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Mazecraft App

"The best iOS game I've played in a long time" "I can't put it down" "The only mobile game I play now" Build mazes and share them with the world! Torment your friends, watch them fail... Solve all your friends' mazes, become the most powerful maze-hero in the universe. This is Mazecraft! Play countless mazes stocked with fun features and deadly surprises. Design and build your own mazes and invite your friends to try them out, then watch replays of them falling for your tricks. Lead them astray with signposts, confound them with locked doors and riddles, and taunt them with abusive owls. Lay traps and meet a multitude of creatures. Infinite possibilities and interactions await you! Collect prizes, level-up and unlock new features while dressing yourself in the finest costumes. Want to be a Pirate Samurai? A Robot Dog? An I.T. Administrative Assistant? It’s all there. Can you build a maze no one can solve? Can you build the ultimate maze to top the global charts? Prepare to craft mazes with your friends! *** SUBSCRIPTION TERMS *** Mazecraft offers auto-renewing monthly and yearly subscriptions to 'Mazecraft Premium'. Mazecraft Premium unlocks all mazes and has no limit on the number of mazes you can build. Mazecraft offers free trials, which auto-enroll into the selected subscription if not canceled during the free trial period. Any unused portion of free trial periods, if offered, will be forfeited if you start a new subscription before the completion of your trial. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Privacy policy: Terms of service:

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Mazecraft app reviews

  • Can’t rate zero 1/5

    By Hdbcudiwnnducisn
    Have to pay monthly subscription just to build more than two mazes and they can only be small
  • It’s good... but I have one issue 4/5

    By dlAmoNds
    It’s great, but I can’t get premium now and am stuck with only being able to build two mazes. That kind of takes the fun out of it, but it’s overall enjoyable.
  • Great game with growing community ruined by terrible decision that they decided not to change 3/5

    By Hodj321
    This game was great, you made mazes and published them, but now you need to give your level code to 3 other people and they have to complete the level, and the worst part is that they didnt change it back to he previous system, this game couldve been great, but it was ruined by a terrible decision that was not reversed immediately Edit: a HUUUGE step in the right direction, now imma get back to mazin Edit 2: instead of having the subscription thing be required to play the game after a certain level instead make it so that it removes ads increases max coin count and increases max levels, i dont want to have to constantly unpublish my levels to have more levels i just want to play the game
  • The Greatest Game Of All Time 5/5

    By Jonah Memes
    Hello, this is Jonathan or Jonah Memes in the game, I am a veteran player and have been playing for years through thick and thin. I’m very happy they brought back the servers, but that’s not important. This game is amazing, it has so many things you can do and incredible possibilities, I would recommend it to anyone. But there are some things I would like to say such as proes, cons, and suggestions. Proes: Game has a lot of content and great community, it has many fun levels and is very fun to play. This game is amazing, I can’t list all the good things about it because there is just so much, from your own collection to customizing your avatar or even the funny level up names. This is incredible Cons: The BIGGEST con of this game is that there is a subscription if you want to upload unlimited levels. You start off with 2 levels MAX. I think that is just ridiculous, at least make the max level cap for free players 10. The good think about it though is that the subscription is 20$ a year and you get your first year FREE. I repeat... first year completely FREE. Not to mention you can cancel out of your subscription any time which is just amazing. I highly suggest making the free players have more options though. Another con to mazecraft is sometimes the community makes just outright terrible levels. What I mean is levels with question doors that only they know the answer too, or just super long annoying levels only for it to kill you at the end because you don’t know the code, and it was nowhere in the level. I understand this is the community, but still a con nonetheless. The last con has to do with the community as well, sometimes when you make levels that are too hard for the baby players they quit after the first obstacle and rate you with 1 Star out of 5. This is infuriating as you work hard on the level and the snowflakes are so triggered that they can’t beat it, that they just outright vote your level with terrible ratings. I wish there was some way to change the community sometimes, but unfortunately this is all on the community. Finally, some suggestions. As I have been playing for three years, there has still not been any new updates to the Greek area, etc. although I love the new areas, maybe some more traps and cool stuff on existing areas would be epic as well. I suggest maybe a times fire trap that has a timer once you step on a pressure plate, or maybe even a snow trap that freezes you but doesn’t kill you and makes you perma mud effect or perma banana effect. A unique teleported in each area would be appreciated, what I mean is like the Santa chimney, it would be cool if we could have a Greek teleporter, and same for the other areas. I also suggest adding more monsters, combat is nothing too big in the game as most levels either spam you with monsters or make a level with no monsters, adding a more unique variety of monsters, and perhaps even a boss for each area would make combat a joy! My final suggestion is my most important one and I will say it in all caps to get your attention. MAKE MOVING COINS AND TREASURES EASIER!!! MAKE IT TO WHERE YOU CAN PLACE FLATSTONE AND OTHER DECORATIONS UNDER COINS AND TREASURES WITHOUT MOVING THEM BACK AND FORTH WHICH TAKES FOREVER!!!! I SUGGEST A COIN/TREASURE BUTTON WHICH YOU CAN CLICK AND THEN EASILY DRAG ONLY COINS AND TREASURES ANYWHERE!!! This would make the game a lot easier when making levels. Thank you for reading my review! Thank you hyper liger for the wonderful game! If you don’t have this game and have read this far, it’s worth it!
  • Weird 3/5

