MapQuest - GPS & Navigation

MapQuest - GPS & Navigation

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MapQuest - GPS & Navigation App

Get where you need to go with the MapQuest turn-by-turn GPS Navigation app. Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or exploring points of interests on the map, MapQuest has the tools you need to navigate the United States and Canada. Map and Navigation Features: • Up-to-date satellite imagery and vector maps • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions • Real-time traffic updates to help you find alternate ways to your destination • Live traffic cameras to help you plan a safer drive • Optimized routing that helps save you time, gas and money • A speedometer so you compare your current speed to the speed limit along your route • Favorites so you can store locations, like your home and work addresses, for quick-and-easy maps and directions • Alternate route choices so you have more suggestions to get where you need to go faster • Route options that help you avoid things like highways and toll roads • Multipoint routes so you can include more than just one stop • Planning: create routes starting from somewhere other than your current location Do More than Get Directions: • Search and explore nearby points of interest like restaurants, bars, gas stations and hotels, with our layers bar • Find great hotel deals and book them directly from within the MapQuest: Maps & GPS Navigation app • Feed your inner foodie and discover new places to eat: browse menus, make reservations and order food through OpenTable and GrubHub points of interest • Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations • View local weather so you can plan ahead • Car broken down? Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help • Get directions on-the-go with our corresponding Android Watch app Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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MapQuest - GPS & Navigation app reviews

  • Review of GCI tech support 5/5

    By Johnny Goswick
    This app is awesome, I HIGHLY recommended it and I am actually proud to be able to get where I need to be with minimal info. THANK YOU for your help and app. Sincerely, Johnny Goswick 😎👍🏻
  • Multiple locations 5/5

    By HoTsAuCe8469
    Love the fact that I can add multiple locations/stops and it will help route the best directions for each stop in order
  • My review 5/5

    By Demondeac.
    We do a lot of traveling and this app works great for me. Thanks
  • Google Drools and Map Quest Rules 5/5

    By fly cfi
    I think my title says it all.
  • Best navigation 5/5

    By KDM10
    Mapquest is hands down the best navigation app I’ve used. Better than google maps & the map app that automatically comes with the IPhone. I highly recommend it to anyone!
  • I use it ALL the time. 5/5

    By PatricuaNYC
    It works well for me, without fail. I especially like the options for varying the voice guidance volume.
  • Nice for motorcycle routes 5/5

    By Anderczak Ranch
    Map seems good to give alternate routes including ability to avoid highways.
  • Don’t go anywhere without this app 5/5

    By Nlloyd20
    I use this app even when I don’t need directions just to be on the safe said...I know that sounds weird but she ensures that I never miss a turn and if I do she gets me where I’m going anyway...
  • MapQuest 5/5

    By Zaaazaa
    If you don’t want to guess Get MapQuest, don’t get upset Get the very best, & get lost a lot less So do what’s best, nothing less Go where you want, GET MAPQUEST GET THE BEST!!!
  • Very limited features - inefficient 1/5

    By Fe Chin
    App does not allow you to connect with, log in to your account, pre-plan a trip or save routes. No ability to adjust your trip based on time or distance. App will not let you leave feedback, report a problem in either the menu or from the banner. Having to enter a trip only at the moment prior to use is very inefficient. What a waste. For all of the data they are gathering from your phone's settings, photos, contacts, and other apps, seems like they could at least make the app more useful.
  • First time user 3/5

    By Spirlene
    I found this app has a lot of info and offered choices in routes. I like a less popular since I know it has lighter traffic and fewer lights. I try it some more to become more familiar with It’s particulars.
  • Terrible, repeatedly crashed 1/5

    By Kristinm2
    Despite repeated attempts (including uninstalling and reinstalling the apps), I could never get the app to open on my iPhone or iPad. Consequently, texting routes/directions to myself was futile.
  • Long time user 5/5

    By kathrine_79
    I’ve been using MapQuest since before apps existed. When they created their app, I didn’t hesitate and it has never, ever let me down. If I stop somewhere unexpectedly, it recalculates quickly so that I can get back on track in moments. That I can turn it on for long trips and play it through my car speakers without shutting my music off helps too. It simply pauses my music and says what it needs to say. I have absolutely never had a problem with MapQuest service. I recommend it to others and I even use it to help people who are from out of town to figure out how to get where they need to go! Being able to adjust some of the settings is amazing as well! I get to avoid most toll roads, and if I choose to avoid highways completely it can locate which route will work best for me that way as well. This app, and the paper copies before it, have taken me all over the country. I won’t even consider using another service!
  • Longer routes 1/5

