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  • Current Version: 7.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: McAlister's Dev
  • Compatibility: Android
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McAlisters Deli App

The McAlister’s app puts everything you crave about our deli right at your fingertips—a user-friendly experience that offers what you want, exactly how you want it, plus a little something extra. FEATURES 1. Flexible Ordering* – Order in whatever way is most convenient for you, whether it’s Curbside Pick-up, McAlister’s Delivery, or Tableside. 2. Earn Rewards – Earn points on purchases that can be redeemed for your favorites 3. Reorder - Get your favorites even faster with quick reorder 4. Customization - Make your order truly yours with easy item customization Plus, earn and keep track of your McAlister’s Rewards. With McAlister’s Rewards you can: ·         Get a tea just for signing up ·         Earn points with every purchase towards nearly any item on the menu ·         Redeem rewards when and how you want ·         Get special offers like a birthday treat McAlister’s mission is to give friends and family a reason to get together over great food that’s handcrafted just for them. And we want our app to bring the same smile to your face that our sandwiches, spuds, soups, salads, desserts, and famous tea do. Enjoy!   *Available ordering options may vary by location. CA Privacy Notice: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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McAlisters Deli app reviews

  • Whats the point 1/5

    By ChrisKunitz
    Downloaded this app 3 seperate times to try and place an order for pickup and regardless of what location I chose the menu would come up blank. Tableside and delivery seemed to work fine but the whole point of the app is to order ahead and have it ready when you arrive. Dont waste your time, app flat out doesn't work, eat somewhere else or just order in person
  • Problems 2/5

    By Jaygordon75
    We have never liked this app. Finally deleted for couple months and fixing to try again to see if bugs are finally worked out. We love using Food apps, but have always been frustrated trying to use this one… we’ll try again
  • Never works anymore 2/5

    By Deltatai
    For about two months the app never works. It will not go beyond the landing screen with the vegetables & title image. That’s after multiple updates, deleting it entirely & downloading it again. What gives?
  • Reward Points 1/5

    By Willie Toy
    I come to McAllister’s at least twice a week and I always scan my app but I never receive my points. Last order shown is from December and I’ve been here SEVERAL times since then but I have no points or anything for it to show.
  • Can’t Find Locations 3/5

    By GerChocBlizzard
    I have entered info for locations in Noblesville, IN (Hamilton Town Center) and Westfield, IN (2550 E 146th Street) and they do not show up in my app.
  • Speedway Indiana 1/5

    By Brian Atkinson
    This store is a mess. I was asked if I would like to pay $1 more for a bowl instead of a cup of soup. I said sure. The cost was actually $1.49. They asked if I wanted a pickle. I said sure. My food was delivered and was a cup not a Bowl. Then no pickles. I said I had a pickle on my order she then said we don’t have any. No store does. The table next to me asked about pickles and they had multiple pickles delivered to them. What is up with the lying? Apparently I am too white for them.
  • Very aggravating to use. 1/5

    By Iaintnojuliet12
    Be careful when ordering if your city has more than one location. I was sitting at a table pressed table side at the location I was at. Ordered my food and at the end of it it said “pick up from ____” which was the location completely across town. This isn’t the first time it’s changed the location midorder. Check, double check, triple check your location!
  • And inconvenient necessary hack 4/5

    By Be stet
    If you redeem let's say 1500 points for a free entrée, and then let's say you buy an additional $20 worth of food and drinks, the receipt you get back does not have a barcode. Therefore, you get gypped out of $20 worth of points. The hack would be which I use, order one entrée use your points then make a separate order so that you can at least get a receipt that you can scan for extra points. When inquiring with the employee why my receipt did not have a barcode, she said oh when you redeem points you can't get extra points so it doesn't have a barcode. I thought what a sorry deal. The above mentioned hack would be a way to get around it.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By srg842
    The app hasn’t worked for months…ever since they sold and someone else took over their app. I try to select a store and get a pop up that says “oops something went wrong”. I can’t order from the app and always have to order online.
  • Hidden fees! 1/5

    By AW6789
    When you check out, there’s a hidden section called “taxes and fees”. If you click in to the section, you’ll see that they charge a fee to “help cover the cost of the app and website”. It was about a dollar for my order. I’ve seen this for third party apps, but never for a restaurant’s own app. It’s totally wild and inappropriate and not disclosed until very late in the order and only if you click. They need to remove this fee.
  • Freeze and crash 1/5

    By dowdysar
    I can’t add a new card without the app freezing and crashing.
  • Decent app, needs Apple Pay 4/5

    By Akira3234
    I highly prefer to use Apple Pay, but this app doesn’t support it. Please add the ability to pay with Apple Pay.
  • App has improved over time but there’s always something annoying 2/5

