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Mayo Clinic App

The Mayo Clinic app connects you to the No. 1 hospital in the nation, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. The Mayo Clinic app gives you practical, helpful tools to manage your health on-the-go. The app delivers a daily dose of health news and practical advice from top doctors, dietitians, fitness experts and more. You can also search for reliable, research-backed answers to your questions about diseases, symptoms and health procedures. Plus, you can easily request an appointment with world-class experts in top-ranked specialties. If you're already a Mayo Clinic patient, the app puts all of your medical information in your pocket, so it's easier to track your health, schedule appointments and complete check-in questionnaires at your convenience. When you're on-site, the app is your ideal tool. You'll get easy access to your appointment itinerary, important reminders, campus maps and your personal medical records. Favorite features: • Start (or end) your day with daily health insights, fitness videos, recipes and wellness tips. • Search for trustworthy info about diseases, symptoms and medical procedures. • Make appointments at your convenience. • Check your appointment itinerary. • View test results in real time. • View radiology images and exams. • Access and pay your bills. • Communicate with your care team in a secure messaging system. • Get Express Care Online within an hour for common ailments that don't require an in-person visit (available in select regions). Learn more about the Mayo Clinic app:


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Mayo Clinic app reviews

  • Zero that's what you have done!! 1/5

    Can't even find how to send a message to my doctor on the Portal. AND THE SCREEN IS STILL VERTICAL -- which means it keeps falling out of the Log Tech Keyboard on the IPAD!!! HOW DO YOU SEND MESSAGES?????
  • I liked it before the changes were made to it 3/5

    By Baybblu19
    Put it back to the way it was please
  • Setting up... 1/5

    By Dasjavu
    Won’t even let me get as far as setting up an account due to my email? Slightly disappointed.
  • David F Howe 4/5

    By David F Howe
    I had a in-house full sleep study. Everyone was great, extremely thorough compared to other sleep study’s i have had in past. The only complaint is the bed itself. I felt like i was back in 1980 in the freshmen College dorm. I believe if a more stable/comfortable bed was available i believe that it could result in a more accurate results. I tossed and turned durning to try and get comfortable. Woke with sore back and muscle spasms in my leg.
  • Mrs. P. Torkelson 3/5

    By 15149primary
    Diseases/symptoms missing I’m sure with time I’ll get use to the present app.
  • Mayo app 5/5

    By heatherot
    Gets you all your information quickly and with ease
  • How to close app 3/5

    By palms2
    The new app looks more like an app for articles than my health information. How do you close the app. Can’t find the log off button. Cordell
  • Help 2/5

    By MeteorologistWannaBe
    Too much fluff has been added to the app in which in most cases, has nothing to do with an individual’s own personal healthcare. To make matters worse, alerts to the app are received without any indication as to what the alert was for once inside the app. Did your medical records just get updated, a new message to you chart get added, or was a non-health related recipe just added? I think the patient portal should remain exactly that. If Mayo wants to put recipes out that pertains to the general public, then a new app should be made exclusively for that purpose and the patient portal should be enhanced for the individual patient. As a patient on the heart transplant list, receiving unnecessary alerts that do not pertain to my own personal records are not desirable to receive.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Electronicman1960
    If you’re one who likes to male clinic such as myself this is a great app is also integrates with the health records within iOS and I love that feature I also like the way that it works with voiceover it’s very user-friendly
  • Not as functional as it should be 1/5

