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  • Current Version: 3.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Pham Phuc Anh
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga GO - Manga reader online App

Manga GO - read manga online is the best manga reader with stable & updated source. With Manga GO, you never miss a single chapter. Just drop in and enjoy your time The key of Manga GO is Stable & Updated. It is not about amount of manga, it is about your meaning time. We want to keep everything simple and design everything around you. Now, take a sit and warm up your feeling with Manga GO TOTALLY ANONYMOUS • No more login & register. Just drop in and enjoy • We respect your personality, no user data was submitted. You are totally anonymous! GIGANTIC LIBRARY • Thousand title of manga is right there, stable & updated and still increasing day by day. • Support many language • It's FREE, trust me! HIGH QUALITY • Many manga was updated with color page • Optimize loading time and preloading effective STABLE & UPDATED • That's it! We work on maximum effort (deadpool) to make the app work at the best quality. We don't want to destroy your feeling with broken manga or missing chapter • The manga source was updated everyday in routine. Don't worry if your manga is not here, It will be there soon FOCUS ON YOU • We place everything together, around you. Within several clicks, you will get what you want. • Keep it simple!. You want Manga, we give you manga. That is it! SMART UI • Simple but very smart UI with side menu (left & right) very smoothly. Swipe right, left, up, down,.. everything in your mind already integrated into the app • App's theme also design to make you feel comfortable while reading in loooong time • Built-in sort & filter apply separately for browsing and searching Manga GO - read manga online is totally different with the others because it focuses on user, the reader. We place ourself into your boot to understanding the struggle and find the solution for that. It is reason why, Manga GO - read manga online is very simple and effective. It cut off redundant action or unwanted feature and keep what is most importance around your finger tip. When you think about any manga, just grab Manga GO. With it, you can stay up to date and feel free to enjoy your manga. It contains thousand title such as One piece, dragon ball, naruto, death note, doraemon, hunter x hunter, one punch man, bleach, attack on titan, hesman, kensi, black jack, berserk, toriko... They was also well-organized under genres (left menu): Action, horror, comedy, manhua, manhwa, romance, sci-fi, sport, drama, adventure, ecchi... and much more. Our design and mission is totally difference with other app. It is not about number, it's about your feeling. When open Manga GO first time, you need no time to understand how to control it. Just drop in and..done!. It was designed simply as much as it can be. We - Manga GO the manga reader online would like to bring the manga world to you. With cool feature and giga source of manga, we hope every manga you need stay up here with the best quality. The app "Manga Go" - Manga reader online is client side (a-part) of We plan to bring more useful feature up to the system and the app. Stay up to date with us! Manga GO - Manga reader online under management of since 2018 P/s: some one like to call us: Mango the manga reader. It is funny name, we also love mango and love you all. ========= DISCLAIMER: All Manga, characters and logos belong to their respective copyrights owners. Manga GO (under does not have any affiliation with the content providers. We reserve the right to change the source of manga without prior notice

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  • 🥰 5/5

    By cid.vishus
    Love love love this app. I spend a lot of time read comics just to escape the world and it’s drama. A lot of comics I love to read that I couldn’t find before thank you so much :) keep up the awesome work!
  • I found a weird bug 3/5

