Manga by Crunchyroll

Manga by Crunchyroll

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  • Current Version: 4.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ellation, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga by Crunchyroll App

Get the hottest Manga titles directly from Japan with the Crunchyroll Manga App! As soon as it hits newsstands in Japan, you can read the latest from hit titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Coppelion, and Space Brothers. With a Premium Membership: • View the entire series catalog anytime, anywhere! • Acquire full mobile support, including 'Koma-View,' which allows maximum scale per panel. • Unlimited reading access. • Read the latest manga immediately as it becomes available in Japan! This will be the Manga enthusiasts' one-stop-shop for all their Manga needs. Not available in select territories. Thanks for your understanding. ================= Check back with us for the latest updates and additions, here:

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Manga by Crunchyroll app reviews

  • Lots of bugs. 2/5

    By .,1,2,2
    My biggest issue with this app is that it won’t keep me signed in. I’ve tried deleting the app, and reloading it but that doesn’t work. If I just don’t close the app, eventually it signs me out automatically WHILE IM READING. This has been my first experience with manga; and unfortunately Crunchyroll manga is not an app I would recommend.
  • You can FEEL it needs an update 😭 2/5

    By TaeGemini
    I just got the app and was stunned by how it looks like it formatted an iPhone 4. When was the last time this was updated…?
  • Keeps logging off 2/5

    By Kamakazi02
    Keep getting logged off in the middle of a chapter
  • Would be great if it didn’t crash 1/5

    By manfrEId890
    Fairly large catalogue with a bunch of different genres to choose from, but riddled with bug problems. It flat out refuses to keep an account logged in regardless of your status(i.e premium or standard) and crashes every other time you open the app. If you fully close out of the app, you have to re-enter your information. Every. Single. Time. I can confirm all other reviews about the lack of a fitted look on your phone screen with newer phones or softwares, however that’s strictly when searching/browsing in the app. Reading any actual manga is ok, HOWEVER, it has to be an unbroken stream of reading. The second you lock the screen, change to another app, or I’ve even noticed when listening to music there are moments of glitchy behavior that eventually lead to a crash a reset of the app/sign in. I understand that the developers are ridiculous busy with the upkeep of both the Funimation and Crunchyroll streaming services and other app underneath their umbrella, but if there’s sometime to come back and give this gem some TLC, it’d really be one of the best apps for reading manga on here when there are so few quality options.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By NeptuneAutomata
    Good manga app just needs some more more popular series.
  • The app is fine but… 2/5

    By Lunaticbtard808
    It could have a better selection of mangas. That’s all.
  • Nice to read but forgets login constantly 2/5

    By Mys3lfHere
    I like the app in general, good gui and works great until it forgets you’ve logged in. This happens about EVERY. SINGLE. CHAPTER. …. It is so freaking annoying to have to re-sign in just to keep going. I’ve tried everything including signing in and closing the app, restarting etc to try to get it to remember me. It’s all no good because it forgets who I am and make me 100% sign back in again before long. It’s so frustrating I’ve almost uninstalled it. The app presents others stories which are of course great, if the designers of the app made the stories though I fear they would forget the main characters part way through and worse. Come on, sign ins should be easy, I don’t pay monthly for this level of accessibility, let me stay signed in.
  • I’m dead. 2/5

    By JayKaySleazy
    How can one of the best anime stream services have the worst manga app? I literally only have it still to keep up with two titles. It boots you off everytime you close the app and have to sign back in. They tease you with releasing a few chapters of a really good manga and then never update it or add anymore. So you end up looking somewhere else to finish it. Hey. If you like AOT or To Your Eternity then you enjoy it til you finish them. I guess it’s a cool app since it’s free if you have a Crunchyroll account already. If you don’t and want to read manga, look somewhere else that stays updated.
  • Please update this 2/5

    By nickname66672
    This app has a great selection and I am happy to be paying for the content I am getting. But every time I close the app it logs me out, it looks old. It doesn’t fill the screen on my phone and looks like it’s from 2010. I love the content but getting logged out constantly makes me want to quit using the app.
  • Rough 1/5

    By Paladin9985're supposed to be like the leading company in anime/manga...but this just looks like 1 guy in your IT tried to make an app in 30 min and gave up. C'mon better.
  • Poor experience, ok manga selection 2/5

