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Mastodon is the largest decentralized social network on the internet. Instead of a single website, it’s a network of millions of users in independent communities that can all interact with one another, seamlessly. No matter what you’re into, you can meet passionate people posting about it on Mastodon! Join a community and create your profile. Find and and follow fascinating folks and read their posts in an ad-free, chronological timeline. Express yourself with custom emoji, images, GIFs, videos, and audio in 500-character posts. Reply to threads and reblog posts from anyone to share great stuff. Find new accounts to follow and trending hashtags to expand your network. Mastodon is built with a focus on privacy and safety. Decide whether your posts are shared with your followers, just the people you mention, or the whole world. Content warnings let you hide posts containing sensitive or triggering material until you're ready to engage with them. Each community has its own guidelines and moderators to keep its members safe, and robust blocking and reporting tools help prevent abuse. More features: • Dark Mode: Read posts in light, dark, or true black mode • Polls: Ask followers for their opinion and tally the votes • Explore: Trending hashtags and accounts are a tap away • Notifications: Get notified about new follows, replies, and reblogs • Sharing: Post directly to Mastodon from any share sheet in any app • Cuteness: Our mascot is an adorable elephant, and you'll see them pop up from time to time Mastodon is a registered nonprofit and development is supported directly by your donations. There’s no advertising, no monetization, and no venture capital, and we plan to keep it that way.

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Mastodon for iPhone and iPad app reviews

  • Mastodon is a godsend 5/5

    By MaskedMoron
    Mastodon is so much nicer and friendlier than Twitter. I love this network.
  • Awful user experience and boring communities 1/5

    By gonobeanoe
    Complicated joining process, heard of servers with dangerous alt right groups, and shut downs of lgbt spaces. Server owners can also apparently read your messages.
  • App works great. Awesome platform. :) 5/5

    By unrznbl
  • Keyboard keeps freezing when typing 2/5

    By coldsteak
    This only happens in this app, the iOS keyboard keeps freezing while typing. I can't ever finish a post and happens every time about a sentence or two in. Super annoying.
  • How Mastodon could improve 3/5

    By DCProud
    I love the ethos and underlying values of Mastodon, but as former journalist and news junkie I could not figure out how to connect with other media organizations. There also did not seem to be local or even regional US communities to align with. Also, how can I switch from the node I signed onto? It should be intuitive to move from one server to another. Posting links to articles do not actually display the article header as they do on Twitter—at least they didn’t when I tried it a couple of weeks ago. I also hope Mastodon encourages fact-based journalists, commentators and news organizations to post here. A news feed that would display on its own tab would be great. It is right to keep Mastodon from being a vector for misinformation and trolling, but it should encourage information, investigation, thoughtful debate—and yes, some fun 😸.
  • It’s NOT TWITTER!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By protondoc
    ITS NOT TWITTER!!!!!!!
  • A great alternative to Elon’s Birdemic 5/5

    By CleverUnusedNickname
    As that other app grows more toxic by the minute, Mastodon is a breath of fresh air. No manipulative algorithms trying to outrage you. Open source and decentralized, so no single person can control it. And plenty engaging.
  • Mastodon works! 5/5

    By ^^WeWatch^^
    30 November 2022 With the demise of Twitter Mastodon is stepping up to the plate. You can’t ask for more than that. Better than CC & Tribel, not filled with the extraneous garbage like IG, doesn’t badger you like TikTok, isn’t Facebook, & doesn’t put your personal info in danger like Post.
  • Broken 5/5

    By Bosco666
    Can’t get pass the signup phase.
  • Love this app, so much better than Twitter 5/5

    By a guy who reviews stuff
    I love the notification sound this app has. If there were a federated timeline view in the app it would be perfect
  • Seemed More Complicated Than It Is 5/5

    By B.Railgun
    At first it was a little tough finding a sever to join because I’m more accustomed to centralized platforms. But once I got in, looked up people and organizations I wanted to follow, and got down to the business everything fell into place. Moderation is way more flexible than it is on more centralized platforms, which ultimately makes it easier for more genuine voices to be heard. There are things to improve but over all there is a generally positive outlook.
  • Love It 5/5

