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Medly App

Medly takes a new approach to the way music is made, letting both seasoned and new musicians make epic music. Just pick your instruments, draw notes, record & sing, and drag & drop one of over 1600 loops or samples. READY TO HANDLE YOUR MUSIC Medly breaks up your song into Sections that you can easily pick up, move, delete, copy, and link together to make loops. Then arrange your Sections, using up to 24 instrument tracks, to make epic music. INSTRUMENTS & LOOPS Start off with 16 free instruments and 100 loops. Unlock more across a variety of genres by becoming a Medly Member, with new sounds released every month. SHARE AND PLAY Quickly upload your song to SoundCloud, or share it as a video, audio, MIDI, or Medly file. You can also connect Medly to other apps using Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or play in time using Ableton Link. MIXER & EFFECTS Mix and customize your sounds using our built-in effects and filters. Add fades and pitch bends using automation, a graph editor that lets you change an effect over time. We’d love to know what you think about Medly. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at [email protected] † iPad App of the Year: Japan and South Korea iPhone App of the Year Runner-Up: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS Medly Member provides an all access pass to Medly's instruments, loops and premium features. New instruments and loops will arrive every second Tuesday of the month, with regular updates to premium features. Subscribe to either a monthly or yearly plan and receive a 7 day free trial. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renews and your account will be charged upon renewal, unless auto-renew is turned off in your Account Settings at least 24-hours before the current period ends. Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

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Medly app reviews

  • Good 1/5

    By meishalfhehcba
    I really love this game but since i cant give it ten stars here is a one star
  • Concern 3/5

    By Mrbdog30469
    The app is nice. I personally have my complaints here and there but that’s not the problem. I decided to try the 7 day free trial and afterwards decided it wasn’t for me. However when I went to cancel my subscription, it tried to take me to the apple app store which then gave me the “Fail to load App Store” How am I supposed to cancel now? Personally I fee as if you guys need to have a way to cancel FROM THE APP or at least have a link or something to allow such a thing. Also if any of the Devs wanna...ya know, help me out here I’d very much appreciate it. >.>
  • Please connect to different devices 5/5

    By 😡 MY MONEY!!!
    Please connect to Game Center or let it be possible to make an account because I made a really nice song, it’s on my iPad but I want it on my phone. I’m getting a new iPad and it’s painful to throw away the song and it’s really long so it’s going to take me ages to copy it on my new iPad.
  • Reasonable 5/5

    By Battle Star Galactica VII
    Good for working around ideas.
  • Great app! BUT....... 4/5

    By Jona111000
    Love this app great way to start making music but my only problem is that you only get a starter loop and every other loop isn’t free so it’s kind of hard to make a different genre of music that requires a different sound or beat:( please make the loops free I could understand why the developers put the other loops for members but if you can make all the loops free that are in the app right now and add more loops that are exclusive so people have to buy the loops not join a membership it would be so much better so just make all the loops free in the app then add new ones you have to BUY thank you Because there are other apps that all the loops are free and they add new ones like every week or so. You the developers would get way more people to download the app
  • A Good Start to Music Production...Not Perfect 3/5

