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  • Current Version: 1.305
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Yubo Wang
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga Reader - Manga Viewer App

Manga Reader - The Ultimate Manga App for iPhone & iPad users. Read and download thousands of manga for FREE WITHOUT ANY LIMIT! Why you should choose Manga Reader? •Biggest manga library -It collects 30+ manga sources into one application, include mangahere, mangafox, mangareader, batoto, mangapanda, kissmanga, mangago, mangatown, readmanga, etc. -Allow you stream on different libraries simultaneously. You can choose which one to use, and you can create or delete your libraries. •Easy discovery -Filter manga by manga title, author name, rank, genres as you want. -Remember your search history automatically •Fast download -Download up to five manga pages in the same time -Read downloads anywhere anytime. -NO DOWNLOAD LIMITS! •Powerful viewer -Save your reading progress of each chapter automatically. -Sign the reading, read and downloaded chapters with different colors. -Support 3 reading mode: Continuous, Page Scroll, Page Curl. -Support 3 reading direction: Vertical, Left to Right, Right to Left -Support dual page reading on iPad with page curl animation -Bookmark your favorite pages -Crop or save your manga pages easily -Read all chapters smoothly without going back •Update notification -Add your manga into favorites, it'll check manga updates every 2 hours. •Cloud sync -Favorites, history, downloads are automatically synced with iCloud If you love mecha, seinen, shojo, shonen, or slice of life manga like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Trigun, OHSHC, Special A, Bokura Ga Ita, Meiko, Rin and Len, Kaito, Hatsune Miku or any other great manga, then this is the place to be! *** DISCLAIMER *** Due to copyrights, the licensed manga are not available for users. And if you think the content of some manga are objectionable, please report it to us.

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  • Great App even better then Manga Rock 5/5

    By KillerVirus210
    I used to use Manga Rock back then but they took it down a month ago. So I found this app at first I was like it’s just going to be a ad every two seconds like the other apps.But no it’s a wonderful app u rarely get ads and u can find almost every manga on there. So if ur interested in a good manga place you have to check this out.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Jesskirie
    I can’t search for jojo :(
  • Good app! 5/5

    By CryinqBoq
    It’s a good app I just think there needs to be more variety like Re: zero should be there and lots more
  • Good app 5/5

    By Addressees saws
    Good app but should have more then one source
  • Where is the Resources? 1/5

    By Outsidermark
    It used to be more than 16 languages, what happened ?, I can’t find my language anymore
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chewsssss
    Great app for free manga. Love using it
  • Sources? 4/5

    By Devin the Taco
    I have a really good experience with this app so far after having it for about a month. My only issue is it says I can add more sources to read from, but there is no where to add sources unlike what the tutorial indicates. When going to the globe icon for sources only mangareader is available and there is no way to add more.
  • Good but mine is broken 4/5

    By Jatkins042
    Great app but the app won’t let me get a different sources for the manga how do I fix this problem
  • manga sources !! 4/5

    By ii.flana
    Please fix the sources issue. There is only one source
  • Sources 1/5

    By Wasuph
    I only have one source to choose from? Where are the rest?
  • Can I get some help? 3/5

    By playing fir cash
    Why is it every new and amazing manga I get into has half the chapters corrupted. 😭 Can we please fix this? I’ve been using the app for 3 years now and I would hate to leave it because I can’t read anything new and exciting because all the chapters are corrupted.
  • Manga 4/5

    By dragon Always
    I personally really like this app but there are many mangas that I can bout find. I do not know why but the name will pop up of the manga but it’s not there. It might just be a small issue but I really like this app over all.

    By Rereyzable
    I joined the premium and had to delete app to clear up some space and downloaded it recently. ALL THE SOURCES ARE GONE EXCEPT FOR MANGA READER, FIX IT PLEASE!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Gio_2003
    Works great if not use manga bird almost exactly the same
  • Annoying Bugs 4/5

