Max Defender 8 Weather App

Max Defender 8 Weather App

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  • Current Version: 6.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LIN Television Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Max Defender 8 Weather App App

News Channel 8 and Storm Team 8 are proud to introduce Max Defender 8, a new, interactive local weather app for all of Tampa Bay. The world’s most powerful radar is now in the palm of your hand. Whether you live in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Clearwater, Lakeland or New Port Richey, Mac Defender 8 will keep you and your family safe.

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Max Defender 8 Weather App app reviews

  • Next to Useless!!! 1/5

    By ScrabL65656565656565656565656
    This never seems to work when there is any weather. Now it goes into an infinite state of loading data, which it never stops. It is totally useless.
  • Previous comments are true 1/5

    By janeyloces art
    I thought the comments might be from people who don’t like change or maybe have difficulty figuring out new developments. However I found that everyone of their comments is true about this version of the app. We are in the midst of a hurricane and I can’t find any tracking or forecast. On top of that there are so many ads it is ridiculous. I am uninstalling now. Listen to their comments.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By wiangman21
    Hate the adds, radar has no future forecast.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By CrochetGoz
    I have used this app for years and really enjoyed it. But your latest upgrade really is horrible! Great, now I have to find a new weather app.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By GBT55
    I can't get the app to open!
  • Unable to save options 1/5

    By kathyhade
    I used to have a few cities I was interested in addition to ‘my current location’ but now when I remove them they return when I reopen the app. Also, the alert options, there are SO many not required for Florida, I feel should not default ON and again once I go through all of it to make my preferences, they are not saved. I had to turn off notifications which kinda defeats the purpose and now have removed the app. Until this is fixed. Hope it’s soon!
  • Alerts for non-emergencies 1/5

    By Meri2019
    I was awoken at 4:31 this morning by a dense fog alert. I knew I had better take immediate precautions to keep my family safe so I quickly got up, went out to my car, and turned the low beam headlights on. As I crawled back into bed, I was so grateful for this app warning me about the dense fog in such a timely manner. I promptly fell asleep... I wish that were the case. Instead my day started at 4:31. PLEASE fix the app to make it possible to sign up for which type of alerts you want. I can guarantee I won’t check off the box for “dense fog”!
  • What the Heck were they thinking! 1/5

    By BNelsonII
    What a terrible revision to what was a good app! It was my go to App for weather. Not any longer. It’s so hard to gather the information you need at a glance that it’s unbelievable! I think they must’ve just hired some new graphic artist and decided hey what the heck let’s just make it all pictures. Seriously. This app is awful. It’s coming off my phone.
  • Roofing Consultant 1/5

    By bucwinner
    I use a weather app daily for nighttime thermal imaging of commercial roofing. I always relied on Channel 8. However, I finally deleted the Max Defender 8 as it is the worst ever. Has no one at channel 8 read the reviews? I now use competitors weather apps.
  • What good is radar from 3 hours ago? 1/5

    By dsm25
    The radar on this newest version of this weather app is below average. The map doesn’t automatically open to my current location. It also is hanging onto a map image from 3 hours prior. I want to know if it’s raining now, or coming close. Very disappointed.
  • Latest version works great! 5/5

    By Phorn98765
    I don’t get the ratings, I use this on an iPhone and have no problems. Shows me weather where I am and a 5 day forecast. What else do you need!
  • NEWS CHANNEL 8 WeatherMaxApp 1/5

    By Crazy fri
    I LOVED THE PREVIOUS APP.....the newly updated app is HORRIBLE. Hard to read. Only has live shots of teleprompter. Not user friendly. Cluttered like an advertisement not an actual interactive app. Radar not good at all. Not near as inclusive on layers or accuracy as it was in previous version. Please repost the old app because this new one so awful that I have deleted from phone and having to use the Weather Channel app:(((. I am a News Channel 8 customer all the way morning and evening.....sad that I cant use your app anymore!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    I keep hoping that they will go back to the original app. This one is TERRIBLE and never works.
  • Terrible upgrade 1/5

    By Bartleyduke
    The last one was great, but this one doesn’t even deserve my time!
  • Worst weather app ever! 1/5

    By Dawgboy6
    Who created this app?? They have no idea what they r doing. It is sloppy. It is unorganized. It is not even close to being current on major issues. Or if they are.... i have no clue how to find it. Just bad! You guys need to get a new app creator!
  • The upgraded is not better 1/5

