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Medium is made for you: people who are genuinely curious about the world and your part in it. From opinion pieces to interviews to in-depth reportage, photography, and features, Medium stories take many shapes, but always leave you with greater insight into the world. Our app features a clean reading experience designed to let you focus on the story (without an ad in sight) wherever you are, from your commute to your couch. You can read a select number of stories for members each month for free — or subscribe for $5/month for unlimited access. HOMEPAGE: The sheer volume of information on the internet can get to be too much. So in our app, we curate stories based on your personal interests and our editors’ picks of the best of the day. COLLECTIONS: Our editors package the best stories on Medium into multi-part collections that you can binge-read or savor over time. You can explore expert columns, multi-author anthologies, comprehensive explainers, and our monthly magazine. READING: Our app is designed to let you focus on the words. Bookmark stories to your reading list. Join the conversation by writing a response. Clap for stories to show writers your appreciation. If there’s a particular passage that intrigues you, highlight it for posterity. MEMBERSHIP: With a free Medium account, you get access to all these features — including all free stories on Medium — plus a select number of stories for members per month (the ones with a star next to them). If you upgrade to become a Medium member, you’ll get unlimited access to everything Medium has to offer: the smartest and most ambitious stories from the sharpest writers on Medium, audio versions of popular stories, and more. All for $5/month or $50/year. WRITING: For writers, we know inspiration knows no bounds — you can compose a new story on the go and then switch easily to your tablet or computer without a hiccup. Your Medium membership will automatically renew each month, and you will be charged $4.99 through your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current monthly cycle. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings up until 24-hours before the end of the current period, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions? Feedback? To get help, visit

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  • Food for thought.... 5/5

    By Bigwallkaren
    There are a few writers on here, Kris Gage being one, that really help me to reassess my thoughts and attitude.
  • Loving Medium 5/5

    By mHamzasani
    Such an effort and such an amazing app.
  • Replace this with Safari plesse 1/5

    By Danse en France
    This is a horrible app. The worst. Worst. This app has become a PITA to use. Safari is way better.
  • Rating is for the app not site 1/5

    By Sunnysis
    This app has issues. If I change from portrait to landscape I get a white screen. The only resolution is to completely restart the app. This has been going on for over 6 months.
  • Great app, use it everyday! 5/5

    By Larz67
    I was pleasantly surprised when I found medium, surprises because I hadn’t found it sooner. It’s ui is minimalistic, but it’s writers and their works are anything but. They have just about every genre of writing on here so you’ll find something just for you! If you are second guessing the subscription cost, don’t! It’s totally worth it, and the community is only going to grow.
  • I finally logged in 1/5

    By Sempil
    And see that I am allowed to read 3 articles a month. I quit using software trials for 30 days. Not enough time. I read two articles earlier today. Looks like it could be interesting, if only you weren’t so, what, greedy? Cheap? Afraid to let your (possibly) fine product shine thru? At least you have my email address! Now you can bombard me with useless crap. Guess I will find my third article, so I take fullest advantage before I delete you. Please feel free to respond if you grow the gonads to allow us to find if you product is worth the money. I would be happy to explore, instead of just salivate.
  • IPad Pro 4/5

    By BeOrdinary
    Really love this app. And I would be very happy if you guys can update it for the new all-display iPad Pro. Thanks!
  • Destroyed the integrity of premium content 2/5

    By Evan Security Conscious
    Unless medium lets people see the comments on their premium content when they look at such content, they have destroyed their former legitimacy by not showing the comments that argue against a given article in the global quest for truth. I gave one additional star than the minimum because they still have non-premium content that allows people to comment and bring more truth to the table, but the most high profile political posts which are destroying democracy with making people on that side think they are right, Medium no longer continues their role in fighting echo chambers.
  • Informative 4/5

    By TriceNicole
    Easy use and enjoyable
  • I love Medium as a writer & reader, but.. 5/5

    By Glorrierose
    As someone who is as much concerned with the beauty of how words appear on a page (which is an art in and of itself), I wish there were more options for fonts, column and photo layouts, and other graphics, similar to what's available on blogging platforms like WordPress. Connecting to readers (and money making opportunities) makes Medium far better than any blogging platform for a writer. It's a community. You're not writing in isolation. A popular writer can attract readers to one's own work given the way Medium connects similar material. I just wish I were more able to adjust the way my writing appears on the page.
  • Email URLs and Direct Linkage to a Selected Topic or Article within an Email 4/5