    By Colderbo - Ben
    In essence, Medly is a good app. It’s a great place to start your path of music production, and it provides a lot of opportunities in trying different instruments, styles, rhythms, and so on. It has plenty of reasons to check it out, but as someone who has been using this app for almost two years, I think it’s fair to say that I have a grounded basis in my critiques of this app, which there certainly are. Aside from all the positives and venues to try new things in the music production community via this app, the negatives can really hinder your experience and make it less enjoyable. Firstly, there is a surplus of obnoxious glitches, many of which require you to restart the app every few minutes just to keep using it. Then of course, there’s the annoying subscription fee to try new instruments, which would be acceptable if this was not a beginner music production app. If it was more professional and generally much larger and of a higher standard of quality, I could understand this, but this app is not quite at that level yet, and is better off as a platform to introduce people to creating music. Moreover, most of the critiques I personally have involve a lack of opportunity. Some of my most common complaints arise from restrictions that honestly shouldn’t exist at this point in the production of this app. Making music feels constricted when you can only use 4/4 time signatures and only have a few registers to work with. I would find this app much more enjoyable if I had access to more opportunities in creating distinguished music: 3/4 and 5/4 time signatures, another register above or below for higher/lower pitched songs, the ability to speed up and slow down the tempo throughout the song - mostly basic music theory concepts that I feel should’ve been incorporated by now. In fact, if these issues and restrictions were addressed - if just a few, I believe I could easily look past some of the minor inconveniences from subscription fees and the glitches, as it would make the experience much greater for both experts and beginners. Ultimately, it’s a good app, but if I’m blatantly honest, it’s not much more than that. Until these new opportunities are incorporated or addressed, I can only see this app as “just good.”
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jhdgdhrhss
    I love the app it’s amazing you can make all kinds of music in it!
  • Free to One Time Purchase to Member 5/5

    By Euphoria MoonShine
    I got this app a little while ago, on the hunt for any music app besides the classic Garage Band, to make music and explore a lot of things without using a computer. This app does exactly that. I was so inspired I ended up buying the Band Pack for around $9.99, which was a great investment. I was pleased with the sounds and loops I received. Once the Medly Member was released, those one time purchases were gone. However, this app is such high quality and the sounds and loops they add are very much worth it. Therefore, I bought the Member, and I am VERY pleased. I highly recommend this app, and even without purchasing all the Membership, you can still have a lot of fun.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Zxues
    Real review from a real user. This app has sparked my creativity. The updates are frequent and improve in quality each and every time. I have no complaints! But I would in the future maybe like to see an expansion of mastering or eq (if its even possible) to make our final products louder and more professional on soundcloud or releases in general! Other than that thank you for giving me the ability to create again! ❤️ And dont stop on the sound packs! Keep em coming! ❤️❤️ Maybe some Riddim/Dubstep/DnB packs also!
  • Meh, I have a complaint. 4/5

    By Ahhr music: The ANMOLYS
    Man I gotta tell you this is a FANTASTIC app. But the fact that you have to buy EVERYTHING is frustrating. Can we have free stuff too?
  • Great 5/5

    By blow O
    I’m trying to make it out and this helps
  • Watered Down Garageband 2/5

    By chickensoup213
    I like this app and all, and it’s how I started writing music and putting it on SoundCloud, but why bother with this when Garageband is completely free and has more to offer? Don’t get me wrong, Garageband isn’t perfect by any means, but its more flushed out than this and is more well put together. So there isn’t any reason not to download this app but I feel as if people who truly want to get into music should go for Garageband instead
  • Hardstyle pack in August maybe?? 5/5

    By Codexatrix
    To be honest a lot of the people using Medly are making electronic music, and one genre that is really awesome is Hardstyle, plz add it, (or at least just some instruments and screeches for it)!!!
  • Really Good 4/5

    By A.P.W.Cool guy
    I’ve been reading some of the reviews about how “this should be free” or “why do you have to be member to get that”, but the response is plain and simple, Medly is a small company that needs funding to continue future operations. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s why I gave this app 4 stars. I get that you do need money, but I feel like at least one instrument pack should be free, I completely understand the reasoning if you are not able to, I just feel limited. The free trials of packs is a really good idea and I feel that listening to what is possible makes me want to be a member, but I just like to make little tracks so I’m not looking to purchase anything. In conclusion, I know I kinda sound like a choosing beggar but I feel there should be two starting packs. Now, I don’t know what all goes into making the instrument sounds, or how much it costs, so that also might be a factor in why the member option is important, but I hope you see where I’m coming from.
  • The only problem is the audio in he starter pack 5/5

    By XgamebattlrX
    The audio in the starter pack is amazing, it just lags a little bit and for some reason it’s (barely) faster than all my beats so it kinda sounds off beat, so could you probably text that out and fix that? AMAZING APP BY THE WAY KEEP IT UP!!
  • Nice app, a few requests 4/5

