McAfee Security: VPN & Privacy

McAfee Security: VPN & Privacy

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  • Current Version: 7.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: McAfee, LLC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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McAfee Security: VPN & Privacy App

Protect your identity and access all-in-one mobile security with McAfee Security. Stay safe online and prioritize your privacy with Secure VPN, Identity Protection, and Safe Browsing. Avoid malicious websites when browsing online and receive alerts for security breaches. McAfee Security lets you secure up to five devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs. With our 7 days of free basic online protection, you can explore our powerful privacy features and feel confident knowing your mobile device and identity are safe. Take advantage of bank-grade Wi-Fi VPN encryption and keep your data and location private. Monitor personal accounts for security breaches and protect the most critical parts of your online life. Sidestep risky sites and links when browsing the web to protect your devices and personal info. Stay protected and private with McAfee, the most trusted name in online and mobile security. MCAFEE SECURITY FEATURES: SECURE VPN* ▪ Boost your online security and privacy with a secure VPN ▪ Keep personal data and locations private with bank-grade Wi-Fi VPN encryption ▪ Defend your mobile devices against unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots ▪ Connect to different countries and change your location & IP address IDENTITY PROTECTION* ▪ Scan and monitor online personal data for security breaches ▪ Receive alerts and secure your info quickly with our protection tips ▪ Monitor up to 10 email addresses, ID numbers, passport numbers, bank cards & more SAFE BROWSING ▪ Block malicious websites automatically so you can browse safely ▪ McAfee Security prevents online threats from malware, spyware and other viruses ▪ Safe browsing alerts protect you from phishing and leaking personal info WI-FI & SYSTEM SCANNER ▪ Receive alerts when connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi network or hotspot ▪ Wi-Fi scan analyzes networks for security and ensures a safer online connection ▪ Get notifications when iOS needs an update and remove your vulnerability to threats PROTECTION SCORE ▪ Review how safe you are online easily with your McAfee Protection Score ▪ Your score is based on the safety of your monitored personal data ▪ Stay safe and boost your score by taking suggested steps, like resolving breaches McAfee Security makes it easy to stay safer online. Download today and protect your privacy. -- PLANS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS McAfee Security - Free ▪ Single device protection ▪ Wi-Fi Scan ▪ Identity Scan ▪ System Scan McAfee Basic Protection ▪ Single device protection ▪ Secure VPN* ▪ Basic Identity Protection* ▪ Wi-Fi Scan ▪ Safe Browsing ▪ System Scan McAfee Total Protection ▪ Multi-device protection (up to 5 computers, tablets or phones) ▪ Secure VPN* ▪ Advanced Identity Protection* ▪ Wi-Fi Scan ▪ Safe Browsing ▪ System Scan *Not all features are available in all locations and for all devices. Privacy Policy: You can view our privacy policy and terms at To provide you with the best possible experience, McAfee Security requires iOS 13 and above. You are encouraged to update your device to the latest version to receive timely security updates, maximum protection, and enhanced performance. COPYRIGHT & TRADEMARK McAfee and the McAfee logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of McAfee LLC or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Copyright © 2022 McAfee LLC.

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McAfee Security: VPN & Privacy app reviews

  • this app is a 10/10. 5/5

    By omk4clayton
    Personally, when it comes to apps such as virus protectant ones, i always check reviews because i could NEVER trust them. so i assumed this one was gonna be a weird type of one where it gives your phone 100s of viruses, but surprisingly it doesn’t. if i’m gonna be completely honest i have 27 viruses on my phone i believe. and i changed everything on it to make sure not only me, but all of my personal information on my phone is. my phone was heating up earlier and i believe this app took the viruses off of my phone because my phone is nowhere near hot anymore and this app is a 10/10. i appreciate that the app makers make these apps because they are basically protecting YOU. and i’m thankful for that because i don’t want my information on any websites that i wouldn’t know of.
  • They ruined this app 1/5

    By FunnyGamerA1ex
    Wont help you at all, unless you fork up
  • Save your money for IPhone 1/5

