Match™ - #1 Dating App

Match™ - #1 Dating App

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  • Current Version: 21.09.01
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Match Group, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Match™ - #1 Dating App App

Match is raising dating to your level. Because let’s face it: there’s only so much left-right thumb gymnastics you can do when you’re ready for something more. Backed by 25 years of experience and real-life dating experts, our app gives you the date-smarts you need to find what you’re looking for – from matching to meeting in person. Did we mention free? You can now chat with your best recommendations daily, no subscription necessary. Meet singles nearby and get the most out of Match’s dating app with: Video chat: Take a break from messaging and really get to know someone. In-app video chat lets you talk and see each other live before exchanging numbers or meeting in person. Custom search: Feeling picky? We say power to you. Get as specific as you want when searching for singles so you never compromise when it comes to a relationship. Conversation starters: From trending topics to easy ice breakers, our dating app offers more ways to spark meaningful messages. Virtual & in-person events: Go beyond just likes and messages. Flirt face-to-face with local singles in a safe, stress-free setting. Access to Dating Experts: From perfecting your profile to helping you nail the first date, our team of experts has your back. Date Check-In: Keep your friends and family updated on your next date night by notifying them of your plans right from the app. Ready to find someone right for you? We’re right there with you. Download the Match app for free today, and in a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to better matches and better dates.

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Match™ - #1 Dating App app reviews

  • Wasted money 6 years ago, the worst! 1/5

    By Lunalsss
    I’ve used it 6 years ago when the whole online dating scene was so much better than nowadays. I thought match was more legit compared to okcupid, so I paid for a whole year as it was the best deal, $100+ as I kept getting “secret admires”. As soon as I paid for it, I wasn’t getting any anymore, and the quality of the “secret admires” were a joke. I ended up deleting match in as less as 5 days. Throughout the years, I’ve re-download all the dating apps out there, but match was never one of them. 👎
  • Can’t sign in or reach customer service 1/5

    By ColleenReiss
    I have been trying for months to sign up for Match. No matter what email address I use, I get a message that says my account is blocked. I tried to call, but customer service is “closed” on weekends. So I tried emailing. I got one response saying someone would get in touch with me. Never happened. I’ve never used this website, and apparently I’ll never be able to. I’ve tried four different email addresses. This website and customer service are total crap.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By Nathaniel Mac
    I’ve used this app twice. Both times didn’t have any major problems except one. Whatever you do not sign up on your iPhone. Unfortunately with the advancement of technology does not let you delete your profile. If you do not take the necessary steps your profile will be seen for a very long time. There are numerous accounts that appear active, but are not. I want to delete my profile, but at best it’ll just lay dormant. Use the actual site, because there I think you can actually delete your account. If not then they’re using profiles without consent unless it’s in the fine print. You’d think the second you want to delete your account your consent is no more. Oh well, that’s why they call it big tech.
  • Now officially the worst dating app? 1/5

    By Baba’s Grove
    I have a couple of friends who got married, thanks to match… now it’s all about paying as much $ as possible and being the worst dating app….
  • Bad application 1/5

    By jamilaca
    Bad bad bad bad
  • Guess I was unlucky??? 1/5

    By Keyblade93
    I bought the 6 month membership at a discount, I get a monthly boost every month. This app honestly could be alright for some but so far not me. It felt like a mix of things were happening, either 1. I wasn’t being shown to other ppl on the app even with noisy mode 2. The ppl on the app either weren’t interested (which is normal) or they forget how the app works cause they are just waiting for a like rather than looking themselves. 3. The matches I’ve been getting have been sadly a lot of basic ppl or Ppl who are immature. 4. In 6 months I did not get a single like at all (most saying cause on bumble id get likes from ppl I wouldn’t be interested in) but seriously not a single like while I had a paid service. I got more likes on bumble in 6 months and I had a few account. In the end so far this app is a failure to me. But I’m not giving up hope on finding someone out there wether in person or through the app. Can’t say you shouldn’t try it just cause it didn’t work for me, who knows it might work for you. To anyone reading this best of luck finding that special someone in your life. Don’t give up.
  • Filters 2/5

