Marco Polo - Stay in Touch

Marco Polo - Stay in Touch

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  • Current Version: 0.1395.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Joya Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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Marco Polo - Stay in Touch App

Marco Polo combines the best of texting, social media and video chats - all in one private, easy to use app. IS IT SOCIAL MEDIA? It’s different from typical social media apps because Marco Polo is real, trusted and built to be good for you. Unlike many apps, Marco Polo does not sell user data for advertising. Marco Polo isn't about likes or social comparisons. This is an app that parents actually want their family to use. SIMILAR TO VIDEO CALLS? Marco Polo is vastly more practical. You never play phone tag and you don’t have to schedule blocks of time just to say hi. Marco Polo gives you tone, context and certainty that your message was heard. FULL LIFE, NOT FULL PHONE With no limits on length, and video stored in the cloud, you have room for life. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES You can talk to friends and family face-to-face even if they aren't iPhone users because Marco Polo works over WiFi anywhere in the world. No more time zone scheduling! PRIVATE Marco Polo is designed to be for your closest friends and family. You can't search and find anyone without their mobile number. Marco Polo is also ad-free and we do not collect your data. MARCO POLO IS FREE TO USE. The free version of Marco Polo includes: • 100% free with no ads • Unlimited chats • Unlimited groups • Voice effects and camera filters • Notification controls • Emojis - heart, thumbs up, smiley face • Ability to upgrade at any point INTRODUCING MARCO POLO PLUS Marco Polo Plus is a paid membership plan that unlocks premium features, an elevated experience that includes more functionality, and new, convenient ways to use the app - all designed to help you stay connected more effortlessly and joyfully. Start your FREE trial today! Some of the new Plus features include: • Fast forward with speed controls - toggle from 1.5x-3x speeds • Save Polos in HD • Voice-only Polos - perfect for times you don’t feel camera ready • Custom emoji reactions - customize your reaction by adding any emoji from your keyboard • Plus Passes - With the Marco Polo Plus membership plan, subscribers will have 6 Plus Passes to share with friends and family. The Plus Passes unlock 2 months free of Marco Polo Plus! Plus Passes are available after the 7-day free trial. Marco Polo Plus Individual Annual: $5/month billed annually at $59.99 Monthly: $9.99/month billed monthly Marco Polo Plus Family Save with up to six memberships with one plan. Plus Family is not limited to members within one household. Annual: Less than $2/month per membership billed annually at $119.99 Monthly: $19.99/month billed monthly - Payments are charged to the user's Apple ID account at confirmation of purchase. - Subscriptions automatically renew unless the user cancels at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. - The account is charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Users can manage and cancel subscriptions in their account settings on the App Store. Terms of Use:

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Marco Polo - Stay in Touch app reviews

  • Best thing since sliced bread 5/5

    By Escaladecg
    Great app. I have literally cultivated a whole relationship for me. I especially love the new feature of being able to close out of the app while the polo is still playing. It saves my battery and allows me to multitask. I guess the only downside is that sometimes if you want to listen back to old polos they will get lost and can not be recovered. Also the older ones don’t have the ability to be sped up either so you have to listen in real time speed which is a bummer. Most people don’t care but I think it’s sentimental and comforting to go back and listen sometimes.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By kat-i-lyn
    My family used to use Marco Polo more than call or text, but the last couple weeks Marco Polo’s take FOREVER to load. I thought it was my phone at first, but everyone I know that uses it has said the same thing. Super unfortunate used to be a great app.
  • Gutted functionality into the paid version 1/5

    By Dr Heartless
    It used to be good but they removed essential features and moved them to the subscription version. Now it’s barely useable.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By bnroach
    I use this app daily to communicate with friends that are in different time zones and even folks that I just can’t connect with! Amazing
  • I really enjoy Marco Polo 5/5

    By Angie Morehead
    I really enjoy Marco Polo for talking with my Mom and sister regularly. It's easy and so convenient.
  • Great video text app losing its touch 3/5

    By SeanGerlis
    Reducing stars of the app. I’ve been a Marco Polo user for a long time. I even became a subscriber. Until I’m having issues, getting notifications from the app saying that I have drafts, etc. I reached out to tech support and received a canned response. Do this, something like that. Still having problems; I ended my subscription and deleted all videos, and I still have the same problem. I’m this close to deleting the app forever. Too bad, it could be significant - only if the tech support is more “people-friendly.” 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Please add more features. 2/5

    By antjones21
    I’m paying way too much for the app to not have any new cool features. Also it buffers while watching videos way too much. I’m truly thinking about canceling my subscription and going back to the free version. The quality of the video even in HD still isn’t that clear, and if I upload a video it’s quality is diminished a lot. Please fix these issues and make this app worth the money we pay for it!
  • Forces portrait on iPad ☹️ 3/5

    By natureboyms
    Apps that force portrait mode on iPad are dead to me. Otherwise it’s an awesome app.
  • Great but some pain points 3/5