    By Softball mom of 3
    It’s weird because I have awesome internet connection and it keeps on saying bad internet connection it’s was good for 7 days then it started do it
  • I like 5/5

    By coffee_boy YT
    I recommend this game
  • Why can’t I get back to my old account? 5/5

    By swaggysavage803
    I came back to play some fun mazes and destroy some Minotaurs and skeletons and create some too, but when I got on I saw that I had been given a new account and all my mazes has been erased and my character and my coins. How can this problem be solved. My username was Coolcrush360.
  • Better, still not up to standard 3/5

    By Lukas the F
    I’ve been with this community for years and this new update has shown the community beginning to grow again. People are creating and playing mazes. Again a follower system would be really nice, like a way for you to get notifications when the person you follow makes a new maze. Featured mazes shouldn’t be those made by the devs but instead by those mazes that go above and beyond. Community mazes. I’m unsure if anyone else has had this problem but my old account data is gone and I’m unable to find any maze that was made more than a couple months ago. I recommend re-installing this game as the community is growing again and the game itself is quite fun. I’ve found a few bugs which do mess with a few mechanics from old Mazecraft which is disappointing but expected. As new updates come I’m sure this review will change. I will update as I continue to play.
  • Not a thing would change except 5/5

    By Nornwen
    Perfect little casual game, adorable pixel art and music. I just wish I didn't have to get somebody to play my level for it to go public. I understand why, the developer wants to get the word out about their game. But for someone who has just a few friends and not many are interested in mobile games, is there some other way?
  • What happened? 2/5

    By xXStavi47Xx
    I redownload this potentially-amazing game, and everything’s gone! No friends, no multiple published mazes, and I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not, but my coins don’t do anything and I can’t level up!!
  • ManlySheep 5/5

    By JDTheUniSheep
    There any possibility I could get my account back? Very devastated all my hard work is just gone. I was ManlySheep I was one of the top creators and now I just feel useless. I'd really like it if I could get that account back. Thank you
  • Why tho 1/5

    By Freddyfazbear555
    Ive been playing this game for hears and it was fun I even played when there wasn’t even updated coming for 3 year but then you bring it back but limit all the fun into a pass that let play the game like normal.
  • Awsome game 5/5

    By Grateful for Grace
    This game is one of my favorites it has awsome themes and great traps
  • I would of rate 5.... 1/5

    By LuisDahBoss
    This game was awesome before now it changed you can no longer make games unless you send to 3 friends a code, you can no longer follow or get followed, and my series are over before i finish this. Please if one of the developers read this please fix this, thank you
  • Problem 2/5

    By Bristow hunter
    Alright, when I was going through my apps I was deleting the ones that took up too much storage, so when I was doing that I accidentally deleted MazeCraft. And since then, I haven't been able to load back in, it just stays on the screen that says "In an age long before heroes" screen. Can anybody help me?
  • Ruined 1/5

    By 112234rt
    This game was great! I remember playing it a few years ago and loving it. I recently downloaded it again and found that it had been updated so you had to give out a code just so people could play your mazes. This completely ruined the game.
  • So Sad 1/5

    By Neto1993
    Change it back...please
  • What happened? 1/5

    By StormTrooper👻
    This game was great when it first came out but now people can't play what you create.
  • No support 2/5

    By 73476273678
    Okay, my 7-year old kid is a whiz at this game (when he's pirating my iPhone). He wanted to play on his iPad, and with family sharing, he was able to download it to his own device (and dad says "yay!"). His iPad runs iOS 9 so it should work, but... it continually freezes on the splash screen ("A long time ago..."). Further, when one clicks on "support" (right next to "write a review" on this page), it takes you to a website that isn't much more than a placeholder. No actual support. If the stars align, you could have fun... but don't get your hopes up.
  • Why 2/5

    By Dan tizzle
    Why must you put codes to play with your friend and how do I publish my maze to the world it's lame
  • Was great until update 5/5

    By TheEvilDog
    This was my favorite game until the recent update. Many of my mazes were on the popular list and now I can't get one on the public mazes. The reason is three friends have to rate the maze before it can become public. They also removed nudging and following which allowed me to see maze favorite builders mazes. I loved the game in till the update.
  • 😭 1/5