    By Aunt Karen 9
    I have been paying for McAfee for a couple years for my PC (I now realize grossly overpaying). I got a notice it was renewing so I decided to try it on my iPhone. From the minute I installed it, I haven’t been able to use my phone outside my house. The scans said everything was clear on the phone. Went to run errands and wait for notices that orders I placed were ready for pickup. 1. I noticed I couldn’t play Amazon Music unless I went offline 2. Thought Lowe’s screwed up because I didn’t get an order ready message 3. Wanted to use McDonalds app but couldn’t connect 4. Parked in McDonalds parking lot and this app would not allow me to connect to their network Returned home and found all the messages I was waiting for were there - just delayed delivery. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE I deleted the app. Left the house and still couldn’t use the phone I went into my account on line and removed my phone as a device - still can’t use the phone I’ve cleared cache and restarted the phone numerous times I’ve turned every switch I can think of on and off and nothing puts me back where I was If you want you phone activity secured -JUST TURN IT OFF OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE. It will do the same thing as this app with less aggravation and money
  • Mcafee 1/5

    By Sunburn42
    Awful. Scammed me.
  • SCAM. This app gets zero stars SCAM DO NOT GET… 1/5

    By umyeyah!!!$
    This f’n app talked me into the idea of something i thought was super important because people r shameless now days. But noooooo instantly my phone started to get hot. It was scratchy and weird things I keep happening This is a virus and probably a information hacker. Man, these crooks get better and better. BUT what they don’t realize is I don’t have nothing to hack.
  • Horrible VPN HORRIBLE APP 1/5

    By BobellyS
    Run from this service because it can’t even work correctly with a VPN so why trust it with anything else? You can select if you want to turn on the VPN when YOU want to and that’s what I select. Despite this the VPN turns on 100% of the time . If you click the slider off in a few seconds it turns back on! This VPN blocks my banking app and my Ring app and this is why I want to choose when to use it. Despite telling it to turn off it turns on! I haven’t called Mcafee since not in the mood to speak with someone who they outsourced to in another country. I also have Mcafee on my Mac which I deleted since do not want a company who can’t even make a VPN yes or no option function correctly having access to my entire system.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By notpatches
    Charged me $150 for my yearly plan nearly two months before the subscription was up. Not to mention the fact they dropped their rates to about $90 a year, and still charged me what I paid previously without any kind of notification.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By YDProper
    I’m Confused I paid for total protection but they want me to buy a separate $149 premium subscription with McAfee to use it? I want my money back that’s a bait and switch. I am glad I only paid 4.99 for the trial McAfee can’t protect my computer either they will never get my service again
  • Ошибка запуска 2/5

    By m07kva
    На iPhone 11 Pro вообще не открывается
  • Useless 1/5

    By loydgolf
    I have had this on my phone for a year, they automatically renewed my subscription without notice, this is overpriced and useless, was going to cancel! Can’t find a number to talk to any service representative!
  • Newest app upgrade is awful 1/5

    By ShaggyZorro
    Is it on? Is it off? It’s says it’s on when it’s not. Have to open and close the app actually turn on when it’s actually off. Sometimes several times. So reinstall right? No better. Reboot the iPhone right? No better. Do better. This is the worst.
  • Please call me 1/5

    By KMSan33
    My number is 207-939-2288 Kathleen Sanborn , can’t get through to you I have tried and get know where. My account was set up with lots of help on 2/62023 I Messages keep telling me it has run out.
  • Pages Don't Load 1/5

    By Omfgthisstupidnicknamesht
    Restated in response to the canned response from a corporate entity who wants my money. I don't accept your reply as a genuinely amicable effort. Plenty of better VPNs out there. I want a refund. Whether it's the private vpn or safe browsing mode, most pages on iPad do not load. The pages get hung up, blocked or stand still with the loading bar stuck at 10% and creeps forward until page will not load. My internet works perfectly with McAfee turned off. Common problem with McAfee if you search the issue online. Has not been resolved. McAfee recommends using a different browser or clearing you internet history and cache in order for to work. Really? It's 293, and your VPN is inefficient so the recommendation is to treat your system like it's 1992 AOL Compaq. Reset your rouser or use a different one to get this VPN to work? Terrible product and just plain stupid to put the issue back on the users configuration or system.
  • Didn’t stay connected 1/5