    By TulsaTwinmom
    The latest version of this app has a bug in the payment process. My saved card had expired. The nice way they could have handled it is let me edit the aspects of the card, but no. Have to enter a new card. However, the app freezes after you enter your name. Could not click to next field or click on the “next” button. Nada. Just frozen. Closed the app and restarted. Same thing. So went to my profile to add card there instead. It let me delete old card, but said to enter new card at payment process. Crap app. Had to go to laptop to finish order. And do you think it had my cart? No. Had to start completely over.
  • Food great. Can’t scan barcodes 5/5

    By Willbeyoung
    I got a New Yorker and tomato cucumber salad Sweet tea. It was great !!! I’m in rehabilitation center just been released from hospital. First decent meal in over 2 weeks. Your. Greer store just opened. Happy to see it on. Door Dadh menu. I signed up for rewards. I scanned to scan square can’t find a barcode on receipt. Maybe had something to do with Door Dash I plan to be regular customer. I use DD since I’m immobile. Will. I not get points ? Welcome to. Greer SC MARCIA Young
  • App needs a few additions 3/5

    By Dancersmom63
    There definitely needs to be a place for order special notes on the app to cover things that can’t be customized. I don’t like paprika on my potato salad because they always put way too much but there’s no way to request it be left off on the app. Water needs to be added in the drink selections. Whenever I use the app to order table side, after I have finished placing the order I have to go to the counter to request water and tell them that I don’t want paprika on my potato salad.
  • App won’t load certain things 4/5

    By Mission107 (mc ftw)
    I cannot open the menu. It won’t load. I can see reward and such but not the menu. Please update the app. It started on the second to last update.
  • Apps don’t populate Wheaton, Illinois location 2/5

    By Ladyindirt
    I downloaded the app on my iPhone and iPad and when selecting location, the Wheaton, Illinois store doesn’t display. That’s a problem if I want to order remotely.
  • Moving On 3/5

    By pebblecrunch
    No way to delete account via in-app or website.
  • There is a service fee for using the app. 2/5

    By superheavydeathmetal
    If you order from the app and look on your receipt, you will notice there is a service fee. McAllister’s must really be hurting.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Samuel225
    I can never seem to place an order. There’s a “basket validation error” every time. Can’t order my food. Guess I’ll get Panera.
  • Forced tipping in-app 1/5

    You cannot decide not to tip in app, which is a horrible experience considering the in store experience the last time I ordered was subpar.
  • App is so frustrating 3/5

    By Grhnds2
    First of all, if you buy a tea pass you can’t use that on an order plus use your points or another offer sent from the company. Utterly ridiculous. Second, for months now the app will only credit $4.99 for 1500 points that should be a free entree. I used to like this app until these things happened. Please fix! Also, I can’t change my own phone number because it says it’s already in use. I’ve had that number for years.
  • Love The Food, Hate The App 2/5

    By Mellie D
    In order to use the app, I have to delete it and reinstall to use it every time. It pulls up and then freezes and won’t let you do anything until you delete and reinstall.
  • App not opening 2/5

    By Tobivgfhhhffh
    For over two weeks the app is not opening
  • Horrible idea 1/5

    By DJMiho
    Order a salad 30 mins before pick up, go to drive through and wait another 30….genius. An hour for a salad.
  • App not loading 1/5

    By QuitaMae
    I usually come here twice a week and it’s unfortunate that my app will not load. Thankfully a wonderful associate informed me that she can input my points via my phone number. However I want able to gain my points for my last order. I love McAlister's but the app is not working.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By 4cheesemeltnotom
    I cannot get pass the loading screen whenever I open the app. I have to delete and redownload for it to open every time. Please update it or fix it, this has been happening for at least a week
  • McAlister’s App 1/5

    By Rosty29
    Unfortunately the app doesn’t work consistently. I check for daily updates and I have seen none. Lately I have deleted and reinstalled the app in an attempt to help it work, but it will work that first day and the next day I go to open it and it never leaves the home page with the logo and food.
  • Used to work great? 1/5

    By JKJustKidding23
    This app was great, and over the past week I’ve had to delete the app and redownload to use… extra frustrating since I treated myself to a Tea Pass this month and need the app to use it.

