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Maven – Car Sharing

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Maven – Car Sharing App

Maven offers car sharing your way. Get a car for personal use or rideshare and delivery jobs, by the hour, day or week. There’s no long-term commitment with any of our reservations. Simply download the app, select a car, and start your trip. Here’s how you can use the Maven app: • Maven Car Sharing – Reserve cars by the hour or day • Maven Gig – Cars for rideshare and delivery drivers What are some of the benefits of Maven Car Sharing? • Free lifetime membership and low hourly and daily rates • Range of new cars loaded with tech • Your phone is the key – unlock your car with the app What are some of the benefits of Maven Gig? • Low weekly rates • Freedom to drive for eligible rideshare or delivery services • Unlimited miles, maintenance, and insurance all included • No early return penalties – return the car any time after 7 days Maven is available in the U.S and Canada: • East Coast – New York City, Jersey City, Washington DC, Baltimore • Midwest – Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor • West – Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver • Canada – Toronto Do you own a car? You could make money renting it out through the Maven app. Learn more on our website: Follow, like, and tag us on our channels @drivemaven. Phone image courtesy of Pixeden.

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Maven – Car Sharing app reviews

  • Left me stranded Several times 1/5

    By PaulBaranda
    This service is supposed to be for convenience. Yet several times now they have left me stranded. The app doesn’t confirm a reservation without some error showing and then the reservation shows in your upcoming trips. But if their system doesn’t properly pull a pre-auth on your card, the system cancels your reservation without notice or email. I checked several times with my card provider and it’s definitely an app issue. So when i am already at the parking garage ready to go, I can’t get the car. When I try to book over the phone the rep can only reserve the car 1 hour later from booking it. They have NO WAY to override this. Even after inconveniencing me, they can’t get you into a car ASAP. Poor and terrible customer experience.
  • Reservations 1/5

    By @__lyron__
    The app will let you reserve a car, but that doesn’t mean they have to have the car there apparently. First and last time using. For this kind of money and with Cadillac backing it, I expect better. Even while talking to them, the person tried to reserve the same car, that I reserved, that wasn’t there!!! An hour of my life I’ll never get back.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By bostonbubble
    Maven can be a great service when things work smoothly. However, I have encountered two instances when the vehicle was unavailable at the last minute. One a cancellation from Maven for car maintenance - no communication with me in advance. Another the Bluetooth functionality in the vehicle was malfunctioning so I was unable to open the vehicle and start the reservation. Customer service has no real ability to impact the situation on the ground so youre just out of luck. Finding out you do not have a vehicle at the very last minute is incredibly disruptive. Maven cannot claim reliability. Youre better off with a car rental outfit that is more attentive to its vehicles and customers.
  • Why 2/5

    By quan010998
    I tried using it they said my driving record was bad then I went to my dmv area I have no points on my license 😡😡😡
  • MAVEN app is so good and easy to use 4/5

    By Sambangi
    App is very is easy to use. Only drawback is it is too slow.
  • The app is not complete 2/5

    By Danie153445222567
    Where do I enter the promo code? Oh in this disabled button.. But it didn’t work on my first trip, why? You have to “activate” it. Ok trying for the second trip - error, can’t be activated. Ok, anyway I wanna rent, how much for a day? $90. The total is $109, the breakdown is $100 per day + ... oh well. Additionally, the app is very slow and glitchy. And the car we’ve got had only 30 miles fuel left. Nobody cares.. Will use it as a last resort. There are much better options.
  • Very happy so far 5/5

    By arthurdexter24
    Still currently renting a car from Maven but so far the experience has been completely flawless. Highly recommend! PS your phone must have its Bluetooth turned on to start/unlock your car
  • Maven 5/5

    By maven#1
    Best car rental ever
  • Love the service 5/5

    By queensimone1908
    When I came back to DC for a job, I decided not to bring my car to the city with me. I was initially concerned about how I would manage trips to those places where you really do need a car and Uber isn’t a good option (IKEA, Costco, etc). A friend told me to try Maven, and I LOVE IT. There are two cars behind my building and several others within a short walk of where I live. The cars are all newer models, clean, and easy to operate. I highly recommend!!!
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Tarzan57
    First time using a service like this, so I've called w a few questions. Every service rep I’ve gotten has been incredibly helpful. I love that you can extend your trip if no one has reserved the car.
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By windy_city_reader
    Maven stopped servicing Chicago. Charged me a hidden “excessive mileage fee” of over $60 when I rented a car for two days! I was not notified of this I simply found it on my credit card statement. The gas credit card didn’t work. Generally extremely dissatisfied with this company. 0 starts. Please do not use Maven. I believe this company is dishonest and poorly run.
  • Nice cars, but the app is not reliable and insufficient back up solutions 1/5

