McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Pho

McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Pho

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  • Current Version: 2.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
  • Compatibility: Android
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McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Pho App

* IMPORTANT * This application is provided free of charge in conjunction with the ConnectED program, and will be useful only under the following conditions: ** You must have a ConnectED login to access the app. ** This is NOT compatible with Connect Plus for college users. ** Only a limited set of ConnectED content is available, as identified below. This is the phone edition of the McGraw-Hill Education ConnectED mobile app – a powerful addition to your McGraw-Hill Education ConnectED tools. This app delivers access to the following licensed ConnectED content in a format that is optimized for viewing on small screen devices. CONTENT AVAILABLE: - Texas iScience, Grades 6, 7, 8 - Texas Math, Courses 1, 2, 3 - Texas Biology - Texas Chemistry Matter and Change - Texas Physics Principles and Problems - Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry - Texas Algebra 1 - Texas Geometry - Texas Algebra 2 - Texas PreCalculus - National Math, Courses 1, 2, 3 - National Algebra 1 - National Geometry - National Algebra 2 - National PreCalculus - World Cultures & Geography, Texas - Texas History - United States History to 1877, Texas - United States History since 1877, Texas - World Geography, Texas - World History, Texas - United States Government, Texas - Economics, Texas FEATURES: - Access to licensed ConnectED content (see list above for available content) - Book reader --- Table of Contents --- Easy navigation --- Pinch and zoom --- Offline access of downloaded content --- Optimized for small devices --- Downloadable by chapter

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McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Pho app reviews

  • Ok for one user 4/5

    By bdow718
    With distance learning in effect, both of my grade school kids are using this app. Generally speaking, its works well for what it is. I find it easier then a laptop in some respects. I’d like an easy way to log in/out for multiple users. The app does not remember user names and retyping assigned passwords everyday is a pain in the butt!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Ahomni1
    I put in my correct user name and password and it keeps telling me error. Then, it logs me back out to try again. So disappointed
  • N 1/5

    By nnhgvvnbcfghbccvvvvvvvvvvhjjvd
    Stupid app
  • This app is a useless piece of garbage. 1/5

    By viper 959
    I open the book and it says-no content available. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS APP IF IT IS USELESS. You make people think this is an app that will work on mobile. Don’t download this app.
  • Horrible and takes a long time to load 1/5

    By Anthony Guz
    This is horrible and it’s really hard to do the work and very confusing to work. It also takes a long time to load prob about 1-20 minutes. Very bad. And when it does load like I said it’s hard and confusing and it stresses a ton of people out. In my opinion I think it should be taken off the App Store and off of google.
  • Work on the design, cause it is terrible 1/5

    By Lokat883
    1. I opened the app and the first thing I see is a reminder of the description, which has no place to be there, and a button for accepting it ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM OF MY SCREEN. 2. My books weren’t there even though the description said they should be, instead there were other books that are not mine that don’t work. 3. Message to devs, FIX YOUR BLOODY APP! It doesn’t work, in fact I have the newest iPad and IOS, the latest update is very new. TL;DR: Don’t Download until they fix the app.
  • What Happened?! 1/5

    By CrazyVenomFN
    There is no page numbers and when I try to do my work, the assignment is not there!
  • Moooooo shaheed d dndicjxnr. Fix 1/5

    By dhskansnsm
  • Actual trash 1/5

    By Hey Everybody :)
    You don’t need page numbers when you can’t even log in
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By buffalostatestudent348910
    Does not work
  • Can’t log in? 1/5

    By Jax-225
    Tried a dozen times and used the exact same username and password which worked on the website but not on the app. Very carefully typed it in several times, and the app won’t even let you select forgot password.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Madridista99
    I couldn’t sign in with my normal log in from the computer
  • Doesn’t give me my school books 1/5

    By abbi e123456789
    I downloaded the app so I could go back and take a look at previous lessons. I signed in the account that has the book on it, and my book wasn’t there. But the account will work on my computer. I went back to look at the account after I refreshed it because I had thought that maybe it didn’t fully sign in. But it still didn’t give me access to my books. I am very dissappointed in this app!
  • Password Malfunction 1/5

    By Shari913
    When logging on with the computer I had absolutely no problem logging in. When logging on in the safari on my iPhone there was no problem. I try to login on the app and there’s a problem. I couldn’t get in the app for anything and there was no back button or a place where I could ask for help or just get my security questions. There is something wrong there and it need a to be fixed people want to use this app to help them access their classes and cannot because of this malfunction. I put 1 Star but really it deserves none because I couldn’t even use the app. So disappointed.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By vem237
    This app doesn’t work properly. I’ve been waiting for 2 years so I could do my homework on my iPad. So disappointed.
  • Absolute garbage. I’m so sorry if your school partners with them. 1/5

    By VoicingWhatsAlreadyBeenSaid
    This app won’t even let you login to your account, so don’t waste your time. It has 1.9 stars for a reason.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Twixlover^.^
    I got this app so I could read on my phone and I tried to log in and it kept saying my username or password was wrong. I tried multiple times and nothing. I even changed my password using my laptop and then retried on the app and it kept saying something was wrong. After 30 minutes I gave up and deleted the app. Don’t waste your time
  • So much frustration. 1/5

    By frustratedosu
    I can’t stand that the text won’t rotate. It’s really a pain and the scrolling is laggy. Also, when I’m done practicing and go back to reading, it should take me back where I left off. Not have me scroll all the way through to where I left off. That’s super frustrating and not convenient at all. I have a lot of issues with this app. Please fix it so that while on our phones, we can rotate to read how we wish.

