Manga Fox: Read Manga online

Manga Fox: Read Manga online

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Thang Cao
  • Compatibility: Android
918 Ratings
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Manga Fox: Read Manga online App

Discover, Read, and Download a lot of manga for FREE. AppAdvice : The go to app for a lot of manga titles. iSource : The whole experience is fast, fast, fast. DISCOVER - Browse a lot of manga from mangaFox source,Get recommended manga based on what you read. See what others are reading and what is popular on mangaFox. View related manga of the current manga you are selecting. Specially-made viewer deliver the best manga reading experience. Reading mode: Horizontal, Vertical, and Book mode. Advanced Settings accessible right in the viewer for deep customization. While reading online, the next chapter will automatically be downloaded in the background. Download manga back to your device to read later. Support concurrent multiple chapters download. Smart speed optimize to save battery & data usage. Favorites: Manage manga that you love. Recent: Pick up where you left off from your reading history. Continuous Reading: Start on one device, finish on another seamlessly


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Manga Fox: Read Manga online app reviews

  • Great but not perfect and that’s ok 5/5

    By Blackknight1988
    I love this app but you have to deal with certain pages not coming up and that can make you miss out on good parts in the story.
  • Great manga reader with minor issue 4/5

    By KMR Chaser
    Its overall a good app, but i wonder where is the landscape mode option? It could make better experience for phone users.
  • Good but incomplete 2/5

    By Jstyles954
    Missing chapters in one piece
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By pheonixtail
    This was a good app for a while then the pictures stopped showing and I couldn’t read anything anymore. And I can’t fine any thing else with fullmetal alchemist.
  • Good but needs adjustments 4/5

    By Crochetispretty
    I'd like it to remember my place when I have to leave abruptly, and to be able to search by categories more accurately. Maybe cross search by tags? Anyway, thank you for all your hard work.
  • Ads still show up after purchase 3/5

    By Fduniho
    This looked like a good manga reader. It can display manga from multiple websites, and it is still more convenient than reading on a website. However, I paid to get rid of ads, and they are still showing up. This is very annoying, since the ads are animated and cause the manga image to be reduced in size.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Кали бум
    Highly convenient and free)
  • Copy of manga rock 1/5

    By Physicsfreak
    The app literally is just a copy of MangaRock without the horizontal screen (not sweeping, i mean when you turn the phone horizontally to see wide page) useless with Ads (Ads must be in return of an Addon not just putting others cultural property in really bad way and get money from it). If i could give it -2 stares i would.
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Otaku Kami
    Has good manga and is a reliable app for reading manga
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By Bolo Vic
    Used to work easily and awesome. Now when you start it up you get a forced App Store ad telling you to download their new anime app, and then the app doesn't load any manga. Deleted/uninstalled.
  • No pages..? 2/5

    By BenSensei
    Even when downloaded, pages don't show sometimes... Download Overlord and pages didn't show, had to delete and reinstall app..
  • Review 4/5

    By Zeke Simmons
    Great app. Has loads of manga available to download. Great way to keep up to date on your favorite series. However, the links to certain manga seem to have issues. For instance if you search "Magi" and select the link it will take you to a manga called "Accel World."
  • Perfection 5/5

    By Bowzzer92
    It has what I want, in good quality, you can download chapters, can’t complain.
  • Manga the right way 4/5

    By MartezDWolf
    I love the way you pick from 1000’s of manga. There more to discover
  • Manga 5/5

    By Howlthewolf
    Has great manga
  • All mangas are blank pages with no picture or wards. 1/5

    By Jesusfreak891
    Need to fix bug ware all the pages are blank in the app with no picture and now words. just show the icon of a blank picture.

    The app was perfect at first, but then today when I opened the app any manga I tried to read, had no images. Not even the covers. I have no idea what is going on, please fix this.
  • Yes there is a glitch at the moment (2/14/18) 4/5

    By Unicorn199
    I’ve noticed that the pages in the manga I’ve read just disappeared. I can’t access them. It’s just blank. This is with all manga I’ve tried. I hope this gets fixed soon. Other than that there are no other bugs. Overall this app is great for binge reading without pop ups. 4/5 because of the bugs
  • Amazing but 5/5

    By Reddragon0201
    The app isn’t letting me read manga now, I finished a series last week and now whenever I click on the manga I’ve saved to read all the pages are blank no matter what I do, it’s like that for all of them now, please fix it
  • One huge downside 5/5

    By Hockey187
    Everytime I click on recent to go back to a manga I’ve been reading, it directs me to the chapter I initially clicked on and not the chapter I progressed to whilst reading chapters back to back, it would be awesome if it remembers the page too!
  • Yea 5/5

    By Delaneyakoru
    I’m a web so of course I like this app ;)
  • It's good 4/5

    By cralinco
    I just wish that was a bookmark feature or a way to mark your spot
  • A little rough around the edges but good 4/5

    By cpstevens98
    The English in the UI is not perfect and there is the occasional doubled page when reading, but for the most part this app does the job. Keep it up :)
  • Actually has what I’m looking for 5/5

    By Avpumba
    Amazing ways to find what your looking for and translations are good
  • Good for a free app 4/5

    By Mlquadri
    Not half bad
  • Great App 4/5

    By mic mic bungeeeee
    I really love the app, but gave it four stars because I’m never able to pick up where I left off on a manga that I closed. I easily lose track of the chapter I’m in so this is hard to get used to.

