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[email protected] App

Introducing [email protected], the one app designed for and developed from the feedback of Walmart associates, as well as a venue for customers to learn about and apply for a career with Walmart. With the [email protected] app, you can easily learn about Walmart's history, cultural values, the benefits we offer, and apply for a career with Walmart. Walmart associates must be enrolled in 2 step verification to access the internal features which include: Schedule: View your schedule, manage all time-off requests, and even swap or pick up unfilled shifts Ask Sam: Your search/voice assistant to help you answer questions related to products, metrics, and more. The more questions you ask the smarter it gets My Team: A roster view of who is working with an in-app walkie-talkie feature to stay connected to other associates and your team Inbox: Notifications and Actions for scheduling, time-off & more * Some features unavailable in certain locations

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  • Used to work 1/5

    By Cozdover
    Have deleted, downloaded reset on walmart one multiple times and it stills says “send push” and never does People lead doesn’t know what to do either Back to caveman days of writing every thing down I guess I am using the latest version of IOS
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By tenderchkn
    App won’t let me sign in :(
  • Updates lag 2/5

    By TooManyUserNamesOutThere
    Still waiting for the updates stated in the AMP+. The whole “You asked for it! New features for the [email protected] app” Which is supposed to have sales floor tool integrated into the hamburger menu. Supposed to have pictures, floor location, ability to edit onhands AND print all labels with the exception of prep/vizpick. Communication says to make sure it’s updated. The newest update was a week ago, mine shows current and this is NOT in the update.
  • Time Clock Errors 3/5

    By BigFrank00
    One issue I wish could be fixed is the Time Clock function on the app. It’s never accurate and keeps saying “Proximity Error” a few time until it finally accepts it.
  • Please don't use pincode/fingercode when open the app. 1/5

    By immediately notice
    I hate it when open the app, please don't use pincode or fingercode to open the app. Its on my phone, then my phone has password. Thanks
  • Having to redo the 2 step verification 3/5

    By n i GH er
    The app works well but it constantly messes up and despite me logging in and having set up all 3 ways to do the 2step verification I keep having to redo it and it’s constantly messing up on me or just not letting me log in at all
  • App 1/5

    By rjejhwhs
    Can’t log in
  • Pin and speed 2/5

    By Jarret_Trip
    Not fond of the Face ID nor the pin code that it requires at startup, also not found at the slow speed of the clock in, has made me late a few times
  • App worked great, now can’t sign in 1/5

    By mmp!$&
    No issues till week or so ago, now can’t sign in, view schedule or do the assessment. Already sent email to support and the 700 # listed for support is not active for obvious reasons. ⭐️⭐️Update 9/13 still haven’t received an email back from support. The app is saved into my iCloud and I feel like I can’t delete it fully. Makes no sense to continue to delete and reinstall the app. Support can you be please help me?
  • Things on my app isn’t working 1/5

    By ukfan96
    As of a few days ago I can’t view my team when I’m at work and swift swap is no longer showing up
  • Not in proximity of store error. 3/5

    By Deadly Fists
    I like using the app, but the clocking in and out and meal break doesn’t work most of the times. I’ll be in the middle of the store and it still doesn’t work. My store is a super center and it’s a long walk to go clock in and out. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest iOS 14.7.1 software. Other than that everything else works
  • The app don’t work 2/5

    By fjuddhuedjudhjtdkusjudvjtf
    I have my orientation date but when i sign in on the app it still say they waiting on my background.. My background came back yesterday but the app tellin me to still wait.. If it wasn't for the email they sent I wouldn’t have known that orientation was this Wednesday. This app need to be fixed
  • Can’t handle transfers 2/5

    By ChanFret
    I transferred from a store in CST to a store in EST, and though everything has transferred over work wise, the app still assumes I’m back at my old store, and still lists that as my old store and position weeks later. I can’t review my schedule, it clocks me out an hour in the past so I then have to adjust the next day that way I don’t lose a whole hour of work each day, and now, it won’t let me clock back in from lunch because I still have “23 minutes left before I can clock back” even though I’ve been on lunch for a whole hour. Everything I’ve tried hasn’t fixed it yet 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Interrupts music 2/5

    By aliserdeeeejed
    No really, it does. Anywhere. At home listening to music and want to check your work schedule? Gotta pause your music for you. Listening to music before your shift and want to take a look at your hours for the day? Pausing your music for you again. There’s no functional purpose unless your intent is to pause the music of associates are currently on the clock. This is just as dumb because 1. If an associate was on the clock and on their phone and as bad as that function would make them out to be, they probably wouldn’t be looking at the associate app, and 2. Your good associates look at the app on their breaks usually, if not just to find merch when they aren’t on break
  • Signing in 2/5