    By amknbk
    Firstly, and most importantly, the notifications don’t work. All I receive is a badge on the app when all the possible notifications are selected (banner, sound, etc). To make matters worse, when you open the app to figure out what the badge notification is for, there isn’t any badge or obvious sign anywhere to let me know where to look for the new or changed information. I have to go through each area to figure it out and today, I couldn’t find anything. Secondly, the “coach chat” and “experiments” functions NEVER work. It always says “we’re sorry, something happened, but we’ll be back soon” then says to check my network connection. Believe me, my network connection is fine and as many times as I have attempted to use the function, it wouldn’t have been down every single time considering all my other devices work just fine. Thirdly, you cannot update anything within the app. I even received a message (after searching for what I was notified for) to update my allergies. I went into the allergy section and there is literally no way to update them. I tried long hold, swiping right, swiping left, and looked for a button to edit, but nothing was working. I waited until my appointment to do it there. I really wish the notification thing would be fixed ASAP because it causes me the most anxiety that I’m missing something. Calling the Mayo Clinic every time I can’t figure it out is ridiculous.
  • Never works 1/5

    By 564 Marjan
    Never works
  • Rj 5/5

    By Lightship1
    Great, user friendly app
  • Non functioning 1/5

    By Hey make this simple!
    I signed up for a Mayo account which functions pretty well, then downloaded the app because the normal link kept offering it. Over and over again the Mayo App refused to log on. I've deleted the app and am now ignoring all the offers for the app that kept popping up on the main account pages.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Kitty Komments
    At the end of March the program updated and now all I see are the date and time of appointment. I click to see which department and doctor, the screen goes black, and I am kicked out of application.
  • No reminders 1/5

    By amykrebs
    To me this app is no pretty much useless if it doesn’t give me appt reminders. I can look up my medical history any time on a computer, don’t need an app for it. I did appreciate the old app appt reminders however if I forgot an appt.
  • Latest Version Reduces Ease of Acess 2/5

    By WxMan123
    When I want to access my medical information, I don’t want to be offered numerous healthcare articles. What happened to signing on with Touch ID? As a long time app user, I’d welcome going back to the prior version. A follow-up to my earlier review... just in case you are looking to sign out from this app, you’ll have to go to “settings” to find the place to sign out. When was the last time in any other app that you had to go to the app’s settings to logout? How about a dedicated sign out / log off icon? This app is still displaying healthcare articles that I don’t want to see unless I’ve previously indicated interest in seeing them.
  • Why we love the Mayo Clinic 5/5

    By thomm85n
    So far, so good. Mayo Clinic keeps working on programs and patients until 99.99% are happy with the outcome. This portal App has gotten better! Thank you, that is all of you at the Mayo Clinic, for the great relationship we have together. At the rate you all are improving my life some of you need to still be around when I reach the century mark riding this big, blue planet! In less than 33 years from now I WILL reach 100 years of age. I can’t believe my life is 2/3’rds over already. Keep up your excellent work Mayo Clinic employees!
  • This WAS a good app... 1/5

    By dd2b4ever2
    Now you can't even send them feedback through their feedback link to let them know about ALL the issues that need to be fixed!!! Ugh!!! About the ONLY thing it did correctly tonight was helping me reset my password because I couldn't remember it since I hadn't been on it (the app) in so long! IF they care (& read these reviews), HERE'S the "feedback" message that I tried sending to them/you... I don’t like the fact that every time I viewed past PDF billing statements & had to click “close” to close them out I had to to completely re-select billing, choose the right location, and then choose to view statements ALL OVER AGAIN! There SHOULD be a way to close the PDF without closing out of the entire billing page! I am also going to go out on a limb here and guess that I am not going to be the ONLY one who is disappointed with the fact that I was unable to pay my bill through the app! I tried, several times, and EVERY time I received the same “invalid session” message! It DID occur to me that it was possible the app was just “getting ahead of itself”, in a way, and maybe I just needed to click the “choose payment type” button but that didn’t solve the problem. It didn’t matter how quickly, how often, or where on the button I clicked...”invalid session”...every time! Like I said, I tried repeatedly/several times! Now Arizona Mayo Clinic will have to wait for a check in the mail if I’m unable to process the payment online (but that’s going to have to wait until morning, now,since it’s gotten very late here and I’m tired) since the app doesn’t work!
  • May2018 new Mayo Clinic App 1/5

