Maven – Car Sharing

Maven – Car Sharing

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  • Current Version: 1.52
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  • Developer: General Motors Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Maven – Car Sharing App

Welcome to Maven, a more connected car sharing experience. Maven gives you access to new cars, for personal or rideshare and delivery use. Now available in 16 cities across the U.S. and Canada, Maven is making it easier than ever to drive on your own terms. And better yet? There’s no long-term commitment with any of our reservations. Simply download the app, sign-up, select a car, and start your journey. There are two ways to use Maven: - Maven Car Sharing – Reserve cars by the hour. - Maven Gig – Cars for rideshare and delivery drivers. What are some of the benefits of Maven Car Sharing? - Free lifetime membership with low hourly and daily rates - Range of new cars loaded with tech - Your phone is the key – reserve and unlock your car with the app. What are some of the benefits of Maven GIG? - Weekly rates starting as low as $189 - Freedom to drive for any rideshare or delivery service - Unlimited miles, regular maintenance, and insurance all included - No early return penalties – return the car any time after 7 days Follow, like, and tag us on our channels @drivemaven Or visit our website at Phone image courtesy of Pixeden.

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Maven – Car Sharing app reviews

  • Unreliable. 1/5

    By hayesmj
    I had some ok experiences when it started but im done. Today’s trip 1. Car not located where it should be, call maven and they find it as ask me to listen for the horn and I walk around until I can find it, they won’t extend the reservation for the time it took to find it. 2. Discover it’s less than 1/4 gas and there is no fuel card. Call again, they tell me to pay for it and they will reimburse me. 3. Car wouldn’t lock at the end, call maven again. The time before the car was broken into and it took them 30 mins to tell me they couldn’t find another car. It looks worth it but you can’t rely on the car working or being there. Wonder why GM can’t keep up with innovation...
  • Horrible, increased price during ride 1/5

    By Sydslothfthfvgj
    Horrible service - during my last ride they increased the hourly rate and added their fees to my bill after I had booked and used the car. When contacting customer service to ask about the extra charges multiple times they offered no explanation and after six weeks of trying to get an answer from them I gave up and removed the app. Very low quality of service and some sneaky tactics to get your money. Would not recommend.
  • Terrible experience, even worse customer service, stay away! 1/5

    By amw1234567890
    I've given Maven a try twice in a month in NYC and do not recommend (I will not use it again). First time I had no problem retrieve the car I reserved from a valet garage within reasonable wait time but the car is just gross, full of trash inside, and the lock/unlock function didn't work all the time. Had to log out and log back into the app in order for it to work. Imagine trying to get into the car under pouring rain and this happened, so annoying. Second time this week it took the valet guy a good 30mins just to retrieve my car, what a joke! Called customer service to report the issue and the guy picked up the phone was not only unfriendly, but tried to make it sound like it's no big deal. I had to threaten to talk to his supervisor in order for him to deal with my case my some respect. This kind of customer service is just unacceptable and says a lot about the company. There are better service out there than Maven, I would avoid at all cost.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lamar Peterson
    I downloaded the app and gave it a try, and no lie, it was great the first few times. Then one day, I put in the reservation and went to Union Station to go pick up the vehicle. It wouldn’t let me in. I kept calling the customer service number and they kept giving me the run around. Long story short, I never picked up the vehicle but they DEFINITELY charged me for it. And because my card had been stolen, they’re telling me that I owe them over $300 for a car that I NEVER took possession of. Customer service is NO HELP! AT ALL! I do not miss using Maven. This whole ordeal proved to be a bit much!
  • Good idea, terrible customer service 2/5

    By zabc312
    I gave this app and Maven a solid shot for over a year, and while it initially showed promise as an affordable and convenient service for non-car owners (despite minor glitches on the app), the company’s atrocious customer service made the decision to leave the app for good very easy. In my time as a Maven app user, I had a car cancelled on me without notice, a customer service manager accuse me of lying (about...a car service?), a surprise $100 surcharge sprung on me a month after-the-fact with no explanation, and a series of interactions with incompetent customer service representatives who knew little to nothing about the service they represent. Across the board, Maven’s reps have been rude, condescending, and unwilling to work through simple problems caused by glitches on the app. It’s a shame—this app seemed so promising, but the bottom tier customer service lost Maven another user.
  • Error on signup 1/5

