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Marco’s Pizza App

From easy ordering to special offers, this app has everything you need to get authentic Italian quality pizza at your fingertips. With the Marco’s app you can… • Order with ease • Enjoy quick access to store locations and directions • See and re-order previous orders • Track and manage your loyalty points • Find the latest deals and offers near you

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  • App doesn’t function 1/5

    By Mercorn
    Look, Marcos pizza is a Toledo classic and all but this app doesn’t work at all. I managed to sign in eventually but never managed to find a menu to order. This is fortunate for me unfortunate for for you because eventually I just decide I probably shouldn’t be eating pizza and give up on ordering.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Cainam
    Used to order online all the time. New app is a pain to use. 2 med pizzas 6.99 plastered all over the app and the website. I actually try to order and nope, the promotion is not valid. What a waste of my time. I drove out of my way to go to another pizza place. What a shame
  • Never had a chance... 1/5

    By nogrease
    Wanted to give Marcos a try but when adding my address it automatically inserted the wrong city which I couldn’t change. My flyer for Marcos will now hit the trash. Not worth the hassle.
  • No menu 1/5

    By jeannieh007
    I downloaded the app. I can place my order but no menu to order from. Track an order if only I had a menu option.
  • 2 miles away and doesn’t know map 1/5

    By lafos
    I tried this today and it couldn’t find my address so I couldn’t order for delivery. I was able to use Safari for the order. This app is junk.
  • Most infuriating app ever 1/5

    By AlexTheHumanMan
    I ordered a pizza while out of state one time and now no matter what I do, the app always defaults me back to that store, rendering me unable to order from the correct store. I’ve manually reset the store and still resets my order to that store.
  • Credit Card Payment doesn’t work 2/5

    By Hddiehdbd
    I used to be able to order and checkout fast. Now it won’t let me check out with my card. Something changed with “worldpay” forcing me to call in the order. Not a big deal, but for the sake of using the app, it is pointless.
  • App from 2009?? 1/5

    By dissapointed customer :(
    It’s 2019 and Marco’s can even push an app that’s up to today’s standards which is sad. They have good pizza but technology is definitely not their thing.
  • The app doesn’t work 1/5

    By C1994izzy
    When I try to log in nothing happens, it just has a white screen! What a joke!
  • Not functional 1/5

    By Lissforu
    Marcos has such great pizza! It’s a shame the app works so terribly. I had to end up calling in my order after wasting 15 minutes trying to order through the app.
  • Or having pizza tonight 2/5

    By lunzen
    Please consider fixing the app so people who order somewhat frequently stay logged in. Somehow I ended up ordering from another store - fairly far away from me. An app isn’t very useful if the user profile isn’t saved, especially a pizza app - just remember me and the darn store I always order from
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By I'm too busy
    You get great specials and coupons, but your order gets reset when you try to use them. The points and rewards system they have in place is not worth the frustration of ordering pizza.
  • Great 5/5

    By Richinvegas
    Easy to use app, easy ordering, easy everything.
  • Unsatisfied customer 2/5

    By Abelgado
    I downloaded this app for the first time last week only because a coupon I received in email. In order to get the free breadsticks along with CL pizza I had to order in app. Well it didn’t work that day so I paid for breadsticks instead. Now today I’m trying to place another order in app and it’s just sitting there spinning. Please fix this issue or minus one customer ME.
  • App needs to be fixed 2/5

    By katieldz
    You ask for the % tip and then calculate it on the order. However, you don’t display the order details until afterwards. I made an adjustment to my order (deleted a pizza I had accidentally ordered two of), yet your app did not recalculate the tip based on the new total. Come on!
  • Forces incorrect address 1/5

    By GAGirl-2019
    I’m trying to use this application for the first time and can’t even place an order for the Marco’s less than a mile away. The address logic is defaulting my city incorrectly. Two cities share my zip code and there is absolutely no way for me to correct it when it picks the wrong one. Also, when I try to submit feedback via the app, it asks your order details first. Since I can’t order anything, I can’t submit feedback. It’s crazy and we will take our business elsewhere.
  • App is the worst! 1/5

    By Flajoe2
    Each and every time I try to add an item or light sauce the app does its own thing. Then when I get there the order is WRONG!! Love the pie but the app needs work
  • Not a real app 1/5

    By d100virile
    This app just loads their website url. This is very disappointing.
  • If the app is any indication of how the pizza is... run away! 1/5

