MEATER® Smart Meat Thermometer

MEATER® Smart Meat Thermometer

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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apption Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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MEATER® Smart Meat Thermometer App

MEATER® is the world’s first Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer that can help you cook meats perfectly every time. The MEATER® app, together with the MEATER® meat thermometer (sold separately at will change the way you cook your meals, and make it a new and exciting experience. Using patented software algorithms, the MEATER® app will give you cook time estimates, and guide you towards the juiciest steak, chicken, turkey, fish or other cut of meat that you've ever cooked. It’s time to break free from the kitchen or grill and let the MEATER® app monitor your food for you. When your food is ready, you'll receive audio and visual notifications on your smart device. This way, you can stop watching your food cook, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter the most to you. * Unlike other smart meat thermometers, MEATER® is completely wireless! All of the electronics are contained inside the MEATER® probe, eliminating the need for any external wires. * Easily connect up to four MEATER® probes at once to cook every steak exactly the way each person likes them. * The smart Guided Cook™ system lets you know how long to cook your food, when to remove it from heat, and how long to let it rest. Simply select the type of meat, cut, and cook you want in the MEATER® app, then sit back and relax as perfect results are achieved. * For veteran chefs, fully customizable cooking and alert options are available to give you total control over your cooking experience. * Access your complete cooking history with ‘Previous Cooks’ so you can repeat your favorites whenever you want. Cook smarter with MEATER®! Learn more at Get to know us! Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: TikTok: Check out meals cooked with MEATER® by searching the hashtag #meatermade, and don't forget to use the hashtag when you share your own cooks online! This app requires at least one MEATER® probe to operate (sold separately at The MEATER® app supports all iOS devices with Bluetooth® LE (Bluetooth® Smart) support, running iOS 10.3 or later.

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MEATER® Smart Meat Thermometer app reviews

  • Never connected 1/5

    By Dhfriedr
    Defective from the start. Total garbage. And way too expensive to not work. Don’t buy.
  • Broken signup, unusable product 1/5

    By B98105
    Fix your registration form. Password field is broken. What a joke.
  • New update 1/5

    By Sickofcomingwithanickname
    I have been using my MEATER plus for over a year and loving it. On thanksgiving day I upgraded the software and then the unit stopped working. Should be able to revert back.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Dale8899
    It seems to work some of the time.. have problems with the probe connection with the block. It’s very frustrating probably should’ve given it a 1 star at best
  • Terrible connection problems 1/5

    By Jwkril
    Even with the block magnetically attached to my smoker if I get more than 5 feet away with my mobile device it loses connection
  • Disappointing temperature wrong 1/5

    By Tom48734
    I got this as a gift and at first thought it would be great, but I’ve come to realize after almost serving raw meat that the temperature is simply not right. Two other wired meat thermometers have proven over time that this just hasn’t been accurate. Disappointed based on cost and other reviews, my wife threw the money away to buy this. I threw it away with the Thanksgiving turkey carcass this year- not a reliable product.
  • Really nicknames taken 1/5

    By really nicknames taken
    Notifications will not stop! Get notification to remove from fire every 15 minutes. Removed from grill 7 hours ago
  • Awesome 5/5

    By GJ314172
    Bought this to roast a prime rib for thanksgiving. Set up was easy. App was easy to figure out. Put thermometer in and the prime rib turned out PERFECT medium rare. Will be using this for all my roasts from now on thanks for the great product!!
  • Absolutely inaccurate 1/5

    By unhappy nester 2
    This is a well marketed piece of garbage. It said we had reach 150 degree and I was able to lick the probe unphased - barely 70 degrees. Do not buy.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By michches
    Always remember to keep it charged.
  • Inconsistent temp and disconnects 1/5

    By vizslaluvr
    I have no confidence in the temperature readings at all. My 2 other digital thermometers give me the same temperature with 3-4 degrees and the meater thermometer is like 20 degrees higher. Also it keeps on disconnecting saying it can't find device. This started after I did a software upgrade. Would not recommend.
  • Great idea, but probes stink 5/5

    By buenopdc
    The original MEATER is how I started and because the probe got ‘burnt’ and stopped working, I ‘upgraded to the block. Two of the three probes stopped working after the second cook. At least two probes have kept working. I hope they figure it out. These are too expensive to keep buying. When these final two stop, I probably will research if these work better, and go from there.
  • Absolutely Terrible 1/5

