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Meet Mobile: Swim App

ACTIVE Network’s Meet Mobile transforms the swim meet experience for fans, swimmers, coaches and meet hosts alike. From the largest national qualifying trials in the country to the smallest swim meets, get access to meet programs from all over the world, including heat sheets, psych sheets and real-time results. Download Meet Mobile now to follow your favorite swimmers and swim meets. Fans • View results, anytime, anywhere* • Quickly find swim meets with robust search functions • Track swimmers and teams in real-time, even if you’re not at the meet • Flag your “Favorite” swimmers and teams to find them easily • View real-time heat results along with cumulative and subtracted splits* • View overall swimmer and relay rankings for each round of each event* • Check real-time team scores* • View records and time standards • Share your event via email, messaging, Facebook or Twitter Swimmers • View psych sheets prior to the meet or during an event • View heat sheets** • View estimated event start times • View swimmer’s list of entries, completed results and points scored Coaches • View psych sheets prior to the meet or during an event • View each swimmer's results along with cumulative and subtracted splits* • View relay results with swimmer names and splits by leg* • View heat sheets by heat and by individual** • View estimated timelines by event and individual • Check real-time team scores* • View custom heat sheets and results filtered to show only your team members** Meet Hosts • Offer mobile results for all your meets • Push out the event schedule and psych sheet information prior to the meet • Share estimated timelines for the start of each event • Get exposure within the app when people search for criteria that match your meet • Make fans, swimmers and coaches happy by offering meet access from anywhere in the world, in real time • Let fans send your meet viral as they share their favorite swimmers’ results instantly via Facebook, Twitter, email or text *Meet Results Meet results are available as an in-app subscription. Your subscription includes access to swimmer times, splits, scores, and more at meets where meet hosts and officials support the publication of results to mobile with HY-TEK Meet Manager - the most widely-used swimming management software in the world. Can’t find your meet? Waiting for meet results? Ask the meet host to update to version 4.0 or higher of HY-TEK’s Meet Manager and post the meet program and meet results to Meet Mobile. HY-TEK does not control and cannot guarantee the availability or accuracy of meet programs or meet results. Meet Result Pricing Subscribe and gain full access to meet results, including cumulative and subtractive splits. Monthly subscriptions are offered at Apple Tier 5 pricing ($2.49 USD). Annual subscriptions are offered at Apple Tier 14 pricing ($6.99 USD). Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless your subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes & App Store Account Settings after purchase. **Heat Sheet Pricing Heat sheets are often distributed freely, but meet hosts may charge for access to heat sheets in Meet Mobile. HY-TEK does not control heat sheet pricing, and any price indicated for heat sheets is not included in the meet results subscription. All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of ACTIVE’s privacy policy. More details can be found here:

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Meet Mobile: Swim app reviews

  • slowwwwww 1/5

    By indonesia is cool
    this app is wasting my time. it takes around 5 minutes to load each page: the meet page, the session page, the event page, and the swimmer page. Therefore finding out how 1 swimmer did in 1 event takes around 20 minutes. it is a waste of money and a waste of my time. i highly recommend using another app that doesn’t take this much time to load.
  • Could be great 4/5

    By Petty0522
    I truly like this app. However, it does not always update. For example, I went to a meet this weekend and as of today (Monday), some of the events still have not updated. It’s annoying, especially when you are eager to see your children’s times. Please fix so this could be the bestest app ever!
  • I want to love this app 3/5

    By Mo5849
    I really want to love this app. And when it works, I do! But it is very inconsistent. I’ve had the app for about a year, updating when available. But yesterday at a meet was a typical experience. For most of prelims in the morning the app was current and posting results almost immediately. But for finals? A completely different story. Some events have current results and others remain “in progress.” In fact, this morning the results of the 100 back, 200 IM and 200 fly are still “in progress.” And no, they are not the last three events- they are events 3, 5 and 8 out of 10 events. So many teams use this app to post their events that you are kinda forced to use it. I just wish it was accurate and timely ALL (or even MOST) of the time.
  • No family sharing? 2/5

    By Dfernand120
    Bought the annual membership in this app thinking my son and I could both use it. The description in the App Store says it supports family share. Turns out the information in the App Store is deceiving. Even though the app says it supports family sharing, the paid subscription is not shareable. So if more than one family member wants to see the meet results each has to pay for the subscription. And without the subscription the app is useless. So if you have kids swimming and you and them want to see the meet results be prepared to pay for multiple subscriptions at the same time. I cancelled my subscription.
  • Read this! 3/5

    By Adddison ❤️💙💜💚
    Overall, this app gets 3 stars because sometimes my meets don’t show up. Also, I don’t have the premium version so I can’t see all of my times if I do find my meet.

