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Marvel Unlimited, Marvel's only digital comics subscription service gives you instant access to over 20,000 digital comics. Not sure where to start? Check out our curated reading lists to guide you through the last 75 years of the Marvel Universe. Want to read on the plane or in the subway? Download up to 12 issues at a time for offline access! Out of things to read? No worries, new and backlist issues are released every week! Marvel Unlimited features all of your favorite Marvel characters including Spider-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Star Wars, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Defenders, Black Panther, Deadpool and more! Subscription via iTunes Download the app and sign up for your free one-week trial to start reading. If you are enjoying your free trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically renew each month. You can cancel at any time. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current subscription period. Your payment method associated with your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the then-current billing period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. Our Privacy policy: Our Terms of use:


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  • Mildly Satisfied 3/5

    By jp202021
    Marvel Unlimited as a service thus far is outstanding, I have comiXology unlimited as well and started reading a lot of back issues of X-Men on there that I hadn’t had the opportunity to read before. But they don’t have all of it ok unlimited. Marvel Unlimited does have pretty much everything I’ve wanted to continue reading and so much more that I’m excited to get into. The APP however is a different story. It works fine most of the time. But sometimes for no apparent reason pages won’t load, I’ll have to restart the app just to finish one comic a few times. Sometimes when I turn my phone from landscape to portraits or vice versa, the page just goes black and I have to skip to the next page and move back in order for it to show up again. It’s a rather buggy app and can definitely use some dramatic improvements.
  • Can’t delete the read off line Comics 1/5

    By DadWithAPen
    I like to read on the plane and when at work where there’s no internet access. And I can’t delete my read off line comics. So frustrating.
  • I want to love this app 3/5

    By Dirtius Maximus
    I want to, but I can’t. There’s a lot to like, from availability of the massive back catalog of comics to the easy interface when reading a comic. Never mind the need for better indexing and sorting. What ruins this for me is the bugs. First, it would be awfully nice if the app would remember your preferences for sorting in your library so you don’t have to redo them every time, but I could live with that were it not for the rest. Periodically, comics simply will not load. Only black pages show up. I will then have to sign out and back in for the comics to load again. Then today, my recently read list is gone as well as my entire library. Uninstall/reinstall did not help, nor did signing out and back in. I can still access everything on my iPhone, but nothing is there on my iPad. Fix the bugs and my love will grow.
  • Good premise, Horrible with loading 2/5

    By sdcardenas
    I like the idea of having the majority of marvel comics all in one place. However, it’s hard to enjoy when it takes forever to load anything, or doesn’t load at all, especially with searching series, characters, events, etc. This desperately needs to be fixed right away. It’s criminal to have users pay for a subscription then not manage the app well enough to even view comics.
  • Great Comics, App is buggy 2/5

    By Antonio Bandalero
    Not sure what happened to this app but it loads slower then it used to and loads comics slow. App also crashes frequently and the currently reading section often doesn’t update at all. It seems to get worse every week.
  • One of the worst apps ever 1/5

    By Wwefrosty
    I’ve kept and maintained this app for quite some time and have been perpetually disappointed on every level . There have been so many times that this app has failed to deliver on so many basic levels that disappointment would be an understatement. I’ve continued to try to to see if the app would work as a marvel loyalist and have been consistently disappointed.
  • Great service, terrible app 1/5

    By stlredbird
    I’ve been an MU subscriber for almost 3 years. The service itself is a ridiculously great value... but the app is garbage. I don’t understand how after 3 years of constant updates there have been zero changes to features or looks but still continuous bugs. Every update is to fix bugs but either none of the bugs get fixed or 2 bugs pop up for every 1 that gets fixed. I just don't understand it.
  • Would be great but always loses your place 2/5

    By Protemus
    The “currently reading” section NEVER works properly. If the app gets killed while I am reading it closes the book I am on. Just save my place for crying out loud. I have to go back and search for that book in my library! Why!?! It doesn’t let you group your books by series in the library and doesn’t order them by issue number. I am trying to read a crossover story that involves multiple titles and the experience is horrible. The thumbnails are way too small to read what number of the crossover is on the title page so I have to try 6 different titles to see which one I was on when I come back in and which comes next. Worse, it starts the ones I read over again so I have to page through to the last page to see what title/issue is next. The actual reading of the books is a pleasure but the browsing is abysmal. I manage a mobile app team and I would fire my devs if they let a product go out with this poor a user experience.
  • Great concept... horrible app 1/5

