Match™ - #1 Dating App

Match™ - #1 Dating App

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  • Current Version: 21.02.00
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Match Group, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Match™ - #1 Dating App App

Match is raising dating to your level. Because let’s face it: there’s only so much left-right thumb gymnastics you can do when you’re ready for something more. Backed by 25 years of experience and real-life dating experts, our app gives you the date-smarts you need to find what you’re looking for – from matching to meeting in person. Did we mention free? You can now chat with your best recommendations daily, no subscription necessary. Meet singles nearby and get the most out of Match’s dating app with: Video chat: Take a break from messaging and really get to know someone. In-app video chat lets you talk and see each other live before exchanging numbers or meeting in person. Custom search: Feeling picky? We say power to you. Get as specific as you want when searching for singles so you never compromise when it comes to a relationship. Conversation starters: From trending topics to easy ice breakers, our dating app offers more ways to spark meaningful messages. Virtual & in-person events: Go beyond just likes and messages. Flirt face-to-face with local singles in a safe, stress-free setting. Access to Dating Experts: From perfecting your profile to helping you nail the first date, our team of experts has your back. Date Check-In: Keep your friends and family updated on your next date night by notifying them of your plans right from the app. Ready to find someone right for you? We’re right there with you. Download the Match app for free today, and in a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to better matches and better dates.

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Match™ - #1 Dating App app reviews

  • Deleted Profile Charged 1/5

    By olive2rate
    I used the service maybe two or three times outside of scrolling through and being unimpressed. It was not for me so I deleted my profile and the app. Then I received an email saying I’d signed up for another 3mth access that I don’t want. Why is there not an alert when you go to delete your profile to remind you to cancel the subscription as a separate act. I also have notifications on for renewal alerts that didn’t alert me to the upcoming payment. Nor was there an email alert. I would like my money back as I had no intentions of using this service past the short experiment period - as was indicated by me deleting my profile initially.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Goldtoes68
    They claim in their ads that you can message with matches but that’s not sure
  • 5/5

    By yolkybuckle
    Here’s a pre view of my review. As I’ve been on the app for an hour and I have just gotten the swing of things I’m noticing there are more people looking for just what I want than I realized. So greatful for the ones that are making this possible for me I’ll make you proud and happy. Seems like when all hope is gone there’s always something there to remind me.
  • It’s very misleading 1/5

    By LamineD
    I believe people who aren’t subscribed to shouldn’t be able to have their profile up. It’s very misleading about who’s really out there and available to communicate with. There should be an advanced search option for “subscribers only”. We’re all wasting our likes on non-subscribers.
  • What’s with the.... 2/5

    By SW!!!
    Why is it that during my subscription Match does not show my profile and I receive no likes or communication from potential matches. But.....after my subscription ends my profile must get shown many times because all of a sudden I start receiving many likes and messages. That I can no longer see or respond to until I re-subscribe. Match you can be less obvious in your attempt to make money!
  • disappointed 1/5

    By scchcos
    just bought a membership and now my account is blocked how and why i need a refund
  • Get rid of inactive accounts 1/5

    By moist19283745
    Like really and work on your distance with people inset 50 miles and I get 100+ mile distance what exactly did I pay for here
  • Cannot delete my data 1/5

    By Disappointed with Match
    Match will not allow me to delete my data. They are going to keep it for at least 2 years. Instructions for deleting your Match data come from sites in Europe. Those options are not available on my Zoosk, Bumble and OKCupid have let me delete my data. I sent them an email 4 days ago, but have not gotten a response. Any company trying this hard to keep my data, is using it for something I am not comfortable with. I expect MUCH better from a paid service!!!
  • BEWARE ladies 3/5

    By guthriehg
    I have busted many scammers on this app. One was so stupid he was using the same pictures from multiple profiles. I don’t think Match has a very good verification process. I seem to attract scammers more than real people. You update your profile and it Has to go through something to be approved. So how do so many scammers get passed them.
  • You can’t delete your account 1/5

    By wesleygibson855
    You can sign out but their is know where you can delete it
  • Crooks 1/5

    By Ushdkdjxix
    Worst dating app ever, I paid $50 to have 10 minutes of service. I wrote them several emails to get my money back and no response. If they say anything different they are liars. Do not use this app for the love of Pete save your loot for another dating app.
  • It’s okay.... 2/5

