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"MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA" is the official manga reader from Shueisha Inc., and is available globally. We publish the greatest manga in the world such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and other more. You can read the latest chapters of the best manga for FREE, DAILY, and SIMULTANEOUSLY with its release in Japan!! Download MANGA Plus now and get started! ■ A message from Masashi Kishimoto, author of “Naruto” « Jump’s manga will now be available at the same time all over the world! Now that it’s an official service, there will be a lot to read! Wonderful! » ◆READ MANGA SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH JAPAN◆ Read the latest chapters of our weekly magazine for free and simultaneously with Japan. New titles published on the magazine will be also added immediately so make sure and check back regularly! ・One Piece ・My Hero Academia ・Jujutsu Kaisen ・Hunter x Hunter ・Black Clover ・Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ・Monster #8 ・Dandadan ・Dragon Ball Super ・Mashle:magic and Muscles ・SAKAMOTO DAYS ...and lots more! ◆READ LEGENDARY MANGA FOR FREE TOO◆ you can read our completed titles for free too. A new chapter will be updated every day or week. ・BLEACH ・NARUTO ・DRAGON BALL ・DEATH NOTE ・TOKYO GHOUL ・BAKUMAN. ...and lots more! ◆SHARE YOUR COMMENT◆ Post your comment to the manga you read! You can read other comments and enjoy the FAN community or just simply support the creator by sending a message. ◆ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FAVORITE◆ Add your favorite manga into your “Favorites” Not only it would be a shortcut to the manga, you would also receive a notification when a new chapter has arrived! ◆SUPPORT THE CREATORS◆ The money raised from the in-app ads will be directly returned to the creators. Use of Pirated manga sites or apps will harm creators to create new manga. For the creators and the future of manga, please read manga through our official reader. ◆MULTIPUL TRANSLATIONS TOO◆ -Spanish -French -Brazilian Portuguese -Bahasa Indonesian -Thai -Russian Subscribe to our Facebook page for news and information. English: Español:

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MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA app reviews

  • It’s great but.. 4/5

    By chris afton#1
    It’s great but I can’t read one of my favourite manga series on here sadly
  • Okay 3/5

    By Personman_1772
    This is an okay app but my problem comes with the fact that they only use the fact that they have all of one piece as a hook. If you ever look for any other popular manga it may have the first 3-4 chapters but that’s it. But it is okay if you want to read less popular manga. So just keep this in mind
  • filter 4/5

    By peeweecrew
    there should be a filter that shows only a certain genre
  • It doesn't load. 1/5

    By qrjcoe
    What should i do?
  • How is it that every update….. 2/5

    By Rapward
    How is it that every update, you say you made some changes for the better, but is it better really when you click on chapter that you can’t view it again I mean come on would if I didn’t mean to click that chapter then when I want to read it I can’t read it again, if you really want to make changes on the app for the better make it so we can view it anytime we want, like seriously if you’re going to make Changes on the app for the better actually make it for the better if you want people to continue coming to your app that is!!! 😡
  • Need to drag on touchpad to turn page 1/5

    By asuna00
    This app is designed for mobile. For the desktop, the arrow keys need to work. Reading on web page is not an option since some chapters are app only.
  • Why free only for the first time? 1/5

    By gohatenks
    I love One Piece, so I decided to read the manga to catch up on the series, as I have not read the anime much at all. So upon starting to read chapter 4, I realized that it said free only for the first time. At first, I didn’t really care at all. But when I accidentally hit the button to get off of reading chapter 5, I completely lost my mind. And even worse, when I deleted and reinstalled the app, it saved my progress, a bug in some apps which need to be PERMANENTLY fixed! If you make the entire manga series free, then I will finally be satisfied. If not, then I will sue you for life. You don’t want that to happen, don’t you.
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By kbsgk dsrjkm
    This is not a review of the content in the app, purely the app itself. The system they have in place where when you finish something for the first time it locks it forever is quite annoying, but excusable if it weren't for the fact that its EXTREMELY laggy. Once, i was reading a series and i was really into it but when i got to a chapter all the pages were blank, so I waited for it load. It never loaded and instead kicked me out of the app by itself I wouldn't mind this too much, but with said system in place when i got back in the app the chapter was locked and I would've had to download another app and pay to read it "Again". So, in conclusion, the app was very disappointing and if I could read manga in another place i would.
  • I’m disappointed 1/5

    By hsmsvdusbbeggdhdjsksi
    I got this app to read the manga again and episode 3 and then it skips so many episodes all the way to chapter/episode 204 what’s the point in reading it just to get massive spoilers if you never read it I’m truly disappointed cause I really wanted to read it
  • What’s up with the notifications? 4/5