    By Dood_345
    From offline comics not correctly downloading to the constant loading spinning circle of death. This app needs a MAJOR update. Please fix, otherwise I will be unsubscribing! Thank you.
  • Events need a re-design 1/5

    By vortex0007
    I love the idea of going to the Home button in the app and being able to discover a new event that I might not have read about, but the lack of a “download all” button for the event is driving me insane! If I’m lucky, the event is only for 1 comic series so it’s not terrible to open the first one and read them in order, but for any major comic event there is usually a cross over - like the Infinity story where the crossover is for a selection of 3 different comic series. The app needs to be redesigned to support a “download all” for the event AND a “Make ALL available for offline for the event. And what’s with the 12 comic limit for offline? I can’t make it through a 4 hour flight from Georgia to California with only 12 issues offline... Please fix!
  • Constantly freezes up 1/5

    By mfloyd2283
    The app is slow, constantly freezes, and has trouble downloading issues for offline reading
  • Had to uninstall and reinstall 4/5

    By wolflordhk
    To fix 3 page limit bug.
  • If you can handle the bugs and crashes... There's good content 4/5

    By jobobicus82
    *UPDATE June 2018* In general the App seems more stable, but since the last couple of updates, the Offline Library has been acting weird. Even though the issues show as downloaded, they won't load a lot of the time* First off, the content library is amazing. The titles you have access to (which are added about 6 months after publishing) are staggering considering the price. You can get a year's worth of Unlimited comics for the price of about 3 arcs on the Marvel Comics app. That said, I have actually gone to the Marvel Comics app and bought titles that I had "free" access to because the Marvel Unlimited app is so unreliable. Think of this as an online-only streaming app... The "download" feature works so sparingly that it isn't worth considering. If you're going on a long flight... Just buy the issues on the trusty Marvel Comics app instead. Be prepared to search for a title multiple times to read it. Adding an issue to the library is hit or miss. Deleting one that you did manage to add can be nigh-on impossible. And sometimes you have to exit and retry a few times to get the issue to load. Sometimes you have to access it from a different location. It can get VERY frustrating. The app sorts your library one way and one way only... By publish date. I like that feature for reading things like Avengers or X-Men, which have multiple books going on simultaneously... But it's odd to me that you can't group it by title or story arc. BOTTOM LINE: This is a budget app, and man does it feel like one. But it has its uses, and if you are willing to put up with the bugs, the content will provide hours and hours and hours of good reads.
  • Good for getting started, bad for everything else 3/5

    By McQChris
    Pros- - Cool interface that lets you zoom in and scroll either by page or by scene - Huge library and lots of fun stuff to read - Cheaper and easier than buying individual comics - Events outlined nicely, with cross-overs and reading order (infinity, civil war, etc) Cons - Doesn’t save your progress when the app closes unless you add the comic to your library. Make sure you add everything to your library - So many missing issues! Doctor Strange (2015) skips from #26 to #381. No point in reading #381 + with no context. Infinity Watch just ends, the app says “coming soon.” It was written in the 90’s. When is “soon?” I took off 2 stars for the main problem- incomplete series. It’s frustrating to get really into a series only to find that you can’t continue the story. They should notate a series as “incomplete” when you open the series page.
  • Guess I can’t subscribe? 1/5

    By Dubal01
    This app seemed like a great idea. Downloaded it, subscribe through itunes, app came up with a nice little splash screen Star Reading. Went to pick a comic and low and behold the app says I have not joined and i need to subscribe. Restore purchase...purchase restored...repeat cycle of app say i have not joined. Deleted...reinstalled and guess what your worthless app still says I have not joined. Thanks at least for the 1 week trial. Now to delete subscription and not deal with this junk app again.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By RosieMarkBethRyan
    I signed up for the service and then I was not able to log in. The correct information was entered each time but the weak sauce authentication servers couldn’t complete the log in process. I guess I will just read the hard copies. It’s 2018 Disney, get with the times.
  • Service is great, app is terrible 2/5