    By roshad1267
    I tried signing I and it keeps saying it doesn’t recognize it my username/password
  • Who built this app 1/5

    By JJ10121
    Why does it take a full 60 seconds for your clock in and out, and meal breaks to occur on the app? Why does Sam not answer questions correctly? Why is that if I submit two separate PPTO for the same day, it doesn’t just combine the time? Why is it so hard to get literally any information off this app? Why does Sam not have the ability to answer simple requests? Why can’t I delete my time requests off? Why is there no information on how to contact HR or your manager? So many questions and yet the app just keeps getting worse.
  • It redeems itself in some ways 3/5

    By rollie1293
    Although a lot of things on the app don’t work as well as I’d hoped, the fact that in a pinch I can clock in/out using my phone is quite useful, I change my rating
  • Schedule is not working 1/5

    By Devon Hopkins
    The schedule is not working so I don’t know what days I’m working or what times.
  • Not able to log in 1/5

    By Modok of AIM
    Ive been using the app for 8 months now and its been working perfectly until Wednesday when it logged me out and I couldn’t get back in. I used my Walmart login on my laptop which definitely shows that it still works and I didn’t mess it up. I now have to use the even app to look at my schedule and manually use the clock in machine at my area. This general experience displeased me and I don’t know what to do.
  • App 1/5

    By waltaud
    This has been 2 days in a row, that the Beta system malfunctioned! Why is it so difficult, to keep this app going!? And here we go again, the app froze up again! 🙁 The system quit on me again!! Here we’re again, the system froze up!🙁 What’s the use of an app, that doesn’t work most of the time!😡 Today is Thursday, Aug. 26. 2021. It is extremely frustrating, when the app doesn’t let you complete your COVID review, nor click in, or check your schedule regularly! There’re way to many glitches in this system; even the TC‘s, during the day!
  • Keep saying errors 1/5

    By Jwarlock2
    I try to login but does not work
  • No Paycheck stub feature 3/5

    By SweetIntimacy
    Nice app, but I wish it had the ability to look at paycheck stubs in advance like PayCom app does. :(
  • Great, when it works 2/5

    By Jenh5
    Doesn't always accept your clock ins/outs. Signs you out without your doing, and then it's a pain to try to get signed back in.
  • Proximity error 1/5

    By sjfychavegk29
    Keep getting a proximity error that states I need to be near the store to perform clocking functions even though I’m standing in the store and in my assigned department. Fix it!!
  • Updated review 5/5

    By Maskmite
    Change to five stars now that the music does not shut off when I use the scanner.
  • FIX IT 1/5

    By Better_fixKik
    Yeah i was late trying to clock in! The app wouldn’t let me clock in from my phone
  • Should of figured 1/5

    By Tindomul
    Your app sounds great in idea… but like the majority of the things you try to do it doesn’t work.
  • Why 1/5

    By twumpywumpy
    This app is so god awful PLEASE fix it if you’re going to force us to work with it
  • Bad 1/5

    By Leucon is bae
    Literally kicked me out one day and won’t let me sign in and I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling
  • I want to love this app.. :( 2/5

    By LaChBl
    I want to love this app so much, but it NEVER lets me self-assess. I always get 1 of 2 error messages every single time. 1. “You must wait until 15 mins before your shift” (not exact wording) My shift starts at 8pm. Even if it’s 758pm, the app still tells me I have to wait 15 mins prior to my shift start. Wth. 2. The newer error I’m getting says [email protected] doesn’t have my schedule and I have to wait. Uhhhh…. I can see my schedule on me @ Walmart. It’s entered in 2-3 weeks in advance…
  • Completely glitched now I can’t get back into it at all. 1/5

    By MCON2021
    Absolutely terrible. I can’t even use this app anymore because it completely locked me out after two failed attempts at my passcode because I was typing it in too fast. And then when I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, it still thinks the app is downloaded so now I can’t even use it to clock in and out anymore. So now I have to completely restart my phone to see if that works because I have tried EVERYTHING. The ask Sam feature was fantastic when im working but nope can’t use that anymore.
  • Constant glitches 2/5

    By Mark Melissa
    This is really I feel unacceptable Walmart is the number one Fortune 500 company and has seen sales rise this quarter in upwards of 60% and they still can’t figure out how to fully develop a app for their employees. There’s constant glitches and the app is only good for two tasks”ask Sam” and Clocking in and out if you don’t get the “proximity error” even thought your in the middle of the store.
  • Push notification 1/5

    By msnyxbfko
    I can’t even sign in since last month. I click send push notification to device and it stops loading! So irritating! Fix it because I can’t even see my schedule at all.
  • App is ok, Bunch of kids complaining here!!! 5/5