    By BeaStBerliner
    I’m Maven member since 2017 and had about 8-10 rides. I can’t recommend this car sharing company. If you use Maven cars, you need to be aware that you fully depend on the app and Maven requires you to ensure that you always have internet connection during the complete drive. If the app doesn’t work, you can’t access or lock the car. There are no keys provided as you have it with Zipcar. Never drive alone with a Maven car! Theoretically lock/unlock works with Bluetooth, but there was an issue with the app and it didn’t work. The service center advised me to uninstall the app and load it again from the app store for which you need internet. There was no internet at the gas station where I stopped. If you are alone you can’t even go the restrooms, because you can’t lock the car. If you want buy fuel, you need the ID and the odometer number. You can only retrieve the information from the app with having internet. The service line can’t give you the information neither. I had two times technical problems with car. In February the app worked, but the car didn’t open. It was freezen cold at a state park parking. The service line tried, but couldn’t open the car. I was on several calls for 90 mins, but they couldn’t find any dealership to come and repair or toe the car! The park ranger helped us getting to an area where I could order a Uber/Lyft. Only drive in areas where alternative transportation is easily available! I was told that I get my additional costs back (Uber/Lyft) but even though I sent the attachments/ bills via e-mail as instructed I never got it refunded. After I called, I got at least the part of the rate refunded where I couldn’t use the car. Unfortunately I thought this was only a one time incident and booked again. When I started driving I heard a beeping. The help line couldn’t help. She googled the manual and tried to help by reading it. I also read the manual and found the problem. There was a mail function of the park assistent and I wanted to switch it off. But she couldn’t even tell me where to find the button. They are not sufficiently trained to help you with problems with the vehicle. Finally I got it, it took me more than an hour. I told them that I can drive, but it has to be repaired. Maven will not refund you anything for such mail functions or the lost time. When I called them back, they told that they did a check, but couldn’t find anything. Don’t use Maven car when you have small children! I’m single mom and I need a reliable car and people who can help me very fast when there are problems with the vehicle. You won’t get it with Maven. I like the Chevrolet Volt very much, but I’m very disappointed with the car sharing company.
  • Do not use this company! 1/5

    By tagged234
    This company is by far the worst that I have dealt with. I was referred to this company through a Uber driver that spoke highly of them at the time. I loaded the app and to my knowledge everything was going great until the day I had to pick up my reservation I get to a parking garage did all I was asked of only to be told I need to open a bank account to come back to the place and still not be able to get the car the lady moved my appointment to the next day and told me to get another bank account did that came back the next day only to be told that I can’t get the reservation the lady told me that I would not be charged for anything that the hold would be released 3-5 business days ok I was fine with that I felt like I was very understanding but to turn around today and get a email status saying that my account was being terminated and could not work with them in the future I really was not understanding the email so I called customer service and they looked it up and told me that they didn’t know why and I couldn’t talk to anyone else about the situation.
  • Beware of charges on your account 1/5

    By NYCmama11
    I regularly used Maven from a specific parking garage in Battery Park. I received hundreds of dollars worth of fraudulent charges for rides never taken. I was refunded by my credit card but continue to receive invoices to this day with zero resolution from Maven. Won’t be using them again.
  • Had some great experience until now! 1/5

    By Candyman1229
    I can say this is probably going to drive me away from using them ever again. I had booked for a trip with a promo code but it was canceled the next day due to old credit card on file. First of all if you want to notify me I’ll be glad to change it to my new and updated credit card, but don’t cancel the whole thing and take away my promo code and flag it as “used”. It makes absolutely no sense in terms of user expensive. Why would you flat my promotion code as used when I haven’t even used it?! It was simply a system error on your end and read my trip as used. But the reality is I haven’t even used it, I had planned the trip for tomorrow! I called the customer support and she was extremely rude when I complained about this issue and even sighed.
  • Hidden fees; incompetent service 1/5

    By D-Mac2012
    Try Turo, Car2go, or a traditional rental place before using this terrible app. Being offered a car at about $15/hr is one thing. Walking away with a $288 bill for three hours is quite another. I could have rented a car for a week for what this cost me. When I disputed the charges with their customer “service” I was told they were working on it and would get back to me. Days later, what do I get? A copy of my invoice. That’s not an explanation nor is it a resolution of the problem. I’m taking this fraud to my credit card company, and I’m never using this scam rental service again.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Bgould605
    I thoroughly enjoyed the suburban that I rented everything went smooth without a hitch. I would recommend this app to everyone who rents cars. It was a godsend for my nieces prom.
  • Scammy and manipulative 1/5

