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MangaToon-Comics updated Daily

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MangaToon is a free app for reading comic manhwa, manga & manhua on mobile. All the comics are colorful. Different comics in Action, Romance, Boys' love, Comedy, Horror and more are updated daily. 【MangaToon Features】 ► The hottest webcomics updated daily. Read dozens of HD comics such as romance manga, action comic, BL manga, etc. All the comics are updated regularly. Some comics are even updated every day. That means 7 chapters a week. Some of Korean comics which are popular on Webtoon can be read on Manga toon now. ► Free comics release every week. New comics will be released every week. We provide free comics. Subscribe to your favorite comics and you will never miss an update. Most of comics in MangaToon are free and we also provide pay-per-view comic service. ► You can download your favorite comics and read them offline. ► We optimized the manga reader for mobile phones. You can scroll for an uninterrupted reading experience. ► You can read comics in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish and Portuegues now. MangaToon will support more languages in near future. ► Write your own stories in mangatoon and share them with millions of users. We will choose the most popular novels and create comics for them to be converted into comics. Hot Comics Recommended: TOP 10 romance comics for girls: Bossy President, Collide, Pure Girl, Hunk No.1, Arrogant CEO, Boss I’ll Kick your Ass, Ex-wife of A Billionaire, Vampire, Prince, You are so cheap, The Heiress Vs Young Ruffian. TOP 10 for boys: Tales of Demons and Gods, Wu Dong Qian Run, Boy in A Girls' School, Star Legend, Tomin in The Alien World, Pan Long, Spirit Sword Master, Assassin Took Home. One comic one world. MangaToon helps you step into a different world! Whether you've been a fan of comics or manga, Manga Toon is the best choice to start your comic journey. Download the MangaToon for free, and enjoy your comic life. Tips: If you want to read comics in other languages, please select the language in Settings. English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish and Portuguese are supported now. You need to purchase coins for some chapters. But most comics are free. Facebook: Contact us by Email: [email protected] Description of MangaToon Animation VIP Subscription Service (Currently Only Available in Indonesia) 1. Subscription service: animation VIP monthly guarantee (one month). 2. Subscription price: $0.99/month. 3. Payment: the purchase is confirmed and paid into the iTunes account. 4. Payment will be deducted from Apple's iTunes account within 24 hours before expiration, and the subscription month will be extended to the next subscription month after successful deduction. 5. To unsubscribe, please open your iPhone's "Settings" page—> to enter "iTunes Store and App Store" —> click "Apple ID", select" view Apple ID", enter the "account Settings" page, click "Subscribe", select MangaToon Animation VIP to unsubscribe. If the subscription is not closed at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, the subscription will be renewed automatically. 6. User Service and Privacy Protection Agreement:

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  • What do I think about it 5/5

    By l hate me
    It is so good
  • Multiple issue 1/5

    By SwimInTheKitty
    You can only buy the chapters for 72 hours each which doesn’t make me want to purchase coins/ coupons. Readers will blatantly spoil stories and the app has no rules to discourage it. They release content extremely slowly. I downloaded this because they got the licensing right for my favorite series but ever since they took over the quality and quantity of the translation has decreased and with the other negatives of the app and it’s community I’ve decided to delete it entirely I’d rather wait until other websites upload the content instead of being spoiled every freaking second.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Sweetcupcake27
    I like this app, in fact I use it everyday. There are many titles to choose from. Both novels and webtoon. But I don’t like how almost all titles have locked episodes almost right away. Yes, there are a few that will have many, many free chapters before the next ones will be locked but majority of the titles only have few free chapters. Also, getting the daily free points is a pain in the butt. Sometimes you end up using your points or coins just trying to make the time requirements etc. to earn the free points which basically becomes something ridiculous. I also really don’t like their unlocking system. You have the option to use 10 points to unlock the episode for 3 days or 20 points to unlock it permanently which is too steep. Basically, if you want to re-read the locked chapters, you’re out of luck if you didn’t opt for the permanent unlocking option. That’s just not fair to the readers. Other apps are better cause once you’ve unlocked the episode, it’s unlocked for good unlike here. This is the only app that’s made me spend money so far and normally I’d be more than happy to do it to support the authors but I feel like I’ve wasted my money when all it bought me were temporarily unlocking the episodes. Hope they change their system or opt for paid monthly membership or maybe even make it easier to earn more points or maybe not lock so many chapters. There’s so many things you guys can improve on to make your app more appealing to readers like me.
  • Update still doesn’t open app 1/5

