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Medly App

Medly takes a new approach to the way music is made, letting both seasoned and new musicians make epic music. Just pick your instruments, draw notes, record & sing, and drag & drop one of over 700 loops or samples. READY TO HANDLE YOUR MUSIC Medly breaks up your song into Sections that you can easily pick up, move, delete, copy, and link together to make loops. Then arrange your Sections, using up to 24 instrument tracks, to make epic music. INSTRUMENTS & LOOPS Start off with 16 free instruments, and unlock 142 more across a variety of genres in the Medly Store. Combined with over 700 fully editable note loops and professionally recorded vocals and audio samples, providing near infinite possibilities. SHARE AND PLAY Quickly upload your song to SoundCloud, or share it as a video, audio, MIDI, or Medly file. You can also connect Medly to other apps using Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or play in time using Ableton Link. MIXER & EFFECTS Mix and customize your sounds using our built-in effects and filters. Add fades and pitch bends using automation, a graph editor that lets you change an effect over time. We’d love to know what you think about Medly. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at [email protected] † iPad App of the Year: Japan and South Korea iPhone App of the Year Runner-Up: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan


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  • Love it but there’s a problem 4/5

    By Efrasie121
    I love this app I make lots of music with it. The sound quality is amazing. I bought too packs. The master pack and essentials pack. They were amazing. But now all of a sudden I can’t use them. And now I can’t access almost all of my music. I go to the AppStore and it says the expansion packs are still purchased. What’s going on?
  • Bugs fixes to unfix(???), limits to delimitize(?). 4/5

    By HexComixCorperation
    + Add up to 64th and 48th notes. I feel held back by the lack-there-of of these options. + Add in actual, tangible copy+paste buttons (in note editor), as well as one for undoing and redoing. + Add ability to horizontally zoom into note editor for easier time with denser notes (if they are ever implemented). RESPONSE: I figured you’d be bringing back the undo button. I am more concerned with the fact that it was also gesture based when it was around and gesture based controls hate me for whatever reason. UPDATE: So the app updated earlier today and a bug that caused the Future Bass flutter synth to stop “fluttering” was squashed. Despite the issues it caused with other songs I already had made, it grew on me in just a couple minutes. Soon enough I had a great tune going with it, and I saw the update that would fix the bug. Now the song has been, in essentials, beaten over the head with a sledgehammer covered in butterfly stickers. So if you can bring that back without having to beat yourself over the head with a sledgehammer covered in butterfly stickers, please do. UPDATE: Exports have gone bad, several notes just don't play. For shorter songs (less than 10 bars) the second half does not render.
  • WOW 5/5

    By UpstreamLotus0
    Me being a YouTuber and in need of music, and my interest in making music, this is absolutely INSANE! I have looked everywhere for a good app to make music with but this has to be the one with most freedom and is the EASIEST to use. And once you make the music, all you have to do is export it to your files and input it to ANYTHING! It is absolutely awesome, thank you for making this...
  • Chords and sounds not working 3/5

    By hedaria
    I love this app! But sadly it has a issue with the sound. When I push play to hear what I did It tends to not play the chords and some of the notes, it cuts out. It doesn’t happen every time but in happens enough to be a problem. But over all it is an amazing app!!!
  • I love this app it's great 5/5

    By PlatinumCat50
    To buy all the instruments is pretty cheap and it's a really great way to make some cool different types of music. I only wish there were more things you change like the time signature and a wiser array of notes per key signature because there are a few songs I’d like to replicate and remix but I don’t have all of the lowest notes to be able to make the song
  • Dot needs to go 4/5

    By jpsi
    But it won’t
  • MORE DUB!!! 5/5

    This app is great. It’s a a super close second to fl studio. Honestly I use it more often. One thing I want though is that I would like either more dubstep drop audio clips or the ability to make your own dubstep drops and samples.
  • Good so far but 4/5

    By AxisGal
    Can you add an undo/redo button, and also a copy,cut,paste pop-up or buttons rather than automatic gestures? It often will paste by accident when I’m meaning to scroll or accidentally touch the boxes. Maybe add a lock toggle to keep stuff in place while scrolling or finding the right note. Also playing the note as you add it would be helpful to make sure you have the right one lol Import to garage band would be useful too. It would be fun to use these together. Making it have add-on compatibility would be neat. I love the graph layouts for this and the fact I can see all the notes at once rather than guessing.
  • Will it EVER let me open a new song?! 2/5

