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At Medium, we are creating a network for writing that enables people to make an impression on others. To make them think or change their minds. To teach them something or connect emotionally. Where the quality of the idea matters, not the author’s qualifications. A place where conversation pushes ideas forward and words still matter. Read: The best reads tailored just for you. You'll find a curated blend of human and algorithmically curated stories ensures you always have something to dive into. Plus, dive into Series, a new type of story that can be added to over time and unfolds card by card with the tap of your finger, available exclusively on our app. Write: Switch from your phone to your tablet to your computer, seamlessly. Write wherever inspiration strikes. React: Highlight a particular passage that speaks to you, or clap for it to share the piece with your followers. Join the conversation by writing your own response to a story that moved you. Through our new subscription, you can upgrade to become a Medium member. Unlock a new layer of Medium: one with exclusive stories from top writers, audio versions of top posts on Medium, a supercharged offline reading list, and more. All for $4.99/month. Your Medium membership will automatically renew each month, and you will be charged $4.99 through your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current monthly cycle. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings up until 24-hours before the end of the current period, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions? Feedback? To get help, visit


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  • I guess it costs money to read blogs now! 3/5

    By Saari (not sorry)
    sad day to have a paywall pop up in Medium.
  • Great Update! 5/5

    By melvinthambi
    Medium is a perfect hub for reading latest updates in technology and design!
  • Incredible. Worth Subscribing. 5/5

    By South_FL
    To begin, the quality of writing is incredible. It’s introspective, but not pretentious or exhausting. There’s a journalistic standard preserved within this space that seems to be disintegrating across the board into an infinite heap of clickbait and sensationalism. In this context, I applaud the minimalism behind the apps design and philosophy as well as the unadulterated opinion pieces of the writers (who come from all spaces). Furthermore, they provide interesting and alternative points of view on some of the most pressing matters facing us today. I don’t regret my subscription. Medium is a welcomed break from the onslaught of hysteria one may witness on Twitter or Facebook, or any other sites that dole out “news” to their users which often times leaves them feeling numb, angry and distracted. Conversely, after spending time on Medium, one comes away feeling enlightened and optimistic more often than not. In conclusion, $4.99 is a small price to pay for everything that you get in return as a reader. I highly recommend it.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Bored dreamer
    I love it! It’s great to use on travel but there are few things that I wish they have on here. Like the medium partner program listing and the listing for publications. I need it for when I’m adding or editing my publication.
  • Must Read 5/5

    By tdurrer1
    Medium is the new social media. Not as true as face to face... at least a little more depth than its competitors. I start most of my mornings out reading a few articles. Very educational.
  • No reading list, no history 1/5

    By Crissa Kentavr
    The app crashes and forgets where you were. The most basic function, I was reading an article, and now I’m not. What is the app for, then?
  • Challenging & Enteraining 5/5

    By lime02
    So many subjects and so many ideas. Great to be challenged in some areas and entertained in others.
  • Intelligent Reading Online 5/5

    By HHawkGt
    Medium is that rare online entity where smart writing is accompanied by polite debate. It’s a breath of fresh air in a sour world.
  • The Medium is the Message 5/5

    By johnhoran
    It’s the writers and their ideas that make it worthwhile. The responses even more so. A dialog is always more entertaining and enlightening than a monologue.
  • So this is where the good internet lives 5/5

    By KatieHaller
    Pretty sure this is the only review I’ve ever voluntarily done so I think it speaks for itself. Medium is Internet that doesn’t leave you feeling dumber. The articles have helped me make significant changes in my life and now I’m inspired to start writing on it to help others
  • Please Add notes capability when highlighted 5/5

    By Isabella5566
    Wish I could take notes while I highlighted sentences from articles
  • Used to love this app 1/5

