Madden NFL Overdrive Football

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

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Madden NFL Overdrive Football App

Welcome to the next era of Madden on mobile – Madden NFL Overdrive. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, this is our biggest and best launch in franchise history, delivering an all-new level of competition and stunningly realistic visuals. Build your authentic All-Pro team, then dive into real-time PvP to dominate friends and foes on the gridiron. Fuel your strategy with Captains and Coaches, and improve your football skills in seconds with fun Live Event mini games. This is your season! DOMINATE YOUR RIVALS IN REAL TIME Be the general manager and build your NFL team, then go head-to-head with real players around the world in real-time PvP. Prove your skills and adjust your strategy on the fly in quick, offense-only matchups with fantasy-style scoring. Earn fans, increase your XP, and rank up your team for incredible rewards. And with no Stamina requirements, you can play as often as you like. BOOST YOUR TEAM WITH CAPTAINS AND COACHES Enhance your squad with real football heroes. Appoint Captains, like Antonio Brown or Deshaun Watson, who propel your sports strategy, provide additional goals for scoring bonuses, and boost your Overdrive meter. View your Coach’s unique Tactics to counter opponents or give your offense advantages so you can score big. Choose the combinations of player cards that fit your playstyle while maximizing your team’s chemistry. TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE SUPER BOWL Test your mettle against all 32 NFL teams in full-game Season Battles. Earn players and Blitz tokens as you defeat opponents to unlock All-Madden Challenges. Plus, earn an Elite player by winning the Super Bowl before the clock runs out. AMPLIFY YOUR GAME IN LIVE EVENTS Quickly improve your skills when you run through new Live Event mini games. Avoid danger areas as you head for the end zone in Mine Field, follow your blockers to score a touchdown in Flying V, and shut down the competition before their first down in new defensive drills. HIT THE FIELD LIKE NEVER BEFORE With a fresh engine and broadcast-style presentation, Madden NFL Overdrive delivers incredible gameplay depth and signature player animations – run, tackle, and pass the ball fluidly with real-time physics. Plus, earn easy-to-understand rewards that fit your needs, nail field goals with a completely revamped kicking game, enter Leagues with your pals to crush the competition and top the leaderboards, and much more. This is your Madden moment! User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Contains advertisements for EA and its partners. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Collects data through third party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends.

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Madden NFL Overdrive Football app reviews

  • GAME CHANGES!!!! 4/5

    By Goofy Chubbs
    Overall I really love this game and it’s events that they put out. There is one thing that I really want that is not added yet. Can there be night time in these game modes because when it gets into night time, I tend to get really excited!!!! Also can there be more legends added in the next madden mobile like Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Bo Jackson, and many more. If you guys do this, madden mobile is going to blow up and become popular again!!! Add more detail to the game and the stadium to make it feel more alive since that is what madden is about. Also can you guys put commentary on season battles?!
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By rujrjd
    I have to use so much money to get one pack.
  • Power line event has to u 5/5

    By Kevinwalker kj
    That power line event is horrible take it off and y’all get five stars for me
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By qaddtwgefdttdrtrfant
    It’s a great game. It lets you be every part of a nfl team with events and more!
  • The Good, the Bad, the Ups, and the Downs. 3/5

