Twenty - Hang Out With Friends

Twenty - Hang Out With Friends

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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Juxta Labs, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Twenty - Hang Out With Friends App

Twenty brings friends together in real life by allowing users to see who’s around, see who’s down and hang out. We’re not another social network, we’re a network that makes you more social. HANGOUTS Create a “Hangout” to easily make plans and see who’s down to meet up! Hangouts can be open or private, allowing you to invite as many friends or groups as you want. STATUS Tap “WYD?” to set your status with an emoji or sticker to let friends know what you’re doing! See when friends want to grab food, go to the beach, play sports and more. THINGS TO DO Discover cool local events and activities to do with your friends! Currently in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Philadelphia. New markets coming soon! PRIVACY Twenty is a private network. Only add friends you want to hang out with in real life. You’re always in full control! Decide which friends you share with and when you want to share with them. Choose “Neighborhood Mode” to only share your general location with specific friends. BATTERY & DATA USAGE Twenty was designed not to drain your battery or run up your data bill under regular usage conditions. AS SEEN ON: POPSUGAR: “It isn't just another social media platform, it's a way for you and your friends to get together and be more social.” TEEN VOGUE: “Twenty is on a mission to remind us what it’s like to unplug, spending time with friends in real life and driving more human connection is the goal.” ELITE DAILY: “This New Twenty App For Meeting Up With Friends Will Help Keep The Dreaded FOMO At Bay” CNBC: “Twenty deals with social isolation by doing something counterintuitive - using technology to help you disconnect from technology and connect with your friends in real life.” - Arianna Huffington *We're always working hard to improve the Twenty experience. Please send us feedback at [email protected] *Twenty is only available for people ages 13 and older.

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Twenty - Hang Out With Friends app reviews

  • GOAT social media app 5/5

    By PoisonIvey86
    Most social media apps are anti-social IRL. Twenty is awesome. Love setting up hangouts that are sent out to my friends.
  • ? 3/5

    By Peachtree City Flyer
    Is this Mappen?
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By hcjajcj
    I saw someone I didn’t wanna see now I’m partially blind
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By Pasquale 2011
    This is the future of social media. Twenty bridges the gap between online and offline - keeping you off your phone and getting you back into the real world.
  • Change to 20 is horrible! 2/5

    By Christy.Eckhard
    With Mappen almost all businesses were labeled. They went so far as to know each building on the university campus where my daughters go to school. 20 doesn’t label anything and will say a person “maybe at” instead of the exact name of the business. Get it together 20!
  • Lukas 5/5

    By df cnfmffm
    I love it it is the best
  • Creepy 1/5

    By PandaLady_17
    this app is really creepy it asking if i go to a certain school to track me and asking if my friends go to my school to i find it really creepy and kind of like a stalker app every tho that’s the point of the app to track people
  • Friends places 3/5

    By BillyBobJoe9363
    Idk how to see all the places my friends put on twenty when there was mappen the places was easy to access
  • Empty app, scam 1/5

    By kitesurfrocks
    Apps that’s tried to get all your contact and your constant location. Only shows events from Facebook. What’s the point?!
  • freaky 1/5

    By iwantaupdate
    i got a text from this app before i even got it. the message mentioned my name and my friends name when none of us have or have had the app.
  • 0 1/5

    By Batman6290
    This app is confusing and just a hand me down version of another app Life360 is better than this and that’s for practically stalking people this app should be deleted and the creators should be fired
  • used to love it a lot 4/5

    By Michaella715
    ever since the new “twenty” update, it hasn’t been working the same. for some reason “mappen” worked a lot smoother.
  • annoying 1/5

    By DatMoolaIsReal
    i deleted this app a year ago and it still gives me alerts when people request me. are they still using my location? i have no idea. don’t download.
  • Stop sending me messages 1/5

    By Benabuilder
    I remember when Mappen first came out and I kept getting messages from my “friends.” Well now that they’ve rebranded, those messages are coming again. Please stop sending me these. Now you have guaranteed I will never get the app.
  • Greatness 5/5

    By travisa scott
    Twenty is great use it everyday to keep up with friends
  • Great app (Mappen?) 4/5

    By Rhfgcfffbdvhyvfcff
    Location is more accurate than any map I’ve seen! I believe this used to be called Mappen I don’t know why my friends want my location so I’m on ghost mode. I like this app when I do use it. I really do dislike that when you add people, it’s actually inviting. It seems they have updated (or I haven’t noticed) the bar at the top that says add or invite. Could be more noticeable though.
  • Great for making plans 5/5

    By jrs523
    I’ve been using Twenty for a little over 6 months now. It’s the perfect app for making plans with my friends! The interface is really easy to navigate and lets me see where all of my friends are in real time. I really like that when I look at the map I can easily see everting that I have going on and can tap into each hangout to get more info. Twenty has become a living version of my calendar with so much more functionality!
  • Love!! 5/5

    By npor22
    Twenty makes it easy to see if my friends are free to hang out. I like to set my status whenever I’m doing something so my friends know what I’m up to and can come if they’re down! We hang out all the time bc of Twenty!
  • Review 1/5

    By Crusty_toast24
    No matter how old I put it won’t let me create an account
  • Great for meeting up for lunch 5/5

    By Nina Feiner
    I love this app! I use it all the time to meet friends for lunch
  • Unreal 5/5

    By chris330997
    This app is the best thing to come to UF campus. We are finally getting to meet up with people face to face. This has made the process so much smoother whenever we plan things. I can always tell when my friends are down to hang out and do thing because of twenty. This should’ve been an idea years ago
  • I can’t even get in the app 1/5

