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The [email protected] App is available for all Associates in stores using the My Walmart Schedule system. To use this app, you must be enrolled in two step verification. This app provides visibility into your schedules, all time off requests and allows associates to pick up unfilled shifts. If you have any issues, please contact: 1-700-Walmart (From Store Network during your scheduled hours)

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  • App keeps logging me out 1/5

    By King Davis18
    For some reason the app keeps logging me out and wont allow me to log back in despite putting in the right information
  • New to this 1/5

    By shirleychantelcollier
    So I was just hired today and the hiring manager told us to download the app. I did so, but the username and password does not seemed to work. There’s no way that I can create a username because it doesn’t give me an option. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I would like some kind of help to gain access. I also realized that they didn’t give me a WIN# or anything like that. How am I supposed to get it done when they told us to without giving us all the instructions to do so?
  • Keyboard will not rotate anymore 1/5

    By pinkhouse98
    Can’t type in the store number anymore to log in. Keyboard will not rotate anymore on the iPhone 6s.
  • COVID-19 self assessment not working 3/5

    By Lynlve
    Used the myWalmartSchedule app more since I could also check on our store/team schedules but started using it when the self assessment for COVID-19 came out. Worked great when it first rolled out, used it to make the process faster and easier, did an update, now it won’t let me do the self assessment. Says I can only do it within 15min of my scheduled shift even if I’m within that 15min window of starting my shift. Several associates in my store also experience the same thing, so majority of us have to use the TC to do the assessment, which takes time and when there’s a line it’s frustrating.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mohjoejoejoe joejoepp
    App doing good for the last couple months now all of sudden it wont let me log in. It asks me do i want to send push notification to device. I choose it and nothing happens. Now i cant even check my schedule so i have to wait until i get to work to check my schedule Edit:i got the problem fixed...apparently the app wouldnt login because i had not verified on my new phone. Everything is working fine
  • Pathetic App!! 1/5

    By App2far
    I have installed, deleted, reinstalled, tried every combination of troubleshooting I can possible think of, and even today with a new 7.3 version, logging in on iPhone, diverted by App to also log in with, responded to a security code on cell phone, until finally it still errors out, “Error failed to retrieve user info” ... URG!! Several times I have gone through all this and still have been UNABLE to utilize this “new” App... So, have also deleted this “new” App several times AND successfully re-installed the OLD App several times... the OLD App works fine, even with the warning the App is going away... URG!!!! Funny, even now, in order to send my review, I can’t seem to pick a required “nickname” that isn’t already “taken”! I’ll try “Befuddled” ... Zero Stars!! Nope, befuddled is taken too... “Annoyed” ... I’ll try that. Nope, that’s taken too... ZeroStars!! Nope, allegedly that name is taken too?!?! Exasperated... Nope, that’s taken too. Pathetic? Nope. Irritated? Nope. Nope? Nope. 30years? Nope.
  • Worked great before but... 2/5

    By HomerFan2013
    I now can log in but now my schedule won’t load. Even after reinstalling it.
  • App issue 1/5

    By robdamobb
    I can’t login after buying an iPhone 8. I switched from android to iPhone and as usual, Walmart can’t keep up. Requesting a fix
  • Fix it already 1/5

    By D Masotti
    This app is used for checking schedules, requesting time off, receiving notifications, doing pre check testing for Covid, and more you would think it would work. The pre check testing is supposed to allow you to do it 15 minutes before your shift but only works at the time of your shift. The sign in only works for a week or two then you have to log back in which is understandable for security. But it doesn’t work. You keep getting an error message. You have to uninstall and reinstall it. But that’s if it works.
  • Needs Fixing ... 1/5

    By BLAZiNx6iRL
    Worked prior to recent update but now it won’t log in saying cannot access user profile after I enter log in info.

