Maven – Car sharing

Maven – Car sharing

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Maven – Car sharing App

A more connected, seamless car sharing experience. We offer two convenient services: Maven Car Sharing: Cars on demand for personal use. Maven Gig: Cars for ride share/delivery driving. WHAT IS MAVEN CAR SHARING? • Free lifetime membership. No application fee. • Low hourly and daily rates. Gas & insurance included. • Free, unlimited 4G LTE WiFi in every car. • Use a car from one hour, up to 28 days. Maven gives you access to new cars, loaded with technology. In 12 cities across the U.S., you can get a car or SUV for errands, a weekend trip, moving day, or anything else! Signing up is easy. Simply download the app and submit your driver’s license and a valid credit card – you won’t be charged anything until you make a reservation. Once approved, you can reserve a car immediately! No need to wait for an access card – everything from reserving to unlocking the car is done right in the app. INTRODUCING MAVEN GIG Now you can use Maven Gig to drive to earn money! With Maven Gig, you can rent a car for as little as one week to drive for any ride sharing service, as well as delivery services such as Roadie, GrubHub, and Instacart. Insurance, maintenance, unlimited miles, and charging for the Chevrolet Bolt EV are all included. To become a Maven Gig member, simply: • Be 21 years or older. • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license with a safe driving record. • Provide a valid credit or debit card. For more information about Maven and Maven Gig: Get in touch: [email protected] or 1-844-HIMAVEN


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Maven – Car sharing app reviews

  • Rubbish Service 1/5

    By Pikefrat2009vp
    I rent from them and they are always changing and screwing up the billing system and making it complicated and never refunding my money. No matter how much I try getting a response from membersevices it’s impossible since their only form of communication is via email. They never email me back or respond to escalated tickets. I spend over $930 in a month renting from them and this is the service I get? Screwing with my pay financially when billing should be well thought out. They are very close to losing my business in a few days. They just charged me extra out of my account. So unprofessional. TAKE MY ADVICE AS A YELP ELITE MEMBER!!! RUN! Don’t rent from them because they don’t actually care about the customer.
  • Buggy at every step of sign up 1/5

    By 0hEugene
    I have tried to sign up 12 times. Bugs at each step in the process ... I restart and get further along only to hit another bug. Very frustrating.

    By Schihidia
    I’ve used Maven a few times, however, I’ve been having the worst experience lately. I was charged an extra $10 in 2017 and still haven’t gotten a refund because no one knows why. Back in February the car wouldn’t start on my reservation and the representative couldn’t explain why all she kept saying is “there is a lock on this vehicle and I don’t know why” I was fully charged and they gave me a hard time to resolve the issue. Two weeks ago I rented a car and regret it...As soon as I get to the car I checked for any damage and all was clear then I checked inside the car and noticed the gas card was missing. I called customer service immediately and she told me that she noted it and when I pay for gas to just send a picture of the picture for my refund. The next day when I returned the car I sent the picture of the receipt and called the customer service number and they told me that they do see I sent the receipt they just gave to wait on member service to review it. Member service replied that they did not get the receipt and to please send it again. I’ve sent the receipt every day for 14 days and I am receiving the same email. When I call to speak with someone of higher authority they say they don’t have a number on them so this is $30 in total that I am out of.
  • Keyless entry /Booking and Arrival 3/5

    By Loyalty31
    Hello, The Keyless entry is not as efficient as I needed it to be upon opening the app and accessing the lock /unlock feature buttons. Sometimes it took about 4-6mins to register and open. Other times, immediately. Also on the first trip I scheduled; the car was not at the parking lot that I booked at Penn Station, Baltimore, Md. Other than that, the gas card was very useful and the ride was smooth and seem less! Thank you, Happy customer Maria
  • Bbc 5/5

    By BBC !
    Best ride sharing ever I use it every two days!!
  • Top notch Service! 5/5

    By speerzada
    Maven is an excellent option for careless folk. It is cost effective with proper planning. Customer service is great! For those who have never operated a car that works by Bluetooth, Remember to park where you get phone service. Sometimes underground parking can be a problem. I highly recommend this easy to use, non-membership services
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rook26
    Everything is wonderful from the serious to the newer model cars a can’t beat prices and opportunities
  • No Apple Pay!? 1/5