    By Qwerty987654ytrewq
    I love Marvel Unlimited as a concept. Reading unlimited comics is amazing. I’ve never bought a physical comic book and really feel like this service has opened an entire world previously unknown. I’ve been an annual subscriber for 2+ years. The app and interface however are absolutely terrible. There hasn’t been a meaningful update in forever. It signs me out constantly, doesn’t mark the issues I’ve read, and rarely downloads issues for offline reading successfully. I want: -A way to bookmark series I follow so new comics are flagged to be read so I don’t have to go hunting to see if a new issue has been uploaded. -A way to download the next issue in a series for offline reading with a single tap. For example, if I finish reading Spiderman/Deadpool #11, I’d like the menu option to save #12, so I can read it later. Right now the option is to download #11, which just makes no sense. I just finished it, why do I want to make it available offline? To download 12 I have to follow a convoluted path. -Just all around fewer error messages and smoother loading. It feels like the developers got to “good enough” and then abandoned the app. They upload new comics weekly, but don't make any other changes.
  • It works, but could be better 4/5

    By Shinto Z
    Overall, this app works fairly well, especially on iPad, where reading comic book formats is easier. It would go a lot further, and have profiles, similar to the Netflix app... it would be great to be able to create profiles for my kids, so they could read their own comics. Speaking of which, the app could lock out certain title based on rating. And you could also put the Marvel Max comics in here. AND! If you put IOS device in “Invert Colors” mode, the system flips the colors of all of the comic pages. It would be great if it would not do this, or if, at least you could have a setting to “reflip” colors while having a device in “Invert Colors” mode.
  • Update ruined the app 1/5

    By 16.2 minutes
    Many of the comics won’t download. Hey will show they are, but you have to wait a little while so it can load the next page while you are trying to read. It takes forever to download the ones that do. Most of the time you can’t connect to their servers anyway. This app was fine 6 months ago when I paid for my year subscription. Now they have made it useless, don’t waste money on it.
  • Going on four months waiting for unlimited plus kit. Oh and I still can only read three pages 1/5

    By Yelloiroc
    Going on four months waiting for unlimited plus kit. Oh and I still can only read three pages
  • App needs overhaul 2/5

    By joshdammit
    I love this service, but the app really has opportunities. It’s hard to navigate, the recent comics I’ve read aren’t properly refreshed or kept in sync between devices. My library randomly disappears, comics tend to take a while to load (over private WiFi) or just don’t load. The app is also a little difficult to navigate. Please give the app a good upgrade.
  • No internet 3/5

    By daibodhisattva
    Update – Marvel contacted me regarding my review and seems to be actively pursuing a fix. Refreshing to see app devs who actively research and attempt to located bugs. Updating to 3 stars and will happily give more upon learning an issue is resolved App is suddenly giving an error that there is no internet connection. I’m on a very fast WiFi and tried LTE as well. Several on Reddit complaining about this off and on. I’m an app developer and can spot bad code for detecting connectivity as the culprit. It happens but Marvel needs to make a fix a priority. Once they do I’ll update my review and rating. Right now I can’t use my subscription on my phone. So money being wasted. I can fix the code within a few hours.. no reason the devs of this app can’t as well.
  • Great service, not so great app 2/5

    By TyeHi89
    Consistently have to close and reopen the app to get random pages to work. I also haven't been able to save anything to read offline for over a week. I really like the idea of having access to all the comics I enjoy. Just wish the app would perform better!
  • Marvel...come on! 1/5

    By FreqParagon
    How does a giant like Marvel allow a piece of trash app like this get released? I remember when the comic community cared about the reader. This app clearly shows that after years of buggy issues, they refuse to commit to their customers and deliver what they claim it does. I constantly get signed out while reading and lose my spot, comics are not able to be organized and is complicated finding my spot after being kicked out, several times a week I can only view first 3 pages of books, some books say downloaded but get an error when trying to view them. Again, complete trash. You could have had a life customer in me. Now I tell everyone that I know who is into comics like me to not be fooled into getting literally robbed.
  • Updates haven’t fixed load times 1/5

