statements after downloading them! Some of us still want hard copy files! Other Citibank card apps have this feature. Need to improve the card payment process on the app. Glitchy and works 60% of the time. Website now lost one of my card accounts so it’s like you’re making it harder to pay our bills on time?!??
  • Aggravating App! 2/5

    By Foodies99
    Long time Macy's shopper & this app is by far THE WORST app to shop! Unbelievable that no developer can get it right after allll these years. There is, and always has been, issues with this app. It's just not user friendly, at all. It is SOOO SLOW, it lags, it's delayed, overwhelmed, half the time doesn't show the item pictures, you touch on one specific item and it shows you a completely different one, so many dang clicks to make to see or get to what you want, all time getting "errors," it crashes constantly, not to even mention the privacy issues and data they collect and share as so many others have voiced, and there's much more. Ugh. Always so frustrating!
  • Macy’s app 1/5

    By Butterball67
    I can’t access Macy’s website by its own app.
  • I phone 6 1/5

    By zzzzzzhazzz
    I can’t no longer use Macy’s app because I have iPhone 6!! Please help
  • Shoes 4/5

    By dkffjr
    I bought some shoes and it’s still processing do something abou that it’s been processing since yesterday
  • Fallas 3/5

    By kvjchc
    Por favor la aplicación elimina todas los artículos que se desea comprar Arreglar con una actualización por favor ya que no se puede utilizar
  • Done with Macys and AMEX 2/5

    By Sweetbeats33
    They changed the app and you can’t see the information like you could on the old app version. I had to call. Guess they severely lowered my credit limit on my cards and never properly notified me. When I called I got a rude immature kid handling my money and credit information. They lowered my $6000 limit down to $600. The rep told me they could not see that it was lowered. I’ve had the card for 13 years and proof it was that high years ago. The rep talked down to me like I was mistaken yet she could not look up the info one way or another. Just another young kid that knows nothing about finances or life for that matter. I’ve had credit cards for longer than you have been alive on this planet. Go home to mom and let her cook you dinner. You are too young and immature to have employment yet. Glad I have them out of my life now. You need to do better when hiring people. Pay them more and you won’t get unqualified employees.
  • Wanda Torres 5/5

    By Wandatorres
    My number one store in Macy’s has everything I want and need love you Macy
  • Every time I use the app it asks me to update 1/5

    By sweet_sandiego
    Why do I have to update the app every time. You can’t even use the app to pay your bill. What the purpose? Oh wait it’s to help you understand what we are looking at and to make the app better. That’s not good enough. Just stop already with the updates it’s ridiculous micromanage x10 wt fff
  • The worse App I have ever used! 1/5

    By DanH88
    Holiday weekend, thought I’d go for the sales. Checking out was an utter nightmare! It took 4 times longer that I had to shop. It kept refusing my address like some freak loser somewhere knows my address better than I do. Never was able to create an account and checked out as a guest. Since my iPhone 3 this was by far the worse app I have ever used. The worse developers ever! I wanted shorts, selected a maker but couldn’t just see types of cloths, ie pants, shorts, shirts. I was forced to sort through everything. If you’d like the utmost insulting shopping app, this is it!
  • Hackable?? 2/5

    By valued - not!
    The review written by Hackable is very very scary. I would like to see some kind of updated response from the company on what is going on. I too will be deleting the app. For this reason and because of the cookies… you are selling my information to way too many people. The junk mail coming as a result is overwhelming and I don’t have time to keep unsubscribing from it all. Every time I order something I deal with months of junk mail from it. Macys cares so much more for their stockholders than their customers!
  • Not optimized for iPad 2/5

    By @0fficialsha
    Which is fine. I don’t care. But at least put it in the description.
  • New app 1/5

    By debceleste
    Cannot install new version of app with iPhone 6 and cannot install older version. Cannot view and order items I see on Facebook. Did have older version of but now that doesn’t work
  • No Availability to Shop Macys Online. 1/5

