Measured by Lowe's

Measured by Lowe's

By Lowe's Companies, Inc.

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  • Release Date 2017-09-19
  • Current Version 1.1.0
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This fun, simple app measures objects or distances using Augmented Reality. Just pop open the app, place your points and get instant measurements!   With so many objects in the world, there are infinite ways to use Measured. Here are just a few: Measure Your Kids Snap and save your kids' measurements to document growth milestones. Be sure to post it on Grandma’s Facebook!   Prove Your Fish Story Snap the dimensions of your catch, then share the photo (complete with those jaw-dropping measurements) on your social feed. Fish will fear you and no one will question you next time you catch the Big One!   Play Like a Pro Guessing is for amateurs! Set up your regulation cornhole game with 27 feet between each board.   Hang Holiday Lights Know before you glow! How many feet of lights will you need for the most dazzling display? Measure your roof eaves, porch rails, windows, doors, shrubs, trees and more. Tape measures are a thing of the past!   Get Answers to Life's Most Burning Questions Will that couch fit through my front door? How wide is my window? Will that iguana fit in my bathtub? How far is my golf putt? Will the giant purple teddy bear I won at the carnival fit in my car? Will that rug cover my floor? Exactly how long is that centipede?