    By -ShadowRose-
    I love this app a whole lot! I have one suggestion and a few bugs to report and possible suggestions so you can improve to better standards and ratings (combined ideas by other ratings and personal experiences and thoughts) Well, to begin, I’ll start off with the bugs or problems that not only me, but other people have experienced. The bug I have encountered is specifically in the story Laundry by OGAWA Chise, which is in the Yaoi section (don’t mind me, i’m a fujoshi). As I start this ONE chapter, it is covered in this dark grey thing where I believe and ad is supposed to pop up but never loads, and I have no trouble with the wifi, seriously, it’s great, and all the other stories are perfectly fine, it’s just THIS ONE. I don’t know if this is a bug, but it’s taken me a few days just to read this one chapter, and not only that, this bug or whatever keeps crashing the app and I have to restart it all over again. I suggest you either have a look into it, or I need to fix my wifi. Another bug: Lots of stories have the 404 Error on the pages and/or chapters. It’s not constant but it is very annoying. I had to skip a whole chapter and it was the climax of the story too. Another: LTE is not as affective as Wifi. I suggest you make it possible for these mangas to handle LTE or data. Not everyone is available to read at home, and the name of this app is Manga - Go, so make sure you can read Manga on the Go! Suggestions: Translate buttons You and (possibly) your team have a lot of international downloads, or people that speak a foreign language. I saw a rating from a Spaniard person asking for this and I believe it is a great idea. No Ads Purchase In App Purchase (cheap) to stop Ads and not a trial please, those kinds of things will get less money. Don’t make it too constant too, just leave that as at the bottom or only when you open the app. Don’t make it like you can unlock popular series, and make a huge fuss of it, just once in a bit, show the price and ad for the No Ads, and make it so only that is purchased and not series. Just the ads, that’s all. More By This Author I’m pretty sure people are interested in the authors work most of the time when they read a good story, so I suggest you make a page, not profile pic or background, just the name and their work. I also think you should put a follow button, just in case any more stories come out onto the platform. Ratings I suggest that you can make the ratings more public and specific, kind of like how Apple does it with its apps, when you show the ratings and how many people rated the app in stars, kind of like a bar graph sideways, and that would definitely show how people should think of this manga/webtoon/comic. Overall, it’s a good app. I just believe it has so much more potential than than what it’s shown. Thank you for reading this. -Cerise
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Sk8limits
    I love the app. Probably one of the best ones out there but, my only issue is that. The app wont allow me to pass the starting loading screen when im on LTE. Only works on wifi for me.
  • Not workin on LTE? 4/5

    By sancherae
    This is a great app it has so many of my favorite mangas and manwhas on it, my only real issue is that for some reason it only works on WiFi and not cellular data. If you guys could fix this I would definitely give it five stars! Keep up the good work!
  • Great amazing app 4/5

    By Freshass122
    I love this app and read and be on it all the time but my main problem that I would love for you guys to fix like seriously FIX IT!!! Is the problem of the chapters not loading up no matter what you do, this is my biggest problem with this app I’ve had to skip about 3 or more chapters so far the most being about 6 or so l just to be able to get to a page that I can actually read and this just makes me mad and want to close to app and not come back when I miss important parts from the story I’m reading also a better reporting system maybe something to be able to let you guys know what the real problem is
  • Yaoi girl 5/5

    By shae122
  • I love the app but 5/5

    By sis-
    I’m reading a manga called “killing stalking” and chapters 76 through 78 are messed up. It says “404 page not found” and I’m just hoping if there is a solution to that.
  • Page not found 1/5

    By mnher
    There is so much page not found issues
  • Improvements like my chapters won’t load anymore after your lastest update 2/5

    By aog hasani
    I love this app it’s amazing I might be asking for to much but can u separate manga chapters by volumes or arcs since I be reading one piece I it be hard to find certain arcs just a suggestion but great job otherwise
  • Please fix 5/5

    By Jhunter0429
    It was fine a couple days ago but know I literally can’t any manga every time I try to read a manga it always says page not found
  • Problems 3/5

    By jususuajs
    I really do love this app but it gets really annoying not being able to read the pages of a manga or sometimes a whole chapter and I would like it to be fixed pleas
  • Help 😂 1/5

    By AnimeKingzz
    I would love to rate this app properly but I just downloaded it and it won’t open. It says there is something wrong with my network connection but it’s fine so I don’t know what up with the app but please fix this so I can properly rate the app.
  • This app is great to use 2/5

    By Vernerza
    Honestly I would love to give this a great review for the number of great mangas available and the good format that comes with. However, this is only when I am able to get into the app. Over 80% of the time when I try to go into the app it is stuck loading and it never opens, or the app will suddenly close and I will have to re-enter and find the chapter I was on. I have it fully updated too, and the problem came about a while after I got the app so I’m not quite sure what to do. If this problem would be fixed I would definitely change it to 4 stars at least.
  • Connection 4/5

    By LordTrondon12
    Hi this is a great app but I’m not sure if my phone is the issue or the app, but I can only read it if I have WiFi. If you guys could look into it and see if it is the app’s issue or just my phone’s which i will review.
  • Error 404 5/5

    By 3l!zab3th
    Hello! I love this app! And reading all the manga!! But I have been dealing with the “Error 404” message and I don’t know how to fix it!! I need help! Thank you!
  • “Page not found” 2/5

