Madden NFL Overdrive Football

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

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  • Current Version: 5.3.3
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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
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Madden NFL Overdrive Football App

Welcome to the next era of Madden on mobile – Madden NFL Overdrive. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, this is our biggest and best launch in franchise history, delivering an all-new level of competition and stunningly realistic visuals. Build your authentic All-Pro team, then dive into real-time PvP to dominate friends and foes on the gridiron. Fuel your strategy with Captains and Coaches, and improve your football skills in seconds with fun Live Event mini games. This is your season! DOMINATE YOUR RIVALS IN REAL TIME Be the general manager and build your NFL team, then go head-to-head with real players around the world in real-time PvP. Prove your skills and adjust your strategy on the fly in quick, offense-only matchups with fantasy-style scoring. Earn fans, increase your XP, and rank up your team for incredible rewards. And with no Stamina requirements, you can play as often as you like. BOOST YOUR TEAM WITH CAPTAINS AND COACHES Enhance your squad with real football heroes. Appoint Captains, like Antonio Brown or Deshaun Watson, who propel your sports strategy, provide additional goals for scoring bonuses, and boost your Overdrive meter. View your Coach’s unique Tactics to counter opponents or give your offense advantages so you can score big. Choose the combinations of player cards that fit your playstyle while maximizing your team’s chemistry. TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE SUPER BOWL Test your mettle against all 32 NFL teams in full-game Season Battles. Earn players and Blitz tokens as you defeat opponents to unlock All-Madden Challenges. Plus, earn an Elite player by winning the Super Bowl before the clock runs out. AMPLIFY YOUR GAME IN LIVE EVENTS Quickly improve your skills when you run through new Live Event mini games. Avoid danger areas as you head for the end zone in Mine Field, follow your blockers to score a touchdown in Flying V, and shut down the competition before their first down in new defensive drills. HIT THE FIELD LIKE NEVER BEFORE With a fresh engine and broadcast-style presentation, Madden NFL Overdrive delivers incredible gameplay depth and signature player animations – run, tackle, and pass the ball fluidly with real-time physics. Plus, earn easy-to-understand rewards that fit your needs, nail field goals with a completely revamped kicking game, enter Leagues with your pals to crush the competition and top the leaderboards, and much more. This is your Madden moment! User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Contains advertisements for EA and its partners. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Collects data through third party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends.

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Madden NFL Overdrive Football app reviews

  • Has its flaws 3/5

    By Chaos83 Unleashed
    While I do enjoy the game, as it has realistic features, and many options to pass the time, I’m disappointed with that reoccurring flaws. My biggest complaint is that I am frequently disconnected mid game (overdrive, blitz tournaments) due to the “server lost connection”. This results in me forfeiting the game, and ultimately losing my opportunity to achieve rewards (only have so many attempts with Blitz). Also worth noting, many of the event challenges offer great rewards, but it’s very difficult to reap the rewards without spending real money to buy booster packs to supplement event rewards earned during event gameplay. It would be nice to increase the odds of actually winning some of the high level players as stated when opening the reward packs.
  • Put in instant replay 5/5

    By DaBeast 4422
    EA should put instant replay in season battle after you or the enemy team gets a TD.
  • Trash game 1/5

    By my vbucks
    Can you give me back my old team the other version of the game was a lot better. Than this stupid version legacy team give me a break give it back you stupid game and also bring back season mode!!😡🤬
  • Really not good 1/5

    Last years madden was much better than this new one
  • Sub to ayypreston- 07 on YouTube 5/5

    By ayypreston-07
    Sub to ayypreston- 07 on YouTube
  • Great game ! I recommend it. 5/5

    By chuckxx_23
    Madden is a great game it only has a few glitches I once tried to tackle somebody and he went right through him! Another thing is that sometimes the calls are a little to precise like like if he got over the goal line but was off by 1 inch like how do you call that !!!! Now to the positives. Defense is fun because you get to change your player and run around before the snap. And you get to choose through man coverage,blitz’s,and zone coverage. The graphics are great. The one thing that they should solve is the animated faces. Like if they score a touchdown you don’t see there mouth moving. The auction house and live events are my favorite part of this game because you can get players but there are challenges in between the players and you.
  • Commentary 5/5

    By YvnggLizard
    I like the game and all but i think you guys should add commentary to the game just like on the console version😃
  • Older madden mobile>Madden Overdrive 1/5

    By Endomje
    Madden used to be so fun to play back then but that they’ve been trying to make it more fun, they’ve actually been making it a lot more hard and boring. Like there’s literally so much stuff going on when I go into the game and I haven’t been on for like 2 weeks. It’s just madness and I wish it could be a lot more less complicated on what to do. Also the upgrading the players is kind of dumb. I like it when they are just that overall and you can’t upgrade them or anything. It’s also a lot harder to like throw the ball to a receiver because they always drop or they got bodied. Anyways this game used to be my favorite but now it’s not anymore it’s a shame😒😔
  • Please Restore Money! 2/5