    By TheDemonfish
    Considering this is one of few options to read manga legally its serves its purpose and has a good selection of popular manga. Its not nearly as widespread as the anime app, but its not terrible. The app on the other hand is far outdated and needs a major overhaul. The most major issues I have are: 1. The aspect ratio looks outdated. 2. The app logs me out after being in the background 3. After being logged out, the app has to be restarted to log back in or continue reading additional chapters 4. The selection is good, but leaves a lot to be desired when comparing against the anime app or when looking for more obscure manga. Ultimately, it just looks like the app needs more love. If it was a more polished/less buggy app, I think more people would use it over alternatives.
  • ???? 2/5

    By TealGachaGamerYT
    There’s no mainstream manga, which really disappointed me.
  • Small library 1/5

    By agent13158
    The library isn’t very big and the manga I wanted to read were on the Photos for the app but not in the actual App Library
  • Outdated 1/5

    By 911881
    Outdated & Very small selection on mangas. You’d think CRUNCHYROLL would have a good selection but they do not. Looks like app hasn’t been updated in years
  • One step forward, two steps back 3/5

    By Gr1mwolf
    So on the one hand, after many years they finally fixed the problem where the app would completely break and have to be reinstalled. On the other hand, it signs you out every time you use it and stores no memory of your account. So every single time you want to use it, you have to go through the full name and password. At the same time, Crunchyroll recently started aggressively acquiring the licenses to tons of manga. Sounds great, right? Well they’ve actually just been sitting on the licenses with no intention of using them. They released like 3 chapters of a bunch of long-running manga several months ago, and nothing since. The plan seems to be to prevent others from acquiring the licenses first, without having the personnel to actually make use of them. An extremely scummy and anti-consumer move.
  • Keep getting errors 1/5

    By bubba.
    The app keeps either logging me out or giving me errors.
  • Very weak app 1/5

    By koneko363
    Why has this app been out so long and the option to sort manga in alphabetical order not been added?? Ridiculous Furthermore, the library is abysmally bare, with full animes in the respective app and no content in the manga app. Missing chapters, poor navigation and user interface mechanics, and a general lack of invested interest from Crunchyroll in keeping the app stocked and up to date. It is difficult already to keep supporting authors on a budget without licensed distributors falling behind on so many levels than the pirates. Crunchyroll needs to do better, especially after absorbing Funimation
  • App looks like it’s from 2010 1/5

    Terrible layout and limited manga
  • Horrendously bad and outdated. WHY? 1/5

    By Kenken43400
    Don't get me wrong, The actual Manga is great. However, this app is painfully outdated. I imagine that the UI is the same from 7 years ago. The screen is clipped on top and bottom (obviously meant for screen ratios for the iPhone 5 and previous). The on-screen keyboard that shows up is the same one from that same era ( I don’t miss the oddly spaced keys). The UI is simple, but not very helpful. There’s barely any information given about any manga. When you click one, you get the cover image, title, part of the description that is cut off. When you click “view more” to see the rest of the description, it opens up another page for whatever reason that has text so small that you can’t even read it. It’s formatted like a word document with 6 pt font. You literally have to zoom in (similar to how you would on a website) to read it. And all that is on that page is the full description, author/publisher/artist etc. Keep in mind, ALL OF THIS TEXT IS CONTAINED WITHIN 1/4TH OF YOUR WHOLE SCREEN. Terrible. The cover image of each manga takes a ridiculous amount of time to load when you scroll through categories. You have to wait at least 2 seconds to see 6 cover images each time you scroll. (Some cover images don’t even appear). this may not seem like a big deal until you realize every modern entertainment app does not load an image based off of if it is in the screen or not, and rather attempts to do it before the image is supposed to appear on screen. (Therefore achieving a seamless experience) Don’t forget about the bugs that have plagued this app forever. It’s annoying that you have to re-login every single time you open the app due to some “network error.” Really disappointing how terrible this app is compared to how clean and polished Crunchyroll is. They really just made it years ago, and never gave it a second thought. I can’t even believe it is made by the same company. Disgraceful. As one who has done some software programming, it would not be very difficult to revamp this app, nor would it cost a lot of time and money either. SO WHATS STOPPING THEM?
  • I am begging 3/5

