Maven – Car Sharing

Maven – Car Sharing

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Maven – Car Sharing App

Welcome to Maven, a more connected car sharing experience. Maven gives you access to new cars, for personal or rideshare and delivery use. Now available in 16 cities across the U.S. and Canada, Maven is making it easier than ever to drive on your own terms. And better yet? There’s no long-term commitment with any of our reservations. Simply download the app, sign-up, select a car, and start your journey. There are two ways to use Maven: - Maven Car Sharing – Reserve cars by the hour. - Maven Gig – Cars for rideshare and delivery drivers. What are some of the benefits of Maven Car Sharing? - Free lifetime membership with low hourly and daily rates - Range of new cars loaded with tech - Your phone is the key – reserve and unlock your car with the app. What are some of the benefits of Maven GIG? - Weekly rates starting as low as $189 - Freedom to drive for any rideshare or delivery service - Unlimited miles, regular maintenance, and insurance all included - No early return penalties – return the car any time after 7 days Follow, like, and tag us on our channels @drivemaven Or visit our website at Phone image courtesy of Pixeden.

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Maven – Car Sharing app reviews

  • App is way tooooo slow 3/5

    By mansface
    How come company like GM can’t even build an app that runs smoothly in 2019? The speed of the app is infuriating even for a patient person.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ukurambayev
    They spending so much money for ads and app doesn’t work
  • Don’t waste your time! 1/5

    By Krystian Torn
    40% charge, no option to provide your own insurance, and customer service wanted to have a pissing match over the phone while I was asking for essential info regarding hosting a vehicle. Less efficient, less profitable, less professional, Turo-like platform. Good luck Maven! You’re going to need it...
  • They’ll charge you for anything they can!!! 1/5

    By Jones-Poljacik
    Maven is a total scam!! There’s no such thing as customer loyalty with them. Maven will make unfounded charges and leave you struggling. Customer service is horrible. Take it from me, DO NOT USE MAVEN!
  • Don’t rent from maven 1/5

    By mavenscam
    Big scammers no respect for customers and no professionalism!!!
  • NO CARS!!! 2/5

    By Jeray 82
    First star is for the idea. The second is for polite customers service. The The problem they have no cars I was willing to travel to anywhere in the state of California are you in Nevada to be a part of the program but they don’t have any cars for me. Parent Lee they don’t have any other states either. I tried everything as far as technical difficulties troubleshooting with the customer service everything there’s no way I can get a vehicle for this company. The only thing I have the option to do is to keep re-checking to see if any vehicles ever pop up anywhere in the state of California that lap good at all. No way to make a reservation in the app to get On a list or anything wait time nothing. Just wait to get lucky to see if something pops up for you. If I missing something please somebody from the headquarters please contact me. Call me email me whatever.
  • Support issues 3/5

    By ex maven user
    I was very satisfied with maven until they cannot tell me why my card would not work.....i called my bank they said everything was ok told me call maven but maven act as if they cant find out why they system wont accept my card so i can book a reservation....All they can say is call your bank its not us WHEN ITS NOT MY BANK so im over it its cool besides the bs and its too smart for its own good .....locked out if car couldn’t lock car and so one .....Really need to fix issues!!!!!!
  • The WORST company EVER!!!! 1/5

    By worst EVER !!!!!
    Let me start by saying if you ever want to use a car-sharing company use Car2go totally way better and effectively responsive. My experience with Maven geeks has been the worst experience I have ever has with car-sharing. I have reached out to customer service numerous time in regards to my accounts for them to tell me that my account was permanently deactivated with no information as to why. They told me that I had multiple accounts open and that I need to delete some of the accounts to reserve a vehicle. Once I reached out to customer service to delete the multiple accounts and use the main one. I have never reserved a vehicle. Each time that I would try to reserve a vehicle I have issues every time. I would highly recommend you guys to not use this app, they never respond in a timely manner they is extremely money hungry also with the smallest issues like having two emails on one account they will suspend your account permanently with no explanation. I can go on and on about how my experience with Maven is been the worst and keep in mind that I never got a chance to reserve any vehicle that they have due to me having two email on one account. I strongly dislike this app.. Use CAR2GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never had any issues.
  • Maven is the worst don’t do it!!! 1/5

    By pattdawgg
    You all offer the worst service on planet earth. No one should use maven gig. They do not care about u. They have no control over the payments u make they are nothing but a headache. That’s why it is so easy to attain.
  • Money hungry 1/5

    By pyphang8
    Thank you for the review. I am having issues signing up. The message from the app is telling me I already have an account and my address is already on file and telling me my drivers license is already being used. I had to delete app several times to input address. But drivers license saying already on file.
  • waste of time and money 1/5