    By rdhenze
    Medium opens the aperture of ideas, subjects and experiences. Highlighting content of potential interest based on a reader’s expressed curiosity and actual (historical) reading in tailored email is useful. It would improve the experience if the Medium app responded upon opening by presenting the content to which the email link referred instead of the general landing page of featured content. ... Unless, of course, Medium’s app is yet another user data collection, aggregation and profiling tool to fuel a earnings. In that case, I suppose dropping users, like mice, in a lobby of cheeses and seeing which one attract them is perhaps more telling than the cheese for which the mice asked. In that vein, it would be quite useful if Medium were to allow (within any given user account) the ability to establish ‘user personas’ for let’s say pleasure reading, research, ‘political me,’ philosophical exploration, etc. Advertisers and other monetization ‘engines’ would eat that stuff up: refined, self-selected and clearly differentiated profiles depicting personal preferences and decision ‘drivers.’ Snarkasm aside, there are some there are many other aspects of Medium that are worthy of my time (and yours) that are likely more useful and fulfilling than the interminable drivel that is FB among other (anti)Social media platforms. And the gates of entry for expression by writers on quite a swath of topics and genres is wide open. Extinction of sources and content (so far) is apparently driven by reader interest and quality of content and presentation, both of which rate high on my priorities for devoting the time to read. I rate Medium highly for that reason! Medium, let’s keep it that way: no censoring at the ‘gates,’ no preferential exclusion of non de rigueure ideas and content just because it’s strangeness feels...strange! And most of all, no data spills and PII data sharing. Dare to be as different as your content model!
  • Favorite app to read 5/5

    By Dards21
    No banner ads, no distractions just good content laid out beautifully
  • Daily inspiration and shower thoughts 5/5

    By _muKs
    With medium you only get best of the best info from the most creative people. Reminds me of subreddits showerthoughts and TIL wrapped up in a beautiful package with enticing stories
  • Educational and Informative. 5/5

    A great way to learn new ideas if you lead a busy life. Short reads that really improve your productivity and lifestyle if used properly. Love it.
  • Clean App 5/5

    By Larrie Pote
    Love the layout of the app. Very easy to use.
  • Must sign up first before I can go any further! 1/5

    By MJCqwerty
    I just now for the first time tapped on the “Medium” icon on my home screen. The first thing I see is a sign-up screen. No tutorial, no trial period, nor anything else that allows me to get the “look and feel” of this app before signing up! When I see that, I get so turned off, that I signed off instead! (I deleted the app)
  • Was I mmediately crashing 5/5

    By sassy_assh
    Edit: it seems to be suddenly working now. 5 stars because I love Medium and the content. I hope the rest of my app experience goes better than the beginning. I just downloaded the app. Selected to log in with Google. Entered my email and password for that. It crashed immediately after submitting the login information and it has crashed every single time I’ve tried to open the app.
  • Keep on crashing 1/5

    By Evrins
    At the end of 2018 medium app keep on crashing
  • Crashing on iPhone XS 1/5

    By Rag1_rox
    The app is crashing with the latest update running iOS 12. Anyone else having this issue? I’ll update to iOS 12.1 and see if that fixes the issue.
  • Crashes on iPhone 1/5

    By _used2BaFan
    Worked great until it didn’t... can’t open the app. It flashes then disappears. App Support link here is a dead link. No way to contact them from the App Store or app since it won’t open.
  • New version start crashing 5/5

    By vvggyggvffd
    New version start crashing
  • Keeps closing on me!!! 1/5

    By Mo.Money97
    Every time I try to open it, it closes on me! I restarted the app and my phone, still the same! And my phone has been updated
  • Crash on iOS 12.1 1/5

    By AlirezaH0
    Crash on iOS 12.1(16B92) When vpn connected
  • The latest update crashes on iPhone xs max 1/5

    By Philllllllllllllqs
    Need to fix ASAP
  • It’s not free whatsoever. 1/5

    By MIKEY_13579
    Every article wants you to subscribe to read more that 1.5 paragraphs. EVERY ONE. You click on an article you may find interesting and you read 7 Sentences and the rest is BLOCKED... FLIPBOARD is what you really want ........
  • 5 latest updates brought nothing nothing good or even new 1/5

    By k1lly the killer
    They were “we’ve redesigned the home page layout”, not new and asked-about-for-3-years-features like search among reading history, but just crap. Medium was good once, now it’s crap :(
  • One of the best learning resources 5/5

    By Lenga012
    I use Medium almost daily, it’ my second go-to site to learn new skills.
  • Annoying 4/5

    By Kevin689754
    You know for a company that claims not to pester you with ads, there certainly are lots of little annoying things they do that are distracting. For example, they forced me to download the app because the download this app icon just would not go away, and you know I’ll hit download to make it go away. But I don’t like having this app on my phone. Also, the 5 dollar thing, it’s not that much a month, but it seems like the website is basically unusable without it. And when you don’t sign up for it they ask you several times for it. There are other little things that bugged me, but no one is perfect.
  • Love it 5/5