    By curlyjoe123456789
    This is seriously ridiculous how inefficient this app is, this company makes at LEAST $150 PER a student and they don’t have the decency to provide a good app.
  • Great! (But Add A Page Number Feature Please) 3/5

    By Monica Simmons
    This app is very useful so I don’t have to bring home my textbook or for when I don’t have access to a computer. It’s well designed and isn’t slow or glitchy. There’s only one problem. Navigation is frustrating and confusing because you cannot look up a certain page number, and you have to know the section and lesson or you’re going to have to go through each page (which is time consuming). Otherwise, I strongly recommend this app.
  • - 1/5

    By Noclius
    Constant crashes and sign out errors

    By Baylee5012
    I installed this app to study and look over my books for my final exams and it won’t let me access my books, it constantly says it’s still loading. Don’t waste your time in this useless app.
  • What you talking about? 5/5

    By Templedentist
    It does have page numbers now! I love it stop using online and use the app it’s free any way. I was doing my homework online and no numbers did not help so you can imagine 2 stars was not what I was looking for. But I was mad so I got it and it is just like pictures of the textbook. Get it it is so great!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 4.6 is better than nothing
  • I tried 5 times and couldn’t log in 1/5

    By Miranda 1234567890
    I kept getting an error message that says I need to re enter my username and password every time I tried to log in
  • Not a good version 1/5

    By gamoralokitonyevans
    It always says there’s an error with the log in and has you do it over and over again. I’m just trying to do my homework when I can’t have my laptop with me all the time and since google doesn’t run McGraw hill I this app doesn’t help at all either.
  • It wont let me log in. 1/5

    By MyTunes1
    Every time I try to log in it says an error has occured that requires you to type your password again. I was using an iPhone 5c so I thought it was bc my phone was slow and glitchy. However I just bought a new phone (iPhone 7), and it has the same problem. U guys needa fix this. Im typing the password the same as wen I log in on the computer, and it works every time.
  • Does not even allow me to log in 1/5

    By ccabecp
    It’s as if the developers don’t care about their customers. Crazy right? Zero stars if I could.
  • Login Issues 1/5

    By Bsbsbsnsndndbsj
    Can’t log in on the app with the login information I use to log in on my browser.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Swagerbob343
    There needs to be page numbers and it cuts off questions?! I can’t complete homework with this. Horrible
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By gavcity
    App straight up doesn’t work. System is trashhhhbb
  • Log in 1/5

    By Cardiana
    Everytime i log in, whether for 10 seconds or 10 minutes it says an error has occurred and i have to re enter my username and password.
  • NO PHO 🍲 1/5

    By Cpt candy hohoho
    So I downloaded this app in hopes of getting the pho promised in the app name, but when I downloaded it and opened it, I couldn’t even access my homework and I didn’t receive my pho.
  • It’s good but math 4/5

    By Liam it would push me
    It’s good but math
  • Login problems 1/5

    By adri washi mango
    Just got the app and even though I can log in on the laptop normally, it won’t let me log in on the app. It keeps saying there is an error that forces me to keep tryna input my username and password.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Ya_boi_Jingles
    Pee pee poo poo
  • Login issues 1/5

    By beeqwertyasdfzxc
    I’m using the same login that I do when I’m on my laptop but it won’t let me sign in. Don’t waste your time.
  • :( 1/5

    Can’t log in at all
  • Sign in 1/5

    By BlizzEquinox
    Doesn’t even let you sign in. On the browser with the same login it works just fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • User friendliness 1/5

    By student12334660727927748916
    The app as and website as a whole need to make it less of a obstacle course to get through when it comes to doing anything on the site I have to devote so much time into it that I can barely get to what I need too if user interface was more relaxed and less difficult to use would be much better to use but overall it’s only productive use is to piss people off enough to quit the whole thing
  • Add the pages back 1/5

    By _Nathanchen_
    Impossible to find the homework that was assigned to me without the page numbers :(
  • Teacher’s edition? 2/5

    By Mrs. B-Teach
    I downloaded this thinking I could see the complete teachers edition at home; it’s just the student editions NO TEACHER instruction or pacing ::::? How can you call this a teachers edition with no teacher instruction pages? Oh well....
  • f 1/5

    By forgot_password1
    I forgot my password.
  • Feeds my energy source 5/5

    By Davis Clem13
    A masterpiece is an understatement. This app has unlocked my true power no other month of November can. I was temporarily hospitalized after my mind grew so fast and big reading chapter 4 of pre calculus cp. the world must know what true change feels like. It must know what true purity feels like. Knowledge is my power, and I’m growing stronger everyday thanks to ConnectEd
  • Pretty Good Just One Suggestion 4/5

    By DanYhehe
    I think this is great to use since my phone isn’t compatible with the online website and allows me to not have to bring my textbook home. Though, I would appreciate it if you added page numbers to the textbook. Even with the chapters laid out for you, it still can be helpful to know which page is which and which page you got your information from to fill out a worksheet. Overall, good, but please consider this request. Thank you.
  • It has more features than android 5/5

    By Rizumu85
    I wish you can add the ability to print some chart or images so It helps me study. And the search feature in android, so it could be multi platform.
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By Star484638
    I had this app a few months ago and worked fine to get a textbook accessible offline. Now I just re-downloaded it and it won’t even let me logon.
  • One more star than it deserves. 1/5

    By Krystameister
    I can’t even log in to see the user face that everyone is giving poor reviews on. I keep getting a message that says I have to login again. It’s stuck in a useless cycle. I can’t believe there have been this many terrible reviews for so long and nothing is being done to correct the issues. Don’t worry, people. It’s just our education.
  • Cannot login with my email. 1/5

    By stupidapps.
    Or I don’t even know if you can even log in. Don’t bother downloading it.

McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Pho app comments

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