    By Netafan
    I like the app a lot, it’s easy to clock for lunch and back, the only thing I notice is when you clock in take a moment spinning but for sure record the time you did punch, people don’t understand not matter how long it take it actually will record your time fine!!! Stop wining people 🤷🏻‍♀️. I would like to be able to open my availability on the app!!!
  • Can’t sign in anymore 2/5

    By kendiyot
    The first time I had used it it worked pretty well. Now it just won’t let me sign in at all. It says to go back because it is not safe and your personal info may be collected.
  • Keeps sending me to the App Store to open 1/5

    By SchochJohn
    Everytime I open it it asks me to update but instead takes me to the App Store really annoying when we use the app daily
  • Meh 1/5

    By James5wins
    Crappy app that can’t tell where the sensor is in the store when I’m by the deli. Takes too long to clock in clock out and lunch breaks. And no ignore or don’t ask again for photo id. Thank You. Ps, mute the sound, give us the option to mute it when scanning the item bc other than not needed but we do have eyes. Really unnecessary. Ps. This app also waste my battery to much bc this app keeps using my flashlight when it’s off and the mic keeps being active. Plz fix this.
  • Scanning barcodes turns off music 3/5

    By KodyLenzer
    As a 3rd shift stocker with limited scanners; a lot of us use our phones as scanners to find where products go. However every time I scan a product it turns my music off. It just started doing this on the latest update. Turning off “Live Photo” doesn’t help either.
  • Clocking in and out issues 2/5

    By Meukim
    Lately I have noticed when it’s time to clock in and out from my shift it freezes. I’ve had to turn my phone off and on to make it work. Now I have to delete the app then loading it back on. Having to start over for my password ect. When I think it’s working I get an error message. Then I have to log on a computer to see if I was clocked in. I have had times where it says I clocked in and I wasn’t. The time was saying I clocked in at this time but I didn’t start work till 1 hour later. It’s confusing and time consuming. This issue will have us thinking we are clocked in and started working when in fact we have not due to this glitch. This issue will put our jobs in jeopardy. So please fix this ASAP. Thanks!
  • It’s fine 3/5

    By edgarboi
    1000th review
  • Confused 2/5

    By mr.z27
    I have no idea how to clock in the app tells you you can but it doesn’t tell you where to go to do it
  • You can't even log in 1/5

    By enterAnicknameMyass
    What else do I need to say. The tech team for Walmart is horrible. Not to mention with all the money they make daily (talking profit after bills paid) they could buy all their employees a house if they wanted. And they can't even make a app for them correctly. Go figures. That's Sam for ya.
  • Two Major Issues 3/5

    By Midytheimp
    Major issue 1 is it pauses my music when I access the app which is very annoying Major issue 2 is PLEASE STOP ASKING FOR FACE ID! I don’t want to use it. You could add a setting that toggles that on and off within the app because Face ID doesn’t work when you have to wear a mask.
  • Solid 4/5

    By OGNesson
    The app is pretty good for what it is, the Ask Sam feature is useful to help customers as well as when I’m off shopping in order to scan prices (especially considering that the shelves are often shuffled). My only downsides are that the clocking function sometimes glitches out and stops working, or that the app randomly freezes, and there are other times where I try to clock in and it gives me a completely different time than it currently is (for example, I could be clocking in at 10:57 and the app will ask me to confirm for 7:59). But when the app works, it works.
  • Disgraceful app 1/5

    By Rjdjdhdhhejwiehdjdjd
    Half the time cannot log on to check schedule! Almost have missed shifts becoz I didn’t know I had been added onto schedule. Most USER UNFRIENDLY app ever! It takes a degree in computing to find your way around to different sections and be able to access important things like PTO, etc. Maybe that’s by design, and that’s shameful given a lot of Walmart employees are immigrants, older folks &/or just not super computer savvy. What kind of valuation and respect does that show for them??

    By ammeerryy
    The title says it all. Can we have the option to verify ourselves with emails or something? This is really irritating on having to repetitively figure out how and contacting you guys with whatever you provided does not help at all.
  • Freezes too much 1/5

    By Bbangee
    This app crashes all day!! It freezes after every other clock in or when I use the ask Sam part. I literally delete and add this app back 3 times in one shift a day! I’ll just stick to clocking in on the computer.
  • Schedule Issues 1/5

    By Killer Rooster
    My latest schedule won’t load; plz fix <3
  • I use it for work but it doesn’t work 3/5

    By tbailey101
    The app overall isn’t bad it just glitches a lot. It always says it won’t clock me in because I’m not at work but I’m standing right inside Walmart. Another thing I can’t stand is please fix the option where when you put in pto or ppto PUT AN OPTION TO FIX IT IF WE MADE A MISTAKE ON THE HOURS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put 8 hours instead of 1 or 2 hours. And I can’t even fix it so there goes all my paid time off. It’s so annoying please fix it.