Match: Dating & Relationships

Match: Dating & Relationships

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  • Current Version: 22.10.00
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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Match: Dating & Relationships App

Welcome to Match. Here, being real beats playing it cool. Knowing who you are and what you want is always a priority. And not settling for anything less isn’t a bad thing. Some call it picky, but we say more power to you. Backed by 25 years of experience and real-life dating experts, our app lets you date like an adult – from matching to meeting in person. Did we mention it’s free? You can now chat with your best recommendations daily, no subscription necessary. Meet singles nearby and get the most out of Match’s dating app with: - Video chat: Take a break from messaging and really get to know someone. In-app video chat lets you talk and see each other live before exchanging numbers or meeting in person. - Custom search: Get as specific as you want when searching for singles, so you never compromise when it comes to a relationship. - Conversation starters: From trending topics to easy ice breakers, our dating app offers more ways to spark meaningful messages. - Virtual & in-person events: Go beyond just likes and messages. Flirt face-to-face with local singles in a safe, stress-free setting. - Access to Dating Experts: From perfecting your profile to helping you nail the first date, our team of experts has your back. Ready to find someone right for you? We’re right there with you. Download the Match app for free today, and in a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to better matches and better dates.

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Match: Dating & Relationships app reviews

  • App is broken, fix it. 2/5

    By Nullonopin
    No matter how many pictures you upload or chose, the app doesn’t acknowledge your primary picture and shows no pic (yet their in the profile, which approval check marks). You shouldn’t need to login to the proper site to fix it and even them (if your lucky) your pictures show up. if not, your left to upload them again.
  • No indication paying will make anything better 1/5

    By NMHaze
    Pointless if you don’t pay. Only have 4 likes and 15 views. Got one match and you cannot chat if you don’t pay. I’m not paying $45 to chat with one match that, odds are, won’t pan out.
  • Met my husband with this app 5/5

    By measthoughts
    If you’re looking for a genuine relationship, I highly recommend this app. Since you have to pay, I feel the quality of people on here is far greater than most other dating apps. I met my husband the first day of using this app. After talking a few weeks we had our first date and 1 1/2 years later, we tied the knot! The app was simple to use and I don’t remember having any issues.
  • Not much different from other apps. 1/5

    By ptlhall
    It’s not free and from reading other reviews, not sure it’s worth paying for.
  • Major issues 1/5

    By Kiersten W234
    I would not recommend this app. My issues started when I couldn’t upload my pictures, all of which were within reason and a clear picture of me. Then I got locked out of my account by Match after purchasing the premium. They claimed that I went against the terms of service and refused to tell me why.
  • No customer support 1/5

    By QuixoticKnight
    The app was working fine, then I started getting an error when I tried to log in. I have been unable to log in for over a month. I contact customer support every three or four days. I have never gotten a real person to reply only automated generic emails asking for the same generic information I have given them multiple times. Name, username, date I joined, credit card used, etc. Then I get told my issue “has been escalated and someone will contact me within 48 hours - and no one ever contacts me. I contact customer service and it starts over again. I am sure everyone I was talking to thinks I am a jerk and just ghosted them it has been so long. This means anyone I did meet before the log in issue is also wasted time now. Extremely disappointing they don’t care about their customers.
  • Frauds 1/5

    By Imp58
    Not only due to fake accounts but because they keep charging you after you cancel sometimes months later so check your account statements.
  • Scam… waste of money 1/5

    By Love it best app
    Scam don’t buy this app waste of money
  • Brand New to Match - Review 2/5

    By 4786449
    I literally just created my Match account tonight a couple of hours ago, and decided to go all out and pay for the premium membership (the longest one, 6 months I believe). So far, however, I’m not impressed at all. For starters, there are just sooooo many different icons to click on and check out that I’m already really overwhelmed and confused (and some of the icons are pretty easy tp accidentally click on and a horrible tough way to try and get out of whatever I want to. Also I keep having technical problems that say they’re not on my end, but on Match’s end. Most say things like “session has timed out”; “profile is no longer available”, etc. so how the heck do I handle those kind of issues? It’s already become very frustrating, and I’ve already found myself too “scared” to click on anything for fear I’ll either lose a possible match’s profile off on cyberspace or something, etc. I accidentally also hit the star icon and it sent a guy a super like back! I wasn’t interested in him at all; in fact I MEANT to hit the “X” icon. What a mess. And I signed up for the 6 months premium subscription! I already am having huge regrets about that and may try to see what I can do if I’ve already been experiencing so many unnecessary technical problems, etc. that I’m wishing I’d never even signed up for Match! I’ve been doing a bit of research on the top dating apps and Match consistently rated at the top of most reviews I read on several different dating apps. I’m just so overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t even see a place to write a bit about myself when I set up my bio - ????? I started noticing that all the men’s profiles had brief or longer bios written about themselves by themselves! I’ll have to go back and try to find all of these options I’ve seemed to have easily missed right away for some odd reason?! Anyway, if there’s any way I could get my money back soon I would totally think about unsubscribing! It’s so much work and most of it doesn’t even make any sense!!!! I actually first used wayyyyy back in the day, many many years ago when it was pretty new and even back then it wasn’t as bad as this so far! I’m so upset and ready to just try to get my $ back and my profile totally deleted!! What a waste imo!!
  • Absolutely the worst service I’ve ever used. 1/5