    By erick 500
    well one more bad review.
  • This app is terrible. 1/5

    By JWILLIAMs2096
    This app is very unprofessional. I once rented a vehicle i went to pick it up my phone was not connecting. I called Maven 5 times for them to finally tell me they were having a maintenance issue. I had to wait 3 hours to get vehicle. A month ago i tried to log into Maven it was not letting me. I then called Maven to ask why they said my account has been locked and cannot tell me why. That was over a month. I will try my very hardest to shut down this app because they are very unprofessional.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Nom3io
    I thought it was a good deal at first, but there are a lot of hidden fees that they don’t tell you about until you get your invoice. $128 dollars for 6 hours is ridiculous, your better off going to a regular car rental nearby. They’re crooks, and that’s my honest opinion!
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Marlena787
    I called support about password issue. The assistant helped me & then advised me my license had expired. She explained the new license would take two days to verify. This news was disappointing because I had an important appointment. She called me back shortly thereafter to let me know it had been verified quickly because she realized my need for the car. That is 100% good customer service. Once I arrived at car there was an issue w/ the “key”. Again the assistant helped me & didn’t hang up until he knew the turned on. Great service. Great experience for my first Maven rental.
  • App upgrade for better customer service 3/5

    By Nickoscookie
    I had my first experience with maven yesterday. Had some minor issues which are being resolved already. The car drove fine pick and end was easy. Will use the service again. My idea is the customer should have a quick survey upon entering the vehicle. (Car2go) has this. It can ask cleanliness of the vehicle Gas of the vehicle And the outside structures like dents scratches etc. This way each client will be more inclined to respect the vehicle and the fact that other people use it before and after them. Filling up the empty tank and paying for a car wash wasn’t how I wanted to start my first experience but it’s a learning lesson.
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By leolioness007
    So I downloaded the app and signed up and now the app is not working m. Useless and waste of time
  • Viciously Rude, Homophobic Support. An embarrassment to GM 1/5

    By bouncingkittie
    If you like going to those restaurants where they’re intentionally rude to you as part of the experience, than this is the car share service for you. You will be treated like you’ve done something wrong when say there vehicle malfunctions, which they will force to pay an illegal hourly late fee on top of their standard hourly rate for the excessive time you end up having the vehicle, even though you can’t use it. Prepared to be talked to like you’re a child, but agents who act like ones themselves.
  • First time user 5/5

    By tlo8654
    I am so impressed with the service! It was easy and the cars are well maintained and clean. I will definitely use this service again
  • Bad first experience 1/5

    By nothappyclientmaven
    Tried to signup with my license and got an email saying something is wrong which did not indicate the specific issue. Had these random reasons which none reflect to me. No email to contact support. I will be removing the app since with this start it will probably just get worse.
  • I luv it 5/5

    By Pa😃
    Luv it
  • Version 1.56 - Significant App Glitch 3/5

    By TDRock
    It is not giving me the estimated trip cost before I make the reservation so I have no idea how much the cost is going to be. I won’t be making any more reservations until this gets fixed.
  • 2 weeks and nothing 1/5

    By mshick
    The account activation process, which is supposed to take 24-48 hours has lasted two weeks now due to “increased demand”. Looks like they still only have 5 cars in Brooklyn, so it’s hard to imagine what that demand actually is. Anyway, this wouldn’t be quite as big a deal, except the app and company do not make your status clear in any way whatsoever. Since I could move through most screens and my account appears fine, I reasonably assumed my account was active and made plans to use a car for some work. When I finally tried to reserve the car, a few hours before, I discovered that the account was not in fact active. The rep on the phone, while friendly, could not help and their approval department is closed on weekends. All in all, such a terrible experience and last minute complication that I will never trust this product and will go for ZipCar which seems far more capable.
  • It’s time to stop 1/5

    By KarstenStouffer
    Stop putting ads on YouTube
  • Worst experience ever!!! 1/5

    By thankyounext9999
    I have been using maven for months without any issues. This weekend I rented a car for two hours to go to the grocery store. Simple trip, no issues, left no damage to the car or any mess to speak of. Two days later I received an email explaining I had been charged a $150 fee for smoking in the car. I have NEVER smoked a cigarette or anything else for that matter IN MY LIFE. Immediately I called customer support, only to find out that another customer service team would get to me in 5 days to let me know if they could help. The two customer service agents I spoke to has 0 customer skills and clearly did not care that I was upset. This is no way to treat a loyal customer who has never done anything but treat their cars as if they were my own. I will absolutely never use this service again.
  • First car share experience 5/5

    By JanetSV1
    Yesterday I entered the world of car sharing. I had a great experience with Maven. Prior to picking up my car, I had a question about my reservation so I called customer support. The person I spoke with was knowledgeable and helpful. The car was clean and drove well. All in all, excellent!
  • Asking for sensitive info upfront 3/5