    By Vascaino1979
    Seriously? Why not??
  • Definitely the worst app EVER 1/5

    By bhyjvjhvyugjjb
    I couldn’t rent out my first car I reserved. I tried to reserve a vehicle and add the promo code to get 20% off, absolute WORST. Customer service told me to just go head and pay the extra money and we will reimburse you. I would definitely stick with Zipcar or car2go
  • Unaccountable 1/5

    By XAJones1
    I placed two reservations in a two-month period, and in both cases Maven took out $75 for the pre-authorization fee and did not return the money after the reservation ended, as it states in the membership agreement. I called Maven Customer Service several times, and even after they submitted a request to member services, it has been more than a month and I have not heard anything. Now I am out $150, and the customer service rep simply didn’t know what to do, and told me to continue waiting for member services, even though it is explicitly stated in the agreement that I should have received some kind of feedback within 7 days of the request. Do not use this service.
  • The very best! 5/5

    By yamelSalCi
    Thank you very happy and pleased.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Kteddyollie1234567890
    Great app and great people. Issues happen but they are very fast about responding
  • #MAVEN Madness 5/5

    By Bbpromanage
    I absolutely Love MAVEN, it is so convenient. I can go out for lunch at work, without worrying about losing, or having finding a parking spot. My vehicle is where I parked in the morning, and I know I have a designed parking spot when I get back to work. Thanks MAVEN!!!
  • A must for any trip 5/5

    By blainebassett
    Busy city and easy car sharing is a must!
  • Thieves and fraud 1/5

    By Suga The Lioness
    They use the system settings UTC to commit fraud! System counts dates different than local time zones so you're being charged for a day you don't even have a car! Find another way to get a car it's not worth there frustration it will cause to get money back from these thieves!
  • This Junk-Tech Will Make You Pay Up Big 1/5

    By Sherm606
    The first time I used this “service” will certainly be the last. This finger is for you Maven! I went to return the car and the app wouldn’t let me in. I called customer service and spend 45 mins on a call were the rep did nothing but say “hold on and let me try this” which resulted in providing zero assistance every time. Repeatedly I asked for the situation to be escalated, yet received the same tried refrain in response. All while the totally immobile car was parked in a loading zone. Eventually the building’s management had the car towed. I was literally stranded, in mid-move no less. The most infuriating bit was that Maven expected me to pay them nearly $400 for this. This app is essentially financial and transportational Russian roulette. Maven will drop the ball with their crappy tech, then respond with even crappier support, then charge you a ridiculously high amount for services they failed to provide. I will forever hate GM for this, since it was they who created this pile of junk,.. I mean company. They’ve no doubt ripped-off other customers in the very same fashion. We should all band together and sue in a class action.
  • Maven is Magnificent 5/5

    By TerenceCummins
    Absolutely the BEST service in its class... Heads, Shoulders and Feet above the rest..Efficient, Inexpensive, Available, Convenient, Smart...
  • Obvious scam. 1/5

    By Radruler
    Adding some reinforcement to the previous reviews. Other services are better and made by better developers, while this app is riddled with blatant mistreatment of a large portion of its user base. Don’t risk hundreds of dollars being tied up waiting for a fraud case to settle and just avoid this app.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Hfsrgxdhhcdd
    I had such a great day thanks to Maven! My coupon code immediately went through and made my trip worthwhile! I will definitely be using this service much more!!! Great for a college student like me!
  • Best car rental out there! 5/5

    By pabrahamson
    Maven car rental is the cheapest out there. I had an issue on my trip, but General Motors corrected the issue in less than 24 hours. The customer service is also 24 hours and no wait time to talk to a live agent. I highly recommend giving Maven a chance by downloading the app and trying it out! Insurance is included as well, so is gas on ALL trips!
  • Very helpful staff 5/5

    By Lee A Carter
    Had some issues getting signed up at first. Everyone I dealt with was extremely professional and helpful. They really want to rent cars to help people earn! Thank you!
  • Broken 1/5

    By jhffyhbnjk
    The app is broken. The engineers working on this application are incompetent and they ship broken features to production. Do you actually do end to end testing? Do you ensure that you’ve handle all edge cases in terms of extending a trip? It seems that feature is broken. My wife and I have been on hold with their support system for 60 minutes as the cars alarm goes off.
  • Billing Practices developed by Mental Midgets 1/5

