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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit", this quote, from Aristotle, goes to the very heart of our philosophy. We believe to flourish good habits are necessary. This is what we seek to do; to get our users to adopt good habits, such as exercising or tidying your room, and consistently repeating those actions until they become habits integrated into your lifestyle. This will enable people to lead a life which is more wholesome and complete. Of course, it is important we make it accessible; it's for this reason that Me+ now provides a widget for your IOS 16 Lock Screen and your Home Screen, so now you can get started with one simple tap of the thumb. Once you have tapped in, we provide a self-care schedule which will help you in your daily routine. By repeating good actions every day, you will gain a new outlook, new confidence, and new strength. Obstacles which seemed unpassable will soon be passed, and then forgotten. Enjoy and make use of our self-care systems: · Daily Routine Planner · Mood and Progress Tracker The systems on our app will make it easier for you to seize the day and begin your self-development. HERE ARE SOME GREAT THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH THE NEW FEATURES: - Create your own daily routine. - Track your self-care plan, mood, and progress on a daily basis. - Create friendly reminders for your to-do list. - Get thorough and evidence based self-care information. Potential benefits of Me+: - Boosts energy: Exercise, healthy eating, and sleep, laid out in Me+, will energize body, and further your enthusiasm for self-care. - Improves mood: Ease stress and feel happiness. - Slows aging: Long-term self-care is the best way to preserve your youth. - Increases concentration: Sleep and nutritious food will improve your focus, productivity, and ambition. With 100+ self-care schedules you can add to each day, the app will send friendly reminders morning, noon, and night—at whatever time(s) you have set. Build your own self-care schedule with the ICONS and colors YOU choose! Celebrate your success and growth by recording your aims, your mood, and so much more in your Me+ app! HOW TO START SELF-CARE: - Professional planning template: Use the MBTI test to find the routine that fits you best. - Find a role model: Set a goal and strive to be the person you want to be. POPULAR COURSES WITH YOUR PRIVATE COACH: - Yoga: Start with meditation and slowly stretch your body. - Fitness: Experience a variety of body-shaping classes here. - Mood Journal: Share your story with your best friend—Me+. Tens of millions of self-care advocates choose Me+ to improve their physical and mental health, promote weight loss, experience anti-aging benefits, etc. When you fill your days with self-care, you'll meet a better self! Don't wait for tomorrow, begin today! Subscription Information: Me+ offers an auto-renewing subscription at $39.99/year and $9.99/month to provide you with unlimited access to the VIP features. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Terms of service: Privacy policy: Feedback email: [email protected]

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  • I have no tasks! 2/5

    By LiliO8901
    I really want this app to work and for it to show me all the tasks that I’m adding but every time I add a new task it says “task already exists” and then when I go to check my schedule for the day all I see is a little chicken saying “no task! Click the + to add task” I’ve already updated the app so I don’t know what’s going on at all!
  • Technical Errors 1/5

    By Rose 🤍🌹
    when I started to use the app, it was great! Then, one day when I get on the app all of my information is gone. So when I go to re-add the habits again, the app informs me I already have it added, but nothing shows up so I ended up losing my $20 of the yearly subscription for an app that never responded to my emails in regards of this error.
  • Amazing….but 5/5

    By Ari f. Ayala
    I love this app!!! I’ve had it for one day and I’ve already reached my water goal!!! I would recommend, however there is a little bug, on some of the self care list they list the same thing twice, even if it’s a small bug it still bothers me a little, however it’s still a good app!!!
  • Money 3/5

    By ojbvdeqwrhf
    I wish it wasn’t worth money
  • Boloney 1/5

    By Bree2y201
    40.00 bucks a year really? I’m a stay at home with an income that pays just enough to cover bills and then I see this that I know would help me 100% but I don’t have the extra 40 bucks a year to fork over. I’ve missed birthdays and holidays cause I wasn’t able to afford going to them or getting anything for them. Wish you guys were not so money hungry I mean I understand a one time payment of 40 bucks for a lifetime we’d be able to figure that out in a heart beat but this yearly monthly stuff is boloney. Help out the lower class for once.
  • You may lose your data without any notice. 2/5

    By Ran0903
    I used to love this app and it is very helpful. But I also feel very annoyed that I just lost all my habits record and I had to set them up again. Of course, I will worry if this happen again. I tried to contact their app support but got no reply.
  • It’s great 4/5