    By Jbee122345
    Match is like any other dating site- it all depends who actually is on the site at the same time you are and who is paying to check their messages.
  • Matches 2/5

    By luvernan
    People should be able to talk to the people they match with for free if they are not subscribed and they can’t, it’s really stupid
  • Very hard to cancel this!! Plz CANCEL THIS 1/5

    By cancel cancel thus app!!!
    Cancel this! Where and how to cancel this??!!
  • They are lying to you and selling your info! 1/5

    By JKholton
    After finally going through long process to get my account deleted, i was sent an email saying that Match will dispose of my information in accordance with their lifecycle policy and i can read more about that in the privacy policy. Except there is no such thing as lifecycle policy. It just means you sell it to the highest bidder! Not to mention the settings for distance to look for matches, they don't work. Why have the settings as 45 miles and you show me people 179+miles away? Whats the point of the settings if they don't apply? And the price is the highest of them all to join.

    Match is just a money grabbing corporation with absolutely no regard or respect for its subscribers. 1. As other reviewers have mentioned, the don’t let you and or make it almost impossible to delete your profile. 2. As much money as they charge for the service, there is no customer service. Zero chance to speak to a human being. If you send an email, you get a response 3 months later. 3. I I sent them an email to ask how to delete my profile and I got a response almost 3 months later to inform me that that they have deleted my profile when I did not have any intention to delete my profile I that time. If you care about your privacy, stay away from much as they collect and keep your data forever (your grandkid may see your dating profile someday somewhere). My question for whoever is going to give the generic reply to my review is this: Make it simple for people to delete their profile when they want to (just like every other dating site). Why do we need to contact you for help just to delete a profile. It should not take 3 months to get a response from your customer service. Also, you should give me my $138 back or my six months subscription back since I did not ask you to delete it. SHADY BUSINESS! SHAME ON YOU!!
  • Worse experience ever 1/5

    By HateMatchDotCom
    3 months and not even one normal conversation ??? How is this even possible?? Am I really that ugly??? Everyone I spoke to was either a player, a scammer, drug addict, alcoholic or homeless. Nobody was sincere and for a dating website experience, it was the worst, and that’s an extreme understatement! I wouldn’t join Match dating again for a million dollars Very disappointing experience!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By sdbdne
    I loved match until I seen their ad with the devil saying match with the devil. I immediately deleted the app!
  • Delete profile 1/5

    By Hard Working Citizen
    There is no way to delete my profile.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Luciestar
    Got matches and then realized you can’t even message them or read their messages unless you pay their absurdly expensive plans. So now I just left a bunch of people with no message, terrible app.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Firefish16
    Awful experience. Match is no better than Tinder, Bumble, etc. had to report multiple people. I figured since we were paying for a service, it would be a good experience. I was wrong.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By LilSogKnife_
    Match is easily the worst dating app on the market. I was asked to pay to see two matches and match dating expert Katie was in the inbox. I find match uncool, disappointing, and grossly greedy.
  • Don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By Please try again...
    Match is full of profiles. Mostly full of non paying profiles. Match also had a bunch of up charges... buyer beware.
  • Don’t sign up. Here’s why. 1/5

    By Wan Yun Lee
    Dating apps a source of revenue income for the owner interest in developing advertising. Who told you that social media is the giant way to meet your future sweetheart? Bolony, jump off from that cloud, grow up and be realistic. Either you look pretty or not, attractive or not, dating apps a source for the owner to pay of their platform aka business networks......move along, either $150.00 or $80.00 whatever you think it’s going to give you positive results, you are better of in real life getting out there.....stop giving your money for free for nothing that will ever come across.
  • Helpful Dating Expert 4/5

    By illinicub
    I just had a 15 minute complimentary call with a Match expert. Tra was great! He offered specific ideas I could try to improve my profile and to send more messages. Thank you, Tra!
  • Don’t waste you time 1/5

    By DomPerf
    Downloaded the app and took the time to create a profile thinking I’d give the free version a shot only to find out you can’t do ANYTHING. You can like or pass on people but once you match, you have to pay money to send them a message. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!! They also don’t give you the option to delete your account. Why would I want a profile on a dating app I will never use? Out of all of the free dating apps I’ve used, this one is by far the worst. I’ve never reviewed an app in my life, but this one annoyed me enough that I felt I had to.
  • Unable to sign on app 1/5

