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  • Current Version: 3.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Work Corner Company Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga Storm App

Looking for a nice app to *Read* and *Follow* your favorite manga from your favorite websites? Manga Storm is a simple but effective manga reader app that provides a great reading experience together with a lot of useful features designed by manga lovers for manga lovers. With Manga Storm, you will never want to read your manga using web browser ever again. Here are some features you will love to know. ================================== √ Add manga from your favorite websites to the app easily by entering their URLs or use the Internal Web Browser to bookmark them. √ Compatible with popular websites like KissManga, MangaEden, MangaFox, MangaHere, MangaHome, MangaPanda, MangaReader, MangaTown, ReadMangaToday, MangaDex and ReadComicOnline. √ Organize your manga list better with "Reading" and "Following" system. You won't find yourself losing track of unread manga ever again. √ Check your manga for new chapters automatically. √ Pre-assign appropriate reading style to each manga. Supports "Left to Right", "Right to Left" or "Top to Bottom" reading direction. √ Read all chapters in a manga continuously. Move from last page of current chapter to first page of next chapter with just a swipe. √ Save your reading progress on each chapter automatically. √ Backup your manga list easily to your e-mail. √ Download your manga to your device and read them anywhere anytime. √ Convert your downloaded manga to CBZ files and export them to read on other comic reader apps. √ Synchronize your manga list and your reading progress across all of your devices via iCloud. What you will get from upgrading to full version. - All ads are removed. - You can continue listening to your music while reading without being interrupted by video/game ads. - You can keep more than 10 downloaded chapters. - You can see all read titles in the “History” tab. - You can assign manga to "Archive" section. - Removed manga will stay in the "Removed" section for 7 days instead of 2 days. For more information, please visit Want to read your comics in CBR/CBZ/CBT/CB7/PDF files? Try "Manga Storm CBR" here,


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Manga Storm app reviews

  • I DO LOVE IT!!! 3/5

    By Rob-mee
    i wish you guys would up date your “supported web sites” cause most of them are no good or they only have very few chapters..would give you guys 10STARS if you would add to your list they have all of the up to date chapters on a lot of manga..
  • Icloud problem 3/5

    By ArdKing
    Icloud data loading, took so long. I’m still waiting actually. I need to turn off icloud backup to read
  • Love the app but can use some tweaks 3/5

    By John9251763
    I’m a big fan of this app, been using it for years. However, lately when the manga is opened they switched from slide animation to flip animation and I am finding it slower and much more annoying. I hope they switch back to the slide animation soon. Also the app sometimes glitches when using iCloud so I’ve now turned that feature off and it’s not only less glitchy but it’s significantly faster as well. Overall, best app on the market just wish they paid more attention to user friendliness. Once they fix these annoying bugs/animation I’ll give them 5 stars.
  • Add title 3/5

    By Hurtzman
    I have used Manga Storm for well over five years, recently when I go to add new titles it doesn’t give me the option. I don’t know if it’s the app or the source but it’s bugging me.
  • Seriously the best 5/5

    By bd649
    I have used this for nearly 4 years now and i am always impressed by the active support and work put into this. It is the greatest manga reader bar none.
  • Kinda good 2/5

    By RayBubba7
    Doesn’t pick up the link most the time.
  • Please fix but awesome updates 5/5

    By 261432
    I love this app but its just that when am on my data or sometimes Wi-Fi I get alot of not available pages and it gets irritating. Thats all I want to know if its my phone connection or the app but awesome app
  • Long time user, recently disappointed 2/5

    By Vin1vin1
    I have been using this app for years consistently and it has never let me down, it has given me everything I would have expected from a perfect manga reading app. One of its features is that it allows you to follow the manga you want to read and be kept up on when new chapters come out. I have used this feature to keep track of what I have read over the years using the app, but just recently I’ve noticed different mangas disappearing from the list of following mangas, which is causing a lot of trouble because I don’t know which ones are being removed. This has happened to 20-30 different manga and it really hurts my opinion of this app. If it wasn’t for this, the app would be perfect, but sadly until it’s fixed there’s nothing ya can do.
  • DA BES 4/5

    By Μόνικα
    Ok, this manga app tops ALL MANGA APPS EVER EXISTED. It is beyond simple and can do EVERYTHING YOU NEED. I had mangarock for YEARS and even used money on it to get rid of adds and gain extra features... and truthfully, I regret it after finding this app. This app is the best manga app. The only downside I have is the default zoom, I wish you could create your own default zoom.
  • Great app for manga readers! 5/5

    By BabyWugglez
    Title says it all! I was dealing with some trouble with my saved mangas being stuck in a loading screen, but this issue has since been resolved.
  • What happens. . . 1/5

    By KarleyBTasha
    The app is working right now. A lot of the suggested websites don’t really work either at least not anymore. I used to love this app!
  • Update made it unable to download 1/5

