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McAlisters Deli

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  • Current Version: 7.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: McAlister's Dev
  • Compatibility: Android
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McAlisters Deli App

The McAlister’s app puts everything you crave about our deli right at your fingertips—a user-friendly experience that offers what you want, exactly how you want it, plus a little something extra. And now our app is better than ever with some exciting new features: - Get your favorites even faster with quick reorder - Make your order truly yours with easy item customization - Save your McAlister’s restaurant for easy ordering plus local news & offers by choosing a favorite location Plus, earn and keep track of your McAlister’s Rewards. With McAlister’s Rewards you can: - Get a free tea just for signing up - Earn points with every purchase towards any item on the menu - Redeem rewards when and how you want - Get special offers like a birthday treat In addition to these new features and rewards, you can still explore our menu, find your nearest McAlister’s, order ahead to skip the line, let us know how we’re doing and more. McAlister’s mission is to give friends and family a reason to get together over great food that’s handcrafted just for them. And we want our app to bring the same smile to your face that our sandwiches, spuds, soups, salads, desserts and famous tea do. Enjoy! CA Privacy Notice: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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McAlisters Deli app reviews

  • They now charge a fee to use app 2/5

    By cov5
    As of 1/4/21 they are charging an fee to use their app. Reason why is to cost to cover maintaining the app. Somehow I thought this should be a business expense not a customer expense.
  • Drinks 5/5

    By Quantum198
    I don’t know if this is because of the new update but there is no option for sweet tea/lemonade.
  • They charge to order 2/5

    By 1dauch
    The app was great till they started a surcharge to use it. They charge .38 cents to use the app while ordering and will not use it till they remove the charge.
  • Death by Notifications 5/5

    By Lala 4 ever
    Please tell me how to make the 9 notifications that are showing go away! There are no messages anywhere inside the app but the notifications won’t go away!
  • Terrible App 2/5

    By jazzy 73
    This was a great app, but within the last month it won’t even let me get started on an order and has an error. It’s always been on/off, and never know when or if it would work, but now I can’t even begin to order and it says create basket operation failed. Please fix it, and bring back the Hickory/Ham melt!
  • Message notifications but no message 4/5

    By Anh405
    The notification number keeps showing notifications on the app, but there are no notifications and no way to clear the notification number. Annoying
  • Tea Pass is a Joke 1/5

    By mtnlion48
    I’m leaving a negative review here because the website contact people never got back to me. I purchased a tea pass, and the rewards never showed up in my app. Multiple days in and I had not been able to use it! What a joke. Now I finally see that it is in the app and I can apply it. After applying the discount, I still have to pay a $.37 “service” fee every order! This is not free unlimited, as advertised. Avoid this app, and the so-called “unlimited” tea pass.
  • Notification issues 3/5

    By papamea
    I keep getting notifications but can’t delete it looks like I have 10 unread notifications.
  • Couldn’t get past locator 1/5

    By Csmmytou
    The app kept looping asking me for my preferred store. Could never get past that point. Had to order on website.
  • Beware of surcharges 1/5

    By Jahagnasty
    Just realized that we are being charged 38 cents per transaction. WTH McAlister’s?
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By tmarie40
    It keep says there are updates it’s up to 10 now no way to get rid of it I’m ready to get rid of this app even though I do love the food the app is the worst ever.
  • Not enough options 1/5

    By Andiwoz
    Please give us the option to add more than one sauce/dressing. If we want to pay for 2 ranches give us the option. I literally call my orders in because of this problem.
  • 35 cent app usage charge 1/5

    By Bummblebeepancakes
    This small fee should not be passed onto the customer since you realize labor savings
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Unhappy Customer12
    For some strange annoying reason my app went from having no notifications, to having 5 notifications, and now 10. I’ve been through everything in the app and the notifications are still there. They have been there for about a month and it’s driving me crazy!!! Please get this together and soon!!!
  • Notifications on app 3/5

    By JanHydock
    Why does my iPhone app show 11 notifications but I can’t find or clear the notifications red dot?
  • Notifications won’t clear 3/5

    By dosborn
    Love the app but don’t like that there’s no way to clear notifications from prior push notifications. Please fix this glitch. (Note: I see the standard reply to other messages talking about this glitch saying you don’t have an inbox in the app, that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s the bubble on the app icon now saying I have 10 alerts in the app due to prior push notifications.)
  • Charging for the app... 1/5

    By mamajc1234
    So i see you are now charging for each order using the app. That’s too bad as we will no longer be ordering if this is the case. I purchased the tea pass and now my tea will cost me .38 each time I order it. That’s just awful that you changed the terms after selling the tea passes. I would like a refund for the remainder of the month. No other restaurants are charging for their app. We will take our money elsewhere.
  • NEEDS Apple Pay support 3/5