    By @yendegreez
    I used to enjoy this app much more when every story wasn’t a members only preview. I used to read and enjoy spending time on Medium. Even going as far as writing a few articles myself. I find myself wanting to use the app and then as I scroll down the feed almost every story is a members only story. This is highly upsetting and disrespectful to the people who come on here to enjoy reading stories. Facebook and instagram are all free; it upsets me that medium just wants short term economics while jeopardizing user experience.
  • I love it.. mostly 5/5

    By ArseniyChern
    I really love this app. It has some of the best content I’ve seen online. I am definitely going to pull the trigger on a subscription. My only real gripe is that if I exit the app it clears the story I’m reading out of ram and then I have to try to find it again.. which takes forever, I would love a feature where it would save the current story you are reading and when you go back into the app it would just go to that last story by default. Also if you could add a history feature that would show your reading history.. that would also be awesome. But those are small nitpicks. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some awesome and intelligent reading content!

    By Nanda1989
    Please, stop refreshing the app while I am reading something! When I start reading an article and for some reason stop, without closing the app, just looking my emails or picking my phone later due to something that came up, THE APP REFRESHES AND SEND ME TO THE HOME PAGE. It is very ANNOYING. Thanks.
  • Good message, not actually executed 2/5

    By Luckyslizer
    I think that the app is a great idea and would be a great place for “sharing all ideas” as the app’s page states, but that simply isn’t true. Unfortunately I’ve noticed unfair censorship taken up twelve notches not only on traditional social media, but now on Medium as well. Conservative articles and speakers are suppressed, if not downright suspended, on the platform in a way that manipulated a reader’s mind in order to push an agenda. I’ll come back if something good happens about the topic, but as along as the devolution of freedom of speech continues on the platform I can’t stay with the app with a clean conscience
  • Terrible app. Great site 3/5

    By Golight Girl
    I now remember why I deleted this app. Omg it’s terrible. You go to write a new story, it doesn’t clearly indicate the title section. Then when I go to select all the text to instead copy it to the web version, I can’t select anything but the paragraph I’m on bc it’s hard breaks I guess. I suppose I’m very used to the web version, the app is a far miss from the functionality and ease of it. No idea why they’d make it different in any way in appearance or function. Probably Big Bad Apple. I’m going back to web version for iPad only. Will keep IPhone app only for comments and reading.
  • Friendly Interactive geniuses!!! 5/5

    By Hills22km
    Makes the best of effective interactions ever!!!
  • Auto night mode? 4/5

    By Haobepa
    Would certainly appreciate it if night mode could be scheduled like on Android :o
  • Medium Review 3/5

    By 783sirraz
    Way way too many of your articles are on transgender peoples issues. Sorry , most people don’t wish them harm BUT WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THIER ISSUES THEY ARE WORKING OUT BECAUSE OF BEING TRANSGENDER Paraded before us constantly. This is starting to have a reverse effect in that the average person DOES NOT CARE NOR SHOULD WE HAVE TO CARE . Millions of children are dying of hunger and the planet is going through an environment crisis AND YOU HAVE TO FORCE ALL THESE TRANSGENDER ISSUES DOWN OUR THROATS. Get real
  • Cannot sign in on app. 1/5

    By realHomelessJTrump4
    I’m loving using the site on the internet; however I can only sign in on the internet. Whenever I sign in on the app whether through Facebook or Gmail, I get “error 7400”. If someone on the developer team could address this issue it would be much obliged!
  • notifications aren’t loading 2/5

    By ddacat
    I would give Medium 4 stars, but! For some reason my notifications won’t show! Both on the app and online, I’ll be able to see how many new notifications I have, but when I click on the button, I get a message that notifications are unable to be loaded. Please fix this!!
  • So insightful. 1/5

    By Birddog104
    I have been unable to explore this app in detail.
  • The best 5/5

    By BlakNdn
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By JustJules65
    I’m a writer, as well as a reader, and this app has definitely let me post what is on my mind anywhere at any time.
  • Missing inline and block level code snippet support 3/5

    By heedfulpenguin
    The app is great, but it doesn’t support adding code blocks via the toolbar or the ` (tilde) symbol like the browser does. Existing code blocks will show up just fine in the app when editing a draft created via the browser.
  • Medium is Killing it! 5/5