    By Kenny :)!
    First thing, i would prefer a one time purchase option instead of a yearly/monthly subscription. Being able to customize colors using a color wheel; would be great. Other than that I think app is really great and can’t wait to see what you guys do with it.
  • Great App, but it’s messes with audio 3/5

    By ToteLife
    I love this app and have founded very useful so far. Unfortunately, I have encountered what so think is a bug. So basically, ever since I installed the app and started using it, the app has been messing with the audio on my phone. What I mean is that if I have the app in the background, all the audio(like YouTube or Spotify) playing on my phone stops playing for like 2 seconds and replays. This is consistent and very annoying. The problem stops when I shut down the app from background memory, but then my alarm doesn’t work. Also, I notice that every time I play any form of audio in the app, it pauses and the starts playing so there’s that. In summary, I love the app, but I really wish the developers could fix this issue.
  • About the plan 5/5

    By Finley Addison may
    I love how the plan helps with your day I love how the plan help you with your day
  • Update cleared my data 2/5

    By LizC3333
    All my routine data is gone. The app keeps changing features every few months and data keeps getting lost in the process. I found this app super useful but this has become pretty frustrating at this point
  • Update wiped out all my info!! 1/5

    By DisneyChick06
    I’ve been using the app for over a month and I loved it! It was helping me out so much on a daily basis. Then the app updated and all my information got erased, deleted, gone!! All that work and it just disappeared!!! Why bother paying for an app if it’s just going to erase all your hard work!!?
  • ??? 1/5

    By Viceroy Chanty
    Why do they let the app say “free” but when you download it you can’t use it. You have to pay. Might as well put 7.99$ per month on the App Store. Waste of a download. Can’t do anything with it. I get you have to make money but geez atleast be upfront.
  • Definitely Recommend! 4/5

    By Stay.awsy
    This app is really cool and helped me lots, but I wish more emojis were added and more things were free but other than that… Good Work! 😄
  • Subscription charged anyway 1/5

    By riskysquirrel
    I had tried out the app. It was fine. I wanted to try some of the extended features but you need the premium subscription. There was a free trial and if you don’t cancel, it charges the fee. Okay, fine, I try it out. It became clear to me THAT DAY that it was not the app I wanted so I cancelled it THAT DAY. No big deal. Uninstalled the app. Moved on with life. Today I got an Apple receipt for the subscription fee anyway. I’ve requested a refund through Apple.
  • Don’t fall for the one week trial. Try Reminders app first 1/5

    By Steer_steegam
    I signed up for this app with a free week trial period hoping it would help me be more productive. I wasn’t really able to use it much that week, and since it was $40 to renew I planned on canceling. Well, not surprisingly, I forgot, because that’s something I do and why I was trying the app 😑. The day after the week trial, I contacted the company to ask if I could cancel, and be reimbursed partially, but got zero response. Not even a “no sorry we can’t do that”. Wasn’t happy about that, but figured I would work harder to use the app, and hope that I ended up liking it. After using it for a week, I don’t feel like it was that helpful. Setting up tasks takes way longer than it should, and YOU CAN’T MAKE A CUSTOM TASK. I take vitamins multiple times throughout the day, not at one single time, but I couldn’t make tasks for each of those, because you can only have one “take vitamins” task. Perhaps there is a way to create a custom task and I just didn’t find it? But if so, that is a problem - it should have been easy to figure that out if it existed. Creating and editing tasks was way more complicated than it needed to be. After becoming frustrated for those reasons, I thought maybe I can just do this through the Reminders app, and lo and behold I could, and it was much easier and simpler to use. And, it was easier to look at without all of the extra graphics and styling. Before you buy the subscription to this app, or even sign up for the free trial, do yourself a favor and JUST USE REMINDERS 🙄. You can set up weekly, monthly, biweekly, etc etc reminders. So much cleaner and simpler. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Great app 4/5

    By Sneedan10
    I have been searching for a good app that tracks my daily routine but also includes mental health things. I would say this is a great app! I do wish that the self care plans in discover were interchanging or new ones would be added. I do think that the recording when sleeping isn’t super accurate because it does pick up either nothing or some weird random noise. I loveeee the fact that it has workout videos and books that can be read to fall asleep to. I feel like this app has so much potential for even more abilities! They don’t even have to be super big changes but I do think some here and there would be super great.
  • Great app/ Suggestions 4/5