    By Arachnido257
    Let me just say this: I love Madden Overdrive. But it’s also frustrating because I have some problems with this game that really annoy me. Let me list some of them. Again, I love this game. It just has some problems. 1: Madden Cash. The problem I have with this is that, well.. it’s annoying to get. First, there are two ways to get Madden Cash in this game. One, watching ads. Two, buying them. I have a problem with the ads because they’re like fifteen to thirty seconds long and you only get 5 out of it and everything costs thousands. Plus, they never even work most of the time. The cheapest thing you can buy with Madden Cash is 50,000 coins for 500 Madden Cash. You might be asking, “Why not just buy it?”. That’s the other problem. I am trying to get 2,200 Madden Cash, but the purchases never work. 2: Events. I like the events in Madden Overdrive. But some things I don’t like about them. For example, I really like the Movers event. It’s just how long the cool down is. It takes like a week for something that takes a day to do. Every event also has a time limit until it ends. Another example is the Team of the Year (TOTY) event. When I started this game, the TOTY event had only 5 days until it ended, and I was trying to get Tyreek Hill and Drew Brees. I literally spent all of my coins on it. And I got nobody. Oh yeah, and the Power Line Event. You literally go up against Power Line Masters in a full lineup. Stephon Gilmore, Travis Kelce, Randy Moss, Michael Vick, and even some players who aren’t Power Line players but just as good. An example is freaking Rob Gronkowski as a safety. A SAFETY. 3: The Tournament System The problem with the tournament system (in my opinion) is the attempts. You only get 3 attempts and if you use them all, you can’t play the tournament. But you can also buy the tickets to get just one attempt. If you run out of tickets, you can’t get attempts. But you have to spend Madden Cash to get more. Then the issue with Madden Cash comes up. Read problem number one to see what I’m talking about. 4: The Captain Patches I think adding in captains was a really good idea. I just think the patches are a bit annoying because you have to get so much of them. And one of the only ways (if not, then the only way) to get them is through the trophies through exchanging players. And you don’t get that many considering how much you need to level up the captains. Maybe just use a reasonable amount of coins to replace the patches. 5: The Captain Bonus You’re probably asking, “Why did you put this on the list if it gives you a lot of points?”. Let me explain. Every time I play an Overdrive game and I’m in the lead, my opponent always uses the captain bonus and wins. It is just so annoying. I’m always so close to getting the bonus, but the time runs out just as I’m about to make a huge comeback. 6: The Film Reels Like the Madden Cash, you can only get a tiny amount of Film Reels at a time. Also like the Madden Cash, the thing that gives you ten Film Reels is always on a cool down. If you try to purchase Madden Cash, you get Film Reels as well. Only a little bit. As said before, the purchases don’t work for me. It takes a lot to get one Film Reel player and there are only two ways to get the Reels. I just listed them. 7: The Auction System I have an 88 OVR team, and half of my team is from the auction center. But I have to get a week’s worth of coins to get one player, only for my coins to go down the drain again. And sometimes the players that you get don’t even do good sometimes. Most of the time everyone on my team just act like idiots. So what do I do? Go back to the auction, and the whole thing starts back up again. I think there should be a suggested amount of coins when people auction players. 8: Hitbox and Mis-Clicking. Another very irritating thing this game has is the hitbox for a receiver to catch the ball and the chance of mis-clicking. Like, seriously, there is such a small hitbox and it doesn’t even matter because you just mis-click every time. Like, come on, CATCH THE BALL ALREADY! 9: No Penalty Flags Wait a minute, no penalty flags?! Now that is just ridiculous, because pretty much every one of my incomplete passes is because of pass interference. Every time I try to pass the ball, the other team is like NOPE and cheats.
  • pretty damngood guys 4/5

    By dingo dangling trip exp
    except i won by like 530 pts in an overdrive game and a couple seconds after the clock hit zero i tapped a notification for snapchat and when i came back it said “you lose” like the whole “you disconnected” message. love the game though
  • Crashing way too much 2/5

    By BigMusicman
    I love madden!!! But I don’t like the fact that if you’re playing a draft match and the match starts...the game crashed so not only did I lose the match but I lose my elimination key to being the match and I can’t get it back!!!!! It’s so upsetting because I love this game but y’all need to change this real quick. It’s not fair at all that loyal madden fans get screwed over into buying things when we save items to use them to only get them taken because something goes down on y’all end 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Fix it please
  • Weak 3/5

    By 407Productions
    It constantly logs me off, gives me a spinwheel for more than half of the overdrive game, as well as not giving points or rewards when it says it’s going to. This was a boredom game and I won’t play it again.
  • Fix game 1/5

    By H20killer
    Ea fix your game every time I run all the time they tackle me it’s like my team don’t have defense
  • Madden 5/5

    By #medabeast
    Madden is a good game for ages 5-15
  • Game is ok... 3/5

    By Gamer1325537764
    I WANT the game to have an actual franchise mode like the real madden games!! (Instead of this draft lottery stuff) The controls are okay, they could be a lot better. The graphics are like your playing amazing! The franchise mode could have the following: - UPDATED CURRENT ROSTERS - RESIGN AND CUT PLAYERS - FREE AGENCY - PRESEASON GAMES & an actual 16 game season! - NFL DRAFTS - TRADING - HIRE AND FIRE MANAGEMENT AND COACHES The career mode should be similar to madden 13 or beyond!!
  • Good but......... 4/5

    By supyupyup
    I remember how on the old era of this game it was easier this one is very hard for me can’t seem to tackle the other teams players so if you have any tips that would be great. But I will continue to play this game because over all its very fun.
  • Pure garbage 1/5

    By Austin Hallock
    Game is absolutely garbage I have a 100 ovr lineup with +3 ovr boost from three of my players I have Kyle Murray at qb with 100 speed Bc of all the boost then I get into an over drive home where my opponents best player was 71 overall so therefor I got a +5 overall boost Bc of my team being so much better but I kid you not!! HIS 62 SPEED BRONZE DEFENSIVE LINEMEN RAN KYLER MURRAY DOWN AND NOT ONE OF MY RECEIVERS (who are all 102 ovr) COULD CREATE ANY SEPARATION GAME IS ABSOLUTE DOG CRAP DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
  • Game 3/5

