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Medium is made for you: people who are genuinely curious about the world and your part in it. From opinion pieces to interviews to in-depth reportage, photography, and features, Medium stories take many shapes, but always leave you with greater insight into the world. Our app features a clean reading experience designed to let you focus on the story (without an ad in sight) wherever you are, from your commute to your couch. You can read a select number of stories for members each month for free — or subscribe for $5/month for unlimited access. HOMEPAGE: The sheer volume of information on the internet can get to be too much. So in our app, we curate stories based on your personal interests and our editors’ picks of the best of the day. COLLECTIONS: Our editors package the best stories on Medium into multi-part collections that you can binge-read or savor over time. You can explore expert columns, multi-author anthologies, comprehensive explainers, and our monthly magazine. READING: Our app is designed to let you focus on the words. Bookmark stories to your reading list. Join the conversation by writing a response. Clap for stories to show writers your appreciation. If there’s a particular passage that intrigues you, highlight it for posterity. MEMBERSHIP: With a free Medium account, you get access to all these features — including all free stories on Medium — plus a select number of stories for members per month (the ones with a star next to them). If you upgrade to become a Medium member, you’ll get unlimited access to everything Medium has to offer: the smartest and most ambitious stories from the sharpest writers on Medium, audio versions of popular stories, and more. All for $5/month or $50/year. WRITING: For writers, we know inspiration knows no bounds — you can compose a new story on the go and then switch easily to your tablet or computer without a hiccup. Your Medium membership will automatically renew each month, and you will be charged $4.99 through your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current monthly cycle. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings up until 24-hours before the end of the current period, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions? Feedback? To get help, visit

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  • Medium is lit 5/5

    By @gabuchithegreat
    Still making up my mind about paying give the homie @gabuchithegreat a free trial I know you developers can see my comment find my account and press button real quick . Lool
  • Engaging platform for a short read everyday 5/5

    By Thelazyreader
    I love the app for how easy it is to read more about topics that I really interested in. Most of the articles are short but very informative to encourage creativity.
  • Love the app....but 4/5

    By UberAppleGeek
    I really love Medium and the great content it provides! Being able to read so many different points of view on different topics is great! It would get a 5-star rating except that it is annoying that you can't quickly see new posts by people you follow. I wish there were some way that you could just see content from everyone you follow. I like that they don't clog your immediate experience with only those you follow. If I'm missing a way to quickly see content from the writers I follow, please let me know. Otherwise, could you possibly add that feature in with the sidebar menu? Thanks for providing a great forum for writers like myself to publish our material, but also to discover new voices in the literary world! 👍
  • Great unconventional stories! 5/5

    By Jneckien
    I love reading the different topics of modern day life from others. And sometimes I read one that I can relate to, and it hits home.
  • Hate black 3/5

    By luckyzhabgx001
    The bottom bar s black color is extremely ugly
  • Gid M-K is a lousy liar 1/5

    By NoSh#t
    I’ve read the nasty misinformation that this writer disseminates to the Medium readers. He is a mouthpiece for Big Pharma, is academically and personally incapable of writing an unbiased conclusion despite the written available science in PubMed. He recycles the self-serving talking points like a good Big Pharma, Pro-Vax troll. Take whatever he writes with a grain of salt or better yet, wash your hands after reading the dirt he throws out to us. He is why I’m giving Medium 1 star.
  • The algorithm makes this a boring site 1/5

    By tiredofthesehoops
    The product has potential, but because of Medium’s penchant for only suggesting titles based on my “reading history,” I get nothing but dozens of articles by the same author, all on similar topics. No possibility of learning something new. Deleting app.
  • Worthless without expensive in-app purchase 2/5

    By RabbitResearch
    Expensive - virtually no free content. I chose not to keep the app but maybe it works for you.
  • Great 5/5

    By killadeez
  • always stuck 1/5

    By C. Y. TANG
    always get stuck
  • Amazing nav experience 5/5

    By meitoli
    Is very well done and have great articles about technology. My favorite app now
  • Amazing platform 5/5