    By yuitakamura
    Excuse me, but your latest update made the app unable to download, add to archive and delete manga.
  • Ok, but... 3/5

    By Ollieosa
    For the most part (free anyways) It works well, took a while getting used to the search function and all so maybe it could be a little more straightforward? But the big issue is that pages aren’t loading... Sometimes I can be reading and suddenly the next few pages don’t load ever, my WiFi is even solid, and the pages after those load just fine. And I’ve noticed some new manga chapters won’t load at all while others new chapters load instantly so I don’t know what’s going on there, but if it tells me there’s a new chapter I expect to be able to actually read it. And a few times of closing the app and opening again just made all manga pages not load. It’s quite annoying really, and I’ve tested it’s not just my WiFi or service.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Lence1775
    Tell me what to do and it’s so cool and I know under stand what it is I have to try to download my mangas
  • Dope 5/5

    By Najee12
    Dope app
  • I love it but there is just one problem... 3/5

    By Master Face Puncher 97
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this app and how simple the navigation and design is, but when my favorite manga counter reached around 800 (I am moving a lot of manga from one app to this one) the app wasn’t working the way it used to. It was taking a long time to load up the summary with all of the chapters, the chapters themselves were taking a long time to load too, and when I reloaded both, the orientation I could read the manga went from right to left, to top to down. Then, when I left the chapter, the app didn’t save my place, it kept loading. I also discovered that I cannot remove the manga from my favorites, meaning the list will continue to grow until an update is put in. Is it possible to update the power of the app for those that have a really long list of favorites/reading?
  • Works great! 5/5

    By PinkMellow
    Perfect app for reading manga, simply put in the link from any website you can get manga from and it puts it in a very easy to read format. I also like how this style lets you get manga from a number of different sources so you get a wider selection to choose from overall. Love it!
  • Back out 5/5

    By Kaylabug16224
    I love this app. But ever since the iPad updated I can't read it backs out. It won't load or anything all my books are saying not available. Please fix this. I love this app and I don't want to lose all my manga.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Angermode
    Been using this for years but there appears to be an issue with the site.
  • Not Available 1/5

    By Sticky bananas
    Man, I’ve been using this app for YEARS but out of nowhere as of this past month? Every chapter I get now says not available? I wish this app used other manga reader sites to use because right now it only uses old ones that are starting to die out/not work.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Somewhat Sleepy
    Works great although some websites are a little difficult to use.
  • love this app so much 5/5

    By a big happy rat
    this is the best manga reading app that i've used! it's so easy to use and the reading and following tabs make it so much easier. i've had the premium/paid for version for over a year and it's honestly such a good investment for such a low price. just such a good app, hardly (if ever?) crashes. edit: with batoto gone (rip) would love if mangadex could be supported on manga storm someday...
  • Convenient 3/5

    By JAMF90
    This app makes reading manga a lot more convenient by saving you time from accessing the web to pull up your favorite manga, and allows you to view manga in good quality. However, it would have been more convenient this app supported ALL manga sites instead of a limited amount.
  • Best manga app by far 5/5

    By Julian42
    It’s totally worth it to go ad-free, you can use any manga source you want and you can download books right to your phone for offline use.
  • My go to manga app 5/5

    By HappyStreet Review
    I love this app (after unlocking) and I've used it for around 6 years. The app makes it very easy to keep up and keep track of manga, but the only thing I wish it had was a list of manga I've recently added since anything that hasn't updated within a 30 day period doesn't show up as new.
  • Best Manga Reader Replacement 5/5

    By y_17
    It’s a real practical app for those looking for a replacement for Manga Reader. You can stream or download just about any manga there is; unless a site doesn’t have it. You can also upload some manga to iCloud to read off of your other Apple devices so that’s a big plus. Gives you options on whether you like to turn the pages: from left to right, right to left, or even up to down for scrolling needs. All in all; I highly recommend this app for those true die hard manga readers. I recommend getting the premium version. It’s a bang worth your buck and it helps out the developers a bunch who bring these supreme advantages for the app compared to others.
  • Great manga app 5/5

    By agyapong
    There are not many manga apps that do get you the volumes but this one does.:)
  • 1 year in 5/5

    By Dwrek666
    Worth it. Please keep up the good work on staying on top of those captcha hoops.
  • Best manga app so far 5/5

    By Tekka787
    It’s a simple app. A little hard to understand how to add mangas to the reading list but once you figure it out you’ll love it. Having all my favorite mangas in one lace and iCloud keeping track of where I’m at. Best manga app I’ve found so far.
  • The best manga reader evaaaahh!! 5/5

    By Tweety789
    I cannot even with this app, it's so amazing! Finally a way to keep track of every I'm ready, the real-time updates, the offline collection. I love all of this!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Gamer. :d
    Pls dont change
  • Awesome 5/5