    By brifizthisshiz
    It won’t even let me open the game

    By forinite is so bad
  • One of the worse Maddens of All Time 1/5

    By fяєєωσ∂ѕαℓℓ∂αу
    I played back in 2017 and this game was perfect as it was. It had sets and the gameplay was just right for a mobile game. Overdrive and the Gameplay are horrific and I could not stand the feel of the game. As if they tried their best to make it as if it was on console. The market is completely busted because of outrages prices. And as we all know EA tried to make this game a pay to play. Sorry to say it but no one plays this game this year. Bring back the old 2017-18 madden gameplay and bring back sets. That’s what made madden so good!!
  • Decent 2/5

    By .,"!$
    Stupid game....there are wayyyyyyy too many game modes and the idiots that wrote this app spent no time writing directions on how to navigate the 1001 option there are. Good, not great, game play but the lack of direction makes this whole experience really frustrating. Encumbered by idiots we press on.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Friend me at seahawks
    This game is amazing the first thing I would like to point out is no ads there are no ads and it’s for free. Another thing is the graphics they are amazing and so realistic it’s like I’m actually at a football game. Also the customization you can have any team you want and add any person you want to your team and any captain and coach (as long as you unlocked them). Also I like the options to pass the ball you can choose the type of pass and the formation of your team. In conclusion I think it is an amazing game and you should totally get it!
  • Why 1/5

    By @wehatedavebautista
    I hate the power line challenges, other then that it is a good game
  • What... 1/5

    By Tever990
    This game is full of bugs. Such as the power line event, you grind out enough to get a single power cell and then do the event. I got one and when I did the event the game crashed. Thanks, then o realize I have to do another 40+ live events to continue it. Cool, I started that then what did they do? They changed the event and I no longer had a resume button...and didn’t even get an empty power cell refunded to me for not completing...awesome love this game so much. Not to mention the receiver AI is garbage and the defense have superhuman response to swarm your receiver as the ball travels at about 1 mph causing most passes to fail...I’ve played this game for years only because it’s the only decent football game on the store with a great concept. This game just gets really frustrating sometimes
  • Trash 1/5

    I love this game but it’s the fact that it won’t let me sign back into my account that I am rating it so low I have been playing this game for years and the fact that I have to restart is trash because I was a high level had a lot of money and had good characters on my roster and that is all lost because it keeps saying that it failed to link fix it and u get a 5 star but until this issue is resolved I will not give it anything higher
  • Littleartisan 5/5

    By 1234ninga1234
    I got 50 plugs went to play event for power line master & didn’t get to play & lost the plugs. It says you get an empty cell if you lose & I didn’t even get that. I’m kind of ticked
  • Fix 5/5

    By brickyardhamz
    Game keeps crashing as soon as I open it iPhone XR
  • VERY GREAT 5/5

    By pd53535
    I love how the game is set up. Wish there where penalties and injury’s available but besides that great game
  • Why!!!!!!!!!!! 2/5

    By waffles300
    I used to love the game.I was really good, but one day I logged in and it said “There is no account connected to this device .”WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great game best game ever"..."......"......"Best best 5/5

    By Jackattack7001
    I’ve played this game ever since it came out but I hate when it restarts you every year
  • Power line 1/5

    By Piper M.
    It’s stupid have a new edition
  • Really fun 5/5

    By wibrwh
    I think this game is really fun because I play football and it kind of inspires me to do better and be like these guys

    By Albmchsd
    Why do you keep putting me up against people I CANNOT win against? If someone loses A LOT of games in a row, they SHOULD be put up against someone they CAN get a win against. Stop making their guy ALWAYS intercept or interfere with EVERY pass I throw! Their guy comes from out of nowhere! Why do you keep making their guy knock the ball out of my guys hands after he clearly catches it?! Stop giving me SO MANY pressures! The number of pressures I get compared to my opponent is UNFAIR!! Stop making their guys keep sacking me! My guy doesn’t even have a CHANCE to throw it! Where is my protection?!?! IT IS NOT FAIR AT ALL! FIX IT!! What did I ever do to make you do this to me?!?! PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!!!
  • ye 1/5

    By mdmsjd
    please bring back the original madden mobile
  • The G.O.A.T Of Sports Games 5/5