    By Pro_crustes
    Non-centralized many-to-many communications technology is the future. This app proves it works. I love it.
  • Left Twitter and found much more pleasant connections. 5/5

    By 9999yuck
    The learning curve is a challenge but I’m grateful for Mastodon.
  • Mastodon 5/5

    By JRRPA
    Mastodon is an excellent forum for free and open conversation and the sharing and debating of among other things political and economic policies.
  • Broken, convoluted, and confusing setup. 1/5

    By Jon 27610
    Broken, convoluted, and confusing app. I honestly unistalled this because I couldn't get it to do anything. It's a bit confusing. I don't get it.
  • Accessible, Easy to Use, and Fun 5/5

    By ajluis101
    Whilst at first, the interface may seem unfriendly to new users, it is in fact highly accessible and easy to use, once you settle on a domain name for yourself. Admittedly, I initially found it odd and off-putting even how only certain domain names were accepted (i.e., how the website and the app differ in such, and also how appears to be inaccessible as a domain name); however, once I got past that, I was able to select a domain name that most closely aligned with who I am as an individual. I can safely say that since then, I have had a blast using an interface system that actually appears to be user-friendly, and engaging, whilst simultaneously being secure and independent of privatization. Also, whilst switching between the website and the app may seem inconvenient at first, it’s actually made fairly easy to do so, and thus isn’t too much of an issue, provided you save your changes before resetting your screen. That being said, the only reason I am giving this app 5/5 stars and not 4/5 is simply because I genuinely like how Mastodon is handling things, and look forward to future developments from them - especially the ones I outlined! 😅
  • Newbie perspective 5/5

    By MrBadger42
    New to Mastodon but have found it easy to use.
  • Finding people 2/5

    By Putneydog
    It’s way too hard to find people across servers. As a Twitter refugee, I didn’t have many followers but followed a number of folks and I can’t find them. When I look at the followers of the people I follow, I can’t see them if they’re on a different server. Frustrating.
  • There is an answer 5/5

    By dececa
    Different, yes, but don't be afraid to heed the call. A little birdie brought me here. I'm grateful for that
  • Am I really on Mastodon? 4/5

    By DrPippi
    I never signed up for Mastodon (because I couldn’t figure it out) until I got this app. It, apparently, let me sign up, create a homepage, post, follow, etc. But am I really “on Mastodon” without going through that other, painful, complicated process?? Meant to add that the Mastodon website does not recognize me with the info of my identity on the app. That’s weird.
  • Better than Bird App! 5/5

    By NewMexi.W
    This app helps connect intelligent individuals wanting to think for themselves. The bird app is brainwashed
  • Refreshing 5/5

    By EJM305
    Fresh and spontaneous postings!
  • App has problems 3/5

    By lkooko
    I have difficulties posting sometimes I can’t copy and past sentences from other sites like Instagram and Facebook and it dosent allow me to add a description in the photo from time to time this app has alot of work to do.
  • Better alternative to the bird 5/5

    By Willett K
    This has most of the features of the blue bird, but no ads, no weird algorithms trying to push material on you (you just get who you follow, in chronological order), and reasonable moderation.
  • Open and civil 5/5

    By gwfoto
    An open forum for sharing opinions and perspectives in intelligent and civil exchange of points of views.
  • nothing 1/5

    By Green engine
    to see here. maybe I create an account one day. looks bad and complicated. there never will be another first impression.
  • Good Twitter alternative 5/5

    By Applesauce1492
    Very positive experience so far. No ads, no trolls. I ended up moving servers and liked that you can move your followers/following list with you. Mostly use the website to follow news/entertainment stuff and it’s exciting to see familiar accounts joining.
  • Great platform 5/5

    By kiyomihakuno
    Good for interacting with others!
  • Interesting time 4/5

    By irenie2
    It’s great that be new along with everyone else. Minus star for being confusing to sign into but once in, it’s great.
  • Crypto yogi joins mastodon 5/5

