Mappen - Make Something Happen

Mappen - Make Something Happen

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Juxta Labs, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
24,800 Ratings
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Mappen - Make Something Happen App

SEE WHERE FRIENDS ARE AND MEET UP Mappen helps you plan your social life by showing you where friends are and what they're doing so you can get together. WYD? STATUS UPDATES Set an emoji status to show friends what you're doing and see what everyone else is up to. Statuses let friends know if they should hit you up, text you to meet up for food, or drop by while you're watching Netflix. FRIENDS NEARBY! We'll let you know when your best friends are nearby so you can meet up. SAFE SHARING Only friends you add can see you on the map. Add friends you know IRL and you can stop sharing at any moment. SEARCH & GO! Search for any place on the map and tap "GO" to tell your friends where you are heading. Friends can easily join in and "GO" too! DIRECT MESSAGING Coordinate getting together in a direct message or in a group message with your Mappen friends. Messages only last 24 hours and it is easy to mute groups that get too chatty. TRENDING PLACES When friends are getting together Mappen will show you places that are trending on the map. ADD PLACES TO YOUR MAP Personalize your map with all your favorite places and check out places your friends like to eat, hangout and play. Add a note to each place so friends know why you love it. STATS On your profile Mappen helps you track how much time you spend making personal connections. Mappen's goal is to help you maintain social wellness by spending time with friends in real life! REACTIONS Tap "React" on a friend and send one of 6 emoji reactions to your friend to let them know you're thinking about them. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS SAFE Friends should look out for each other. Check your map after getting together to see that friends got home safe. BATTERY PROTECTION We put over 50 years of combined engineering experience into minimizing Mappen's battery usage. GO INVISIBLE ANYTIME Go “invisible” to hide your location when you need extra privacy. You can choose to hide from one friend or everybody depending on the situation. VoIP CALLING FOR EASIER PLANNING Our VoIP calling feature lets you call your friends to finalize plans. This works over Wi-Fi, even if you don’t have a cell connection. SUPPORT If you need any support with Mappen please email [email protected] and we'd be happy to assist you. We respect our user's privacy and promise to never sell any personal information. For more details please visit our privacy policy at: -------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THE NEWS Featured by Apple: Mappen on Forbes: Mappen on ReadWrite: ----------------------------------------------------- WHAT DOES MAPPEN MEAN? The word Mappen is a contraction of the two words "make" and "happen" and it defines the purpose of the app which is to help you get together in real life with real friends and make things happen! We've seen it spelled all different ways... Mapen, Mappin, Mapon, Mapun, Mapan, Mappin, Mappon, Mappun, Mappan, Map-pen, Map-pin, Map-pon, Map-pun, Map-in, Map-en, Map-on, Map-un, Map-an. However you spell it we hope you love it and use it to create meaningful memories in real life.

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Mappen - Make Something Happen app reviews

  • This app is annoying 1/5

    By skytheelephant
    Whenever you delete the app it still gives you notifications
  • I don’t like this app... 2/5

    By Ticdydyhdf
    This doesn’t need to be a thing.
  • Idk 1/5

    By carriecad
    I guess it is good
  • ☁️☁️ 5/5

    By usidkdo
    this app is actually pretty cool!!! A literally weird but I mean it’s great to meet up with friends!!!
  • STOP TEXTING ME (not even one star!) 1/5

    By Tom sous chef Tom Tom
  • Mappen 1/5

    By StarMama10
    Dangerous app. My niece got kidnapped from this app. Bs
  • Good when you have the app 3/5

    By ricendluke
    Like the app but when you delete it, it will not stop sending notifications on messages really annoying
  • Stocking 1/5

    By chris120606
    This website is for people who stock
  • I don’t know 5/5

    By ggheart
    I think mappa is a good app I get to know where my friends are so thank u I enjoy it there could some improvements but I still love it
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By manimsosososhot
    I do like mappen! There is a private mode so you can not be seen on the map. Very safe! But the map is a little old, I and many others would really appreciate a newer map? If possible. Thanks!
  • ????? 1/5