    By Qhawkfan12
    I love this game. It is way better than every other game. My only complaint is that it is so much fun that I got edictted . I have tried tons of football games and none of them came close to madden mobile. I did like last years game better but it is still better than every other football game. Although Tom Brady was on the cover last year and I do not like him I think Aaron Rogers is the GOAT but that’s just personal opinion. EA, thanks for making such a good game.
  • No problems with it love it 5/5

    By kingjamez0222
    Awesome game love it keep doing what y’all are doing love it
  • Too many crashes 1/5

    By Star Wars mike
    Game crashes all the time. You lose your progress if you receive a phone call. Too many problems
  • It’s ok but I like old version better and I have s suggestion! 3/5

    So I think u should put in the regular session games for normal season like old version,Trading, and add back where u can play as the wr or any position not just Qb! So ye those are the suggestions!
  • Fun, when it works right 2/5

    By EatTheBacon
    Great fun when it works right but constantly losing connection whether on full bars LTE or WiFi. Also if you get kicked off during a challenge that requires a specific currency or item to play you can’t get back on the game to finish until you re-earn all that currency (I’m looking at you Powerline...)
  • Complaints 1/5

    By Jude duck
    This thing is terrible it doesn't work when I download it. Once I downloaded it and it took me back to the older version of the game.
  • This game is beast!!!!!!! 5/5

    By your boy tomlison
    I love everything about this game.the only bad thing is I would like to have a franchise mode in this game like madden on Xbox.
  • Taking my team away 3/5

    So last year I had a 100 overall team and now I had to start all over and now the 99 overall players are going for so much I spent like 70 dollars on this game so I’m kind of angry with you pretty much making the 70 dollars I spent to nothing.
  • Game won’t work 5/5

    By kolbsterlollol
  • I just want to play football. 2/5

    By Lieut_Comdr
    I have no want to play these dumb mini games or events. All I want to do is play the old seasons mode where I could play against cpu teams and upgrade my team with the auction and pack openings. This new stuff is overly complicated and confusing. I just want to play football.
  • This game makes me mad 3/5

    By swagger=thot
    the way receivers get tripped up and are unable to run their route is annoying and the way the other team picks the perfect defensive play to counter yours is also annoying as well as the way when you just barely leave the pocket then have the whole team breaking through the line is also annoying.
  • AUCTIONS 2/5

    By jake the snake 1306
    When auctioning players you either buy it instantly or place a bet until you may get out bet but always someone else bets right away no matter what time always and I lost a 99 josh Gordon to this sometimes I think bots bet on it and always get it it’s pretty dumb and frustrating
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By dawson0343
    Love the game but everytime I am in an even such as the power surge event that I was just in I was winning by 2 touchdowns and I pressed save and continue later and it says “continue” on the event then when I press on it it says sorry you don’t have the following items
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By OKAY2219
    Their are a few issues with the point system it gives them points for rushing or defending that’s the only reason it’s no 5 stars I like games where it’s more realistic
  • Season 1/5

    By Dujdjjd
    I really want season mode back
  • Power cell Event 5/5

    By Fewchmadden978
    I lost my power cell even though I save the event when I went back it said resume event but then it said no more power cell please help thank you great game thought the best football game on mobile device
  • Best Madden , however... 4/5

    To be honest this is the best and only madden game on ios. The reason for giving four star, because of the glitches in animations , game menu and connection failures. I love playing madden on ios, pc and xbox but I strongly request from madden ios developer team to fix these important elements. Aside from negatives, I can strongly suggest you to play this game if you're a close follower of NFL :)
  • Madden mobile overdrive 4/5

    By Shugoki
    Power line promo : I’ve gotten one power cell a total of 50 to play power surge event the game kept shutting down and I had to log back in when I’d try too play this event I’d noticed that my power cell was gone and I had a total of 43 power cell nope I’am not happy about this because the game is hard to play I’m a honest player who do not cheat the game not happy at all
  • RIGGED 1/5

    By framed three
    Just like every EA sports app, there is a ton of scripting/rigged coding taking place. You can't deny it EA, it is true. Delayed reactions only during the most precious times, never do you have full control of your player. Defenders literally teleport/slide 15 yards for a tackle/sack. Tons of pass interference going uncalled. Domination matches are EXTREMELY RIGGED. I started watching when exactly my opponent would get points and coincidently always at the exact time I score or complete a pass. I mean they get 300-500 in one play, but only when your team does well. Forcing a loss for you. It's not just with madden mobile either. Fifa is the same, players doing whatever they want even when you turn off the auto setting. Complete BS, just like the liars that work at EA sports. Thousands of people experiencing the same issues and same complaints is too obvious to be a coincidence. Own up to your lies EA!

Madden NFL Overdrive Football app comments

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