    By Cher 08
    Really need to fix this. Worked for 2 days then crap. It would be nice for it to work so I don’t have to touch works TC70 and just use my phone so I can do the questionnaire. I have done the 2step verification several times and NOTHING. Really ticking me off.
  • Need a 2-verification? 1/5

    By Tata_Tae
    I don’t know what it means by 2-verification to be able to log in, and the only way I can see my schedule and other things is at walmart.
  • iPhone problems 2/5

    By Anon6400000
    Store associate at 1105 can’t log In says can’t retrieve associate information. Not worth the change so far since it only worked for 2 weeks.
  • Convenient but.... 3/5

    By MoMonii420
    The app is convenient but def has some issues. I will have a notification that my schedules changed but it will show no changes. Been using it for weeks and its let me do the assessment and see my times but all of a sudden ive been signed out and when i try to sign in the keyboard is all the way to the side and i cant type on the right. I deleted app and reinstalled it. Its the same.
  • rating 2/5

    By shakyla johnson
    i love this app . when i started working here it was just fine. now i’m having issues with using it on my 11 pro max it will only work on wifi . sometimes even with wifi it won’t work , making it hard for me to utilize my app how i need to!
  • App 5/5

    By MFNX7
    It’s good.
  • Help 1/5

    By hhrjejfje
    Works fine for a couple weeks on an iPhone then it kicked me out and won’t let me log back in I tried deleting it and then installing it back and it still does not work
  • This company is trash 1/5

    By JohnthaJulio
    I’m trying to see what time I work and the app just crashes . Your boi on an iPhone 11 . Unacceptable Wally . Come on
  • Problems 1/5

    By walmart 6
    I have iPhone 6 I deleted the app then log back in still says unavailable I can log onto other devices with my information just not on my iPhone 6 anymore
  • Sometimes great 3/5

    By Kris Hat
    Sometimes it's awesome. Checking my schedule. Taking the covid assessment. Other times, not good at all. I can't login. Can't even type in my user name. And when I can get logged in, I get an error message. I even deleted the app a couple of times. That didn't help either. Very frustrating.
  • Need to get rid of shift swap 1/5

    By Jeffrey leppelman
    I get 6 a week to swap shift. I’m tired of saying no. Just get rid of it. You should have an opinion to use shift swap. You always say thanks for feed back but nothing is done about it
  • Love a lot of features except the schedule. 3/5

    By EmtheCPHT
    I like that this app has way more to offer than the ones we have used. I love that I can see my time off request. I also love that I can request time off at home now. However I wish that the work week would fit on one screen without scrolling. Because of this I still use the old app to get my schedule. Each week I take a screenshot of my schedule so I have it saved in my photos. I check my schedule this way in order to use less data. I also send my schedule to my boyfriend and mom so that they know my schedules. I unfortunately can not do that on this app.
  • Issue 1/5

    By likeryann
    This worked good for a while but all of a sudden I can no longer get in. It continuously tells me to “Send a push notification to device” and “Enter security code from app.” I have tried using both and neither one works it just shows that it’s loading. I’ve waited, uninstalled, and reinstalled the app numerous times and nothing has changed. I almost got in trouble because of this and believe it needs to be fixed ASAP! Many of my co-workers have had problems with this as well.
  • Can not log in after the update 1/5

    By _wal_5416
    It keeps telling me my username or password are incorrect and won’t let me login. Please if this.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By #😎😎😎😎
    Just says cannot connect every time I try to log in
  • Poor 1/5

    By RyanJCh
    It wouldn’t let me sign in and said it couldn’t connect. Update: devs just got back to me 6/26/2020
  • Doesn’t work 3/5

    By maraya2828
    At the beginning was working fine,not anymore.I delete the app,restart my phone and nothing can’t login anymore.
  • Super helpful, just a few features I’d love 4/5

    By sonkum
    This app is super helpful- I see my schedule 3 weeks in advance and can then add my shifts to my personal calendar. I like being able to see when I should go on lunch just in case I forget. I’d love the option to add my shifts to Google calendar or iCal. I’d also love the option to see what times I actually worked- as someone suggested before, a time stamp would be helpful.