    By SenseiTobi
    First I would like to say these are personal bugs, maybe they only happen to me and no one else. When searching mangas by genre the covers are all gray, this means you can’t see what the art style or characters look like without clicking on it. When you first read a manga everything is smooth, but if you try to re-read, the panels won’t load at all. You have to exit the chapter and then re-enter to load the chapter. This doesn’t seem like much but you have to do this every time you want to re-read a chapter. This is especially annoying if you’re doing a manga with over 200 chapters, that’s 200 times you have to exit and enter twice into the same chapter. (Note, this only happens about half the time, sometimes it loads normally) The notifications for your favorite updates is terrible, most of the time they don’t even send notifications, at most they’ll send a notification for 1 manga. The only time they send notifications is when you’re already on the app and looking at the updated section, which is completely useless because you’re already looking at the updates list. Also this app doesn’t have some of the mainstream manga (because they can get sued I assume?) so there’s no Bleach or Naruto. (I said some, not all, so they do have Blue Exorcist, Fairy Tail and some others as well) Lastly, the ads are horrendous. I understand you need money to run the app but why is there so many ads!? Every time you exit the app you should expect an ad when coming back (unless you completely close the app) every time you scroll too far down a chapter and go to the next chapter you should expect an ad. These aren’t banner ads either, they are timed ads that cover your screen and force you to wait for them to end. Furthermore, sometimes the ads glitch out and don’t let you press the X in the corner, this means you have to re-start the app to continue reading. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because I’ve seen worse, this app is way better than most on the market right now. This doesn’t mean it can’t get better or that there’s no flaws, which is why I’m writing this review. A good note is that there are some manga on here that aren’t available in other apps. (I would list them but I don’t want them to get exposed and subsequently taken off for legal reason)
  • No manga sources 4/5

    By rendemasiandude
    Hey i’ve been using this for a month now, and it’s great! I got this on my new phone, but now it seems there aren’t any manga sources other than manga reader. Please fix, I use this app a lot!
  • Where are the sources? 1/5

    By A Be Happy User
    There are literally no manga sources, fix this please. Tried to delete the app, then re-download it, nothing changed
  • I love it 3/5

    By Yukurie
    I love it and use the app on my phone the only downside I’ve found is the sources have glitched out and don’t work for my iPad when I try to add others so I have a larger selection
  • Short and simple 4/5

    By kodomonki
    1. Great use for many reading materials. 2. Some issues loading, but constantly happens when rereading (progress bar loads but doesn’t show anything after it’s completion. 3. Sometimes ads don’t load and two ways to get back to reading is reload app or report the ad as insulting/ect.
  • I can’t change the language 2/5

    By mini_chan_sama
    Hello My first language is not English so when I try to change the language I couldn’t even though i was able to do it BTW my language is Arabic Thence😌
  • Something went wrong... 3/5

    By Fire Monster 709
    My friend has the same app and they are the ones who recommended this one too me. But for some reason I could only access one manga source we tried to re-download the app but nothing changed??
  • Bugs 3/5

    By xNirvashx
    I read a lot of manga and when Mangarock went away, I downloaded this app and immediately did the one time sub. Though I love the app, and love all the new manga I’m reading, Ive encountered many manga where it won’t let me progress the story because the chapters just won’t load, meanwhile later chapters will. I don’t know if this is only on my end, if it is, I’ll change my rating, but it’s happened to multiple different manga and I have a perfect connection. Please fix this.
  • Removed sources? 2/5

    By ddrzqdx
    In the latest update, sources other than mangareader were removed. This makes it harder to find obscure manga that aren't on mangareader's site, but are on other sites.
  • All the manga sources are gone 1/5

    By Nomad_Sea
    Re-installed the App on my phone and all of the sources except for mangareader are gone!
  • It’s not the best but a start 2/5

    By cursing in Colorado
    It’s good effort but I can’t find what I’m looking for at all but instead I get playoff animes that aren’t even close or doesn’t even carry the anime In general. I don’t recommend this app at all. Even though you may like it more than I did. And please add the original anime that the playoff animes relate to. For example I’d try to look up seven deadly sins, not there but a playoff version of it. Have a good day
  • Missing sources 2/5

    By J Lodge
    For some reason I now only have 1 source to read manga from but I used to have like 5 and the source that I'm forced to use now is different from the one I used before so now I’ll never know when my favorite mangas get updates unless I find them all in the new source (very annoyed)
  • Manga not available 5/5

    By dopeyteddy
    Hey ive had this app for only a bit and i already live it theres a few mamgas im reading one ive finished one im mid way through finishing and my friend recommended me a manga but i cant find it i try looking it up and it wont appear it says no match or somthing but she sends a screen shot of it to make sure im doing it right and i am it still wont show pls make an update were all mangas would show pls id appreciate it thanks :)
  • Blocked all the good manga 1/5