    By Ruegrall
    Very easy to lay down some cool tracks. I would even subscribe if it weren’t for the lack of a few things: 1. Non-standard time signatures like 5/4 or 7/8. Can’t do a remix of Holst’s Mars in 4/4 or 12/8 and have it maintain the same intensity. I’ve written stuff in 13/8. 2. Being able to copy multiple columns or several columns of a track at once. 3. Add a button to take you all the way to the end instead of having to scroll if you go back to the beginning for something. 4. User defined names for tracks 5. User defined names for columns. That way you can flag sections, particularly if your work is 100 columns long. 6. Max columns to 256. 144 is an odd and somewhat arbitrary number. Add all that stuff and you’ve got another subscriber. Otherwise I’m limited to a lot of straight 4 or 12/8 grooves which is ok but can be mundane. Great app otherwise!
  • Nice music maker app 4/5

    By Jeremyewhite
    I like this app a lot, but I really wish there was a feature so that you could record in something by hand instead of only being able to use what is already there. It would be great if this feature worked by using a MixPad to record your line into it, that would make my job a hell of a lot easier.
  • Amazing App, Want More Features 5/5

    By Chansante
    First off, out of all the music apps I’ve tried, this one is by far the best. It is EXTREMELY intuitive. I decided to buy the membership (which is shockingly affordable by the way) very quickly. There are a few things this app needs before it reaches perfection, but the most important of those things, in my opinion, is time signatures. That’s my number one request. If you aren’t working on it already, please add options for time signatures other than 4/4; it would immensely increase the utility of the app. You’d make me a subscriber for so much longer, maybe even for life.
  • Luv it 5/5

    By Fanbbdjdieejem
  • Complaint 5/5

    By Heidijfjxxjjccuuxuxxuux
    BRUH this app thingamajig is da bomb digidy. But you really gotta do it to em by not having them dank lit dab fam sounds my guy. BRUH. I’m finna tryina get them accordion and banjo and harmonica and harpsichord and Organ sounds my homeslice breadslice dawg. Legitimately though, I would actually really appreciate it if you would add those sounds. You should also add the ability to record your own sounds and use them as an instrument instead of just adding audio to the song. Great app! I use it all the time but PLEASE add those instruments! BRUH Hehe haha boi
  • Cuts my music 1/5

    By TechnologyMaster8
    It puts random cuts in my music when I try to save or share it. Fix this now or I will delete Medly - and give up on my electronic music career! I cannot find another good app for making EDM music! Trust me, I’m REALLY GOOD! And it sometimes glitches and when I start to test-play an unfinished song, it is quiet for one measure and then just SKIPS to the next!
  • How 4/5

    By wwtpan
    How do I record my voice??????????????????
  • Hardstyle!?? 5/5

    By Alvareasy
    I love this app and I’m constantly using it! I recently got into hardstyle music and it would be really cool if you guys added a hardstyle pack!!
  • Medly isn’t as great as it used to be… 3/5

    By Nakao123
    (This is an updated review) I used to really love Medly, but after the updates, I really didn’t enjoy Medly as much as I used to. All the packs are geared towards those with a taste in very basic modern pop-focused music. While I bought the first packs (classical, house, jazz, etc.), those packs are no longer available to buy. Others can’t use any synthetic instruments that sound like actual instruments other than piano. Also, the packs feel a little rushed. While there’s always an instrument or two that’s very unique, I really feel like a lot of the instruments are just slight variations of a previous instrument. In addition, there is still no way to compose songs with a time signature of 3/4. While I can still compose music with the same packs I used to own, I feel like Medly isn’t improving- especially if you didn’t buy the old packs. Also, I can’t export songs that I made when I had a membership containing member instruments. This is irritating and prevents me from listening to my own music. Medly was incredibly useful- it’s a great, easy-to-use system- but I feel like a wonderful platform has been thrown away by the new Membership system. If the packs were more diverse and detailed (perhaps improvements on old jazz and classical instruments as well as newer ones, maybe some traditional instruments, some synth that isn’t steeped in the rigid styles of modern pop), songs with member instruments were exportable, and the 3/4 problem was fixed, Medly would be wonderful again. (Perhaps a profitable way to purchase individual packs for those who don’t want a full membership would be nice, but the main problems I mentioned are the biggest issues.) Thank you for listening! Please restore Medly!
  • Took money 1/5