    By shmushmoosh
    This app tries to trick you into spending more money than you plan on spending. All of the pricing is very opaque and will go up without telling you why (for example they raise the hourly rate without telling you if you try to book in advance). At this point it’s been made pretty clear to me that this company doesn’t care about me. I recommend Getaround as an alternative car rental service, in past experiences their customer service has been very helpful and understanding.
  • I love maven 5/5

    By li281713
    Maven is so legit! Very convenient and always comes to my rescue!! Clean cars and good rates! Thank you maven!!
  • Do not use this service!!! 1/5

    By ajllnrsup
    Terrible app. Terrible customer service. Customer service reps make promises that they later acknowledge making, but refuse to honor.
  • Bad customer service. 1/5

    By mono marsella
    muy mal servicio al cliente, tengo tres meses tratando de resolver unnproblema con ellos y no lo he logrado. MUY MAL SERVICO AL CLIENTE. Very bad customer service, I have three months trying to solve a problem with them and I have not succeeded. VERY BAD SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER.
  • App and company glitches 1/5

    By Shayshaylala695747643256)66
    The app keeps updating according to the maven representatives. When this happens, reservations and billing can be affected. They claim if a car gets taken during this time it’s nothing they can do and they insist that you keep calling ever few hours. Seems like once money gets taken successfully things are fine, when the app and company has glitches, they’ll still take your money and possibly have you in a negative balance. All that due to their app not working. What’s the point of the updates if it slows down everything and leaves the customer in a bad place?..
  • Terrible Tech 1/5

    By Marcus Belmont
    If I could give this company zero stars I would. I run a tech company and never have I ever used something so inefficient in my career. Completely makes a company like Zipcar look like a genius. Think twice and give yourself a lot of time to troubleshoot the app because it simply doesn’t work. Feel really bad for their customer services reps.
  • Totally non-reliant car rental company 1/5

    By appuserequinox
    We showed up to the valet garage that had our maven car. They pull up the car and I go to check in on my maven app and the rental shows up as cancelled. I then call maven and they can’t tell me why they cancelled the reservation or what happened or why I was never notified of the cancellation. There only suggestion was to go and book another maven car and give me a $10 promotion code for the inconvenience. It was Mother’s Day weekend so of course there are no other cars available and we were then forced to figure out different travel arrangements that Maven said they would not reimburse. I will never be using this company again and I recommend that if you want a guaranteed car rental, this is not a viable option for that.
  • Worst first impression. Missed out on $700 1/5

    By Marcorolopolo
    This is by far the worst car rental place I ever rented a car from even through a 3rd party a car rental places are better than this like this was horrible when I got to the car the car was pretty much on E and the battery didn’t even start up when I had the car so they had to jump the car and the gas is on E I go to the Uber greenlight hub and guess what they tell me the registration is not even valid a check the registration the registration doesn’t even start until June 20 and today is May 10 how in the hell am I going to drive a car. I can get pulled over and get a ticket for this just because they didn’t give me a valid registration and this weekend I was going to make $700 this week and now I can’t make anything because now I have to wait to Monday to get a valid registration. I need a full week free for this inconvenience. Horrible. And customer service cant do anything at all. Why have them
  • Don’t waste your time with maven 1/5

    By xxgen03
    Compared to the other car sharing maps maven is the worst. I’ve never had so many difficulties trying to book a car with ca2go or Zipcar yet, maven has a lot of tech difficulties in their apps. Whenever I try to reserve a vehicle it won’t allow me it says that I need to check my with my financial institution, yet everything is fine with my bank account and there’s enough money to pay for the vehicle. I’ve already called twice and nothing has been done to address the situation. Inclusively, the second time I called customer service the lady said well for some reason tech hasn’t checked up on your account. I recommend checking other car sharing apps if you don’t want to struggle booking a car.