    By -kinetic
    I can’t sign up using the app. I keep getting errors from the server.
  • More locations 2/5

    By Instagram @cheese_stay_high
    Ya need to get some locations in the Bronx.
  • Great until you experience an issue that requires a human 1/5

    By davey987
    They will cancel your reservations if the car suddenly goes out of service or not returned in time. Great, call member services and they cannot get you into a car until 30 minutes while you wait in a parking lot. Why? Apparently nobody in member services (I asked for a manager) has access to modify memberships nor override the “app based” system they are using on their end. Nobody in member services could provide anything extra that the app could. Hence why all they were able to do is make a reservation on my behalf the same way I could do, after the next 30 minute on the hour passes. This happened to me on two occasions. I’m in Chicago.
  • App issues 2/5

    By joe bonaventura
    I’ve had my Maven car since December 13 today is January 2 I tried to return the car and get a cheaper Chevrolet Cruz that they had available in the apps that I had to keep the current vehicle for three more days would not let me schedule return. Very frustrating considering the Chevy Cruz is $40 last week $160 a month is a lot of money very disappointed

    By Omii4801
    Signed up on 12/14/2018 called customer service multiple times to figure out why I can’t add my payment method to my account to finish the signup process. To this day 12/31/2018 I haven’t gotten any responses at all!!! So much for sign up and drive in seconds to 2 business days. You guys might want to change that because its false advertising time frames.
  • Doesn’t consistently work 1/5

    By Jrkelly5697
    This app is great when it works, but doesn’t consistently work. My wife and I both run into issues with our payment method doing preauths. We call Maven and they pick up quickly, but are not helpful. Maven suggested we call our bank and credit card company to fix it, called them and it’s not on their side. We essentially get the run around from Maven and have no issues with using our cards elsewhere. It’s not reliable so I highly suggest choosing another sharing service.
  • Do not recommend at all, not reliable and they don’t care 1/5

    By Lucaswyler
    Already 3 times that the vehicle wasn’t there when I arrive. Called Maven and they didn’t care at all. Also many times the smell in the car was horrible. I will switch to another car sharing company. I was expecting more from GM
  • Extend Trip 5/5

    By Joey Soho
    We should be able to shorten the trip if we bring the car in early.
  • Run the opposite direction now!!! 1/5

    By ChadWagner
    If I could rate this company 0 stars I absolutely would. I had a reservation scheduled a week in advance to go visit my family for Christmas. I was supposed to pick up the car at 4:30PM, so I hopped into my Lyft at 4PM to go pick it up in Greenpoint (my home is in Long Island City). As I was about to arrive I received a voicemail from the MAVEN “customer support” that there had been a change in my reservation and they had to switch out my car, so they needed me to call them back. When I called, I was standing outside the intended pickup garage location. The woman told me that the original car that I had reserved wasn’t returned, so they needed to put me in a larger car that would be waiting for me at the same garage. I told her that was fine, as long as I didn’t have to pay an extra fee for the larger car. She said that I would have to pay that extra fee, and I told her I found that to be unfair. So she put me on hold for 30 minutes (remember I’m outside in the cold). When someone finally got back on the phone it was now a different person...a snarky and patronizing man who called himself Christopher, and he’s apparently acting the role of manager today. He said I “needed to be more flexible since it was the holidays and things like this happen.” After a long back and forth for another 45 minutes, he then proceeded to tell me that my “new pickup location” would be in The Meat Packing District (which is a 5 mile drive from where I needed to go pick up my partner, Christmas gifts and bags). So my 4:30 reservation ended up having to change to a 6:00PM reservation, because I had to hop on the train, slugging my way from Greenpoint Brooklyn. When I finally make it there, I get the car from the Icon Parking attendant (finally, a friendly person!) However, he then proceeds to tell me that Maven has changed their rules and is requiring attendants to not issue out keys to any of the cars. That my phone would be my only means on unlocking, locking and starting the car (what if my phone dies?). I told him that was fine, and went on my way. Finally settled into the car, and realized that it was dirty (sticky wheel and all). Normally, I wouldn’t mind, and would just take it to a car wash, but I’ve already lost 2.5 hours from my travel time, so i would just have to stick with the sticky wheel. Now the kicker: Driving from the Meatpacking District through Manhattan, and trying to make it into Queens during Christmas traffic is next to impossible. If I would have been able to leave from the original pickup there would have been no problem. But now I was forced to drive from lower manhattan, through one of he busiest cities in the world, during one of the busiest times of the year. I left the garage at 6:00, it was 7PM and I hadn’t been able to go even 10 blocks. This trip wasn’t going to happen. So I turned the car around, returned it to the garage, and the next call I made was to my Mom to let her know that I wouldn’t be making it home for Christmas, and asked her to text me everyone’s addresses so I could send all of the Christmas gifts I purchased this week in preparation. Skip MAVEN...hop on a different sleigh unless you’re hoping for a “Bah Humbug!” Christmas day.
  • Such a scammer co. 1/5