    By MovieNightsNY
    This app is amazing for consuming Medium content seamless integration with Medium emails and website. Rivals NY Times and WAPO apps in terms of quality and polish. Please consider adding a way to search reading history. Also grouping bookmarked stories and offline reading. Keep up the good work! Please support Medium
  • Support for scrolling through bluetooth keyboard 4/5

    By MC Bum Bum Bum
    I absolutely love the medium app and it has helped me in various ways. I don’t know if this has been requested before but I would really like if you all can add support for scrolling with bluetooth keyboard, please! I use my Logitech k480 keyboard alot for writing and many other things. Thank you.
  • History is necessary for accidental page close outs. 4/5

    By Cinimon
    I must admit having been a medium member for the past few years I can tell you I’m never let down by quality. Writers on this app have their own unique way of connecting their audience. I can only hope that this corporation continues it’s journey of innovation for future of us writers. One area in particular I would like Medium to consider looking into is allowing users to be able to have a history log of what they just read. I was reading a story this morning and accidentally backed out the article. I spent a good 25 minutes looking for it. Luckily I enjoyed the article so much I was able to remember the writer of the article and search him that way. Yes! I booked marked him. *So for those of you enjoying a read...”STOP” and bookmark it. I just recently purchased an iPad so still adjusting. Thank you again for the quality of reading material you allow the world to enjoy and here is too many more decades of advancement. Not only have you impacted my life personally, it’s allowed me to grow through others experiences. You can learn a lot of valuable life lessons on Medium.
  • Conservative libertarian 3/5

    By gxorlando
    The platform works well until you realize that a lot of what is going is Progressives speaking to themselves in an nacho chamber on the paying side of the site with articles from other publications and authors who primarily represent the hardcore Progressive agenda, which is why many of us stay on the fringes or the unpaid side, since there is little balance on the paying side of the Fence. Medium has some very good authors on the Pay side, but they also have some down right bigots who do not deserve house room in that their logical and objective skills would get them a D at best in a College essay class since their research and background is abysmal, as well as their conclusions. But that might be said of a lot of journalists these days as well. So I refuse to pay to hear the same old same old, as much as I would like to participate in meaningful discussion, I see it seeping away on this site.
  • A bit pushy 4/5

    By kdaghari
    The only critique I have is that Medium is (too aggressively) pushing towards its membership.
  • Overall great with some annoyance 4/5

    By Siniradam
    I love medium, I used on my pc for years, now I’m reading while commuting, for iPhone; clap button location so weirdly placed I’m clapping while trying to scroll the page and it’s just so many. I favorited a couple of development content now all I see is software development articles. May be those accidental claps.. I can’t take it back too.. The suggested content mostly paid content rest of it development and I’m kind of stuck in this loop. I would like to see a category selection page.
  • I frequently lose the article I am reading 3/5

    By Randall E.
    Mostly I like this app, I have even purchased a subscription. However, a major annoyance for me is that if I leave the app in the middle of an article and return to the app later it is not on the article was last reading. Really annoying. I read a lot of long technical pieces with code and I linger on them a while. Sure, I guess I could bookmark everything when I start reading, but sometimes I am interrupted unexpectedly and then lose the article. Of course, I am probably doing it wrong but I can’t see any resolution to this issue. I’ve trying logging in via my laptop browser and see if there is a reading history, but I don’t see one.
  • Good app, if ... 1/5

    By CloudFirst
    You think America (specifically the White, Male, Christian part of it) is the source of all the worlds problems. The content was ok a few years ago but over time I’ve seen authors banned, all their writings scrubbed, for positing lucid, well-crafted rebuttals to the often blatantly sexist and racist hard-left, group-think writings. If your beliefs lay anywhere to the right of hard left “content police”, your not welcome in this arena. Censorship over debate; the battle plan of the left.
  • App freezes regularly 1/5