    By dr.chicago
    Great quality content that’s well curated. Love medium!
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By kittenroar
    The articles are so relevant to my life and beautifully written..The short comic strips are great as well!!! Thank you!
  • Better than some books I’ve read 5/5

    By TySuperSaiyan
    I’ve been a fan of reading for years and having the ability to connect with a community of individuals who cherish reading as a therapeutic method or an entertaining, fun outlet, I am glad I stumbled across this app. I love the personal touch each and every writing has. It gives a sense of intimacy and closeness I yearn for when I read. Thank you.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By bryantilos
    Medium is awesome all around! I went ahead and paid the $50 for the annual membership because I know it’s worth it. If you’re a writer and want to share your stories, I highly recommend Medium!
  • Paid content 1/5

    By broadspectrum_05
    I really don’t want to pay for this content. There are some decent articles here but I don’t believe it’s worth a subscription. I would rather deal with advertising.
  • So much enjoying Medium 5/5

    By One French Woman
    Effortlessly perusing through so many diverse points of view at my own time when I need a good read or a whack on the side of the head, that’s my experience of Medium.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Naty M
  • Medium is the medium in my life 5/5

    By SGCSingerCo
    I enjoy Medium because it introduced topics of life from another angle; a real, “why” space. I would rather work to become a better person that contributes to the whole of society then try to point, fix, and complain. Medium helps me do that.
  • A OK😍 5/5

    By asfghjjjjjhtdd
    This is a really amazing app! Like it is minimalistic and just awesome, it is next gen for sure, looks like something that’ll be around for years to come you know, I’m just having a really great time on this app and it’s also a great way to read passively and learn new stuff on the go, anywhere and anytime, way to go 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👌🏾!
  • Worth my money 5/5

    By Qzahinm
    The articles are really high-quality and my money were well spent.
  • Auto dimming 5/5

    By Sircoffee
    Would be awesome for this reading app to have an auto dimming feature. As I like to read in dark view, it’s not an awesome experience for the day time, but neither is manually switching for time of day.
  • Could benefit from Search Function within. 4/5

    By Government_Document_Reader
    While searching for a term on major search engine, I was referred to a Medium article. Upon loading the article, this time only, I was disappointed that I could not continue my search for the same term. Therefore on this one occasion I feel that Medium 'Could benefit from Search Function within'. Though it may be the only time I might use a Medium article in this way. I thought it worth mentioning.
  • Good content, but why to pay? 3/5

    By Stpragyan
    Why do you need subscription fee?
  • My name and picture on your site 1/5

    By Diegony
    I google my name today to found out you have open a profile without my knowledge completed of my personal picture. since there is no way to contact you, I let everyone know about this here. Remove my profile included the link in google. I’m waiting for your response ASAP.
  • Great 5/5

    By Diamond Instagram: diaaax3
    There’s a lot of of creative people on here. The story are very informative & relatable.
  • Sunday’s Morning Mini-Glances 5/5

    By Kaus1
    Between the glaring insights of Gage, Chris and Haque, Umair as well as the Dad’s racing story about the trials of parenting, I am simply amazed at the wealth of connections I’ve discovered to my small life and our microcosm of screwed up polarization of national personalities and policies. Our nation’s big gumbo can be tasted right here, More Tabasco here and fewer shrimp there. Awesome work you guys are doing for us simple-minded morning readers! Thank you🌻😎☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🌻
  • Can’t log in with Facebook 1/5

    By asleeep-blogspot-com
    Error signing in The operation couldn’t be completed (com.facebook.sdk.login error 308) I hope this can be fixed.
  • My dishonored Medium subscription 1/5

    By hj0934
    I pay $4.99 a month for nothing. I get nothing for my money. Why is that? It’s because I have a Medium subscription!
  • The app logo is boring 4/5

    By JayantKaushik
    Brilliant app, though could add more smoothness(iphone ui like). And the app logo is very boring as it sits on my home screen. Keep up the good work!
  • Feature request 3/5

    By 96aman96
    1. Currently there is no way to find articles you’ve read in the past unless you’ve bookmarked them or you’ve clapped at them. There should be a reading history menu in the You tab. 2. Add the ability to use different fonts. For people who prefer sans serif fonts :(
  • Downhill 1/5

    By Targetindicator0
    I used to love Medium, & fairly recently. It seems that 8/10 articles it chooses to show me are behind a paywall now. I have had a paid membership before & was planning to get one again when I could afford it but not any longer. Having some exclusives that require payment is reasonable & understandable but there is so much short crap that you are now expected to pay for & it’s almost all they show you. I rarely check this site/app now that it’s like this. I doubt it will ever revert.

Medium app comments

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