    By esf0107
    This app was going perfectly at first, but now it’s suddenly turned on me and it won’t let me open a new song. Please, please, PLEASE fix this!
  • Where the heck is E? 2/5

    By skinlessyak
    I mean, for me it would be easier if it was in the c major scale, But WHAT? I cannot find any good music making apps, And where the heck is E??? That is one of my most useful notes
  • Amazing, but this is a suggestion. 5/5

    By Creeptank030
    I love it! All the different sounds, all the different ways you can make music, all the combos you can make with the music, it’s just amazing... but there is only one problem with me, and it’s something I want content-wise. I want something like the “8-bit plugin.” Something like the “8-bit plugin” is essential for the music I want to make. I am an Undertale nerd, so I want it. Also, people should be able to upload sounds to use and there is an in-app currency you can buy or earn to get things from the store. This would be marvelous, but these are only suggestions. I think this would make you a tremendous amount more money, and us, as users of the app, would love it. Oh and we should be able to download FLPs, too. This would be awesome.
  • Amazing... Needs more instruments 4/5

    By ian.tills
    I’d like to start off by saying that this is a great app, and I’ve been using it daily for the past year now. I also bought all but the most recent pack. I love creating tunes with this app, especially since it has a nice variety of instruments. On top of that, it’s really simple and fun to use. The only thing wrong with it is that it’s still missing really important instruments. A few of these instruments are electric guitar and banjo. They do have a lot of guitars, but none to make a great riff, or creepy/hillbilly Left 4 Dead 2 feel. I believe that these instruments would be extremely useful.
  • Best musical app on the app store! 5/5

    By Esurk1074
    I have been using this for a year and it has gained my heart! Whenever I am bored. I’ll hop onto the app and make some simple tunes! But lately, I have gotten a bit better at making music, and would like to add my own lyrics to the songs I make. I find the audio feature very useful, but it is not really enough for me. I would love it if y’all could add a setting for the audio so it plays through the whole track, instead of just playing on a bar and then stopping. It’d make singing on the app a hella lot easier! Anyway, thank you for creating this app. It has been such an influence on my musical personality!!! 😜

    By 21aruble
    1. For me, the most relaxing thing I could do is composing music. I am in love with music and want to bring into the lives around me. When I found this app I couldn’t believe. It is hard to find good quality music making websites or apps that don’t cost money. 2. The app does have some in app purchases but I think they are worth the few extra dollars in my opinion. It ables you to have a plethora of instrument to use and all of them sound great. The in app purchases are not needed, they give you a starter pack in the beginning that has everything you need to make music. The app has a lot of fun ways of making music and it is pretty easy. 3. The one thing I could suggest to make this app even better is a tempo change option. This would be amazing to have and I think people would appreciate it so we can expand our music experience further. 4. The app does have some bugs were some notes don’t play at certain times and the app may close at random and delete some progress. But since then the app has had a lot of updates which makes it more usable for me. 5. I fully recommend this app to everyone so they can enjoy composing music as much as I do. Continue the great work!
  • App 4/5

    By JPhakvang
    You should let people enjoy the app by making things available and not having to spend money for different sounds.
  • Great tool to write music 5/5

    By fdjdcvuxz
    I’m a band nerd who also plays violin. I love music playing and writing. There is one problem. Writing sheet music on a computer is tedious. This app takes away the tediousness of sheet music and gives me a wide range of instruments to use
  • Works great yet very buggy 4/5

    By casey nutstat
    I love this app it is really fun, easy to use and sounds really good, however I have gotten a bug where the sound is gone and I cannot turn it back on. I have tried to manually adjust the sounds of the tracks but nothing works, I was having so much fun and would like to have this problem fixed!🙏
  • Great but subtle problems 4/5

    By Fanc-e roller
    I love making music with this app but when too much is going on the app just closes. Also it’s a little confusing moving around each measure.
  • Good but not for beginners 5/5

    By Pheonix217
    I really like this app but it'd be great if it was a little bit more easier to use, and if it could give you tips on making every note work together, then I will pay for the master thing. Really good though keep it up.
  • A great app for new artists 5/5

