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Marco’s Pizza App

From easy ordering to special offers, this app has everything you need to get authentic Italian quality pizza at your fingertips. With the Marco’s app you can… • Order with ease • Enjoy quick access to store locations and directions • See and re-order previous orders • Track and manage your loyalty points • Find the latest deals and offers near you

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  • This app is utter garbage 1/5

    By JoshMA1234
    I hardly ever leave reviews, but this apps is so bad that I have to express my anger. On 3 occasions now, this app has f*#&ed me up. The first time it somehow ordered 2 duplicate pizzas. The second time it ordered from the wrong location. And the 3rd it somehow completely ignored my custom pizza order and gave me something else. as much as I love Marcos pizza, this crap is really annoying. They need to get their s*#@ together with this app. For now on I’ll just order from Papa Johns.
  • Need to do away with app 1/5

    By Mrmarquise1234
    Horrible app never can use any coupons havevlost a lot of my money to papa johns because of this stupid app
  • Non functioning app 1/5

    By back to dominoes
    This app has multiple hiccups in the build. Delivery date and time did not function. The website was wonky as well. Lost this sale
  • Amazing pizza... Terrible app 1/5

    By Tlax2
    When ordering the app times out too quick. If you click home by mistake or to view a coupon your entire order is wiped. This is very frustrating when 4 of your friends did custom pizzas. Lastly this is the 5th time over the course of a mount I fill everything out and the “continue to order details” is grayed out. Closed the app and restarted the phone with no success. I literally can’t give you my money.... Sorry Marco unless someone wants to armrest your app on their phone. I’m done..
  • App Works Well in N LV 5/5

    By Chrysviolin
    The app works well in my location. Just ordered food and I didn’t have the issues that other reviews mentioned
  • No Pizza Sauce 1/5

    By Vdahdj
    I think you guys need to change the way the sauce shows on the receipt. Every time I want white sauce when I order online - they never put it on cause it says on it “no pizza sauce” and right below it will say “white sauce”. I’ve gotten three separate orders where the pizza maker never puts any sauce on my pizza. Fix this please.
  • Could not locate address 1/5

    By Roder75655
    Didn’t really get too far into this app without having a major issue. My delivery address could not be located despite having a Marcos location less than a mile away. Fix it.
  • [email protected]&K Your App!!! 1/5

    Can’t believe I am writing such a horrible review for my favorite pizza place but here it goes. The app won’t reset password or let me log in. Say account exists when registering and says no such account on password reset. Then I clearly placed my order and it came completely different. Half the F&$king pizza had cheese and the other half had nothing on it!!!! $21 mouse turds down the toilet!! Thanks a lot. I will never order Marcos again and Sunday is a family tradition for pizza!
  • Invalid email address?? 3/5

    By Thulaak
    I tried signing up through the app. Simply refused to accept my email address as valid. I’ve had it for 20 years. My guess is they used the gmail email rules around no special characters other than periods so it simply refused to acknowledge that the dash in my email address could possibly be legitimate. Finally used my gmail address and it went through, but this is the first time something has ever refused my preferred email address as valid. Needs work...
  • Credit Card Payment doesn’t work 2/5

    By Hddiehdbd
    I used to be able to order and checkout fast. Now it won’t let me check out with my card. Something changed with “worldpay” forcing me to call in the order. Not a big deal, but for the sake of using the app, it is pointless. Added: I also cannot add new cards, it tries to verify and fails. I tried to add food to the cart and nothing added and have an error. Fix: Switched to Dominos. App worked. Card worked first time.
  • Wish it worked 1/5

    By remote z24
    I would have loved to write a review to describe my experience with the app; however, I am unable to as it’s effectively useless. I get up to selecting “my store”, and then nothing. Blank screen. Delete and reinstall - nothing Reboot phone - nothing Delete, reboot phone, reinstall - nothing ...and I’m still hungry!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Scrutinizing Berto
    Last time I’m fighting with this. I’m now going to quit going to Marco’s due to the frustration when trying to place an order using the app. Website’s no better. Absolutely maddening. Not worth the mental anguish.
  • Just use your “phone app” 1/5

    By efficialone
    Marcos pizza is tops, but their tech is terrible! Ordering online is aggravating, you have to type in your whole address to find your location prior to logging in, just dumb. The app tells you you’re out of the delivery zone....awesome. Good thing I remembered how to use my phone app lol! The staff is awesome so just call it in and save yourself some aggravation.
  • 🍕 5/5