    By Kalohabreeze
    Multiple errors after having to give my birthdate , social security number and sperm sample just to see the pizzas. I haven’t even gotten to try the pizza ... because the app won’t load , the website won’t take the app coupon and now me and my family are heading to little Caesar’s where I don’t have to deal with this.
  • Looks nice but it’s terrible 1/5

    By Lovin the Spark
    So many issues with this app. First of all it won’t let me login with my account. When I do it says invalid login. Then when I try forgot password it says Can’t reset password because your account isn’t registered. Then when I try to create a new account it won’t let me because my phone number is already associated with my previous account!! So then I try logging in with Facebook. That works, so I get all the way to the confirm order page when it won’t let me place my order because again my phone number is associated with a different account. So then because I was so frustrated I entered in a fake phone number. Then while trying to enter my credit card info the app crashed....
  • This App is terrible 1/5

    By Mr. I need this
    The whole reason I tried using this app is because they had a promo on their website. If you order a large or xl pizza at menu price they’ll give you a free cheesy bread if you use the app. The app wouldn’t let me push the order through with the promo. I had to go to the store and speak with the manager and he gave me the free cheesy bread with my order. So props to the store, not so much the app.
  • Coupons didn’t work in the app 1/5

    By RealJazzKat90
    Coupons didn’t work in the app, but work fine in a regular browser. Also, some of the drink options were different. Even though I was logged in, it didn’t have my order in the cart when I went from the app to the website.
  • Problem with app 1/5

    By Assyrian Mama
    Trying to copy and paste or just type in code offers app won't use any says coupon code already used for everyone of coupon I tried using need this problem fixed. Thanks
  • Credit cards never go through 1/5

    By Grasscarp10
    It doesn’t matter what credit card or debit card I use, this app never takes them. The website? Works fine. App? Never. Really aggravating.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Messwein
    I’ve been waiting for an app for Marcos, and was excited when I saw online that there was finally an app. Not only that, but if I ordered a large pizza (at menu price) I’d get a free cheesy bread. I went through the process on the app, added a full priced large pizza to my order, added the coupon code, and it wouldn’t let me checkout. The app would not recognize that I had a qualifying order in my cart. I finally gave up and deleted the coupon code so I could check out, only to find that the app wouldn’t accept my credit card information. I triple checked my information for accuracy, but it wouldn’t go through. I ended up having to complete my order online. What a waste of time and space on my phone!
  • Terrible App, Terrible Service 1/5

    I downloaded this app because there was a coupon for free cheese bread with the purchase of large pizza but when I entered the coupon code it said “code not valid for web orders”!! I called the store and they didn’t believe me. So stupid! Why would I try to scam you out of some $4.99 cheese bread?
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Ksma21
    Probably my worst experience ever trying to order pizza. Tried it out to get the free cheesy bread and the coupon worked the first time, but I wasn’t sure about the pick up time so I lost my cart. When I went back in to actually place the order, the coupon wouldn’t work. Tried again and again and again until finally it worked. When I would try to scroll in my cart, it wouldn’t scroll down. It was just the worst! Everything was frustrating and annoying. Definitely deleting the app!
  • Needs more work 2/5

    By Thome Family
    Loaded just fine, but wouldn’t take the cheesy bread coupon or my password..
  • Advertised Price doesn't match Price 3/5

    By AstralDarkstar
    What robbery is this? I click on a coupon that says 2 Mediums for $6.99 each, and my total is $16.98??? That's $8.49 each! That is false advertising!
  • No Menu and No Coupons? Yeah right! 1/5

    By Zatx
    What kind of food app doesn’t have a menu or available coupons? This one!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Victgum
    Placed order for delivery. Got a call from store immediately following order saying we don’t deliver to your location BUT they already charged my card (said I did it when I ordered) and wouldn’t refund me my money for five days. Bad business Marcos’s disappointing.
  • App works great 5/5

    By Lungho69
    Reading the reviews, it is like the general population is getting so stupid they can’t even use an app anymore. The app works fine. If I had to give it a knock, it would be that it has no Apple Pay integration. The added plus is that the pizza is better than any other chain pizza place in my much better that it’s not even close.
  • Extra cheese please 4/5

    By Ram tech
    The app works great but I can’t ever get extra cheese to work. The pop up selection is always off the screen and I can only select light cheese. This works fine for other items just not the cheese.
  • Too bad the app is not as good as the Pizza! 1/5

