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Marco’s Pizza

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.2.169
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Marco’s Pizza App

From easy ordering to special offers, this app has everything you need to get authentic Italian quality pizza at your fingertips. With the Marco’s app you can… • Order with ease • Enjoy quick access to store locations and directions • See and re-order previous orders • Track and manage your loyalty points • Find the latest deals and offers near you

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Marco’s Pizza app reviews

  • Update Your Maps 1/5

    By Rdwngfn
    We have lived in our house over a year and a half. You opened a new store closer to our home 8 months ago and yet your maps still do not register our address for delivery. If we want delivery we have to call the store but cannot use any rewards or get points when we do that. Our address is registered on every map service, but not in your system.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By l--Creep--l
    This new update ruined the app. Can’t even sign in now because it says my password is expired. When you go to reset it you get stuck with a loading sign that says undefined.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Vtlongbarr
    One of the worst food apps I’ve ever used.
  • Please fix your app 1/5

    The app is broken, and so is the online website. Also, it’s been like this for a while now; please get this fix ASAP!
  • App rejects my Street Address !! 1/5

    By MrsGunz
    The apps keeps stating my address isn’t valid! It use to work fine and quit working about a year ago. I am literally 3 miles from the store!!!!! They have lost many orders due to app failure!! Plus there is no way to report issues to the developer from the App Store.

    By King Law
    This app is useless. You create an account but have to sign in every time, only to get “invalid email address or password” despite being logged in at the main screen. It takes almost 20 mins to order a dang pizza. It never saves your card on files. It never allows you to add rewards for being a loyal customer. Absolutely crappy app. Don’t waste your time until they decide to fix this.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By LadyAnna1
    Period. Poorly made and the most ridiculously flawed app I’ve ever used.
  • Won’t apply coupons 1/5

    By 13bromero
    The whole point of downloading the app is for the convenience & to avoid calling in your order. It didn’t matter what coupon I tried to use (came in the mail, & was still valid) it would not let me apply it. I called my order in and no issues whatsoever apply the coupon. Defeats the purpose of the entire app.
  • Awful, horribly terrible app 1/5

    By cghee2
    The pizza and store and delivery is fine. I’ve been ordering pizza for several years and the app has been difficult but usable. I today ordered a pizza, got the confirmation, and now I can’t log back in to track my order. I’ve changed my password 2 times, and both times it says it’s successful. But when I go back to the app to log in it says my credentials are incorrect. When I could order pizza, it never keeps my store, I always have to re-choose it, even tho it’s still marked as my store. I should be able to go in and reorder, keeping the last store I ordered from. That I worked around. But, I’ll order pizza somewhere else. Not worth the aggravation.
  • This app takes the smart out of smartphone 1/5

    By Djaldifjwbsbtidiciwbeb
    Totally unintuitive, dead broken links, totally broken app, can’t select any advertised deals, and ordering a pizza takes 45 minutes because you’re going from question to question to error to question to error to error to error to error to question. This app is stupid and needs a lot of work. It used to be totally useable but now I’d rather just go out and order something else in person. I could drive and get an order from taco bell in one tenth of the time it would even take me to put in an order through this app
  • Worst mobile app I’ve ever used! 1/5

    By Glucose Daddy
    The app used to be ok, but now it’s horrible! If my son wasn’t autistic and insist on Marco’s I would stop ordering. The app makes me sign in every time I use it and doesn’t store payment information anymore. Change it back, fire your new app developer and chalk this one up as a gross failure!
  • The app is useless now 1/5

    By Rowenstar
    I used to love this app, never any issues, but since they update it no longer tracks my points, so I haven't been able to get any coupons, the new app is much more annoying to use, it's lagging, slow, takes forever to find things, you can't customize your food like before. Please change it back. Or at least update my points.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Duckogram
    App is non-functional. Deleted and reinstalled, no change. Indicates the store near me is closed. Alrighty then, ordered from Papa Johns.
  • App is nearly Worthlesa 1/5

    By Mudshark100
    I usually order the same pizza. If I use the app and select reorder, I then tru to select ny local Marcos. After thinking, I get message that system has experience unexpected error and try again later. I get same message iver and over again, even even if I select a different Marcos. This has been happening frequently over the past year.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By samiamsmith3191
    This app is seriously a pile of crap. It’s super slow and the checkout process is way complicated. Lost my business to a store with an app that will actually take your order !!!!