    By Fatdikpimp
    No point in the app
  • Best manga app on apple store 5/5

    By KiLlCrAfT56
    Ive downloaded just about every manga app on the apple store and they all sucked because of the bombardment of ads, manga not being able to load, and sometimes the app just never had manga interesting enough to read. Mangareader is fast when loading manga, has a huge variety of manga, ads are kept to a minimum (unless you get the premium which is worth it). Mangareader also has extra feature such as -Allowing to save a full page to photos -Downloadable manga (Even without premium) -Manga is many different languages -History of previously read manga -Choose how you want to read mana (Swipe right to left or left to right or have two pages at once) Only problems are some manga don't get marked as updated unless tapping on it or when the manga get updated it is replace with 6 black pages saying the chapter can only be read on a manga website but get the chapter put in a month later (But this rarely happens) Definitely worth getting to read manga
  • Missing Chapters 3/5

    By sowncjqjxj
    Is great but I notice it missed a couple of chapters every so often...
  • Can’t use 5/5

    By Narito0333
    Since the recent update I haven’t been able to open up the app. It’ll show the manga reader logos then go off.
  • Manga sources 4/5

    By Reviewer 7284
    I can’t access any manga sources other than manga reader.
  • Great app but after the last update there’s only one source now 3/5

    By kaiiisrevenge
    After the build ate there only one source for manga now the other sources are gone
  • This app is great hopefully things get fixed and Apple doesn’t go crazy again 5/5

    By AbielM16
    also screw all those fake reviewers trying to get this app taken down. all in all A l t S t o r e is showing to be the future of apps on IOS
  • One problem 4/5

    By Laburi2129
    I got this app beginning of his year and it was working perfectly fine. As of right now there is a problem. When I open the app it shows the Chiba character like usual but after a few seconds it closes out. Other than that then the app is pretty good
  • Manga removed 1/5

    By Flaming homosexual
    Was great, but they removed yaoi and yuri with the last update. I paid to read just that .-.
  • Review 5/5

    By jhgffcf
    It’s a good app but some of the pages are not loading right?
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By gabelegend22
    Great app, haven’t had a problem. Great quality. I love it!!
  • Exceeded expectations? 4/5

    By XxHappyFreakxxx
    Since manga rock got removed, I’ve been looking for another manga app that was easy to use, free, and had a wide range of selections. Mangareader was the best out of many that I’ve tried. I gave it four stars instead of five because it doesn’t give recommendations for manga - you can search through filters but I like looking through recommendations. The filters also don’t load many options. There are a few small problems like a page taking longer to load but overall it’s smooth operating. There are ads but they aren’t very long and annoying. Sometimes there are manga with pages that just don’t load comes up as just blank white pages. Also has been crashing recently .-.
  • I like it! 5/5

    By yaGirlMD
    I haven’t had this app for long, but I like it so far. It might be because I haven’t used it that much, but there are very few ads which is really nice! I’m reading Killing Stalking on it, which I’ve been trying to find for a while now and you guys had it. There might be issues I haven’t had yet, since I only had it for about two weeks, but it works really well :)
  • Can’t find other sources 4/5

    By Lalu moua
    I’ve been only able to see “manga reader” for my sources option and I can’t seem to find mangahere for kissmanga at all. Is this a bug cause I can’t seem to fix it. Besides that everything else is great
  • . 1/5

    By Saiivot
    Add JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ffs
  • Tags 5/5

    By chaseqwe
    Fantastic app, but some of the nsfw tags randomly disappear and reappear, which makes it hard to search for some specific types of mangas. Please fix this somehow!
  • Good app BUT... 4/5

    By jsmash27
    When I first downloaded the app I had the full list of resources now I only have one to look up manga on. Is there a fix for this? Otherwise than that I love the app.
  • One manga source. 1/5

    By BigBänger
    Was great until they removed almost all manga sources.
  • Broken 1/5

    By shmi77y
    Would give 5 stars but I just installed the most recent update and now when l start to open the app, it immediately shut down. It was a great app but now I can’t even use it.
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Amniestel
    I’ve had this app since I was in the 7th grade. I’m now heading to 11th and I still have it even though I upgraded my phone. Personally, I got the pro version early on and I’m happy you can restore purchases. This app is lovely when it comes to reading comics and manga as you can easily switch where you’re reading from. Recommend!
  • No more data? 3/5

    By Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoode
    Shortly after looking at manga I get the no more data message even though each source claims to have over 20k manga? Is there no way for me to browse manga? Even within the categories the no more data message pops up shortly after browsing
  • Problem 2/5

    By RuntyCray
    Something happened I don’t like I’ve been reading this for a while a I love it but now for some reason I’ve lost everything i was reading and all the sources are gone and I’m really upset with that.

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