    By user=anonymous
    Okay, I don’t mind the large, no, MASSIVE chapter gaps. We can just read them elsewhere. For the titles that I do read here, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been getting the notifications. I also can’t say I’m a fan of the “First Time Read” concept, it’s kind of dumb that we don’t have the option to go back and reread. You could have something similar to Webtoon’s DailyPass. Instead of the 14-day availability, we could watch an ad at the start to “unlock” the chapter as well as the ad that you already have at the end of each chapter. Then we could watch an ad for each time we reread that chapter or just permanently “unlock” the chapter after watching x number of ads. An additional way of doing this would be similar to the point system on Zedge: watch ads -> claim points -> stockpile however many points the chapter you want to read costs -> permanently(?) unlock the chapter. This would also be appreciated for the titles that have a relatively large gap between chapters.
  • Time 3/5

    By Hopidihop
    My biggest problem is that they say simultaneous release with Japan but they are 2 weeks behind
  • Seinen 2/5

    By asdfg647292
    please add seinen manga's bro, an app of manga without berserk is trash for me.
  • I love this so much! 4/5

    By sasithequeen
    I love this! The only problem I have with it is for some manga it doesn’t have all chapters so it’s Like u have to be there before to read it.. but there’s only like 10 of those out of thousands <3 some time ago I uninstalled it because I stopped reading manga and got busy with school and I installed it again and went to my favorites and was surprised to see it all save! It SAVES xx! I honestly love it so much and recommend if u are somebody that lives romance comedy fantasy books <3 9/10 recommended 100%
  • The app has changed a lot the old reviews are now meaningless 5/5

    By orion1044
    Yeah so a couple months ago they made it so that pretty much everything is free, upon first read, then you have to buy. This applies to 90% of everything on the app, and everything else is going through “re-releases” where you can read old stuff week to week as if it were coming out fresh, which is interesting in of itself if you don’t mind not binging already existing material. Point is the old reviews are obsolete now, you can read everything for free one time only, but one time is enough for you to experience the story, Which is a really smart way to actually encourage people to buy volumes/buy subscription since Why would you buy a volume of something you don’t know you like, but if you know you like it, then you’re more likely to buy it to support it and have a physical copy of it.
  • Bug fixes 2/5

    By Pishos_73
    For several weeks the app shows the latest chapters but the most recent manga chapters aren’t able to be viewed on this app for titles such as “my hero” & “one piece” can you fix this it’s actually frustrating

    By camdussy
    This app is like legit the best I know some chapters might be missing but considering that its free and still included a lot is amazing!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Bukner boi
    This app gives you lots of manga that you usually have to pay for!
  • The App Is Better Than Ever 5/5

    By adamuh
    So up until a couple months ago, the app was functioned to serve the first three chapters of a manga to introduce, and the last/recent three chapters for people caught up. The app offered nothing but those six chapters every story, no in between chapters. That has CHANGED, most of the bad reviews tackled that topic. Now this app offers EVERY CHAPTER FOR FREE! This excludes non-serialized chapters and is only offered for english translation. YOU CAN ONLY READ A FREE CHAPTER ONCE, please keep that in mind 🫡 good app deserves better ratings for sure.
  • So far really like it 5/5

    By Billie fly
    I know they don't have all the options but I've really enjoyed reading/catching up on some of the big name titles. The free part is really nice as well, since you can view each chapter for free once.
  • Like it 5/5

    By proud and girly
    Pretty good 😊 it’s funny a mystery and cool 😎 I like it a lot.thank you who ever made this thank you very much bye bye have a good day or night!
  • don’t download 1/5

    By T0XIC9
    it has soooo many missing chapters for bleach one piece demon slayer basically all mangas
  • Needs more work 2/5

    By Ughtsnkmsn
    Creator is you are reading this please can you fix the large gaps I wanted to read so many manga on here but I was annoyed that all of them were unavailable so please fix the dam app neg.
  • it’s a good app 4/5

    By kodounstable
    i really like this app it has lots of potential but the only thing i don’t like with it is that it doesn’t have mangas like vagabond which is a series i’m deeply in love with and i’m not saying to add just because of me what i’m recommending is to add more underrated mangas for those who want to read them but other than that i really like this app
  • Hi 4/5

    By ellanoalla
  • Good good 2/5

    By 675432fhb
  • Manga 3/5

    By keyshsggsfs
    This manga app is pretty good and it will be good but they need to have more manga faster. Than waiting like 39 days for just one chapter to come out like bru.
  • Good app bad flaws 4/5

    By jedijameson100
    Well this app is one of the best manga apps I ever had it has some flaws like it has a big gap between the chapters like it lets you read chapters 1 2 3 4 and then it’s 67 68 69 70 Or something like that but some of them have all the chapters which is great. I hope this helped
  • Chapter gaps 4/5

    By JosephJoJoJoestar
    This app is a really great place to read your favorite mangas but I just wish that there weren’t ginormous gaps between chapters in certain mangas. Other than that the layout is nice and once you click on a manga you want to read it gives you directions on what page to turn to next or which panel to read first and I think that is really great for new manga readers who need help adjusting to the right to left reading of japanese literature. In all the app is great but again the chapters gaps can be very infuriating at times.
  • Would not let me access the app 1/5