    By Shakakxnek
    Please update your app. The interface looks like it was designed for the iPhone 4. The crashing and bugs put a serious damper on what should be a great experience. This is the only place I can legitimately experience The Four Knights of the Apocalypse. I want to support the original creators and Crunchyroll, but this app needs some serious updates.
  • Nice but false advertisement 2/5

    By Tim212006
    Your service literally doesn’t have rising of shield hero…
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By Micky miller
    The concept of this app is awesome. The execution of the app has a lot of problems. Every time I unlock my screen I have to log in again. Every. Single. Time. This gets one star for not fixing the bugs.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Mr.jango
    It constantly crashes on me and every time I reopen it I have to resign in to it. It also really feels like it needs to be updated as far as how it looks and just the software in general. I do like using it but it could be better
  • App works, lacking titles 3/5

    By PitsnipeMM2
    Went back to Crunchyroll Manga and found more titles than when first released however some titles are missing chapters and some just don’t finish nor update. One title starts with one chapter and then skips to 30something chapter. Some titles only have 3 chapters even though the title has long since finished publication.
  • Half works 2/5

    By Takai_Sensei
    Logs out and crashes all the time. Can’t remember what you were reading. It prompted me for a review but the text is invisible so sorry if there’s mistakes. Love the manga selection that comes extra with my subscription but this app is bad.
  • Great Content, yet Outdated App 3/5

    By Foxbeast22
    Access to Crunchyroll’s manga library on the go is great, yet the app isn’t optimized for larger and taller screens leading to the overall experience being diminished.
  • Good app 3/5

    By ShortStuff287
    It’s a good app and has a good selection but it keeps logging me out. If I didn’t have to constantly log back in and didn’t have error codes frequentlyI would rate it higher
  • Almost Perfect 3/5

    By ugandalorian
    Crunchyroll Manga is nearly perfect but it doesn’t have any shounen manga, of which is my favorite kind. The UI is also very of and it doesn’t fill the whole screen. If they fixed these issues then it would be perfect.
  • This app is Half-baked at best 1/5

    By Wumbledrive
    Did they task their interns to slap this atrocity together, and then give up half way through it? Cause it feels like it… I’m sure a child could design a better app in a week. Terrible interface and UX aside, I am unable to read anything consistently more than once chapter without running into an error-rendering this app unusable. Looks like it’s just making bad calls and returning 400 errors, shouldn’t take more than a month to fix… and yet it has been years and Crunchy roll hasn’t fixed it. I tried using this app years ago, I was hoping it would have been fixed by now… but I guess it looks like they just don’t care about the manga unfortunately.
  • Crap App… just like everything Crunchyroll does 1/5

    By SFCU Life Member
    Complete disaster as an app. Constantly logs me out while using it. App crashes regularly. And too many other bugs to bother mentioning. Not sure why I expected this Crunchyroll app to work properly when nothing else Crunchyroll does works, so guess its par for the course. Hey Crunchyroll, do the world a favor and just go awat!
  • Absolutely abysmal 1/5

    By Matic01
    This app is by far the worst manga reader I’ve used, it’s been in service for a while now and after crunchyroll’s slow roll in taking over or shuttering other anime services all we’re left with is an app that even after close to ten years it still has the same issues and bugs that it has today. No matter how many times I am on a stable wifi connection or just on data it’ll log me out after each chapter. So I’ll have to be forced to kill the app, restart it and expected to log back into the app if I want to continue. For. Each. Chapter. I. Read. I seriously don’t understand how this can continue to be an issue when it’s very clearly how this app was built and what CR’s servers feed to the app I was forced to move to this platform due to their merger but honestly if this is how bad they’re going to treat any customers especially paying ones; I’d be better off spending a year off and just digging around the internet for the whole physical set than I am paying for a service that won’t spend the money to by their workers to make the serve better
  • Has a lot of potential 4/5

    By Toolbot
    This app has a lot of great potential in it but it needs a lot more manga in it too.
  • Poor selection 1/5

    By WndFrk
    Why does this app even exist?? They don’t have demon slayer at all but there’s article saying it was added back in January. It only has 13 chapter of attack on titans. Like seriously what’s the point of this app if it doesn’t even have the popular anime manga on there.
  • Signing Out 2/5

    By Sageymew
    The app signs me out while I’m using it so I have to close and reopen it every time, plus it doesn’t give me an easy sign in option so I have to type in my login info every single time. If it’s possible, please fix this!
  • Keep having to log in 2/5