    By Pb511
    This company’s billing practices are atrocious. Every use of their services were DOUBLE BILLED.. They immediately Pre-authorize (hold the funds) the at the end of your rental they do ANOTHER FULL charge... and the original Pre-auth NEVER falls off/ refunded.....!!! We are still trying to get MAVEN to release our original pre-authorized Funds.. and NO ONE we have spoken to can figure out how to remedy this has been OVER 2 weeks!!! Stay away from this company...You have been warned.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By JT SD
    One of the promo ppl at the SAE auto show got me to sign up. I’m the ideal user for this. I travel constantly. And I use pretty much every ridesharing program available. And I just hadn’t tried maven yet. So I signed up when she said “you could just take it to the airport and drop it off“ and I get a discount. Turns out, they no longer do one way drop off’s. And where I’m staying in Detroit every car is at least one murder, or stabbing, away from my hotel. It’s also no cheaper than any other option. I would actually say it’s much more expensive. Soooo, now I just have another app on my phone taking up screen real estate.
  • DANGEROUS do not use 1/5

    By Xtimes6
    I want to report a harrowing experience I had driving a Maven Car Share. I rented a car for 24 hours and drove out of NYC upstate. On my return the car's power steering failed, causing the car to stall while I was on the highway. I was barely able to pull over to the right (no shoulder on this roadway). Terrified I would be rear-ended, I frantically dealt with messages on the dashboard telling me to open and close the windows, and was able to put it in park, and restart the engine. Steering was not normal, but I slowly made my way downtown. I called Customer Service twice to report it while still shakily driving. They were not very helpful. When I got home I sent an email and received a generic email form a No-Reply email address, offering me 50% off the next rental. Other issues with the car: --the side mirrors pulled themselves in and I could not get them to go into the proper position --dirty windshield on the inside, looks like it was washed with a soiled towel --no EZ Pass to pay the toll, so I had to pay $15 cash to cross the GW Bridge Doesn’t seem like anyone is monitoring or servicing the cars in between rentals. DO NOT TRUST THAT ANYONE IS. Stay away from this service. I’ve also had a reservation problem and the app itself is confusing to use, which you find out when you need to put gas in the car and can’t locate the info that accompanies the CC. Frustrating.
  • Disorganized terrible app & customer service 1/5

    By Rip Off Beware
    They have the potential to be great. But their promo codes never work and they promise to send a new one (rather than retroactively applying the promo to you account) this has happened to me twice and each time they make me uninstall and reinstall the app (annoying when standing in a parking lot when it’s 30 degrees with no WiFi) and when both times this happened to me the promo still didn’t work they said ok we’ll send you a new one for next time! TWIST it still doesn’t work! Also despite being a new service the cars are filthy. Disappointed as I was looking for an alternative to zipcar but I’m afraid this isn’t it.
  • If you try them all We must also try this one 5/5

    By mykeyb420
    Maven came in as best on demand car app i use. Even though the car was 2 blocks from my house (instead of across the street with other app) i love how it makes my phone the key fob. I found the app easy to use and I highly recommend it for others to try and go find out for yourself
  • Best car rental experience 5/5

    By Al Cali
    I’ve had a rental with Maven for 7 months. Great service.
  • No worth it 1/5

    By mysedhj
    I got the car and also used it. But they will not send an invoice and if they send, it is break down into with random half’s. The people working in Chandler, AZ. They are lazy and they don’t want to work or if they work they are in efficient. Please replace these people and get someone more active and fast without a flat face with no expressions. Customer service number, they pick up at any time. I like it, but they don’t have the answers and therefore they are useless. I came to return the car finally there is only one person working and so stupidly slow with again an ugly plain expression and he worth not having a job. * Please do something and train the phone people or give them more access. * Tell the people at the place work fast and more friendly. *App . This is the craziest of all can’t book an appointment or do anything with it except let call these people (who are useless) and change the my info.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Loolyme
    Worst customer service ever. Yeah the cars are nice if they are in the location where you booked them. Customer service hopeless. Unprofessional as they hang up in your face all the time. Your complaints are not attended too and they charge your credit card as a sort of punishment for complaining. Beware please as they stole from my credit card. And when you want to close your account, they won’t even send you a confirmation.
  • App doesn’t work and they know it 2/5