    By Oksit
    I downloaded the app to see what car they have. They ask you tons of sensitive information that I don’t want to give away before reservation. After I logged in there was 2 cars available. It’s a joke how they get your information. I hope they don’t sell it and I won’t start getting scammers calls. Waste of time for SF residents.
  • Great, but Bluetooth app unlocking and locking is difficult 3/5

    By BryceThayer
    The only problem with this service is that it takes a really long time for your phone to connect to the cars bluetooth to unlock and lock the doors. This is especially fun when it’s cold and rainy. The key is to force close the app, toggle Bluetooth, close app, toggle repeat 20 times and then boom. You’re in.. 30 minutes later.. Your phone being the key is great! When it works.. Let’s find a solution to this guys
  • Another Joke of a “Rental Company” 1/5

    By barnesbrigade1
    Don’t even waste your time. Maven, like others, is clearly so desperate to snatch your money, they’ve opened the company with next to no infrastructure. They show 4 available cars in San Diego. When you try to rent one, they’re all taken. Screw this app and company.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By rocaie
    I rented a car for one hour and had to Pay 172 for the whole day only to have the car for an hour.
  • Use zip car 1/5

    By ATarullo
    Awful company with terrible customer support. Hidden fees at every corner that are poorly publicized. While original reservation cost $24, total cost with end fees was $104. Incredibly frustrating.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Jeffinmt
    Can't even get past the drivers license step of the signup. App just crashes or refuses to let me hit the sign up button (just opens the camera again).
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By brienichelle
    The worst app I have ever used. The bluetooth takes forever to connect even when you’re right next to the car. Sometimes it just won’t connect at all. Not to mention, I was constantly on the phone with them trying to figure out not only what was going on with the app-car connection, but with my account as well. Not to mention, they make you pay so much for a late fee, even though traffic happens & most of their drop off locations are in heavily trafficked areas. They also will cancel your reservation & then MAKE YOU PAY A FEE FOR THEM TO PICK IT UP. even though THEY canceled it. I will never use Maven again & if I could give them negative 10 stars I would.

    By frankfuhrter
    I’ve used maven about 8 times and every time, I’ve had to call customer service to get into my car sometimes on hold for a half an hour which uses up some of your rental time. Their solution is ALWAYS to delete and reinstall your app using up your valuable data. Sometimes this solution works, sometimes it doesn’t. This last time I tried to use their service, their system was completely down and I was never able to get into my car, causing me to miss an important meeting. The most unreliable car share service EVER. Don’t waste your time or your money.
  • A complete joke. Stay away. 1/5

    By acoati
    Second time I’ve arrived at a reserved car and been unable to access it because of a problem with the app. Customer service flippant and cynical. They say to reinstall the app and when that doesn’t work are “happy to help” cancelling the reservation you couldn’t use anyway. Terrible.
  • Pretty awful in every way 1/5

    By EricNau
    You’re paying for a half-baked experience at fully-baked prices. Between my friends and me, we’ve booked probably a dozen rides, and all of them have the same problems: The app is your car key (needed every time to leave/enter the car), but sometimes it can take 2-3 minutes to connect to your car. Meanwhile, you’re standing in the rain. The cars are in pretty terrible shape: Usually dirty and dented, and the phone cables are often broken and zip-tied to the car in really janky ways. All of this sends a clear message: Maven just doesn’t care. My app has been populated with promo codes that don’t work, with no fine print or reason why it can’t be applied. When you call support they try to be helpful, but tell you their support team will email you back. It takes almost a week to get that email, it will make no sense (and not answer your concern) and it will be sent from a ‘no reply’ email address so you can’t ask for followup.
  • Anybody other then maven 1/5

    By jusfuk
    Sign up for maven was having a hard time adding my payment info to the account call maven the representative told me they write member services to let them know they problem I was having 4 days later they close my account no reason given after I was approved to drive don’t make no sense they need to get they act together go with anyone but them
  • Unreliable. 1/5

    By hayesmj
    I had some ok experiences when it started but im done. Today’s trip 1. Car not located where it should be, call maven and they find it as ask me to listen for the horn and I walk around until I can find it, they won’t extend the reservation for the time it took to find it. 2. Discover it’s less than 1/4 gas and there is no fuel card. Call again, they tell me to pay for it and they will reimburse me. 3. Car wouldn’t lock at the end, call maven again. The time before the car was broken into and it took them 30 mins to tell me they couldn’t find another car. It looks worth it but you can’t rely on the car working or being there. Wonder why GM can’t keep up with innovation...
  • Horrible, increased price during ride 1/5