    By jDuB-Jnice-420-710-
    Nothing but a scam to steal your drivers liscence & personal info. I faithfully trusted this scammer app developer w/ a scan of my drivers liscence & personal info like cc & ss#’s thinking it’s a normal app like Getaround or DHgate that simply meddles w/ your internet experience to manipulate you into spending money w/ them. Instead, I had all my personal info stolen by this Detroit based company & have yet to be allowed to access the app or see a single available car to rent on their site or app I have tried to download more than once & still no working. Also noticed strange unrecognizable charges to my Card soon after.
  • Good Car Rental 3/5

    By Ty 😎🤙🏽
    This is my first time renting a car it was easy to sign up on the app got approved within no time first day I picked up the car using my phone to lock and unlock car to me was new only issue I had was the car had left over garbage and it smelled like cigarettes that would be the first thing people I had in the car would notice and tell me. The second thing that I believed was dangerous was the windshield was not clear to view the inside had dried up water and washed rag spots on the windshield making it difficult to see. Also the app it takes too long for it to search and connect to the car I often would have to quick close the app and reopen it then try to use the key. But other than that it was a good experience renting the car and been able to get around town with ease.
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    By DejaJhsn
    Spent a lot of money with this company for them to cancel my ride for a full day booking after picking it up midnight. I already had a hard time booking it on the phone so I called. They said that they were doing updates to the app for me to update my app or sign out and sign back in. Eventually I was able to book the car but I had to wait till the next time frame when I could pick up the car. I drive the car home then when I wake up the next morning to go out to the car I can no longer get into the car and my app wouldn’t let me sign in. I called they said that my account has been canceled no explanation because customer service doesn’t handle that. They would send someone to get the car. I was even given a hard time to get my items out. Customer service also said I would be receiving a email from HR with a explanation. I never received a thing. I didn’t even receive a refund for the day I had booked. I called asking about my refund numerous of times to get the run around. Their cars are expensive for the day and I as though feel they have robbed me blind.
  • Way Too Expensive for crappy cars 2/5

    Most cars are $90-160/day. That’s absurd. A Chevy Cruz is a crappy compact car, mid-size if we’re being generous, that rents for $20-30/day from enterprise. I’d go to a rental car company any day for the $30/day rate over the convenience of this app. They barely provide any convenience and definitely not enough to warrant absurd 3x+ the normal rates. I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier if they were expensive or be disruptively cheaper. Uber for example was not only better than taxis but also cheaper than taxis. Hence why people started using it. @Maven, why should anyone use your service when Turo, ReachNow, ZipCar, Car2Go, and all these others are cheaper?
  • Peer owner 1/5

    By JJair
    Putting my beloved car on this official platform was the worse mistake of my cars life. let me share my first renters experience using my car. He decided to hotbox in my car, leave a mess, leave their e cig for weed, junk, sock, medical bill, create a scene in my peaceful neighborhood, disturb my neighbors and my family, try to cover their smell with air freshener and wipes. Maven will only reimburse me up to 100 for damage to my car. I am on the hook to get a detail, they mentioned they would take care of everything during onboarding. This is unacceptable I can't monitor my car, screen who rents it out, or have really any control over anything, even uploading pictures or choosing to move the cars location to a different area. Now I feel unsafe and unsupported when I contacted customer support I had to recontact them to even get an email on where to send my receipt for a future detail. Do yourself and your car a favor and avoid sharing it. My cars ruined and I took meticulous care of it, made sure it was clean inside and out it comes back a mess and forever damaged with smoke smell and a broken seat clip, less gas than when I rented out and who knows what. Thanks GM. Please take a look and learn from Turo. This whole platform needs a major overhaul. I can't even login as a owner, only renters and gig users can use this app. I have to use the website. Horriblen. Only way I got my car back was to block it off. I called customer support letting them know a few days ago I'm concerned about my car. I want to see it to make sure it was okay, as the renter extended only one day at a time, multiple times and somehow ended and started his trip overlapping.
  • Really terrible sorry they just are 1/5

