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  • Current Version: 2.20.01
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Mangatoon HK Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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MangaToon - Manga Reader App

MangaToon is a free app for reading comics, manhua, manhwa & manga. A trusty platform for you to enjoy all kinds of comics, novels and chat stories! [MangaToon Features] – what makes us stand out ► Hottest comics updated on a regular basis. You can explore various genres here – Romance, Fantasy, Action, BL, Mystery… There’s always something special for you! ► New comics released every week. Subscribe to your favorite series and you will never miss an update. You can earn free points and win reading coupons to unlock paid episodes or directly support our authors as well. ► Read comics offline. You can download comics after the episodes are permanently unlocked. ► Optimized mobile user experience. Enjoy our comics anywhere you like. ► Multi-language support. MangaToon is available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, French, Arabic and Traditional Chinese. We will support more languages for comic lovers in the near future. ► Exclusive community for manga lovers. You can contribute your own stories on MangaToon and share your creation with millions of readers. One comic, one world. MangaToon, help you step into a different world! Tips: If you would like to read comics in other languages, please re-select the language in Settings. Stay tuned: Facebook: Contact us by Email: [email protected] Description of Subscription Service - Payment: the purchase is confirmed and paid into the iTunes account. - Payment will be deducted from Apple's iTunes account within 24 hours before expiration, and the subscription month will be extended to the next subscription month after successful deduction. - To unsubscribe, please open your iPhone's "Settings" page—> to enter "iTunes Store and App Store" —> click "Apple ID", select" view Apple ID", enter the "account Settings" page, click "Subscribe", select MangaToon VIP or Pass Card to unsubscribe. If the subscription is not closed at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, the subscription will be renewed automatically. - Terms of Use: ⁃ User Service: - Privacy Protection Agreement:

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MangaToon - Manga Reader app reviews

  • شـگـكــرراآ ؏ هذا التطبيق الروعه 5/5

    By 「ぃ会お」
    صح حلو بس فيه شوي تعقيد بس التطبيق ممتاز انصح الكله فيه
  • Unlocked stuff deleted 1/5

    By coolio115
    Everything I had unlocked was deleted and there seems to be no way to get it back
  • This app 3/5

    By ...die....
    This app doesn’t let me read the entire book. I have to pay to read and I don’t want to pay for crap I just want to read when I want to read something.
  • Great if your not me 4/5

    By waverider9910
    I got this and have had it for a long time and I’ve had my account for 2years or close to it and I got to level 6 almost 7 and I’ve had close to 50 consecutive days but all of a sudden my login info became invalid and it won’t let me use Facebook to log in and won’t let me use my login credentials saying I need to go through Facebook and it won’t let me recover my account as it won’t send me a code to recover it through my gmail costing me my progress in my books and my levels and my day count which is very frustrating but besides this major freak inconvenience it’s a great app.
  • 🫥 4/5

    By kiwiz_rule
    Love the app also the freebie’s but I’ve spent to much money on this app.
  • This is wrong here is better 5/5

    By mr floppa jr
    Hey guys I am not getting paid for this though search up Toptoon+ and get manga for free so go there and be fee free(except for the last one)
  • Nombre 3/5

    By alecitaat
    En el caso de que escribas una novela, es muy molesto que no puedas cambiar ese nombre permanente, se debería de poder hacerlo. A veces la app falla, pero no siempre.
  • Help 1/5

    By GhostyLin
    I just spent ove 2000 coins to unlock the rest of the chapters of soul land and 3 hours later they are all locked again
  • Như cc 1/5

    By SoAngryyy
    Viết truyện éo lưu nháp được thì cút mẹ m đi
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By BruteHonesty
    This app has sent multiple charges through to my account that I never requested. Most recently a $21.99 charge that came out of now where. I never authorized this and the app hadn’t even been opened in over a month or two. The people running this app are clearly crooks.
  • What happened!? 2/5

    By roninmicheal
    I use to LOVE this app, great for writers and for readers. Now I have to say the app has gone down hill, since I never use it anymore. As time has gone by "updates" for watching adds keep decreasing making it impossible to read any story. Very disappointed in the updated cuts making what was once a great app pointless in downloading.
  • App is the best 5/5

    By sweet_dream_wonderland
    I love this it has so many good and exciting comics. U can do activities and so many different things u can dress up and design ur avatar tysm for this app!
  • Automatically takes your points and coupons 1/5

    By Prettygirlmissypthegreat
    I don't like how it automatically uses your points or coupons. Since the chapters are continuous, it's almost impossible to not automatically go into the next one. There is a way to turn off automatically using points but NOT coupons. It automatically takes them even if you are simply trying to get back to the main screen or want to see a preview of the next chapter. It should print you for everything. A lot of the chapters they want you to pay for are available for free from other sites anyway
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By aby_2004
    Overall it’s a pretty good app,I have had this app for about 1-2 weeks and so far I have read many comics but the only down fall is that you need to buy coins I order to proceed reading, I would really like if the app had monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions, I wouldn’t mind spending 20 bucks a month just to read or let’s say like 300 bucks a year for a year just to read over all the app is pretty good I give it for stars. Tho I would really like if we had monthly subscriptions or yearly subscription.
  • Ads and points-lesser as September enters 1/5