    By trueblondi3
    I’ve been a frequent Macy’s online shopper for several years. Your recent update requires an iOS 13.0 cellphone. Well what about the rest of us? I am awaiting orders and I can even track them. Are you planning a work around? I’m sure I’m not the only one with an older cell phone. Blondie
  • Love Macys! 5/5

    By youlostyourrating
    One of my very favorite stores with great deals!!
  • Updates 1/5

    By really! want my nsme
    App told me to update. So I’ve been trying for over an hour! If you are gonna ask us to update. Please make sure the updates will work
  • Payment 1/5

    By justine48
    It is very hard to pay bills through this app. It must be a glitch in the system. Even when a card is added to your account the app will still ask for credit card information. Once you enter in the information again it says your card is already added. It is frustrating I can’t pay my bill through the app as advertised.
  • Phone doesn’t support app update 1/5

    By Frug#1
    I have an iPhone 6...and all the apps are updating to iOS 13.0 or better. I am unable to shop at Macy’s now, because it won’t allow me to purchase through my safari browser. Please stop punishing those of us who take care of our older electronics.
  • landscape view needed for app 2/5

    By Cilla also
    Same comment since app 1st appeared. Please allow landscape view for iPhone/ iPad. And allow more items to load for faster scrolling...
  • Help. I’m frozen out!! 2/5

    By no more 6 tries rejected
    I have an older version and cannot download the newest update. The computer cycles from the Macy’s apt to the ap store. I’m looking to place an order but can’t. What do I do now? I can’t afford a new computer. I’ve been looking for a dress for my granddaughter’s wedding and now I’m stuck!!
  • New app 1/5

    By ex- customer 22
    Cannot get new app to install. Cannot get my order to go thru. Hate, hate that you have messed up your website. I won’t be placing any more orders.
  • My favorite Store App 5/5

    By Renee Antoinette Blaine
    Macy’s is my favorite store and the App is easy to navigate. Macy’s has the most trendy stuff for all sorts sizes and Macy’s have the best sales especially the Seasonal Preview Sales.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By Shinebanks
    Gotta be the worst app to shop on ever. It literally crashes and makes you start over every 10 to 20 minutes into browsing.
  • Not enough features within the app. 3/5

    By shopper 82922
    The app doesn’t load items fast enough. Also tracking purchases and making returns start in the app but then you get redirected to another site or get return labels by email. Should all be in one spot and be able to set up carrier pickups if needed in the app. I wish you could also make changes or cancel an order before an order ships. You do have 30 minutes to cancel an order, no changes can be made but if you get side tracked or continue shopping and you miss that timeline, you can no longer cancel or change your order. You have to receive it and go through the process of returning either at a store or drop off. I also used to get sale alerts for my favorites list, but I don’t get them anymore.
  • bugs 1/5

    By sharon pp
    Nothing shows after entering each product categories, just nothing there
  • Customer Service couldn’t be worse 1/5

    By Wicked UwU
    I bought from the App ,my funds were taken from my Card but order was canceled by Macys , once i got trough the automated system that Doesn’t allow you to Press 0 like in most companies to speak with a representative i was trown back and forward to different departments nobody was able to give me a proper Explanation as why this was happening , Never Had so much trouble trying to Buy anything online , hours of my time until i got to Consumer Protection where i was told my orders were Canceled for suspicious activity , Purchase was made securely and with my own personal phone ,not from an unrecognized source , I tried to put the same Order with one Representative on the Phone he got all my information and Process the Order again and i was Charged Again for the same transaction and guess what ? They cancelled it ,what a joke , had to call back again and they didnt know what to tell me anymore supposedly they are not holding my money they blame Chase as the Culprit in this whole Transactions i Called Chase and they stated there was nothing wrong with my Card both Purchases went trough without no problem , The money is no longer in my Account and Macy say is not liable for that money , What Type of Scam is this Macys , how can a company so big show so little care for their Customers ? Is this is the best you guys can do ? Now they say 14 business days before i get my money back thats almost half a month , Hope everyone reads this Review and people start realizing how unprofessional and awfull your service is .