    By johnhankns
    Really terrible sorry they just are
  • Garbage that’s what maven is 1/5

    By High_n_mighty_mike
    Worst car rental company ever straight up thief’s that’s all they are don’t waste your time or money!!!!
  • Great concept but some downsides 5/5

    By axelcureno
    This is by far the best experience for on-demand car rental except for a few things: -You need internet connection to lock/unlock the car, therefore you cannot travel to areas without cellular signal. -Mileage is limited, which is a little understandable for the price. -The app is not very stable (it can take very long for the app to connect to the car, a lot of times I’ve been forced to kill and open the app to get it working, it’s also buggy).
  • Terrible service, terrible app. 1/5

    By daniel.williams
    Seriously, it would be wise to avoid these guys at all costs. There are better services out there, and don’t be duped into using these people if it might seem a little more convenient than Turo or zipcar. It’s not worth it.
  • Money hungry 1/5

    By Hell_froze_over
    So I tried to use a maven for my first time. Let me tell you how unprofessional and money hungry this company is. I reserved at car that was located at a garage. For a specific amount of time on a specific date. When I got to the car garage there was a valet that was supposed to bring out the car to me so I can get to where I needed to be. However, the car wouldn’t start. I called customer service and tried to have this issue resolved. After a lengthy 30-40 minute talk and trying to resolve the issue. I had to book a car in a different garage. I also had to pay twice because their policy is once you reserve the car they take the payment. When I reserved the same vehicle guess what? They had to charge me again. I get to the second destination and everything is going well. Upon my return, I waited for the valet to take the car from me so that I could end my trip. The valet was very busy and I couldn’t just leave the car on the street/sidewalk. So I ended up having to end my rental 10-15 minutes early. This however, charged me $50 so I total for something that was supposed to be 50-70 dollars worth of a rental, I was charged around $200. While being told to wait for the refund of the first reservation 3-5 business days. This is not worth it. I found the same care at a different rental company for a longer time frame without any issues or over charges. Will not recommend to anyone! Money hungry company.
  • do not consider 1/5

    By Timquijano
    Horrible customer service - company will mock and ignore your concerns. Never use this company which i'm assuming must be run by children based on their horrific management practices. I was abandoned in a low cell reception area because of their not providing a key fob. Eventually forced to hitchhike home by a sympathetic bystander. Full story in one of my emails to Maven below - to which they haven't responded. I’m using the old school rental car companies from now. [Case #:1-1345LYM9] Last week I rented a Maven from San Francisco and drove for an hour outside of the city to a town for lunch. I parked the car, and after the 2 hour lunch, my girlfriend and I got back into the car for our ride home. The vehicle asked me to provide the key fob in order to start the car. I looked all over the car for the key fob, but Maven had not provided this to me. The car was connected to my phone via Bluetooth but because we were in an area of no cell reception, the Maven app was unable to start the car AND THERE WASN'T A BACKUP FOB ANYWHERE IN THE CAR. With the help of the staff at the restaurant we ate in, we did everything we could think of to compensate for the fact that we had booked with a rental car service who did not foresee that EVEN IN CITIES THERE MAY BE AREAS OF NO CELL RECEPTION. In troubleshooting, first, I tried to connect to the restaurant's internet connection, but the vehicle was parked just outside the wifi coverage area. I then tried to create a wifi hot spot relay, again too far. I couldn't even move the car's transmission into neutral from park without the key fob (so as to push the car into the wifi coverage area). I went back into the restaurant which was now closing, spent over 2 hours discussing this issue with a series of condescending Maven customer service team members who repeatedly tried to push me off to the towing team that they demanded that I pay for. I was spoken down to and openly criticized as stupid for not realizing that the car would not start if I didn't have adequate cellular service. At this point, the sun had set and I was getting cold from using the restaurant's outdoor phone for 2 hours - so I agreed to the towing service but made it clear I wouldn't pay. When speaking to the towing agency, it was clear that the Maven representatives did not talk this through with them and the towing agency suggested to tow us to a car repair shop, but not a convenient area with cell service so we could drive ourselves back home. I then refused towing and decided to figure out how to get home myself and not wait in the cold as I did for 3 hours waiting for Maven to sort out the situation in which they put me and my girlfriend. I eventually was able to arrange a hitch hike ride home with a kind individual who had overheard my conversations with Maven customer service. I booked a Maven to have lunch and ended up in the cold, an hour away from my house, unable to start the car and to make matters worse, I was humiliated by the Maven customer service. I had to hitchhike to a location from which I could take an Uber and risked my life on a dark highway. I have communicated this story to my friends and family, and I will continue to do so and will make sure everybody hears about this scandal by posting it on social media. How can Maven let me suffer all of the above and still charge me for the trip PLUS LATE FEES? IS THIS A JOKE? I am requesting a refund of the booking, including the $159 fee which includes $100 of late return fees. I am also requesting $43 for my Uber back home + $20 for hitch-hiking to a place where I could actually attain an Uber. I am also requesting additional compensation for the trouble that you put me through due to your poor app design, lack of foresight AND INCREDIBLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  • Can’t even sign up 1/5