    By G.I.joegirl
    It seems to be decreasing a lot this month… I’m seeing that there is no point paying $1.99 a month if getting same points as a freebie reader.
  • Bugs 4/5

    By onAlertofFun
    I went from 25 borrow ads to 8 please fix it
  • Always restarts 1/5

    By Day0924
    I check in everyday to get a free coupon I complained a while ago because I try really hard to make sure I log in I was at 227 days and when they updated their app I’m back at 0 days like r u guys serious. Why do this always happens to me. I wonder do anyone else be having this problem because this is so wrong n honestly I’m tired of it. Plus they mangas all the same concept like can we get something different pls.
  • their selection of GL is terrible 1/5

    By good enough i guess
    they only have one gl (she is also cute today) which i love but it's not even technically gl. the lgbt tag is full of bl even though there's a tag for bl. just a messy filter system i guess? also i didn't expect this app to have a wattpad-like feature.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Sammysamsammisam318sam94
    Okay. I really like this app. It has great options. But I think it deserves 2 Stars. Because why am I still see these ads pop up when I am changing chapters or even going back out of the comic to go to them main home page. I am already subscribed. I pay every month for this. They always end up freezing the app. And I have to reopen. And this happens MULTIPLE times a day. Please fix this. I would like to continue my subscription. But what the point if I can’t even read two chapters without the app freezing due to the ads continuously popping up. EVEN after I press done! It’s ridiculous and it makes me just want to delete the app. I just want to read.
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By LimeWinterRose
    This is literally the best reading app, I have no complaints! When I search best reading app, this should be the first up there. I’ve never been so hungry for ads before😂 Thank you so much for making this app y’all are the best!💕💕
  • Connection issue 1/5

    By Coalslaw chicken333
    This app seems amazing with good reviews but i'm having connection issues where i can't read comics because the panels won't load even though i have a great internet connection, i've tried everything
  • Fix it 5/5

    By leannajvela
    Okay so I’ve have had this app for over 2 years now it’s really great and I love it the only thing that I have a problem with is the new update where you can only read 20 chapters a day please change it back to wear you can read all
  • No longer works 1/5

    By StraightFatal
    I spent well over$100 and well over 40 hours of reading and now the app won’t let me buy coins to continue ready and I can only rely on ads and points that run out in less than 30 min. I’ve sent emails and messages to the support team and have been constantly ignored. They obviously only care about making money and not their readers.
  • So sad 2/5

    By ForVitagems
    I love the stories I’m trying to read but when I go to top off it won’t let me. The app glitches and just says awaiting confirmation.
  • Please fix 3/5

    By myaaaaag
    I am unable to purchase coins. Keeps telling me I have an unconfirmed order
  • Issue with login 2/5

    By Ka21co
    This is the second time I got logged out of my account and can’t log back in. The first time and it logged me out I was unable to sign back in with my username and password because I kept going back to the same page; where do you sign in and repeatedly until I deleted the app and reinstall it and lost all my stories that I save and reinstall it again and try logging back in and it worked. Ps. It happens on my iPad but not iPhone. Please advise? (ID:56902)
  • Please fix 3/5

    By Patchy🥰😍.love
    This Game is awesome but I don’t like how you have to have money to pay for points and use all the points in one day and I also don’t like how you get 20 ads because it absorbs the ads two times just to finish one episode and then start the otherBut the books are really good I wish we had like around 100 or 80 ads because then we could just divided up evenly amongst our favorite books or comics that’s what I really hate about this app
  • ads dont work 1/5

    By xplrDanny
    you get 20 ads, meaning you can only read 20 episode perday unless you buy things, or other things. when i watch the ads for the free episodes, they turn black and wont give me the reward free ep. in order for it to work you need to close the app. when the app is closed you lose your reward and it still takes away one of your free ads. it happens to me daily or multiple times a day
  • Keep lagging 2/5

    By Choco150
    The app keep asking me to sign in EVERY 2 week, the first couple of time is fine, but it keep going that way, I am very frustrated because sometimes my phones is using data and it got slow, I just want to enjoy the story that I have downloaded instead of having to waiting forever for the facebook login option to show.
  • Coins 1/5

    By sammmy572991$5
    I don't understand why panels will cost 10 coins for a while and suddenly cost 40+ for a couple before going back to 10.
  • Thank you for the Autoscroll! 5/5

    By k00kieCutter
    Thank you for saving my thumb. 🤣
  • I love all the stories 5/5