    By Sydslothfthfvgj
    Horrible service - during my last ride they increased the hourly rate and added their fees to my bill after I had booked and used the car. When contacting customer service to ask about the extra charges multiple times they offered no explanation and after six weeks of trying to get an answer from them I gave up and removed the app. Very low quality of service and some sneaky tactics to get your money. Would not recommend.
  • Terrible experience, even worse customer service, stay away! 1/5

    By amw1234567890
    I've given Maven a try twice in a month in NYC and do not recommend (I will not use it again). First time I had no problem retrieve the car I reserved from a valet garage within reasonable wait time but the car is just gross, full of trash inside, and the lock/unlock function didn't work all the time. Had to log out and log back into the app in order for it to work. Imagine trying to get into the car under pouring rain and this happened, so annoying. Second time this week it took the valet guy a good 30mins just to retrieve my car, what a joke! Called customer service to report the issue and the guy picked up the phone was not only unfriendly, but tried to make it sound like it's no big deal. I had to threaten to talk to his supervisor in order for him to deal with my case my some respect. This kind of customer service is just unacceptable and says a lot about the company. There are better service out there than Maven, I would avoid at all cost.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lamar Peterson
    I downloaded the app and gave it a try, and no lie, it was great the first few times. Then one day, I put in the reservation and went to Union Station to go pick up the vehicle. It wouldn’t let me in. I kept calling the customer service number and they kept giving me the run around. Long story short, I never picked up the vehicle but they DEFINITELY charged me for it. And because my card had been stolen, they’re telling me that I owe them over $300 for a car that I NEVER took possession of. Customer service is NO HELP! AT ALL! I do not miss using Maven. This whole ordeal proved to be a bit much!
  • Good idea, terrible customer service 2/5

    By zabc312
    I gave this app and Maven a solid shot for over a year, and while it initially showed promise as an affordable and convenient service for non-car owners (despite minor glitches on the app), the company’s atrocious customer service made the decision to leave the app for good very easy. In my time as a Maven app user, I had a car cancelled on me without notice, a customer service manager accuse me of lying (about...a car service?), a surprise $100 surcharge sprung on me a month after-the-fact with no explanation, and a series of interactions with incompetent customer service representatives who knew little to nothing about the service they represent. Across the board, Maven’s reps have been rude, condescending, and unwilling to work through simple problems caused by glitches on the app. It’s a shame—this app seemed so promising, but the bottom tier customer service lost Maven another user.
  • Error on signup 1/5

    By -kinetic
    I can’t sign up using the app. I keep getting errors from the server.
  • More locations 2/5

    By Instagram @cheese_stay_high
    Ya need to get some locations in the Bronx.
  • Great until you experience an issue that requires a human 1/5

    By davey987
    They will cancel your reservations if the car suddenly goes out of service or not returned in time. Great, call member services and they cannot get you into a car until 30 minutes while you wait in a parking lot. Why? Apparently nobody in member services (I asked for a manager) has access to modify memberships nor override the “app based” system they are using on their end. Nobody in member services could provide anything extra that the app could. Hence why all they were able to do is make a reservation on my behalf the same way I could do, after the next 30 minute on the hour passes. This happened to me on two occasions. I’m in Chicago.
  • App issues 2/5

    By joe bonaventura
    I’ve had my Maven car since December 13 today is January 2 I tried to return the car and get a cheaper Chevrolet Cruz that they had available in the apps that I had to keep the current vehicle for three more days would not let me schedule return. Very frustrating considering the Chevy Cruz is $40 last week $160 a month is a lot of money very disappointed

    By Omii4801
    Signed up on 12/14/2018 called customer service multiple times to figure out why I can’t add my payment method to my account to finish the signup process. To this day 12/31/2018 I haven’t gotten any responses at all!!! So much for sign up and drive in seconds to 2 business days. You guys might want to change that because its false advertising time frames.
  • Doesn’t consistently work 1/5

    By Jrkelly5697
    This app is great when it works, but doesn’t consistently work. My wife and I both run into issues with our payment method doing preauths. We call Maven and they pick up quickly, but are not helpful. Maven suggested we call our bank and credit card company to fix it, called them and it’s not on their side. We essentially get the run around from Maven and have no issues with using our cards elsewhere. It’s not reliable so I highly suggest choosing another sharing service.
  • Do not recommend at all, not reliable and they don’t care 1/5

    By Lucaswyler
    Already 3 times that the vehicle wasn’t there when I arrive. Called Maven and they didn’t care at all. Also many times the smell in the car was horrible. I will switch to another car sharing company. I was expecting more from GM
  • Extend Trip 5/5

    By Joey Soho
    We should be able to shorten the trip if we bring the car in early.

Maven – Car Sharing app comments

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