    By Amazingdisneygamegirlinlove05
    I love this game but once I spent 100 dollers on this game then you made a new season and erased all my data! Give me my 100 dollers on birthday money back! 😡
  • Good but one change 4/5

    By ghdjjndhd
    This game is good in all but last year it was great, I played it every day and the season was the best. If EA sports put season in again then I would give this game 5 stars
  • Love the game but 4/5

    By Jennmomof4
    They need to add a regular game like ultimate team
  • Love it 5/5

    By #1bomb
    Beast mode. How do you friend people
  • This game is Great! 5/5

    By CoolDudeKJ
    One Thing Though, Make it easier to intercept the ball. You’re best game ever was madden mobile 16, EA get back to the glory days.
  • A Sooooooooooœooo laggy game 1/5

    By Pinwheel21
    I can’t play it. hope wanted it
  • Madden 5/5

    By climber113
    I love the game I just want to know when new legends come
  • Interceptions 4/5

    By billybounceman
    Hey EA hands down madden overdrive is a great game but it is really hard to catch picks in the game it’s like my players have butter on their fingers. I like how it used to be because if you swipe up at the right time you got the pick most of the time.
  • Rigged matchmaking but great game 3/5

    By NI-reviewer
    Gameplay is good including animations and graphics. Players and rewards are not hard to get. The only reason why this is a 2 star review and not a 4 is because the matchmaking for Overdrive and Blitz Tournament is extremely rigged. I am have 729 team power and I was matched up with someone that was 1,250 team power. That is a 450+ power difference. Anyone who has a much lower power level closer to 300-400 will find this impossible to play and win.
  • Update broke game 3/5

    By W.c.$$$
    Game continues to lock up from the last update.
  • Love madden, hate overdrive 4/5

    By ighjyjmhhvj
    I don’t know if it’s because it’s a mobile game or because the creators think it’s fun. But, either way pvp would be much better if it were actual game, where you can actually play defense and feel like a simulation.
  • EA Fix Your Game 1/5

    By 🏈🏈🏈🙏🙏🙏
    It keeps logging me out due to network issues when my WiFi is at four bars. It also buffers in season games
  • Madden over drive 1/5

    By 301293847565
    1: no penalty’s 2:You can’t get active players 3: need to update the super bowl elite because many people are getting sick of the cheating Patriots 4: you have to reach level 57 to unlock half of the coaches Sometimes your lineup changes automatically 5: after the playoffs, they still have the playoff event 6: they make you waste money on players 7: they choose favorite teams to 80 OVR
  • I can’t get in the game 5/5

    By #Soccer25
    I keep on trying to get in the game but there always a connection
  • The actions are off but the game is the best ever 5/5

    By gaghajn
    One I first play the game I didn’t have to worry about the action but when I got it the actions wouldn’t always give me what I won in this one time I was bidding on a 83 wide receiver and it said that I was the highest bidder to the last second but when the bidding time ran out all it said was pending I waited for 15 minutes and it still didn’t give me him and then I spent 28,500 coins on him and they didn’t give my coins back. Again the game awesome but the action is a bit off and the team you start with is okay. One I don’t like about the game is it doesn’t give you a season you have pick the games you play and to get to the playoffs you have to win 4-32 game the Super Bowl is 32 game that you won. It also doesn’t have referees so I’ve had time we’re there is pass interference but there are no refs to call it and the games doesn’t call it too.
  • Bad but good 5/5

    By king james clemson tigers
    EA make 3on3 games and you guys always make me have to get coins but y’all don’t got every player and y’all like madden 19 y’all games suck🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡
  • Blow of steam 5/5

    By pornstarbabe
    This game is really good to blow of steam that is one of the main reason’s I love it you can also play with friends and family so it’s also good with interacting
  • Good stuff! 5/5

    By A fip
    Love it!
  • Awesome game but one small thing 5/5

    By maddenboy1515
    Ea this game is awesome every thing is great there is only one wrong there is no seasons mode like I said this is little i am just saying it was slightly better with seasons mode
  • It’s not Fair 2/5

    By GlassyWassy
    Whenever I go play overdrive I’m always going against an 90 to 100 ovr team or a 60 to an 70 ovr team
  • Good game 5/5

    By waylon dietze
    This game is the best sports game I’ve ever played.Highly recommend getting this app
  • Awesome game but more improvements 4/5

    By HoneybunsJr
    You need to add more events to play but I love the Idea of no stamina and I hope they make more platinum players but it is awesome.
  • Madden 4/5

    By Buoowop
    Its alright but bring the seasons back
  • Worst football game ever 1/5

    By Antdogxx
    Can you change it back to the regular season.I hate overdrive. Also whenever I try to throw the defensive linemen always rush the quarterback and I never get a pass off.
  • Something went wrong 2/5