    By liaNova
    I accidently payed for a subscription i didnt want, 40 dollars was taken and there’s no way to get it back, i’m very furious and i tried canceling the subcriptiom, im stuck with something i dont wanna pay for, and i want my 40 dollars back.
  • Amazing but 5/5

    By pwkkwjsuhbobsyivsksjtc
    This app is amazing, I only have one complaint. I don’t want to pay a membership and would rather pay a one time fee.
  • I do like this app a lot but why have almost all music member exclusive? 5/5

    By Yungyup
    This app is awesome yet I do have one problem with it, almost all but the starter pack cost money that (as a kid) can’t use without getting in trouble with my parents for using their credit card XD, but getting back on track, I think maybe make some genres of music free to use
  • Music creation in the palm of your hand 5/5

    By AlyssaizBeast
    I have been using Medly for roughly a year and a half. As a music lover it is truly fantastic to be able to create at home or on the go. The frequent update of new packs is wonderful. There is lots of variety and the app as a whole definitely deserves five stars in my opinion. The only suggestion I would have would be to potentially have some further editing options on the sounds themselves in the future. To be able to personalize the music even more. Overall I am in love with this app and I am a weekly user. Thank you for creating this!
  • Used to be great, then it went downhill! 1/5

    By HydraYeet
    I loved this app. This music creator was great and I didn’t mind the Medly exclusive. Before, I had bought packs with money instead of the medly exclusive. For example the jazz pack, and the classical pack. Now I enter medly for the first time in a while and now I have NO ACCESS TO ANYTHING. I bought all the other packs and have no intent to spent money on a subscription. I’m writing this because I paid money before for these packs and now have to pay more since everything is medly exclusive. Please respond i find this odd.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By tya_fx4
    Without a doubt the most incredible mobile program for music production! Simple and easy to learn interface, great sound bank, perfect sample importing interface. Could not ask for a better app. (And most definetly worth the subscription)
  • Sad 5/5

    By cause of the lag
    medly i really like this app but every time i try to upload to sound cloud it won’t let me :( please help
  • Cool. 4/5

    By GhostlySnow
    Great app. Something I find a little disappointing is that 3 octaves is very limiting and I wish there were more octaves available. The app also crashes every time I try to export a song.
  • Request 5/5

    By LazyBonesPapyrus
    So I’m making a game (undertale fangame) and I was hoping that you could add a megalo pack? It’s a Megalovania soundfont and strings and bass and more. Thanks, if you add it. Just a request, you don’t have to add it.
  • This dev wants you to think you need to pay. 2/5

    By TheWrittenJazz
    Don’t buy anything. They say they have the best free offering on the App Store when there’s apps like audio kit synth one. How can you think yo I have the best free offering lol. Have you (the dev) even used these other apps? Why would you think you need to charge for the ability to loop? Ridiculous lol. I like the app too, I used it and tried the free 7 days, and all that did was reinforce how crazy it is to charge for the things they charge for. Instruments is one thing, simple features like looping is another. If you spend money on this app then that’s unfortunate as you could’ve just bought something actually worth the money like iMaschine or FL Studio if you really want quality. If you want free, audio kit synth one. Dev, you don’t need money the way you say you do, you WANT money. This app could’ve been developed by a high schooler in his free time with all the features for free.
  • Why 3/5

    By MEGAKAT64
    I like this game but like 99.9% of everything in it costs money. I don’t have money to pay for the good stuff! Please make more free stuff and or make some of the stuff already in it free
  • Easy to Use ^^ 5/5