    By Dhdjsnskdbdldbddj
    It used to be so good, but they ruined the game by making so you have to send codes to your friends! I don't have friends!
  • FIX IT. 1/5

    By GeorgiaKate5
    I used to have this game on my iPad. it was really fun. I had to reset my iPad though. After a while, I decided to get it on my phone, but now you have to use some stupid code to get people to play your maze, and the public boards never change. Fix this game soon, or people will continue to quit.
  • Why are there codes! 2/5

    By Can it get anymore awsome
    I got this game when it first came out and I would play it soooo much but recently they added codes! The codes are so you can play your friends levels but it doesn't work as well as followers. First, if I want to go play my friends maze I can't because they didn't tell me the code to play it, before I would follow all my friends and play there mazes for fun but now I need to wait for them to text me there code! Second, if I followed someone that wasn't my friend in real life, now I can't play his maps because he needs to send me the code but he can't text me it because I don't know him and I followed to play his maps! I followed 2 people and I really liked there maps but now I can't ever play them because he can't text me the codes! And third, I never want to type in a code to play my friends maze, I want to go to my friends mazes and play them! And I want my friend to play my maps but he doesn't want to type in the codes and I don't want to send him the code for every single map I have, that would take forever! So I really hope the followers option comes back, mazecraft will never be the same till then and I would have gave this 1 start but I still remember what it once was. If the followers option comes back this review would probably change to 5 stars.

    By Darkboy4321
    You probably read the other reviews, so you know how to make this game the greta game is once was
  • This game was ruined 3/5

    By Kmhfjuyfjytf
    This game is one of the best games I've ever had. However, when Mazecraft was updated to remove the "follow" feature, I instantly became dismayed. My favorite maze makers were difficult to find, and I have to wade through hundreds of terrible mazes to set to a good one. Plus, the 'friend code' option is terrible, because this game isn't common enough for many people to download it, and no one actually discusses maze codes with their friends. Mazecraft made a mistake many other games have made: changing the game in an update even when it didn't need to be changed.
  • Please restore it back to what it once was. 1/5

    By Goobergoobs
    This game used to be amazing. There was literally unlimited playing potential because all of the players had the ability to create their own levels for everyone to enjoy (think mario maker but not a platformer). Anyways, the way it used to be was a level got created and published and it would show up under a tab titled "Latest." That is where people could find the most recent levels that were uploaded. Once you completed the level (or gave up on it) you were given the option to follow that player. Any time that play created a level they would then get to send an in-game message to their followers to let them know they just created a new level. That has all changed, and it had changed for the worst. Now, there are no more followers/following. Now when a user makes a level, they have to notify their friends through social media or game center or something along those lines with a unique code that grants them access to that level. Once at least three friends and played and voted for that level, it then becomes public access for others to enjoy. I completely get that it is a way to get more people to look at this game, but it also has seriously hindered those who have been playing already. The amount of new levels at your disposal used to be almost unlimited where every day or two you would have new batches of levels to spend hours on. Now the number of levels available has come to such a drastic halt. The most recent "Latest" level was published a week ago, where you used to get new levels by the minute. Unless it gets reverted back to it's original form, or some better easier way for players to access levels, then I'm afraid it could very well mean the end of this game.
  • ... A-Maze-ing ... 5/5

    By Windbornleaf
    This is a great on the go game, I love solving other peeps pu-maze-les 🤓
  • WHY!! 3/5

    By Login doesn't work!!!
    I remember when this game used to be super fun! Now this game only wants more attention even though it's had enough why did Liger games even make friend codes! Add my code goodlock3401
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By Drew8522
    Change it back.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Cat-cat yay
    This game is really addictive and fun!!
  • The update 1/5

    By Bdjdkdskej
    Used to be fun but then they got money hungry
  • Why you do this!?!?!? 2/5

    By Card Wars !!!!!!!!!
    Please, I absolutely loved this game when I was able to follow great maze builders and friends, and when the latest tab was an endless list of mazes, but now it's ruined. I built a lot of mazes when I redownloaded this game on my phone and just recently realized how you can no longer follow people, obtain followers, and worst of all is the fact that I need to give friends codes for all my mazes. My friends don't have time to play all of my mazes, and I don't have enough who own the game to do so! I only rated two stars instead of one because this used to be good, but once you make this game great again I will continue my maze building passion!
  • Needs more 5/5

    By Hippy2dippy
    Very fun game.
  • Great game, but.... 2/5

    By TheDirtyDan
    I love this game. It's very uncommon that you can just go sit in a chair and play the same game for hours upon hours on end, and still have fun. But lately, something has happened. The follow system, which truly helped to keep this game great, has been removed, and replaced with a necessity for using social media to progress. I am sure that the majority of us (the players) would be happy to see the 'Following' mechanic put back in place.
  • Excuse me? What happened to 'following?' 2/5