    By Laser1220
    It keeps logging me out every time I exit the app. I have to log in every time I open the app.
  • Needs massive improvement 2/5

    By Coy A
    This manga reading app is incredibly bare bones. Navigating through the minimum selection of manga is tedious. There’s no filter by genre. No way to select app or manga reading orientation. Some chapters don’t show up or broken. Considering you need to have a paid premium Crunchyroll account to access most of the content, you would hope to find better user interface at the very least.
  • Logs me out constantly 1/5

    By Torimonsterx
    Constantly having to re-sign in pretty much every other chapter
  • worse than Yeat's music 1/5

    By Glizzard123
    this would've been OK in like 2015
  • Good content, terrible app 2/5

    By deserteaglesseilh
    I’m enjoying reading the Manga selection they have but I hate using the app. It’s buggy, has very bad user interface, and is in general a pain to interact with. It has frequent crashes, trouble logging in, frequently logs you out while using the app, and is just a bad design in general. It doesn’t save your login info so you have to manually enter your un/pw every time you open it. You can manually add a pw to apple’s pw manager but you have to manually open it and select your saved pw every time you open the app. It doesn’t offer to auto fill or use Face ID. The app will also log you out every time you close it and will even log you out while using it. You need to go to the home page to see the option to select settings and from there you can log in. It doesn’t automatically offer to let you log in once it kicks you out, you need to manually navigate to the correct login location to be able to continue reading whatever story you might have been engrossed in. It is also clumsy with its presentation of manga options. There are a few different categories you can sort by, but there’s no easy way to filter results or see what you’ve read previously. You just kind of have to remember when you found it previously and then check to see if there are any updates available. It would also be nice if there were some kind of feature to recommend other manga based on ones you’ve previously read and liked. Everything feels like an afterthought. Like this app is the absolute bottom of the priority list. It’s bad. But the manga is fun to read at least.
  • Good content, poor execution 2/5

    By FikiriRCL
    When I learned my Crunchyroll account included manga, I downloaded the app and was excited to find so many titles to chose from. Many were from anime shows I had watched. The reader app is simple and easy to use. However I frequently find I hit this error - Request failed: bad request (400) happens at the end of a chapter when trying to load the next. Which ruins the experience.
  • I will change it to 5 stars if you add dont toy with me miss nagatoro 1/5

    By ppsuckerno.1
    Pls do it
  • for the love of god, please support iPhone X - 13 screens 3/5

    By FinalSaiyan
    incredibly annoying for such good content on the app to be ruined by something so simple
  • Good when it works….which isn’t often 2/5

    By Nmc86
    It’s a bit infuriating for as large of a company as Crunchyroll is to still have this poor of an app. Randomly logs you out? Check. Entirely unhelpful error messages like “400: bad request”? Check. Tells you your username/password are incorrect (even though they are) when it can’t connect to their servers? They’ve got you covered. It’s pretty clear they don’t use their own apps because these are glaring issues with simple fixes.
  • Great but needs work 2/5

    By Blindkaiser
    I use to watch anime on this app all the time back in the day, but slowly drifted away from. I finally redownloaded sometime ago only to find that it’s very busted. I love the selection of anime, but I can’t watch any of it due to all the bugs. From reading the other reviews it sounds like this has been an on going thing. I hope it these issues get fixed soon but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.
  • Horribly broken 1/5

    By Bluemarvin
    App constantly logs me out while reading. It is one of the worst apps I have ever used. This app should either be fixed or pulled. There is no excuse for releasing such a shoddy application. Sometimes when it logs me out I am unable to log back in for a day or more. Even minimal testing would reveal the horrible bugs in this app.
  • It’s great but 2/5

    By Deadgamer890
    The whole app is really good but it really needs a ui update this feels so old so please update it thank you
  • Ouch 1/5

    By Ripley231
    This app’s lack of full screen support for recent devices is a huge miss. It’s really bad.
  • Don’t get 5/5

    By it s sooo fuun!!!
    If you find something you like it will all most not even have the first chapter it usually starts at chapter 71 this app is messed up
  • App worked for less than 24 hours 2/5

    By Mack3478
    Downloaded the app yesterday, started read a series on it. Went back in today on my lunch break and it gave me a connection error, logged me out, and now says request failed. Deleted the app and reinstalled it, same message. Fix this server issue.