    By Joeinjersey
    Can’t book at local station unless there is something available immediately at the time the app is opened. Just silly. Should be able to click on any station...not just ones with cars.
  • Please don't use the service. I beg you. 1/5

    By A lady who rights
    Please report this app to Apple to have them removed from the Apple Store until they refund ALL drivers for ALL fees related to their poor service. File a complaint with your local district attorney and with BBB. Start a Facebook group and start a class action law suit. Here's why: 1. They have anal retentive rules about how the car can be fixed but when you actually follow the rules they don't want to fix car mechanical issues. Leaving you volunerable to being financially liable for THEIR mechanical issues. 2.Their accounting is BAD. You will be overcharged and have very little recourse to get your money back. If you are unable to pay for THEIR bad accounting practices, they will lock you out of being able to use the car. 3. Their customer service is ghetto. They are rude, contentious, and have no sense of civility. They will yell at you. They you give you no real help. They will tell you they can pass your message along to someone who can help (whether it's tech issues, billing, etc.) only to NEVER get a return call or email. If you follow up to find out why you never get a returned call you will find that there was no record of your first call or they tell you to repeat the same steps. 4. They will leave you vulnerable and screwed up only to put their bad practices back on you. You will pay for their bad tech issues, you will pay for their bad accounting, you will pay for their mechanical issues. They will take no responsibility in their poor business practices.
  • Annoying service 4/5

    By Gsidana
    Very annoying service. The parking card didn’t respond and we were stuck in garage for more than 40 minutes. The poor customer agents weren’t trained well to help us answer our queries. GM can do better.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By jmcxxx
    First time renting a Maven car and it was great. The app worked The car worked. Can’t wait for the next time. Maybe it’s because I’m in San Francisco. Everything is just better here! JP

    By Etbendigirl
    I just tried using Maven for the first time and everything about it was so smooth and easy! I’m only 20 and in college so this car rental app is very helpful (you normally need to be 25 to rent cars from other services). It’s easier on your wallet than using uber or zip car and the technology is so high tech! The car I drove was nice, I love that gas is included and yeah! I highly recommend. It’s a good hourly price! I don’t understand why there are so many bad reviews. The technology worked fine, the gas card worked when I filled up the car and the car was clean and relatively new!
  • Can’t charge a credit card 1/5

    By Maxpane12
    Maven’s customer service is quite the most incapable group of people you will ever encounter. While registering you enter your credit card details, which worked just fine. Then, after my account was approved, I tried to make a reservation and it said my card declined. I went into settings to change my credit card and while processing the card again, it kept giving me an error code. So I tried a different card and the same thing happened. I then called customer service, and their only advice was to call my bank, as they couldn’t see my card or try and add a new one for me (what customer service center can’t update a payment method?). American Express said that neither of my cards shouldn’t be declining, and furthermore, that they never saw any charges come from Maven and therefore it had to be an issue with Maven’s payment processing. I called Maven back, and they told me that it was my bank, and upon refusal of their “solution” they told me I would have to email member support. That was a week ago. The service looks great and it seems like a good solution to car sharing. However, if you can’t even have a reliable payment processing service, why even have a business? I would suggest adding the ability for your call center to update payment info as well. This has been entirely frustrating and instead of acknowledging it’s Maven that has an issue, your support agents have been shifting blame.
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By EE1927
    Do not use Maven. They are a terrible company with no customer service.
  • A over price waste of time 1/5

    By EhMdmfmgmgtkrmrjtmttjt
    This is pure trash cost way more then a regular rental .jus a waste of time . Smh Ok saying you got to Pay 130 for a day and it cover insurance is bs because You can goto Avis Rent a car with insurance a day it’ll be 119
  • Worst app 1/5

    By snakeyes090
    They take forever to get back to you, I contacted them in 2017 its 2018 & I haven’t heard from anyone yet
  • Worst Customer Service Experience of my life 1/5