    By Diveatron
    I've been using this app on my iPhone 5 and 4 times out of 5 the app freezes when I go back to the main screen. I would read an article, go back, and the app would freeze. This has been happening in in previous version as well. Please address this issue, because otherwise this app is pretty solid. Thank you.
  • Outstanding platform 4/5

    By Sharp Marble
    I love this app - this platform - for what it is AND what it can be. Can’t wait to see its evolution, balancing monetization with journalistic integrity and user experience!
  • Good , but an idea 4/5

    By Rickyhardrock
    I love medium and find great enjoyment in reading articles everyday so there was no hesitation to pay $5/month to be able to access more articles. The only feature I would recommend is, programming in to the app is an explore/topics section. Not only having the main page with one article from that topic that you’re interested, but being able to click an icon on the bottom and going to menu with all of the topics such as science or relationships or politics, etc. From there, being able to select that certain topic and see all articles from past and present. So that readers are able to have an opportunity to see more articles that they’re interested in at the moment.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Fhkor
    Great app. Love the fact it tells you how long each article takes to read. A wonderful collection of topics and thought starters.
  • Medium. 4/5

    By raypal45
    Fun to read. Very progressive leaning publication with some really crazy young writers who should live a little before expounding life philosophy. Fun to realize that most women don’t beat off. Should be rub off!
  • Fresh 5/5

    By bakoolguy2
    Medium is the freshness.
  • Discreditable software. 1/5

    By Lea0099
    I paid for the monthly membership. But I still can not read the articles. It wasted me lots of time contact with the help center of this software. But the problem is still there. And now no one take care of me anymore. It is a discreditable software.
  • Great app with a audible contents 5/5

    By HeyHyeHeyHye
    I’m having fun with this app - audio contents for subscribers are also enjoyable. I’m willing to keep my subscription.
  • What’s Medium? 5/5

    By Pnky Puff
    Medium is an app by writers for other readers and yes....writers. If you’re looking for fun, adventure and romance Medium has the ticket. Book your flight now!
  • I don’t want to write a bad review 1/5

    By p. picasso
    But when I click on anything, article titles, my navy at the bottom Nothing Happens. Ian’s then the app crashes. IPhone X and I am up to date.
  • nothing better 5/5

    By shivvachhani
    keep doing what you’re doing Medium team, i don’t ever write reviews but this app deserves it. this is my favorite app ever made for any platform, keep crushing it!
  • coolest app i have seen in along time. nice. thank u 5/5

    By Raven Hausman
    highly recommend this for language enthusiasts
  • Great ideas here 5/5

    By Phredmur
    The Medium app is a bazaar of interesting topics and great writing. I don’t love everything I read or agree with all of the articles. As it should be in a community of thoughts and ideas.
  • Android blogs are good and research type 4/5

    By spuram
    I go through the android posts for design patterns and android stuff The posts are very interesting and I find many interesting new things daily And based on my reading habits I get the same type of posts, which interests me in reading the posts
  • Dark mode 3/5

    By James Jenrette
    Please take time to remove the white loading screen when dark mode is enabled. Nothing like a bright flash to the eyes when the app starts to get me in the mood to read.
  • Not intuitive enough 3/5

    By Brosef87
    The concept and approach is great. HOWEVER ... the execution is NOT good. There’s no way anymore for me to easily access the particular magazines and topics that I care most about. For example, I love urban planning and want to go check out the latest articles on that topic and peruse recent articles from some top publishers in that genres. I literally have to go and search for those particular publications. Why? That’s so cumbersome! And not user friendly at all. You guys really need to revamp this app for a better UX/UI so that I can actually interact with it rather than having to scroll endlessly through my home feed until I find the stuff I care about.
  • A different kind of social media 5/5

    By Let Your Inner Shine
    I feel like I learn so much from articles on here. Most articles are short and quickly digestible with nuggets of wisdom. Anyone can write in medium so it gives you a lot of personal perspectives from people you might not otherwise encounter. If you want to expand your worldview, I definitely recommend Medium.

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