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  • Current Version: 5.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Medly Labs Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Medly App

Medly takes a new approach to the way music is made, letting both seasoned and new musicians make epic music. Just pick your instruments, draw notes, record & sing, and drag & drop one of over 1400 loops or samples. READY TO HANDLE YOUR MUSIC Medly breaks up your song into Sections that you can easily pick up, move, delete, copy, and link together to make loops. Then arrange your Sections, using up to 24 instrument tracks, to make epic music. INSTRUMENTS & LOOPS Start off with 16 free instruments and 100 loops. Unlock more across a variety of genres by becoming a Medly Member, with new sounds released every month. SHARE AND PLAY Quickly upload your song to SoundCloud, or share it as a video, audio, MIDI, or Medly file. You can also connect Medly to other apps using Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or play in time using Ableton Link. MIXER & EFFECTS Mix and customize your sounds using our built-in effects and filters. Add fades and pitch bends using automation, a graph editor that lets you change an effect over time. We’d love to know what you think about Medly. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at [email protected] † iPad App of the Year: Japan and South Korea iPhone App of the Year Runner-Up: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS Medly Member provides an all access pass to Medly's instruments, loops and premium features. New instruments and loops will arrive every second Tuesday of the month, with regular updates to premium features. Subscribe to either a monthly or yearly plan and receive a 2 week free trial. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renews and your account will be charged upon renewal, unless auto-renew is turned off in your Account Settings at least 24-hours before the current period ends. Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

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Medly app reviews

  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By thedosgerssuck
    I found this game amazing when I found it. I got addicted very quickly at how cool it was. Although I don’t like how you only have 2 song for the starter pack. I recommend adding more starter packs to make the experience for beginners very special. Another recommendation is not monthly pay but a price for each music pack. overall though I think this game is very well made and I’m glad I could find something as good as this to make Music.
  • Sideways 2/5

    By Lendary 123
    Female Voices backup
  • If you don’t have money Don’t get this 1/5

    By Rekred
    I made my own song but then if you want other things than the begginer pack don’t get this app
  • Including Members for Awesome Instruments!!! 5/5

    By 3D Jacob
  • Won’t send as mp3 4/5

    By the gaming dij
    Hey I love this app a lot it’s really good and it’s just amazing, but there is a issue when I try to send a song I made to a friend from messages and he doesn’t get it fix this and get back to me when you can thank you
  • Subscription 😐 2/5

    By 000160394
    I’d rather delete the app rather than pay an annual fee
  • Thanks you guys 5/5

    By DnoDaBeast
    Had a problem with my past purchases not showing up when I transferred my content to a new iPad and originally changed my five stars to one start, a simple email to dev and Shazam problem fix thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.
  • Perfect music app 5/5

    By youngcamzproductions
    Excellent quality
  • You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me 4/5

    By Iron Ranger Computer Pioneer
    Whenever I update the Medley app, it keeps kicking me off my membership. When I try to restore the purchase, it says, “Sorry you much be signed into the Apple ID you used to purchase the app” but the thing is, I am signed in to the right one.. This has happened twice now, I have to re-backup all of my songs to a laptop, delete the app, redownload the app, hit restore, move all the songs back onto the app. It’s a very tedious process. Overall, the app is wonderful! I would just like to be able to use the instruments I have purchased. Thank you!
  • Great for being free other than in app purchases 5/5

    By ExplodingAnvil YT
    This app works great for making beats and is a fairly simple and easy platform to use. Used it to make a _____ lasagna remix. #SubToPewds
  • Ok 2/5

    By Mr2K
    It’s a fun app and has a lot of beat packs but the beat packs I want to get are locked and I can’t them unless I subscribe and spend way more money than I want to
  • Good but don’t have enough 1/5

    By Lpasz
    The thing is they have good sounds but don’t have enough instruments like GarageBand. They are trying but if they want to start charging us, they need to provide more. They need more authentic sounds and less robotic sounds, like guitar and piano. I wish they had more in the sound library, and I wish they didn’t charge monthly for what other free apps already have. Stop subscriptions and let us just buy the packs if we like them
  • Oh baby I am ready for the update 1/5

