Marketplace - Buy and sell

Marketplace - Buy and sell

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  • Current Version: 2.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AppKoncept
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Marketplace - Buy and sell App

Find your new stuff with Marketplace today! Marketplace is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community. With Marketplace you can easily put things for sale or giveaway. Help the world and make the person you are selling to happy. Features: - Live chat - Free to post - Search locally - Browse categories We love to hear your feedback about Marketplace. Make sure to give us a rating. Marketplace is not associated with, affiliated or part of Facebook Inc.

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Marketplace - Buy and sell app reviews

  • Give it 5 stars 5/5

    By Hubert Pauls
    It is the best way to shop without going to store! It has saved me a lot of time. Keep up the good work!
  • The best app 5/5

    By Wilfred Roman
    Exceeds expectations!! Great way to save money, easy to upload my items. i love it so much
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Hubert Whiteley
    Excellent marketplace app! why i didn't know this app earlier. It helps me to save money and time.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Allie Eilers
    I've always wanted to increase my income in sales. This application is really useful tool for me
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Ben Moseleys
    I feel very reassured when making a purchase on this app. The seller is very reputable and trustworthy
  • I love it 5/5

    By Evelyn Binnington
    I've sold twice as much goods as I used to be thanks to this app. I sell in my community and am happy to be able to provide users with great products
  • Useful app 5/5

    By Ray Joss
    This is the only marketplace application I use. It helps me to shop conveniently at an affordable price
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Isaiah Miless
    I started using this app after I gave birth to my baby. I don't have much time to shop at the store
  • Best app 5/5

    By Weldon Griggs
    I often make purchases on this app because it's so convenient. I've had great shopping experiences here
  • Great app 5/5

    By Isaiah Palfreyman
    I love this app because product posting is quick and simple
  • Not Secure 1/5

    By Rich
    App is not secure, I downloaded the app for the first time and have been receiving other people’s conversations and messages.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Reuben Tudor
    Marketplace is my go to online shopping favorite for almost any item I am looking for! I have never experienced any problems with any item I have ever order through Marketplace.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Angus Mccartney
    I order everything through here (especially since all this pandemic stuff started). I have found that the product descriptions are honest (Unlike other online shopping sites)
  • I enjoy this application and shopping through Marketplace! 5/5

    By Waldo Leary
    Being a busy single mom, I don't always have time to go get the essentials I need. This application is easy to use, always works, and keeps me easy to buy everything.
  • Love Marketplace shopping! 5/5

    By Lewis Mcclymont
    They have great products, lots of variety, and great prices. I order and getting my item in a few days, without having to go from store to store find something in stock.
  • Very convenient when you can not go out and shop! 5/5

    By David Geldartg
    Possibly one of the best way to avoid contact and being safe in penademic. I recommend getting this app. It is worth every penny.
  • Marketplace is by far my favorite online shopping site! 5/5

    By Noble Greaves
    Nine times out of ten, no matter what you are looking to buy, you can find it on Marketplace and usually for cheaper than on any other online store, too! Worth 5 stars!
  • A great go-to shopping alternative! 5/5

    By Alexander Ludlow
    I make a variety of purchases on this app. Highly recommend!
  • The best shopping experience! 5/5

    By Otto Aylott
    I use Marketplace to shop from retro video games to grocery shopping. Great app for imported things as well as keeping things affordable in price and in timely fashion.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Alistair Kelliher
    It is nice to have the convenience to shop from home. I have health problems that detour me from going out at times so if I am patient about an item for a couple of days I will wait and shop Marketplace.