    By captainkeel
    Just waited 50 seconds for the app to load. Why does it take this long? Recent updates have also messed up the recently read section on the front page.
  • Garbage app, embarrassingly buggy. 1/5

    By d r e a m y
    I like this subscription service but this app is terrible, and it’s bad enough to justify canceling my subscription all together. I do most my reading on the subway, where there is no cell service. This means I rely on the “Read Offline” feature, that rarely if ever works. Basically this means I waste a lot of data trying to read comics with my Marvel Unlimited subscription and a lot of the times I can’t access the books at all. A disgraceful embarrassment. 0 stars.
  • $75 for just 3 pages per Issue 1/5

    By Mark S
    Just updated the app after Marvel stated they fixed this bug. Still not working. It’s been over 1 year. Need a refund.
  • Doesn’t work 5/5

    By Amira2005
    Every time I open a comic it tells me to join and in my account tab it tells me that I am not currently a marvel unlimited member, even though I am. Please fix asap! After it got fixed I will change my review.
  • Only getting three pages of any book 1/5

    By gustaf76
    Problem not fixed!
  • Lost Entire Library 1/5

    By JacksPancreas
    And don’t remember everything that was saved in it. This app never misses an opportunity to prove how sub par it really is. Marvel: you got that Disney money...but you’d never know by using this app...
  • Great idea, poorly programmed app 2/5

    By favian
    When it works it’s great. When it doesn’t, you’re having a terrible time. Examples? A “read offline” function that doesn’t actually save the comic to be read offline. The app only sometimes remembers where you left off, which means turning many pages to get to where you actually left off. A search function that leaves a lot to luck when finding what you’re looking for. I haven’t found a lot of “adult” targeted comics like Alias (Jessica Jones original series) but hoping those get added soon. There are times where the app loads nonsensical dummy text in the description instead of an actual synopsis. (Lorem Ipsum text). And worst of all, their servers are pretty slow and unreliable which means that even if I’m on a fast WiFi connection, sometimes the comics won’t download or download very slowly. Especially frustrating when it’s a comic that I downloaded for offline reading. The Good? Beautiful high resolution pages, Nice sized library to pick from, great cinematic scrolling through panels that brings the content and stories to life. I’m sure that takes a lot of work on their end and it’s worth the price of admission. They have curated and promoted content that I didn’t know about. It’s just too bad that on a technical level the app is unreliable. I’ll revise my review when this fix all my complaints
  • Buggy after all these years 2/5

    By JoVi The Elder
    I have been using this app for more than 3 years and it is still very buggy. If you want to read a book while online it works relatively well... however, if you want to load up a few books to read on the plane while on airplane mode... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Once loaded, I have been trying to erase the ones I’ve read so I can load another set and it is not happening! This is very frustrating, to say the least! Please fix this!!!! I have been reading Marvel books for over 30 years, I deserve better!!!
  • Good but 6 months behind 4/5

    By XXX420Blazeit69
    This app is really easy to use one you buy the subscription. The catch is that all comics are exactly 6 months behind!
  • Like Spider-Man 5/5

    By rtpitt
    I like reading Spider-Man comics
  • Isn’t very up to date 4/5

    By tylerwashere
    I downloaded the app about a year ago and have read a lot of comics using it. One thing that is frustrating is that they advertise having all the new comics but comics aren’t released on the app until three or more months after they are released in the comic book store. There’s also a few annoying bugs but overall a pretty good app and they have a big library
  • The Best! 5/5

    By Aztec crow
    I’ve been reading comics most of my life, but had to cut down when the hobby became ridiculously expensive. Although I still buy comics once and then, indulging on a good stack of 50 digital issues costs about a $100.00 (unless there is a good sale). Why would I want to spend that much when I can get an ebook for much less? Marvel Unlimited solves that problem. Although the comics are about a year behind the actual publication date, you can read for hours, and pretty much from anywhere. Great value, and tons of fun! Although the app is not perfect, but I have been a member since 2007 (before there was an app), and have never regretted it.
  • Great content, lousy app 1/5