    By G Money Swag Sauce
    doesn’t load past the first screen
  • Not working = losing money 1/5

    By TNCG
    Won’t work unless you reinstall. You’re losing money on sales. Please update your app
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By jessicakeysrobertson
    Doesn’t work at all. Never loads
  • Can’t get past loading screen 1/5

    By Diana32
    To use the app I have to completely delete and then reinstall it. It’s a hassle so please fix.
  • Service fee 1/5

    By SB164537
    Orders placed via the app are charged a service fee. Orders placed at the counter do not. I’m sure the service fee was disclosed in the terms of service but it still came as an unpleasant surprise. It feels sneaky. Just raise your upfront prices if necessary.
  • cant open the app 1/5

    By heckinjustin
    the app wont ever open for me to use it. It only opened once when i first opened it but wont open unless i delete it and redownload it
  • App not working 1/5

    By NycBK#1
    What is going on haven’t been able to login for my points or add points. What going on??????
  • Unresponsive to sign in issues 1/5

    By Spooky141
    After recent update I was asked to sign in which I did but my credentials weren’t accepted. Fine, I’ll reset my password. Repeated efforts to do so were unsuccessful. Repeated requests for assistance have been ignored. Before this I actually liked the app. I have an iced tea subscription I’ve purchased but haven’t been able to use , so money wasted.
  • Discount Offer Declined! 1/5

    By AgelessHarmony
    I downloaded the app to try a special offer for a Pick 2 order. I’ve attempted to add this to the cart With the offer applied and there’s no way to do it. I held up my end of the bargain by trying to order. They need to hold up their end. This app will be deleted after moments of having it and I’ll be going elsewhere for lunch.
  • Bad 1/5

    By bssbhdudh
    To expensive rather go to zaxbys
  • No free drink after joining up 1/5

    By No longer a KC Star reader
    It says you’ll get a free drink after joining. I didn’t.
  • DFW airport Terminal B 2/5

    By BlackQueen_25
    I know you just opened the store very recently and I hope the online ordering in the app is in the near future. People don’t have a lot of time to wait in line.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By I. Know. How. To Read.
    This app seems to be lacking some key features that other restaurant apps have. No tracking for delivery is acceptable, but not providing an order history or confirmation code? Incredibly poor design. Every time i use this app I feel as though I’m being scammed.
  • Hmmm 2/5

    By Dalena A
    I downloaded the app and did not get my free tea!!!! Don’t know if the app is good or not, but, this was false advertising!!
  • Great Customer service 5/5

    By Shalaysia Wright
    Hello...I just want to say that I visited your restaurant on Tuesday and everyone on your front went out of their way to make sure that I was taken care of. They made sure I had enough condiments and all the things I needed to enjoy my meal. I just wanted to send a special shout out to your team and keep up the good work... sincerely a customer for life.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Olivia D Texas
    I order McAllister’s frequently. I take food to customers several times a week. I only order through the app because I absolutely hate the phone service, it’s hard to get a person and I have to listen to way too much automated messaging about my last order. Anyways, there are several things I hate about the app. Not everything is customizable. I order a Reuben a lot however I don’t like as much meat as they put on it so I like to request less meat so I’m not just throwing it away and there’s no way to do that. You also can’t customize certain vegetables I like extra sauerkraut there’s no way to do that. But what bothers me the most about the app is when you do create an order and you were sent to the payment section if you do not put your payment in fast enough it tells you that the delivery time is unavailable so you have to go back to the previous screen change your delivery time to allow a few minutes just to put in credit card information which is absolutely stupid. Because then you have to go back and re-put all the information in. Which I had to do three times because I did not do it fast enough the second time again.

    By Weestul16
    It won’t let you see their freaking menu if the restaurant is not currently open!!!!! I don’t care if it’s cloooosed. I want to plan ahead and see what I want to order for when I get there! I have kids. I can’t be standing in line waiting. I need to know what everyone wants so when we get to the front of the line where we can actually see the menu, I can just spit the order out and not THEN have to stand there for another 10 minutes and decide what we want. I’m really frustrated by this. It’s an APP! Why can’t you see the menu AT ALL TIMES????
  • Not that easy to use 3/5

    By Mrs.perez616
    I’m a mom of 4, I often use apps and pick up curbside for food. This is one of the least user friendly apps to order food. You can’t customize well, or add notes, such as light ice in an iced tea, or add a side of honey mustard(which everyone does in restaurant, so I don’t get why this hasn’t been thought of). A lot of little things that just make it complicated, when you add something to cart, it tells you up too “added to cart” but to go to something else, you have to hit back, which is under the “added to cart” banner. It’s not anything big, just minor in inconvenience. But little things could be adjusted.
  • Fairview Heights IL location 5/5

    By chiliisthebest
    Great customer service. Employee brought me a sample of the chili soup and it was delicious. He was personable and polite. A+ location.
  • App won’t let you pay with gift cards 2/5

    By bruns59
    Received a McAlister’s gift card, but there is no way to load a gift card to use as your payment ( same is true using the website). It only wants credit or debit cards. Go visit some of your competitors apps and learn how to do this.

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