    By NY Chasqui
    Very disappointing. A mish mash between a health/spa magazine and the esrlier Mayo Clinic app which allowed for easier navigation and focus on visits to the clinic, access to medical records, contact with the Mayo etc. Am sorry I updated to this version of the app. Had I only known! This new redesigned app should have been built as a separate “feature” app Featuring the spa, health and nutrition news from Mayo (with in app choice of purchasing Mayo Clinic publication e-books).
  • Great App! 5/5

    By ChileanMan
    You don’t have to be a patient to use this app. It has so many useful features that are added everyday yet it’s not overwhelming. They have a quote of the day, healthy eating articles, short medicine articles that are written in an easy way to understand without any medical jargon. I spent about 15 min each day browsing through it.
  • Can’t receive notifications 1/5

    By Mom727
    Adjusted settings and still don’t receive notifications when my provider sends a message. Tried asking for help only to get a repeated error message. So frustrating.
  • Problem 2/5

    By Hadley Thompson
    I tried to send a message to the “App feedback” and got the message “We’re sorry; There was an issue sending your message”
  • Frustrating app - auto logout too fast 2/5

    By MaireSF
    I wish they would focus more effort on the patient interface than the generic content. I wanted to scream after preparing the bulk of a perfectly-worded email to my MD, but before I could finish up the program auto logged me off without warning and without saving a draft. Arghhh. Even when I sent a shorter appt. request, the same thing happened. What the heck?! Don’t they realize how this impairs the usability of the program for many patients?! Worse even for those disabled or elderly. Until they fix this - Make sure you write up your emails and appt requests in advance in another program to cut and paste or you risk getting automatically logged out and losing all your data. Other cons: No customization of auto log-off or option to continue time. No feature to check pending requests. No archive of communications or appts. No way to print records. Only was able to save by printing screen shots which takes forever and wastes paper.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Grandma Ginger246
    No data . No functionality
  • Not an improvement 2/5

    By EC18MK
    The last app was much better When you login to this app you are faced with pictures and weird graphics the. I need to navigate to the menu which is buried at the bottom and not intuitive I want to see the menu as soon as I log in Not the pics. I watch tv when I need to see pictures
  • Too hard to figure out 1/5

    By MomofA19
    It says I have a statement to view and when I click on that button that says view statement all I see is articles to read. This app is not user friendly
  • Very helpful app. 5/5

    By Hunter_q8
    This is a very useful a helpful application.
  • Difficult 1/5

    By doreeyatescolter
  • Prescription refill ???? 1/5

    By Journey.1
    Can’t figure out how to renew a prescription
  • Excellent 5/5

    By lane4x4
    Programmers really did a Great job. Ya’ll outdone yourselves. 🖖
  • Took away prescription dosage 1/5

    By derf2255653268
    The old app would tell me what dosage I needed to take each day. The new one dose not.
  • New version is inferior for medical communication 1/5

    I loved the previous app and used it to communicate with my physicians. I also used it to retrieve the notes of my exams. I cannot print any notes of my meetings with my physicians. I used to be able to. I tried sending a message through messages. No record of my message exists . Terrible. I do not use this app for recipes or any of the pretty magazine junk you are filling it with. I used it to communicate with my physicians and for the invaluable record of my exams and procedures. I could have an exam and not worry about taking notes during it. This new nightmare app does not allow me to print notes of my exams or keep a record of messages to and from my physicians. Is this a patient app or a magazine? I hate this new mess. Make it a medical app again.
  • ‘Upgrade’ 1/5

    By unhappy102938
    This app was working great before the upgrade to the new system. Since then, information is not able to be kept current for messages, notes and documents. The provider must be called for any information, which defeats the purpose of sending messages and reviewing information online.
  • App not in sync with 2/5

    By EEdddd
    No menu option to send a message to Patient Account Services.
  • Terrible update! 1/5