    By gillman#42
    Whenever I try to play it says Oops something went wrong. Please try again later
  • EA always finds a way for me to hate there game 2/5

    By uegdb3764
    So many things tick me off in this game. 1 When you throw the ball the defense seems to run 14 times faster than normal and intercept the ball. And there is always someone on your receivers so you can’t throw the ball. 2 Your plays get locked when you use them too much. I don’t get why this would help you EA. What is this supposed to make us use other crappy plays. 3 Even when this game is based mostly on skill defensive linemen can run through your line like The O line is baby kittens. I don’t get why this happens and the defense always breaks off there blocks at the last second to ruin your ALMOST perfect run. EA just make your game a little bit more fun to play
  • Season 4/5

    By @sam.fess
    Good game but I miss the old season mode
  • Best game besides Fortnite 5/5

    By goddamnxxx
    So good
  • Coolest game I ever played 5/5

    By Pro Joshua
    Ea Make another update with Mark Ingram!!!
  • Madden overdrive 5/5

    By buthead52
    This game is awesome. Their are a few minor airs but it’s still a good game. The only thing you should fix is the deep passes, and add pass interference in your game. Please fix this.
  • Awful gameplay 1/5

    By Joedannn
    there’s a million things wrong with this game. Passing is close to impossible with receivers close to eachother. And even if you DO click the right receiver they drop it 50% of the time. I’ve hit open receivers dead and their hands and it drops for no reason or explanation. The defense can block any pass they are in a 10 yard radius of and I’ve been sacked immediately after snapping multiple times. And that’s just the start of it. I can’t believe you have the audacity to charge people money for things in this game.
  • Stewkie25 3/5

    By Stewkie25
    Need to fix the madden cash videos. I’m supposed to get $5 in madden cash for each video I watch & it is not giving me the $5 at the conclusion of the video. This has been an issue for at least the last week.
  • Good game but you made it worse 3/5

    By duttheadboy
    Go back to the old madden because now it’s just worse. The new overdrive is terrible and the players look moor fake than last madden. The game is getting worse so just go back to old madden please.
  • Overdrive is the main gameplay (waited and waited) 1/5

    By KodeBreak
    Over drive mode needs some serious work!!! Tired of 90 overall CB’s and Safety’s locking down a 99 overall receiver like it’s nothing. Let the stats decides who wins in that situation. And lineman shouldn’t be able to keep up with or catch a 97 speed rb. Why are there new and different stats if they don’t mean anything in gameplay?? And the animation to where the receiver catches the ball with one defender on him and then all of a sudden here comes another defender and knocks out the ball is over powered. It happens way too often. I hope that the pass interference when trying to throw deep also gets fixed. One last thing please make it a bit easier to scramble because i have a 97 overall Micheal Vick with a 94 speed 97 acceleration and i can’t even outrun linemen or get away from anyone. Please just adjust overdrive gameplay and make the stats actually mean something 🙏🏼
  • This game 5/5

    By lolman,
    Look this game might get a lot of hate and it is deserved. The whole auction house incident, laggy games, overpricing packs. Thats a bad look yea. But when you play and experience the game it isn't as bad. Hope this helped!
  • Bro seriously? 1/5

    By LiLB7000
    Only thing this game is good for is running the ball, you try to pass a ball and the game looks like it’s close to crashing lol. Fix this EA.
  • Crash 1/5

    By kriegs #77
    I have an iPhone XR. It crashes before the game even finishes loading. EVERY TIME It worked fine on my SE What happened.
  • Madden 19 or OvErDrIvE 1/5

    By CJ Sponge
    By the far the worst gameplay of any Madden Mobile game. Horrible mechanics, I’m never playing Madden Mobile again!
  • Loved it last madden 3/5

    By ea boy god
    I just don’t know what it is but this game was way better last time the game has ok graphics but it looks like the players are stick figures the is it just me or I can’t find the sets if there is something wrong with me I must be dumb but if they somehow get this game going it would be way better
  • Great game but some glitches 4/5

    By YodaDaBoss
    So first I wanted to buy 500 madden cash so I did and it said my purchase will go through soon and now a week or so later I haven’t gotten anything and I was still charge. I love playing the game but please fix this. Also fix the kicking, I’ll swipe super fast and nothing will happen so I slow down a little and I get orange, so I speed up and nothing happens and then I slow down more than I did when I got the orange and get almost full power. Please fix this. Besides that everything else is great.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By You don't even let me do it!
    It is so rigged. Every time I have the ball and hand off, I fumble. AND I HAVE AN ELITE TERELL DAVIS. In the clutch, my Terrell Owens would be wide open, and some cornerback would teleport across the field and INTERCEPT IT. In clutch moments, the other teams running back all of the sudden would become insanely fast and run right through my players for a touchdown. Fix your freaking game or I’ll delete.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football app comments

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