    By LU BU-san
    Finally a good manga app that I can read all my planned manga on
  • This is stupid. 1/5

    By izuko kira.
    I thought you could just open it and read manga. But I guess you gotta download a bunch of stuff. Hate it😒
  • You have to buy it first 5/5

    By Kidkiller132
    So manga storm is actually a really good product. While it is required buy the full version for access to the download feature, it is fully worth it. If I were to add up how much money that would have been spent on the volumes read, it would already be in the hundreds. Yes it is true that you can just use the browser to read as well but manga storm not only fits pages to your phone screen and also separates mangas in to useful tabs that let you archive many manga at once. With all of these features together it makes manga storm the best manga reading app on iOS.* *if you buy it first

    By Safafacris
    Awesome great app for manga!
  • Question... 5/5

    By rehgnehc
    This is more of a question than a review but, since batoto is going down, how will that affect this reader? Will we have to re-add all of our mangas under a different site? I fell like that would be very time consuming for someone who uses batoto a lot. Going one by one from manga storm manga list to the internal browser, to the new site, then back to manga storm for the name of the next batoto manga. Also can you guys implement a way to sort the manga list by the hosted site to make this a little bit easier.
  • Good but theres better out there 2/5

    By AJtheCloud
    This app lets you choose a wider variety of manga than most other apps although it does have a ton of limitations it also has a bit more ads than other manga apps im giving it 2 stars due to the insane amount of ads and that you cant download manga without paying while a lot of other manga apps with less ads let you do that
  • Convenience 5/5

    By William Douglas Luo 007
    This is amazing. I can download an entire manga series in just a few seconds and read offline without using data when I'm out. Ads are nothing when given the greatness of this ap. 5/5
  • Manga here is no broken 2/5

    By Tempus48
    When it loads or refresh it gets messed up and won’t work so please do fix it in the next update
  • Used to be better 3/5

    By Kumagawa-kun
    This app was the one that I loved using all the time. Now, it is a pain to load manga (sometimes it doesn't load completely) and the whole experience can be dreadful when you have a ton of manga saved. Wished it gave some easier to handle UI then just leaving us to search on the website (but then again the website search allows us to find any manga possible). Also would have hoped for it to be on Android so I can have my manga stored on my phone other than my iPad.
  • Love love 5/5

    By Qaznko
  • MangaHere 1/5

    By Nina💔💘
    MangaHere has had an update on their website it seems and the page is different so I can't add manga from MangaHere anymore. So please fix that!! And also this stupid ad keeps popping up every time I open a browse or even open another one!!! DO SOMETHING, NEW UPDATE OR ANYTHING, ITS ANNOYING!!!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Kalev117
    It is amazing now I can read my favorite manga books. FYI keeps crashing when I add a series to reading list fix issue please.
  • Good but glitchy and has intrusive ads 3/5

    By Adult in training
    I’ve been using this app for years. It was so good that I paid for the extra features. But in the last year or so it’s gotten glitchy with loading chapters and ads pop up randomly even if you’re not reading chapters. Some ads even take you to the App Store to download other apps without you pressing anything.
  • Unlimited manga, that’s until you run out of Storage space 5/5

    By Jon Crooks
    "So much Manga you'll die before you finish reading it all" If it's wasn't for Manga Storm I would've switched to an android tablet years ago. Now that I have a iPad Pro 9.5 I've got about “I don’t know how much GB” of manga downloaded. The new update takes time to get used to but its good. I hope Manga Storm brings in more sources of manga. And I hope they update more frequently to optimize and kill source bugs that spill out into the reader —I did notice a one bug. Some of the sites are riddled with ads and it seems one of them have been frequently showing up within the reader.
  • Used it for many years 3/5

    By Cyptins
    I love this app and use it daily. It is convenient and easy to use. Only problem that keeps bothering me is how, even with good wifi, a lot of manga will have the not available loading error. It's usually fixed by pressing the refresh button but it is really bothersome when it happens every page in some instances.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Šomi011
    Just wanted to say thanks for making this my No1 app for 4 years. There is absolutley no better app for reading manga then MangaStorm. And thanks for updating the app regularly and maintaining it. :)
  • Great 5/5

    By Gerald_Michaels
    I can read and download manga to enjoy past the anime in multiple cases.
  • Timing 5/5

    By devilkirby95
    Keeps me up to date
  • At least it's not awful 4/5

    By Blood mouth
    Sometimes it won't tell you until after you've added a manga to your list that you can't read it, and frequently you get manga chapters that just say "not available" even though you can clearly read them on the websites you got them from. However the ads are actually tolerable since they don't interrupt your reading experience and they don't make you wait long to be able to close them. All in all it's decently ok.

Manga Storm app comments


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