    By fiore6968
    I’ve downloaded the update to this app after waiting for over a week but it still crashes in the opening page. What will happen to all my purchases if it doesn’t open and I have to reinstall?
  • Fix your app 2/5

    By Laybay23
    Can you please come up with a better system to get coins and’s bad enough you need three different currencies to unlock an episode. The tickets go away if you don’t use them after certain time is stupid. I feel like if i watch an ad to unlock an episode i should be able to keep it unlocked since the ad pays for the chapters! Chapters shouldn’t lock back up after 3 days it should stay unlocked if i wanna reread. Also the ads don’t work. They keep exiting out of the app and don’t count for unlocking.
  • Please fix 3/5

    By diamond ria
    You should make the points to rest each time. I don’t think the watch for free works fine it doesn’t work half of the time but I do like the app
  • App won’t open 3/5

    By Litt13aznd011
    I love reading the comic here and how new comic is always updating... but the apps won’t open open sometime... and Everytime i login it take forever for apps to open... and now for the past 2 weeks I try to open it it won’t open even when I delete it and download apps again... I wish I can read this on the web pages instead of the apps if apps keep crashing... I know there a web pages but we can only read unlock comic and lock comic is require the uses of the apps ...
  • Review 4/5

    By 🎆won
    It’s a great app except for some grammatical issues and the fact that some chapters have to be purchased but it makes sense so it’s alright 😞
  • Cannot Open 1/5

    By OrukaChan
    Last time ur apps too laggy to open! and this time, I CANNOT OPEN MY MANGATOON AT ALL!!!!! Please, if you wants to upgrade ur apps, make sure it compatible to all phones! Especially, IPHONE! 🤦‍♀️
  • No bts armu allowed pls 1/5

    By Ryo. T
    In the comment there're lots of bts armu fan with their stupid comment Admin should ban them of this app
  • It good but not good 3/5

    By needwrok
    So I found out that something very strange sometimes when you open the app it would just crash I would have all my downloaded comics then I would have redownload it and I have to go and get all my comic I downloaded. Can you guys plz fix this problem plz
  • Nice 5/5

    By MalihaM
    Well I don’t have money but thanks to the ads and the extra points collecting system I can read the stories I want... please don’t change that
  • Cheaters 1/5

    By I don't have a name now...
    It has great stories however you need tickets to read then. That’s okay because if you sign in you’ll get one ticket a day and 7 every seventh day however they would take them away if you don’t use them which if SO unfair. I’m mad how my ticket count was up at 30 and came down to 12. CHEEEAAAAP.
  • Problem 3/5

    By Mohuluojia
    So this problem is very annoying I can’t search anything in the search bar. Please fix this bug quickly.
  • Shame 1/5

    By Anon1226
    I wanted to give it a try , I love reading these series , but app crashed continuously after I downloaded it , and uninstalling and reinstalling did nothing
  • I love the app content but the app itself could be better 3/5

    By cc take notes
    They have great comics on the app I’m just disappointed in the fact that they don’t give the option to have a monthly subscription witch will give unlimited access to comics just like most app do now. Honestly the current app system make it hard for manga lovers like me to read without going bankrupt or waiting for years to finish a comic book. This could be a five star app if only they make access to chapters easier
  • annoying 1/5

    By jkalamy
    I love reading the artists work but every time I close the one I’m reading it will go back ten chapters and lock it so that I have to repurchase the chapters or watch adds all over again. It does this every single time ! I’m honestly beyond annoyed about it and am looking for suggestions of manga apps that do not glitch every time .
  • My opinions 1/5

    By hdhhhsijssbuxjbduxh
    I really like this app but it only gives you 1 coupons per day even though I have like 15 books that I’m reading at the same time. I am happy that you get points for readying but it doesn’t take 10 minutes to read one chapter and also after you read a chapter it will lock up in a couple of days I hate that because you might want to go back to now what happened in the last chapter to refresh your memory but you have to use another coupon to do that what’s the point in using a coupon if the chapter is going to lock up again that’s why I can it one star
  • Good manga but too much money and shuts down a lot 3/5