    By Llcooljoey82
    I tried creating my profile through the app but was unable to. I went on the website and made it on there and I still can’t sign in on the app with the credentials I made on the website.
  • Hopeless 2/5

    By Hopeless2021
    So many profiles, I send so many likes and messages, and get minimal responses. I have a decent profile with good pics. Makes me think lots of people on this site are fake profiles or not active members that are kept on here to look like more fish in the sea.
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By Keepin1tReal
    I find it odd that the only time I would receive likes or matches was when I stopped renewing my subscription. I would reach out and never get a response. This happened more than once. I think may be suckering people into coming back through a little “bait & switch”
  • Can’t believe it 1/5

    By danny denuchi
    I sent 2 messages to the support with 4 days interval between them in order to delete my account and nobody reached out to me! How do you call yourself legitimate business?! In your private policy in section 8 you specified that deletion of account is present inside your application, but it’s not! 1 star
  • Why do I have to install an update daily? 2/5

    By 6EVEN
    Everyday the app is telling me my version is outdated! I have to update just to log in on the app on my iPhone, because I am never on a desktop.
  • Hard time 2/5

    By allknives
    I’m having a hard time finding people that match with me I’m liking plenty of people but I’m not being seen by the ones that would like me there are barely any that match up to my same interests showing up I think that interests should be factored into whose seen aswell
  • 1/5

    By DJD690
    Too expensive. Cannot afford it, especially now during a global pandemic where my income is significantly less. I would love to use the app, but I am not willing to, nor do I have the financial resources to pay for it. Match should make the app more affordable for all!
  • Nothing for free 1/5

    By Krysapod
    Saw the new commercials touting lots of free features and figured it would be worth a try to see if a paid subscription might be worth it. Literally NOTHING is free. You can’t see who likes you, can’t send messages, read messages sent to you. What’s the point of your new commercial if you can’t use the app at all for free?
  • Biggest SCAM ever 1/5

    By bookworms95
    Downloaded this app to see what the hype was all about (TV commercials). Started filling out the profile and was terminated before even starting to use it. Allegedly for terms of use???? I haven’t used it. Also no real communication Lol It’s literally the worst site ever. Don’t recommend to anyone. I have talked to a few people since and have heard that if you subscribe you get fake messages and likes. Literally anything else is better than this. I don’t even have a guarantee my half filled profile was deleted. No explanation from customer support as to why. Total scam!
  • Liking it so far! Thank you to Cassandra. 5/5

    By BrokenPoem
    This morning I spoke with Cassandra, one of Match’s dating experts and she was wonderful! She read my profile and gave me feedback on what I should get rid of and add. If you’re reading this Cassandra, thank you. And please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will soon find that special woman. :)
  • The app doesn’t tell me when there’s a message 3/5

    By rollercitygurl
    This app needs work
  • Deleted profile 1/5

    By Jay Levis
    Why is Pof always deleting my profile I have no nudes or anything out of policy please fix this bug STOP DELETING PEOPLES PROFILE SPECIALLY TRANS WOMEN
  • Very cool 4/5

    By Lifeless-2020
    I was able to speak with Joey a match specialist it was very helpful! Got great feedback and am looking forward to following the advice given to move to the next level! Thank you!
  • Don’t do it!!!! 1/5

    By Mrs. Sherry Harris
    Very true that you cannot delete your account! I’ve emailed and was told I can “hide” my account. I don’t want to hide it I want it gone. It’s creepy that hidden profiles can still look at other profiles this explains all the blank profiles that would “view” me but would never have info or pictures. If you read the Q&A it states that inactive accounts are deleted after 2years of inactivity!!! Do you know how many inactive accounts show up with a 2year limit??!!??! I would dare say 80% of the profiles you see are inactive. It just seems like they keep the inactive profiles and make it impossible to delete your profile so they can say legally say x amount of profiles are signed up on marketing but not very many active profiles. Also even when you set preferences anybody and everybody will come up. Even people outside of your location range. Anyone can message you, you don’t have to match first so get ready for all the creepy messages. I had to report so many profiles for vulgar messages. Also you cant set your search preferences for Men and Women at the same time you have to pick one. So part the LGTBQ+ community is left out. Update 1/12/2021 My profile is still not deleted I’ve emailed and they give me the run around. Told me they couldn’t help because it went through my Apple account? You can’t delete my profile because of how I paid for it?? I regret ever downloading this terrible terrible app.
  • Evil ads 1/5