    By brequeenn
    The app was working fine for a couple of weeks and then it stopped working. Would not let me log in, it kept asking for a push notification code that never came to my phone. Very frustrating!
  • Help 3/5

    By jannacrowe
    Having trouble with the app my name is Janna Crowe I am at store 236 Crockett Texas I got a new username and when I try to redo the 2 step verification it tells me that my cell number is being used by another user it is me.
  • Needs more info 3/5

    By Sabrena Dawn
    Overall, the app works well, but my issue lies with the fact that I cannot see when I clocked in/out. A simple time stamp would be greatly appreciated; this can be done because Home Depot’s app allows employees to see the exact times they clocked in/out, so why can’t Walmart’s app display that information for their associates too? Obviously associates shouldn’t be able to clock in/out from their phones, but I hope the app will be updated so associates could see their time stamps. I’m someone who questions if I remembered to clock out, so being able to get on the app and check my time stamps would ease my mind.
  • App 1/5

    By whachamacallit now
    I downloaded [email protected]t and the app never worked for me and I even have that 2 step and it still don’t work yes my phone is compatible
  • I can’t log in. 2/5

    By kaitshwartz
    I can’t log in and haven’t been able to for a few days now. I can log onto one walmart on my computer so it’s not my credentials. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app to see if that would resolve the issue, but it didn’t. I clicked “App Support” and tried calling the number provided, but it gave me a messaging that said I wasn’t allowed to call the number and hung up.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Sami282
    It won’t let me login keeps say error retrieving user profile.
  • Can’t Log In Anymore 1/5

    By Keifer27
    All of a sudden can’t log in anymore. Just says error.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Atalie11
    There’s always an error message when I try to sign in. Really annoying.
  • Error retrieving user profile 1/5

    By Photographygirl33
    I ended up getting a new phone and now I keep getting an error retrieving user profile
  • Won’t let me sign in. 1/5

    By bertalynn33333
    It signed me out and now keeps asking to send a push notification that never comes then it loads an error screen. The code won’t work either!
  • Help 3/5

    By Miahhh16
    When I first downloaded the app it let me sign on. Then one day it logged me out and wouldn’t let me sign back on... Please fix the app it won’t let me sign in no more and I’m not able to see my schedule.
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By CandieCane83
    Um, for the past two days I’ve been trying to get into the app, and it will not let me Log into it or on One Walmart! I’m not happy about it. When I need to check my schedule and put in for days off! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Problem with app 2/5

    By Blake76217
    The app whenever I open does not allow my keyboard to show on iPhone 8
  • It stopped working 2/5

    By Brit0820
    I actually really loved this app. But it’s literally stopped working. I’m not able to even log in. Says there was an issue during the process.
  • Won’t let me see schedule 1/5

    By ellen n 1
    Can’t log into app. It asks to use Walmart. Com to sign in. If you hit cancel it won’t let you sign in. If you hit continue I can sign in using 2 step verification but comes up error can’t find user. I don’t know if it is because Walmart. Com uses email and Walmart one is user name.
  • Can’t log on 1/5

    By Associate57
    I logged off when I was on a LOA. I was reactivated by my store when I returned. HR and my manager has tried to help me find out why I can’t log back in. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but nothing works. No one can sort this out. It worked fine before I logged off. I was enjoying the ease of the app but now I can’t use it! I have a message in there that I can’t get to. I get an error that says “error retrieving user profile” HELP!
  • can’t screen for covid 1/5

    By Vanessapandas
    i can’t screen i keep on getting a message that says to do it 15 minutes prior to my shift and I try it and it isn’t allowing me to do so
  • Logging in 2/5

    By vgonder
    Have not been able to log in even though my information is correct.
  • Update not cant log in 1/5

    By caitlinros17icloudcom
    Updated the app when the update came out and now I cant even sign in I keep trying but keeps saying error, havent had that problem before.
  • Review 1/5

    By &lady
    I give this app a 0 it only worked for a few hours and been trying to use it the past 2 days they change apps every 6 months and they all work like crap please get it together this is ridiculous
  • Sharing my information 2/5

    By dorie545
    I can’t log in without it telling me it wants to share information about me. Never did that til today so I am not logging in. How do I get it to stop asking that

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