    By georgiagirl10
    A great app for people who are upcoming artists or people who just want to make music.
  • Good app 4/5

    By fluffguy61(
    This app is really good for beginners who want to learn how to make music or more advanced people who want to try something new. It’s easy to get into and make something that sounds good. My main complaint is that you have to pay for the other two options but it is understandable considering their are no ads. Other than that it is a great program for anyone
  • Great App! One flaw... 4/5

    By Inferno5_0
    I love using this app tp make music. Its very intuitive and its not a hassle to use. The one flaw of this app is that its only available for apple, not android. Ever since i switched to android i have not been able to get this app. I think it would be awsome if you could put this app on android also.
  • It’s not very usable. 3/5

    By Furyflame2
    Due to the function of the tutorial being removed, it’s very confusing for new players to use the app. It’s also possible to mess up the tutorial, and cause it to leave the tutorial when it’s not completed. This makes it so that only those who already know how to use the app can use it properly, and it becomes difficult for new users to make songs.
  • Reliable and Useful 5/5

    By SonicHero67
    Thank you for fixing it! The app is fantastic again!!!
  • Crash... 4/5

    By Lightspeed5260
    I only have one problem with this app. For some reason it tends to crash while I make music, and I have no idea why. Besides that, it’s a good app!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Brosies
    This is the BEST music making app! I’d probably recommend getting the full version even if it’s bad, because I think that the makers deserve money for this AWESOME music making app!
  • On problem 4/5

    By MagmaNinjaPro
    I REALLY love this app, but there's one problem: when you do hundreds of notes and many deferent instruments in the same measure, the sound does not produce very well. I hope you will fix this very soon!
  • About perfect!!!! 4/5

    By Electric Beast
    This app is amazing and pretty much the only app I ever make music on. I love it and appreciate the effort that went into the new update. However, I have a few ideas for maybe the next update? First: An expansion to the Master Pack. It is amazing and just about perfect, and it feels like I make official music with it. A few ideas though: Maybe some kind of electronic horn? Something commonly heard in EDM drops. Just an idea, I havent really thought it through that much. Second: New FX drums. I love the FX drums we have, but maybe some new ones would be nice. Maybe with some more up & down FX. Just a thought Thanks! ;)
  • Really fun and addictive but.. 3/5

    By judegustilo
    Whenever I try to edit my music while it’s playing, it just randomly crashes out of no where. Then when I go back to my music, it’s suddenly gone.
  • Absolutely Amazing 5/5

    By Exploding Labs
    Complex at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s great!
  • I’ve always wanted something like this 4/5

    By Imanoodle144
    This app is great for making the best music in really good quality. It has some notable bugs but it’s this app is my best way of making music which is why I give I four stars.
  • More slots 5/5

    By Debra77777
    Can there be 250 slots in the next update?
  • Not downloading 4/5

    By LegoDashr
    I tried a bunch of times and it won’t download but I had it before and it is great.
  • Good synths, very cheap workstation 2/5

    By Reykjanes Jane
    This app has great synths! I love the variety of sounds provided. However, there is also a massive pool of “mix and match” chords available. It takes away from the creativity aspect of making electronically based music! You can practically pitch an entire track from what’s just provided! It’s not really a music “maker”. Its a decent DAW, but with absolutely horrible controlling. It’s so hard to create melodies! The solution to said problem seems to be by publishing pre-made chords for users to add to “their” tracks. On top of that, applicable effects to the synths provided are very minimal, and you cannot bear a preview of the synth you’re going to add to the track! It’s so time consuming to insert every individual sample. It would seriously make things more user friendly by providing a playback feature.
  • Random Crash 5/5

    By Enderguy45
    Every so often, my app crashes and erases my last, 30 secs-ish of work. And if it crashes once in a session, the likelihood of it crashing again increases. Could be a result of the nearly 100 songs I’ve written? If you guys can somehow track down the crash through thousands of lines of code, I’d be amazed. Other than the crash, I love the app. (Evidently, since I’ve made about 100 songs.) 👍🏻
  • WOAH 4/5