    By Really Needs improvement!!
    I had to put in my user information 4 times before it recognized me. When I got to the enter code it said they didn’t know the code and to call the store. When I did the girl knew which code I needed before I could tell her. I almost called Dominos instead
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Drok9
    I’ve been a weekly Marcos customer for years and always enjoyed ordering via the app. They recently did an update and I was able to order but as a guest cause it refused to log me into my account. The following week I can’t even log into the app. I get message to call the store to place an order. I wish y’all could have just left the app alone. I don’t like giving my credit card number over the phone! Fix your app and I’ll come back.
  • Map NEVER updated 1/5

    By PerkyLP
    Our neighborhood was built more than 2 years ago. Our addresses still don’t exist according to the app. Why have an app if we can’t use it?
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Not2Happy64
    HELLO DEVELOPERS…….I would give 5 stars but the app needs to get up to date with the new time. It should offer apple pay option like so many other food apps. This make check out so much easier. I don’t like saving my card info in no app so I have to enter it every time. Please put APPLE PAY option on your app for payments.
  • Very poorly built app 1/5

    By blckcbe
    Very frustrating app…not much thought or effort put into this app’s development
  • Great pizza, awful app 1/5

    By Elly101
    I can’t look up the menu for marcos on the app unless I start an order; even then, all I can see is my last order. I can’t get ahold of a menu no matter what I try.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By SkylineProdigy
    The app is always having issues. You guys need better developers.
  • The Worst Pizza Ordering App Ever 1/5

    By DougCraver
    Had to sign in multiple times. Then it placed the order with a Marcos 30 minutes from me vs the one down the road I can walk to. What a joke. They are losing so much money. Too bad because the product is good.
  • Worst website 1/5

    By valedictrians
    This website always gives me trouble. Wasted 25 minutes trying to order in the app just to find out it wouldn’t recognize my address, then on to the website where my address was not an issue but the coupon codes don’t work and there’s not even a place to remove them. I rarely use the website but I have laryngitis, so I’m forced to and it’s really terrible. Please improve your online ordering system.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Ashasheeyly
    Made it all the way to the end of an order and received a 404 page when the app tried to redirect me to take a credit card. I’m going to delete the app and use Uber Eats to get Marcos instead.
  • Slow 2/5

    By msw1973
    The app is so laggy it’s not even funny. Takes 10 minutes just to place an order.
  • Y’all don’t need customers? 1/5

    By DwightScarn
    How many, like me, would love to give you money? Yet, you make it impossible with this garbage app. Just letting you know that you just lost another customer. Peace.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Awsome great game
    Feels like this app was designed in 2005.
  • Wish zero stars was an option 1/5

    By Patioghost
    As difficult as they make it to place an order, they obviously don’t want your business!
  • Great Pizza, Incredibly Bad App 1/5

    By kbjhgjguyg
    I tried to sign up, and it said that my number and email are already used. I tried to recover my password, and it said that I’m not registered. Comedy of errors.
  • Newest version doesn’t deliver to my side of the street 1/5

    By doriyoung
    Let me start by saying we love Marco’s and have used this app with no issues until an update over a year ago. I’ll change this back to 5 stars once they fix the delivery map. After an update over a year ago, they no longer deliver to my address. I’m very close to the store so I tried a neighbors address in the app and they can receive delivery. I then tried my next door neighbor’s address and they can’t receive deliveries. I tried the streets further away and they all can receive deliveries. So, an update development glitch has JUST my side of the street ‘out of delivery’ zone. I’ve called the store and emailed corporate five or six times. There hasn’t been a response from corporate and the store can’t do anything about it. They won’t deliver because their system also shows the 6 houses on one side of our street out of range. I know this is all very ‘first world problems’ but for me, the app is useless and I can’t get a response from Marco’s about it, so one star for me and the neighbors on the same side of the street as me.
  • Still broken after 3 years 1/5

    By Kenn M
    Their food is terrific, unfortunately they don’t care enough about their customers to fix any of the myriad of problems with their app. Sad that we sometimes opt for Dominos or Pizza Hut rather than dealing with this total garbage app b
  • Great pizza, terrible app 1/5