    By rohitChawla
    WORST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION EVER! The first time I spoke to the customer care was to approve my driving license which had been there on the application for 2 weeks. Once that got resolved, other problems creeped in after 4-5 trips. When I was booking my 6th trip, the credit card that was there on the app, I did not have it anymore. So, I changed the credit card and made my booking through another one which was accepted. After 2 trips with this new credit card, they stopped taking more reservations from it. This is where the screwed-up backend and the worst ever customer care who does not have permission to do anything comes into picture. I was unable to change my card and was unable to make any reservations using the card already on the system. The customer care suggested that I use another credit card using the app and website. All efforts in vain! Then one fine day I again tried to book it using the existing card, it was a success. I was so relieved, but this company can’t provide good services once they have screwed someone. Now I go to the pickup garage and guess what the car is not there. And then again, I waste some time with the customer care executive who are not at all quick learners. They don’t understand their own product. So, we cancelled this reservation and she suggested that we book a new car. And then we end up again with the same issue of not letting us book the car with the existing card or add a new card. Again, a ticket is opened, and it gets too complicated for them to handle this situation. It’s like a vicious loop hole and you can’t seem to get out of it, as these guys would not let you. So, I call back in again after 3-4 days to ask what the status is on my ticket. Then I get to know their real deal that if you challenge them their solution is to block the person’s account based on violation of their policies. I have never had such an experience before and I hope everyone avoids you guys and your unprofessional backend and customer care service.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By omfgwfoj
    A similar story to those that have been listed but I reserved a car with Maven and when I get to the garage I notice the side view mirror is hanging off of the car. I call report that the car is not in a safe state that I haven’t even driven the car and I’m told to cancel the reservation wait 5-7 days for a refund but in the meantime I can get a different car 2 miles from where I am currently. Fast forward 3 weeks I need a car to run an errand and Maven Says I’m locked out of my account due to a damage claim. Which is curious because the claim wasn’t mine and I called before I even got in the car to tell maven that the stupid car was broken? Customer service was more than snide when I called saying that of course I’m locked out my account because I reported a claim during my reservation- I tell her that no I did not drive that car I did infect call and later that day I used a different maven car? So instead of fixing the dumb car or even checking that their cars are in good shape the person I talked to sent a false claim even though this person tells me it showed that the car never left the garage. And guess what I’m still locked out of my account and now I have to wait for a new claim to go through to have money given back to me
  • Don’t like 1/5

    By sha2322
    Won’t let me delete the app
  • No Keys is unsafe 2/5

    By ferquent costumer
    I’ve been using this service about two years . I really love it . It is very easy and fast the booking and pick up process. Recently they changed the policy that we don’t get the key anymore once we pick up the car . Everything is done by your phone . That means if I have park the car in the middle of nowhere and my phone get stolen , broken or without battery , that I will be not able to enter in the car ( which could have been helpful in situations like that ) , leave the car with all my belongings inside , wait until I buy new phone . In meantime the car might get towed, as we don’t know how much time will take to find a phone , I will be facing towing fees and late fees from Maven .... I gave this 2 star review because I really hope that the operators will read it and take some action to change back the policy for our safety and comfort .
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Russv3
    The app wouldn't work for me once I put in my credit card. I called support a few times. They couldn't help.
  • HORRIBLE Customer Service from Claims 1/5

    By iKaiPo
    I am not a fan of making a scene and would consider myself a patient person, however my experience as a first time Maven Gig user has been nothing short of infuriating when I got rear ended. I have waited since Feb 26th (when I initially turned my car in to the repair shop) My account was suspended and i was told it would take up to 20 business days and I still to date HAVE NOT RECEIVED A SINGLE REPLY. I sent 2 additional emails (which is their only way to contact the insurance claims department) and called the customer service line twice, the only thing they told me they could do is email the claims team and ask that they respond to me. If they aren’t responding to me how am I supposed to be left with any certainty that the members services prompting them will make it any better? Additionally I find out today from Member Services that the claim had in fact been investigated but Claims has not communicated anything further that would tell me how to have my account reinstated. Their solution again was to email Claims to reach out to me. I want to like this company and actually enjoyed my experience up until the accident but this just DOES NOT work.
  • worse experience ever with maven 1/5

    By AVLShindler
    Bad experience with customer service. Does not help at all.
  • Reservation not honored 1/5

    By eheybro
    Car flat out wasn’t in the lot for the reservation time, and other cars weren’t available at that location, and the next closest location was an hour away. I called the rep and was told there was no way of knowing when the car would return so I should cancel. What’s the point of a reservation if it doesn’t mean the car is reserved? Honestly can’t imagine the use case for a service that’s both blasé about start/end time and simultaneously strict “by the hour”
  • Need to improve the app 2/5

    By rebexcka
    Good concept but very glitchy app that would not accept my drivers license and spent forever trying to load when I just continued as a guest.
  • Worst app I’ve ever downloaded 1/5