    By liamsquiddd
    This is not affiliated with Facebook! Do not put in any email or any information!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Earl Foston
    It is never been so easy to shop, fighting traffic and tired rude employees. I think back how did I driving around looking for something, parking, walking, standing in line if they had what you were looking for, very waste time.
  • Why was I charged 1/5

    By OMGjust let mepost2021
    I downloaded this with the intent that it was free and it never once said that there would be a charge so I’m wondering why I can’t get a hold of anybody with customer service or anything for a refund and unsubscribe from this. If I can help or guide me through that that would be wonderful thank you
  • Why pay to sell 1/5

    By player69xxx
    Why pay to sell, I’m good I’ll stick to Facebook market and OfferUp thanks
  • WORTHLESS for me 1/5

    By MikeyD😎😎😎
    Haven’t been able to post anything yet using my iPhone 6s. Major Flaw — the app requires that the condition of the item be entered using a drop-down list. I have tried every option available (brand new, used, excellent) with the same result: the app closes, and reopening it erases all previously entered information. So start from scratch. Same result. Minor flaw — the app will not allow me to change the location of the item. It always defaults to the GPS location. So I can’t post an item’s location accurately unless I’m physically at the same location. My elderly dad has moved and I’m trying to give away his furniture and other stuff but have to go to his hose to do the post? How inconvenient!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Hondare
    This app is fake and a scam. I don’t know why it’s allowed in the AppStore.
  • No customer support 1/5

    By Ellen Pomino
    There’s no customer support from Marketplace......
  • Marketplace 1/5

    By gigi.gigi1401
    It’s a horrible app cause when I use it to post an item and add product condition it exits the app and doesn’t even let me post the item it does this more then one time. Maybe the app running on an older version not supported on my phone or it’s needs to be updated the app.
  • literally nothing 1/5

    By unicorn0404
    every time i open the app nothing loads and nothing happens and i have already signed in and everything and it keeps telling me to sign in. it’s just a blank screen
  • Thank you so much! 5/5

    By Darcy Kirkwood
    This app has the items I need. I ordered them and they delivered fast. I will shop here again. Thank you.
  • No issues at all 5/5

    By Kyle Kingdon
    This was an amazing experience for me. I have placed several orders since placing the first one. I love shopping on this app
  • Would highly recommend. 5/5

    By Tyler Kingsleys
    This is safe buying app for anyone who is looking to shop good products.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Sohil Shevillfx
    I love Marketplace! My only annoyance is it never stays in my local area it always has to be reset. It use too and now it just alerts me for things way out of my 10 mile radios that I have to set every time I want to search .... But I love Marketplace and it really is addicting ?‍♀️?
  • I keep buying 5/5

    By Keambria Cauliernc
    I have met many very nice people and purchased from them. Things that I want things they want to get rid of. This is the perfect match for me. I have found a lead for making fishing weights ladders furniture in a number of other things. I will keep buying everything I need or want.
  • Redefining f.s.b.o. 5/5

    By Christon Whittingtonfi
    For sale by owner has never been easier. Where once we’d have to physically go yard to yard, two days per week only to find those hard to find items, now we comfortably stay at home and scan the Marketplace app for a far wider range of offerings. Saves us time, money and has returned to us our sacred weekend mornings! Yay, for the Marketplace app!
  • Trading system and Bugs 5/5

    By Dracy Peraccogd
    This app is great. I love using it and get on at least everyday. But I would want to recommend one thing; a trading system. I think that this could be done while you are creating a listing and you can choose if that listing is open for trade. When someone is viewing the listing similar to the button for purchase there could be an offer trade, same for in the messages within the offer button there should be a choice for trades but only being able to offer what you have on your listing. Shipping should be paid buy both traders. If this some sort of trading system would be implemented into the app that would be great. On another note, I have been experiencing many bugs while on this app. On my device I am a part of the beta software program for iphone which possibly may be the reasons for this issue. The issue is that I can not open any listings or open any of my own items I am selling. As I open the app everything refreshes fine but as soon as I press a listing or look at my sale items the app kind of freezes for a little but then doesn’t do anything. As I try to press around on another listing the images of the past listing I pressed on keeps coming up not allowing me to view listings I am interested in.
  • Review 5/5

    By Shirley Collenbe
    This App is awesome , you allow ordinary people to enjoy and buy and sell items with out the middle man, I think is fantastic and futuristic, in this time and age even do I’m an older man this technology is use by young and old and is simple , practical and economic, to all of you involved please receive my Thanks
  • Legit 5/5

    By Evanell Calladinemf
    Craigslist is SWIMMING with scammers these days so I had to find something else. Marketplace is a legit app. The TrueYou thing weeds out fake profiles and scammers. You rate your encounters with people which kind of holds everyone accountable to actually follow through. You can sell locally or otherwise, with payment and shipping options worked in. I've sold several items now and can't complain.
  • ???? 1/5