    By Trainer12345
    Ur update crashed d app
  • Mangago 4/5

    By Motahareh
    Mangago hasn't been added as a source yet thats disappointing for such a great app
  • Not bad needs more developing 3/5

    By LanceTheLion
    The chapters for some of the manga are mixed up so you cant just read straight, you might need to shuffle a little. Minor inconvenience. But how slow the updates are the real pain.A good example is that in the app there is only 28 chapters for The God of Martial arts online there are 39. They need to just sink some more money into developing the other sources and you could have a jem instead of a diamond in the rough.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Pichu710
    Good app
  • Immediately not working 1/5

    By Oddchild69
    I downloaded it and immediately saw it was missing volumes that were findable on the website and the minute I got in to a chapter it wouldn’t let me escape no matter what I did I had to close out the app everytime. Has bugs that need to be fixed
  • confused.. 1/5

    By gnarlygril
    this app worked on my old phone, but now it refuses to load, and even open the books i want to read..
  • Good but has problems 3/5

    By Abc_123abc123
    When I first got the app, it was great! But after some time, most of the stories covers wouldn’t show up. When I click on one of these stories, none of the pages would show up! Please fix this!
  • Good 5/5

    By kpopslays
    Gert manga reader ever
  • Please help.. 3/5

    By sangmeowmeow
    Ok, I’ve been reading killing stalking and it’s been working great..and then I get to chapter 21 and the pictures get too small and won’t zoom in.. I’m really looking forward to finishing this series..please fix..I’ll send pictures if necessary.
  • Nice job guys 5/5

    By Sansyboy13
    A lot of manga and good stories I've read on this app everyday
  • Great i love it 5/5

    By Bhernord
    Great app it has all the manga i just love using it, its one of the best manga app
  • Recently read doesn’t work 2/5

    By xLcdel
    The “recent” page, which is the most important function (since it lets you pick up where you left off) doesn’t save the correct place.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By DimeTree
    Barely functional and way too bogged down in ads, which often CRASH THE APP. Although it at first appears to have an impressive selection of manga, many are incomplete. I would highly recommend Manga Reader as an alternative.
  • Do not update 2/5

    By Nicola2250
    I've used this app without any major problems for months but just saw there was an update. Don't do it, it crashes once you login immediately. I wanted to send a report but the site looks really phishy if you know what I mean. Keep the old version until they fix this one up. Disappointed since I was in the middle of some great stories. Oh well, can't argue too much when it's free.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Ryokomaru
    So far so good! Found the Manga that I’ve been wanting to read and it’s pretty easy to navigate. The only downside for me is when I go back into it sometimes it starts from the beginning of the chapter instead of resuming on the page.
  • What needs to be fixed 4/5

    By Mïšś Æśīåñ
    I’ve been using this app for a long time and I really love it coz it has a lot of mangas that I like. For some reason these past few weeks, a lot of mangas won’t load even the pages. The book cover has no photo and I really wanted to read it but now that it won’t load I have to go online or go on another app. Please fix it!!!! Thank youuu.
  • Please fix bugs quick 1/5

    By Babyangelcub20
    Usually I would give more than one star but none of the manga will load anymore. I can’t read any of the ones I’ve already downloaded on it. Please fix whatever is going on
  • Has been. 1/5

    By Sheba_angel
    It was an awesome app. Until the update. It logged me out and got rid of ALL my bookmarks. Not only do I have to dig through and find them all again, but the chapters aren’t in order, some of the pages aren’t in order, and some of the chapters are missing completely. Major bummer since Manga Reader stopped updating their chapters.
  • Zoom is glitchy 3/5

    By PhotoPow
    When I zoom in the page gets stuck or I had to wait if I want to scroll through the zoomed in page. I love the content

    By godyeezy
    It has all my favorite mangas 😤👌👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Shedevlyn
    Not a bad app. It crashes sometimes but not often
  • Doesn't work :( 1/5

    By Uchihajrrry1
    Can't download a chapter because it is stuck on a page :( Other downloads worked but after downloading I can't even read them offline....
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Buydf
    This app was good, but the pages reset every time you decide to go back on the app and sometimes the pages never load fully or go in the wrong order. Now with the update it’s even worse. Most chapters were deleted from most of the mangas I read, and they don’t have some of the more popular ones they used to. I WOULD NOT USE THIS APP EVER AGAIN.
  • Yay 5/5

    By AdriVermontia
    I get to read all my favorite mangas and more

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