    By Henz2488311790542
    I had to come back and drop my rating because after about a week I was having to log out and log back in to maintain my internet connection. The VPN itself was interfering with my internet connection. Such a hassle having to do this several times a day. I couldn’t turn it off within the app either. I had to go into settings and turn off connect on demand and then it wouldn’t work so I’d use a free vpn in the interim until that one quit working. It also had trouble pulling up the locations from the drop down menu after it started interrupting my internet connection.
  • Impossible to manage 1/5

    By Loney37
    The vpn service stays on even when I’m on cellular connection, this has caused me to have horrendous/unusable internet connection when not on Wi-Fi. When trying to update the protocol settings I just get a spinning loading wheel. I just want the vpn to turn on on “non-Trusted Wi-Fi” and that’s it.
  • Okay app VPN is worthless 3/5

    By bamdkekdjfbeoiuu
    App is okay I guess (no complaints or see benefit). However, the VPN slows down my internet speeds significantly and is sometimes difficult to shut the vpn off
  • 还行 3/5

    By 姆斯特
  • Virus 5/5

    By Ehamp70477
    Do you have virus protection? Here in Texas but I have a virus on my phone can you check it? Thank you.
  • VPN bugs 3/5

    By SaMaz1015
    I like this app for the most part however when VPN is set to ‘connect when WIFI is detected’ my phone does not work properly. The VPN is constantly trying to connect even when no WiFi network is around and therefore cellular data never works. I have to manually delete the VPN configuration in settings before I can get cellular data and then manually turn it back on when I need it. Super frustrating.
  • McAfee 4/5

    By MaryTexas
    It does not work!
  • Not working 1/5

    By A_1_1_
    I tried to renew and purchase a subscription so I can use the features but every time I go further with the features it provides I get a notification that I have to purchase an upgrade again. I’m not sure what to do.
  • App through a Mobile 3/5

    By Alan R James 45
    I had a letter sent to my email saying I purchased premium I did not . I contacted they said we’re monitoring for paypal and had me anydeskremote dumb me thinking was actually Avast security did it
  • VPN logo disappeared after 7.1 updates 1/5

    By It's not à cleaner
    No VPN in the menu! Using iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 16.3.1
  • Needs improvement! 2/5

    By Gigel Kt
    Not easy to get account setup without intervention and help from SPECIALIZED CUSTUMER SUPPORT! Also some functions like “Credit Monitoring “ dose not work without getting customer support involved. Application not ready for customer use! G.
  • Vpn 1/5

    By aria83
    I used to be able to change my vpn location. With the latest update, I cannot. The app seems more about selling services and pushing to add more devices in a menu with only 5 options- why list the option to add devices twice? But it will not allow me to run security scans at will. Each option on the app tells me what it does but nothing to really change or affect the operation of it. And my phone has been acting glitchy ever since the install. I gave it a chance since it came previously installed on my hp. But it keeps running ads for me to give it more of my personal information and install more services. When you took away my option to change vpn 4 days ago, you really made the product pointless to have. I will be uninstalling it and going with another security company that isn’t constantly interrupting what I’m doing with ads and soliciting more services. It also did not detect the viruses on my dell. I won’t be renewing my subscription.
  • Missed CODE 1/5

    By Ma va…..
    I payed for my subscription but I haven’t received my subscription code. Can you help me please. Thank you Service Request 1-135213041 Michael Valenza
  • Updates 1/5

    By calandra719
    Updates with this app are so poor I’m tired.every time the app updates I lose my VPN access. Been on the phone with support for 2.5 hours. As soon as I’m situated this is in the trash — already setup an account with Norton 360.
  • VPN 2/5

    By jtmontontoya
    With the new update I have lost the ability to turn on my VPN. The option to turn it on is completely gone. This is what I mainly use the app for and I’m baffled on how an update can make an option just disappear. Please fix this immediately or I’ll have to look for another service.
  • VPN issues all the time! 1/5