    By dhfkrind
    Do not waste any money on this App. I get race results faster and more accurate from from my Swim Club. The results from my Swim Club may be emailed out or posted anywhere from 8-48 hours after the swim meet has completed and it is still quicker than this App. If your purchasing this App to get instant or faster results this App will NOT provide that for you.
  • Spinning and spinning 2/5

    By Fixxxthisapp
    This used to be a great app but all it does now is spin and spin and spin and it’s basically useless. Please find a fix so that it runs faster and I can get some real use out of it.
  • Meet Mobile 4/5

    By CarterG123
    Not everyone is going to agree with me on this, but this app is not that bad. In fact, I would go to measures to say that is it very decent. There are some changes that would make it better: speed, delay, updates, etc. (But you cant expect an app to be perfect). People need to stop being so harsh on this app. Perfect 4 stars in my opinion
  • Will not let you unsubscribe 1/5

    By KurtVA
    Directions to unsubscribe are inaccurate. No option to unsubscribe. Truly unprofessional.
  • Five stars 5/5

    By BreannasRatings
    Great app I am a swimmer and love using it!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Jcarrkc
    Terrible app. Slow, glitchy, and unresponsive.
  • The app is great when it works. 3/5

    By swimDora
    When the app is updating as the meet results are submitted, everything is wonderful. It is really frustrating when there is a patchy display of completed and not started events, which tells that’s the Meet Mobile malfunction and not the meet officials fault. Please fix that. This is not a free app!
  • App Nit Working! 1/5

    By Hammer-tech
    I’m a coach trying to manage swimmers at 3 of the biggest meets of the weekend including TYR meet in Bloomington and the Atlanta Classic and the App is NOT working which seems to be happening more and more lately. Even trying to check official results the next day and it’s still not updated. App is also slower and slower which is getting more frustrating. Smh.
  • Why pay? 1/5

    By Jamberriess
    I am a USA Swimming Coach as well as a US Master Swimmer. I get the idea of having everything altogether in one app which is great but at the same time there is so many cons that outweigh the good. First of all, you have to pay to know your results. You might as well stay after you finish your event to see the posting in person. They charge either 2.49 a month of 6.99 annually. You shouldn’t be charged to see what you swim. I get the fact hat you can favorite your own swimmer, but this is extensive. Second the app is slow. Overall, I’m disappointed with how much effort you have to go through just to see your swimmer’s and your own results. They should make it a thing in USA Swimming to post your results online easily.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By KT3133
    While attending the TYR meet in Bloomington, IN the APP did not update the results timely and in some cases not until the next day in others not at all. I do not expect this poor of a performance level for an App with an annual fee. VERY DISAPPOINTED
  • What is up?! 3/5

    By Lil’ vegan
    So I am having trouble getting accurate results for my daughter’s swim meet. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. Now it does not connect with iTunes. I have had a yearly subscription for years since they got rid of the free app. This is the only way to follow her results. I will update this review once it is resolved, I am hopeful. Written May 19, 2019
  • Most Inefficient App Ever 1/5

    By DocForPets
    We are a swim family and have been using Meet Mobile for years. It was was always horribly slow and inefficient. You have to back all the way out of one meet to get to another, no way to toggle between meets, and super slow. With the last update, it now literally takes minutes for a meet to load on our iPhone 7 and 8. Still runs slowly, but about the same as previously on an iPhoneX. We have resorted to using an iPad that has not been updated with a new version of the app in years to be able to see results. If you don’t have it yet, don’t bother! If you do, don’t update!
  • Help 5/5

    By SwimmanAli
    I have a problem in buying the year because someone enters wrong billing information and I can’t buy it with my information and credit card
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By Cookie2008!,
    I love this app if you have a kid that swims it tells you about 1 minute later what place your kid got. My daughter loves to see what she does after she swims. I hope you like this app! I love it!
  • Wrong heat places 4/5

    By Superman1006
    I noticed that it is saying the wrong heat places for the events we swam at a specific meet. Can you fix that? Other than that, the app is really good! All of the meets under Saginaw Heritage (SGHR) have the wrong heat places. I swam for heritage and they are all wrong. Same goes for all meets listed under Heritage High School (HHS).
  • Can’t unsubscribe 1/5

    By Degarmo187
    They tell you can unsubscribe at anytime and yet I can’t find any way to unsubscribe the app. It only gives you the ability to resubscribe. Don’t get the app.
  • Main problem is VERY SLOW! 3/5

    By Golysuzy
    I have no problem paying for this ap. Just because it is the only App on the market for the swim community doesn’t mean the App can not be improved. It is way too slow. The response time from clicking on something is extremely long no matter what it is. Please fix this issue and your App will be outstanding!
  • After paying, won’t recognize my account 2/5