    By Technik
    Perfectly serviceable app, aside from the lack of Apple Pay support. I should be able to pay directly from the app with that method rather than digging out my card and manually entering the information... a ton of other food/delivery apps support this, so it is time for this app to get with it.
  • Notifications that Don’t Exist 2/5

    By BuzzLtYr47
    My phone still shows a ‘9’ bubble on the app but after opening everything within the app that’s selectable, no clearance of notifications. There’s no messages I’m missing and nothing else to click on, so what gives?
  • Lacking 2/5

    By PrestonTWrightReviews
    The app is very glitchy. It shows I have 8 notifications, but when I click on the app there is nothing there. I’ve tried clearing them but cannot figure it out. Also, there is no way to pay with a gift card through the app.
  • Not Selling My Data For Potatoes 1/5

    By Brad L&S
    This app has pretty much been trash for a very long time now. It worked fine about a year ago and then one day, just stopped working. Could never place an order. Gave up after awhile. Was eating there 3-4 times a week while at work. Haven’t in almost a year now. Figured they would have fixed the app by now. Was glad to see it now has the Sign In with Apple option. Only it doesn’t work. I choose to Sign In with Apple, my phone uses Face ID to verify, then a screen pops up that says, Hold On A Minute! Turns out Facebook doesn’t know everything. I’m not signing in with Facebook nor would I ever. The app then requests every personal detail of my life in order to be sold in exchange for the option to order food from an app. No thanks. Maybe I’ll check back in another year.
  • Gift card issues 3/5

    By Mickeyy99:)
    I LOVE using this app to order, BUT the app needs to include the option of adding a gift card as a form of payment. I have gotten several gift cards, but I do not eat out much these days. It would be so much easier to pay using my gift cards in the app....can y’all add that, soon?
  • How do I find my emails? 3/5

    By sockknitter1215
    I currently have a number 11 next to my app but I can’t find out what it is!!! Is it email or reminders or what? It’s very annoying! I was pretty satisfied with this app until the dreaded red number appeared. Please tell me how to make it go away.
  • Notifications 4/5

    By CCPD118
    For some reason I have several notifications appearing on my McAlisters iPhone app (9 of them now), and I can’t figure out how to clear them from m screen. I’ve been through every menu and drop down screen without luck. How do I get rid of these notifications?
  • Gift cards 4/5

    By Gfertaylor
    Can you a feature to upload gift cards?
  • Notifications 1/5

    By grrrrrrrrerrrrrr
    It appears that the app receives notifications and provides the number available. But doesn’t let you see them, this is a very basic mistake that should have never made it through the release process. I wonder what else is messed up that is not observable, like oh security. Get the app fixed.
  • “Reorder” option not working 4/5

    By Train *
    I went in to use the “Reorder” option today and it gave me an error. Closed the app and tried it again (twice). Same error. Error: “could not process ‘Make’. Maybe this field is not configured”.
  • Horrible UX/UI, no Apple Pay 1/5

    By N328KF
    The app needs to feature Apple Pay. Also, it took 20 minutes to enter my order because by the time I would enter a detail, the app would error out because delivery time had changed. This happened repeatedly. Other poor UX/UI aspects are also present. Also, please use push notification instead of SMS. SMS is insecure.
  • Permanent Notifications 3/5

    By Missy Deeter
    This app has shown a little red 7 for months now. I have clicked through every possible option to get rid of them with no luck. Then I deleted the app and reloaded it. The 7 is still there but it won’t allow me to actually login now. Deleted again. Done with this!
  • THE BEST 5/5

    By nich boo
    This place and app work the best and we are treated like kings and queens in the restaurant. No bugs in app. Ten out of ten.
  • Mystery notifications 2/5

    By Larrybz
    I have 7 notifications next to my app and have no idea why they are there. Gone through every app option. The only way to get rid of them is to block notifications from the IOS settings!
  • Where are the notifications at? 2/5

    By hihi80
    Where do you read the notifications at? It always shows them and no place to read them in the app!!
  • Suddenly stops working, what gives? 1/5

    By neshobadude83
    I’m not sure what happened. I’ve been able to use the app wonderfully and would have given 5 stars last week, but suddenly today, I’m getting some problems. I tried to order my usual, but once I got to the check out screen, an error box keeps coming up that says I need to “provide a make for my order.” What does that even mean?? I thought I was leaving some kind of option off, but I kept looking and I don’t know what else to do. I’ve used this app many times and accumulated numerous points, but this is frustrating. I couldn’t order my lunch today.
  • Update fail 1/5

    By comicaljunk
    The last update made the app not work
  • Love McAllister’s, but the app needs updated 1/5