    By cjhdchjihfrfghjuu
    They immediately blocked my account before I could even do anything. It took them a week to tell me it was a technical error and unblocked. I uploaded my photos and they didn’t approve my photos that broke exactly zero guidelines. Then they take another week to approve. Then they say I can’t use any of my clear photos of my freaking face as the primary (why?). I was so done after that. I never even used the app it’s so horrible. Deleted account and then deleted app.
  • Katya 5/5

    By foxfirejj
    Katya gave me A number of great ideas to improve my profile to emulate who I am. It’s so difficult to know what works and what does not work so her advice was very helpful. I’m looking forward to using her advice to improve my profile and I would highly recommend Using the service from Match
  • Allie, Dating advice rep is fantastic! 5/5

    By PrincessWow
    I started Match about a month ago and have been getting discouraged until I decided to reach out to a dating rep on Match and got Allie who was so helpful. I am going to now adjust my about me Section, and add what I am looking for, and be more upbeat about where we could meet, and take out anything negative. I am so glad I spoke to her and will take her advice.
  • Date coaching session w Riley 5/5

    By ASCO424
    Very thorough and helpful. If only Riley was single…
  • No logro recuperar mi contraseña 1/5

    By Anaczzzz
    Por mas que solicito recuperar mi contraseña por olvido, NO hay manera de hacerlo. Y no puedo ingresar a mi cuenta. Muy mal servicio esta APP.
  • Scam artists 1/5

    By Cat'thulhu
    Have received multiple emails and notifications that someone has liked my profile. They have not.. my account profile is inaccessible to other users at the moment with lack of set up on my emd after removing everything. I have screenshots and recordings. But sure keep paying to deleting my review. I have it saved on my phone to re-paste You want to waste my time? I’ll waste yours
  • Service model declined. Do not recommend!!! 1/5

    By Mark A OH
    I’ve been on Match for 6 months. It just ended two weeks ago. I’ve got some basic filters set up and MAYBE I get one match a week; the matches they send based on your feed preferences. Not a lot of views and so on. I’ve sent 58 likes in the last 2 months. Zero, yes ZERO responses or mutual likes. Most of those accounts aren’t active. You know this because the filter by activity date and icon. Now that I’m expired, 14 views, 8 likes, 2 messages, one mutual match. It VERY coincidental these happen just as I’m expired. Issue is that I can’t see who the likes, messages, or views are without paying. Why the F would I want to come back without knowing who they are? This is important because any likes I get are from accounts 5 states away and WAY outside of my preferences. Match doesn’t want you to find your person, they lose your business that way. Overall it has turned into a scam. In response to the developer response: I did that THREE times with customer service and met with a coach to get preferences in order. Your site is just a scam and replying that I should have to reach out to fix my preferences on a dating site is idiotic and goes to show how south this technology and service has gone. It should be easy enough to select what I’m looking for and then get matched with those preferences. BUT NO, your site again is a scam. Match is SO FAKE. Not a sub and I see I have 20 likes and 5 messages and 30 views this month since I’ve expired. If I close the app and reopen, those numbers change and also are different in the desktop. SCAMMMMMMMM. They withhold matches to lure you back for more $$!!
  • Locked me out after paying 1/5

    By toiletlickers
    I made a profile and paid around $130 for 3 months. (Premium + anyone can message me) After paying I get locked out of app and website until I provide a phone number. I refuse to give them my phone number. I requested a refund through Apple.
  • Same old 1/5

    By ThAdEa82
    Squarely focused on taking away free features and raising prices.
  • Money scam 1/5

    By TopherGopher420
    Just another fake dating app that wants you to pay hundreds of dollars to find a match. I’m just gonna save my money and time by getting hookers.