    By nealnixon
    It march
  • Just one complaint. 5/5

    By FanGirl218
    I have used this app to write some songs, and it has a variety of instruments. That’s what I love about this app. However there is a very small selection of scales, and the app doesn’t have all the notes in the normal scale (A B C D E F G and the sharps and flats.) I don’t know how to explain it but I hope I explained it well. Please add a “scale” that has all the notes. Thank you, and have a good day/night.
  • Good app 4/5

    By pythongaming
    Can you please add this app to google play?
  • Nice app, can you add time signatures? 3/5

    By Riverguard42
    You’ve made a pretty nice app, and it’s really easy to make stuff in common time but could you customize it so we could make something in, say, 5/8? It’s kind of annoying having to go across measures and such. Thanks Galen
  • Not what I really wanted 😒 1/5

    By Noob comments
    Thanks for ruining my music making thing , I wanted to post a song and there’s really no DIY make your own sound , I thought this was cool , I downloaded it but nothing my favorite was there Next time , make this app something cooler
  • Great music app, but... 4/5

    By .,...,.....,.
    I love this music app for how easy it is to use while still making quality music. However, you must pay a membership fee for any sounds outside of the starter ones. You can work with the starter sounds, but it gets tough at times when I find a perfect rhythm for a sound I don’t have yet because I didn’t pay for it, and have to substitute it for something worse sounding. If you see this, then please add more free sounds.
  • What a waste of space 1/5

    By Qmazing914
    Anyone that was looking for a great app to make music then you aren’t looking for this. This app gives you only the worst and horrible sounds for free and all the great instruments cost money. It’s not like you can just buy that set, you have to become a member to access anything and being a member cost $34.99 a year. I’m waiting until i can just buy the set
  • Music and make more videos on YouTube 5/5

    By huntyroket
    Yeah so do it!
  • I love it 5/5

    By knownlotus
    I love it, I’ve been using it for as long as i can remember it was my first step into music and was good to start out. I recommend it.
  • Don’t like the subscription 1/5

    By Slidwich
    Please revert it to the pay per pack, lots of people are wanting this!
  • This app is a great way to waste money 1/5

    By Alwaysdtf
    If u own a iPhone ...For 10$ get iMaschine and you’ll be much better off with much much more potential as well as sounds
  • It’s great 3/5

    By ralphs house
    It’s great you make beats all day little to do during your break at work but one thing killed this for me there’s no beat pad that comes with this app I’m really into those and other apps just like this have it but this one doesn’t they should consider adding one
  • The membership was a weird move 3/5

    By JoshuaW2002
    You should let us keep the packs that we got with the membership even after we’re done with it. Like if I got the dance hall pack and then the membership is over, I can still keep it.
  • Amazing but lacking in very MINOR ways 5/5

    By unanimously vauge
    This app is amazing, but it is lacking an oboe and minor things like that. I love this app and use it all the time
  • Dear Devs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By Jaden Nettles
    Dear Devs, this is such a productive and amazing app, mind you, app. It is hard to put into words. You guys created the best mobile music-making app, ever. ⚠️ But I need to see a hip-hop based kit! ⚠️ I love all the genres and I genuinely how next months’ pack will be a trap/hip-hop themed one with hard hitting 808s, and all the other necessities for a modern hip-hop song. -N7MBUS
  • good but one thing i would have liked 5/5

    By 404.error:null
    first this is good at music making, the starter pack is nice and good. but i would like if a pack of instruments would be .99 for permanent or 2.99 for permanent cause i don't like trials they are not good. anyway thanks thats just one thing i would have liked. ok bye.
  • Very great app but... 5/5

