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  • Current Version: 3.7.1
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Marvel Unlimited App

Marvel Unlimited, Marvel's only digital comics subscription service gives you instant access to over 20,000 digital comics. Not sure where to start? Check out our curated reading lists to guide you through the last 75 years of the Marvel Universe. Want to read on the plane or in the subway? Download up to 12 issues at a time for offline access! Out of things to read? No worries, new and backlist issues are released every week! Marvel Unlimited features all of your favorite Marvel characters including Spider-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Star Wars, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Defenders, Black Panther, Deadpool and more! Subscription via iTunes Download the app and sign up for your free one-week trial to start reading. If you are enjoying your free trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically renew each month. You can cancel at any time. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current subscription period. Your payment method associated with your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the then-current billing period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. Our Privacy policy: Our Terms of use:

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Marvel Unlimited app reviews

  • Customer service entirely unresponsive 1/5

    By fenixfire077
    Customer service is appalling. Failed to respond to all except one of my inquiries, and never solved that problem anyway.

    By brandongunner
    Refer to the title. Love all the comics. But the app is constantly freezing over and over again and crashing on my iPad. Fix this!!!
  • Great Content Buggy App 3/5

    By Don'tDownLoad23
    The content is fantastic especially compared to the very limited comic selection on DC Universe. However the app is filled with more bugs than any app I have ever used. I am constantly having to delete it and reinstall it. It never works the way it’s supposed to. No matter how many updates for “bug fixes” there are it doesn’t help. This would be a 5* review if it worked like it was supposed to but I have given up hope that it ever will.
  • From One App Developer to Another 2/5

    By ShanePratt
    There are just simple things that need to work. This app is potentially a Panacea but needs to work ALL of the time...not 50% of the time. Currently my iPhone 8 hangs on loading once a comic is selected in both cellular and high speed WiFi settings. Don’t ask me if my app is plugged in or I will virtually give you the . Fix yo’ stuff.
  • Comics Don’t Even Load 1/5

    By KR Knight
    See title. Do you even test your software before releasing new versions?
  • Nothing 1/5

    By JDanknich
    I’ve been trying to read a comic, any comic, for 2 days now and no matter what I try, I keep getting Loading Data. No update. No nothing. I will cancel my subscription unless this is fixed.
  • Reading Lists Won’t load 1/5

    By J_Squeeze
    After updating to IOS 12 the reading lists won’t load anymore...
  • Last update Crippled app again 2/5

    By Winghead88
    You’d think with all that Disney Money the could hire decent programmers to debug before releasing an update
  • Soo buggy, and somehow getting worse. :( 1/5

    By jjviii2501
    The content is good, and the features and design are pretty good, but this app is SOOOOOO buggy. I download content to read offline and about half the time it is unavailable when I go to read it. Then I get a message that my account has been “locked” (with no explanation why) and I have to reset my password. I have subscribed to the Unlimited service for three years and can’t even count how many times I’ve had to reset my password, but today, when I decided to write this review was the worst, as I am currently resetting it for the second time in a single day. I have written to Marvel about this issue multiple times (they must know about it) and received no helpful response.
  • Too many loading issues with pages 2/5

    By ayanami54
    There are frequent page loading issues that make the reading experience frustrating. For instance, page 14 and 16 can load, but not 15
  • App is almost perfect 4/5

    By Hadley95
    I love this app. I really love how a large chunk of Marvels comics are at my fingertips. The only thing that would make this app perfect would be a way of creating folders in my library so I can organize the comics I have in my library. Certain days I want to read certain things and it gets tiresome scrolling through 40-50 comics to find the book or arc I want to read. Other than that it’s great
  • Fairly Good App, Just a few inconveniences. 4/5

    By Tycomicsfan
    I love this app! It’s got a lot of Marvel’s catalog. Plenty to read and good for beginners. Wish the service was a little cheaper due to the app being a little subpar. The app is mostly good but suffers from stability problems and the UI being counterintuitive. There could be plenty of improvements to the UI and the app itself. There are features I would like them to add. I wish you could see the full comic page in horizontal, and wish I could see two pages at once like the Marvel app. Overall the app is good but not great.
  • Crash Crash Crash = Trash Trash Trash 1/5