    By Hckfdgjshjd
    Yes I just paid for my subscription this afternoon it was 50% off but how do I go into get my messages? I tried opening up the app and it just says you already have my information???? Berta
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By ryah12345566778899010
    I don’t recommend downloading unless u plan on paying, and it’s very expensive, They set it up where u can’t even see who matched with u or left a comment on ur page unless u pay there fees
  • Read Terms of Service FIRST 3/5

    By SugarLove22
    I highly recommend you always read the TOS before joining and paying for upgrades on any date site. Match may work well for some but it didn’t work for me. TOS stated that a refund must be requested within 3 business days of joining. I did that but my request was ignored. Finally, after a full month, and more correspondence through email, I got my refund.
  • Free version is worthless for men 1/5

    By Panth3rFan86
    If you are a male, the free version is worthless as it makes it basically impossible to actually talk to and meet those you match with. The app holds your matches over you like bait to get your money. And when you pay, it is just another dating app, unworthy of the cost as it’s a lot of potential partners that are too scared to actually meet you.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Soarbird
    What is the point of joining without at least being able to try for a week for free without having to pay up front immediately. Not impressed!
  • Go ahead and try if you really want 1/5

    By Motorcycling Man
    I’ve used 5 different dating apps (probably like most here, but I won’t specifically write their names), this being one of two where I’ve paid for the premium membership. Do I feel like it was worth my investment? No. Price: expensive, plus every feature costs additional on top of the premium membership. Like paying to be able to send a message with likes (I had zero improvement in matches whether messaging with a like or not; you can see if they read it). Benefits: see which members are also subscribers/active. See any nearby members that you crossed paths with (the only members I ever crossed paths with were significantly older than me and outside my preferred age range). Local events notifications with a discount for having premium membership. You can see who viewed you and anyone that liked you. Member pool: compared to other apps, limited member pool (I live in one of the biggest cities in the US) and a lot of inactive/unverified accounts. But, it does seem the instant gratification crowd is less prevalent here, with more people saying they want something meaningful. A lot of members with kids. You can purchase an additional service to have a matchmaker recommend people to you based on criteria I’m not aware of. Got a free “match” with someone that wasn’t interested in me haha Had the service for a year, the last 6 months being from the app auto renewing my service after I no longer wished to have it. In that year I had 2 matches that I met in person. The rest like most other dating apps essentially just match and ghost without ever responding. My profile isn’t “weak” either and I’m a tall, educated, successful professional in great physical shape. My experience is based on a comparison of people responding, number of matches and physically meeting someone using the same profile on different apps: Lower matches, very low response rate, extremely low meeting rate. So overall, out of the 5 apps I place this one in last place, in a tie with one related to many sea critters. Thanks for your time. Hopefully you have more success than me if you try match. Just remember, you are awesome and someone will see it if you stay true to yourself. Until then, I wish you happiness and health.
  • Tiffany is great! 5/5

    By JaceTunes
    Tiffany’s advice has been indispensable! I’m really looking forward to utilizing her advice in the future.

    By Enigmanocturno
    please stay away from this app. I cancel my subscription and still they are charging me. And is hard to make match. Don’t waste your time and money here. 👎🏻
  • Beware: these reviews are EXTREMELY accurate 1/5

    By freeenergydevices
    Oh and yes, I’ve also experienced when my account is expired or I just stopped using it when I did not feel like using match that’s when I noticed the likes and blurred messages. But we all know when we respond to these profiles they will ignore you and set you up by getting you to buy subscription. Don’t let them fool you. Don’t let them tread on you 🐍
  • Free consultation is awesome way to improve your results 5/5

    By Geoff Gregory
    I just had a great 15 minute call with Katya. She was professional, experienced, and very helpful in improving my profile and thus my results. I am doing what she said tonight and I look forward to a great experience with Match. I’ll invite her to the wedding! :)
  • Worse app for dating 1/5

    By pk987?!$
    While I thought Match would be an improvement from other dating apps I was highly disappointed. The app doesn’t even adhere to your preference criterias…I keep getting matches that are outside of my dating age range and location. I signed up for 6 months and after just 1 week I already de-activated my account so that it doesn’t auto-renew. I don’t think the cost for this app is worth it.
  • My experience with match 2/5

    By S_Rose_Love17
    Starting off with the app it’s great, the profile layup is great and easy to fill out as well as looking at others. It starts to get frustrating when match locks you out of some of its features so you have to pay for the premium to do the basics. Match is one of the only apps that doesn’t allow you to communicate with those you’ve matched with unless you pay premium. So I’m thinking what’s the point of having this app if I can hardly use it. - A not so happy customer
  • Must pay to see any messages 1/5

    By ac649290
    In a day and age of every other app being free this is ridiculous. I only joined because I saw an ad it was free now. But you can’t even talk to anyone. No thank you.
  • It’s a zoo! 1/5

    By wodjrhwsb
    Be prepared to have a second job screening profiles and talking/ texting. No screening help that I can tell from this site!
  • The Dating Coach Service is Great! 5/5