    By Boishomme
    This app consistently has sent me on longer routes. I don’t know about any one else but I don’t have time for that. Today, twice, it indicated a different route to save me time instead of saving me time it has added over 45 minutes.
  • No route planner. 2/5

    By Sixt9mopar
    Wish the app had the same function as the desktop version.
  • Pretty decent, but ... 3/5

    By Ric_Steinberger
    Works well except for a huge annoyance: there seems to be no way to tell the app to auto rotate so the direction of travel is always towards the top of the screen. Fix that and I will use this app a lot!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Bowtie Bill
    I have used this app for 2 years and have been very pleased with it. however when traveling @ Interstate speeds the exits are too slow to alert the turn. This app has been a lifesaver when in a new area or a big City that I don’t know how to get around!
  • Best App of All 5/5

    By Bob Risser
    Mapquest is the only app that lets you decide where you are starting from. Google and Apple only let you start from your current location. Was out of town (not at home but wanted to do some trip planning in the future from our home). Mapquest let me setup the multiple stop trip while I was out of town, but also let me find out the distance and time between the multiple stop separately. Historically when ever there was a conflict between the various Apps, I always trusted Mapquest.
  • Paperrin 3/5

    By paperrin
    The map says turn right, but the voice is telling me to turn left... this has happened several times
  • Worthless and gives wrong directions 1/5

    By Steve9919
    I’m trying to find a replacement for google maps since that started freezing. Took a local trip and Mapquest took me to a dead end street and said I had arrived. It was off by a few miles and had taken me completely out of the way. I deleted the app. On to the next candidate....
  • Reasonably close to perfect 4/5

    By @Phillies_Fever
    Far more user-friendly and flexible than Google Maps. Offers alternative routes. On the road, the MapQuest lady is clear and easy to understand. Sometimes I wish she’d speak up a little sooner. While MapQuest sometimes seems to take you out of your way, 90% of the time it’s right on.
  • Mapquest never lets me down 5/5

    By soxnbr1
    I use this app over google maps and I love it!
  • Best for me . 5/5

    By M3HUL
    I’m a letter carrier, in December we have to deliver so many parcels and I was very new at this job so don’t know much about 100’s of street and my truck was full of parcels to deliver, so I gave a shot to use Mapquest because it tell me which side houses are are on street, then I figured the BEST part of this app which is it let me put 25 addresses at the same time which made my life so easy and I can see which one comes first and then I start arranging them in order in app and in my truck, one more thing I wish this app would do is let me put around 100 address at the same time and after I put all the address it should arrange all the address accordingly street wise like which street is close by will come first and which one is far it will go last and that will save my more time , because right now that part I have to do manually. I hope they will do this in feature, over all its best for me. I love it, it my work buddy. Thanks guys. Keep it up.
  • Great directions! 5/5

    By LeilaniFranco
    Much better than Google Maps!
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By Shaggydog1776
    Poorly designed piece of software hard to navigate lack of seamless operation between website and iPhone application when I’ve asked for help I get a stupid reply back that makes no sense at all you get what you pay for is worth nothing that’s why they don’t charge For it
  • Love it but.... 4/5

    By Cigarsmkr1
    We have Mapquest on all of our computers. The one thing I would LOVE to see is the mobile devices have the ability to be logged into with our Facebook accounts. My places would be accessible and so much easier in routing on the run. And....the mileage and estimated travel times between stops is extremely helpful.
  • Map Quest 5/5

    By Gator SC
    Great reliable app. I highly recommend it!
  • Near Perfection 5/5

    By Skye2blu
    I am completely fearless during in totally unknown places with this app. I do look at it as well as listen. So I’m knowing the turn and which way the next exit will be. I find it amazingly accurate. Twice now it’s re-routed me so I can avoid traffic jams. That’s seriously golden. It works in rural area as well... in the middle of nowhere it found a cut through dirt road that got me over to another state highway without having to drive miles around... it just cut through for several. Ike’s and I trusted it and voila I was there. I cannot think of any real improvement unless it can drive the car 🚗!
  • S. Kreiling 5/5