    By CatsSayMeow1
    I’ve been using this app for over a year and I love it! It’s simple and easy to make music on this app. Though, I have a suggestion, is there anyway to change the beats per measure from 4/4 to 3/4? If not, it’d be pretty cool to add that feature. Thank you!
  • Features... 4/5

    By KDaWG_V2
    I’m a little sad that I can’t have all the cool stuff or it would be 5 star but good overall.
  • One bug 5/5

    By Jhcvdvjnhdcj
    This app is great for brainstorming. But just one bug... if I start from the last bar in my project and replay it, some of my notes won’t play. I was wondering if there is a way to share my project with your development team, since this is an easily replicable issue. I haven’t become a member yet, and currently using the latest version of Medly as of 6 days ago, with an iPhone 6S with iOS 12.3.1. Great app for quickly getting ideas down, though. Gonna use it more often :)
  • Hey Medly... 5/5

    By TheKuleFoxThatArtz
    Sorry for bothering you again, but I was wondering if there will be a chance you could add Overdriven Guitar soundfont? I’m know you’ll probably say no but I’m just making sure.
  • Dope 5/5

    By subsjx
    I gotta say this is the best app for makin’ a sick beat especially if you a beginner
  • Tetrahedron 5/5

    By Woody Cube Puzzle
    One down three to go
  • SoundCloud: Kha0tic 5/5

    By CowboysFan12345
    I’ve been using Medly for quite some time now and have even published a few songs through the app. Smooth, simple controls and a large variety of sounds/loops. My only complaint: The Dubstep sound pack is moderately underwhelming. When you compare the what you can do in Dubstep to some of the other packs, it pales in comparison. Would love if the devs would expand on the Dubstep pack or add another pack tailored to that genre!
  • Ihddejhrfeuhgeffhgsfyhjsdc 5/5

    By arthur david castel
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  • User response 5/5

    Ok, thank you. I also have an idea that I used for my first album. Again, Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍👍👍
  • just saw the demo 5/5

    By i love the things you guys
    i love tropical house but i cant get it because people says in my country it is dangerous, ive been downloading this since a month.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By N1000and1
    Is there a way that you could set up a system as to where people could vote for the monthly pack genre? Don't get me wrong I love the app and the variety of instruments, but the sounds do have a similarity issue. Too similar. A Tropical House Pack after already have a Dancehall Pack isn't the best idea to me (Especially since Dancehall is the biggest one). When you have many versions of basically the same sound, it started to feel oversaturated. If your team were to release a genre like Synthwave or Alternative/Indie, that would be amazing Other that little thing, the app is amazing, easy-to-use, and fun. I've used it since near the beginning and it has only gotten better.🤩🤘👏
  • Make Some Improvements 5/5

    By A_G_973
    I think the app is great. There is a large variety of instruments, and there are a lot of options to easily assist with creating a song, such as adjusting the tempo and key. However, I think the app would be better if you add the option to change time signatures. Also, there are only three octaves when you add notes, so I think it would be better if you added some more to increase the pitch range. Lastly, I think it would be pretty cool if you allow users to tie/connect notes into other measures, and add an undo option for mistakes. Overall, I think the app has some really nice features but could definitely use some improvements to make it even better.
  • Great app 4/5

    By sparkle unicon
    It is a great resource but holds you back a bit. But that is not a problem half the time and you figure out by doing that you don’t want to do you find what you really need. For songwriters it is sometimes a pain but for people who are just looking for a beat it’s amazing I do recommend it for most everyone.👍🏽 I personally do love it it’s amazing all the resources it has I could stay on it for hours and it makes you think I also recommend it for children. It allows them to think and work their brains while doing something fun.
  • Lol u shud make it all FREE 5/5

    By lostproductivity
    Just kidding. As a former developer I know it’s like pulling teeth making “munny” with freeboids. Well played with the new update and I look forward to trying it out.

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