    By ogshahlyv
    I took a picture of my Id 30 times and nothing
  • It’s take long time 1/5

    By Aswet a
    It’s take long time to confirm approval.
  • Slow, buggy, and unreliable. 1/5

    By ThehandsomeCrtic
    This app needs to be improved. It’s slow and acts like an app from iOS 7... There are constant bugs (not loading the estimated cost, not recognizing that Bluetooth is on, etc).
  • Robbing a Deaf Uber/Lyft Driver over $1,000.00 1/5

    By Dyong5000
    For sure I love renting car from Maven to Drive Uber/Lyft at my free time. The staff at SF office are decent people but things are out of their control. I had a minor accident with a rented Maven car, I notified Maven and they recommended a body shop near my area. I dropped the car and notified Maven. They promised not to charge me further and my account is suspended for investigation. Unknown to me Maven been deducing money from my bank without my knowledge when I don’t have their car in my possession for over a month. That’s over $1,000.00. When I found out, I Called Maven and asked for refund. The rep said that he will file a report and send to financial dept to have my money refunded. A week nothing, called again and the same story continues over and over again. It’s over two months now that they have not refunded my money. I have the paper work that proved the date I have the car in the shop. Hey Maven, how can you do this to a Deaf Uber/Lyft Driver? I am not giving up, not just yet till I get my money back.
  • The tech behind this app is bad! 1/5

    By Learning1908toalwaysb1st
    I try not to write reviews and give things multiple tries, but I had more than 5 instances where I can’t start and/or end my the trip. It can take a while to authorize how close my phone is to the car in order to unlock and lock it as well. This is frustrating. Initially, I thought it was my phone because I had the iPhone 6. I now have the XS and am still faced with the same issue.
  • Car troubles with no service 1/5

    By clayour
    Drove car to a state park in upstate New York Parked it Car wouldn’t turn on or off because I parked with no cell service Talked to maven on the phone for 5 hours & they told me to call 911 and have it towed or take an uber home DONT take these cars outside of a city. They fail to function without cell service and customer support is slow to resolve issues.
  • Wonderfully convenient 5/5

    By Rhonda KM
    Great service, easy access!
  • Absolutely terrible experience 1/5

    By J.Iredell
    Found out my reservation had been cancelled after spending 30 minutes in the parking garage looking for the car. Received no notice about the cancellation, customer service was unhelpful, and missed an appointment due to this debacle. Will never use again and would warn others against using this app.
  • Horrible experience today 1/5