    By FanofMQ
    I love Mapquest and use it on all my road trips. I don’t use my car navigation anymore as Mapquest is so up to date on sites to visit and desired routes.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Justin B36
    I am a Semi Driver. I can put in multiple location for my stops and where I am going to stay for the night. Just a fantastic app
  • Great 5/5

    Perfect app I love it
  • Main3kill3r 5/5

    By Main3kill3r
    Thanks this app worked far better than I thought it would. I’d recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a gps.
  • Missing some addresses 4/5

    By Drivingaround40517
    I use Mapquest everyday at work. Comes in very handy. Unfortunately seems to be a little late for some turns and doesn’t keep up with me driving. Have found several addresses not listed in Mapquest and had to use another APP to find a certain address.
  • Best Nav App Overall 5/5

    By texas jigsaw
    Nuff said
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Playerddw
    Love it!
  • Prior determination of turn lane 4/5

    By Waterwoman2
    If there was a bit more of warning for turns this would be very helpful,, especially when driving in San Francisco or any city you need to know which lane you need to be in to make your next turn ,, often I miss it unless I look at the list then go back to the map view,, other than that issue I really like mapquest and use it frequently thank you
  • Very good app 5/5

    By r,louis
    This app is awesome....I always use this app for all my trips...with no problems...great job guys..
  • I’m a big fan 5/5

    By Rnews4me
    When in traffic, it is indispensable.
  • Works great 4/5

    By Fawgmyre
    Use it every day. It would be nice if in the written directions it told you what side of the street location is on. It is always accurate though.
  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By Peeved Off Customer325
    This stupid app keeps freezing up in the middle of drives meaning you don't get any directions during this time. This app is crap that's going to get people lost or killed on the road. I've tried rebooting my phone 3 times and even reinstalling the app and it still does this every time since the "new updates" recommended for installation a year ago. Somebody needs to fix this crappy app NOW!!!
  • MapQuest Review 5/5

    By 5Stringbanjopicker
    MapQuest is a valuable asset to have whenever you need directions. Whether needed for a long trip or from point A to B locally, it is a very dependable tool to have.
  • Great app, fix satellites 5/5

    By Joseph Arturo
    Great app overall, I love all the features and got me places faster then waze and even a Garmin GPS Navigator. If you could just make the satellites a little bit more connected with my current position. Earlier I noticed that when I was driving, the gps put me onto another road, instead of on the current road I’m driving, but great app overall.
  • Awesome app! A few suggestions 5/5

    By Awsome App! Few suggestions
    This app is the best GPS device i’ve ever used. If i’d like to make a suggestion, maybe add a audible alert system when your going over the speed limit. Also add an report button to report incidents on the road, such as police, heavy traffic, etc.. Finally, auto zoom in and out either on turns, highways, or a few mile lengths to drive. If you could add some of these things, it would be lovely and might delete waze. Awesome app!
  • Love mapquest! 5/5

    By JazzShare
    It’s much better than Google maps & other nav maps.
  • My go to 5/5

    By B Palguta
    MapQuest is the easiest and the most accurate navigation site! I would be lost ( no pun intended!) without it!

    By Jeanie & Charlie
    Without mapquest we wouldn’t be able to travel. Directions are spot on and gets us where we want to go. Don’t leave home without it🌴✈️💕
  • Mapquest 5/5

    By DFW...
    The app works like a charm. It tells you the speed limit, where you are and how fast you’re going! Plus great directions. A+
  • Really excellent app 5/5

    By Cudivermom
    Really like the updates. This is is easiest for me to go one place to another. Keep up the good work!
  • W. Whitman Bridge 4/5

    By SenseiRichMiller
    Your apps turn-by-turn directions constantly refers to the Walt Whitman Bridge, labeled on the signs as W. Whitman Bridge, that connects NJ to Pa, as the West Whitman Bridge. Think you can fix that? If so, you’ll get the fifth star!
  • Danie 5/5

    By Rawrilikeyou
    So much better than google. Love map quest!

MapQuest - GPS & Navigation app comments


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