    By ysbsgeh
    Yeah this app is good except missing one chapter because it says”page not found” is like missing and hour of my lifeee and your misss everything they did for what ever chapter it is...
  • Good app 4/5

    By naymurn84
    Like that I can add bookmarks found a manga I read that’s needs fixed Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Tsuiokuhem Your chapter 16 is empty. Your chapter 17 IS chapter 16 and your chapter 18 is chapter 17 the final chapter
  • Hai! I would like to buy the non-ad version. 5/5

    By Webel C.
    If theres a way to buy it please let me know- or earn it. I really love this app. Oh! and another thing- sometimes when you exit out of the app it will say “Continue reading?” and then you click on it to continue it- It will un bookmark itself- Which is kinda iffy. And some of the pages wont load :(. Other than that, This is a great app. 🧡🙂👍🏻💜❤️💯🙌🏻🤗
  • 404 Error 2/5

    By PocahontasK
    Some of the whole chapters has errors 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Won’t load 3/5

    By kayleedpete
    One of my favorite manga reading apps. But when I’m in the middle of a really good manga the next chapters won’t load and I can never fix it.
  • Cellular network problems 2/5

    By lusaxan
    This app works really well when I am on any WiFi but whenever I start using cellular network, it starts giving an error . I can’t use when I am not on WiFi. Other than that, it is OK. I wish there is a one time payment option for removing the ads.
  • Couple problems 3/5

    By Belak2134
    There are some pretty significant problems that you should probably fix from half of them not being able to be read to it crashing from some of them but other than that the formatting is good and it’s pretty smooth.
  • ;-; 4/5

    By Sunshine_Senpai
    I love this app it has a lot of mangas that I love. However, recently it stopped working for me for a day so I deleted it and redownloaded it and it is working now but all my bookmarked and recently read mangas have disappeared. I am having trouble looking for them since I forgot their names but I hope eventually there can be an option to make an account so that everything is in your account and doesn’t get lost in any way.
  • Page not found 3/5

    By Coral Ortiz
    So basically the entire app is great, I love that it’s free and has so many mangas to choose from!! Except there’s only one problem that I have. There’s always an error of “404 Error” or “Paige not found” even when your wifi is fast and in good condition, this problem still happens ALL the time. Other than that, I love the app!
  • These Pages 4/5

    By kaiyodi
    I love this app but every time I try to read the next chapter of my favorite stories and stories that I would like to read it always shows “page not found”
  • Love It!💕💕💕 4/5

    By Layla lol
    Ok so I use Manga Go from everything from One Piece to Killing Stalking and I absolutely love it! The app is overall really great and I don’t have a problem with it at all except for a few bugs. The first noticeable bug that I’ve found has been the very much hated 404 Error which I’m sure everyone has dealt with before at one point or another. The second bug is a little bit more different. As of the 3.0.8 version, I’ve discovered a bug where a few of the genres don’t show on the menu for my iPhone, but on my iPad it shows all the genres. This can be particularly frustrating when trying to find a certain manga from a missing genre. Besides those two bugs, the only other complaint I have is the need for more updates, but other than that I love MangaGo!

    I LOVE this app so much you could read manga that other manga apps don’t have and more. I just wished that you could control how u get to read the manga (like slide left to right, right to left, up and down and etc.) instead of just having all mangas being read left to right. But overall i think this is a great app and that it deserves more people using this app.
  • Best manga reader. Simply effective 5/5

    By Conga phucanh
    Download it without any hope but it amaze me with simple UI and navigation. I like how it works. Everything seem simple but effective. I don’t like the others because they are too complexities. Why dont make it simple as this one. I love it so much because it contains almost my favorite manga. Thank. By far using it with several updates, it comes with more cool features, i even like it much more. The most issue is crashing also fixed. Love it. Thank for making it free too
  • The best 5/5

    By Somebodyoftheunknown
    This is a really good manga app. I love the library of manga, it satisfies my inner weeb. So (uh) yeah. That’s pretty much. The only suggestion is for a bookmark feature! That’s really it. If you (another user of this app) are reading this, I have one manga suggestion for you! It’s called the promised neverland, and it’s the best manga in the world. Do yourself a favor and read it.
  • Something wrong with the app 2/5

