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McDonald's App

This App is going to change the way you experience McDonald’s®. Just tap “install” to receive exclusive McDonald’s coupons, offers and more! It’s as simple as that! Bring the App to a nearby participating McDonald’s and redeem your meal deal. Mobile Order & Pay Pick a McDonald’s deal, and then pick up your meal at participating McDonald’s. Mobile Order and Pay lets you create your next McDonald’s® order in just a few taps and swipes. With Curbside, Counter and Drive Thru Pickup available, you can enjoy your McDonald’s meal quickly! Exclusive Deals and App Offers Enjoy App-exclusive offers and food deals that are as delicious as your meal. Save Your Favorites Customize & save your favorite foods to reorder with ease. Restaurant Locator Where are you going when McNuggets® call your name? Open the map and find McDonald’s store hours and a location near you! Download the McDonald’s App and register today to get more out of your meals at McDonald’s! Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2019 McDonald’s

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  • McDonald’s app 3/5

    By deliveey driver
    My McDonald’s app won’t open and have tried to get in touch with them to no response.
  • I love u 5/5

    By inthehoodwiththewillyniggar
    I love u and your mom
  • Service 1/5

    By Ceezv123
    This McDonald’s is so slow. They always park us to wait when we go through drive through. When they park us they don’t even know the parking space number that’s available therefore takes longer for us to get our food. I do not recommend coming to this McDonald’s unless you willing to waste lots of time parked , waiting for your food to arrive cold.
  • 😐 1/5

    By alexie142
    I tried to sign back in with my email but the thing said that I already had an account for this email , but I still don’t get it because I pressed the log in button and that’s when it said it to me 😑
  • Rip off 1/5

    By bevanstacy
    Do not use this app they charge your credit card even though you pay cash then tell you there’s nothing they can do about it at the store
  • Always Wrong 2/5

    By Arianna Duran
    This is probably the second or third time I use the app to purchase something and it’s always wrong, first time they missed an extra sandwich and second time now they didn’t give me my drinks. I don’t always have time to sit down and check make sure that everything is there, that’s their job to make sure what I PAY FOR is in the bag. Not to mention I entered the address of where I wanted to place the order and when I ordered it, it change the location so I had to drive to a new McDonald’s to pick up my order.
  • Can’t order Mighty Kids Happy Meal 2/5

    By AlwaysLoveTheMouse
    How come you can’t order a 6-piece Chicken Nugget Mighty Kids Happy Meal through the app? This is stupid! I love the idea of the app and the time it is supposed to save waiting in an endless drive-thru line and just pulling in to the reserved online order spots to pickup our order, but when I have to hunt through the app to individually order a 6-piece nuggets, small fries and a size small drink and somehow figure out how to buy a happy meal toy( because the regular happy meal only has 4-piece nuggets, tiny extra-small fries and an extra small drink) the time savings is debatable and my aggravation factor is just as high as if I had waited in the drive thru line. Most kids get the Mighty Kids 6-piece nugget meal - FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!
  • Tikeysha 5/5

    By Tikeysha
    I love their Carmel frappe
  • Issues with orders not closing. 1/5

    By debbyd13
    I have had completed orders hanging up in my app three times in the past two weeks. This issue seems to have started after the last app update. The o my way to get it to clear is to uninstall and reinstall the app. Also, when this happens I don’t get credit for my Macchiatos. There have been other times when the order does close and the count on the McCafe drinks doesn’t increase. I should have already earned three and I have only earned one. Both these issues are extremely frustrating. Please pass this info on to your app developers so it can be resolved in the near future. Aside from the issues I’ve already mentioned, the app is easy to use and offers a lot of good deals. I have also had an issue w/a McDonalds employee insisting I needed to pay for my order, even though it was charged to my card. Of course I realize that is not related to the app and the manager reimbursed me for the double charge. I realize the drive thru gets very busy at times and mistakes happen. It would be worthwhile to retrain all employees on how to properly check out orders placed thru the mobile app. Thank you in advance for your attention to these issues.
  • Overall not bad 4/5

    By ABJmoonbeam
    Overall the app is pretty good. I have had a few times that I’ve went to pick up my order and it’s not showing up on their screen. I can give them the number and they still can’t pull it up. Then they have to call a manager over to take my order and make adjustments for the deal since some of them are for online payment only. When this happens, it’s frustrating for me but the cashier too because they can’t fix anything without a manager. I have problems with getting previous orders to clear too but I’ve figured out if I go to the cart first and delete everything then I can place a new order without the old one interfering. Another thing I’ve notice too, is that the app doesn’t recognize very quickly when Happy Meal toys change and if they have the old toy listed then the app tells you that there is a error and you either say no toy or forget ordering the Happy Meal.
  • McDonalds in Greenwood, In 1/5

    By 2ggram
    I will never go back to McDonalds!! Especially this one. I went to the drive thru and I was asked to pull into a mobile order space to wait.... for my drink!! No the food I got that! Yes waiting on the drink!! After 5 mins I went into the store, they handed me my drink, I went back to my car and they gave me the wrong drink. I go back in the store and ask for the right drink and she slammed a cup on the counter and said fill it up over there! Not cool!! Then in a smart tone stated “Have a good day.” No apology... nothing. I’ve noticed a lot of your location in the Indianapolis area have bad service. It’s Culver’s for me from now on!
  • Health issues 3/5