    By _Katey_Celli_
    I want to download the app but every time I try it says my internet connection is bad? I can’t request my pin???
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By ryeah🔥💙
    It’s very fun
  • How did I live without Mappen? 5/5

    By Xocalo
    Mappen is one of my most used apps now. Knowing where everyone is and what they are doing is super helpful. Most of my friends are on it now and I actually get annoyed if one of my friends isn’t on 😂
  • Bad 2/5

    By ThotCatcher
  • New stuff 5/5

    By good idea?????????
    Could you make new things to put on the activity thing, like new games like apex legends or call of duty just like you did with fortnite.
  • Stop Texting Me NOW 1/5

    By Alienboy54321
    I don’t even have the app anymore and yet it still texts me saying I “have a friend request” which is doubtful. Do not tell me just to block you guys as you use a different number each time!
  • good app, wish they would tell you more 3/5

    By gigi <3 :)
    this was an overall good app, but it notifies all your contacts without telling you and tells them they want to friend you......
  • NOO! 1/5

    By KrazyKoala503
    Right when you get in the app it sends everyone a message saying you tagged them on your map!
  • REALLY BAD APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By OofMan27
    Hey I downloaded this app and Momo came to my house!!!!! Not clickbait. I was scared for my life guys. Momo was trying to play with my toys 🛹🎮
  • Meh 2/5

    By Cannon boy
    This is app good for what is does but it is pointless, you can just text someone to meet you somewhere and, it’s kinda creepy to know that people know where you are at ALL times.

    By kenny ggrrhhe
  • Don’t buy this app 1/5

    By yikes?!?!?!
    So I kept getting text messages saying “hi,This Person has put you on the map” and I kept getting them so you know I got the app and I Was like before I made an account I noticed your putting your location on it and your friends and I was like whoever owns this app is probably a child predator so I immediately deleted the app I still keep getting texts but I say “who are you” “don’t text this number again” “stop before I call the police” so don’t buy it you will be spammed AND this app is probably to track kids down IF you buy the app I’m scared your gonna get tracked down this app is not safe it’s very very dangerous so yea, have a nice day!
  • Great App but one problem 4/5

    By Intamin675
    This app is great but why is there a what are doing button right over where you can accidentally press it? It can lead to some strange situations so can you pls remove it?

    By DOPEJEFF23_
    THIS APP SPAMS YOU DON’T DOWNLOAD IT! It will send you 100 notifications about friends and they are not even true that is why I deleted this....
  • Stalky app but it’s fun 5/5

    By bdog is amazing
    Reallly fun to stalk my friends 😂😂
  • I love this so much I can se were all my friends and family at 5/5

    By luis loves this app
    The best app ever
  • wack 1/5

  • This app is very unhelpful 1/5

    By higuysimoctorocko
    Before I get on with this review let me just tell you how many text I got form people tagging me on mappen it’s ridiculous how much people “tag” me this app has been spam for me when I got so annoyed and just convinced myself to buy it this app was a complete abomination and was so bad I don’t even know what you do on that app it is so useless and tells people who are close to you and have mappen exactly where you are it’s stupid this app should be illegal period bot in this country only every country nobody wants their rights violated because of some app that tells people where they are this app has got to go
  • Y’all know exactly what you’re doing 1/5

    By GoMo Fusion
    Ok so we aren’t technically “inviting” people when we add them, but they do get a text from a random number about an app they don’t own. It’s a smart strategy to get more people to download it, but cmon make a way to only add people in mappen and not on your contacts, cause this is just embarrassing
  • Excluding 2/5

    By Joeseph v
    Kids can see if they are excluded
  • OMG OMG OMG 5/5

    By annoyed mathmatician/gamer
  • Great app 4/5

    By KamrynRose10123
    Great app to communicate with friends. The only problem I have is that the map is kind of not updated. Otherwise I would have rated it a 5 star
  • Harassment App 1/5