    By ConstantlyCrashingAppslol
    I would guarantee a large quantity of people that use this app are still on school. Making a subscription service completely ruins everything for most people that don’t have jobs (the people that are in school). I preferred paying 10 dollars for each pack of sounds. I get you guys want to make it “easier” but I don’t see how it’s easier, and I’d guarantee you guys would make more money if you just went back to packs (especially if a new pack is introduced every second Tuesday of each month). Sorry to say 💀 I love the app but no type of subscriptions pull me in regardless of what they have to offer. I’m not hating on the app, nor the subscriptions, I really love the app.. I just don’t think subscriptions are the way to go. When I first saw new packs I was like “yay I’ll definitely buy them!” Just to come to a realization you now need a subscription to use them.
  • BEST APP EVER!, but one issue 3/5

    By best show ever🦄🦄🦈🦈🦈
    This is the best music app I have ever gotten. I bought all the packs and got medley member. Now it seems like a waste of money. Every time I try to play a song, half way through, the music stops and I have to find the space I was in and start playing it again. And when you thought I couldn’t get worse, whenever I try to edit a song, it freezes and it exes me out of the app. I know you might be thinking that I tried one but no. I’ve tried for three days. I hope that you can help make some changes. Also when I try to cancel my subscription I go on to settings and do all the stuff I’m supposed to do, and when I get to edit subscriptions, nothing appears. O hope you can fix this because my first bill is coming up soon and I can’t afford it. Maybe you shouldn’t put the subscription and trial at the same thing. You should have free trial and then, different button put monthly membership or yearly membership. Thank you for reading this and I hope you can fix these problems or ill be due 283747747373732772 dollars and my arenas will kill me.thx
  • Very nice music app 5/5

    By Defender_YT
    This is great for beginners, and lets you experiment with the available tracks, and pro’s can make some awesome music with the ~100 instruments for quite cheap. Of course they offer the starter kit as well witch is pretty good.
  • Good at a first glance, but.. 2/5

    By IntellectualMemes
    I thought this was gonna be a decent, free and open app but nope. 211 out of about 235 instruments are locked behind a $5 per month or &35 per year subscription. I’m on a tight budget because I have a minimum wage job, so I simply don’t have enough money for extra expenses such as this. If you’re like me, I recommend waiting until there’s a more affordable way to get content. I’m not saying everything should be free; I get it, developers need money. But I’d like it to be more like Launchpad, where it’s $3 or so for a pack. You’d still make plenty of money devs, albeit a lot less. Bye.
  • I love it so much but one more thing 5/5

    By hilol983
    Can you add a new instrument vox. vox instrument: hehehe vox instrument 2 how and last vox instrument snaked
  • Add a new instrument 5/5

    By trey0837
    Add vox
  • I love the future bounce 5/5

    By best intros
    It’s a really good update it made me dance so much that I made every future bounce song longer. Really cool music
  • Love it 5/5

    By Espn watcherak
    This review was written when the dancehall pack was most recent. Love the bonus stuff! Spill it, Medly. What’s the new pack TOMMOROW?
  • It’s ok... 3/5

    By Carrie'D-Way
    I really like this app but I want the recent updates to give me more music for the pass I already paid for, not some new pass that requires me to pay again.
  • Not everyone can afford to pay month/yearly subscriptions 3/5

    By noahmccorkle1
    Overall this app has an amazing interface and assortment of sounds that blows any other music making app. Literally 10 minutes into exploring this app I was ready to buy packs. However, I quickly realized that new packs are only obtainable through subscriptions. Since I am a teen I can’t possibly pay monthly/yearly rates especially if I don’t get to keep using the packs after the subscription ends. Medly please consider bringing permanent in-app purchases back.