    By Hippie king
    It kept flipping back-and-forth between the language selection and agreeing to their terms of service. After about 10 or so times I got sick of it and put this one star review up.
  • Welp.. 1/5

    By 7Seabassss
    Um I guess it was pretty good a year ago.. but not anymore… it would let u get past the “agree to terms” it would just loop u with the language u want to read and the agree to there terms part.
  • Shuiesha direct.. 4/5

    By HxC papi
    ! Minor bug caught where logging in it ask to delete memeory of what has been read and where it also ask to delete from iCloud like dammit I don’t wanna delete nothing I just wanna log in and read where I left off without it asking me to delte my synced reading.. i
  • Not that good 1/5

    By liketodrinkwater
    For starters the manga plus only have 3 to 5 Chapter’s. Only the newest or recent chapter’s come out unless it not that known. You can still get it but only when your up and caught up with the chapters.
  • Why can’t you read all the chapters of a manga 1/5

    By lime crush
  • Great app, needs more content ! 4/5

    By AndiiMari
    The app works amazing! I think the app is well build, however it lacks the most important thing… manga ! There’s not many options to choose from. Until this moment it just have 124 titles to read from, and most of them are shonen. This could be a great app if the add more tittles. And they also add the option to download the chapters, that would be a great update. Far from that, I think this could be the best manga app I’ve seen before.
  • Can’t open. 1/5

    By noneofyourbusi
    When I open the app, I get the privacy agreement (click ok) then set the language and it takes me back to the privacy agreement then back to the language. It is an endless cycle.
  • trash and glitchy 1/5

    By Sethh☠️
    cant even get past the agreement
  • Bruh 1/5

    By iloveeanime
    Ok I rated one star just because whenever I choose the language i want it to be placed in if just keep on taking me back to the same page
  • Change naruto profile to naruto shippuden 4/5

    By hfkfjsmosgsjs
    Hey I just want to let y’all now me and my freinds family and my boss all want u to change the naruto profile pic to the naruto shipuden one hope u see this comment I’ll be checking ok bye. P.s I’ll give this app five stars if u change it for real this time bye
  • annoying 1/5

    By kay KAY RICKY
    i was excited that this app had the manga i wanted to read but found out they were missing chapters and i find that very annoying.
  • weird 2/5

    By aidexox
    some of the popular manga like mha and jjk have a big gap between the chapters?? like i went from chapter 3 all the way to chapter 150?
  • Extremely disappointed. 1/5

    By viv❤️❤️❤️
    If you are a person looking for a good app to read manga do not get this app. If I could star lower I would. There are more popular manga like demon slayer or my hero academia on this app that go up to chapter 3 (or lower) and then skip to 206 or 368 and it makes me incredibly angry. I got this about 5 months ago but deleted it when I saw it does this, I thought they might have updated it so that it doesn’t do that anymore but I come back and guess what? It does this. I dislike how it does this and I have read other reviews saying how it does this. This app makes me extremely disappointed.
  • Heats up phone dangerously hot. 1/5

    By Ishtastic
    This app seems to heat up my phone very very much. I've tried booting my phone up from being off completely and only running this app. Within 5 minutes it makes the back of my phone feel very hot. Way hotter than running a 3D game like genshin. Something is not right with this app.
  • Won’t load 3/5

    By OKBOOMER6996
    It was a really good app to use until everything just stopped loading I don’t know what’s happening but nothing will load please help
  • Chapters 3/5

    By VBD0507
    A lot of the mangas skip from ch 6 to like 83 so you don’t get the ones in between
  • Love but 4/5

    By Even Yeager
    No attack on Titan
  • There is nothing 1/5

    By issues&
    Only having 6 chapters at a time…so trash. No point in even having this. Just get the Shonen app.
  • Love the app 🤩 5/5

    By wolf__DOG
    I’ve been trying to find an app to read my favorite mangas like My Hero, Substitute classroom, Death Note, and much more. It’s easy and clear to read the pictures are just amazing the only thing I’m not a big fan of is that I have to turn the pages left if there was a switch to change it to where you can flip the pages right that would be amazing. But overall amazing app definitely recommend to book worms like me 😁
  • App had potential but failed 😞 2/5

    By kehlani_Johnson
    I tried reading the manga for black clover but.... 3/4 of the manga is missing.This app was very good and had potential but it lacks parts of the manga and there’s no point In downloading an app if all the manga is missing.If you can fix this issue I will 100% love this app but for meanwhile I’ll just be going to shady websites to read the manga.😤
  • App keep crashing after the update 3/5

    By vick chan
    Can’t open the app. It keeps crashing right after the app is launched. iOS 13.5.1.