    By 24djc
    The upgraded app is very inferior, to the prior app. Worthless. In this instance, change was not good. Perhaps the next upgrade will fix the inferiority of this app.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Dionyisus
    This is a terrible weather app pure and simple Had the earlier version and it was great This says a lot about this TV stations weather Dept FIX IT!!!
  • No longer beneficial 1/5

    By Fleken331
    Was a great app but somebody just had to mess with it. “WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL RADAR” now just a shadow of itself. Goodbye old friend, moving to the Weather Chanel.
  • So frustrating! 1/5

    By Sulimeg
    I used the old version for years. It was great! This new version is so slow, if the radar loads at all, which it often doesn’t. I listen to thunder around me and I can’t get a current radar image on my iPad.
  • WTH! 1/5

    By AngellBoo
    I was trying to look at the weather when all of a sudden I got one of those you want an Amazon card! You guys have a bug in your app and you haven’t fixed it? Worst app ever
  • The new app stinks 1/5

    By Seeker126
    Needs fast speeds and high bandwidth to open. Uses too much data. Useless most places as it will not open. Try the channel 7 app. Works better This app has not improved. It used to be great. Now it will not load! I am deleting it!
  • The previous version was better 1/5

    By Former Fan from Lakeland
    I used the previous version for years as my go to for weather. I was able to easily change the area I wanted the weather for, look for specific information without having to figure out where to look. This new version has to many graphics that makes it hard to read. I couldn’t figure out how to have access to different locations. I was unable to get the information I wanted. The changes made me, a loyal user for years, delete it, totally frustrated! I wish you hadn’t changed it!
  • New App 1/5

    By Huntermen
    I am not the least impressed or thrilled with the new map. It - the animated map- appears faded and blurred. The old app was much better and more detailed. The “pin drop” for your location is way to large and obscures activity in the area. Anyway to roll back to the original app???
  • Overhauled 1/5

    By Gkmt50
    The app was great. Now it’s horrible. Searching for something better.

    By spanky knows
    Fox 13 has the best and most accurate radar. This Max radar is horrid. It used to be good.
  • Hate the update 2/5

    By kerrigator
    I loved the MaxDefender8 weather app before the updates. I absolutely hate the app now. It is much harder to use, the radar is not easy to use. I really wish that it was not so un user-friendly. I will use another app until this one is better!
  • A 1 cause It won’t let me rate it a 0 1/5

    By ch8needstofixthis
    This app is pathetic. Takes forever to load up. Lucky if it actually shows rain. Please don’t get excited and think it will show it in motion, cause it just freezes up. By gosh the ads work good though. Don’t waste your time
  • Poor Upgrade 1/5

    By pnjturbo
    Really dislike the new version. Basically they’ve put their brand on a canned version used by other stations. The radar is horrible.
  • New max defender weather App. 1/5

    By Bill1 Ipod
    I have used your weather app for years till this latest version which really doesn’t deserve even a one star. I think it’s time you either returned to the previous one which was the best coupled with the new radar. I am a retired NWA Pilot with 29 years of staring at Radars and until this new version you had a weather APP that was really good easy to use and second to none. I do not use it anymore I check once a week to see if you have finally admitted to your mistake and returned to the old one. The old saying don’t tamper with success certainly applies here. The amazing thing is surely somebody has looked at the reviews and if so why hasn’t something been done. All the weather people keep applauding the app how can that be. I now use Storm Radar which has at this point a great radar. You know making a mistake is one thing not correcting it is the real mistake and I can’t believe you continue to use this terrible new version. Go back to the old trusted version that put you number 1 across the Bay Area and Florida.
  • Weather App Comparison 2/5

    By pm011
    I notice this app is showing rain every hour of each day when there isn’t any, while other non-news apps are more accurate. It’s not showing the same weather prediction that the on air news is. Kind of disappointed about it.
  • Downright Horrible 1/5

    By Prof Daniels
    I couldn’t be more disappointed. The best radar matched with the worst GUI one can imagine. I don’t want to say too much here. Perhaps the GUI was written by one of our local junior high schools. Basically, It’s not ready for roll out. There are far better.
  • The app is bloated 1/5

    By mitralp
    The app is very sluggish and bloated. It is now hard to find a view of the weather for the week and it will not load up appropriately when on cellular service. The older app was much better. Please make some improvements to this one so it is useable
  • Mixed Feelings, but can't argue with AWESOME 4/5