    By Aeriel B
    This app shuts my phone off and I don’t know why, it’s very annoying. I like the mangas but the reading coupons are kind of stingy.
  • #love this app 5/5

    By frankklemon
    The app is amazing you able to read and exprence interesting g drama. Don’t worry if you run out points to by episode because you giants points as you read the episodes 🤩🤩🤩
  • Terrible crashes 1/5

    By LylyNynx
    If you have an iPhone, I don’t recommend it at all. So bad, crashes at any story every time. It’s truly sad because there are some nice comics but unfortunately limited time before crash fiasco repeatedly.
  • Fix fix fix 4/5

    By marietorri6570
    I really like this app it’s bomb right but every like 10 minutes it keeps exiting me out and I go back like three chapters. like I’m doing anything just reading and I get sent back to home screen so like can u fix that
  • Locked content issue 1/5

    By KingQuez16
    If give this site a better review if it made sense on the locked content because as I noticed just about every action one is locked after like 20 episodes and the ones with a hint of action lock up after like 80 or higher buh not a single one that is pure romance is locked up at all so I beg to question why and I understand there’s point system buh when they disappear quick it’s a serious issue
  • My problem with the app 2/5

    By Flower_Girl8
    I found this app by trying to read a specific manga. I found and read it, after reading about 15 chapters, it asked me to use coins. I was like okay besides the fact u have to buy them(cuz a lot of manga/webtoons ask for it) I wanted to use the point system. After getting points, I tried to use them to unlock a chapter. But it didn't work. After re opening the app, it automatically worked. U should make a button for the point system. After running out of points I watched adds. But then the next day, it wasn't unlocked anymore, for both the point system and the adds. And after refreshing the app or even re opening to that comic, it would take me to several previous chapters, then what I left off on. It's not worth having the app anymore. I'm sry but it's the truth. If u can change it, I will greatly appreciate it and might download this again.
  • Good but 4/5

    By raniishaa
    It’s a great app but need more to get free coins! Instead of 10 coins, maybe 20
  • Manga fan 1/5

    By JanaeNikea21
    My problem with this app is that it keeps taking 2 of my coupons or taking 10 of my points when I unlock a new chapter and that not fair please this or I will have to delete this app. I hate to do so because I love the stories
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Izzydiva4728
    The stories are poorly written and are kind of disgusting.
  • A bit time taking 4/5

    By better for mobile
    I love this app and all its stories but I have a huge problem, a lot of good books need coins,points,and coupons, I think that when everything is used up, it’s hard to earn it to unlock chapters in a book. That whole phase prob did not make it sense but all I’m saying is to make the chapters less like expensive and try to make coins and points easier to earn. I hope I did not offend your app because besides what I just complained about, this app is great.
  • No title 4/5

    By ppoooohppooh
    I love this app and the stories though it would be nice if you finished a story you could it would unlock the episodes so I don’t have to use coupons for a story I’ve already finished ! We can’t have everything but I think this would take the app to a new level.
  • Fix 2/5

    By Managtoon73839
    I think you need to fix the viruses because it won’t let me read comics and it keep say something at gateway502 and it’s very confusing. The app is now even slower and I cant get my points and read properly. The viruses are just bad and I think you need to fix the app or like restart or something because I can’t read comics because of the thingy saying requesting gateway 502
  • This app is ehh... 3/5

    By JC 🐒😚🌚
    First of all I really enjoy this apps content, but it’s so hard to get coupons and coins like what?!? You guys should give out more coins to people if you want them to keep your app. After using all my coins in less than an hour of downloading I switched to watching many ads, and not even being able to finish one series they ran out of ads for me to watch!!
  • It’s not bad but it’s not good. 2/5

    By bt21 is cute ig
    I really like the manga on here but I just really hate having a to watch the ads, whenever I get on the app and get my daily coupon it takes me to the previous episode which I already read and makes me pay for it again, that makes me furious af because I’m not going to waste my money to buy the coins, this app is getting on my last nerve, I’m deleting it.
  • Great stories 5/5

    By kambi00
    I loved all the fantasy stories that I’ve read so far great app.
  • It’s really amazing 5/5