    By iduhnnl
    Whenever I try to read an manga it would just stay on the loading screen the say n/a it’s annoying because that app was just working
  • Missing chapters 2/5

    By shoobee12443214
    Pages are always missing in the last 10-15 chapters

    By Boosese
    How come there are so many pages not found on this app when they can be found on others? I tried to read tate no yuusha today and was greeted by 4 chapters full of PAGE NOT FOUND. Please fix.
  • Is goood 5/5

    By alucardtt
    But i am need the spanish in this app
  • Review 4/5

    By shoku 。(*^▽^*)ゞ
    I just got this app yesterday and the app said that There was an error with my network. So once I finally connected to WiFi, it kept bringing that thing up. I’ve tried restarting the app, restarting my phone, and deleting it and downloading it again. I’m honestly not sure what I should do at this point, but I’ve read some mangas on my friends phones with this app and it’s pretty good! I’m just trying to get it to work on my phone (;¬_¬)
  • Need a new function! 4/5

    By Siesta Ace
    I like reading in this app but the thing is I mostly read from right to left and the app doesn’t have it! And it kind of annoying for me and my hand always get tired please add it (*^*) it would be so much more useful. (*´꒳`*) This app is my favorite btw I use it a lot!!! 😍😍
  • heehee godee 4/5

    By stan onf
    overall this app isn’t difficult to navigate and work, but one problem i have is clearing my recent library. despite how many times i press delete and clear, the books are still there. i don’t know if it’s just the app being weird on my phone or not but i hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Kittybooboohshdhd
    Other manga apps aren’t nearly as good as this one, it really does have a huge collection of manga which I love. The only problem I have is I want to be able to have more customization on filtering the mangas by more than just one genre.
  • Errors? 4/5

    I really do enjoy using this app! Though, unfortunately I’ve encountered many “404 page not found” messages on many chapters of various different manga. I’m not sure if it’s on my side or not but it sometimes gets disappointing to be reading through a manga and then the next 5 chapters are missing. Other than this, the app is amazing. There’s various genre of manga for everyone. Thank you so much :), Macy.
  • This app trash 1/5

    By ducegang
    All it does is give me 404 error on every manga I wanna read😑 garbage
  • Pls add a download feature so I can read offline 4/5

    By yung_mxnace
    So far I like it. Something I wish was already a part of the app is a download feature. So that you can read the Manga on the go when you’re offline.
  • Didn’t even start! 1/5

    By CATA❤️❤️❤️❤️
    So I literally just got the app, and once I clicked it it took me to the page and it started loading for a long time! And then, this thing pops up saying oops!something went wrong, our system is trying to fix itself blah blah blah, which upset me cuz I had high expectations for this app after reading some of the reviews. So for now... it’s a no from me.
  • Sign out 4/5

    By thorn leaf
    I do like manga Go so much but it always signs me out when I read But other then that I have no problem.😊
  • Horrible page can not found 1/5

    By pandej2
    Too many page can’t not found Alot of manga choices but in the middle of manga story a lot of error ‘page can not found’ 🙁😣😣
  • iPhone was off by itself 4/5

    By Xzaixa
    I love this app so much I like to read every manga However I find oddly about it This app seem make iPhone off by itself so I guess it need be bug or error so I hope you read this so you can fix this app - I got very worry about that because I test on other apps and they is good so this app is only that cause iPhone off after certain time. So please fix this app. I liked this app.
  • looks great but... 3/5

    By Belle864
    one of my friends recommended me getting this app so i downloaded it and when i open the app, all it does is load for a long time and occasionally a pop up message says that the app won’t load. if this can be fixed i’d be really grateful. i’ve seen it work on my friends phone and it looks great.
  • Great app but missing a feature myself and many would enjoy 4/5

    By dethangel2010
    I'm relatively new to the world of manga so this has been great for exposing me to different genres. One feature I'd love to see is the ability to merge reading between iPhone and iPad where it picks up where you left off like kindle and other reading apps. Is this possible with an update?
  • Page not found 3/5

    By Mikan326
    Pls fix some manga chapter are missing
  • Kinda glitchy but has everything 4/5

    By Duke the bro
    Very good quality of manga and has everything you could want, but has random glitches or unresponsive menus at times
  • Review 4/5

    By jjones467
    I really enjoyed using this app I was wondering will this ever be available for Android

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