    By Jerlaini
    I love all the stories and everything there is but I wish I didn’t have to log into read the rest of the stories I wish I can just read it all without logging in but at least there’s a ad to watch and wait until you could read your story it seems difficult but it’s worth it to read the story you like thank you for making this this is the most greatest thing ever :))))))
  • Make it free 4/5

    By NFrealmusic_170404
    The app is perfect I just need it for free. I was okey with the coins but diamonds are too hard to get :,)
  • Manga toon report 5/5

    By hokag55
    I had this app for 2 years to say its honestly the best reading app I ever had so far I can’t escape from it
  • Please get back to me 4/5

    By ruthietate0
    I love the app and all but I miss when we could watch unlimited adds to keep reading now it’s only 20 a day and I use that and the points in less that 23 minutes
  • Best free comic books 5/5

    By link4154
    I really got to say it, MangaToon has come along way with the free coins for reading and the quality in comics. I recommend MangaToon if you are a fan of comics and like the variety of comics they offer.
  • Love it 3/5

    By alex0467
    I love the stories that people write and leave for me to read but I’m a little sad that the amount of ads to unlock chapters is limited and makes it hard for me to enjoy the story sometimes. I’m getting really irritated with watching five ads and still not getting the “reward” it promises.
  • Pure amazing 5/5

    By jakebasketrabbit1929
  • Lỗi này éo chấp nhận được :)) 1/5

    By sarahyame
    Đang viết tiểu thuyết, hôm qua được 1000 từ mà hôm sau vào viết tiếp thì còn có 700 từ. Công sức 1 tuần tôi viết mất hết, yêu cầu mangatoon sửa cái lỗi này ngay lập tức :))
  • Good App 4/5

    By critiziser/42
    It is an amazing app I don’t mind the adds at all although the excessive need to spend coins is annoying my only complaint is how it is extremely unclear on how to save your outfits in the dress up section of the game I wish it would give a tutorial on how to do it since I’ve had to redo the second level many times. All I need is clarification and you have a five star app. PS this game has amazing books and manga plus this section maybe it’s just a glitch but I need an explanation on how to work it to enjoy this section of the game. Thank you for your time
  • How can I Purchase the Pass Card 5/5

    By BookLover4610
    I really want to buy this, but I see no option for it :( PS: I give this app a 5 ⭐️ for its platform, consistent updates, and great translations! I love how it is so affordable too! Thank you for making this :D
  • Fair & understandable pricing (+freebies) 5/5

    By HA Manor
    Of all the highly rated apps I have tried thus far, this one is the most credible from a consumer standpoint. There are plenty of opportunities to read for free and fair and flexible pricing to read on. The apps with GEMS are overpriced - seriously overpriced. You can easily end up spending $20-$50 to complete a story. Also, many such apps only allow you to buy in bulk for all remaining chapters while MangaToon lets you select from various options at different discount levels. You have several opportunities to earn points and the app has its own timers so you get credit without having to ask for it in advance which I found very annoying other apps. The selection is good but could be broader. Overall, best app I have used.
  • Love!! 4/5

    By PrincessGG15
    I really do enjoy this app, it gives the option to read for free by collecting points by watching ads and it lasts three days which is all I really need. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars though is because when I watch ads to get 5 points it makes me watch more ads than necessary, so like I can watch 1 ad and get 0 points when in total I get like 5 or 6 ads to total up to 25-30pts yet I’m watching about a total of 10 or more ads without getting pts.
  • Not working with Ipad 1/5

    By ريري ال كيان
    when i apply to translation trial , i can't choose the next text or send it .
  • . 2/5

    By =)))))))))))))))))))))))
    App hay? Ừ, nhưng cho hỏi sao e lại bị thoát đăng nhập ạ? E đn lại k đc:)? Cái gì vậy ad?
  • ¿Le doy 4 estrellas por que? 4/5

    By yhiae
    Me gustó mucho la app pero le doy 4 estrellas porque no me gusta que haya que estar con puntos si no me gustaría que no hubiera nada y que podamos ver todo normal.😄
  • App not able to identify account 5/5

    By .!/&/!/&/$&!;!.(.?(
    I have been using this app for some years now and I have not really had any complaints about it. Only issue now is that it asked me for an account renewal or it would close and I did what it asked, but I can’t access anything. I restarted my phone and all and still nothing. Update, issue solved the following day although it continues to act as if I logged out within some hours after me not using it and staying on a specific reading.
  • Been looking for an app 1/5

    By do idbdoendock
    Been looking for a good app to read everything in once place instead of all over google and found this one seemed to have most of what I read but went to start and noticed it was like 5 chapters behind and almost everything I read.
  • خلل بالبرنامج 2/5

    By LORA_SAN1054
    بالبدايه كان الخلل بالحساب اني ماقدر اسجل دخول وماكو نت مع ان النت كان قوي المهم مسحته ونزلته ورجع طبيعي بس هذي المره الخلل بصفحه التحركات الخياليه ماني قادره اقراها لسبب ما اتمنى تعالجون المشكله بأسرع وقت
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