    By ImagineRetro
    It would be really great if y’all had a dark mode. Also, it would be really nice if y’all had different layout for customizing the checklist/to do list I think that would be pretty cool and have a like streak system and you can build points based off of the streaks that you make, otherwise I’m loving what y’all are doing!
  • love this app, just one thing… 4/5

    By tulu22
    I entirely love this planner, I like crossing things off this list and seeing my accomplishments and progress of building a routine but the one thing that would be super helpful is to be able to sync this across multiple devices. I utilize both my phone and iPad and if I could have the capability to just download the app and already have my current to do lists on my iPad, that would be heaven!
  • Can’t sync across my devices?? 4/5

    By ClaTJ
    Wanted to try this app completely before buying. Got to work, spent so much time on my routine with alarms and all. It’s so organized, simple, helpful, beautiful… I fell in love with it. Paid for the whole year. THEN realized I can’t sync it with my phone. ☹️ It’s so close to perfect. SO. CLOSE. Still though, beautiful job you guys. It’s still the most useful habit tracking app yet. I’ll be switching my workout routine and homework/ work assignments to this tracker too. ☺️
  • Data randomly erased twice 1/5

    By Addhater01
    This is the second time my data erased.
  • Ughhhhhh! 4/5

    By MSolly5
    I love this app and I use it everyday! However, I went to do all the tasks today but everything is gone. All of my tasks that I’ve set up, all my past tasks that I’ve completed. They’re all gone!
  • Lost all data 3/5

    By rll1254
    Loved the app but after the update I lost all my data and have no profile.
  • Glitches 4/5

    By TalesOfRuby01
    So I love this app, I’ve been using it for the past few weeks, but when I went into it this morning all the habits I had set up were gone and I had to remake them all. If you could, please fix it so that way it doesn’t do that again. I’m not sure if it’s designed to do that or not, but if it’s not, it’d be nice if you fixed it.
  • Stopped Working After a Week 2/5

    By ...07).
    I paid for the full year. It worked great for the first week. After that, all the habits got deleted, I can’t view anything from the past days. Will ask for refund. At first a great app, bummer it fails after a week of use.
  • From ellie 5/5

    By Rider Hustler
    This app is rlly good but I wish you didn’t have to pay[.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By cass connors
    So far I love it! Definitely helpful to stay organized and concentrated. I’m paying the me+ and my only down side is that I can’t set a routine for once a month it has to be once a week but some things I don’t need to do every week! I would definitely love to see it added!
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By Surely Fashion
    I love this app bc it is a great way to ease into changing habits. It has reminders and games to help you out. The premium price isn’t even horrible. I pay more for the silly books on motivation and this just sends a motivational message to your phone.
  • To much premium 3/5

    By Harry Potter 🤩🤩🤩
    This app is really good but I feel like to many cool features of the app are for premium members I am not premium but I think it’s a really great app
  • Amazing!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5

    By 😹😽😾😺😻🙀😸😼😿
    I love it so much!!!!! It has helped me for 1 day and I can’t believe how much a difference it made! I am a college student and it has helped me so much all ready. But one thing is it sometimes makes you pay for something you maybe wanted . But besides that Amazing!!!!!!!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By 5 star without a doubt!!
    Great app! just want to have the ability to sync all my habits to my other devices. Maybe add sign in with email please!
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By sageroo804
    I love this app. I use it everyday to set daily goals. One recommendation, please please make a day goal or a monthly goal option. Sometimes I want to put my doctors appointment in and sometimes I have something thats only once a month and I would love if I could add that to my days check list.
  • Trash 1/5

    By kellylee92
    It said you could do a 7 day free trial but immediately charged my card for a 3 month subscription! And it’s just a checklist. I would rather write all my tasks down then have to scroll through all the lists to add to my calendar
  • Ok app 4/5

    By Daniandalan
    Like the app but monthly fee comes up like every two seconds. But other then that it’s a really helpful app for me. I showed it to my friends and they got it. They said it’s helping. But the monthly fee thing make it come up less that’s all 🧋
  • The new update just erased everything I had 3/5

    By MrsYeaginator
    I love this app but it needs some work , the workout videos don’t come on and you can’t sign in to save you stuff

    By Learn fun.
    This has helped me so much it doesn’t even need internet you should download now
  • Awesome 5/5