    By grizzzzzzzzzxxxxzxxxx. xx
    I have had this issue several times. My VPN in the app stops working so I go into the app to reinstall the VPN and it never finishes setting up. It just gets stuck trying to install. I updated the app and now VPN has just disappeared from my app. I want my VPN back!
  • McAfee 5/5

    Great App for Security
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By Alpha1AF
    EXTREMELY poor VPN on mobile devices constantly drops off line on mobile devices either on wireless or wired networks. Put on devices since bought for computers. Will cancel ASAP as this was addressed to Mcafee several times. As an IT person I can not recommend, go with TotalAV or NordVPN.
  • Getting spammed by push notifs 1/5

    By alliste76
    I suddenly started receiving a ton of push notifs today. I’ve probably received about 10 today. Really annoying user experience.
  • Canceling 2/5

    By Ronski342
    I downloaded this app and there was a time frame before you were charged the monthly rate. I went into the App to cancel it gave me two options, I can cancel or upgrade to monthly charges, I decided to cancel. But today I noticed the app deducted 43.00 out of my bank account. Not a good honest app!
  • Chugs battery 1/5

    By Loper85
    On my i6 SE this app drinks my battery like there is no tomorrow. I can literally watch it go down. You should wait to purchase until this is fixed!
  • Not too crazy about this app 2/5

    By Claudette Caron
    I get notifications that my divorce needs attention from sites that sold my data and there is no way I can remove them and that this app only scans once a month and there is no way I can run it through another scan on my own… I think once my prescription is up, I will be switching over to Norton…
  • Crap 1/5

    By Upsetatthisordeal
    Doesn’t let me log in! The email is correct because it lets me change password. I copied / pasted password and no luck.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By sbholla
    Great job McAfee! As usual McAfee helps me secure my network and devices and they do so with great precision;;;...🍀🍀🍀
  • Junk 2/5

    By Mr Majestik
    The scanner stinks. I have to long out and back in at least twice a week for it to work. Look for something else- that’s what I’m doing.
  • Intuitive and Friendly 4/5

    By IPhone5 OSv7.1.2
    So far I have only encountered one issue with this app. While trying to use my Amazon app to make a return at the UPS Store, I kept getting “your not using Wi-Fi” error (from the Amazon app). I had connected to the guest wi-fi at the store so that I could retrieve a return QR code that was needed to process the return. Due to McAfee’s public wifi protection settings, the VPN was being used .. which did not play well with the Amazon app. Ugh ! 🤣 Since I had never encountered an issue like that before, it took me about 10 minutes of fumbling back and forth in both apps to find the culprit. Once I set McAfee to “let me choose” when to turn on the VPN .. all was well. No complaints as far as a normal daily use.
  • worst service 1/5

    By nsmsmszcsnsiwsnx
    worst of all
  • Review 3/5

    By Thinner men
    McAfee does not have good communications as to what services you are paying.
  • Don’t like it 3/5

    By crazy asian beauty
    I don’t like it because it don’t protect your phone without Wi-Fi and I don’t like it when I have to keep the app on to have it to protect my phone and it kill my battery I need the vpn to be on All the time with Wi-Fi or with out Wi-Fi
  • Scammy 1/5

    By Dragon master 1230
    I bought a month package to use a feature in the app and as soon as the payment went through, it told me my “free trial expired” and keeps sending me to their website to buy more packages
  • why does Apple allow us to buy this product? 1/5

    By Not Ok Computer
    We always read the most critical in the most recent reviews. Why is Apple selling this to us? Come on Apple you can do better. all you have to do is read the horror stories on this review site. It is your site. Take some responsibility.
  • President/CEO 5/5

    By Aberus
    You are trusted, don’t let me down!
  • Update 2/5

    By RR Steve
    Have to sign in with every update???
  • Mr. 5/5

    By Qwas7upo
    !!!Great Stuff.!!!-Awesome.
  • Correction 5/5

    By Dirtyollady
    This app needs another update to make corrections to the last update two days ago. 1/26/23- problem has been resolved. My iOS was updated and problem has been resolved. Thank you for your response.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Juniper3
    I just purchased the 9.95 advance McAfee protection and it is not upgrade my app to that subscription. McAfee seems to be fraudulent. I just have money away for nothing.