    By Dph2009
    With the current update to this app, it has become virtually unusable. Downloads of issues take a very long time; in fact, I don't even know if they ever finish as I have given up using it.
  • Only 3 pages 1/5

    By NCjed
    I can only read the first three pages of issues that I was in the middle of reading or have recently read as well as other issues that I tried. I have submitted feedback through email, and the latest update says the problem has been fixed in the release notes. The problem has not been fixed. I will not be renewing my annual subscription at the end of the month if the problem persists. I would have recommended this app in the past, but I cannot recommend it now.
  • Good 5/5

    By Brayden online
    This is really good it is working fine for me
  • Don’t Do It!! 1/5

    By derekstrahan
    Marvel Unlimited Customer Service is absolutely horrible, apparently this program is run by a bunch of teenage kids. The free trial IS NOT FREE!!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By monchelesarfati
    First, when I signed up it would only let me see the first 3 pages of the comic. Then I tried signing out to sign back in, apparently that worked for some people, and now it won’t let me sign in and it won’t send me an email to reset my login info. I can’t use the app at all. I’ve googled the issue and I’m not the only one. This app is terrible.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Megafkcjdks.
    What a galactic piece of crap this app is. It has more bugs than an overrun ant farm. I emailed their tech support and they responded by asking me to list all the things wrong with it. I'm not your beta tester marvel, just open the app and you can see the infinite problems it has. Also, I had a year subscription, I didn't realize when it was up and of course they just charged my cc without any notice or asking if I'd like to continue. I abhor businesses that use that shady practice. I messaged them asking them to refund my money and cancel my subscription, of course I received no response.
  • Can’t organize 4/5

    By The Duke 32
    As a neat freak I am endlessly annoyed that I can’t remove titles from the currently reading list and they don’t automatically remove themselves when finished. Read offline feature is nice. Collections feature is awesome. I wish I could put folders in my reading list but not a major issue. Please give an option in the currently reading list to remove unwanted ones.
  • I don’t know what you guys did... 2/5

    By TaintedStu71
    The app was working fine before the last update, but now it won’t load anything past the first three pages of a title. Please fix this.
  • Can read my subscription when the app decides i can 1/5

    By Caelumerrare
    Once every day or two, cuts my issues down to the non subbed 3 page preview, can read other comics, just not the one i was picking up from where i left off the day before. Mention ped this to twitter, emailed the apparently nonexistent support. Cant find a fix, nobody cares about money slinging subscribers. Trash.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By !TJ!
    Starting to get frustrated with how many times I have to uninstall and reinstall because a glitch causes only 3 pages of a comic to load. Would love an option that allows me to customize an alert or notification setting for when specific series are updated. Other than that. Love it.
  • Content is great, app glitchy and hard to sync between software 2/5

    By Drank too much
    The content is overall awesome. It covers a lot of ground and goes as far back as mid 60s and anything from Spiderman to star wars. But it does not seem as fluid as I would expect. I've been trying to create an account and link it fb so I can go between my iPhone and iPad but it's been really difficult. I've also ran into one comic that only had three pages. It should also be easier to follow up on the next comic in the series after I read it and come back to it.
  • Doesn’t let me read comics. 1/5

    By Atiya Atsan
    The app doesn’t let me read comics, it keeps telling me that I need to connect to the internet to be able to read comics despite being connected to the internet. Please fix this!!!
  • I really want to love it 1/5

    By Mothman313
    That app is fantastic when it works, quote me when I say “when”. I have a subscription with the app and the comics never load for some reason, this includes any type of internet place it still won’t load any comics
  • Seriously??? 2/5

    By Andy Jianyi Ye
    I like reading comics and I like to collect comics even when it is in digital forms. Please include better organization rules like favorite series or characters. It is horrifying trying to find a downloaded comic book within a naked list of 1000+... And please add downloading for series or characters or simply multi select or simpler make the download button right on the cover of the book. I have purchased the subscription and I should be able to download what I want immediately, not miserably clicking 1000+ times through the laggy and no responsive UI to complete a local collection... and some books can’t be downloaded... why why why why why

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