    By CessilyFromDallas
    How am I supposed to get in touch with customer service ?! I did not want to subscribe to this app and now I can not find any help with this problem. Customer service ?!?!
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Maven Herculsonkj
    I find great deals on this website. I purchased a briefcase and it was new and got a great deal. There are so many things and I enjoy going through looking at what is for sale. So far I have had not one problem. Going toward a desktop now and I will definitely find one at a great price. Happy hunting thanks Marketplace
  • Great Buys, Every Time 5/5

    By Izmael Paslowmi
    Marketplace and the people I have bought from and sold to has all been been a very good experience for me. I have sold a number of items and everyone I sold to was communicative and on time, no hassles. Everyone I have bought from have been honest and reliable. I love this app and look forward to using it for the long haul.
  • Hands-down the best buying/selling app 5/5

    By Xara Maddysonjp
    LetGo May have the flashy TV commercials, but Marketplace delivers where it counts. Quickly peruse multiple offers, see the prices quickly, and full picture details. The Truyou (sp.) service is fantastic, letting you know that the seller has been verified. Accessing it from a home PC offers even more features.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Shozo Phizacleamy
    This is such an easy app for selling random stuff you don’t need, anybody can use! I never sell anything online on any of the other app like Craig list or eBay, most of my stuff on Marketplace sell with couple of hours!!!. I would highly recommend this app because it makes very easy to get rid of the stuff you don’t need.
  • Unimpressed 2/5

    By sammiejo2007
    I thought this would be integrated with Facebook, and it’s not. So, I get into the app anyways, and it crashes. :-/
  • Trying to trick people 1/5

    By hdheheicjekdndk
    You guys are very desperate, can’t even post anything without you asking me to sign up for premium😐get a job
  • Easy as saying 123 to list and sell! Good bye BRUTAL EBAY 5/5

    By Tachic Morettp
    For many years I’ve been ripped off by eBay and came across Marketplace and have been with them from the beginning and loved this site. Even through the changes of them improving and advancing to offer shipping worldwide this has not effected the convenience of using this site its only made it better. I highly recommend using Marketplace. The only downfall is a lot of people don’t follow thru with meeting to buy but this is not the fault of Marketplace, it’s just part of selling and this pertains to any store with their customers. If you can learn to shrug it off dealing with these type of people then your golden. All in all I enjoy using Marketplace to sell and buy.
  • Returns 5/5

    By Masayuki Sirmanjs
    Most difficult thing to do on here is return requires so much on the customer requires really really detailed pictures more then what the seller has to post when selling they require pictures of all angles of item had to send about 12 pictures of the shoe and explain each time why I was returning and when I first send a request for my return they send a response saying we are sorry the item didn’t make it on time and that was not even the reason I requested a return then had to explain again for the return and had to send more pictures. I get that it’s to help protect the seller but as a seller myself this makes customers not want to buy form this app again
  • Great selling Platform 5/5

    By Marquees Ellesworthby
    Marketplace really does care about the sellers as well as the customers. They do their very best to make the process intuitive and pleasant to deal with. Most of the customers I have come across thus far, have been knowledgeable in what they are collecting, and some offer their help and insight from their years of collecting. This selling platform is like a family in a lot of ways, people taking care of the one next to them. I suggest that one should try this selling plate form because it’s simple great and they care about your safety, this is paramount to their ethos.
  • Great Deals Great App! 5/5

    By Darrie Schlagtmansui
    I love this app! It’s my go to and I have loved everything I’ve ordered, they have great prices, selections, prompt deliveries and quality has either been a match to every description or it’s been better! One thing I’d like to improve is search filters. I want to browse through items that fit my specific search. Even the filters aren’t always correct because of the way some of the sellers list their posts. I still love it but I spend too much time looking through beautiful items only to find that it’s the wrong size and I’m specifically looking for women’s size 9 winter boots but find 6 favorite pair in my price range but after a half hour and exciting picks, none of my favs are even my size. I’d like for one page full of just what I’m looking for.