    By Ajc7123
    Marco is awesome but it lags like crazy for me if I’m not on wifi. I’ve tested and it isn’t my phone or cell service. At the moment I’m trying to catch up on 20+ Marcos from a friend group and I’m getting about 1.5 seconds at a time. It’s driving me bananas. I want it to work with CarPlay. There’s probably some safety reason but I’m gonna use it anyway so you might as well make it work. The night vision is awesome, but I don’t always want it on by default. I was trying to catch a lightning storm the other day and I wanted it dark but couldn’t turn off the night vision.
  • It’s not all that great 3/5

    By dodge-fleet
    Okay so I’ve had the app for years. And it’s cool. But like now I have to pay for it and I can’t even watch a video that was sent to me without it buffering literally every 4 seconds. And it’s extremely frustrating and it makes me want to delete the app. Why am I paying $20 a month for this app when it doesn’t work properly??? I don’t recommend unless it gets fixed
  • Marco Polo 5/5

    By dbrf fhf fun b
    Soo Fun to chat Whith friends especially if you don’t text a lot soo awsome always fun! Really reccomend it!!!!
  • Great…except for the price 3/5

    $120/yr for a family plan that only includes 5 subs? Amazon prime is $140 - including free 2 day shipping, streaming tv and movies, Thursday night football, AND video games! $120/mo to have video added to voice memos that I can send for free? That’s the definition of overpriced.
  • Yes 4/5

    By __yes
  • Nearly Perfect 4/5

    By ChristinaSofia
    This app is almost perfect, save one thing: why on earth is there no normal chat?! It desperately needs the ability to comment or chat while you watch your friend’s videos. Otherwise I can’t even remember to comment on, etc!! I give them 4/5 stars. :)
  • Best communication 5/5

    By MoonwatcherWingsOf Fire
    It is the best! There is only one thing I would change. You can’t decide if you want to send the video or not it just sends. It’s annoying when you mess up a video and it sends. Other then that it’s perfect.
  • Love 5/5

    By Moon Yeca
    Marco Polo is amaze you should def try
  • Terrible loading issues, but want to love 1/5

    By Chacha316
    I’ve used Marco Polo for years. It’s such a great way to keep in touch. Better than text, but doesn’t take time windows like a phone call needs. BUT the last few months, videos won’t load unless I’m in wifi. It takes me 5 minutes to listen to someone’s 30 second video. My friends are experiencing the same. Many of us have stopped using MP and moved to Voxer which is a great platform, but isn’t video. I want to come back and improve my review, but if videos won’t load unless in wifi, it’s too limiting.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Needtoworkout
    Basically, the free version of the app is so annoying (especially with the videos constantly starting at the beginning whenever i got some text message and then I’d have to rewind my way back to it) and there are constant reminders to get the plus version that I ultimately caved and got it, only to have the app keep lagging so that all my videos don’t have matching audio and video. If you’re going to charge people, then that should make it at least worth it. Or make the free version less terrible so I don’t have to rewind in 10 second increments to the middle of a 40 minute video. Like how could I NOT pay for the plus version
  • I like the concept. 5/5

    By upfaith fan
    If I could pay $2.99 a month I would buy the big package and pay monthly. As I’m sure many others would, too.
  • Marco Polo review 5/5

    By mav Mavninja334
    I love Marco PoloI love talking to friends and other people in my family
  • iOS update 1/5

    By katrinabrooks
    Since updating my phone with new update and new iPhone 14, the app crashes every time I use it
  • Efficient 5/5

    By Sparkydawg21!
    Love this app! Makes messaging other people quicker and better. Instead of spending 5 minutes typing out a long text I can hop on here and sun it up in 2 and my fbi agent can watch them as well and ask why is he doin that or this
  • Juju 4/5

    By Redfire21
  • Love using this app to stay in touch with people who aren’t nearby 5/5

    By richardsonliamm
    …but I have one small issue. Kind of a bug in the app. It WILL not let me change my profile picture. I go through the motions, open up my camera roll, choose the picture and all of that but when I get done it’s still the same picture.
  • Fix bugs 3/5

    By Millyjazz
    I’ve been using Marco Polo going on five years now to be honest it’s one of the best apps I use since my sister and I talk very regularly. I also use it for people who I want to connect with across the country. However, with the latest iOS 16 update I’m finding that there are a few issues. I do like the new feature, where if we’re not on the app, per se, we can still listen to the recording while we’re outside of the app. However, I’m finding that the volume does not work at all when I am outside of the app and still listening. The volume is at top level and there’s no way for me to lower it. Turned off my phone a few times and turned it back on and reset etc. Still the same. Also the playback can be a little bit of a nuisance when you have to keep backtracking five seconds to get the sound on track with the actual video. Hopefully this is fixed soon. Other than that I will continue to use the app because it is very useful.
  • Used to work now glitchy 1/5

    By evomotor
    Used to be great but in the last month friends videos only load when I am on WiFi, or load in 1-second segments. My cellular signal is great and I can do video calls no problem but cannot participate in MP conversations. We’re switching to Volley.
  • pretty good 4/5

    By josephmi2121
    I love using marco polo to send videos to my friends but there are a lot of cool features you could use but to use most of them you have to have plus i would like to have more features for people that dont have plus
  • Ms Rhea 5/5