    By blanket😜
    It’s really the best app besides as web comic. I mean I got so addicted to reading this app and my other app. But one thing I hate is the video is like frozen so I have to kept retrying but other then that. I love it A lot🥴❤️
  • Money hungry developers 1/5

    By StellaDoll
    I was happy when I found this app because I had been looking for some more comics to read. However, it became apparent this app was extremely focused on making money. They lock chapters almost immediately after you read them even if you use tickets to read it. They don’t give out tickets or points frequently enough. So you essentially need to buy tons of coins or watch ads every minute or so. Other apps let you pay a monthly subscription fee or will unlock chapters as new ones are added to help keep the people who can’t be spending money carelessly. With this app it’s either buy coins constantly or don’t read any thing at all. Completely bogus. WebComics and WEBTOON apps are way better than this one.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Mmmmmmmnsodkj
    My means if I don't have any money .I can't read anything
  • Lost All the pages 1/5

    By Nightclaw05
    I was hoping to reread this one comic but I noticed that all of the episodes that I unlocked are now locked again WHY!!! I spent so many reading coupons on the comic What happened!
  • Good App 4/5

    By PullUpWithTheshickLetItHit
    I really like this app, but I wish they could be like another manga app that I use that you pay a monthly fee and you can read unlimited.
  • Really fun titles, great manga 5/5

    By Lotus G
    I found a bunch of toons/ manga that I was reading on another app, But this app has the rights to the rest of the story. I was excited to find I could read many of them to their conclusion. It’s a good app, but it’ll cost you.
  • Coupons 5/5

    By Need u
    Use this code to get coupons 3QI6UD
  • One thing.. 2/5

    By colleen._.
    Everything is really good! But, When I saved my point for my reading coupons, I got 32 since I got around 200 or more point. A week later, they’re all gone, and I only have 10. I haven’t used them yet! Why do they have to expire? I earned it! This is stupid in my opinion. All my time is gone!
  • Better than having to pay 4/5

    By Pat_Mari3
    I like this app because I don’t have to spend money (can’t afford to do that I read to many mangas). Just one thing I really HATE about this app is that I watch ads to open a chapter (which is fine) but I don’t like that I watch an ad and the chapter doesn’t get unlocked so I have to watch a second ad. I don’t have a problem with watching ads it’s just hard to even watch an ad to begin with it. Other than that the app is great that’s why I give 4 stars.
  • I would give negative stars if I could 1/5

    By 😭😐
    I tried downloading this app to read some manga but was very disappointed because I could see any text whatsoever and then when I tried to use the coupon it wouldn’t let me. So do not get this app!!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By cheycheyy23
    Absolutely love this app!!
  • Good app, but there’s a problem 4/5

    By i dont care idc
    So I found this app a while ago and I rly did become addictive for me. So I user it daily and then there was an upgrade of course me being me I upgraded the app. Before I ever upgraded the app I will get coupons (technically money to unlock episodes with) a lot like I will have like 110 and I will be keeping up with how I used them and on what books I’ll use them in so things where great. But after I upgraded things weren’t so well like I started to loose my coupons real quick and they will be harder to get for some reason. Btw there’s a daily check in (which I check in everyday) that gives u coupons if u check in so u did and its not letting me get through the week. I now have like 5 coupons and yes I have coins but I would rather using my coupons instead. So that kinda made me upset and it’s kinda annoying so that’s the only problem with it other than that the app is great. So I rate a 4/5
  • Great but can improve 4/5

    By 99wolves
    Great comics But can be difficult to understand the coin system they have to read a chapter
  • I would actually spend more time on this app if it happened 4/5

    By Lightasayr
    Great app! But I think while still having the option to purchase coins it would nice if there was a vip or plus, where all comics were free to read without points, passes, or coins just no paying for chapters with things. Paying an amount weekly, monthly, or yearly. I would pay $40,$50,$60 or even $70 a year ( or about $5.99 a week)instead of spending a lot of money on coins for a limited time. (Plus a free trial). I like this app a lot but they’re other app that do this and I would chose them over this app any day. I also jus think it’s a great addition to the app and would make it 10 million stars in my opinion.
  • Happy birthday MangaToon 5/5

    By N0RTHW0LF
    You guys are great
  • Entertaining 4/5

    By hdtibdukn
    A great app I love the comics if you want a code you can use mine H7VXUP have a nice day🤗

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