    By CitiReporter
    I was stranded on I-90 in Chicago for three hours. The Maven car broke down in 38 degree weather and freezing rain. And, here’s the worst part...they wouldn’t even let me leave the car to get to a warm, safe place. The agent said, “I wouldn’t want you to get wrapped up in an abandonment case.” Maven did not have a plan to get a replacement car to me, either. So, I was unable to complete my trip and reach my destination. I missed the event, entirely. Maven’s solution was to put me in contact with a roadside assistance service and send me a $10 Lyft promo code! I broke down at 9 a.m. By 12 p.m., I was finally riding with the tow truck driver to a nearby GM dealer. I was told by Maven their policy is to provide the Lyft promo code to get me back home...which cost $13 more out of pocket. To cap off this ridiculous experience, I got an email from Maven for the bill...the full amount has been charged to my credit card. The agent told me to “ back tomorrow and start the process of a refund. It shouldn’t be a problem.” Well, that’s good to know, Maven. I have had several problems with the two Maven cars in my building. Maven has pretty much stopped replying to my customer service surveys, post reservation, too. Things like cars smelling like smoke, regularly. Marijuana smells. The windshield wipers have needed replacement for at least my last two or three trips. Sirius XM service out. No WiFi. The list goes on, but today was an absolute Maven fail.
  • Best Car Sharing App ! 5/5

    By ayubo1
    I use maven often and have used it in many of their locations including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando to make a few and every time I have used the app it went smoothly. I had a flat tire on my last trip in Chicago and they quickly swapped my vehicle without hassle. Enjoy using this app it’s great!
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By michip96
    It was so easy and helped out. Car was clean and really easy to access! 100% recommended!
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Fashion Metric
    I booked a car with Maven for a weekend getaway. Received a notification to head to my car, got there and was suddenly notified that it was canceled. No other cars available for the whole weekend and support could care less...
  • APP IS SLOW 3/5

    By Ryan48093
    Please fix the loading time.
  • Great but then awful 1/5

    By Sjumana
    I frequently rented through maven and all went well. A few months after using for some reason my account has been locked, it’s been over 2 months that I’ve tried to speak to someone about what’s going on! Over the phone they tell me they cannot help and tell me to email there support team . I’ve emailed over 10 times and never have got anything back. I’m disappointed and disgusted on how things have been handled.
  • Andrew Is Awesome! 5/5

    By Bizzman710
    Maven is a solid company, because they offer a great deal on an all electric car, that I’m not sure you can get elsewhere, but honestly, while the review is partly because after over a year I’m thoroughly satisfied with renting from Maven, I’m overly-impressed with the level of service I’ve received from Andrew. He’s the main guy at the SF location, and I say this because back when I started, it was literally just Andrew working, nobody else with him. There are others there now, and they are cool too, but Andrew is specifically why this whole thing has been excellent for me. It would take a really long review to go into depth about how he’s helped, so to keep it short, not only did he help me keep the car I had after a super minor accident(the company wanted me to give the car back and he stood on my side and said there was no need because no damage happened, and I got to keep it), but he also is just genuinely nice every time I go in, even if he’s stressed or busy he’s a cool dude. Mavens good, I love the Bolt, been renting for almost a year and a half now, truly though, my whole experience was MADE because of Andrew. I don’t even usually leave reviews, but he’s earned this one. For sure for sure. Thanks again brother!
  • App barely functions 1/5

    By ItsJasonMade
    Don’t bother. The app is very buggy and it might cost you more $&& by erroneous charges.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By Robbinsjnj
    Maven car sharing is a horrible service. I will never use them again and I have joined other car-sharing services since using them. I can’t wait until account services processes my request to terminate my account. I have had several awful encounters with their customer service, but this is the last straw. I just had a supervisor continuously interrupt me on the phone and when I asked to let me speak and finish I was told in a snarky and demeaning tone to be professional when she was the one talking down and interrupting me. I convinced my entire family to join Maven and they are all canceling their accounts, too. Other car-sharing services are better, more reliable and won’t overcharge your credit card $300 and them blame you for their app glitch! Use anyone but maven and save yourself a headache. Wish I could give no stars at all.
  • Cars are nice but app is INFURIATING 2/5

    By baxrox
    I actually get nervous every time I need to use this app because it's constantly timing out or freezing/ crashing. Not exactly great when you have to use the app to access the vehicle! Just making a reservation is a nightmare because it can take HOURS of trying before it finally goes through. I've been trying for the past hour to make a new reservation, and to no surprise at all, it still won't process. The cars are nice and the location is convenient, but this app makes me often give up and walk almost a mile away to rent from enterprise. The cars and locations get 4 stars, the app gets ZERO
  • !!!! STAY AWAY!!!!! Legal Robbery only used the service once ( horrible experience) 1/5