    By Waaaj
    The worst app I’ve ever downloaded in my life. Been over a year and not a single car is available for maven gig in my market, horrible way to do business and yet they keep emailing you about reserving a car when there is none...
  • Someone used my reservation that wasn’t me 1/5

    By kmash1313
    I’m so disappointed because I’ve used Maven A LOT within the past year and found it to be a cheaper option than Uber. It’s perfect to go to an appointment or to the grocery store. HOWever... today I went to reserve a car from 5-7p est. This was my SECOND time using Maven in one day. Went to press reserve and got an error message - which happens all the time. It’s never actually processed and gone through after an error message, but this time it did. Luckily I was looking at my email and saw that it did, in fact, go trough and charge me for the 5-7p trip. I called to explain the situation expecting to get a refund because the app has really had some issues in the past. However - the system apparently showed that I accessed the car during the 5p-7p reservation... which, I certainly did not because by then I was on my way to the appointment in an Uber. I explained this and they escalated my claim to “investigate”. It’s weird and quite frankly SCARY that it showed ME using the car when I didn’t. They assured no one could get switched up in the system - like there’s no way another user could have taken it under my name. But- if the car was accessed under MY name and it wasn’t me- it was someone else. They have a huge problem if this starts happening to a lot of people. They have my credit card info. I loved Maven but im am not going to chance my information being stolen. It’s either their system is wrong, or someone actually took the car under my name and reservation. I’m hoping it’s the first.
  • Documents 1/5

    By Andre Graciano
    I never will try a app that ask first for my documents before I know what exactly they offer. I’ll spend time with this when I decide to rental.
  • Prices are too expensive 4/5

    By Ebonythagreat
    Prices are too high
  • Awesome service! 5/5

    By Fofogojofcb
    In short, Maven was fantastic. The app itself was occasionally a little slow, but overall very easy to use, and very responsive. All of my questions were answered either by the app, or by the FAQ section, which was nice. Maven was a great alternative to car rental agencies, and I didn’t feel that I was getting scammed by hidden fees, which I’ve felt before with other car rental companies. All in all I absolutely plan on using Maven again, and would highly recommend it.
  • Customer service is no help to remedy an issue that was caused by them! 1/5

    By JDro9
    The exact same thing happened to me - they want me to pay several hundred out of pocket for their mistake because no one at customer service has any authority to override their system and actually make a judgement call based on facts and then they’ll refund me. There is no reason I should come out of pocket for their error!!
  • Oh No! 1/5

    By Spaceinpoint
    I am deleting this app. If Maven is as bad as what I am reading here I am done with them too.
  • Unable to rent a car 1/5

    By QBTune
    Today 3.22.19 I’m trying to update my billing info and it isn’t letting do so. I’m also trying to reserve a car for today and it’s also not allowing me to do so the app keeps stating that the server is disconnected and I have the available funds for this transaction.
  • Poor customer service & flaws with app 1/5

    By baltimoreuser
    I’ve had repeated issues with their customer service and when called to discuss I’m directed to their user agreement. I’m canceling their service and going back to ZipCar.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ukurambayev
    They spending so much money for ads and app doesn’t work
  • Don’t waste your time! 1/5

    By Krystian Torn
    40% charge, no option to provide your own insurance, and customer service wanted to have a pissing match over the phone while I was asking for essential info regarding hosting a vehicle. Less efficient, less profitable, less professional, Turo-like platform. Good luck Maven! You’re going to need it...
  • They’ll charge you for anything they can!!! 1/5

    By Jones-Poljacik
    Maven is a total scam!! There’s no such thing as customer loyalty with them. Maven will make unfounded charges and leave you struggling. Customer service is horrible. Take it from me, DO NOT USE MAVEN!
  • Don’t rent from maven 1/5

    By mavenscam
    Big scammers no respect for customers and no professionalism!!!
  • NO CARS!!! 2/5

    By Jeray 82
    First star is for the idea. The second is for polite customers service. The The problem they have no cars I was willing to travel to anywhere in the state of California are you in Nevada to be a part of the program but they don’t have any cars for me. Parent Lee they don’t have any other states either. I tried everything as far as technical difficulties troubleshooting with the customer service everything there’s no way I can get a vehicle for this company. The only thing I have the option to do is to keep re-checking to see if any vehicles ever pop up anywhere in the state of California that lap good at all. No way to make a reservation in the app to get On a list or anything wait time nothing. Just wait to get lucky to see if something pops up for you. If I missing something please somebody from the headquarters please contact me. Call me email me whatever.

Maven – Car Sharing app comments

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