    By JambaJana
    I hate their satan ads they are disturbing and wrong
  • No stars if I could 1/5

    By Nickel in LA
    I have reached out multiple times to let Match know that there is a fraudulent account under a profile I deleted at least a year ago and have not gotten any response. DO NOT USE THIS APP.
  • Horrible recommendations 1/5

    By Chris-39
    As if you are not paying for match services it gives you “recommendations” based on the information you provide. Which is obviously inaccurate to the fullest. You cannot browse profiles, you are only recommended profiles meaning if they select it, you are forced to see it meaning the other partie(s) see that you had “viewed” them resulting in unwanted messages. If you feel that no one is viewing you, Match will “boost” your profile for a cost of course in which with all of the free dating sites even FB, you may freely search areas in which you would rather look for individuals and not have to expand your searches 100’s of miles. I have Match a fair shot in paying for their services unfortunately they had not been fair to its customers only asking for more money and when you want to cancel, they offer you 3 months for 2 which they should do in the very beginning NOT after you decide that the services provided are worse than sites that are free...
  • Not Impressed 2/5

    By Inspector79
    Lots of commercials to advertise a lousy site
  • This site suuuuuuucks 1/5

    By kfuwusvd fkg
    I won’t mention the quality of users because there’s not a lot a site can do about that. (Though don’t make the mistake that paying for a service increases the quality of users) My issues are with site itself. First - the user interface is a mess. It’s almost like they sought to make everything as consulted as possible. Second - your preferences don’t mean anything. I have people messaging me that don’t even live in my state, people that are 15-20 years out of my age range, and people who have polar opposite values from me. You can set your preferences and mark them as “must have” if it’s a deal breaker. For me my “must haves” are non-religious and does not want kids. I am not interested in even starting a conversation with someone who wants to have kids some day. Most of the profiles I’m shown are people who want children and they’re obviously seeing my profile because they’re messaging me. I don’t understand what the point of “must haves” are if they don’t effect who you see. Third - the price is ridiculous. Match doesn’t offer anything unique over the other sites. Don’t waste your money on it.
  • Wasting money and time so far 1/5

    By Jsmith0003
    Haven’t had any new recommendations I’m two weeks. Even if I use a boost don’t get any views. Matched once and it was a girl 3 states over... obviously no one is using in my area as my preferences are not that strict. Not a good experience so far. Even when you use a boost it says it’s working... yet no one even viewed my account. More like a hoax or scam if you ask me.
  • Too much for less 1/5

    By Frozone _25
    Out of the 4 dating apps I use, Match charged me the most but does less that the others, except Hinge. As far as messaging, seeing who I already messaged, and not as near as many active people. And if they don’t pay, you can’t even talk with them. I rank POF, okcupid, match, then anything after. I’m just not pleased, especially with all the commercials they play, figured I’d get more.
  • Insecurity Marketing 1/5

    By mcgaughp
    Match is packed with a lot of features and uses, but unfortunately these are only unavailable if you fall victim to your emotions and thoughts. They cost a fortune to use. I wouldn’t ever recommend to anyone using this app. You can’t even effectively have conversations with people unless you pay far more than leading competitors. Not worth it at all. Use something different.
  • Needs the Biography Feature 3/5

    By jeff0000000007
    ONLY GETTING THREE START UNTIL THEY ADD THE BIOGRAPHY FEATURE.. I am really pleased with match.con thus far but there is one feature in which is essential for us users to have access to. That feature is the ability to have one of your advisors interview us and write up a short biography that we could post to our profile in the summary section. This idea has manifested from me relaxing in front of my fireplace with scotch and cigar in hand and talking to Ashley an advisor for Talking to her allowed me to deeply express myself about who I am and what I am pursuing. I am in a relaxed state and honestly I was devastated when she informed me that does not have a Minnie biography package available for us to purchase. I urge you to sit down and talk about setting up a program in which I can have someone like Ashley interview me and write up a minnie biography draft. I feel like this is a innovative idea that you all need to take advantage of before the other dating sites start to do so.