    By J_31312
    I try to sign up but it says that I’m not qualified for it what can I do to fix it
  • Help 1/5

    By Karlie.C
    It’s saying I’m not qualified to use twenty?? I put my name and my birthday what’s the problem
  • New update! 5/5

    By danielle777777
    The app is great! I love the new update with trending locations! So happy they added new features
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By oliviadicar
    Twenty is just what the world needed! I travel a ton for work, specifically to LA, and love to dive into every city. Twenty has allowed me to fully emerge into the culture of every city I visit! I’ve met so many great people and been to so many amazing places because of Twenty!
  • Amazing NEW Features 5/5

    By 25Delmar
    20 is better than ever before with all of the new features, and it is so quick to navigate the site. A huge shout out to all who were involved in these improvements. #Twenty❤️betterthanever
  • App of the century! 5/5

    By socialsister69
    This is my new go to app! It has so many features that help me with my everyday plans. Whether I am trying to see which friend is nearby to grab dinner or see what’s going on around me - Twenty has it all. I love being able to set up my status so my friends can know why I am up to!
  • Got the app. Bad choice. 1/5

    By TehyaCL2
    I got this app because i was getting multiple texts from people basically saying i should get it. I got the app, tried to make an acc. I put my name in then when it comes to birthday. It specifically says in app store for 12 years of age and older. Im very close to becoming a teenager. so clearly that is 12+ it says “ you are not qualified age for this app” or something along those lines. Tried multiple times. Deleted the app. Got it again to see if it would work. It still didnt. Confusing right?
  • Great App 5/5

    By PinesJ
    Love the update - especially the new status feature.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Seandon100
    The new updates are dope. My friends and I use Twenty to see what everyone’s up to after work and on the weekends. So much easier to make plans!!
  • Childish & creepy 1/5

    By Kimia24
    This app seems like it’s built for high schoolers. If you are above 18, I do not suggest using it. It’s just like find my friends but with emojis. I already have my friends that I want to know my location on find my friends. I don’t want extra people on a whole other app knowing where I am. If find my friends added an emoji status thing, this app would die. My takeaway- only use if you’re in Highschool
  • The updates are solid 5/5

    By Marstorm8
    The updates to 20 are amazing. It’s so flawless. I just love using this app more and more every day. Well developed. Looking forward to seeing were this goes.
  • not happy 1/5

    so i deleted the app cause it’s hella annoying with all the notifications and not very convenient anyways. and they still have all my information and still send me text messages so don’t download and give your information unless your ready for it to track and text you forever even when you don’t want it.
  • Mappen coming to 20 1/5

    Not happy I had a lot of places saved and it did not transfer over with the update
  • Question 1/5

    By 1273_
    Hi, so before I got the app I was looking at the age and it said 12+ and I am but when I tried to sign up I put 1/26/07 and it didn’t work so I’m very confused.
  • I think this is a problem 1/5

    By ................•_•
    This app looks great and I am of the recommended age (12) to use it but it is I’ll not let me proceed past birthday because “ I’m not qualified “ is there a mistake I’m making?
  • Won't let me sign up... 2/5

    By Cool but evil
    This app wont let me sign up no matter what I do, i dont know if i'm useing it right, or the app wont let me. So please repky to tell me what to do

    By Chris_Kat_
    Idk why they changed it to Twenty, but now there’s so much wrong with the app. Locations are not accurate AT ALL. It’s off by miles, it lags a lot, and the color changes make the app look boring and dead smh

    me and my friends all had mappen, it was THE app. we all had hilarious names for each others houses, and now its impossible to even do that?!!! bring the old version back please 😭
  • bad 1/5

    By jjaydenr
  • Loving the App 5/5

    By Suzyddddd
    I keep track of my kids at any venue and make it mandatory for them to keep their location on. This gives me great security knowing where they are at all time. When I’m out having fun it’s awesome that I hook up with other friends coincidentally not realizing they were going to the same venue as I. This is an amazing and fun app that shows us, how interconnected we truly are!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By youngtrav
    Great idea and smooth running app
  • I can’t get past the log in page 1/5

    By Fallyn Rae
    I try to log in, I know I am in the age limits and yet it says I am not qualified to use 20.
  • Great app 5/5

    By schmeeged
    This app is amazing for any type of meet up! Gets all your friends involved and always shows where the hangout is at! Great for family trips
  • Best app for meeting up with friends 5/5

    By BayAreaVic
    Twenty works well for me to know where my friends are. If I have couple hours free, I can just set my status to bored, and my friends are immediately notified! Also super easy to collaborate with friends and plan the next poker night, dinner, movies etc using the Hangouts feature. No more 1-1 or group texting in multiple groups for me and no more fear of missing out 😃.
  • Rip mapppen 2/5

    By Adultshow fan64
  • Best app for friends! 5/5

    By briiiiiitxoxo
    This app is the best way to coordinate and meet up with my friends. It’s super simple to use and eliminates all the back and forth of debating plans over group text. It’s simply the best way to figure out what your friends are doing and meet up.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Suzy DeMartino
    The public events are awesome. My friends and I always check the map to get new and fun ideas for what to do in the city when we’re bored. Twenty has actually made my social life better, instead of being another form of social media I waste hours on. I love this app!!
  • Amazing app to meet up and make a plan with friends 5/5

    By alexds7723
    When I started using Twenty it was immediately so beneficial to making plans with my friends. My friends live in different places and when we use Twenty it’s so easy to meet up and hang out. We’ll use it to grab lunch, play basketball or go out on the weekends. Twenty solves a much needed pain point in my life!

Twenty - Hang Out With Friends app comments

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