    By Joseph 916
    One useful and free feature in Match is access to dating experts via phone call. Katya gave me some awesome and helpful dating and profile tips which are really going to help in the long run. Thanks Katya!
  • Better filters 1/5

    By fuzzydragonfruit
    You should be able to filter by user type. One of the reasons to pay for a subscription is so that you hopefully meet people who are truly interested in a relationship. Now I have to sift through all of the people with a free account, who can’t even message me back unless I pay more money! It is also very frustrating you cannot filter by political preference. That is a huge indicator of values.
  • Excellent Support 5/5

    By cigar_stub
    I was getting a little frustrated by not having many responses to my likes. I decided to use the dating expert function in the app. I spoke for 15 minutes with a young lady called Tiffany and she was incredibly helpful and very courteous and very professional. She will be the reason I continue using the app. Thank you Tiffany.
  • Customer Support is Atrocious 1/5

    By C$7
    I’m currently unable to utilize the subscription for which I’ve already paid over $100. The agent refuses to acknowledge the “Restore Purchases” button within the app exists and refuses to allow me to speak with another agent. Avoid this app at all costs!
  • Lacks quality 1/5

    Not much quality people
  • App hardly works 1/5

    By blueDelphinium
    Couldn't even get passed the birthdate entering or get ahold of customer service. I kept saying I wasn't over 18 (i'm 25). Not even worth the trouble of trying to make an account.
  • Worst of the dating apps 1/5

    By wish i hadnt bought it
    Bumble and ok Cupid we’re more effective than this.
  • Pay wall 3/5

    By ChancellorAce X
    It’s not a bad app, and I completely get wanting to make money off the products you create. So I harbor no ill will. That being said, the app/platform is pretty much useless without upgrading. You can see all things you COULD do, and you can still swipe on people, but without paying you can’t even talk to them. Keeping ask that in mind, the features that are behind the pay wall (besides messaging) seem handy and/or helpful. All in all, it’s kind of hard to really gauge the app as a whole, so I’m going to give it a median 3/5, mostly for that reason.
  • Dating Expert 5/5

    By Janulick
    Riley was very helpful as a dating expert.
  • Not much customer support 1/5

    By necrotizingfibromyalgia
    Can’t login to app. I sent an email to login support and was told to expect a follow up email in 48 hours. It’s been almost a week now with no response. I sent two different emails a couple days ago, again with no response. Still can’t login to the app at this time.
  • Poor set up 1/5

    By wildcatfan41
    I’m a paid member and for the last SEVEN days I’ve not been able to look at anyones profile. After looking at peoples profiles, once you’ve seen them, there’s no more to look at. I’ve changed my preferences once, but that’s it. I was told to keep changing it to see more profiles. Now why should I have to change it? The point of preference is to find people you’re interested in. If I change it, then I’m going to find people I’m not interested in. This is a waste of money. POF May have some scam profiles, but they are free and you have a lot to look at. This site is definitely a waste of money. Once my month is up, I’m deleting my account. Anyone reading this, I advise you to try a different site. Again I recommend POF.
  • No good. 10x0 for the boost is still 0. 1/5

    By Atech916
    Funny how I travel all over the country and fly through busy airports like Dallas and Atlanta but yet the “crossed paths with” only happens at random gas stations when im on a tour bus. Use a boost and nothing happens. Again another trap.
  • only for those with money to throw away to rich developers 1/5

    By turkified
    like most the other dating apps, it literally does nothing for you unless you pay the overpriced 45$ a month. and the fact that they try to sell you a 6 month package tells me they don’t really want you to find anyone serious, lest you move on from their app. these app owners ghastly greedy, dishonest and shameless, preying on people and stealing their hard earned money.
  • The Dating Counselor Katy’s 5/5

    By TinoSnr
    Help in less than 15 to fix my approach when I contact people , my photo collection , my Summary and my expectations Excellent advise very helpful
  • Don’t use these guys!This is scam! They take your money! 1/5

    By Rod.Z
    I bought the premium service through Apple account and paid $126 for 6 month, then After couple weeks I deleted the account and the app. When I decided to reinstall and use it again they told me I cannot because they don't have access to apple , even I had the receipt and the subscription was still in my apple settings. Even Roblox and kids games have the ability to restore purchases but these guys have terrible support and just want to take your money!
  • Not really designed for dating. 1/5

    By Luscombe8E
    The app is the same thing you find everywhere for online dating. The guy needs to message as many women as possible to try to convince one to reply. The app provides no matches or suggestions based on profiles. It provides no real insight to help the online dating process. To get more matches it says try sending out more likes. It simply a pay for swipe left or right app, with a bunch of more paid hooks like boost that give no return. Not worth the money. They used to offer a money back guarantee. I do not know if they still do.
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