    By bella4689"4858375
    I am just starting to use it and I know I’m going to love it
  • Me+ from your fan 5/5

    By the me+ group
    You help me clean my rooms and clean up my kitchen and all of my stuff I think anything else you do I need you to text me at 217-602-1593
  • I LOVE ME 5/5

    By love ro ro
    I had this for a day I did everything that I set and I fill much better. And I love how I can set a mood I love it.the only bad thing is that it keep is saying to buy premium or something I DONT WANT IT it’s perfect with out it
  • App not for ADHD people; seems very scammy 2/5

    By LokiBirambau
    So first off it was not clear how to continue with the 7 day free trial and I ended up have to pay THIRTEEN DOLLARS to explore it and it seems very I’ll thought through. Grammar errors, tasks in preset routines that don’t make sense. “Put a pot of green vege” as a possible daily task for cleaning the bedroom? What does that even mean? If this was actually made by people with ADHD for ADHD, I wouldn’t have to make a million micro decisions about things and wouldn’t say shame statements in the beginning. Something a simple as “Eat breakfast” doesn’t even exist. This app is a scam. I know get to pay the ADHD tax of $13 for this app that will not help me a whit.
  • I don’t know how to customize it 2/5

    By Cfacia
    So l it’s an okay app but l use Apple reminders so l got this app cause it looks cute and all but l can’t figure out how to edit the task things l like the ones that are already created but like l wanted to add my own and it’s not work l wish there was like a tutorial or something to show me how to use it
  • That’s a load of crap. 1/5

    By toothpunch
    Yeah let me do this survey and all this stuff and then”sign” a contract to immediately be asked to pay 95 dollars with a one week free trial. If I wanted to improve my life I’d spend 95 bucks on a night out with friends or maybe a watch to track when I’m tryna go to sleep not some dumb app.
  • Idk 4/5

    By trinity🙃🙂
    You should have your own account on here so that you have everything saved and can keep track
  • Some bugs that if fixed could make it better… 3/5

    By RaineyDaye
    I like the app…but I can’t seem to find a way to open the app on my iPad and sign into the same account…it just wants to go straight to a quiz and get me set up w/a new account. But I just want to access what I already paid for on both my phone AND my iPad. Also, there’s no way to edit the premade suggestions if I want to change the wording…and even ones I made myself SEEM like they are editable…but then I go back in after editing and they haven’t changed. So far those are the only issues but I have only been using it a couple days so it IS a bit annoying. I use a similar app that gamifies chores into quests for kids and have been able to sign into it on both my iPad and my iPhone…as well as edit…so I know it’s possible for those things to function. I just need them to do so with Me+!!
  • Canceling free trial after 1st day 2/5

    By mmcculloughhh
    I love the idea of this app but I’m finding it really hard to use. I tried to set up a morning routine but I can’t figure out how to edit it once it’s already added. The only option I saw was to “stop habit”, but now when I try to setup a morning routine again the habits don’t show up. I wish it was more user friendly and had the option to edit the routines more easily.
  • Is so playful 5/5

    By Maryann Angelis
    I haven’t even started the application yet and I already love it ICan’t wait to use it today’s for the year subscription or weekly I would like to actually have like a month free instead but thank you I love it I can’t wait to use it
  • It’s not free 1/5

    By ains28
    Once again. An app that I think can help me, I get it all set up AND payment. ADHD is federally recognized as a disability and it’s hard enough to get professional support. Every app for adhd is like this. They claim they will help and that they are free, only to find out they aren’t. I’m so tired of trying to find an alternative to help me function only to find it costs money.
  • Are you serious 1/5

    By Maplebird423
    Seemed to be a great until after I answered the 20 planning questions, did my contract, and was under the impression that this app could be used. I am not paying 95.88$ a year for a service I can easily get from a therapist for a cheaper co pay. That is an absolutely ridiculous price. And the concept in and of itself is ridiculous.
  • Love! 5/5

    By ZzzJLee
    I am very happy with this app. The puzzle feature on the alarm is probably my favorite. It has helped me get up. I was so frustrated the first couple of days having to push myself to open my eyes and complete the puzzle to stop the alarm. Lol I also love being able to customize my to do list and add notes and checklists on each to do category.
  • What a good app! 5/5

    By Nick is dumb
    I’ve gotten many ads for this app, but my friends have it so they told me to get it and I did I’ve only had it for a day but I really like it!😁