    By CaneSteve67
    A woman with a limp, was working the fry station without gloves. She would then pick up a rag, wipe used trays, go back to the fries, not washing her hands or putting on gloves. This was repeated several times while I watched from my table. Someone needs to set and follow procedures.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By gsullyyy
    This app is amazing when it actually works. 90% of the time though I’m not even able to get deals to work on it. Tells me it is not accepted at the location I selected. Okay, click on participating locations. AND THE LOCATION I WAS USING IS THERE. But I’m still not able to use it at that location? This isn’t a new issue either. I’ve been dealing with this for a long while.
  • Coffee app 1/5

    By Sabino NJ
    It stinks it does not tell the people who work that a customer has earned a free coffee. I bought the 5th one yesterday and the app shows I did not by any, the spaces are all blank.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Tweide
    It tells me certain stores are closed, yet they’re 24/hr stores. Inconvenient.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By tmagruder
    I can’t even get past the register screen. Logged in with Facebook, next screen wants my last name and to sign up for emails and agree to ToS yet won’t let me input my last name. Gave it 5 minutes, reinstalled, gave up.
  • Mobile order never works 1/5

    By lasmash69
    I’ve been using this app for about 8 months and the mobile orders never work, so I always end up paying full price. Fix this crappy app or stop offering “mobile order only deals” I’m extremely frustrated
  • Morning crew are great! 5/5

    By kake1367
    Both window folks I see almost every morning are warm and make it personal. Thanks!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TwinMamaVibes
    Can’t even order anything because it keeps saying “sorry, that didn’t work”. Worthless.
  • Was a great app 3/5

    By jhed80
    This app was awesome and I used it all the time. However a month or so ago it started having issues. It tells me the McDonald’s close by me is closed (it’s not) when I try to place a mobile order. Also, it won’t let me update my payment info (I had to get a new debit card and it won’t let me add it. Anyone else having these issues?
  • One coupon per visit 3/5

    By 12(go6h
  • Coupons Never Work 3/5

    By AmbitiousB3auty
    I have had the worst time with using this app. Whenever I try scanning a coupon in store, it always errors out. It either says my coupons are invalid or they have already been redeemed and I don’t use the app often so I know that’s not true. My reason for not using the app often is for these same issues and they happen all the time. Annoying
  • Used to be Great 2/5

    By Vcdfbffnffh
    This app used to be outstanding! Gave great deals! Then that got cheap and started giving crazy things like buy one kind of biscuit and get a dollar off. They used to have ten different offers, and now they only have five if you’re lucky. Come on McDonalds, Make the App Great Again!!
  • Needs option to contact customer service 1/5

    By MMata89
    App does not have any option to rate visit, I’ve had several orders done wrong and staff not bringing food to curbside and no option to let customer service know
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cute Girl Wit A Bun
    I love the ap!!!!!!
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By Autex Gaming
    IT WONT LET ME CHANGE THE PAYMENT METHOD!!!!! I got a new card and it won’t let me change it.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By Donnieboy1
    I tried to use this app to pay for an order and have a friend pick it up but when my friend got there he wasn’t able to pick it up cause he didn’t have my phone so it wasn’t convenient for me
  • Not Ready for Market - App needs A LOT of work 1/5

    By KarolHansen
    The app is not ready for market. It’s glitchy and gets hung up. Also when trying to order, it will automatically switches to a different McDonalds for you to pick up your food!! It does not clear out your last order, so if you haven’t gone and deleted every single item from your previous order (what a PITA to have to delete every item individually) it will charge you for those items - EVEN if they are not serving those items at the time you place your new order! For instance if you’re trying to order breakfast in the morning but you had ordered a Big Mac the last time, it will charge you for the Big Mac even though it will not allow you to receive the Big Mac during breakfast. This app has a long, long way to go. The app does not have a Order History tab so when you get your credit card statement and see that you’ve been charged twice in the same day, there’s no way to verify the charges in the app. It’s so frustrating! Please improve the app - ESPECIALLY designating which store you want to pick your food up from. Trying to add a new credit card to pay with and it goes through all the motions like it has accepted but then it’s not in the payment options. SO frustrating! I tried twice to add the card and it acted like it received all the info, but then the card is not there. Was 15 minutes away from the store but the app is so glitchy and dysfunctional, we just went in to order. But inside the store was just chaos- ppl frustrated with the long wait for their food, drive thru ppl coming into the store because their orders are wrong and the employees are half asleep and can’t get anything right. We left without ordering and I deleted the App from my phone. You used to be able to count on McDs for fast good food but not anymore.
  • App is not working 1/5

    By Leoliveira77
    Downloaded the app a couple of days ago and restarted it a few times. App still not working. Every time it asks me to either check the internet connection or try to restart.
  • Morning crew 5/5

    By mattandmamie
    The South Main St. location is awesome. The morning crew rocks and are always on the ball when I need to get to work and really want a coffee. Jackie is always happy and friendly. 🙂
  • You would think McDonalds would have a decent app 1/5