    By surfboy11
    The app has decent functionality, but beware that it can rip you off. I pressed the button to pay for the annual membership — $6.99. Authenticated with the Apple Store, etc. Nothing changed in the app. Still prompts me to pay (again) when I go back in. Basically a loss for the meet I am currently attending and probably have to spend a bunch of time going back and forth with the developer to help troubleshoot their buggy tech. Disappointed.
  • Impossible to cancel subscription 1/5

    By mwb123#
    Instructions bring you to manage your subscriptions, but leaves you with no option to cancel.
  • Super slow 3/5

    By SwimMom53
    I love this app most of the time. However lately it seems to be super glitchy and takes forever to load when I tap on an event or swimmer. Any of it. A lot of the time it won’t even let me tap on it. It seems it needs to be updated. It’s been like this since the last update actually. Not liking it whatsoever. The search could be a bit better too. Only reason I’m giving a 3 stars. Would be 4 if it wasn’t so messed up right now. Also, the RealTime results are only updated to the app when the locations WiFi is working correctly. There have been times when I don’t see results until the next day & at times it never updates for some events.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By snoppdoggydog
    I wanted to stay updated on my sisters meet so I downloaded the app and when I realized my mom has a subscription I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how I could login in to her account so I could actually view the results. Turns out the only way I could access my moms subscription would be to log out of my apple id and into hers which to me is absolutely ridiculous. Half of my phone is connected to my Apple ID so logging out would cause a multitude of problems for me and my mom. I really think this should be changed.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Jack5822
    This used to be the best app on my phone. Then they started charging us for it and changed everything. Nearly impossible to find the meet you’re looking for. Can’t even search for a city effectively. Get to work people and fix these problems!!!
  • Some parents expectations are out of line 4/5

    By jprokos
    10/18/18 before I volunteered to be an Administrative Official (AO) for our club I didn’t understand how results were uploaded to meet mobile and often complained about accuracy or timeliness. No longer! The AO is responsible for making sure all of the swimmers’ times are entered accurately. When there is a timing issue it can take time to correct and upload those times. We have to wait for lane timer sheets to check your swimmers pad time against the backup times. Pad times are uploaded to Meet Mobile once we pull times from the timing system. We are also correcting times as the swim meet moves on. Be patient for final results. One common slowdown is 10&U backstroke. Or any other event where swimmers don’t touch the timing pads properly. All of those swimmers will have their times determined by looking at backup times (watches/buttons), and order of finish. Another potential issue is Wi-Fi. When the stands are filled with parents using Wi-Fi it slows down. The same Wi-Fi that we need to upload times to MeetMobile. Hope this helps some parents/spectators understand that results are not always immediately reported. If you want to understand more then volunteer for your swim club as an admin official.
  • Overpriced. 2/5

    By Tyler the Guitar Guy
    This app was once free. Given how glitchy the interface is, and how many of us only swim during summers or just want to check up on results of friends now and then, the price is just too restrictive
  • Descent interface but slow response times... 3/5

    By ldbe1
    Hi, my parents and I have been using this app for years and it works well for the most part but it is pretty slow. Whenever I search a swimmer on the search bar it takes almost 30 seconds or 1 minute to respond. Also there is a long delay for some of my events when I go to see my results. I am using the premium paid version of the app and I also have a very up to date iPhone 8 so there’s no reason that it’s a hardware issue. I personally will keep using this because I have payed for the premium service so it would be a waist of money to switch to another service. I personally have to recommend other apps for checking swim stats simply because they update faster and have better interfaces but otherwise this is fine to use.
  • Great app but needs better search and save features 4/5

    By swim dad 52
    I enjoy this app. The search filters are a bit buggy. A great addition would be to be able to save meets as favorites. I find I want to frequently refer back to meets and they are difficult to find because the meets are not always named consistently.
  • Never reliable 1/5

    By jgust11
    This app never works when I need it to work! Can never connect to the network, can’t find swimmers, can’t find meets information pops up hours after. Yes my app is completely updated and I have a great phone that should support it. Unfortunately there is no other competition to get a different app so I just don’t think they care.
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By DMY13
    In spite of updating this app is not updating results.
  • Down most of the time 1/5

    By frustr8td dada
    It's a cheap app. However it doesn't work half the time. Who runs this thing anyway?
  • Updated Review 2019-02-07 2/5