    By usha dawn
    It’s been a few months since I logged in for the first time, and a couple weeks since I became a paying member. 2 of the best decisions I’ve made for the year so far. I am truly overwhelmed by the nature of what this platform offers to readers, and the number as well as the variety of excellent well written perspectives published on a daily basis. So many issues not just related to the perennial concerns about life but also current topical concerns that can help us to shift our perspectives and live more consciously and meaningfully. Medium has been life-changing for me and I’m certain the other members feel the very same way. Thank you for bringing this gift to us.
  • My new favorite app 5/5

    By kla8
    I stumbled upon the app by accident - I’ll thank google for stalking my keystrokes as it brought me here. I now have a plethora of amazing writers to engage with and articles that really cause you to open your eyes to the world — and some that are simply hilarious. I love it.
  • I appreciate you... 5/5

    By Guetcha
    I simply love everything about this site. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Doesn’t show dates of articles 1/5

    By Michael Petruzzo
    Broken garbage app with no business model so they make bad decisions all day
  • Worth it. 5/5

    By Whipper-In
    I started to read Medium post and quickly ran into the months maximums. There are a number of great post that are both interesting and helpful. You could find the information with a web search, but you have not to know that you want to do the search. Many of the topics are a good review as well.
  • Best $5 spent 5/5

    By XI VI
    First review I’ve ever made. I just wanted to say WOW, this app is life changing!
  • Remarkably intuitive 4/5

    By Wolfgang3D
    I can find my way through anything, even a dead end. With no prior knowledge or experience For such “ mental traffics,” MEDIUM helps enlighten and retrace the entire spectrum of the readers reality and creative emotional imaginative s. It’s the perfect rear view mirror to read about with yourself when no one else can reach you, and beyond. Unbiased and accountable for all frames of mind, it appreciates the topics as you will the journey through each article pertaining to your own life.
  • Fit & finish < 100% 4/5

    By WT9T
    There's a slight inattention to the app's otherwise impeccable detail: Auto layout for the iPad version (12.2) is relative to the root view of the home tab instead of the safe area. The audio and search items run into the reserved area for date, time, and status widgets. Yes, this is a bug report, I didn't see any other way to make one.

    By kimi333
    Every time I get an email from Medium, I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of articles I actually want to read. There’s lots of variety, many different viewpoints, and interesting content. It’s one of my favorite places to explore mentally stimulating articles!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Pace Pokemon
    This app is amazing it allows anyone to write articles and there’s no ads, I’ve only written one Article ( look for Jaxon Pace ) but I love it!
  • 🦋 5/5

    By AEM72b'ham
    They got Caitlyn Johnstone on here. ❤️
  • Too hard to find non-paywalled content 2/5

    By Alice Valkyrie
    I used to love Medium, and read articles on it quite frequently. However, about 95% of the featured articles now require a subscription. That would be slightly annoying but acceptable-if there were any way to filter your search to show only free content. Unless I’ve missed something, there’s not, which makes this app a nightmare to use for free users. With a search filter this app would get 4 stars. Update: I’m deleting the app, it’s currently useless to me because of the issues mentioned above. To add insult to injury, I can easily read most of the paywalled articles for free elsewhere (twitter, internet browser, etc.). If I decide to start writing on the platform I might re-download it. I’m not sure if I should bother, though, since Medium doesn’t seem to care about promoting their contributors who don’t put their content behind a paywall. It’s a shame, because Medium has so much potential to be a platform for everyone, but they’re currently wasting that potential.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ak_09
    Just simply amazing, it would have been great if they have more free stories.
  • Simply super 5/5

    By suni1612
    I really love the simplicity of website. The articles written are so valuable and useful to programmers.
  • Worse app for crashing on my phone 1/5

    By N!k0l3
    I love medium but your app is terrible. You can scroll and bookmark 3 or 4 stories and then it freezes for minutes or needs a reboot. I can only read a story part way through and same thing. The only app I have ever had that dose this and so noticeably badly. Fix your load times and the freezing issue. I thought future updates would take care of this but it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Hmmm, Today Grateful Appears To Be My Favorite Word... 5/5

    By Arana legs
    I am grateful, very grateful to have been given the experience of Medium. Every and any subject matter that I am interested in, Medium has an article or three. I find myself referring to the information I read on a daily basis. For me to be able to find the topics that interest and concern me, in a singular location, leaves me amazed and yes, grateful. Spend some time browsing. I believe there is info to be gathered and gained from the articles of Medium, for just about every one of us.
  • Won’t let me read anything 2/5