    By Boy_Bleu
    I don’t even know where to start. I’ve used plenty of car sharing/ car rental apps and services. This is by far the Worst to date , I have ever dealt with. First off before you do anything make sure to read every part of the contract from top to bottom and especially the Fine Print. They make the majority of their money off of your mistakes and misery. The first and only time using the service and it was nothing but a nightmare.The phone reps are sweethearts , but they basically tell you they can’t help you and your beat in a nice way. I rented a vehicle for 4 1/2 hours , I returned it 1 1/2 hours early. I called to speak with someone because I wanted to be refunded the 1 1/2 hour i didn’t use. they basically told me you signed the contract and it says we charge regardless what you do or don’t use. Mind you this is my first time using the app, and it seemed to be a common error According to the customer service rep. Even though it was a misunderstanding and first time mistake and first time using service they refused to give me a 25 dollar refund. I let it be I’m not gonna loose my cool and head over 25 bucks. But, I check my statement today cause I kind needed to rent a car in the fly I look in my account and this sneaky thieves charged me for not filling there vehicle up. mind you the car comes with a fuel card. What’s the difference of who fills it up, so you offer gas In The price of the rental but still charge me for it ? I got the car with less than a 1/4 tank and that’s how I brought back. I call today and guess what the response was this happens often please refer to the client contract. Bunch of thieves don’t deserve to be a company in NYC . This was the first time I used the service and look how much I was taken advantage off . Can’t imagine continuously using this service. I’m telling everyone I know not to use it
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By kcarlson1983
    Maven makes it easy to access the city on your own terms, often for less than a ride-sharing app. Highly recommend!
  • UX Could be better 2/5

    By pickacoolname
    I’ve been using Maven for a year now. It is pretty convenient in terms of access to cars quickly. But here are some issues why I am giving it 2 stars: - I live in San Francisco. But the app always defaults to NYC. I have set my billing address, but it still defaults to NYC. This also means the when I try to extend a active reservation, the time is based on Eastern time and not Pacific time. For eg, when I have reservation ending at 4 pm. The app would say the earliest I could extend is 8 pm (which is 5 pm pacific time). What sort of engineer tested this? This didn’t happen when I joined maven, but the problem been around for 7-9 months. - The garage in my building have no cell reception. And every time I return the car, your app would say the car is not reachable (duh!!!) and I have to come out and call maven support to end it. I also use zip car sometimes. And they were able to have the app work offline and no cell reception is needed in hard to reach spot. Why can’t you do the same? In general, the concept is great. It is convenient to get a car. But the user experience have a long way to go. Also, this is something that is good to have: - When I moved in to my apartment, the neighborhood was still being developed. So access to cars was quicker. But as more people moved in, it is hard to get a car quickly. Maybe consider adding more vehicles as the neighborhood grows to keep up.
  • Terrible (yet friendly) customer service 1/5

    By JDMAM818
    I downloaded this app after a representative promised a couple great-sounding promotions, including a $25 driving credit. When the credit somehow was not applied to my bill, I called the company immediately and spoke to a friendly consumer care rep who said that although they couldn’t contact their member service team directly, I’d be hearing from them in 3-5 business days to apply the credit. I’ve been calling back for nearly a month, once a week, and consistently speak to a friendly person who promises they’ll contact customer care, but then I hear nothing back. Similarly, Maven promised a $10 credit when a vehicle I reserved was totally out of gas at pickup and I had to extend my trip so that I could get gas before driving, and no credit ever appeared on my account. The cars are fine but this company feels like a scam. I suggest sticking with Zipcar or another more established carshare operation.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By mavensucks
    I would like to give a negative rating on the app and their service. Worst app ever I’ve seen. I had a terrible experience and felt really embarrassed. Well, I’ve submitted my drivers license details long time ago before I was about to reserve a car for a quick errand. Unfortunately, I was unable to book the car, I called the help desk, they say that my drivers license verification is pending that too it was in pending for a month. In fact, they say it will be approved within 24 hours but it didn’t get approved. I’m gonna uninstall this app now.

    By jazmescudi
    PLEASE get more cars in Baltimore. I’ve checked my app all day everyday for the pass week and a half now. PLEASE

Maven – Car Sharing app comments

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