    By DCB3545
    I don’t use the app very often but when I have with my roommate, we notice problems / things to be improved. - You can only submit your order when you’re close by, doesnt this defeat the whole purpose of the app??? I would like the food READY when I arrive at the restaurant, not have to wait an additional 10-15 min. - The promotions they offer in store are not all featured on the app. Sometimes we just have to order in McDonalds in order to get the deal we want. - Sometimes the app just doesn’t work and restarts for no reason. And we have to input our order all over again because the items are no longer in our cart.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By MMQueen70
    The Application has never work properly. It does not let you add more than two payments. Customer Support says you can add as many payments as you wish. That’s a lie. Since the update, You cannot see the deals or mobile ordering. DO NOT DOWNLOAD this application.
  • Extremely frustrating 1/5

    By steam1411
    This app worked good for me until October when I had to change payment. It wouldn’t let me add a card after removing the old one. I use to use it all the time. Now I don’t go to McDonald’s very often anymore. I’ve had a ticket # 15303949 open with development since then. I’ve called and check a few times and I’m told they will contact me and they never do.
  • What happened? Used to be good. 1/5

    By JoeNobodyX
    I am not “lovin’” this app anymore. It failed to complete transactions 4/5 of the last few times. Today, it let me order breakfast, but when I arrived, it said that the item was no longer available. It also told me that I had already used a coupon within the past hour, when I had never even done so. I canceled my order in frustration and went to a competitor. Throw in stingy deals recently and this app has gone WAY downhill. If I could give zero stars, I would.
  • Frustrating. 1/5

    By atay1645555
    Will not allow me to save my card info.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Madison_moyer
    Downloaded the app and it’s not working for the sole purpose of download. Not letting me order food. When I go to put order in and then “choose payment” it goes nowhere with a message that reads at the top “This error is returned if the product has no choice solutions.” Wasted time and just aggravated at this point.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By tried2times
    App works but you are limited. Our local McD sometimes doesn’t serve some things you get no feed back until you get to store and your order is not ready. You have to make a substitution but on the positive side they still charged me for my original order that was more expensive than what I got...
  • Scam 1/5

    By Trex3r
    This app conveniently stops working every time I'm near a McDonald's so I can't use the coupons
  • “Sorry to hear about it” 3/5

    By RickeyAmar
    Good answer from the developer. . Marketing sends an add via e-mail with a “deal”, that has a link to the app on my iPhone, link opens deal to find out I was too late and there is no deal. All in the space of a couple hours.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By sgtwalmart
    This app appears user friendly as long as you don’t want to customize your order (extra crispy , well done, etc). Then when you try to give feedback on the app, it fails to respond. Deleted and reinstalled thinking this issue would be resolved. What should have been a 5 minute trip turned into a 30 minute trip. Thanks for nothing McDonald’s.
  • No coffee? 1/5

    By memesmed
    Stood in the drive thru for 5 minutes with 2 cars ahead of me, and once I paid for my coffee, they ask me to pull over to the side because they had to make it. Shouldn't they have known that when I placed the order?
  • Was good but... 1/5

    By Nex Wolf
    Now I can only use one deal per 60 minutes? Even Wendy’s allow us to use multiple deals per transaction. McDonald’s needs to get their act together when it comes to the app. Slow loading times when I have full bars, deals becoming unavailable at random times, and now this? Remove the time limit, then maybe I’d consider giving this app 3 stars. Fix the app entirely, and you have your 5-star rating.
  • Need More Flexibility 3/5

    By 1(5:38
    I haven’t found a way to delete previous orders, nor delete items in favorites. If it is possible, it needs to be more obvious. If it isn’t possible, it needs to be. Thank you.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By TunerTy
    Tried resetting my password, requested reset code. The ap didn’t recognize it. Tried 3 times. Finally gave up.
  • Changes your pickup location 1/5

    By CCC89CCC
    Stop changing my pickup location. I picked it for a reason. If I wanted the closer one I would have picked the closer one.
  • Doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By avv143
    I have redownloaded this app multiple times and every time it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t load any of the deals and it tells me that it had a problem loading and to restart the app. I even made two different log ins and neither worked.
  • Don’t like new update 3/5

    By gladyoucamethewanted
    With the new update, you’re only limited to one deal and then have to wait a certain amount of time. I liked that if I decided not to use the deal I had originally chosen I could change my mind and pick another- or if one didn’t work I could pick a different deal. Now, I can’t do that. Once I select a deal I have to use it. Maybe I’m just being whiny but I don’t like all the new restrictions.
  • Poor quality at this store after 9PM 1/5

    By Betty Horton
    05023-15870-21319-21395-00083-1 Chicken Tenders were dark brown and too hard to chew. This store is our favorite every day Never again for a smack at night. Service window told us our order would be brought out to the car...John finally went in to ask if they forgot about us! Understaffed perhaps? Very disappointed
  • Stores always closed 1/5

    By Mommy72401
    I liked to use the app to order ahead with mobile orders, but it not possible now. Since a recent update, all of my area stores show closed no matter what time I try to use the app.

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