    By CKlu88
    We love the pizza but the app is so painful we won’t be back. Here are some ways how it’s terrible: -coupons don’t work 50% of the time -when you get errors, there isnt a way to resolve them, you must deconstruct your order and try to figure it out -store location doesn’t work and it doesn’t update the order when a new store is selected -email nearly everyday, but the codes aren’t active or working -accounts sometimes work, sometimes don’t…. Not sure what this is about but telling me my account isn’t valid when you emailed me in the email for my account…. -it’s just generally a frustrating app to use we used to order from here literally every week but it’s so bad we are uninstalling.
  • Interfaces were better in 2007 1/5

    By Village_Idiot1
  • Redo app 1/5

    By Brainylainey
    Changed my store because I moved which took a moment because app is not easy to use. Placed order which took awhile because had to figure out how to get toppings on my pizza. Then it sent my order to original store from what I changed from. Which was 30 miles away. Only reason I ordered off app was all coupons are app only😠. Cancelled order and went to Pizza Hut and used a coupon that didn’t need an app.
  • Please Update this App 2/5

    By Good Functionality
    This app has several quirks, like locking up. The worse is that it still doesn’t recognize my address in a house I been living in for 4 years! Keeps saying “address invalid.”

    By Sixyearcustomer
    In two years we have never been able to place orders on the app. We must call the store to place orders, sometimes getting to use the coupon and sometimes not. Love the product but disappointed with the use of the app.
  • Does not save order 2/5

    By Gnome0000000
    It would be great if I could start my carry out order and have it save it so I can press order when I am ready. If session ends and I have not yet placed the order, the order is gone and I have to redo it. It is very frustrating.
  • Bad wrapper of the website 1/5

    By skylarknz
    The website works, but somehow when they put the “app” wrapper on the website they broke most of the functionality.
  • Can’t even order 1/5

    By bluhose
    I can sign in with my account but you’d think Marcos would want to let you order. There are some serious bugs that need to be worked out with this app. 1 star until I can at least place an order.
  • The app is awful 1/5

    By CiCi;)
    It’s circuitous and filled with error messages. I can reorder a previous one IF I want to also pick up at the same location. Going to another location requires a brand new order and a plethora of error messages and restarts. Once I enter my order THEN I have to log in again. My info isn’t recognized because I signed up with my appleid. So cant order on the app or online unless I creat a new profile or continually sign in as a guest. Meanwhile no loyalty points because continuously signing in as a guest. Today even the guest option was a problem so I’m a walk-in. And the staff is freezing because it snowed and customers are in/out the door The ripple effect on a bad app is real. I think it wants to function like the website but that’s a bit of a struggle bus too. Marcos should copy McDonald’s app because they’ve got their bugs worked out except for the crash when you log out
  • Food is great 4/5

    By Anlong05
    Giving 4 stars because the app won’t let me click to submit my order. I’ve deleted it, installed it, same thing. It’s annoying to call the store. Fix the payment submission button on IOS 16
  • Good app, but needs Apple Pay. 3/5

    By wjtaggart
    App requires typing by hand credit card info. Rather than do that, it’s simpler to use the web browser version (as safari can fill that info for you).
  • Pizza ready time is rarely correct. 3/5

    By John3799
    I love being able to order through the app. Fairly easy to use but a bit clunky. The part I dislike is when it tells me my order is ready - it’s wrong most of the times. Not sure how it’s calculated or inputted. Probably should be take out of the app.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By mstile00
    Had the old app worked great new app doesn’t work directs me to call the store every time and lost 99 points from the old app
  • So Sad :-( 1/5

    By HRERR
    I love Marco’s pizza. Really good pizza. But this app is terrible. I could not even get it to order a pizza. I wish I could post the pics as evidence. Marco’s, please do something to fix this app. You will not make it far if people have to keep calling the store to place orders.
  • Good pizza but trash app 1/5

    By dontforgetmyballs
    The app checkout and payment has a bad layout and design, it is slow and will not allow you to input saved cards and addresses. It asks repetitive questions when using a credit card. You also exit from the order screen to easy and have to restart.
  • Not receiving points 1/5

    By just approve the app
    I didn’t received my earned points from my last order and I’ve tried reaching out to have the issue resolved and nobody has reached back out no longer supporting this business
  • Can’t get delivery 1/5

    By MarkT1954
    The app will not recognize my home address for delivery. I’ve verified with my local store that my address is with in their delivery area and they assured me my address is in their address data base. So, the app only works for store pick up orders.