    By WunBight
    I love McAllister’s, but the app (and website) do not allow you to edit items when placing your order. How can a sandwich/salad place not allow you to add or remove items in their app? There is also no way to leave a note, so you can’t even type in “add tomatoes,” etc. It is also difficult to pay with gift cards on both the app and website. They need to update these issues. I would order from them more often if the process was easier.
  • Not all menu items able to be ordered via app :( 1/5

    By Baronemi
    McAlister’s is great, but the app is not. Menu items like bowl/cup of chili, which are available when I call in an order are not able to be ordered via the app. So I haven’t been unable to use the app to earn rewards on my last three orders. I wish they would fix this.
  • Cancelled. Do better. 3/5

    By mytw0b1ts
    People don’t understand why some phrases are timeless like “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” until it’s too late and they’re shutting it down and packing it in. In the latest buffoonery at McAlister’s, my login that has worked since the beginning of time is no longer valid so then your forced to tap forgot password like it’s your fault even though it’s worked every visit up until now and that email never comes either. It’s almost like death by PowerPoint but for these guys the technology that’s supposed to be helping them is hurting them because that’s twice today I’ve tried to visit and my login isn’t working so idk what you want from me. Get better developers and stop messing with stuff that’s working fine. It’s stupid to log people out of their account anyways - I can’t say it enough - people need took at the people that have perfected this - Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A and stop trying to reinvent and mess up the wheel. Until then I guess I’m eating elsewhere.
  • Don’t care about allergies 1/5

    By On the banks of the Red Cedar
    So I don’t know why this app gets 4.5ish stars, maybe if you are lucky and have no food allergies. I’m allergic to cheese, but this app won’t let you delete cheese. Also the developers of this app don’t give a you know what about fixing this issue. Other companies apps are much more allergy friendly. Stay way!!
  • Needs some improvement 1/5

    By hippieswag
    Ordering online was not great. It said I earned 200 points for signing up and then said 0 in my account. It showed a free tea reward in the checkout process but I got an error when I tried to add it so I’m 0 for 2 at this point. I got through the ordering process only to find out I couldn’t check out with a gift card so ended up having to cancel my order and call over the phone. 0 for 3. I tried calling over the phone and they couldn’t even accept my gift card over the phone! I literally had to be there in person with the gift card to use it so they could scan it.
  • App appears to be basically worthless 1/5

    By Wrigley2016
    All it indicates is there are no locations close that are setup for online ordering. Doesn’t at least show menu options. So I’m going to call and ask to be read the entire menu? Really not sure why I’d have this app at all.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By LeighD697
    I was trying to look at the menu, but it seems you’re only allowed to see it if you’re gonna place an order. It makes you go through how are you going to pick it up, but I don’t want to pick it up, at curbside, or table side and I don’t want it delivered, I just want to look at the menu! And to find the scan thing when you’re ordering is nearly impossible.
  • Needs an Update 4/5

    By its freezing
    Since a lot of places are not offering curbside pickup anymore, and for some reason the app will not allow you to choose the pickup station, I cannot order on the app. Instead I have to look on the app and create my order, and then call McAlisters and have them make the order for me. And then I have to go in and pay for the order, since I can’t do it over the phone.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By hjjfkemx
    It would be great if it just lets me choose the location that is 4 minutes from my work !
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Librarygirl2day
    I got a new iPhone a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t get the app to work. I signed in with my saved email and password and it gave me the message that I needed to use a valid email and password. I thought I’d try to set up my account again in case it got “lost “ in the restoration of the new phone. Got the message that the email was already in use. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that doesn’t work either. I did update the app a few days ago and am now wondering if that’s what caused the problem.
  • Useful to useless 1/5

    By uc35ip
    The app used to at least me place an order. Now it is so painful to even navigate within the app that I gave up after five minutes. It won’t let you order a southwest salad with the standard dressing - between my wife and I we have tried at least 15 times and each time it says not available (I’ve ordered it in the store so I know that’s not true). Fix this worthless app before I give up on your company completely.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Huizengajd
    My location doesn’t do online ordering so I can’t get past the “set up your favorite location”. Says I have a reward but have no clue how to see it because the app is stuck at favorite location set up!
  • Junk 1/5

    By joshua beckham
    This app never works right!
  • Very clunky in descriptive app 1/5

    By Acityintexaa
    App doesn’t work right half the time. Always wrong about what they have in stock. Also never saves payment info so you have to put your card in every time. Absolutely horrible for people who are short on time and can’t deal with a hassle like this every time they want to place an order. No place to put in discounts either unless your at one of their stores.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By smcthatisme
    This app is absolute garbage. Make an order with customized meals, go to checkout and error messages pop up everywhere. I’ve loaded it and reloaded it. Get it together developers (definitely check out Cracker Barrel’s app for some tips to help fix this joke of an app)! Since COVID, every restaurant has made their app better for ease of use allowing us to order safely. Yours is an absolute joke. I’d give zero stars if it would let me.

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