    By jcarney 8888
    Love staying in touch with friends and family with the Marco Polo app.
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By Happy witout this app
    Look, I’m sixty and all the current technology, that I helped bring into existence over the previous two decades, is becoming a little overwhelming. So, it’s wonderful to have a simple, non intrusive method for communicating with a handful of close friends. WhatsApp rocks. Mert
  • Fun app 5/5

    By Pastor Mack T.
    So far, I really like Marco Polo video messenger.. It is fun! I like marco polo but I do wonder.. Is it real private?
  • Audio trouble 3/5

    By izvball
    Great app but my audio comes in and out even when I use headphones. And in listening to other peoples videos there’s a lot of background noise
  • Easy way to stay in touch 5/5

    By Tokyo Alan
    Thank you for this simple yet helpful technology!
  • Pretty awesome o/a 4/5

    By dancing2myowndrum
    But just remember to play around with the sound recording mic settings. At first I was getting a lot of white noise then I changed to bottom mic from auto mic and it’s now much louder and clearer when recording my voice.
  • Latest updates 1/5

    By onawho
    This is not even working
  • Messages don’t load !!! 1/5

    By fog vvkkjhg
    For an app that I pay so much money for I wish this would work better. It only works at home while I am on WiFi. It used to work outdoors and I used to listen to messages while I walked or ran but it barely works anymore.
  • When it works it’s great 3/5

    By dingdong champion
    I’ve been using this app for a long time, and it just seems to have gotten glitchier over time. Messages that were fully delivered buffer every four seconds. The audio is just terrible half of the time.They claim to update weekly, so fix the bugs
  • New update 1/5

    By melliewelch16
    Can not open app due to new update. Also miss the features we had before needing to yearly subscribe.
  • Trash, and you want me to pay? 1/5

    By gabbette1820
    I see no point in this app. It used to be great BUT now you charge money and it's trash. How does that work? I have 5 videos that won't fully play. You keep telling me I have videos and they just a pin and NEVER LOAD. Make it make sense. Yes, I'm updated to the latest version. I'm home on fiber optic internet and no videos will play. Make it make sense??!!?? You wouldn't catch me paying for an app that doesn't even work in the free version.
  • Update causes freezing 3/5

    By 10399483727
    I love this app and use it regularly. But it convinced me to update it yesterday, and now it pauses the video to buffer after every 5 words of a video. I really hope this is fixed, or it will make the app unusable.
  • Just want money 1/5

    By Alwine j
    I had liked Marco Polo but now in order to hear messages in a faster speed you have to buy their subscription and they are constantly hounding to buy the subscription.
  • Love! Could use more help 5/5

    By Mav_that
    I’ve used Marco Polo for several years now, and I’m still continuing to enjoy it. I can watch videos of friends and family on my own time, without having to be there at that very second. The pro stuff is kind of ridiculous in my mind, including that you have to pro so the watermark on your face is removed. I also wish that the 2x faster thing wasn’t pro access only. The glitching is constantly happening, and even with WiFi, sometimes the videos won’t load for a few days. It’s very weird, and time consuming. Overall all a pretty good app that could use more fixing
  • Milking covid for money 2/5

    By Mumbletrain
    For years notes and photos and extras were part of the normal app. But once COVID rolls around, this app tried to cash in on the backs of everyone stuck at home by making those once free features part of some “pay by the month” subscription garbage. Shame on you for capitalizing on the suffering on this pandemic. Shame.
  • Wi-Fi only 3/5

    By AliOlsen
    Ever since the newest update, my polos will only load when I’m on Wi-Fi. If I’m out and about on a cellular network, I can’t get any messages to load properly.
  • New update 5/5

    By Aimeeander0
    Is garbage. I hate this new feature of auto playing in the background. Once I leave the app I don’t want the message to keep playing. Wish there was a way to stop this feature or get an older version of the app.
  • New update is awful 3/5

    By Danigross99
    Love this app but I’m about to delete it after the recent update. Messages stall and reload every 2 seconds!! Please fix it!
  • Best tool to stay connected 5/5

    By SusietheBest
    I’m an American living in England. This is absolutely the best tool for me to communicate with friends and family in a more intimate way than text or email. Video chatting at a time that works for me that they can watch at a time that works for them and respond the same way, is invaluable! It keeps us all updated with one another without having to coordinate times of day. Otherwise finding time for a phone call is difficult when my evening is their morning. The biggest challenge is for people to get over themselves as far as looking at themselves on video. It feels awkward for the first two times and then you just forget about it. Go for it. It will change your life! Thank you, Marco Polo. It’s my cure for homesickness.
  • Glitching constantly 2/5

    By Angie92288
    I use MP to keep in touch with several friends. It is the main way my boyfriend and I keep in touch throughout the day. However, lately the app has been stalling and not loading messages. It’s incredibly frustrating. Nothing about our use or locations have changed.
  • My mic is always so staticy 3/5

    By saige larsen
    So when I Marco Polo my friends it’s like super static and when they send something back theirs is fine
  • 🤗 5/5

    It’s great