    By app needs a TON of work
    The app is a sad joke of an ordering system. First and foremost, the app should AUTOMATICALLY select the store that DOES deliver closest to my location. And TELL ME if there isn't one that delivers. Coupons are a HOT MESS. Apparently, EACH store has their own coupons and when you (manulay) switch stores, you lose your coupon. Worse yet, you go through the process of building out your order..which btw, LOOKS different depending on store. I'm not talking about just menu different, but the actual placement of the options you have for building a pizza! This app really is a joke. It may work well for people who don't travel much if at all, but for people who travel and order from a multitude of stores, this app is a huge miss.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By LuvsMeSomePizza
    This is an easy to use app that presents the user with smooth flow and functionality. Congrats Marco’s Pizza! Huge step forward for both you and your Guests.
  • App makes reordering very easy! 5/5

    By Mom in Maumee
    I was very happy to see that Marco’s has an app and I no longer have to go to the web to order. It is easy to use and makes re-ordering really easy. Our Marco’s store (Maumee, Ohio) is always accurate and fast, and we are always happy with our orders. We also like seeing the tv ads for Marco’s - Hello Primo!! Yummy!!
  • Works but UI not great 3/5

    By Gamer3475
    The app works but is not very well designed for an app. It’s pretty clear to me that this is just their website ordering system wrapped in an app. It doesn’t function like an app and doesn’t take advantage of app functionality. Credit card payment is the worst part. You enter your credit card information in their third party’s payment processing form which is very old and not optimized for a phone/app. I’d love to see Apple Pay integration. It’s an iOS app where payment is a critical part; should have Apple Pay.
  • App works fine 4/5

    By Chip99!
    I haven’t tested like other people have. But for me in ordering carry out it works fine. I have no problem picking all the customizations I wanted for a pizza or for salad or for sub. I think it’s like anything else after you use it for a while you get used to how it’s been programmed. Does it need some work, probably, but it functions perfectly fine for me.
  • Portrait only orientation only 1/5

    By Bostons87
    Seriously, what professional company in 2019 makes an app that doesn’t orient to landscape on your iPad???? I actually haven’t used the app yet—it automatically gets 1 star for this reason. I am hoping the app is better than the website, because the website was HORRIBLE—and I do mean HORRIBLE. We are ordering soon so will try to remember to update this review if the app is any improvement to the website—but I’m not very hopeful when I have to turn my head sideways to use it on my tablet. I just tried the app and I didn’t think it was possible—they made it even worse than the website! For goodness sake, how hard is it to build a good website and app in this day and age?
  • Useless 1/5

    Says I’m not on their map. Duh - it won’t let me change store locations! Totally worthless. By the time I actually managed to manipulate my way into the checkout process (tried to call store, left on hold for forever) time quoted for delivery was 80 minutes. Considering I’d already wasted 30 min on this garbage app, I was hangry. I ordered Dominos. Took less than one minute from opening app to payment. You could learn something here, Marcos!
  • App needs work 1/5

    By Jla369
    I was excited for there to finally be a marcos app. Now I’m disappointed. After customizing a “hot deal” the app won’t allow me to add it to my cart. I’ve attempted it multiple times & each time end up back at the home screen. Definitely needs some work.
  • Customer feedback link 1/5

    By pizza mmark
    The customer feedback link is not working.
  • This app is great. 5/5

    By PJMBH
    Made ordering very easy!
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Kelsey4564578
    I’m so glad they finally have an app! It works great for me; no problems like others have mentioned.
  • Great pizza, terrible app 1/5

    By JBwertt
    This app has a lot of issues, thankfully they still make great pizza.
  • Only future orders?? 1/5

    By kbieker
    Went to make an order and it would only let me order for the future... like the next day, not a later time. Hopefully they will fix it soon
  • Almost as good as the website 4/5

    By brython77
    I was happy to see a Marcos app once again and immediately downloaded and opened it. I was able to log in to my account and see my previous orders and everything as expected. I added my usual pizzas to a new order without issue. Unfortunately, unlike on my Mac, where I can use credit cards I’ve previously put into my Apple Wallet, such integration doesn’t seem to be available yet in the app. Since I didn’t have my wallet within reach, I went back to the website on my laptop (since the website’s checkout functions never worked on my phone in the past). Unfortunately, the pizzas in my cart weren’t there when I logged in, which was disappointing since I’d expect them still to be there since it’s the same account being used on two different devices. I’m hopeful that improvements will be made because sometimes, I’m just too lazy to go get my laptop, and calling the store to put in an order means the possibility to get my order wrong—not to mention giving my credit card out over the phone.
  • No more website for me 4/5

    By Monster X
    Works just fine, it’s a good app.
  • Just don’t! 1/5

    By agTatum
    I order Marco’s online, so was excited to see an app. What a disappointment! It will be deleted.

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