    By JakeGin
    I’m tried to use the filters and they don’t seem to work. I put in 420 friendly and it shows up with people that are not 420 friendly and I put Spiritual and it gives me Christians. How are you supposed to find what you are looking for?
  • In general not bad 4/5

    By angel given
    It’s a good app. Definitely Does what it says . Just wish you weren’t Nickel and dimed for every single little feature
  • Dating coach, 5/5

    By I star for u.
    I talked with Ryland and she gave me some practical dating advice that will add to my inline dating experience. Thank you so much Ryland
  • Obnoxious notifications 1/5

    By waffleboy187
    This app sends notifications saying that I have unread messages and when I click on them it says I have to pay $40 to access them. Disgusting.
  • A Waste of Money 3/5

    By Nightmagick
    I thought maybe since people pay for match that they would be serious about a relationship. Well, turns out they are more serious about playing games. Not to mention I’ve only matched with 3 people and 2 of them turned out to be scammers. The one person was very sweet. We had a date and turns out we just weren’t compatible for each other. I also run out of potential matches everyday. I’m a pretty open-minded person and will give people a chance but clearly women don’t think the same way. I’ve had better success on Hinge. I don’t think I will re-subscribe to Match after my subscription is up. Complete waste of my time and money.
  • No matches, barely. 1/5

    By Rawk77
    I reach out but no replies. Feels like I’m wasting my money .. Been on March for years and still no girlfriend
  • The app is so average 1/5

    By tnealil
    Can’t view new people in the app, like the computer format
  • Too few women on the app 1/5

    By hella ads
    I have not seen more than one profile pop up for me in days, and this is certainly not the issue I experience on other dating apps. I bought the 6 month subscription and now it’s already useless after less than a week because I swiped through everyone within 70 miles.
  • Just another dating app, no difference + cost 1/5

    By MichaelxR
    Just a cash grab attached to profiles. Only ingenuity is events.. and, well, with covid that's useless.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By Lugubrical
    Great experience calling the date experts at Match. Especially Ryland - she was kind, understanding, and took a few moments to offer value added advice. Thanks Ryland!
  • Rip Off 2/5

    By The Acorn Tamer
    It makes you upgrade to a plan even if you matched with someone in order to talk to them. I’m not spending $40 a month to text someone I matched with. It also doesn’t let you out in your contact information just so you have to pay in order to progress. Total scam.
  • Returning back 3/5

    By 49ers89
    Like the new look of app. Hopefully my luck will change form the last time I was on
  • Scam 1/5

    By briandavis2125
    When you sign up for free and they don’t let you communicate you’re like sure; makes sense they are a business after al, but then you get the premium version and you think now you’ll get to talk to your potential dates. But you’d still be wrong unless you want to pump out an additional fee, because remember they’re a business and don’t actually care about matching you with anyone. I assume it’s actually counter to their business model.
  • App is misbehaving 1/5

    By Ke00300
    Each time I try to create a profile and it reaches where I have to put in my email, it say match is currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance please check back later. This is the same result I’ve been getting after several tries
  • Rude incompetent customer service 1/5

    By Lady Wordwiz
    The worst! The actual worst customer service experience I’ve ever had I just had with a supervisor. I was asking why my preferences weren’t filtering out men. She kept talking over me, interrupting me, and when I asked her to stop talking so I could finish what I was saying she kept talking to the point where I had to yell to get her attention. I’ve never had to do that with someone on the phone! I am beyond disgusted. Also they don’t have a question about the type of relationship you’re working for. I’ve gotten deep into conversation with guys I really liked only to find out they weren’t looking for what I was. Major fail!
  • Dating Expert is Real Person 4/5