    By AL1189363
    Good luck getting it to connect to your phone. This is the biggest waste of money on the planet and unbelievably aggravating. DO NOT BUY!!!
  • Best gift ever 5/5

    By iluvseasons
    I always tell my boyfriend this is the best gift ever, he states better than all the expensive purses and jewelry? I said it’s up there…
  • Great tech 5/5

    By Joel of Minnesota
    I got a MEATER for Xmas a couple years ago and it’s one of the most useful cooking tools I have in my inventory. I do a lot of smoking and grilling and the MEATER makes it easy to get outstanding results.
  • Not Happy With MEATER Block 1/5

    By Troy9191
    Meater block keeps powering off in the middle of cooks. When this happens it loses signal with probe. Very frustrating and my recommendation would be to not purchase.
  • Meater doesn’t stay connected. 1/5

    By Sooner fan greg
    When I take it out of the charging station everything is fine and it reads it correctly. It stays connected all the way to the grill with the charging block. As soon as it is inserted into the meat the connection is lost.
  • Concept good. Execution when cooking? Unreliable 1/5

    By Smfargo1
    The Meater has connectivity issues - and I know the issue is not on my end. It will lose connection on 1 of 4 probes or lose connection altogether. It is better than other probes on the market, but it isn’t narvana.
  • Very unreliable 1/5

    By anemicpolitik
    Darn thing never connects despite all the troubleshooting
  • When it works it great. 1/5

    By Miked105
    Unfortunately, it only works about 1/5 times…
  • Crap 1/5

    By ad8442
    Won’t update. Won’t connect.
  • 1 star for the flawed signed up process 1/5

    By Mike larry9
    The app has a huge flaw … thanksgiving day and I can’t register my me probe cause the password page keeps popping up and resets the original password … terrible app !!
  • Love the app but there is a HIGE PROBLEM 4/5

    By DarcyJackson
    Once a sensor goes out and it reports some ridiculous temp the app will not let you do anything. The entire interface is filled with a red warning screen.
  • Terrible setup 1/5

    By pdx tech guy
    Setting up a thermometer, the app interacts strangely with stored passwords. It’s impossible for me to create the Meater Cloud account, as the password fields seem unable to hold the password when moving between them. It’s an incredibly frustrating initial experience and doesn’t create much confidence that any of this will be reliable.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By reese122
    Worst app device interface I’ve ever dealt with. Won’t pair, can’t find my probes. A $250 thermometer better f-ing work and this doesn’t
  • Connection 1/5

    By Baldsailor
    The probe will not connect to the box(flashing red light) and am finding it impossible to get assistance
  • MEATER probe 1/5

    By meater58
    My probe is showing 7 to 10 degrees lower than it should. I have 3 meat thermometers in the meat at the same time. No way to talk to anyone at MEATER . Taking it back to Castco!
  • Not impressed 1/5

    Honestly I’m not impressed with this product for what it cost … Bluetooth does not go through a sliding back door and the battery life is terrible
  • Waste of money! 1/5

    By sbyfjbgu
    The thing worked 4 times and now it’s dust. $80 down the drain. What a great con these guys have going on!
  • Angry MEATER 1/5

    By sb7789
    We have now had 4 pieces of meat ruined. Since the update this has become useless and a waste of money. Have sent messages to customer service and haven’t heard anything back. This is ridiculous…
  • Login 2/5

    By Mikedefoe
    The password area to log in has a glitch. I can’t login because my password won’t verify.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By Rylovesme01
    When it works, it’s wonderful. But half the time and with absolutely no reason, the probe will not connect. Resetting, updating the app, ensuring the probe is sparkling clean make no difference. It just won’t connect and is therefore unusable. A very pricey fridge magnet. I’ve been messaging with customer support for months and they have no answers, just tell me to let them know when it happens again. I send photos and video and they just suggest I update my app. Which is updated. So it seems they don’t stand behind their product and/or the app is unreliable. I can’t tell which, and MEATER+ customer support is no help in figuring it out, so this review reflects the whole package.
  • Range 1/5

    By gardner1575
    Not impressed with the range they claim it can do
  • No 5Ghz Wi-Fi so it won’t connect 1/5