    By CynJosch
    This app is SPAM & HARASSMENT - not to mention a have for pedophiles. A girl in my 11yr old daughter’s school tagged my daughter at their school in this app even though my daughter doesn’t have this app, and since then she’s getting loads of reminder texts from this app, and each time she blocks the number a new text from a new number comes. It’s really annoying - and not to mention this app is very dangerous for young kids - it’s unbelievable that it’s a 12 + app - should be 18 plus and it should also leave people alone. If a developer reads this please respond to me and tell me how my daughter can block it so she stops getting texts.
  • MESSAGES 1/5

    By Mtmcat
    I deleted the app about a year ago and still get messages if someone tagged me so annoying!! I deactivated my account,logged out and denied access to my contacts and I still get messages it’s very annoying!!!!!!! How do I stop getting these messages!!
  • Mappen 5/5

    By hjdjnsbd
    I enjoy how easy it is for me to connect with all my friends!
  • Mappen 5/5

    By epuppies
    I love this app
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By (Fine)
    It’s a good app everything is great but now if I click on it it will stay for a second turn black and go back to my home screen and ever since I got it it has been doing that to a lot of my apps

    By scam lol dobt
    This app is the worst illegal app ever it tracks you without even asking for your location such a huge violation of privacy and the content text messages if is say someone has tagged you that’s not true they just take a random number and one the a violation of privacy and how would they even know who’s in your contacts they say “_______ has tagged you in a map. How could this company be so hungry for downloads I don’t get ILLEGAL, VOTING OUR PRIVACY.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By 01234187
    I got the app but when I was getting started it asked me if a bunch of people from my contacts go to my school but when I said yes it sent a text message to them and I didn’t want that to happen. Now it’s awkward because I don’t know many of those people very well.
  • Just bad 2/5

    By bleeeerebsornfixjendjx
    It’s just bad
  • Horrible hooks 2/5

    By whatnameisnttaken123
    I hate the stupid texts it sends out to ALL OF YOUR CONTACTS BASICALLY... don’t do the swipe left and right in the beginning, trust me
  • Ugh 1/5

    This app at the very beginning sent a text to everyone in my contacts saying I got it! And it is constantly notifying people! If they want to see where I am, they can check the app! They don’t need notifications every few hours!
  • Stalker 4/5

    By KittyCat210506
    Hi, in my opinion I feel very uncomfortable with my location having to be in at all times. Sometimes I don’t want my friends to know where I am. This makes me feel very very unsafe and like I’m being slacked. Maybe let us juts have it on “while using the app”. Thanks for reading.
  • Pp mappen good 5/5

    By Big daddy v iPhone
    This is good pp
  • weird.. 1/5

    By duraznoboi
    I keep getting notifications that someone tagged me and it goes to my iMessage. i don’t even have the app..
  • Stalking app 3/5

    By **Lidz**
    So I got this app a while ago to see what it was because my friend kept tagging me in their maps. Little did I know that this girl was following me everywhere I went. So this app helped me find a place she couldn’t find me. Over all a good app, a little freaky knowing I’m being stalked so.
  • sketchy and gave me paranoia 1/5

    By someone who is worried
    so i kept getting messages from an unknown person saying that i had been tagged somewhere on this app. i continuously got it, so i thought “what’s all the fuss about?” and downloaded it. when i got it, i found it weird that it only asked for my number, pretty weird. and when i put it in, it only let me continue if i allowed location access at ALL TIMES. i found that pretty sketchy. then my friends had researched the app and said that everything they read said that it was a very dangerous app and can possibly lead to peoples numbers being hacked. i then got super paranoid because of all this. and i don’t know what is going to happen now, but i definitely don’t want anything bad happening to me, or even worse, my loved ones. so please, make this 100000% safe and don’t spam peoples numbers and make them curious and make the same mistake i made.
  • Meh 3/5

    By bailey😃😝🤣🤨🙃
    It’s so confusing
  • stop texting me 1/5

    By katie5647
    I rate mappen a 1 star. Stop texting me about this app. I deleted this about 5 months ago and I’m receiving texts form this. Everyone else is to. I’ve been asking you guys to stop. I got about 15 form you guys. You are sending them without people knowing it’s from them. please fix this

Mappen - Make Something Happen app comments

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