    By PIS84
    I used the feature ‘call an expert for free’ and talked to real person. Her name was Carla V. She really gave me some good advice. I will recommend everyone to use the feature if you need advice.
  • Just use Tinder. 1/5

    By aggplant
    You have to pay to see who you’ve matched with… so it’s not a dating app it’s just a “see who’s available around you” app. Unless you go premium, but there’s not that many people on anyways so, not worth it.
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By HappyNot1
    I spent time filling out my profile. That said, I clearly indicated that I prefer tall men! Everyday I log in there is some short guy that has liked me. Or I log in and there are no matches for the day! I paid my mo way for this service and it is very poor in the match making aspect! You all need to do better. I know that there are more men in this area than the crappy selection you keep sending me!
  • Ashley is great 5/5

    By DannyG2679
    No Ashley is not a women I meet on Match but she is a dating expert they have that you can talk too and give you advice.
  • Save your money 2/5

    By Mello_hello
    Waste of money, the pool in Houston is terrible.
  • Pay to talk 1/5

    By musicluver93086
    There is no way I am going to pay to message people that I don’t even know if I have a connection with! Fine to pay for extras, but messaging??? Give me a break!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Habib21
    The free version of the service does not allow users to see or communicate with their matches. I don’t expect everything to be free, but I want to know what I’m paying for. Why not offer a two week free trial?
  • Dating Coach Bailey on Match 5/5

    By open eyed
    I have been using Match on and off for years with some success, a few relatively short but exciting relationships, some cool dates, but also an endless amount of messaging. Lately, and this is primarily towards the end of the pandemic (March-May 2021) I hit a wall. I was getting less responses to my messages, getting few dates, and generally losing hope of finding someone through Match. I decided to try the free (first time anyway) consultation with a dating coach. I admit I was somewhat skeptical and felt like a bit of a loser but at the same time I knew I was not doing all I could. I had about a 20-25 minute talk with a very kind, intelligent, and helpful woman named Bailey. She was honest and direct and had specific critiques and complements of the messages I was sending. In addition to letting me know my messages were too long and even respectfully commenting on someone’s appearance is not appreciated, she gave me an easy to understand analysis of the way women see the process vs how guys do. As a guy this was very helpful as I won’t pretend I really had any idea of how women see it. Essentially, Bailey indicated that women see the initial messages as simply a way to determine comfort and compatibility and an indicator of whether a phone call should happen. The phone call is just used to see if it makes sense to meet. Basically, women are taking a more process oriented approach to getting to meet someone while guys are trying to figure out if the person is going to be their life partner off the bat and want to meet much sooner. The call with Bailey was extremely uplifting and made me feel if I take her advice I should feel great about reaching out and about what I have to offer and that this is an exciting process leading to a wonderful end, that one person to spend my life with. I can’t say enough about my conversation with Baitand how it restored my hope and focus in getting back to the dating journey.
  • Easy to use, great customer service! 5/5

    By UMtbone
    I especially enjoyed the free call with the profile consultant; Karen was very friendly and helpful!
  • Free is stupid 1/5

    By Zzuke
    The free version is literally useless. You can’t do anything except create your account. No messaging, can’t see matches- NOTHING. And the lowest tier is $37.99 a month. Lol absolutely not. I’ll get a gym membership for that and pickup men. It’s also a pain in the neck to delete your account- you can’t do it from the app. Only desktop or by calling customer service.
  • Too many fake profiles on this App 1/5

    By JimmyNvegas
  • Micro-transactions even after membership 1/5

    By Warddc80
    I’m sure it works great if you’re willing to spend a boatload of cash. In order to receive messages you have to pay. If you want the person to be able to reply to your messages they have to pay or you can. If you want your profile to be seen, you guessed it - pay. This is of course after paying a hefty monthly membership. The whole thing is a scam designed to milk lonely people out of their hard earned cash. What do you get for the hard earned money you do invest, maybe one or two views on your profile a day and most from several states over (inexplicably). I understand the good people at match need to make a profit but the amount at which nearly every aspect of their service is locked behind a paywall even after a membership is paid is both horribly cynical and disgustingly parasitic. Shame. Try another service.
  • Don’t want to spend that kind of money to see my one match 1/5