    By Nelsonucla
    Great user experience so far.
  • Nicer than twitter 5/5

    By timwayne
    The app works better than twitter. The UI choices are smart. The user base is, at this time, supportive, respectful, and interesting, but also too small. Twitter to Mastadon is like going from a packed arena where everyone is holding a flamethrower in one hand and a jar of acid in the other, to a dinner party. The dinner party is objectively better, but conflict is necessary.
  • Notifications on posts 4/5

    By timberland.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By 1Maura1
    Wouldn’t even let me create account after d/l app. Tried several times but got nowhere. Went through all the requirements and all I got was a ton of junk mail after I attempted to create account, junk I’d never seen before, as if all the app does is collect your info and sell it asap. Not worth it!!
  • Use Social or World 4/5

    By answer 42
    I was hoping for an art only server but there is none…best there is seems to be the more general ones like Social or World.
  • Learning the Ropes 5/5

    By Stellabystlit
    I wish I could bring all my followers over.
  • Not work in the us 1/5

    By Cxpsp
    Can’t even sign up
  • Aprendiendo 5/5

    By Martamar77
    Me está gustando. Pero no se adjuntan más fotos. Error 502.
  • Ignores some settings 4/5

    By dethier1958
    I mostly like using the official Mastodon app on my iPad and iPhone, but there are some annoying things that keep me trying other apps. In my settings I have chosen to always show media and always expand posts with content warning, but the app ignores my settings. On the iPad, when in landscape orientation, which is how I always use my iPad, I find the layout annoying. The main feed is fine, but the feed on the right, with the choices of local, etc. is cramped. And some posts are not properly justified and overflow the right side of the screen. It might be better to have a toolbar like the one on the left side that lets you choose another feed (local, explore, hashtag, etc.) to view in the main feed part. It would also be nice if the app had an easier way to update to the latest posts. Perhaps when starting up the app it could automatically fetch the latest posts in the main feed and show a button to allow me to show them. I hope the app will continue to be updated and improved. I am liking Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. A really good mobile app will enhance that experience.
  • Takes a while 3/5

    By yfsily
    I’m sure it will be well worth the effort if we all work at this
  • Enjoying, despite ignorance 5/5

    By LibertarianLibertine
    I have no idea what I’m doing but I am enjoying this much more than Twitter or Facebook.
  • Mastodon—- difficult to manage 3/5

    By strugglingoldlady
    When you’re ready to admit you’ve become an old lady, Mastodon, while a great idea is hard to understand — we didn’t grow up with the technical language—-but I’m trying
  • Photo upload fails Error 502 1/5

    By Bladerunner5
    Regardless of size or resolution all image upload attempts fail with this message Upload Failed HTTP 502
  • Love the end user experience 3/5

    By Bruce of the resistance
    If I could find my people easier I’d give this app a 5
  • Can’t post 1/5

    By Stephanabelle
    If you’re typing a post and happen to hit the Return key, it will freeze the app completely.
  • Photos 1/5

    By Jsnpy
    Pics not loading and app boots me out. Fix it, please.
  • Making the switch 5/5

    By Dedrkangl
    To be perfectly honest, I’ve never really been a Twitter user, it was the only platform I stayed clear of. Now that that bird site is being run by a loon, everyone is flying over to mastadon. I decided to take the leap and join. I was immediately welcomed by so many like-minded individuals, the constant barrage of advertising from other social media platforms did not exist here on Mastodon end it finally felt like I had found a place where my voice could be heard. so far, I am enjoying all aspects of the community, the interface seems familiar, and I look forward to seeing how this community grows.
  • A little buggy 2/5

    By GoodLuckNatalie
    I had a mastodon account but it disappeared when the server I chose was taken offline. I don’t know what assurance there is that this will not occur again. Mastodon requested I rate and review this right when I was trying to figure out why a post failed, which wasn’t the best time for me to give it a good review. Maybe it will get better - I’m sure the current influx from the twitter exodus is a strain.
  • Great, but a tutorial would be nice 4/5

    By Valentine Briese
    This is great, but it can be a little confusing at first. A quick tutorial and/or some tooltips when doing something for the first time could be helpful for the many new users.
  • Glitching 3/5

    By michsygold
    I can’t post anything because my screen freezes or I get kicked off the sight. I am frustrated
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