    By Daveyboy720
    Come on man!!
  • No issues here 5/5

    By Garbognar
    Maybe I am super lucky, because I have had zero tech issues with this app. Everything loads just fine and quickly when connected to a good network. The navigation does have its limitations and bookmarking would be handy, but I can read all the comics I want and that’s just fine with me.
  • Nothing loads 1/5

    By FSTARStunner
    Nothing loads. I am cancelling my subscription.
  • Cool for the 30min that it worked 2/5

    By Rotting Controller
    How have you not figured this out yet? It’s 2018 and Disney/Marvel can’t make a functional application? Get it together. Hire new staff, go pick up some millennial that actually knows how to code! This is an old app, there is absolutely no excuse for this bunk.
  • The app is unusable. 1/5

    By nickname is taken x100
    The idea behind the app is great, but unfortunately the app runs like absolute trash and has been trash for months. I constantly get logged out, my login will no longer work, I’m unable to reset my password and get errors. When I finally do get my account unlocked and reset it only lasts a day or so. Issues do not load, there are always “unknown errors.” The app is littered unusable. This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole, the app does not work at all. I have two separate iOS devices and the same issues happen on both. This has been going on for months. I am going to call and get my money refunded, it’s unacceptable. After doing some research online it seems to be a very common problem. I cannot see why nothing has been fixed.
  • Account locked out constantly 1/5

    By Truckexe
    So I JUST got the subscription and yet I can’t log in onto the app, by tablet or phone. I’ve tried reinstalling and changed my password twice. Currently waiting on support response but I intend to seek a refund if I can’t even use the service after spending money on it. Which is sad because I was so excited to catch up on Spider-Man at long last
  • Go to Amazon/Comixology App instead 1/5

    By crazy e caos
    I’ve been a customer since 2013. The response time for a technical support is 7 days. Every update obligates you to change your password. There is no warning or update reporting when this happens. This app is only good to read back issues. If you own digital issues please back them up. I recommend to use Comixology because you can sync your digital purchases. My days of giving money to this app on a monthly basis are numbered.
  • Great app...when it works 2/5

    By Verngusto
    This app is amazing when it works. I really enjoy consuming comics in this fashion. Especially on the iPad it’s so perfect! The Good: I’m a new comic reader and stumbled upon this app and really enjoyed it. I read about 500 comics within the year. There is access to most of the really good story arcs. The high resolution pages come out crystal clear. The Bad: The app has given me so many issues logging on and being logged out when reading comics back to back, all sorts of random weird text pops up in the description of the comics, sometimes the whole library will disappear for hours, when I download a comic to my device and read it while I’m offline I get an error saying, “failed to page”. Overall: This app has the potential to be great and has been for me in the past, but as of lately it’s become a nuisance to use and it really drives me crazy. I get so involved in these comics during my commutes. I hope Marvel invests some money to making this app work better.
  • Great Product. Bad User Interface 3/5

    By DigitalSamson
    I love MU. It’s a great subscription for any type of comic reader. However, the app itself seems half-baked. I’m so used to the regular Marvel app and how smoothly it runs that it can be frustrating trying to navigate the app. It is often sluggish and the reader will sometimes time out even if I have the issue saved offline.
  • You would think this app is still in beta judging by the amount of bugs it has 1/5

    By Gregm9393
    Like the title’s ridiculous how long this app has been out and how many issues it still has. I regret buying a year of marvel unlimited.
  • The glitches keep coming 2/5

    By MNRampage
    I’ve used the Marvel Unlimited service for a few years now. I’ve seen my fair share of glitches during that time. The recent updates are close to making me cancel my subscription due to theses persistent glitches. Being unable to read the comics offline is a huge issue for me. Also the fact that my library disappears, then reappears but now I have to download my comics again is beyond ridiculous. I normally am forgiving of technical issues, but the fact they keep popping up and sometimes are worse than the previous issues, has me close to the end.
  • Good still but was great. 2/5

    By Spiderman0425
    App is awesome, reading all the comics you can never gets old. The app use to have way more comics, now they are missing a ton of comics for example the original Spider-Man comics are not appearing in the app anymore. Hopefully this gets fixed and they add what’s missing.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Baslol
    I can’t do anything. Try searching 🙄 😬 it doesn’t work. It’s like it refreshes every second - the home page as well.
  • Can't download comics for offline reading. 1/5