    By Pineapples of Doom
    I think this game is fun, but there's no point of playing if you can't keep track of amazing builders. I'm not going to sift through all the ok mazes to find a gem. Please re-add the following tab!
  • WHY?! 😢 1/5

    By Hackerzzzzzzzzzz
    This game exploded when it first came out due to the creativity from the creators and from all the possible players. But now, our creativity has been shut and cut down and is based on whether we, the players and creators, are able to receive approval from other "friends". Have the people of Liger Games really stooped down so low that they now force us to get approval from people we don't know to share our creations with the world?! THIS IS A GAME, WE DON'T NEED APPROVAL FROM OTHERS TO PLAY AND CREAT!
  • Stuck on title 1/5

    By CanMan2233
    Same as some of the other people, when I start up my game, it just stays on the quote screen forever. I even tried deleting and re-downloading the app. Please fix
  • Stuck cant play game 1/5

    By Bukay
    The game wont start up. It's just stuck on screen...'a long time ago in ages of heroes'...that is it! It won't continue the game..please fix
  • You ruined it :( 1/5

    By Raichu4679810'000
    This game used to be one of my favorites... until the new update. Now it needs to have a "code" to share and you have to have friends play it until the maze can go public. It used to be so fun because you could just publish a maze to the public, but they ruined it. Please fix this. :(
  • Fun😄 5/5

    By Mega narwhal
    I like it.
  • I would rate 5 but.... 2/5

    By Live for Horror
    This game rocks! It has a great feel to it and playing as well as making mazes is a lot of fun to do. But I want to be able to publish my mazes without having get codes from friends ,(I don't have any friends that play this game). It's not really fair and would be so much better to put your mazes out there without having your friends give codes or whatever. Other than that it's a wonderful little game!
  • So sad 5/5

    By Gartemwarten
    This was a great app. It was helping me defeat chemo brain and then they changed it. I don't know why but it really sent it down the tubes. The code business shut me off from the good people I play with. It was amazing to see and experience the creativity of my fellow players. Now there's nothing. So sad :(
  • Used to be a good app 1/5

    By DonC1024
    Mazecraft used to be a good app that allowed players to create interesting mazes and then post them for all other players to choose to play. A recent update now requires the creator to give a code to "friends" and to get 5 plays from friends before the maze can be published for all players to see and play. Awful, awful, awful idea! Too complicated now to make this game fun. Will delete this app and look for another game less complicated. Too bad, because it used to be a fun app.
  • Build & Share with the Best of Them 5/5

    By Squirrel0989
    Like other great games -- Minecraft leaps to mind -- the idea of creating worlds to share with other players around the world has an appeal. These types of games need two elements to succeed: An interface that makes interesting worlds and let's you tweak them to your heart's content, and other players doing the same. And while some Mazecraft players "cheat" the system by asking for high ratings for empty "mazes" that simply hand players coins and prizes, many of the players take the game seriously and create amazing mazes. The interface is easy to use to make mazes of all levels of difficulty. Best app I've played in several years.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Awfulsome
    This last update requires that you have 3 real life friends in order to make any of your mazes public. Because of this, there have been under 20 new mazes since this update and my review (about 3 days), whereas there used to be probably close to 100 per day. This update essentially removed a key aspect of the game for no apparent reason.
  • Great app... but... 3/5

    By The gamer509
    Mazecraft is a great game, and should really recoeve 4 or 5 stars, but I have a few complaints. The recent update added the feature of being able to share videos, which is great, but the constant popup everytime you play a level is annoying. Maybe an option to turn this off? Also, I have changed from using buttons to move to slidong my finger around to move. The reason is that the buttons are way too small, which makes moving much more difficult. It's a some what minor complaint, as is the other complaint, but fixing these things would absolutely bring my rating up to a 4, or more likely, a 5. These are, again, minor complaints, but adding in an option to turn off the popup and an option to change the size of the buttons, and the app would be perfect.
  • SO FUN... but 1/5

    By Eat a duck
    Changed my 5 star rating to 1 star. I just bought this game for my friend, and the update makes it impossible for him to see all of my old mazes!! I want to follow him to see all of his new mazes. This is stupid!!!!!!!!!!
  • Greatest community and devs 5/5

    By HiItsMeHaHa
    This is a heavily community-based game. That being said, its community should be fun and welcoming. this is absolutely the case with mazecraft, with the entire community being together. If you are considering this game, take my advice and buy it now. The game I spend the most time on. -Hi its me ha ha of Team BB

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