    By excelaudio
    Update 2019-02-07: Hy-Tek/Active still has not made an upgrade to allow display of DQ Reasons in the app. 🤬. My Stars will continue to go down until this upgrade occurs....especially since I have submitted this request to Support teams for the past several years. Original: 2018-05-01: 3 Stars. When results are pushed out by the meet admin, it’s great. Some admins are better than others about pushing out updates. The biggest gripe I’ve had for years, is why can’t Active/Hy-Tek push out an update that allows coaches and parents to see the actual DQ reason? If the admin has to input the codes into the race results, then the code description should populate with the swimmer’s name. This would help coaches more effectively communicate disqualification clarifications when a kid misinterpreted the official or the official never gave them the DQ reason. It’s a simple update, yet Active/Hy-Tek have failed for years at bringing coaches what they want.
  • Terrible UX 2/5

    By Dissatisfied 867
    1) Poor performance: it's incredibly slow to respond to touches, sometimes it will take an entire second to respond which leads to inadvertently double tapping because you think it didn't register. Terribly frustrating. Edit: just discovered that if I "unfavorite" my swimmers the performance is greatly improved but what's the point then? 2) Notifications: the push notifications are great but there's no way in the app to review them so if you've got multiple notifications you're SOL because they're all cleared once you've tapped on one. 3) Navigation: the navigation is incredibly linear so you'll find yourself repeating the home->meet->event which you'll have to do if you tap on a notification. Combined with the poor performance it's incredibly frustrating. While I like having access to the information the hours I have to jump through to get to it makes me really dislike using this app. However, I also recognize that they have a virtual monopoly and therefor very little incentive to improve it.
  • Very slow upload 1/5

    By SwimmDad
    Results are uploaded after meets are done
  • Reduced Rating: Cost Rip-Off 2/5

    By PeteNH
    This app works quite well, assuming Meet Manager is sending data. I am reducing my rating by 1-2 stars because the company separately charges EVERYONE on a family plan for using the app. My wife, my three sons and myself are all charged separately if we want times. This is a HUGE rip-off, and the company should be ashamed. This is completely UNETHICAL and discourages the use of the app.
  • Just one thing 4/5

    By ldunn22901
    Love the app and it works flawlessly. However, I find myself often typing in the name of a swimmer or meet and then realizing that I’ve typed it into the wrong section. I’d suggest moving the swimmer and meet searches together as it’s one less step and shouldn’t interfere with results too much since swimmers and names of meets are quite often very different
  • Peanut Rounder 4/5

    By JMessenger85
    As a swim parent myself I absolutely love peanut rounders suggestion when can we make that happen please??!!!
  • Thankful 5/5

    By Ben Ragan
    This working mom relies on Meet Mobile when I can’t be there to see my girls swim. Thank you Meet Mobile for being there when I cannot!
  • Looking for a software engineer? 5/5

    By khuongma
    Seems like your UI needs a lot of work. Why don’t you implement intuitive and easy looking features that are in so many other good apps out there. Are you lacking in software employees to do so? Hopefully newer updates will be good. Most big UI changes aren’t.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Kasmotic
    Great app but would suggest an enhancement that would include time standards, like what swimcount or Deck Pass does. Users do not have to toggle back and forth between apps to compare time with standards. Thanks.
  • Swim parent 1/5

    By Olena Chyruk
    Doesn’t always work. It asked me to pay $1.99 for a heat sheet, and the heat sheet never appeared in the app.
  • Useless app and unethical 1/5

    By Kiwi2046
    This app is useless Does not update swimmer or meet information in more than a year We are in PNW region Moreover, this app is unethical it automatically renews subscription without giving you notice, and does not offer a way to cancel the subscription. This is just highway robbery. If there is a way to give it a negative star I will. If there is a way to file a complaint to Apple about such unethical practice, I will.
  • Favorite App used for Masters Swimming 5/5

    By Merrie Walts
    This app helps me stay informed about friends and teammates swims. Robust and accurate and timely.
  • Never up to date 1/5

    Rarely are the meets on here. And their reason is because Host Meet did not update software. This app is being marketed to the swimmers and families, why is there lack of management of host meets my problem? Why am I paying for that poor project management issue that Active has with Host Meets? If you are going to offer a product and charge $$ for it, be accountable and fix your problems
  • Favorites no worky 2/5

    By BRZRKR36
    I can’t access an in-progress meet via favorites. I have to find the meet each time and then search for my kid. There’s a major disconnect going on. Overall Effective but not suitable.
  • LOVE IT!! Have a suggestion though. 5/5

    By 1234unknown90583
    I love this app! I swim A LOT throughout the year and this app really helps me. I have a suggestion though: get the times out sooner. I know it’s up to the officials but usually I have to wait long times to see my actual time. Great app though- would suggest it to any swimmer out there.

Meet Mobile: Swim app comments

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