    By WonderMarq
    I’m updating my one star review a year later. I’m supposed to go on a 14 hour plane ride tomorrow to Japan and was looking forward to downloading some comics for offline reading. And of course the app is still broke. Won’t let me add or delete Comics for offline reading. When you use your hard earned money to pay for a service, you expect it to work. I love you Marvel, but as a member since 2013, please fix this app!
  • Holy cows Spiderman!!! 5/5

    By TheJosephIAm
    I never took the time to read some of the reviews of this up until now and I am just shocked at how many people seem to have issues with it. I just passed my one year mark with marvel unlimited and while there were some really minor bugs in the past year, overall I have never had a single issue with this app. I have been very happy with this purchase and the amount of comics that I have been able to read in the past year using this app on the iPad has been amazing. Element that I’m not a big fan of it on the phone but I prefer to do all my reading on my iPad anyways so no big deal for me. My experience is that this app has been extremely stable overall and I have been very impressed with it. A good update they did a few weeks ago I believe .6 update for allowing coming since you’ve already read to be shown as read is a great improvement. Keep up the good work
  • Great content, mediocre execution 2/5

    By J/Metro
    It’s a 50/50 shot that the app properly loads when you open it, and even less than that if you’re trying to utilize the offline viewing mode—you don’t know that issues have failed to download until you try to read them offline, and at that point it’s too late to do anything about it. Complete worthless a portion of the time. Also lately everything added to my library has been disappearing, at least temporarily, without rhyme or reason. When it works properly, though, big thumbs up.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By suh ma dude
    The app doesn’t work ... I singed up for the free trial and it still won’t let me read and comics. Do not install this garbage app
  • Fantastic Opportunity but poor execution 2/5

    By SadBoi616
    I love being able to read all the comics I want, but the app is constantly glitchy and it’s even worse when you try and take the comics offline.
  • Updates are improving 2/5

    Update 9/1/18: they added a read icon that always shows issues you previously read, huge improvement there. It still needs a way to follow/save a shortcut to your next unread issue from an “event” or character or series. Also sometimes when you finish reading an issue from an event it has a link back to the event reading order. However sometimes it only has the next issues in that series. It would be nice if when you are reading an event, at the end of an issue you could easily go to the next in the reading order (even when it is from a different series.)
  • Wish I could read offline 3/5

    By Stuball8098
    The offline reading situation was fixed with the last update but I wish they would fix the two other persistent problems with the app. It still occasionally resets all of the comics in your library and comics you have downloaded for offline reading to zero and you are unable to access them for several minutes. The other issue is is waiting for pages to load on comics that have been downloaded for offline reading. I don’t fully understand why I have to wait for pages to load on a comic that has already been downloaded to my device to be read offline. I have noticed that if I am in an area with a very weak signal, the pages will still never load and I am unable to read anything. I never had this issue until one of the recent updates and it has never been fixed.
  • Library and offline missing 1/5

    By Maximilian L
    My library and offline issues go missing all the time now.
  • YES 4/5

    By buggie132
    Here’s the thing: I 100% recommend the subscription. Collecting comics gets to be pretty expensive, and while it’s definitely not the same as reading a physical comic book you get all the fantastic stories for a really good deal. I mean, I pay as much for Netflix and I think I use this app more. The app is definitely not perfect but it gets better with every update. Thanks btw for making it 15000 times easier to navigate!!! My only issues are pretty much the same as everyone else’s—it’s kind of slow and I frequently lose my place when I lock my phone. But since on average they’re only 20 pages it’s not hard to navigate back. So it’s ultimately really great. Keep up the good work!!
  • Decent 4/5

    By bigpheo12
    Love the app, but my current reading list almost always boots out my latest issue and when I click to read a comic it usually starts me back quite a few pages from where I actually left off.
  • Offline downloads broken 2/5

    By Lady Starhawk
    Having trouble with the “read offline” and the browse for characters. If I’m online things are fine, but I’m about to go on a trip and really wanted to download some books to read offline. Fix this, and I’ll rate it higher :).
  • Broken 1/5