    By Not-Mozart
    I used to read a medium article about once a week. After downloading the app I’ve been unable to read any articles. I’m not really interested in supporting a business model where content creators are not paid anything for their work so I cannot buy into this. So sad.
  • The site is great, the app is lacking 3/5

    By TempestLuna
    This app is good for reading, terrible for writing. Drop down options are missing entirely, which means you can only edit, submit to publications, etc. from a browser, and cannot even see these options in the app. Also, the reading suggestions and recommendations via the app are repetitive and a bit buggy (and selecting the option to stop showing particular writers doesn't work).
  • not working 2/5

    By Chuckcun
    the app is not responding to the drop down about wanting to see more or less like is recycling stories i have already asked it no to show me...update the app!
  • Making me Write and Read 5/5

    By RACR1984
    So far love this app and overall system. Good that I don’t need to remember my password. :) However, still secure one. Categories are well defined and customizable. While writing ✍️ it does give me what exactly I need in the context of formatting text. Not like a Microsoft product of which I use 10-20% of features. I also liked the way it is extended with publications and all. Keep doing the great work and not add too many features which are not 100% utilized. 👍
  • Life changing! 5/5

    By GrannieGailAnnie
    My hair stylist mentioned her boyfriend was writing articles for Medium. This was a few years ago. I had not heard of Medium. I am addicted! So much good stuff that I could never read it all! Fabulous!
  • Move Search to Bottom Navigation 4/5

    By atulya
    I love the app and have taken the monthly subscription. My only complaint is the navigation where the search button is placed at the top (difficult to reach with the thumb) while the notification button (something I seldom use) is placed at the bottom.
  • FINALLY! Quality writing with a wide range of subject matter 5/5

    By QuickSam
    If you want to ease yourself off of social media, here’s the ticket. Do something nice for your brain and soul.
  • Just use safari 1/5

    By mediumAppIsTerrible
    Stop asking me to sign up when, I can just open up safari and read the articles that I need to “upgrade” for
  • Stay away from this trash.. 1/5

    By Afggggvcvvvgb
    Liberal garbage articles, which talk about how white people are bad.
  • Good content 5/5

    By EggVillan
    A haiku for Medium. Content ensuring Delivery alluring Medium my friend

    By CatCat53
    Open discussion and philosophical ponderings in easy-to-digest format
  • Bugs out on iPad Pro 1/5

    By CrackNiqqa CashDaddy
    Unable to switch between apps or use multi-tasking because the app goes blank.
  • Too big 5/5

    By Billctoo
    To adequately describe To fully understand To adequately appreciate To completely be able to say thanks for (this wonderful constantly growing, yet au courant collection of high quality writing) Still, thanks anyway ! Love it
  • Source of awesomeness 5/5

    By wahed zaman
    Quality article, needless to say, must have app if you want to learn something new and improve personal growth
  • Behind Web Version 4/5

    By cpinegar
    Medium is a terrific platform for readers and writers. But all the iOS version is lacking many important writing features only available on my browser on my PC.
  • Medium review 5/5

    By steakneggs333
    Love the platform it provides to write, share and learn from people of all walks of life. Truly appreciated and needed.
  • Can’t read anything without subscription 1/5

    By ArchJMG
    They forced me to delete the app. More and more articles can only be read by subscription when you can read other places for free. This would be like needing to pay a search engine for the results.
  • Thoughtful and useful articles of many subjects 5/5

    By benjito666
    From coding to djing to dying, I find so much useful, well written articles compared to the usual sea of internet mediocrity.
  • Overated 1/5

    By Coolxyzjajaja
    You now have to pay to read people’s opinion.
  • Do not purchase a membership 1/5

    By LinkToTheGabe
    I am unable to cancel my paid membership. Under the “Manage my Subscription” there isn’t even an option to cancel. I had to use google to navigate to the cancellation page. When I clicked cancel, the button disappears and throws a 400 error. I got charged this month, even after I submitted the bug with pictures. Don’t buy the membership.
  • Best in the world for deep thoughts from real people 5/5

    By GfxDesign32
    Highly recommend!
  • Useful 5/5

    By Terry NUGENT
    I read good writing here I wouldn't otherwise. I also try to write good reading.

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