    By theoutsider09
    Used the service with no issues up until two weeks ago. After experiencing issues with the app, I was not able to connect to or start my vehicle after a stop. I called Maven Support and tried all troubleshooting options. I even tried on a friend’s phone to make sure it wasn’t my device. Eventually I was told by the adviser that I would have to leave the vehicle. Several days later I was charged nearly $400 in fees for the recovery of the vehicle that I was told to leave by the advisor. After numerous calls and emails with customer support I’ve been given no explanation or any recourse for resolving the problem. Save your self the hassle and avoid this service like the plague.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By RealScottTran
    I download this app but couldn’t figure out how to locate a car to rent. It’s so frustrating. However, after reading all the other reviews, I think this is a good thing because this company doesn’t seem to have their act together.
  • Good experience 4/5

    By Media Coordinator
    Maven has been good to me. I’ve used them over a dozen times in the past 6 months. Yes there are times that I can’t start the car or open the door or connect. But I’ve learned that if you get to the car 8 min prior to your reservation your kinks can be worked out by calling a Maven representative on your phone or in the car before your your reservation.
  • Just how the reviews state it 1/5

    By Sisky007
    I wanted to like this service, I downloaded the app, I rented my first car everything was great. I want back for round two and I found out I had been suspended from the app just like all of the reviews state. I have been calling customer service for the last three months trying to figure out what went wrong and the only only answer I am reviewing is “we do apologize, but we do not know what went wrong”. They then ask me to follow up with customer service, which I have done at least seven time for the last three months. Response from them, we will look into it... I truly tried to use this app as it is extremely convenient in NYC but due to technical difficulties and the lack of ability to clear it up from the staff at maven, I have to admit that I will no longer attempt to use the service nor promote the service amongst my peers. I really wish they had gotten it right. :(
  • Avoid using this at all cost!!! 1/5

    By Drew Vergas
    Their member services department is full of lazy idiots! I got hit by a Tesla over two months ago while driving one of the maven cars. They told me it would take two weeks to be able to get a replacement we are over 2 months later and I’m still getting the same run around. These people are crooks and liars. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SenyoA
    Really bad app and experience. Couldn’t select a drop off location??? Customer service said it’s because there’s no other parking spot in the US??? Really?? Then she said she could book it but can’t start the car for another 30mins???
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Shonte J
    After my first experience with Maven a month ago when trying to reserve a car & was unsuccessful; I was going to give up the app all together. Reading the reviews as well can deter you but I have always been one to try out things for myself first REGUARDLESS of how bad someone else's review may be. I'm glad I did! I enjoyed my reservation. The car I had was a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox; it drove very smoothly! The location(Union Ave MTP-Brooklyn) was very friendly just make sure to check in with the attendant before going to get the car. They won't give you the car key until after you have successfully gotten into the car using your phone to unlock the car. I will definitely do it again!
  • Love Maven! 5/5

    By Jillian7710
    I’ve been using Maven in Boston for the past few months. As a previous zipcar user, I’ve found Maven much easier to use (no extra card needed) and the cars are infinitely better in style and cleanliness. I always hated driving around with the words ZIPCAR plastered all over the sides of the vehicle, I like that Mavens vehicle branding is subtle. I’ve never once had an issue with the app. Zero times. I’m surprised to see some reviews saying that the app is difficult and glitchy - don’t let it deter you for trying Maven, I’ve found every experience with Maven to be fantastic!
  • Worst App and Customer Service 1/5

    By MachineLearningSF
    They have poorly constructed data management which makes using the service next to impossible and the issue is compounded by customer service that never responds via email as required. The call center people can literally do nothing to help you and it’s not their fault, it’s Maven/GM’s fault.
  • Great potential. Hardly dependable. 1/5

    By Jose Z.
    If this services worked smoothly it’d be incredible and competitive amongst car sharing services. However, it feels like any time I use it there are system errors, app errors, bad customer service, horrible UX, and only hourly increments. In an immediate world, waiting an hour to reserve a car seems like way too long. Nice try GM but you’re trying to play in the wrong field. Stick to big trucks and dealerships not tech and user experience.
  • Not ready for prime time 1/5

    By Sammystyles
    I reserved a car in my building’s basement (very convenient) four days ahead. Was so excited to get out of the city for a long-awaited day hike with a dear friend. After an hour of error messages and calls to three different “Maven advisors” (all of whom were lovely but powerless to actually help me) I was forced to give up and cancel the reservation, without ever having opened the car door. The system is really buggy and doesn’t seem ready to be open for business.

Maven – Car sharing app comments


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