    By Di$ney fan
    The app is broken and unusable. Can’t load any comics through WiFi or download anything either. Search is functional but useless if you can’t load content.
  • Disappointing Update 1/5

    By Lumaniak
    This app is generally buggy but worth it for what you get. The latest update has caused BIG problems for me. I had a number of issues downloaded to read and they all disappeared from my downloads. Then I tried to download issues again and they will not download. When an issue appears to be downloaded and I go into it I get a loading screen. I am very frustrated. I have tried rebooting my iPad, using different internet and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing works. Please, please fix.
  • Persistent bugs and take forever to open a comic! 1/5

    By FootyfaninUSA
    Been using the app for a while now but the latest update makes it impossible to use. Try to open a comic, get the icon spinning forever as it “prepares”. Try to read offline, “whoops there was an error”. Please fix ASAP, a major corporate funded app should not have such basic issues
  • New update. Same busted app 1/5

    By Jake el Snake
    Seems like every update breaks the app so hard they have to push another one out a day later. New update wouldn’t let me view or download anything. Tried logging out only to figure out I can’t log back in. Tried to reset password only to figure out that’s glitched and not working too. At least the app icon is pretty, right Marvel? ::eye roll::
  • Update broke app 1/5

    By ShanyCane
    With latest 2 updates (in less than a week) the app no longer works. Persistent “failed to download content” message.
  • Ruins? 5/5

    By anon mcymous
    The app is great, and an amazing way to kill time, but some comics I love are missing. Other than that, 5-star app.
  • I'm deleting this 1/5

    By AlexaPasleyIsHappy
    You have to pay to read he comic wen you can go to library and read it there for free! Plus it's very buggy.
  • The best app and service that I own 5/5

    By soniclennon
    MU has brought countless hours of joy and entertainment to my life. I’ve read and discovered series that I never would have otherwise. I’ve found characters and stories that I absolutely love and would never have even known about without the app. It’s the best value in comics with the best content to back it up. The app performs wonderfully on my iPad. I was hesitant to move away from paper comics but I’ve completely enjoyed the transition. The app is easy to use and beautiful. Thank you so much, Marvel!
  • Trash 1/5

    By annoyed marvel fangirl
    Actual garbage app. They make so much money I do not understand how marvel couldn’t hire some legit app developers. This app has the functionality and navigation of a potato. Must have been created by some high school interns. Please correct your garbage app Marvel.
  • Horribly buggy app 1/5

    By randytorrijos
    Content is great, but app is incredibly frustrating considering Marvel is a large company. Randomly locks you out or empties library with no rhyme or reason, forcing you to reset passwords on multiple devices. I have subscribed to this for years but the bugginess is getting tiring.
  • Terrible App; Great Service 2/5

    By Kwyn1221
    The two stars are solely for the Marvel Unlimited service, which is great. The service gives you access to a huge library. Unfortunately you have to use this terrible app to read it. There are some amazing bugs that have not been resolved in years. My favorite one is when the app randomly decides to delete all the offline comics you have downloaded. Or the one when where some comics get locked out in an infinite loading loop. It’s hard to pick just one.
  • Offline reading is buggy / frustrating! 2/5

    By JT3-Jon
    I tried marvel unlimited 3 years ago and it was a fantastic experience. Offline worked flawlessly. Tried it again this month, and somehow the app is much less stable than it was 3 years ago! I personally use this as a travel companion, so I download all my books to read offline. When I do this, it will sometimes work correctly, but often enough the downloaded comics will somehow get corrupt so when I try to read them later, my entire offline library has red x’s upon opening and I cannot read what I had downloaded! So what I had planned on reading while traveling, tough it says “read offline” cannot be read! Grrrrr! Contacted support a week ago and still have not gotten a reply. Great concept, great price, but frustrating app bugs will have me canceling my subscription.
  • Good content app needs Parker industries or stark industries to fix 1/5

    By MikeW4455
    I love comics but this app really isn’t good It constantly needs to be rebooted. And it spins it’s wheels round and round Crashes too. They’re lucky I like - love Spider-Man But seriously this app stinks
  • Still not updated for 12.9 inch iPad Pro 1/5

    By lip16
    It is three years since the 12.9 inch iPad was announced and this app is still not optimized for it.

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