    By Gordon Douge
    I have been using the app and have gotten one match and I’m just not going to spend the kind of money it’s asking for the privilege to see and message that one person. I have much better luck with other apps and many of them have free options, so I’ll stick with those.
  • Celeste is awesome 4/5

    By mrbonesmc
    Celeste (dating expert) did a great job helping with my profile and giving me pointers to stand out. As a guy on a dating app, standing out isn’t easy when you’re only slightly above average looking. Hoping her tips help. Either way, I can tell she really cares about her job and wants to help members find a great match. Great customer experience.
  • Dating Expert Breana 5/5

    By MarkH50
    Match has a feature I wasn’t aware of. Dating expert. Pushed the button called and talked with Breana she gave me some great tips to help with my profile and keeping the contact going for more than a few messages.
  • Match coach - Jennifer 2/5

    By Tbonz42
    I’m not a fan of the new set up where you’re unable to see which messages you’ve sent. I really hate this cheap app framework that Match now uses. They used to have a great app, and now it seems like a downgrade.
  • The coaching is a nice feature 5/5

    By New2Match
    You get 15 minutes for free with a real person. Clara V was my coach. She helped me to communicate when I’m not interested in a polite way 😊.
  • spam spam spam 1/5

    By ErinCali
    I have never in my life received as much spam in my gmail inbox as I have within the first 24 hours of signing up with this app. disgraceful
  • Dating Expert 5/5

    By High Vibrations-GI
    I spoke with Victoria the dating expert. She was patient and gave me great advice!
  • Expensive. 3/5

    By Kungfujoe77
    I feel that there should more packages; the package require such a large sum. If one is getting a regular stream of dates then it’s worth it, if not then it’s a lose.
  • No way to cancel? 1/5

    By bmose14
    I wanted to cancel but you can’t cancel in-app. This should be easier to do.
  • This app won’t load. 4/5

    By Michelle Lamm
    This app won’t load. Please fix.
  • Drug Profiles 2/5

    By Zeugberg
    I mean I know MO and KS are full of meth heads, but Jesus. You’re letting people make this known on their profiles?! Not a good look. Going to cancel and request a refund
  • Very bad 1/5

    By verrydisapointed
    Don’t do it.All they do is.Harass you
  • Online bullying and sexual harassment 1/5

    By Hkb02
    I was on back in the fall of 2018 and 2019. I met a couple of guys who didn’t really know what they wanted and didn’t really feel a connection with me. I tried my best to have a connection with them and all they did was nod their heads and were in their own world. All of the other men on the site were bullying me about my weight or appearance, which I think is very wrong for anyone to do. Or they called me derogatory names and made me feel as if I was never good enough for them. Some of them needed their hand coddled and said to me “That I was dry when it came to giving them affection over the phone and I was boring them.” That’s not a way to make a women feel and to bully them. Something needs to be done about this.
  • Matches are not aligning with my deal breaker preferences 2/5

    By Kinsgton
    My suggested matches aren’t aligned with my preferences, even my dealbreakers.
  • Unlimited profiles 2/5

    By Boostdid
    Why should we pay for something and you limit how many people I can see a day.
  • Phone number 1/5

    By itxitxogx
    I own my phone number and I pay for this site. I’m Not happy being blackmailed into giving you my expensive cell phone number when I already pay you for the site. It’s rude and disrespectful to do business like this. Also I never turned on auto renew. I only signed up for 3 months and you have continued to bill me. Now, with this disrespectful phone number inquiry I’m getting a very sour taste in my mouth concerning your business practices. This is not the place to find a relationship, you take advantage of people. Your goal is to keep people ON this site, not help them no longer need this site. The goal of a dating site SHOULD be to help us not need a site like this any longer
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