    By Antonio gameing
    This is by far the best app I have ever downloaded you have to get it
  • So close 1/5

    By That_Guy_Who_Likes_Music
    I wanted to give this 5 stars, I really did. Such a great concept, near perfect execution, but just one thing ruined the whole thing for me. Dlc packs don’t bother me, I wanted to buy the classical pack myself, but NOW; I can’t buy them individually and have to sign up for a membership. I nearly exploded in rage when I realized this. It honestly pains me to see apps founded on good ideas decide to care more about profits than the consumers. You were this close medly, this close to 5 stars.
  • Amazing app!!! 5/5

    By jacksplash 101
    THIS APP IS AMAZING... it’s free and it’s pretty easy to learn and once you play around for a week or so you’ll be able to make some pretty awesome music... I knew nothing about making music before I got this app but you don’t need to... I would get this app... it’s probably the best free music production app out there
  • Not worth your time! Get Auxy Studio instead. 2/5

    By Vj starr
    This is a decent app for music making, as long as you don’t plan on making it sound GOOD. The method of viewing scenes is trash because you can’t easily have the same loops in multiple scenes with that tiring copy-paste garbage. Medly features 10 or so instruments for free, and honestly, the selection is inferior to Auxy’s 30 amazing demo sounds, with customizable high pass and low pass settings, reverb, flexible delay settings, and TONS more. Don’t even get me started on the cruddy beat sequencer. You have ZERO control over individual drum sounds and there is no drum set for hip hop or future bass. Please, don’t get this app. Get Auxy.
  • Solution! 5/5

    By SorryBut...
    Edit: I just want to say, I’ve found a way around the synthesizer problem. If you want to know, I just take two different videos of the same song: One of all the instruments except the synthesizer, and one with only the synthesizer. I then put them together in iMovie, and just raise the volume of the synthesizer video (audio works too). Now that I found a solution, I’ll admit that I never stopped using this app, and I never want to. Even though I thought I’d never get past this problem, I made new songs and realized I still treasure this app a lot. So, I’m still using Medly, and found a way to make it work. ❤️
  • Great 5/5

    By Thatoneboi1
    This app is great thanks Medly, I was gonna buy do studio mobile then I can across this, maybe add one more free pack tho
  • Amazing app but membership isn’t necessary 5/5

    By challenk
    This app is the greatest things of my life. I love all of it. Every single piece of it. The way the app works easy and simple to learn and use. And the amount of sound bites to use is plenty and they all sound amazing. My favorite pack is Master! But, sadly I can’t not use it. See, ones you download the app, the pack you start with is the starter and to get any more packs, you have to pay money. Now I would be fine with this if you could retrieve these packs by being given an option to buy as an in-app purchase or as an add-on in the App Store, but nope. I have to pay for a membership. Let’s just list some possible Scenarios that could happen: “1. I’m too young and I don’t have a credit card. 2. I don’t want to add my credit card to my phone cause someone could hack it. 3. I can’t pay for that.” Can guys please change the way I got to pay. Thxs!
  • Dot is back 5/5

    By XitlaZ
    Thanks for the update. Next update will be instrument creator. And dot will show you how to do it every time. dot singer will be available as part as the starter colecten.
  • Go back to the old Medly! 4/5

    By Frogyy persoooooon
    The one thing I miss about the old medly is not having to sign up to get more soundfonts! And they really seem to be avoiding adding any Metal or Heavy Metal or any Classic soundfonts used in more popular songs and stick to ones that really mess up my music! Other than that, its great and the next FL studios!
  • Sounds like a stupid arcade music machine, 1/5

    By Universe Observer
    02 Feb 2019 I can understand the outrage of previous owners with Medley having switched over to a subscription model from paid sound packs. Frankly, the sound that this app generates is terrible and the instruments sound like something one would dig up out of an old toy box. It maybe OK for generating music to be then ported over to a better DAW; but, I sure as heck would not post anything that sounds this bad to SoundCloud. The only way to get a better sense of what instruments may sound like is to get a subscription. You can’t ever play a test sample first. The other way is to go to SoundCloud or YouTube and listen; but, don’t be surprised if it just sounds as cheesy as well. NO RECOMMENDATION FROM ME.
  • Folk? 5/5

    By Little_Big_Big
    My favorite app by far! Do you guys plan on adding any folk/country type things? Harmonica/banjo and stuff like that? Love this app so much!

Medly app comments

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