    By FLWXGeek
    There's a few bugs in this app, true... 1. Some of the links don't work 2. The radar imagery freezes every time you pan the map 3. It seems to eat battery a little fast (it's getting better with updates though)... BUT!!! This app is still technically a beta version as of this review--and is the first app of its kind ever to include the actual radar data from Max Defender 8. No more "just NEXRAD" stuff: the actual accuracy and resolution of the radar is amazing. Because of the newness of this functionality, I can abide with some bugs for awhile! As a meteorology student, i feel confident in recommending this app as a work in progress to my family and friends, and actively use it as part of my "tools" when weather threatens Central Florida. I'm looking forward to the updates in the future!
  • Old app better 2/5

    By Drewww's mom
    I like the old app better. I cannot find an eight day forecast on this new one
  • Max defender 8 update 1/5

    By cindy Heaps
    Extremely disappointed in this app now. Previous version was much better.
  • Change it back 1/5

    By Kskcjek
    The older version was GREAT! This new version in one thing “DELETED”. Just terrible. Good bye.
  • Why did you “upgrade” this?? 1/5

    By Steve TPA
    This had always been a great app. This update has made it less intuitive and more complicated. I am removing it from my devices.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By jjsails
    Was useful, not now. Delete.
  • Not Broke Don’t Fix 1/5

    By Jay Lavee
    I really do not like this new weather app at all. Its predecessor was clean and uncluttered. When you paused it, it had the yellow squares for high wind, the blue diamonds for hail, the green circles for strong thunderstorms and lightning, and the red triangles for tornados. I loved those icons because you tapped on them and there was important information. If those things still exist in this new app, then someone is going to have to show me where, because I can’t find anything in this new one. I wished they would have just left well enough alone and kept the prior app. Thank goodness that the Sky Tower 13 weather app still uses the old format. I absolutely love it. As of today I have totally switched to Fox’s Sky Tower 13.
  • Terrible Update! 1/5

    By Pawhugs
    This update is awful! Can’t get alerts to my phone anymore! Very cluttered and does not work properly! Switched to Fox News 13 for my weather updates! Get the old version back! It worked great!
  • Should be called a downgrade 1/5

    By Bob in FL
    I hate this update (or at least that’s what they claim it is). The radar is awful compared to the old version, more ads (ugh) and a terrible hourly forecast format - what’s to like? Not much. Off to find a new weather app.
  • Horrible update! 1/5

    By kekejeep
    It’s an exact copy of BayNews 9’s weather app! I didn’t like their app—that’s why I downloaded yours. Not anymore—deleting it off my phone now. Should have left it like it was 😩
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By P195266
    This is the WORST weather app...go back to your old one!

    By Steve Rogers 1978ii
    Previous app was almost perfect. Cannot use this app anymore - New format is unusable. Skytower 13 app uses this app's previous format and works perfectly so I changed to that. TERRIBLE CHANGES: 1. Video Forecasts - Plays but no picture. 2. Radar Map - Too slow to load. Also, if you turn on your location, a giant peg appears obstructing radar details around you. 3. Current Conditions - Large pretty graphics substituted for easy to read information of previous app - BAD. I'll use the SkyTower13 app until you guys fix this one. Please revert to the previous format.
  • Updated version terrible! 1/5

    By Seb1225
    What happened! I literally used this app everyday, now I don’t even know where everything is. The radar is horrible!
  • What a joke. 1/5

    By Bradenton User
    I have used this site for almost ten years. No more. Complicated, non user friendly, etc., etc. What a joke. The designer should be fired. Going to get my weather from someone else.
  • How do I get the old one back? 1/5

    By cmcvau
    This new update needs to be undone. It’s not at all user friendly and the layout is too complicated to find information quickly. I’ll wait one more week to get something useful but then I’m deleting it.
  • Used to be good but... 1/5

    By Tannedon
    I don’t know what they did but this app is totally useless now. Radar doesn’t ever show anything even if it’s raining 😒. So it is getting deleted after many years of this being my go too weather app. Just irritates now and I have enough stress in my life without my weather app of all things making it worse.
  • Zero stars? 1/5

    By Michelle in Dundee FL
    I have never hated an upgraded app version more! I’ll be using the Channel 13 weather app which is just like your OLD version until something changes. This upgrade is really THAT horrible.

Max Defender 8 Weather App app comments

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