    By FuseduleTecil
    Absolutely terrible update! It’s much more difficult to get the information I want and now there is all sorts of useless junk to wade through. You took a good, efficient app and made it for 12 year olds!!
  • Update Broke It 2/5

    By Fina7
    It would be a great app if it worked. So many features don’t work or aren’t available. When trying to send app feedback-there was an issue sending it...I mean, come on!
  • App problems 2/5

    By unhappy 6079
    I find that the messages have disappeared when epic went live and some of the questions were not answered or you can’t review. Especially if they were not put in the medical record. Messages were there 5-4-18 now unable to view. Need for medical purposes as providers have not answered some from last week. Have used the old app many years and wish it was back.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By love_life!
    Loved the old app. The new one isn’t user friendly at all.
  • Your IT Dept truly succeeded in ruining a good App . 1/5

    By Jj00rma
    The previous App was GREAT , ELEGANT & SIMPLE and right to the point . This “so called” update is confusing at best and at worst conveying a sense of chaos ( The Start Page; that is ) . Too many distractive infomertials in large prints & Pics, etc. In my humble view , this is totally unbecoming of an institution of Mayo Clinic caliber.
  • Patient 1/5

    By Sad in Jacksonville
    I hate this app: Not enough time to work your feedback doesn’t work
  • Mayo app 1/5

    By Pretty Grandma
    I’m told I have a questionnaire to complete. Go to : Patient On Line Services WHERE is this found?? I can’t find it and there’s no place to go for questions, guess I’ll complain here.
  • New updated app 1/5

    By Bbmiles
    This app is awful!!! You can’t even see your billing without going in and out 20 times to see all billing. Dr notes are bad not as easy to read as before. Old app is 1,000 percent better please go back to it
  • Alert message 3/5

    By Angie1942
    The app needs to have an alert on what is new. When you get an email telling you have a new message or lab result, but you dig in your portal trying to figure out what it is. The old app had that alert. Thanks
  • Change bk to previous opening screen 1/5

    By MSKS09
    I only have this app to view my patient info. I don’t want to have to sort through an opening screen of “health magazine” articles.
  • Like old app better 1/5

    By Shabema
    I preferred the layout of the old app - which was fine & suited my needs. Also there’s no touch access option that I can see and when I tried to send app feedback it said “sorry there’s an issue with sending your message.” Boo.......👎 Edit: the Touch ID feature did not appear after I initially logged in, but after deleting & reinstalling app a couple of times it finally did. I’ll change my rating to a 3 because I still like the old app better - I like having a portal just for my patient info. The newsfeed & general health info should go on a separate app. It’s too cluttered for me. JMO.
  • Web changes 1/5

    By Colonel O-6
    Too difficult and can’t get into for an important posting. Not user friendly piece of trash.
  • Updated app is too busy 1/5

    By Nana Words
    Updated app is too busy with recipes and health tips. I just want to see appointments and medical data. Ugh!!
  • The Best 5/5

    By Snook37448
    Where to begin? I have yet to find any bugs and that even after its new updated release. If only Microsoft devs were this good. Appointments that can be RELIABLY added to your calendar directly from the app, procedure descriptions along with instructions and notifications, the ability to directly message members of your care team, lab findings, health reports, etc., etc. I only wish other apps worked like this. As a Mayo patient I strongly recommend downloading this app as it can really make life so much easier in a world where us patients have so much else to worry about. After all, you have the Mayo Clinic to stand behind it and as they say, the needs of the patient come first - and it shows! Highly recommended.
  • Useful application & great functionality 5/5

    By MayoPatient
    Having come from a Clinic without this functionality, this has been great! It’s very handy to have all your medical information and appointment information at the tips of your fingers. It’s great being able to interact with my doctor / child’s doctor from my device. The updated application is eye catching. I enjoy the ability to use the search function and daily information.
  • New app 5/5

    By Wolfman7059
    A “minor” discrepancy in my information when this new app updated, but the staff were quick to revise the information.

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