    By CdlCMA
    La mejor pizza que he probado en Austin, Texas súper ricas 😋 me encanta y la atención es increíble
  • Unusable 1/5

    By lvlichelle
    Won’t let me place an order because the app can’t find my address on their map. They even have people holding up signs advertising their store on our street sometimes. What a waste of advertising money since as far as I know, no one on this street has been able to place an order! I hate calling in orders, so I’ll just be ordering from somewhere else until they get their app issues sorted out. 🤷‍♀️
  • Honestly love the place 5/5

    By nootnoot93300
    The app can be a little hard to navigate on your first time but once you get used to it it’s worth it and the pizza is great
  • App freezes up. 1/5

    By tiny titty
    The app freezes up and the local location doesn’t in Bonaire Georgia doesn’t want to honor the deals on the app.
  • Don’t get the app 1/5

    By mg92765
    They entice you to get the app by advertising a free cheesy bread, but then say you can’t combine it with ANY other combo. Not worth getting!!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By kcf221
    App doesn’t even work always say temporarily unavailable.
  • Start over 1/5

    By Sarasa Chan
    Trying to order on this app is a nightmare. I want to apply a coupon but to view the coupons it makes you go back to home. Which clears out the order. Then trying to figure out whether there is enough stuff to go view the terms of the coupon clears out the order. (By the way, the coupon does not explain excluding delivery fee, you should fix that). So to apply a different coupon, I apparently have to... start the order over.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    Coupon codes won’t apply. So dumb!
  • App is not working 1/5

    By joedaddypr
    Error after Error...
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Michael Vance
    I ate it Marco’s Pizza for the first time earlier this week. The food was awesome. I wanted to place an order to pick up a little later this evening. I downloaded the app and started the order process. I selected the carry out option. The app will not allow me to select a time I want to pick the order up. What a disappointment. I was hesitant about downloading the app after looking at the other reviews. I bet I won’t do that again.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By atuggs
    I should have ordered online per my usual. Just ordered off this app and it duplicated my order for one pizza instead of the 2 I was trying to order on the BOGO coupon code. Very disappointed with the order, the lack of duplication of sauce with each pizza, the lack of new coupons on the box, plus having to religious into app to check the status and jo notifications options(delivered earlier that anticipation which is nice hut not if I hadn’t been able to check on it) and the effectiveness of the app compared to online ordering.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By trackmanjones
    I don’t write reviews but this is the crappiest app I’ve used. It’s the age on online. Let’s get with it Marco. I’m an old loyal Toledo south ender and have ordered from you since the late 70s. This is frustrating.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By WMTervgne
    We love Marcos and order frequently. This app is awful! I can order from my laptop no problems but on the app it doesn’t recognize my address. They are 1 mile from our house. Very frustrating when you are trying to order for kids at home and you aren’t there.
  • Unusable app 1/5

    By wwalker1017
    Tried to use this app, way too convoluted and complicated, sends me back to the beginning after applying a coupon code and said I would need to add items to my cart that were already in it. Finally just called the store and asked if they would honor the coupon code. Much easier.
  • Just not functional 1/5

    By Rae Middlebroom
    It’s horrible to use. It seems like it’s not complete. The coupon codes shouldn’t be there once they have expired. There are some pop ups on the app that just don’t make sense. It took me 30 minutes to place an order with a coupon because it was not recognizing and then wouldn’t let me continue. Needless to say, needs a lot of work
  • Instructions tab... 1/5

    By Jack_Danimals
    How do you design an app put a place for instructions and then when you click it you can’t edit anything!!!! I might as well continue to call my order in app is a waste
  • One of the worst apps 1/5

    By John3799
    This is app is designed terribly. You have to go through all the stores to select the one you want - not an easy task since their are many locations and they aren’t fully displayed. Forget about adding an earned discount code after ordering since you have to start over again. This app is no where near intuitive and needs to be redesigned all over again.
  • Not worth your time ... 2/5

    By Brass Tack
    I downloaded this, set up an order as a guest, and attempted to checkout. Asked me to create an account so I did. Started to log in and it told me the account was invalid. Tried again, same result. Bye, bye. The app also wanted to function only in small portrait mode, something I hate.
  • Great Pizza Horrible App!!! 1/5