    By kruzer 135
    Horrible customer service
  • The Star 5/5

    By cresaderman
    This “tool” is required for any back yard chef! Not only does it work as advertised but it works “perfectly”. Stick it in your brisket and go about your work for the next 14 hours … it will let you know when tuts time to come home!
  • Not that impressed 3/5

    By M1 Garand
    I paid quite a lot for this “block”. Not all that impressed. Very temperamental after over six months of use. Lost connection to two probes. Pain in the “A” to get to working again. I will go back to my other methods of trying to make great meals for my family and friends. MEATER should have went more reliable sources.
  • Does not allow to login to MEATER cloud service 1/5

    By TaqueroLoco
    The probe connects fine with my phone as well as others in my household. Once I try to use the cloud feature the app ask me for my credentials lo log in but it doesn’t authenticate on the server because it’s giving me the login failed pop up message even though I’m able to login when doing it directly on I’m starting to think this is may be a glitch in the app.
  • Bad connection. Also likes to update during cooks. 1/5

    By Marc73012
    Whoever is in charge of the software for this device should find a new job. It’s overly complicated to connect to. There’s no way the range is even half of what is advertise. The probe is too thick. They update the software too much for something so simple. I just need it to tell me what temp my meat is, why’re you updating the software while I’m in the middle of a cook?? Leaves little reason why this is better than my “wired” thermometers. So save your money. Update*** I love how the app does NOT tell me when my food is ready or over done. However it when it has a cooking estimate (which is always wrong) it notifies me 3 times. Then notifies me SIX times that the estimated time is 5 minutes (which is wrong).
  • Terrible, takes at least half an hour to connect 1/5

    By bman01
    Doesn’t work!
  • Neater+ 5/5

    By wi swede
    It take the guess work out of it
  • Forced update bricked the device 1/5

    By Faxy01
    Unable to cook due to forced 8-10 minute update that still wasn’t done after 30 minutes. Too expensive to not be able to block updates.
  • Cannot register to iCloud 1/5

    By jldea
    If using an iPhone the app will not let you register. Every time you add in the password and then try to confirm it loses the memory of the password or will not let u enter it at all. Cannot understand how tech companies cannot make this simple. Sending the whole thing back. DO NOT BUY!!!
  • No manual firmware update option 3/5

    By The Real SirPrize
    Updating the Block firmware is a pain. Not even a manual upgrade option in the app. Have to wait for a push notification.
  • Forced update screwed up my previous cooks 1/5

    By Dj bun bun
    The forced update screwed up my database of previous cooks showing the set temp as the current ambient temp. I had to delete all entries. Furthermore forced update causes quick false dips in cooking temp history. Another bug is no ability to turn off estimated time available setting. You can toggle off notify me 5 minutes before cook ends but then you don’t get 5 minutes before cook ends. Needs a separate control for notify me when estimated time is availble. I was stable so why the forced update?
  • overcooks everything 2/5

    By GungaDan
    I’m about ready to give up on this app and just use it to read the thermometer remotely. I keep setting it rarer and rarer and following it exactly, taking it off the rest when told to do so, and if just keeps overcooking the meat. Don’t trust this thing!!! They sent a list of recommendations, all of which I already do or dimply don’t apply. The expensive gadget doesn’t work right with the app. The app is garbage.
  • Time 2/5

    By sameolefool
    Works well. Feels like the ETA time drops super easy and in turn, makes it little harder to plan the rest of the meals. Meaning sides and such. It can some times take over 30 minutes to recalculate. Sometimes it doesn’t and I have to use my spare thermometer to make sure I don’t ruin my food. I’ve also asked about exotic meats and I can’t find the option to even find anything exotic.
  • Don’t force software updates before cooking 1/5

    By meaterfail
    About to put food in the oven and MEATER tells me I need a 10 minute update before I can use it. I expect a tool like this to be able to allow me to skip an update so I can cook.
  • Good device, make sure you check if you need to update before cooking 2/5

    By Matchjxjx
    Device forces you to update when opened for 10 min so it completely ruined the timing for the meal I was making for my family, very bone head move to force an update that’s 10 min long when people need to use it to cook in the moment of opening the app.
  • Will not connect since the update! 1/5

    By MovieMan4875438
    I loved it before the update, now it’s useless junk