    By ylnk
    I’m a student, NONONO not a collage student, a middle school student. Me and my friends like to work together to make books and pitch TV show and comic ideas all the time. Around a year ago I found this app. Which made life so much easier. Now, are little cruddy TV shorts have sound track made by me :D I think medly is great. But two things that I might recommend: 1. Maybe the ‘help’ section should be a little more thorough over a few different things. Like how to do stuff like voice record. 2. The sample music for the bass or the pluck or something should be usable too. I cant remember how many times I listen to one and then try to match it up with others, and pretty soon I have a dog in my head but I can’t really put it together because I can’t figure out how to recreate something. :( Other then that, at great!!
  • Can’t recommend enough! 5/5

    By jiffy church
    It is amazing. You can make amazing things with midi, stuff that sounds like it was made by Vitallic. And with the preset audio you can make stuff that sounds like it was made by skrillex. It is amazing!
  • I LOVE THIS!! 5/5

    By Fl4meBe4st
    I love this because I can you use it even if I don’t have internet and because I do YouTube it helps me to make beats for my songs and I like the selection of all the things I can use
  • Really good app but... 2/5

    By Mrcool631
    It keeps crashing in the current version. Not to mention every time it crashes it deletes tons of progress. Other than that it’s fun and works well. Hope you have 20$ or so to buy all the instruments.
  • Something needs to be fixed 4/5

    By BruhItz_Jack
    I’m not gonna lie, Medly is a great game! I just started and it’s already 4 stars! But, one of your pre-made songs called Gallop, is great at the beginning, then towards the start of the middle, I thought it was going to be better, but then it glitched and made it sound like a broken robot.
  • 100/10!!! 5/5

    By Mr.Killjoy911
    Love every single bit of instruments you’ve added since the update. But as for the visualization when uploading it in “video” form, I was hoping that maybe on the next update, you could add some different visuals, for example (spectrum bars, maybe adding text to the visuals to make it look bumping with every beat...etc.) But other than that, I love it! Hope you could read through my options... 😄👍🏽
  • Amazing 5/5

    By turtlepup636
    Easy to follow and how good your dinner is actually depends on are talent and skill. Something most apps don’t have.
  • Good app 5/5

    By XitlaZ
    Thanks for the update. Next update will be instrument creator. And dot will show you how to do it every time. dot singer will be available as part as the starter colecten.
  • Great music app 5/5

    By The.rckr
    This app has amazing sounds and music packages. It is fun to use, and pretty simple to understand. It comes with a free starter pack, but if you want you can buy more. Prices range from 2.99$ to 9.99$.
  • Saving songs 5/5

    By Mango2244
    When I save songs to my photos it makes them sound bleepy and it’s annoying because the instrument I was using was piano
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Shahzaibo
    I’ve tried a lot of different music making apps but they all either have paid access for everything or there just bad. But this one is good in so many different ways I love the features and how easy it is and especially the fact it’s all free! There’s very little you have to pay for in this app I’m using the free version but it’s still amazing!
  • Whatever this is??? 1/5

    By forbiddenfruitIII
    Music selection is garbage and app has no reason for being. A superfluous app is what I call it. You can do this same things on so many other avenues so why pay the money for this. Oh well its not for me.
  • Best Music App EVER! 5/5

    By Misha Willis
    Though there are some adds, this is an amazing app if you’re talented (unlike me) and like music. I use it just to try to make a simple chunk of something. I wouldn’t even call it music.
  • Keeps bugging up 3/5

    By Jdjejehdud
    This is great app to make music on (if you pay) but the more I use it, the more it pisses me off. I can’t just relax on making music because when you play the music, all kinds of glitches would happen. Some notes won’t start, some notes won’t stop, and usually I would fix it by stopping the song and playing again. It used to work the first time, but now, more often, it would take me 5-10 tries for the music to actually play correctly. To add to the fun, the line that is SUPPOSED to follow the music will now jump to the middle of the page or just not show up at all. This app can’t be a four if I can’t make music without me trying to throw my phone across the room. PLEASE FIX SO I ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH THIS APP THAT I HAVE ALSO PAID FOR!!!
  • 1 thing 4/5

    By Hdjjdjdjfk
    The only thing you need to work on is making it so you can make it sound just like the samples if you know what I mean 🤤 really good app 👍 but other than that GEEETTT THISSSSSS APPPPOPPP😂

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