    By Garbage is wizards
    I can’t have a pizza delivered using the app because it won’t let me have delivered until the next day. I’m not going to waste my time explaining because an app this bad means they don’t care and won’t make changes.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Trim4231
    This app is just as good as the Marcos website.....terrible. 35 min to order a pizza. Could find what I wanted and tried to start over. Ended up with 2 pizzas in my cart. No wat to delete an item. Start over again, now 3 pizzas in my cart. Not sure how I finally got back to one pizza, but it took 35 min to order a pizza. Great pizza, fast delivery, but not worth the hassle. Was hoping the app was better than the website. The website asks you to log in, then makes you type in your full address, before it logs you in. If I could just log in, it already has my address.
  • Locks up every screen 2/5

    By Catspaw63
    I gave up and ordered off the website (hardly the easiest thing, either...) because it locked up every time I tapped a button. I spent 15 minutes trying to order - what a PITA. Please debug this bad boy!
  • Definition of not ready 1/5

    By purplebean84
    This app is the very definition of not ready for release. Most of the “links” do nothing and just sit there. Should have known better than to get my hopes up as there website wasn’t ever much better.
  • Not sure why I tried... 1/5

    By *an0nym0us*
    Read reviews about address issues, downloaded and tried to order anyway. Got all through through creating my order before receiving pop up saying that 1.8 miles from store was outside of delivery area. Immediately recreated and placed order in web browser and deleted app.
  • App doesn’t function 1/5

    By Mercorn
    Look, Marcos pizza is a Toledo classic and all but this app doesn’t work at all. I managed to sign in eventually but never managed to find a menu to order. This is fortunate for me unfortunate for for you because eventually I just decide I probably shouldn’t be eating pizza and give up on ordering.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Cainam
    Used to order online all the time. New app is a pain to use. 2 med pizzas 6.99 plastered all over the app and the website. I actually try to order and nope, the promotion is not valid. What a waste of my time. I drove out of my way to go to another pizza place. What a shame
  • Never had a chance... 1/5

    By nogrease
    Wanted to give Marcos a try but when adding my address it automatically inserted the wrong city which I couldn’t change. My flyer for Marcos will now hit the trash. Not worth the hassle.
  • No menu 1/5

    By jeannieh007
    I downloaded the app. I can place my order but no menu to order from. Track an order if only I had a menu option.
  • 2 miles away and doesn’t know map 1/5

    By lafos
    I tried this today and it couldn’t find my address so I couldn’t order for delivery. I was able to use Safari for the order. This app is junk.
  • The app doesn’t work 1/5

    By C1994izzy
    When I try to log in nothing happens, it just has a white screen! What a joke!
  • Not functional 1/5

    By Lissforu
    Marcos has such great pizza! It’s a shame the app works so terribly. I had to end up calling in my order after wasting 15 minutes trying to order through the app.
  • Or having pizza tonight 2/5

    By lunzen
    Please consider fixing the app so people who order somewhat frequently stay logged in. Somehow I ended up ordering from another store - fairly far away from me. An app isn’t very useful if the user profile isn’t saved, especially a pizza app - just remember me and the darn store I always order from
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By I'm too busy
    You get great specials and coupons, but your order gets reset when you try to use them. The points and rewards system they have in place is not worth the frustration of ordering pizza.
  • Great 5/5

    By Richinvegas
    Easy to use app, easy ordering, easy everything.
  • Unsatisfied customer 2/5

    By Abelgado
    I downloaded this app for the first time last week only because a coupon I received in email. In order to get the free breadsticks along with CL pizza I had to order in app. Well it didn’t work that day so I paid for breadsticks instead. Now today I’m trying to place another order in app and it’s just sitting there spinning. Please fix this issue or minus one customer ME.
  • App needs to be fixed 2/5

    By katieldz
    You ask for the % tip and then calculate it on the order. However, you don’t display the order details until afterwards. I made an adjustment to my order (deleted a pizza I had accidentally ordered two of), yet your app did not recalculate the tip based on the new total. Come on!
  • Forces incorrect address 1/5

    By GAGirl-2019
    I’m trying to use this application for the first time and can’t even place an order for the Marco’s less than a mile away. The address logic is defaulting my city incorrectly. Two cities share my zip code and there is absolutely no way for me to correct it when it picks the wrong one. Also, when I try to submit feedback via the app, it asks your order details first. Since I can’t order anything, I can’t submit feedback. It’s crazy and we will take our business elsewhere.

Marco’s Pizza app comments

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